Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 4, 1987 · Page 8
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 8

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1987
Page 8
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8 -TUESDAY, AUGUST 4,1987 •THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Police watch Iranians as pilgrimage comes to end JIDDA, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Moslem pilgrims camped under px>lice guard outside the holy city of Mecca as their annual sojourn neared its end today, and Iran vowed to "deal with" the United States for violence that killed hundreds. An estimated 2.1 million pilgrims, 157,000 of them Iranians, trekked in 115 degree heat Monday to camp on the Plain of Arafat six miles from Mecca. Residents said police with rifles, on foot and in cars, flanked the Iranians while military helicopters flew overhead. The Saudi newspaper Okaz, quoting officials it did not name, said Monday that Iran sent about 20,000 fanatical Revolutionary Guards and volunteers to Saudi Arabia as pilgrims. An anti-American demonstration by Iranian pilgrims in Mecca last Friday led to a battle with Saudi riot police. Saudi officials said least 402 people were killed, 275 of them Iranians, and hundreds injured in a stampede. Iran claims Saudi police mowed down pilgrims with machine guns, kilting at least 600 Iranians and injuring 4,500. . Iran's U.N. ambassador Said Rajaie- Khorassani said Monday night that Saudi agents arranged the slayings. Earlier, Iran's revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini, said the United States was to blame for the deaths and added, "God willing, in opportune time' we shall deal with her." His comments were broadcast on Tehran radio and monitored in Nicosia. The 87-year-old patriarch did not say what action Iran would take against "arch- Satan" America. Iran said it was conducting naval exercises today in the Strait of Hormu2, gateway to the Persian Gulf, which would honor the dead pilgrims. On Monday, U.S. warships escorted a reflagged Kuwaiti tanker through the narrow strait. In Washington, the State Department blamed Iranians for the Mecca violence and said Saudi authorities handled it well. Saudi news media have portrayed some Iranian pilgrims as terrorists. Iran vowed to overthrow the Saudi ruling family and seize its vast oil wealth. Now OPEN REGAL'S Eats-n-Treats featuring fresh made Deli SANDWICHES r "*^ •»•"»• v MV ~*r • ^m -mmm -m ^^ m Located at the corner of Orchard & Perkins GRAND OPENING SPECIAL freshmade sandwich and your choice Fresh Cookie or Dryer's Ice Cream Cone I with | this coupon ! offer expires Aug. 31,1987. I Open 6a.m. to midnight 7 days a week Four babies among those found in tornado rubble EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — A 3-month-old baby clung to life in a hospital on Monday, one of four babies whose survival astounded rescue workers clawing through rubble left by Canada's deadliest tornado in 75 years. The twister killed 26 people Friday and injured about 200. Almost eight hours after the tornado touched down at the Evergreen Mobile Home Park, the hardest-hit area with 14 dead, Tyler Chrisp was found on a road nearby — about 1,000 feet from his family's trailer. The baby was hospitalized with severe head injuries. He and his mother, 23-year-old Wendy Chrisp, were both listed in critical condition. She suffered internal injuries, a broken back, collapsed lung and broken leg. A policeman picking his way through debris at the park earlier that Friday heard a cry from beneath his. feet and pulled a week-old baby from the ruins of a mobile home. Police spokesman Lance Beswick said the officer "looked down, pulled aside some of the rubble by his feet and underneath that was a young baby. The baby was cut and bruised but is in satisfactory condition in hospital and will be fine." Two-year-old Aaron Desjarlais and 3'/i -month-old Cody Grandish also escaped death after being tossed around rooms in their homes when the tornado struck. Little Cody Grandish suffered a slight skull fracture after tornado violence hurled him from his Crib 15 feet across the room at Clairview. His mother, Mary, 27, said, "He's my little miracle baby. I simply can't believe he lived through this." Mrs. Grandish, who was cut and bruised, was caught under falling debris elsewhere in the house. Soviets warned to stop killing seals WELLINGTON, New .Zealand (AP) — Prime Minister David Lange warned the Soviet Union on Monday he will close his country's ports to Soviet ships if they keep killing seals in Antarctica. "I can't imagine a more direct way in which we could have expressed our concern (about the killings) than we did," Lange said of the warning. The prime minister, speaking after a Cabinet meeting, was replying to newspaper reports, which quoted the Greenpeace environmental group as saying the Soviet Union killed more than 4,000 Antarctic seals last summer. Lange said it was the second time this year he warned the Soviet Union that he would retaliate for the killings. Soviet Embassy spokesman Vladimir Ivanov said the Soviet Union had consulted with New Zealand, adding that no international agreements protecting seals had been breached. He did not elaborate. Lange said a Soviet claim that the sealing was for scientific purposes was a "tenable argument," but he added, "4,000 seals is a lot of seals to be taken from the Antarctic." Donna Rice will tell all for ABC movie REDONDO BEACH (AP) — Donna Rice is selling rights to her story to ABC for a TV movie that will tell all, including whether she slept with Gary Hart, a network executive announced. "Yes, she will reveal in the movie what she did with Gary Hart," Ted Harbert, vice president of motion pictures, said at a news conference Monday. It was not disclosed how much Ms. Rice will receive for her story. ABC has an oral agreement with the Miami model and actress and expects to sign the legal papers within days, Harbert said. The movie will be produced by New World Television and will ?ir in the spring. Harbert said that the question of whether Ms. Rice would portray herself did not come up, but that the likelihood is slim because she probably doesn* t have the acting skills to carry the film. The role of Hart has not been cast, he said. In an interview with ABC's Barbara Wallers televised on June 18, Ms. Rice refused for reasons of "dignity" to say whether she had sex with Hart. AERICAN'S \ / CHE ANN LANDERS Better headache than heartache Experience The Magic Of... 5.25 Interest On Your Checking Balance, Interest that Multiplies like Magic! And Get All These Conveniences Too... • 200 Free Checks (Association Style) • Check Guarantee Card (on approval) • Auto-"Magic"-Teller Card • Star System Access (at thousands of locations) • No Service Charges (with minimum balance) Experience The Magic • EXPERIENCE AMERICAN SAVINGS • at more than 175 locations. URIAH 700 S. State Street, 95482 at Gobble (707)462-7532 Dear Ann Landers: Joe and I were married last August. Before the wedding, his family and mine got together and decided to go half and half on all the wedding expenses. Joe's parents put down $1,000 for the reception and agreed to reimburse my parents for SO percent of whatever else was spent. Weeks went by and my folks never mentioned anything about being reimbursed, which I thought was odd. So yesterday I asked Mom if Joe's folks ever paid their share of the wedding expenses. She hemmed and hawed and finally I dragged it out of her. They were sent the bill in September but never did anything about it. I asked Mom how much they owed. She said, "$1,600." Both Joe's folks and mine are working-class people, but mine live conservatively while his spend every dime — and then some. I don't think this is fair but I am up a tree as to what to do. Joe and I have some money in a joint savings account and I could repay my folks (which I think I should), but Joe would notice the withdrawal and I would have to explain. Mom and Dad say, "Let it go. It won't break us." But I think the principle involved is more important than the money. I hate to see decent people get stuck. You are going to decide this one, Ann. What should I do? — Texas Headache Dear Texas: Better a headache than a heartache. Headaches don't last as long. Be content in the knowledge that your parents took the high road, Say nothing to Joe. He would be humiliated if he knew his folks behaved so shamefully. No amount of money is worth the trouble that would result if you made an issue of this. AMERICAN SAVINGS AND UQAN ASSOCIATION Dear Ann Landers: My husband of 15 years left me for his secretary. I realize that this is not a particularly original idea, but before he left he gave me a rather unusual gift — genital warts. I never knew there were such things until I got them. When I went to my gynecologist he told me they are quite common, especially on college campuses. Please print something about genital warts in your column, Ann. I've never read one thing about this problem and I'm a fairly sophisticated woman. P.S. The last evening my husband and I spent together I heard him telling our teenage son that he should always take responsibility for his sexual partner. I felt like screaming, "Too bad you don't practice what you preach!" I'd appreciate it if you gave no clue as to where this letter is from. I have enough trouble right now. — Anonymous Please Dear Anonymous: All warts are caused by a virus, but genital warts are completely different from the warts that people see on hands and faces. Anyone who develops genital warts should be tested for other sexually transmitted diseases, especially gonorrhea and syphilis. Moist genital warts respond to medication, Dry warts can be removed with a surgical scissors — after the doctor anesthetizes the area, of course. Recurrence is not unusual. It is often due to the fact that the sexual partner has them also and has not been treated, To put it bluntly, the only way to get rid of genital warts permanently is to make certain your partner gets rid of his (or hers). P.S. These warts are not dangerous. They do not become cancerous, but they are a nuisance and should be gotten rid of. Dog days of summer shortened KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The manufacturers of a Peanuts calendar have shortened the dog days of summer by one. Hallmark Cards omitted July 28 from the 1987 calendar, distributed nationwide at supermarkets and discount outlets under the brand name Ambassador. "Well, I'll spcculaic tfwi'as jhc temperature approached about 98 degrees outside, we tried shortening the month to get a break from this heat," company spokesman Diane Hall said Monday. "Be thankful it wasn't Dec. 25." The error was pointed out to the company Monday by a reporter for ihe Clcarwater (Fla.) Times, Ms. Hall said.

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