The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1956 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 25, 1956
Page 15
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Says Grain Surplus Needed Same As Reserves For War Editor, .Upper Des Moines In the Des Moines Register for Dec. 12, Charles Shuman, president of the American Farm Bui-eau Federation, is reported to have told delegates to the national conventional M'iami, that farmers art; hurt by the government practice of buying and storing commodities and that the practice should be ended. This position is identical with the stand of other Farm Bureau , officials and of Secretary Benson. Our State Farm Bureau officials take a stand -slightly different from this, but the modification appears to be mo'stly window dressing lor home consumption. When the battle was joined in the late Congress over the farm question, the Iowa boys, backed up the stand of then national leaders and Benson from llii! beginning to end. The idea of c/nding government practice of owning and storing re- si'i Vts nf grain is evil and danjjcr- OLIS. .'this nation needs a reserve supply of grains fully as much or more than it needs reserves oi ,uingsten, /ine, lead, aluminum airplanes, guns, bombs, i:ri:iies, navies, etc. Our government now owns about as many dollars worth ol each of the nbuve products xueh as tungsten and /.ine as it dues 01 lunn product-;. The goals in amounts of the.-ie uroducts hao already been attained in the spring of 1U54 but President Kisenhower ordered greatly increased amounts of these item: to be purchased, The reason itjiven was that the industries producing them were in financial difficulties. it was Ihi« a ''support" move. I do not question the wisdom ol the order. A world situation could quickly develop which would require a sudden increase in need for these products and financial weakness could easily result in a dangerous pbsolecence of theii plants. • But in this respect these industries are no different nor more important than the farm plant. Now what about the farm plant? No one disputes that fanners are in a big and disastrous squee/.e. Income has gone down rapidly; costs have skyrocketed and still sour. Debts are greatly increased. Government figures show that hog and cattle producers alone have failed by nearly 7 billion dollars of getting an admitted needed return for their products during the preceding three years. This has resulted, for one thing, in a very material reduction in purchase of farm machinery Many workers have lost their job:, because of it. The average life of most .farm machinery is considered to bt ,<b<>ut 10 years, which means a ••eplacement of 10 r f each year lloweye:- these replacements have dropped. And farm machine. 1 become obsolete the samo as machines in industrial plants. In view of this worsening ol Tuesday, December 25, 1956 Alflftno (la.) Uppef Des Nicely Swea & Eagle — Mr and Mrs Martin Gabel reported their son DaiTold as recovering :»titisfaqlor- ily. Darrold was seriousfiy injured in an auto accident Dteo. 1 hear Akron, Colo. Mrs (a-abpl and Davrold's fiance, PhyHis Cordes, (lew to .Colorado. ! the formers financial condition and the deterioration of his machines, it could easily mean a national disaster for us to eliminate reserves. I would like to add n further observation, to that of my Dec. 4, letter, Unit it would only invite a further disaster- to go without government supports and rely only on the open market to determine prices. When' a surplus is offered and there is no buyer, the market collapses — not only on the surplus taut on the entire crop. Thus Shuman and Benson would mete out cruel nunishmen' to the farmers for .producing that reserve which every sane person admits is absolutely essential t< the nation's very existence. This idea of having the govern ment welch on its eleor dulrVs *< protect our nation in the matter of maintaining adequate reserve! of food (and 4 months supp'y i: no! excessive) is a most evil thing Consider for a moment the plight of our modern cooneralive dcv-i- 'or-'. Hundreds of them in the corn b"lt have assumed big deb!.' to construct steel and concrete bui'dings fully equipped with modern .gadgets to preserve and sule»ii!inl this vil;il food reserve —with the reasonable expectation thi t the government would do as. promi ed* nay re'isonable storafif I'ei.'s for this most valuable service. > To step out and welch at this juncture as Shuman i.nd Benson propose would financially ruin .•Miifiv elevators. Georg: 1 VV. Patterson Burl, Towa St. Benedict By Mrs Philip Arndorfer Mr and Mrs Frank Grandgejiett had sisters and their husbands us guests the weekend of Dec. 9 One s;ster is from California and she and her husband, Mr arid Mrs C. A. Belz had been visiting for two months at Mr Bel/' father's? home, the latter having been quite ill. Another sister of Flunk's. Mrs Harry Hodgon and her husband brought the B^l/. family here and it was while they were here that the father passed :ivv;;y. They had planned on returning to California after Christ- m;'S. Friends and relatives of the St Benedict school children attended the St. Bt-nejict school plays Sunday eevning. Dec. 10, to hear and .see them present their Christmas plays. Resina Froehlich won high prize at the card party held Dec. 11 at the home of Mrs Nick Eis- clion. Mrs Isidore Mayer will entertain Wednesday, Dec. 19. The St. Benedict Community .-.•ckomcs Mr and Mrs Joe Ilahm and small daughtei 1 . He u-a* lormerly employed by the O.K Rubber Company and after March I will live west of St. Benedict where Mr and Mrs Ed Fm-rtsch now live. Ed and his wife wil 1 livo hi the Burl vicinity. Chides We're booking Hy-Llne chick order* for the next hatching season. Order now. You can still get your favorite hatch date. Don't delay. Be sure you get the extra profits Hy-Llnes offer. fOR YOUR HY-LINE* CHICKS SEE or CALl ROBINSON PRODUCE mm CHRISTUM KOSSUTH 00. C.2C Tayfl As this year comes to a thanks for your loyal patronage jrncl our wish that your Christinas will be the most joyous you nave ever known. JACOB E. DECKER & SONS Hog Buying Station Atgona classes in the WESLEY ALGONA Instructor Returns Harley Waller, hi«h '"Striu-tor, returned to iiis Dec. 17, after a session Veteran's llospitaJ, Des It was at first thought hi. 1 would require an operation lor a spina! disc ailment, but surgfry was bv NOTICE OF AMENDMENT OF ARTICLES OF CORPORATION or THOMPSON DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Notice Is h>.Tfby given that at n ,.,,!.,,(i ,,f t|j,. .stockhoklers of Thompson Distributlue Company ol Algonu, ma. tUi' Ai'tii'lfS of liu'orpoi-Htluii .VITC iiiiii'iidi'U to uulliorl-.'i* i .lock In Hu- amount of $25l).Ol)U OU lo •• n-lly paid ulu-n issuinl. ' ''THOMPSON' DISTH'IBUTING COMPANY of AlKuilu. lowu Hv A. F. Thompson. PIT: il'ubll.slM-d Dei-. 11, IB and 11-1. ud :i, HI57. in The Altfuua • •• :u llppi i IJt-s MuliifS) tete-ras.^ is&^fc^ws^wfc^tfffceww-'SW-^W «<*jj greetings Just « light hearted greeting to wish our friend* and patrons « Merry Christmas and a Holiday Season that's cheery and bright* Monte Scobba 9 lik« t° wt aride tne proolemt j- ine oyjines? wopld ana turft to our oge-oU cusiomf. M<^» we greet tjov, our friena? an«| &r\a wish oil of 4ou A SCOBBA'S SKEUY SERVICE ] I m TRAN SFER a STORAGE i A Spare Or A Pair-Here's ^our_Chance!" DDT TO THE LARGE NUMMJTOF MSTRADED IN HERE DURING A RECORD SNOW TIRE BUSINESS OVER PAST WEEKS . . . WE HAVE A LARGER STOCK OF TRADE-IN TIRES THAN AT ANY OTHER TIME! NOW! ALL MAKES... ALL SIZES SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY - THIS WEEK! If you need a good spare, or a good'pair of tires ... or if you need good tires en that pick-up . . , here's your chance to get 'em' at a fraction of usual cost - for GO*OD TIRES ! There's lots, lots, lots more miles in them. v _ . . . _. .. _ • .1 * ___..! .__!_ ^ ^ ^t ^ ^\^\V\ AM*M*JA_. !M^ (•*«*••« fftr~ HIMHdir IW ^pvi Vrll Ml M ••«*•• II* • I Wi **a*r**u *.*.*• . v » •» -w • — — . • ^ The reason for this Sale is that at Bradley Bros, we have taken in a record number of GOOD trade-ins from ear- owners who bought Snow Tires, and who have traded in some mighty, mighty good tires. Ifs a large stock you sure ought to find the site and kind you want. And you'll sure save yourself a pack o money in tan Bradley Bros- Sale! Here Are Examples '71 Svv:*" No. 17"5 . .... . C.40 x 15.-. .. (Ti Stock No. 1784 6.70 x 15.-- ... (TTs)ock No. 1136 ----:" SAO _, x _l 5 —- . (2) Slock No. 1783 6.70 x 15 - ... F : reg«one Tubeloss .^ (2) SJock No. 1782 6.70 x 15. (1) Slock No. 1787 6.70 x 15. (U Stock No. 1754 ... Ea. 12.50 ."..". Firestone Nylon --:riI^Iir_li:--:ilIlZllll--^-—°- 5 °- Fircslono Tires '-- Ea - 7 ' 50 9 - 95 5.00 Like Now ________ ................ -------- ----- Ea. 9.95 ' EB ' 12 ' 5 ° (1) Stock No. 1321 - 7.10 x 15 .-Like New._lpO_mi._---- ....-„---.-*—- Ea. 16.95 Ea. 24.95 (2) _ ,._' 7.10x15 New Take-offa, FS Tubeless .. (2) Stock No. 1752 7.10 x 15 No. 1794 7.60 x 15. (1) Stock No. 1311 7.60-x 15- LiV«* New, Tubeless .. - — Ea. 15.95 • ~FS Town & Country Snow --. -- E»- 1S.OO Suburbanite Snow Ett - l5 - 00 (V Stock No. 1730 (1) S»ock No. 1789 (1> K'o-k No. 1736 - 7.60 x 15 7.60 x 15 . FirMton g_J^_^_^^:^^-i^i^ii^i,__i_ii:------ Ea - 12 - 5Q .FSTov/n ?/ Covmtry Snbw Ea. 5.00 Stork No. 1713 . 800 x 15 Whi1<?-B!ack, Kke new .--_- -_^^2"2^122.-".-''' Ea ' 17 " 5 ° ~T77"--. -- Ea. 19.50 Wh ; »°-B'ack. (1) Stock No. 173S .... Stor:k No. 1J74 . . 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"FIRESTONE TIRE HEADQUARTERS" i i I I 1 ! 1 i

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