The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 18, 1966 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1966
Page 7
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Friday, MarcK 18, 1966 Watts Area Riot Was Brewing For Two Weeks LOS ANGELES (A) — "For! A fourth Negro, Francis j against another," said Riley.| Sanders, after surgery two weeks we'd been hearing'Keyes. 43. ran out of the back to; "but the persistent rumors and j Wednesday morning, was re- rumors that the Negroes were]a telephone booth. The Mexican-ithe quick retaliation in Monday-.ported progressing satisfactori- planning to run the Mexican and! Americans pursued him in their'night's incidents does seem to " white businessmen out of!car and shot up the booth, but!show ar. organized pattern of Watts." said Police Dcctive G.iKcyes escaped without injury. j Negro versus Mexican hatred." H. Riley. "And we'd noticed = Later that night, Larson said,! Against this bitter prelude. that the Mexicans seemed j police received an anonymous ! Ule °j ordan H igh School yard tense, afraid. ' tip that unidentified Negroes j and the nearby streets where But. Riley said Wednesday, i planned "to take care of" the;^ j >ed young Negroes loi- The next incident, the trigger, took place at 3:20 p.m. Tuesday, police said, when Thomas Lee and flying glass. Officers said: Galloway ran into a shop at 2054 E. barber- Si.. jumped into a chair and told arriving officers he was there for a haircut. Found to have no Police said Gatioway began; from their cars and beattns the continuing exhortation of incident that sparked the o«w shouting- "Help! They're beat- them, breaking store windowsSsome leaders of the civil rights {flare-up, said. "This is the type --'------ ing me up and I did nothing.; and looting displays. movement for extreme action toiof lawless person that we jjjg ££!{* ULF culU * Vi«J ZJVUJU**£^. - *»**%» *wn.*j»^. VJU^TAU^ v* i- -- i Boit! Police brutality'" } Within an hour bc*r truck| correct Kal or imagined,to watch for. From there to a nearbv hospi-ldrJver Maurice Michels, 33. wrongs. This has not takenj "There was a Jarge number at - ^ * . . . _ .. . : nt*z/«a iTnlAc'c* +K^ Miwrr-^v rtASVftlAK *._!*_ t .^_j* l***.t*htHM — - - "we couldn't do much about aj u QUor store's Mexican-Ameri- rumor until it became a fact. i can manager. Gilbert Yousefe, Until Tuesday. \v e didn't havej ( ' itn <?r Tuesday night or Wednes-j anvthing tangible enough to mp: da >' night, and bomb the store. "_ ._.. * f\cf: _*r_^_A_» i -t —T abuzz with talk of the and plans for reprisal. Manv Negroes later told Galloway, 21, Negro, for no i money, he insisted he had al-j known reason threw three rocks'ready paid the barber. i at passing white motorists. Rob-j When police began to dra<> ert Guy Hyder, 39, a white]him out. he kicked and strug- ;peech therapist at various Jgled. inflicting a slight back in- schools in the area, received i jury on officer Phillip Scheideck- the bud " ! Officers' directed bv the tipJnexvsmen they had heard that a ! * ~ - . 1 Xtnm>xv Vi^st Ko.»rk crrw^t trt rlAsiTn store, which was later broken] The truth, police said: Graves into and partially looted. was released Wednesday from "I'd hate to say anything that j Los Angeles County General would seem to pit one minority! Hospital. __ Tuesday, after a routine ar-Uter. found two gasoline bombs |^ e <p^ ; rest near Jordan High School in!hidden "nder some bushes di-j Watts, center of Los Angeles' rectly across the street from the| teeming, sprawling Negro district, a riot bloomed into ugly flower across an area already devastated by six days of racial violence last August. Between 3:30 p.m.. when restless high school pupils went into! the streets looking for an excuse] for a fight and found one in the j arrest, and S:30 p.m.. when] police hopefully pronounced the! disturbance contained, two per-! sons were killed, jured. -;9 . ** a * anoen was not even •% DPOW WIW W» * m* I .Cl i* ^i ^ All 11" I lit 1011011 1*1011$ . "j NEW YORK (AP)—The ad- , haven't been operating quite as were :n-j n - inistration j s holding to its;many had anticipated a few were arrested many; ^ ^ eco . can go | monlhs back. cars were overturned *™\ On expanding without overheat-j The rise of interest rates to ana is QU,>ain 0 s ert -i ^g o r setting off rapid inflation, i jhe highest levels in 30 years P'lov and his partner ' But Wal1 Street is rais ' n § a ]would normally be supposed to a^sT'^o^er^a^rock-throtvIngi Official Washington spokes-Upending. But bankers say that ircidc-nt onlv se-r-ed to t-i™e° men are reaffirming that in-iso far it hasn t. and their big incident, QOO, s<.r\ea 10 t.i 0 gc. ^ |; _^ !„.„,,,„,„ ;~ <« «r,,i tha m^n^,, tn the riot. The violence, brewing for Bu» X"4*J»tl U«CT*^ IV flL ut«*«> ij^fc^j«- < vu - • ».» *.»...« —fc^r —M-*,«-*.*W, .—, . i — tal where Gallowav was"treated,white, was pulled from his truck;P lace - ^nless the Negro people adults who were helping for* minor hand abrasions to ! and savagely beaten and! are resolved to help themselves.! young people off the streets and -—-**•» "~ ^ ~-*» : » — . • . " •**» 4Vn^MH*^ fJt •^«k*«^vn A<AU. W^ln ** ! - • A _i '*!_._. —2.^+.^ * 77th Street Police Station, where i robbed. It took seven stitches toi he was booked on suspicion of jck>se one head wound. ' xveeks. was fed'by "rumor andjer spending are healthy—and even needed. They are pooh-poohing wor- creased government spending, j problem is to find the money to business spending and consum-flend to their clamoring custom- was actually bom in a series of shootings said. Mondav night, thev Most of these are businessmen seeking to finance activities that the sharp drop in the [ties which have been expanding Larson gave this account: j jobless rate and coincidental j faster than earlier expected. i _i ,. „* ,..^^i_-«^A« *iMTt* I-OT-_ IThfv ar<» fll<sn pvnpcted to bor- A Mexican-American, about i shortages of workmen with cer- 25, on crutches — who has not yet been located — and Graves. 16, a Negro, got into a tain skills is dangerous. They- insist that the economy or by floating bonds or other still has plenty of resources to iight Mondav night at Bob's U-itap and labor to employ in order quor Store, 2066 E. 103rd St., alto go on growing and to supply stone's throw from the high i all the funds wanted for both the school- jviet Nam war and the "Great George Sanders and John j Society." Newman, both 22, both Negroes,! At the same time, the admin- broke up the fight and went into j istration spokesmen are hedging a block (each pronouncement with the assurance that if overheating A carload of Mexican-Ameri-1 starts, if inflation gets out of cans cruised by and shotgunnedjhand, the White House will Graves, wounding him in the;move quickly to cool things the store. Graves ran down the street. They are also expected to borrow heavilv—either at the bank minor head cuts from 110 assault with a deadly weapon. Galloway shouted "Riot! Riot! Police brutality!" through the police car window. ; In his wake, officers said. Galloway left a growing mob of young Negroes whose tensions quickly spilled over the boiling poinc Large groups began rampaging up and down 103rd Street, turning over cars and setting them afire, dragging motorists left arm and leg. then drove jdown by asking for higher taxes past the liquor store and fired;on corporations and individuals, four blasts at Sanders and New-! Why is Wall Street so skepti- man. Sanders was wounded injcal. as shown by the sharp sell- the hand and throat. Newman;off in the stock market? was unhurt. securities— to pay for their swelling plans for building new plants and buying new equipment. Wall Street also notes that many industries now are operating close to maximum profitable capacity — that is. from now on more production would have to be in less profitable, because outdated, plants. It is this bumping against th e capacity ceiling, when demand for goods is rising, that has led to slow but steady increase in both in- Some of the economic rules j these are for' FOR TODAY'S CHRISTIANS WHO WANT TO KNOW- Glowing Clothes Being Demanded By The Women NEW YORK (AP) — Women who like to be first in what's new are clamoring for garments that can have them radiating ike glowworms when the lights go out. And very soon at the races jockeys in the pitch of night will BATTL6 STATIONS ABOARD USS ENTERPRISE—Air co-ordination and threat-evaluation display consoles aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, currently on a Viet Nam mission i lower I. help battle commanders determine potential threat from detected aircraft and decide on countermeasures. The electronic display consoles, part of the Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS>. were developed and manufactured by Hughes Aircraft Company's FuHerton. Calif., facility. The company recently received a S19 million order to deliver improved NTDS consoles to the Navy during the next three years. Conroe Soldier Faces A Charge Of Murder Solicitor Gen. Wright Lipford Mayor Less than an hour later. Law.: 5 !*^"^ •ence Gomez. 30, father of fives and truck driver for a water) distilling firm, stopped to make; a delivery, unaware of thej rowing violence. i He was quickly surrounded byj about 16 young Negroes, and I one shouted. "Let's get the; water man." Two shots were ired and Gomez, struck in the I iead and chest, staggered down the sidewalk pounding on doorways and begging for refuge rom the mob. He was repeatedly refused. x>lice said, and slumped dead! n the fourth doorway. ' Two Negi-oes. Jimmy Smith. 7, and Dan Doyle, 22. were xjoked on suspicion of murder. Soon after, Joseph Lee Crawford, 33, an unmployed Negro, was shot dead as he stepped from a liquor store. horses which wear lit up like Times riding lamesses Square. The new fashion brilliance of people and horses has to do with jhosphorescence, "a property" he dictionary says, "which gives off light." Comark vinyl, a glossy plastic material which recently won several awards for its glowing technical achievement, is suddenly finding its way to all sorts of dark places. At Roberto Capucci's collection in Paris last month, the blacked-out finale was a spectre of disembodied females in costumes made of the glowing plastic. American coat, suit, hat, shoe and skiwear manufacturers have been pioneering these gar ments that will eventually let a girl look like a candle burnin; of action can help." [trying to stop the riots from Samuel W. YortyJ spreading. This is the kind of >f Galloway and the i cooperation we want." Police sniper said that an unknown killed Crawford, that x>lice fired not a single bullet during the five-hour rampage through the 35 - square - block rea. As relative quiet was estab- ished, reaction was voiced fay John McCbne. former director of the Central Intelli- ;ence Agency, who headed an nvestigation into the bloody, massive riots that claimed 34 ives last August- Said McCone: "If you recall our report, we said a contributing cause was riedricli hushes It's the air conditioner that insulates against noise APPELT ELECTRIC COMPANY AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION 7507 BAY WAY 544-5121 Volkswagen Little Known Facts About A We8 Known Little Car! .S«SBW8B^«S3PS35S^^ DID YOU KNOW? Did you know fhat Volkswagen's combination of heavier mefal. rust proofing, and 4 coats of hand rubbed bated enamel paint insures a longer new car appearance and practically eliminates rust. S^BSSSSS^SSSESStSS^ TEXAS MOTOR IMPORT Pnon» 582-8113 Begins this Sunday . . . CHOOSE ONE OF EiGHT challenging Shorf Courses for adults ard young people. These courses are relavanf for today's Christians, and cover a variety of spiritually thought-provoking subjects. If you desire a more effective Christian life to meet the frustrations which face you each day—then, select a course, and attend. Courses wi!i begin this Sunday, and run for eight consecutive Sundays, through May 8—6:15 P.M. each Sunday. Course 1: "The Christian and The Social Order", led by Mr. Curt Bail. Course 2: "Hymn Conducting", led by Mr. Terry Stephens. Course 3: "Facing Controversial Issues", led by Mrs. J. M. Bridges and Mrs. M. A. Schweers. Course 4: "Basic Christian Doctrines", led by Rev. A. L. Jordan. Course 5: "A Complete Bible Survey", [ed by Mr. Ed Mook. Course 6: "Communicating Christian Thoughts and Problem Solving" -Mr. M, L. Warts and Mr. T. C. Smith. Course?: "New Tesfament Living", led by Mr. Don Cannata. Course 8: 'The Life Of Christ", led by Miss Eula Pofter. MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH 600 WEST STERLING BAYTOWN — NTJRSEBY AVAILABLE — dustrial and consumer prices. GREENVILLE, Ga. right on seeking loans. Most of Judical Circuit soldier from Conroe, Tex., will said Wednesday be tried May 16 on charges of tems such as cars. There's less Some advocates tout the safe- tried in the death of Pfc. murder in connection with the S. Thompson of Cincinnati, Ohio ty factors of these garments. fellow soldier last A woman so dressed can shec down darkenec hunters near Alvaton last De- The auto industry reports that Army Sgt. James Oliver Neal, new car sales this month have than a clums Authorities said Benning anc seen setting a record for March. Neal left on a trip to Cincinnati Many buyers are doing so on;waived extradition and will be 606 East Texas Ave. AUTHORIZED DEALER dancing partners- the monthly payment plan. returned here for the trial. BOYS' ETON SUITS By Dotty Dan and Peter Piper and Twigs. Three piece suits for the little boy. Toddler shirt, Eton jacket and shorts with elastic back. Sizes 1, 2 3, and 4. We are ready for you and the faster Season that is iusc around the corner . . . From romping toddiers to srowring boys and girls all the- your.g fashionables car. parade proudly when you choose here. Wide se ectior.s o: su : Ls. dressc?. shirts, acccssrines and etc. for the boy and girl for summer and Easter. LONG PANT SUITS 5,95 TO 7.95 HER GLOVES By Nolan EASTER DRESSES /^i FOR THE CHUBBETTE . . . Many styles of white or soft past.Pi to match her Easter costume. See ihcni These are the new size ranges that many of the girls need. See them get ready for that Easter nda j By Chips ana Twigs and Walton. have a handsome selection of boys'. ?:;:ts for Easter ... ail the newest, styk?, fabrics and colors by America's leading naruifacvjrers. Come in now while stocks complete. .HER HANDBAG 6 *' To match her hat or separate ones of straw cr fabric . . . newest colors. See them today at The Sires 3 to 6 4.95 TO 10.95 Sizes S to 20 14.95 xo 24.95 By Cari Classics, Youngland, Cinderella, Allyssa, and Linda Lo. Come pick her Easter frock from our enchanted garden of famous fashions for the young girL The most important new look for '66 is the easy relaxing understated silhouette in easy care cotton and dacron and cotton. In all the newest styles and colors, Sizes 1 to 1*. 3.95,010.95 GIRLS' FASHION LEADING. Gay Httie bonr.rts of straw ,->r f,ib coiors. lavishSy trimmed with flov-o bens . . . all styles. For her Easter out/it Soft, triple tiers of nylon with sheer embroidered yoke. Underslip of Kodel® and Cotton, lace and ribbon trim. In sizes Thursday NSght Open 'til 8:00 Other "Her Majesty* slips ?3.t» &. H00

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