Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 5, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1941
Page 11
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, Koyeinbgr g, 1941 liiiq Diiiy Gazette'""" 5TEHLINQ DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. TLLINOIS » tn* vMt swounl of «f« that l"m't (ffttms? anyrh*r<». 1854 ept sTANn A R r> !R?» rw 24 IS18 Co p\ibii«heri Ptmoffic* S'-erUng Mi I Current txumpl* of **lf-kiddmjr. 1 "I'd be (r!*d to pay * Wg income r i tax sf I rr.«d* it." Kvrn yet there rr.T! who f hlnk « riri;nVc sr.d jtwear TODAY'S MENU SOMESTMNS woman who Ret.«. i* that kind of O W Grsnrtor; A^** ^ «s Second Claw Ms'^r MEMBER A.WX-I.ATFD PR K.S8 Th* Associated FT?I« •.« f *-:•.!<•, ve- entlUed to the •:«? ^r rfn-.ib.ica- >n of »U ne*< ri-.«r*'.-r.*« credst/'d It or not o!,h?r•*".*<? crerlivd In thlx p«o*r «nd *lso tr.» >rai u<*» pribllBhed Jiemn "~~TTRRMS Of' SUBSCRIPTION Bf mall In Whitest a::i sd;oin- .18 counties - jvv v-*r f-00. six ion»h* $275. three mor.'.-.t $i 50 one "month 75 cents Cosh *•'* order BT man outside Wh:v<j4» und ed- teuiiriB counties—per ?»->.: t" 00 MX montha M.7.V thrw rr.or.::-.« $200, One month 75 cents Ca«r,- *;:r> order Per reek deilvererf •:•- carrier In jthcr Sterllne or R-xk Falis 20 enta parable everr Saturtf«f rnorn- ln« No papers tent through th« poetofflce In the citT r«rrier district Of Sterling or R^c* Fails Coir. ; ! '> r;^TV. (l> ''ArnTics, U pra- bi? bomhors every mon'h." '.nv.rt «dmi'* the lr«< of 10 ir. '.s?t niffht'.^ rutd." We r!.idlT !e«rn !<om» thinrt from Hitler, but If* haiwilistinf not to know we »r* In n w*r until hr *hf>w* A Thought for Today "not b* offmdwl In me.—Luk* 7:23. • tk •• - • Ood 1» divine principle, supreme incorporeal beinit. mind, spirit, love life, truth, love.—Man- B. G. Eddy. Tomorrow's Birthdays B. C. Ooshert. P. J. Peter*, Huge O«rken, Laverne Ellen Collclt. N«o- ml Benters, Betty Tnrbt:i. Mrs. Marrie Westbo.'flhlriey DeWolfe, stcr- i; Marjorie Rofrness. Delores Ann Keener. Mrs. Knte n:-^n. Claire Freeman, Mrs. Caroline Hinrichs Ruby Cheshier, Wilfred Kenry Faulkner, Rock Palls; Lois Irene JUbert. Mabel Fredericks. Coleta; finyder, Fenton; Jean Hecker, Morrison; LewU Schroeder. Lyndon Today—Baeanor Crowlnnd. Ster- iinr Quillen'i Quips •f Robnt Qullteo Raymond Clapper says he usec be *n iaolatlonist. Now he mere wtehes to keep out of the »«r. Freedom to*never absolute. The men who are theoretically most are rnott subservient to their sen. -Ta* Huwh ra«* prMe mar to harmfml, but want at It made America fe«l inferior, hwitant Thfe end of tach sentence U In- dleated by a period." In some cirdaf. however, it U indicated by • flffJe. Tb* worst of sinners still wor- about the ains of his friends afraid they won't stay as pure hMrt as he is. If bif shots dim to error, it doe* t maan they ar« stupid. They it ehanf* without the humllia- of admlttlnj they were wroni .Tha atcady worker doesn't (eel _but only the loafer who e ,to work when he hears the eominf. But U the wholesaler or jobber acluda* th« tax in the lint price, the ntailcr must collect a tax on the That* ar« no new Ideaa la M>peU<n'a itratefy waa i* 4hri4e hla enemkv and de. at a time. . On* for the quit kids: ^'hy do •• dam rivers, flood farms and aber and sacrifice our snlmon duck marshes if steam power to eh«ap*rf , 1h» wmarkable thing about Waah- [QRIES IN STAMPS] Robert Louis Stevenson ; pund Health in Samoa DOBERT LOUIS STEVENSON, ^"tomtd Scotch novelist, Irail tod »ick!y during most of hit lift, Ht ipent hi» last lour years the far-off Pacific island of Upplu. Weattrn Samoa, and for '••the ftr»t tir>yt enjoyed good health, §t*ven»on endeared himself to (h« nativt Samoans and the gov- •ripitnt honored him philatelicaU .;!• the 1939 ftamp above. It II iaaued- in commemoration oC r tot 25th anniversary of New ^Mland'k control of the mandated ftetitorjr of Western Samoa. , ' lorn' Nov. 13, 1850, in Edin- Scotland, Stevenson WM Ited at Edinburgh Univer-. •nd admitted tp the bar in H* toon gave up law and to literature. Ant book "An Inland Voy- appcaced in 1078. As a tl idventure and romance, Iftatinf fame with "Treat* lalaiwi," "Kidnsped," "Dr. Je^yU Had Mr, Hyde." and other,. i* ^11* wwked assiduously to de- %tt|p e4yle and it renowned for proae. Personally , IM waf tall, dark haired. ta Samoa, D«c 3, 1894. Menu Br»"Rkfa.«- : Ornpefr\at jui'^. roi>d Of>t.' to-i.-t. coffer, m:!'<. cs.^prolf. v»" hrfsd. ch^xolsfff r-ip r-.i^tsr-i. •-<•!«. nr.'.k. Dinner: P^ric p'> wi»h [much of thl.« coojt I cookinK. ! Apple j To c r t ?<pr>> | cook ?hTn out. Avoid thst ix a Item* t* ia fchd (th bsWnsr of »!lrfd tart c*l>h«fe in a 8?*wwi etch Jsypr with wilt ond * little fut and * sprinkling of «iif»r for t lnvr. r'st Cover *nd buffered br**«d in modfr- • r ! r T. ovrn for About 45 minute.* ...... or i! rsribsife nnd «pp!« are ten- "h*n rrrr.^vr the cover to a ro\ ^r**d ps* n 'sn^'S j bro?.'r? th^ rrnrnK^. :'t. ,:'••• 'hi'vieh ft r^sr^T.l Frlfd fippi^s run N- R t;»*ty «r- i tn 'f*'f. *nd Add R ''">•'\ '•omiwriitiiTit. to th" 1 rr.ain mput of '.*:r Add R littlr so'.-'<r :f ; di.'h Ook th^w s'.o^'.v in fst that yo-i !:k For (Rhr>aE» find spplf c«.'."••:<'.•• fry J artjirtJ of dir*^ !Id on th* skiilet mnd I»«ve it on until «r>p!w are t*nd*r. Th»n th* 1 114 Off, turn »pp!f* «"-'^r fently «nd l«t th*m bron*n. Serve on a pUttfT with stripn of bscon. siice.5 of hum or sslt pork, or sai^agr. Pry cdrrotA «nd «p the xnm* war. Sllre in h fup ruenr to rv- • i"-fn-!f th in^h t.'iirtc. It d'vn'f A'ST W'J'.PthT th'v are. prrlrr! or ;>e»!»fi. Cu f . f»rrf>'js leiiRih^ IT fA thin .«!ire5. T*'it s!'ngr-M|rr m «!ns> ]>iver in h**w frvins pnn ', er tightly jind cook until hm?n. they finmh cookint, s with * little Mlt and mjf*r. Apple t»rtA may <jitir)tly by halting t«rt mtrte Tip on In', erted miiffin paa«>, then filling them with well ,•;? stoned npple .••sure. A spoonful of whip<p*d <if«m stop rnrh ti»rt trids ere ftp- p^a' ».s wril s.s tn.^te Hpne«!. And >,, r ;d!7ip(hinR fxtrn upf^'.«l — sprin- k,'' ^ hipped rre«m '~ith rinnsrt'Tti. n'i'rnre. rliopperl nut.^, r>r candled e'risjer root. READ THK CT,A?prFIEn ADS. Ar©und Hit World Five thousand silk worms mtirt *«t 12S pound,* of mulberry lw«w to make enough nil* for on» kimono. Msr.y birds m«t« for life, an A many keep within BlRht of h?*rine o{ thfir mat** v<*»r in snrt ymr out, A o>c«d* W 10 yenr*. FYiRlund h*.* W.OOO.fKW of if* 11.- .«idert trr*p»nny coin* In rlrcu- STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE Our apple <TO;I !.<; prodiBio'i. 1 ;. That m^nn* co<;t Plan to •!>* them in your :n many different ways. su:'- to b-iv the apple that ,«uit« BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY >!'., try making a hlcktown your need.*. If you ar^n t quite jure. r build « roof one way -.T. !:•• prefers It another. honT 1 » .«nmp!e before you in- ve.i* in « Iflrc* 1 qusntity. U.^e little or no *a!r ; r 1:1 rookmtr. Ill* 1 spnie ovr 80 r»fr rent water, and READ THE CT^SSIFIED ADS . OPPORTUNITY BECKONS THE SMM-U CAPITALIST TO 6KARE. GREATEST BAflKER WITH ATRREE-MBADED CALF, MAJOR.' IF MV PURSE DlDNi'T WA\!E FALLEM ARCHE HOLD EVERYTHING! »••' f «*• HMW. IM. T. * in u & nr en BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VOO ttttOM ,<* COURSE ~ 1. *«, MUCH of CCft. t*4l IT MIA *•***. M«. T. K. IM. U. t MT We've conic to repossess the furniture!" SIDE GLANCES Slightly Embarrassing FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER ao«*y, tur wv ALLOW TMAT SO«T IMTO 7Wl» JOINT t CANT A UDV AMD «1NT TW»l«e«I.V»» f KNOW WMO WASHTUBSS^ Ntgltcttd Wift BY ROY CRANE AW 8V TH' WAV, PEAR. 6t SURE MOT TO MEKITIOM AMVTHIW6 ABOUT 08 «T OH, WELL! V<XJ CAJ4 CXPLAIM THAT *UMPIM CAMS DP AM' X. HAO BACK ID TM1 YOU SK, D«firV»K»d, X V.OOK AT »T THt< WAV. ITKA fBOA'ft Bury ID to ALL HE CAW to CUT I MARTHA WOW, ARE SOU SOU WOW'T SWBBT.-UI JUST CU8U U^ MITH BOOK.OQ KNIT, OQ ID URLP H4M WUSHT* ."If you'll send out • photographer I'll pose in the blind just as I wai when I snot these—then you'll have a beau- Ijful picture M d I'll have proof alWilliam THIS CURIOUS WORLD RED RYDER RED HARMAN V« (SETTUrA LOCOUKE CRAZY AVUDA OP ALLEY OOf Hey, What's Coming Off? BY V. T. HAMLIN CWA«M€C), MV DIAff « 9VT ID PUslO FfUHNP'» COMmMlOM A > wrvf 0<4ia«Y PCX* THf '

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