Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1950 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 21
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PAGB TWBNTV-TWO WEDNESDAY, APK1L 26,1950 MANA/ .w Hfi? GAN'T 00 141T SUT S TO S8T5M' V<?U MONEV BACK.' LEARN TO JUMP COPE AM ATHLETE/ PON'T FEEL IJKB MOVIN' ONB MUSCLE.- V/AWNJ.' I »ET YOU'LL WOVE POR A NICB, BIS CAWWOT ./ UIKB THIS/ j •——<y I MIGHT ~ UP TH' BNERQV T' CHAW A CRUNCHIE, POC WIPB, , Pt6, S PTTCMINCr iASAlMST US FOR. WBOIRL5/ YOU'D THINK SHE WAS THg ATCMlC SftSfr '-frSHHH/ JOUR BOARDING HOUSE-WITH MAJOR HOOPLE JeOAD. BURKE/ VOUR RETURM ISJ|/ I CATCH THE TlM&DAStHe ,^g^,MA30R-«~-rrAcr MISSUS HA.S GOT THE OLD LEFT COCKED TO 3»B/ WOULD IT EASE TH& < V/OLTASE IN HER 6V6 IF T. SPADED UP.Te/^ OF 6ARDEN _,..,.. MORNIM& CgovO OF trAB'FARM -ROOSTllR.' Mi Lt>W FRETFUL CF m; SEBIM0 : 8UOV HER SPIRITS.'/^ ^ - - — -"" OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS /I HARPLV \ f BLAME 'EM- I I 1 6UESS1 J f DO LOOVt \ f FUMWV. BUT 1 i I TLL SOOM / *> "-HAVE TH' \ ' MEW ONES.' ) . •' *^^ IT'S NOT , THAT-1 IT'S WHEKJ HIS CHIM PUSHES HIS MOSE UP-l-I- THAT'S WHEN I GOTO PIECES.' AND STAY AWAV FROM THE TASLE UWTIL VOU CAM HAVE- RESPECT FOR. SOUR EU5ERS/ LAUGH IMG BECAUSE SOUR FATHEC HAS ALL HIS TEETH PULLEP/. »»;««, epgMTHig.vvEABSTDOJSoor4 ^a-a.yg;5aa T**f AOM. IMA ir nil utvMtf. we, r. u. MC.-U. •. MT. off Kiss By Vegetarian Lioness Like BeingScrubbed with Sandpaper By HAL BOYLE AUBURN, WASH.,—<£•>—How can you have lived until you've been kissed by a vegetarian lioness? It beats being mugged by a mother-in-law all hollow. There's more natural affection In it. A lioness puts real feminine enthusiasm Into her smooching. Or at least the only lioness who ever kissed me^ did. She is "Little Tyke," a twany 350-pound lady lion owned by George and Margaret Westbeau. They operate Hidden Valley Ranch, a 200-acre experiment In good will between animals and human beings. "On this ranch nothing is afraid of anything else that lives here," said Westbeau, a former medical student who operates n deep freeze locker business. He and his wife had tried to create a small world of their own where fear has no place, a tiny lion in the world who won't eat lie down at peace with the lion— and still hope to live on to a ripe old muttonhood, So far they have succeeded. The jig proof Is Lttle Tyke herself. This summer she will be a full grown lioness of four years. She is the only known live lion in the world won't eat meat, meat. "We got her from a zoo just after she was born," said West- beau. "She was only cub, and her mother had become nervous and had bitten and crushed her right front leg. "From the start she refused to take meal. I was afraid she would die, and offered $1000 reward to anyone who could figure out a formula with meat in It that she would eat. "Nothing worked. From the time we got her she has lived on a diet of cereals, raw eggs, milk and codllver oil." Hidden Valley ranch Is a long and narrow strip, alive with flowers, lying between Green river and bordering wooded hills. Soon after I arrived at the ranch I saw a sight from the world of Biblical prophecy. Westbeau, carrying some sprigs of flowering Come on in... the water's fine IH AND SH HUM IOUAV 101 B, Browlwfty • Plv wild currant, came strolling down from the hills. Limping at his side —marked for life by her mother's Jaws—was the lioness, looklrfg like a big friendly Newfoundland dog. The prize chickens and peacocks took no alarm as the lioness padded past them. She nuzzled one of the two horses in the pasture. Westbeau suggested I have a wrestling match with Little Tyke. The next thing I knew I was on the lawn, rolling around the grass under a 350-pound lioness, and my right arm was caught halfway to the elbow in the hot furnace of her mouth. Afterward she lay with her head In my lap. When Mrs. Westbeau brought her a hunk of fresh raw hamburger, the lioness turned her nose up at it like a chorus girl being offered an Jce cream cone. Before I left Lttle Tyke jumped In our car, and Georges suggested I put my arm around her. I did, feeling pretty much like I was trying to neck the dean of women at a college dance. And then she turned and gave me a great big kiss. What is the kiss of a lioness like? Well, it is like being shaved suddenly or having one side of your face scrubbed by a warm towel covered with wet sandpaper. A man doesn't feel much like kissing back. Largest Lead User* Greatest volume of lead is used in the electrical and chemical fields. Storage batteries and elec- trical cable coverings account for approximately one-half of th« consumption in the United State*. You Will Not Be Ashamed To Wcur Shoes WE REBUILD W. J, REEDER & SON Washington & College Ave. /NEURALGIA* I Nothing »s more quickly effectlv; f for the tell«f of n«uralglft and I headaobe than Liquid Oapudta*. I Also soothes upset nerves dua to I tbe pain. Die only ai directed. VqudCAPUDINE | READ TELEGRAPH WANT AD3 GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING lit t«» fin'tor.' i'\p«-rii'iio'(l \\utrh Kr|)i«ir Mm rr«ni|il .Hid (itiiiriiiiti-fil Scrvicr AT SCHOENBORN ,IK\VI:I KKS ' -US Stair St. ALTON. 11,1.. End your hoi wotcr problems with a. sole, dependable GENERAL @ ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC WATER HEATER Alton's Broadway 301 E. Broadway Dial 2-3BS1 HEARS AGAIN FOR ONLY $1.50 year*. But, OURINE changed til that and I hear uain." Yea. you too c»n hear train If you are hard of hearing became of hardened, excesi ear wax (cerumen) which can also ctuie b«J«?5' "tf'^Jjyv-nlnr OURINE, an AMAZINtf. SCIENTIFIC dlaeovery « NOW read, for your UK. Th, OURINE home method will quickly >nd iifel7 reraoYe four hardened, acei. ear wai taluit a few minutes In your own borne. Get OURINE today. No Risk. Your monjr back If you do not ^V'trtlRlNIL'' rteommend ud guaranty O URINE. At nil Thrifty Drug Stores. Alton. Wood Klver and Jerseyvllle. Illinois. t Oinulnt btvilid (III) mlrr*fl WOMiN HOUII t (UBIN mvmui 3 Decorator Finishes... HUTHW WAINUT • IIMD OAK • PAWN OKAY WALNUT Thli btiullful tulit of Hoolitr-Biittit Bidrooro Furnliurt li on* of iht biat buyi wtVt «nr offtrtd! You'v Men ji tdviniicd In your fivoritt m«gnlnii-now n« li n our Horil Htn'» real btauiy plui uniailonal value backed up bj ihi name of ap old and dependable manufacturer ind 9lf»rln§- t 7-t»** "Indurt" |»|llw«lt«ll»l>leornlng EXACTLY^ • Priwif inliiltd «l •ok • pnwvi ihimUilly p'»«««l*d wHh fr«» tlldt l»r f r»WI MNUMITIB HIXIIIHTr FQft NIW »OOM- AMANOIMINT IPIAtl 4/lo»'« Glowing Fumituie Stoie Op« An Easy Paymant 4J7 B, BROADWAY 'A Good Waco le Buy" DIAL 3-5333 or 3-8238

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