The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 13, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1859
Page 3
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The fallowing Ust-61 Cosiness House* and aanutac- <nricj» estatt-intlnrfntB are among the belt and moit .^mientio ih«ar respective lines of Business. j, M, GROSSMAN, JUtOHTTECT & SUPEIM1VTEITOENT, Off CIS— NO. 10 TOTJSG'S KJETT BLOCK. Plans and Specification! for all kinds of Bandings arnlshed at short noticcand en the most liberal terms. JelE ISAAC. KIN<1SL,EY, GAS 4; STEAM PIPE FITTER, SO. 291 EAST WATEE STREET, WBOLSEALI ASO EITAIt 3»B AND STEAM, PIPES, «-«--.• SAS, STEAM AND WATER- OOOM, GLOBE AND CHECK TALVJa, GUAGB OOCBB, *t. Always ontand, a large assortment of « A S FIXTURES Work done in * workmanlike manner, at short notice and lowest prices. )e8-dly N. L^GrKISWOLD <6 CO., BETi.IL DIA&C88 « LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AM 0 OHttDSEK'S BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, MASON STREET, Opposite the Walker House. mySl P. WT3INBKENNER, KAJTUFAOTBHEK AID DIALXB 15 ROOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, opposite American Home myll Bool <& Shoe Store. NO. 48 EAST TVATER SiUEET, JOI£N PHELAN, KEEPS always on hand good custom made Boots and •- Shoes. ' - • <. '- ._ ' - • • AI I kinds of Ladles* and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes i dsde to order in the latest style and warrantedtojzive; * of fiRfai.t4n.t- - • : AnrQH BOOK JCASUFAOTOBEBS, • RULERS <fc BOOKBINDERS. ygr Binders' Block, Printing Ink and ^?lt,t Papers, alway* on hand in Urge <juanti«es. Amqmt RBDWO in the neatest style. i ' ', No. 'fl» EAST WATER ST^ KNKELAND'S ELOOS, «3«6. MILWAUKKE. KIO^CAKSQNM X* 'X ," '- , AND'; KIT OARSON, The Ne§ter of the Rocky Mooutafns, From facts narrated hy himself. Jnst reeelred by maylO _ STSIOgLASD * Ot). 3 Rchback's Lead Pencils, FOR SALE BT TEBHY x£ -onifiAVEK, BOOKSELLEHS ANO STATJONEBS, 167 Soft Voter , following "Flirt Class," old established and prompt paying Companies :' ( 2ETNA INSlUlANiJE 1 - Of Hartford, Connecticut, INCORPORATED IH1819. Cash Capital and 8urplu»...,.,..^...»lj66T,8!H> W, JOHN RICE, WHOLESALE OBTUCGIST, : _ - - . 1X0. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Has just receives «> fall supply Oj : Caiebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, • irfsnufsctured at Clereland, New'York. JranspOTUid^ - entirely by vesSel, It comes in perfect order, an l enables me to sell &t lor rate! I have permanent arrangements to cell this brand of Glass hereafter. - taySSJOHN SIOE. TTrrEhare Just reedredarull supply of these Ocle*¥ br»t=d eenclls from the taanut.ctcry -Of J. J. Kehoach, In Begensburg, Bavaria. , They are carefully assorted, end raoh grade Is dlatlngulBheii I y a popular brand. Particular attention. Is caUcd to ihe "Opposition Pencil," (round -black gilt;) and to the ••People's Pencil," (round red gilt;) also to the "Engineer's Pencil," (i.ezagpn gilt.) Alt of » hlcb will be lound saperi- or to any other pene 1 In the market: - Alwfl.>« onhand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. -A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. • ' . • • . , apiSJ iiarper itrothers, IffUijUthtd in 1818,) H00SE ,6IGK, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND OENAMEKTA1 IMITATORS OF •ffOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 ONEID'A STKEET, A FEW DOORS EASTOF TEJSXABKE2 ITOUSX. & General Land and Intarance Agents ' NOTARIES JPCBMCs iC^ OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Meyroie's Block, *ifth Ward. :• . , Will attend to the bttyihf tnd selling of Real Estate. Insuring Goods and Buildings in responsible Compa -nles, Atteail to the .Collection of Accounts, Making out o! D«tls, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, 4o. All Oollecuons made on Acconnte placed In our hand Trill-be promptly paid orer. A. o; jo*ss.~. ........ jy22.-. ....EOBZET WEITEEEAD. : ALLJBOIVE'S DICTIONARY OP AUTHORS. A OrWoal JHcOotuiry qf-JSnyHib literature and SrUish, and American Autho t, living and de- cuucd;fremthe£arUtitA c&tntt to tAe Mid- cut ofthe^tnetet tn {,'enturj,. CvrUair.- iiiff IKtrty 3Juntstuut:£iog f itp&iet , and Literary yaUca;i'<ai.f:.rtY ; Ind«M» ifeniijectt. Price *5. : - - 'ENSABLV n; oessary to all mho Read, all who Ite, ail Cleryyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, lie nd Lite ary Men, Merchants 'and Fanners, :anufacturers and Mechanics. ....... .-:•.-• HOUaEHOLD CPMBANION. PORSIfiHKDBY . '•'". «fc CO., BOOK & STAT'IOWKRV JTOBBEBSi 186 £ast Water street, pAKTFOKD INSUItANCE C i Of Hartford, Connecticut, , ^ . 1HOOEPORATKD IH 1 SJ£jJ ^. Ossh Capital and Surplus,.... ...•< ...... »W8,«SSflO HOME INSURANCE COMPANY, 1 Of New York City, Cash Capital andSnrplns...... iJHOWAKD INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York. , INCORPORATED IN 1825. Cash Capital and Barplga........... ...tSS&ffiW 83 I piicENix INSURANCE COMPANY, Or Hartford, Conneetlcnt, ' Oaeh Capital and Burplos,. .......... ...e«»^S*-C« JL.AMAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., i Of New York, , Or in Capital and Surplus*. ........... .t25»,0£9 83 RESOLUrE INSURANCE COMPANY, ! " OfNewTorkOlty, , i Cash Capital and Surplus ..... .'.. ..... -..1246,839 68 CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus,...., ......... ..JSOS^Sl 48 I solicit business for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, and. refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Lanes heretofore, as a guarantee for the fntare. Policies is-, sued without delay. •-..-.. '.:'..-, .... . 1 W. HENRY HOtVANB, Agent : Jons HoLLASD.An't, Northwest cor. itain and D. P. llABEnAii, Surreyor. Wisconsin tts, MUwankee, ' septs • •'; i • . ' . . thodepot,footOf , , ttne Lake, Ocokomowoo, Watertown, Lowell, and Tol- umbusatia)ptnt.,arri-rlngin»iaaaukeeat U35a.m. .PassengersLarriving at MUwankee by the Milwaukee A TJhieagoS. R.TT>* Crossed Hll.R. B., and Mil, 4 Mia. R. R., or by Boat, can proceed to ihe above placet. |Oonn«otfont|reiaad<u»trWatertownwlUi stages for Lake Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo.Hwphetville, Sun Pral- rle, Cottage •e and Madison. Also atCoIombni i Leed> Coiners, , .. . Ington, Bristol and for all points tithe West and North West. • Pusencert arritlng lit the Junction from the above places m»ke connections • n the Milwaukee * MissU- .innt » n. fAr JanesvlDe, Madison and PraWedu akee, with reads' to the South, West B. S. HT.RRTTJi, flaperinteadent. «nd North. 1859. SUMMED, —VIA—, MICHIGAN CENTRAL 4 -JUID- G. Western (Canada) Railway. rTOAlN81ea4*ne r &reat Central Depot, foot of Lake «:00 A. 1 M.i-DEBIOIT ACCOMMODATION, (San- ;d&yi eicepted),; arrire at Detroit 6.00 t M. • - J ' liOO A. M.-CINCINMATI EXPEES3. (Sunday. txeepted.) ArriTentlndlinapoUifcOO 'MONDAY, 'DK0, ; 6, ,1858,; Tralnj will run u followi, Tl» : I • L*aT«Hacln6forDaTl»— TreiglitAAco., . - Leare Racine for Belolt— Pmenger. , ,9 r. u. > ' GOmdlCAfll.-'' - L . Leare Belolt for Racine— PassengefV--' •-- '•'•' 1-Mi.ii. Leave Da»la Jor haelne-rltelght 4 Ace,, &sa A •. Paacngert by tiklc? -the' T A K. train on: the L»k« SltorisKallroaa at Milwaukee, connect at Eaclnewfth trlUa to Ditla i arrtTlng,^ at J)arl» #, %!» r. x s » Stage leavei Davis tot Freepo^i ou arrivil of train. &3VA. a^traln from Dar!» connecia at Racine i»tn afternoon tralnjon the Lake Shore Railroad flotta and South., - HT* freight forwarded wttn Jiapatoh. . . - i- . , -, ". SecS ' E011KET HARHfe, goperSUndent. Pittsboxgb, Fort Wayne & Chicago United States 1TI- A- F. ins. Co. & B«U«OT1O, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Real Estate and Money Srokert, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWA0K££, WISCONSIN. OFFICE— No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Office. mar£7 D. OOKSON, ATTOKNEV AT LA HAS removed to .Office, No. C, State'Bank Building, comerot ta : « Water and Michigan«truei, "" ' 3SO. t. DORA5 SUOHtKVT. DOKAN & L.KVY, AttorneT at^d Counsellors t Law, (tfiet—Empire Etock, 221 Eatt Water ef., MILWAUKEE..... [ma.<-22] WIBCONETK CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their Inspection of Bonds and Mortgages and other se- ; parities offered for sale. , : Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for Bile, may find it to their interest to file trith me their applications or statements : C. SOHLEr, y!6 Opposite Walker House. " CxOOD OHANOK. .HOUSE ji$U L,(i'C-f****"&XLi t HEnndnwiffaetlirillBell "his House and Lot, now occupied M a Tar n by him, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the R. 4 SI. a. E. Depot. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, n-ould answer for any branch of busl- nejE, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is alreadr.rioR- projected at that very locality. Those •rto like to mike a good bargain, ere requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN EARTH. Racine, January 25,1659. Jaa27-dCm IiKtEibcr Vessels for Sale. Scheoner Fashion, S24 tuns. Schoontr -p. KeT-haU,190 tuns. 8oow Scteocer Bngby, 1CS tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory; security. Good title. TAYLOR 4 JEWEVT, ' BaiTalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. JOKES, Mil »ukee, Wisconsin. ' feb25 : [Prom TheophlusParsens,t. L. D^ Professor of Law In Harvard University.] | . ».- CAUBBnxii, Jan. 5, 1S59. DSAB era :— I have had the flrat voiumo of y«or Die- - tlonaryforeomedays and have sst sfied myself that roar p an is excellent, and that you have carned'it oct with very great industry and with good ju igment.— : T*e JuUneij«ndaccur8cy ofrts lnft>rm»tlon concerning modern authors ana hdr works, arrlndeedrrmarku* nt, ? f'J"" «'' 10J11 « I «- "»= knowledge y our b ok purports to give— and nh« educated man does not?— »t must be of great interest » d value. " - RespectfJIy.ic.,' „ . . ,, L -' THtOPJUlLTJS PARKER. B. Austin Alllbone, Esq. T [From 8. Irenens Prime, D. D., Editor N. T. Observer.] Mw TOEE, Feb. 3. 1859. Gmruarra :— The first volume of ycnr gr-iitlMc Ion- ary of Authors, I cave penned «lth astonishment a -d delight,- Jt Is just whatl nave lung desired 10 have, and have sougit lor In vain. Thonsanas of clergymen, etude- ts, and all llteray and Intelll.entm n,muat «r»n to have Just t isTrori; and they w.U h»velt, when they learnt at It Is In thi. world. It drteives tiemos cordial re-epilon, and I trust ihat the ^n-hor and the publishers w 11 have the largest reward for their enterprise and l&bor. Yours truly, _ ' 8..IRENJEDS PRIME. CMUs 4 Peterson. ...;... . . „'..'.". ,f 100.000 00 " ' i 8DKPLO8 ........ ................ . 28.65500. • Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and '' ' Michigan streets, • ••'» ; ;..... ....... WISCONSIN. '' i - - CISXOTOSfl • • . J. A. Helfensteln, >•- E-fiindenon, Moses Kneeland, 8.8. Daggett, Samuel Hale, x O.D.Dousman. H. L. Palmer,; ....... Edwin Townsend, » Solomon Adler. s •- '3. A. HELFENSTEIN, President. /' G.D.DOD8M AN. Tlee President. • , W. T. PALMER, General Agent, 8; 0.. Wist j Secretary, uja ' B. B. DAOOITT, Treasurer. ' U. L. PALKZB, Attorney. .. ^ marlO 'CITY 1WSCRAJICE CO., '• OFFICE: In nitcbcll BaildiDfr, micblgan- *l- HaWAtmi, WIBOOSSIB. OBAB'IERSL • CAPITAL, - • |200,000 Cash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. : ' DIRECTORS: B. b. PAIJKS, . O. D. DAVIS, W. A. Ptsariss, E. TOWKSXZD, 8. S. Cosovxa, H. EBLEHACHT, J. U. KaXLooo, J. HuvrHKCT, Josxrar. BILL, J.B.HAUIS J. H. Coanra, jAS-Mtaut, CBAS. GSISBKEO, C. COKETOCX, ' Gxo. Drxa. E. TOWNBEND, President. ;• ! A. L. WALRATH, Secretary. H.L, PAUCD, Attorney. fST Firo and Marine Risks taken at current rates. feSi AND HAY ¥AiM», o. HL. LAMBERTON H AS juit opened, for ihe benefit of all who may become nts OuEtomert, a Market for WOOD and HAT, at the N. E. Corner of - West Water and Clrboarn streets, (Office with Kessrs-'Msbbett 4 Breed.) ; HI; Stock of Wood is large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and Split or uncut.) ': ills Htock of Hay Is of the BEST QUALITY, and BALED IN GJODOBDKR. Each nill be delivered to anv part of the City on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TEEMS. N. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who ah'p large qtuntitles ufHav irill always find it to their advantage to buy of us. We will sell so that dealers may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. may 19 Q. H, LA.MEERTON. - GENTLEiilEN'S PUHNISH'G. Mr DIAS Son— With better kaowl.due of your book from repeated frtsts upon, lam asbam d to have written you sotommonpUce an'acknr.wledgmcnt oiflts Brut r c tpt uf all the storehouse of Interesting and readable matt-r the "Dictionary of Auth. r»" see it me the most captivating. Thegooi tatte, Industry, land skill of arrangement therein manifested rould norbs aa passed, ,«nd it wll m&keipryou a reputation very en^bie.' I shall try tn maVe amends In print for m. apparently inappreaiatlve^firat.acfcao- " '"" ""'-offSt -'-"-^any'iincere thanks for the prite I have in the , faithfully, N. P. WILLIS. S. Austin Alllbone, Esq.. ^^^ ma>'U ! KEW book, I remain, my dear sir, Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. M"tes In the Sun iieam. Fanny, the Piower Girl, -j TJncIe Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TERRY 4 CLEAVER, FIUE fllUK nnderslfmed Is prepared to take Marine Risks A and Fire Risks on . roduce In store. In the Horth Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at as low rates as by otner reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entlUes i Uo jpublie confidence. . ' HORATIO HILL, Agent, novS . at office of H. A J. g. litU. Quaker City Insurance Co., OF Pim-ADEJLPlIIA. ADTHQRIZED OAPITAL $500,000. PAID DP CAPITAL AND 4S3ETTS STT^K. Qffiee, JVflsJWte Bul'diny, tfo. 40S_IT<tfnof strict, PhUoddpMo. fflHE subscriber has been apj.olntei' agentforfthls L Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Risk tak-n onas favorable terms as othtrresponsible Companies. JAMES8. WHITE, Agent. Office, corner of East W..^-" il/. H.; u«*ciuu»M o^tu r. Ji. .. . . 8:OO A. JTI.--LIGHTN1N& EXPtt£.-S iBandiys ei- . •.. . .;•; cepied,) arrives at Detroit I.-OO r. *.; Sujpeniioa Brld<o or Buffalo 4:0 A. •X; Albany &00 i r. K.; Kev York 9:00 ••••'•'.'.•'• i*. n.: Boston 11 r. u. 2:OO P. JH.-N1LE' ACCOMMODATION, except * -* i(eiceptBaturday.) • Arrive at -Detroit ••'-.• •.: - •„ 4:30 P.M.; Albany 4:00 A. *.; Newlork -•;"•- 10:00 A. iL; Boston fcOO T. M...... i ••, . 8:PO p. OT.-CIMCINNATl ANDlX)tJlSTILLEEX. •JREE8. (ExceptSaturday.) Arrivea- Cincinnati 8:00 A. u.; LoulsvUK 4.-00 One train onSunday at tkOOr.u. . .." The8.-00 A. K. and 8.-00 r.-M. trains connect at Par!* with thrBnffalo ft Lake Huron Railway, for Bufiiu and all points «r*t; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, toXlngsttni Ogdenibnrg, Montreal, Quebec and all points In Canada East, Northern Vermont, Kew Hampshire and Maine. .'.I ; . 1ST" Baggage checrcj through. _ Through tickets jot sale at the principal Railroad offices In the West, and at- the general office, corner Lake A Dearborn 1 etreeti.oopotite the Tremont Home, Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. ••'. • 0 •"'.- •- • B.H.RIOE,Bupt.; H.J. BpAtnrto.Gen Past, art ..- . aprlS. Detroit & Mil. Kail way. -OefC^Lt 5HB Steamer Oloiveland will'take WUElB&i her place In line of the- Detroit A Milwaukee nauw.y, on Monday, the 14th Ma- ch. Past ngers wishing through'tickets can be; supplied on and after Monday next, at £30 Eait Water; street, or at the office on the docs of the Detroit t Mllj»anko Railway Co— Due no-Ice of the time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest «nd quickest route to all points Ea.t. , .. . mart KOA1>. ; ,'* rHTBIS new and direct B«nte- r no* -open to Kew York, -B. iiosion, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore .and waj&inmon city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara nut, and all eastern dtles. Cincinnati, CoTamtus, Dayton, Springfield, TJrbana, Zanesriiie, Stenbcnrilie, Newark and Wheeling, and all .Interior towns .of Ohio, Pann- •y^yanla, Virginia, Marjland,,N(!W Jersey, *o. . : v ; Staking one Grand R. Line iirwm'osiOAao AID TSI IABT. " : IfARB AS LOW'AB-AjrrVTBSB BOVT& fStr'.Thoie dcjirlng to- go by this Route will be particular and enquire for Tickets via Vert Wayne, there*/' avoiding the annoyance of rechecklng their Baggage. : TSA1SS ISA YE,DXPOT*ON VAX-$g&Ba JM. 8:00 r. M. 6:00 A. «.— Morning il&il and Ejcpretf i . dally, Sondayi . • ' ezcepteo. -: . •• ^ . t '• , • wltibnt one change of cars to Plfuburgn.' - ' ' i •• . Night Ezprcu, daily, Saturday! ciccpted. Morning il&il and Ejcpre , , - • To Fittibnrgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New lork, connecting directly with trains on the greai PennsylTa- nli Central Railroad, to aU eutero wtie*.— Also, with Olereland t Columbia RsUroad, to Ciereland. Dunkirk, BuOalo, Niagara Falls Tia New fork Central andKew Tork t Erie Railroada to New Tork ami BostOL-. : P«non» going-cut wlU find this route- by tar tht tacut desirable, both from the adTantagt In point of dlttaice variety and beauty of the* country- through which the roads pass, as well aa the less frequent changes of can and the annoyance. of re-checking baggage required by otSerroutes. •'••.'' • '• ' '-"••- • . •• •••••-..'] faculties for the traniponatloo at Freight and Live Stock by this route are unsurpassed. Rates as low as any other route, and with equal dispatch. ' Tickets for sale at allt he principal ticket olEces In the West, and at Company's Office, ,No.£0 Dearborn street, opposite Tremont Bouse. Chicago, and at the offlca el the Lake Shore Railroad-, HUwaokee, by A. Q. Leland. :i- , :. - JHO.J.HOC8TOS, • . : Oeneral Freight Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa. '• ' to., . .. . . QBE J^T gBEP IS THI3 OITYj, AT " S&CRI JP1O E S, EXT SiXTY: DAYS. " : • • • IS. BEAVX'v'AWD MUST BE SOLD ! Water Stieet, • CKF E,' W I MISGEIiLANEOUS; 81. VV VJ3*ERJU»AB-r 0 .-iresnocifully informs rfi therhizenxof.MOirankeethai hairing located In thU place, he Intezdj practicing his profession .' AH diseases to the IJoraa treated in a. moat id entiac .siyle.and general sat faction Warranted. Ifl con. nectlon win hl« pra. tlce he will Prick- and Dock- Tails to the moat approved- » yie; and, to *<iin the jOi.Edence of th- public, ho refers to Ihe follow- ip(t gentlemen, who have- employed Mr. Bedhead many time* professionally In the course often years. We feel Justified ID saying >h»t hi» practice Is supe- itor'toq&e general ruir of Veterinary Jractioheer MILW.IDZXE. John 0. Brodhead. " Wm. Jamison, Murray, Pryer i Co., • CL1TZL1SD. - ' .., .' l' : ' -,- - - General WesterniAgiint, Chicago. Chicago, March «,16J9. ; Ililwankee «ae Chicago R. JR. Doct. H. A. Act ley, ." ;M.L. Wright, Eelly, I8'59. 1859. BUMMKR AKKANGrEMKNT. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. illiluauliec THK SHORTEST AND iWOST EXPED1TIOC8 BOCTEI ;.i TO^ '' . Lansing:, La Crossc, Winona, Bead's Landing, Bed Wing, PEESCOTT, JBT, PAUL AND ST. ASTHONY. Change of Tiinc, aonclay, April 4, Great United States Maif and Expri)i Route. riHHE only reliable and ill. Rc-cnTO IHIEAST, Sorra JL and NoaTa-Wtai, and the only Line makln, sure connections. Baggage checked through to principal points.. On and after . , IttOSDAV, APBIt, 25th, '1859, Trains leave Depot, corner of Florida and Barclay its., *; ' as follows: 10}:30 A. M.—Espussi PASaEisn—arrlrlng at Chl- - ' ' eago at 3UO r. 11. 3116 P. OT.—Exrzssii l-i.-sisaxa— arriving at Chi : , cago at bio r. n , and man n/ closV " connt-ctloiss' with E»enlnn Trains East ! : and Sonta "West, and with; thB Kaeini an • Mississippi ^ailroaf, at facia , Junction, for Belolt and other stations • ' - - -" oa tia«- Line. ' • • freight Train leave) at e:SO A. *., 'arrives B:00 r. H. freight forwarded with despatch, and allow tales. Passenger Trains leave 'Chicago I, r Milwaukee and tha North West at ifcCO A.. a., and 8:15 F.»., arriving here at 13:50 r a. and 12:15 A. x. aprtt JNO. X V MOODX, Master Tr.nlportatlon.- Judge Wilson, "• Bishop, " Kelly. " And-ewl, " Heaner. " Vllden, ' Jno. Kirkland, ''•''' CTIOAQO. Wm. Downac. . - - niTsorr. N. A. Brown, 0. Bradford. James Foley. * • UVJiT MSX Ot CL2VSiAai>. W.J. 6aln3,^i : ' Oeer 4 f ajringtou, White*Newel, ,' . 0. H.Seymour. UMBERS 07 TH3 nOES8 BaZBDSa's 90CI3?/. J.K Curtis, : " 'Wm.Patts, 8lla«Merchant,.? : - ; - Wm. K.«dama.'» EtT" Office. KlrbyY Livery Stable, Main street. ap 18-d«wtf ' . . . DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat line! SUMMER PLEASURE SAILING ! BRY GOODS, &C. 1859. W 'SPRIM6 AND. SUMMER' DRY 1 7S jEast Water St. 2 78 JIILWABXES,. . WISCONSIN, * SOW receiving one of the Urjjejc »n J ueat-'selcct- JL ed Stocks of Goods over brcu^ln to this market, ".o -hirhwlll be-added, from thna to time, liuring the aeasons, NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRY: & CLEAVERS, 167 EAST WATfS STREET. B AETH'fl Travels In Central Anlca, 1 vot, abridged. Livingston's Trails In Southtrn Africa, 1 voL Bpeergeons Sermons, Cth aeries. Higher Christian Life. ' mayl6 SHIPPERS OF PRODUCE /"TAN supply themselve* with Bills of Ladm? at V-* TEtiRT *OLE*TEii'; may20 TEtiRT *OLE*VEfi'3, 167 East Water street. BOOKS. |^|T3R stock Is the largest In the West. We" sell every \J Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any book which exlsti, either in the English or other languages. We receive new boots as toned from the PressT^ NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. Si .&=» •a ,63 H. RUSSELL. Q 0 School Books. TTTE have every fcchoo! Book In demand, and se T T ttem at .wholesale or retail. i**M> BTRICKLASDAOO. BIND UP YOUR M AC AZ J IVIES ! iV-H." 6 P re »'ired in our Blndary to Bind Magatlnes, B; Jv-i^ erlod ' clll «. Jor «nythingelse In the form of a Book,jn neat end durable styles, at low rates. STRICKLAND t 00. BY STATE AUTHORITy. WISCONSIN. GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY CHARTED OAR FIUE INS. CO.. ' IfTartford, Conn. OABH ASSETS ................... 1511^*0 9; NORTH AlttEKICAN FIRB INS. CO M -• Hartford, Conn. CASH; ASSETS.... « ....... . ...... $854,SCO 08 iTESTEKN M4SS. FIUE IPTS. CO., • Of Plttcfield, Mast. OAJH AS3ETTS ................... $205,6W 41 COXXTAY FIUE IXSTJKANCE CO., Of Oonway, llass. CASH ASSETS ............. :.„ ____ I2C3,C1 47 HAJTPDEK FIRE INSUBANCE CO., :•••' i ••-' Springfield, Man. CASH ASSETS .......... . 1ST TRAIfT LEAVKS miLWAEKEE ll.-OO-A. 1L, Arrlvfai; at Janesvfl> 2JO P. M.; Madison 3:35 P M-; Prairie da Chien &03 P. II. Conntctinz with ih- Prairie rtn Chie-i and St. Pwl P» k-w, whieli leave Prairie do Ohlenon the arrival of the8.-00 P. U. T~J- HIIt,WAl7liEE GIB ABD FIRE INS. CO.nPANY, ! OfPtlladelphla. CASH ASSETS............ ........ ..'»284^89 78 ' J, W. Crain, 'OFFICE, KO. 2, MARTIN BLOCK, CP STAIRS, mar29 : Mnwaukee. WUrnmin.. 6.-05 P. M^ Arriving it Janvesvllle 8iB P. M.; Madlion t^T Far- t.. all points on the Mississippi River jas low as any other Boute. WILLIAM JERTIS, »pl* ; geal Superintendent. OF TIMEO N and aftf r Mbndav, April 4th, trains oa the Mil- w-ukee, Watertown t Baraboo Tailey Railroad, wih arrive In Milwaukee at 11:S5 A. n., and depart at 4.-SO r. M. , arnS-dtf . 8.B. MVRRTLL. Popt." LaCrosoe <& Jiil. Railroad, W E, the undersigned, aavlng been^appointed agent* for tie coUecii.on and delivery,of 1'rcight lor this cumpany, beg to Inform u erchants »nd others that an ;«BS5e (No.B Wisconsin street,) opened oa the 1st of Apr!}, where oraer» can be left, aaa will receive prompt at tatlon. t<nr authorized colltciors will receipt at the warehouses of shippers. Information rnpccting Freight Uanspo.tation on this 7 lint can oehaH by app loatlon at the office of air. A. FnEW, At em. .; ii - - / .tENDRIE 4 CO. Milwaukee, March So, 1SC». aprl HEW AND FAVOEITE EOUTE &, DETROIT & MILWAUKE; R, a (Now opened to take Michigan.) '•.'• *5D Butfl loto-Fretsurt firet-Clats Steamert, "City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," (Thoroughly refitted for this route.) O N AND AFTER MONDAY, June 6th, 1859, Pu . senger Trains will run as follows: GOING WEST: . QtnCT OF BI3UOP A CO., MOROAOrSS,) IT PosMscux or MIL. » CtrcAOO it. R., V i Milwaukee, April S.1E59. { f\ft and after April- 9th, 1659, and uniif further.'n»V tlce, no person Is'author zed 16 make purcl.ascs, or e ntract for aater^ali for the Milwaukee ann Culca- go Bit ibad without a idit'en onler f i on »se ncdersigu. ed. ; Bills will be paid monthly and accoisn s will Dot be - onl'tont:! with aay concern that nrgiects to render monthly bills. C. B. HALL, Geon Art. M-rtgigses. aprlS . J.T. MUODY, If.tttr of Tr»n-porUtlon. f\K »nd after !d May next, parties will be carried by X/ the swift snd el>gant fieimers <.-ky "/ <'teretaj>d and Cleveland, to Grand H*ven, thtnce by trains to Grand Rapids and back at cheap excursion far- 9,. and- t'me- afforded to -view the- beact fal and romantic scenerv on the Grand River around the City of Grand Rap ds, with its extensive t>YP3C3S BEIS, and other Interesting features. Pares (includng rooms or berth") for parties of -:flve— tii Grand Haven and back . .$12^0 lor patties of five to Grand.Rapist and back.... 15,73 Meals can be had on board at Sity cents each. TIME. P-rtiet can leave Mil-wait ee twice dally, and have tickets made valid to go and return any tlm« one week. • - • - .; . llours of Sailing- & Running- of Sailing & Traini. Leave Sillwaukee .12 30 A. a. 8:00 ?.M. Le*ve Grand Haven 8:4S r Jt. fc'O Ar> Ive at Grand Rapids li>:30 r. a. 6:20 . a. Leave Grand Hspids 2:35 A. u. 3:W> r. y. Leave Gran-i H»Tcn 5:80 4. M 9:0" p. a Arrive at Milwaukee 12J5?.n. 5:30 A. «. There Is anew and.comfonable Hotel above and in the Kai;wi> Depot at G.and Haven, »her« Excursion t-artle (dulrnx to tppcd a few hours at Grand Haven, or on the.Bcach which, i* quite clOoe to Depot,) majr have--very atirn Ion. .1 {2T* H-rtiesfrom Colleges, Schools and other kindred institutions. *)il «>• e»rri«a «- — r »»••-«-»— * -*n«!i —a »truna on application to the labscrtber. gajr- i icket» can: Se had at Dock Offlce, or from PUT- sers onboard ateatners and W.K^ilUIE, W. GRAHA3I, Gt-ntral Superintendent, Dock Office, apr8n-dlia Detroit. ll Coach and Saddlery MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargains in Dry THAT IMMENSE STOCK Of D 'Fvt/LT hsVlng been made In the condl-lon of a certn-.n prum-story ncie, biiarinc date December 1st.,'A D. 1857. executed by W.B. Hlbbard andj«hn 8. Harris, an I ale i m ihe condition of a certain vessel mortgager the same date executed byeald Hlbtiard and H*rris to secure.the payment of said note. N"ilce Is hereby given to all parties •nttreste'l that-we Aali cmosefor sale and sell on-Tuesday, the 5th day of JUIiT, A. 0., 1859, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that de.y.'svttheSprnsstreHb'-idire, in theelty of Milwau- ket, the Schooner William H. 8 ephens, her masts, bowsprits, sills, boat, anohor, cables, and all ntJier neoessaries thereunto *pperti1nlng and belonging, to satisfy the am-mnt rem.lni £ due on said note and mortgage together with the coats and erpcn»es of sale. MOSE" A. JAM<CS, and ' • JOSEPH JAMES, - - Mortgagees* • By 'W.W.BaoirK, Agent. Bcnss, BDTIKIOS A COTTEIU-Attorneys. ' '• Stereoscopic Views. h !If reclrea * toe lot of Stereseoplo embracing views of interesting localitJ-« In BCbSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, K G - Y P T , NUBIA SBBEOff, ITOR8.BT, ZBfffMfD, «£O, «ta Also » large variety of niw American Views. New and very desirable «Mea of stereoscopic Instrn- . 8TRICKL*KD 4 00^ . Booksellin and Statlonen, 184 Eatt Water street. IVo. 1 87 E? hi Water Streei, MUST BE CLOSED OUT SJaiL r.if. Sup. Bridge, depart ....... 9M A. H. •Detroit, depart... ........ 7:00 •Orwego' arrive.. ......... 10:60 r. «. St. Jehcs, arrive., ........ 12:10 Grand *apli's,arr.. ....... 8:10 • jrand Uaven, arr... ...... C.-Q9 A.»tJ Milod. A.K. 4.-20 r. v. ISO 7:40 9:33 A. U. MO tso Noon. 12:00 A. ». 10:iO r . «. .8:0n A. ». B.-05 fcgo Hooa EAST ments. , -*P rl SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN For (ale it feblS BEPORTS 8TBICELAND i CO, IStVEatt Water street. PIKE'S i PEAK. A HEW MAP, allowing the Bout« to 'the floli Ee- glons In Kansas, Just received by - . feblB 124-SMt Water street NOT1O& THE INSPECTOR Of FISH, he iroow furnished with the ptoper welKbuami brands' for >he due performance of the dalles or Ws office By the sajd "Act* It Is made the duty of all\persons deaUng In fHb to give notice to the Inspector to have the same duly Inspe ;ted and brindeit before packing. M'. Smith will te found at' tne Ney Wareho.use of Mesara. John Furlong * Son, South Water st., Walker's Point, where ail not lew are reO.ues.ed to be left. .Milwa«kee,aayT,1869." - ' ' - , majlO : , JOHN SiilTH, Io»pector. BY THE ASfalGNlliE ' .; .. •' ; :" ' -so— : : : . Great Bargains maj be Expected aprlT-dtf; JOSEPH CAUY, Aislgnee. CTNITED STATES HIA«8HAL'8 SALE The Fanners Loan A Trust Com 1 i fa the D. S. Cls- •Wet Oonrt for tbe District ol Wisconsin, InJtoiiity. .»•»••:• LA 0BOSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL ROAD. SPRING AKRANQKMKNT. «REAT NORTH-WESTERN TJKITED .' , *?A T E8 MAtl,& EXPRESS ' AND ^QNLT ALL RAIL ROUTE. TO LA OROSSE On tbe iCPPEit MISStSSEPPI RIVER. On and after ftfonday, Jana,2ptii, Two Throngh Express Trains Daily, 'LEAVE MILWAUKEE, FEOM DEPOT FOOT OF CHESTNUT STREET, ..--...-.: • AS -KUOW8.:'; ' -••'' '•'• ' 7:S5 A. Mt. and 1:50 F.-ffl. - ' Trains arrive at MUwankee at ^ S:86 A,\M. ANl> 52:35 P. M» _ Close connections «re made at LaCrosse. Twice tinny each way with the fflin« nesota Packet <:ompauy»« New and Splendid I nltefl States Mail Line of Strainers 10 4- from St. Punt and intermediate point*. EZT'Pawiengers, by taking this route, -trtli save 100 miles In distance end 18 hours time, from Ohtea™ OT Milwaukee to La Orosse or Bt. Paul, cveranyotter Milwaukee, June 17, 1859. E0WIK K. GOODRICH, * C. PFIKTER 4: CO. •JJariufactarers -irma Dealers In < l-O. ETAJI.........................,JJJ.a.JDiSIjrB. Eyan &:Jenkins/::: OOUNSKLLOKS AT LAW, MlTfillELI-'S BANK BCI10BI1VO, ^ Oorntr East Wattr and Michigan sit., ffihcavkcv ' - :,i -. James A Swain,. OP THE LATE PIRM OF M A GH E V& S tV A I N , WILL remain et the old stand, There tie win be pleas. ed to weioome. thefpatrons of the «tt«Bllinmeat. .-':•' .apriz-dtf, ; . \T--..; .,.-.;...., s \~. ;. , *..;.'-,. i., corner of East Water /Wisconsin, hive for of large or ' Ward oft t'OIty. -or retldeno ~- ana »maU Jarms .orfrom- 6 to'80 leaai JHARLE8 QUENTIN A 00. . . The Milwaukee A Superior Ball- road oompainv, City of Milwaukee,.. JohnBtewart, •_•-.- JohaiinC. A-Aflerdlng. ' Christ-an Hahm'ana Uottfrled Wbotiot). I N pursuance and b; virtue of • decree made by th* J. District intnrt of Uii United States, for theDUtrlci of reisoonsln,in lie nineteenth day ol M»rch, 186S. la theabove'enuiedcaosblsaaii sell at fnclic Auction on Toesda>J?nd d »y of 'August, 1S5>, at '8 o'clock In the aiternodn, from the steps o; the Vnstom ttouse, in the Otty of iiuiwaukee, a J and singular, theaortgagetl premises menti<-ned. In the bill o! compliant In lalij causs, and described at! "All the foUowlng, present and to fttturf: to be aoqulred t real a-Ml per«onai property an>i real tolata ol ;tne sat defendant, the Milwaukee and Railroad Uompany, t at is to say ad ol (be nn> dlviklon otthe Rajroad of said Railroad Oom pany defendant, from .the City of Milw nkee.tothe atyoi CheeuBAyiusaia BvaU of Wisconsin, a dls- tance 01 on* hundred and twenty inlleVl&eiudIng the right ol;wav, ami land occupied by laid first division of said road, isgbjrot to the right, due or claim, which the said defendants Stewart, AliBrJirig, Uahm 'and Woottch. or hither of them, may bave nad at the time of maklngsild decree, to lajid upon which sal 1 Railroad Oompiny ka« located its way, and for which ao compenaatl -n has been maje to tu«m,j together with the superstractore and track thereon, and all rult and ovher materiiiU wqd, thereon, bridges, viaducts, cal- verts, icDces, eqoipment«,necessaty depot grounds and biddings thereon, belonging to the said Railroad, Oom> .any, and alt .roiling stock,: engines, tenaeii, cars," tools.materlals, machinery, tbtturci, and aliotoer personal proper y appertaining to tald ; flnt division of saidroad.and ail riehu thereto, andjntereatl to be acquired by sijd defendant, the Milwatuce and Superior Kallrond Oompiuy, together ffJUi the name a .id functions appert&Iniog to the said flrtt diviilon of laid road.; all tolls, rents and income to He had or l«vied ther? from, and »U corporate and other franchises, rights and privileges of tne said Ballrosd Oompany to ox to or concerning lie came," ...... TT - Marinal's Office, Milwaukee, WJs- April «, 1859 .;- i .!-::•-. .:-• M. J TU011AB, . United Etates Marshal. District of Wlnconilzc, Emio«», V«iI)T»» *HAJUMdii,Oompl 1 t» Bollcltort. aprSl-dtt ; •.-*.:••" - 1 . 1 ••'•'•••.' ;' • ;|-. ' - ' •. -•' . UNION — AND— WiKcqnsiii State Telegraph. Offlae, fine Democrat JKock, lltticavtee. neeVi^ons with All jLines East. Wisconsin State' Lines rnn from Milwaukee to LaOroae, rond du;Lao and W&opan, on Railroad AttoXrom Milwaukee to Janetville. Madison, aawjjnalfie 4a Ohien. . Stations at all la* PorUnt iBtermeolatepointa, - i , . ' . SOBlet. R eoently of S. Y., mayte conrelted at his room No* Hewhall- House, Milwaukee, the first of ersrj month, comaenelng November Is v In rfgard taalldis- eases, which be treats with unprecedented success. Hi cures chromic cases of diseases, which bave 'been pro.' nonneed incurable by the ucdleal faculty generally, such as Nervous and Neuralgic Affections, Diseases cl Women, all forms of eorofula, Dyspepsia, Constipation- Bkln Diseases, Cancerous and Tuberculous Affections, Including Pulmonary Consumption, Rheumatism, Par. alyms, Bpilepiy. Remittent and Intermittent revert. the diseases of Children, *c.Au. tbe perllt and most of the snlertngs of oUld-Hrth are removed by earli contuitatlon.!' • '- •'•'•- :- ; r-^ ! : -• - •'• - : -•• v ; "-.--. , Kemember, that the Doctor does not promise to cure- all stages, of Diseases. WUle all diseases are curable, »taken In season, all Itage) are not. tour ease may' be curabln ttls ireek, not nm-46-dayv not to-morrow, Benoe-the danger ofdelay." 1 -" -teptJB ' *^? " U1 *>• ** nl»Koom«, Ne»h»n House SS° n » JB " W»N ;; «U Thurtdayinoon,. onsultatlon rm. , . -,. : ;-• Mall: Night Jiprfs Mixed. Expr's. 1 : i . -r.u. .Noon. Milwaukee, depart,... 6.-00 ^ , I2 : oo -. - .; . A. M. A. V. - - 'r. M •GrandHaven,dep........ 8*0, dep't &SO Grand Rapids, arr. '.. tSO 6^0 JOiSu fit. Johns, arrive -i. fl:«" . 0^55 ijjjj Owosso,arrive „; 7:63 • 11:20 SJu •Detroit,arrive...j 11:40 6:80 . . «*• i T.U. A. V. A. M. Bus.Bridge.arrive!.:...... 9^5 4.-00. 440 THE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present Season, run their well ; ' known and popular Line of Fiffit Class Screw Steamers, Regularly, between OQDKNSBUKOH & OSWEGO, AND THK t'PPEU LAKES 1 forming a Semi-Weekly llae- between OfjK-ns^nrgbtnd Oswego, and Chicago, Ullwaukee and : Intermediate i ortsj connecting at Otdensbargh with the A VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD Between, Ogdtnsburgh, Burlington, C.»r.conl, Manchester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worc.ster and Boston, and at Oiwrgoi with the New 03Ttg» Use of Thirty First Class Canal Boau on the Enlarged' Canal, between - . • ' ; O"Wcsro,8TroT, {Albany i ScTV,Yorb, Oonnecsing -also at Dunkirk with YORK AND ERLS RAILROAD, And foraing a Trl-Weokly Railroad Liae Drtwea Dunklrkj Milwaukee & Clucao. •Eefreshmentt—Hotel In Depot at Grand Haven. - Boat will leave Milwaukee on- Saturdays at 8 p x.— for f atnrday Night's Express patsengers weat, but 3 A. v. tra n wilt a T leave on Eunaaya, Trains leave termini dally, Sundays excepted. THE TELEGRAPH LIKE it now open for Fraud Be- snosa. '• '! • CONNEOTIONS. AT DETROIT-GREAT WESTERN RAELWAT for all point! East—M.OB1NAN OCMTitAL and MICHIGAN 80UTI1ERN RAILHOAD3, and CLEVELAND Line of B»amirs. AT UUA-VD t«AVE?r—With "HtmON" Steamerfor CHICAQO, Ac., ic. < AT M I L, WAVK.-V, * —W'th the MISSISSIPPI, LA CRusa«,. uHiOAtio, WATEETOIVN land HOBI- U' N KA1LEOAD. 1 ", for all important points West and Northwe.t, and on Mils itlppj niver, and with Steamers for Poru on Lake Michigan. | ; Fassengen for Great Western Railway go on the Hallway Stm Snuxot, at D.I 4 M. R. Dock, leavlne Dock at8a« AK , 12:0-Noonand 7:30 T. x. '•''." NIBHt TRA- NSr have SLEtPINU OARS attached. The Company's Time-Tablet can be had at any of the- to hc« One Transhipment. ^T Merchandis- narked «JT. T. ICO. r"V PttlSSW," wUljbe forwarded from New Vork by an Btprtti FrtieM Train over Uu Hew Tori: <fi SrU - - | ' -;• xailroad, i . : ' ' Ac4 prompily forwirded from DunMrkJ ! AJt*PJj> TO ' . J.-MTO3, Agent «.T Co.,KT Broadway, New York. J.-L ; . WAxnx, Agent N. T, Co., S Oosntfes Hip. New *ork.i . - ., • f^. } Ctifl. fi. TATMT, corner «th and (Bfesnut it., Phlla. Hovir A CiAWroxo, Oswego N. y. | S.iD. CAUJWHL, Agent, Dunkirk, N.T. I CsikBxsux, CiAwroto ACo , Cleveland, GJ Joair Hocxjto. Agent N. T. Co., 9S Statei su| Boston. r A UTCTHIS. Agent Line. 108 Stfrit- Boitu .' F, CscTraicAgenti.i.ouse't Point, N. y. .GiOj. fAjcxzx, Agent, Ogdenshurgh, H. T.' L.'Ji Hiuur, lUlwsukee, Wit., office LaOrotse A M. R. Hi fiepot. ' ! ; BARN ES BROTHERS W30L2iU.H iSn RSTAH., NO. 6 ALBANY BLOCK, Would nrltc the attention cC tie trida to tbclr iarg» »nd superior s.ock of SADDLERY HARDWARE -AS&CARRIAGE TKIMMINGS Saddles, Colian, _ Patent and Enimf led Lcithar, Enisiele-J Cloths, al qualities, ' \voips. Borfe Covers, Fly nttj, ie. Carriagii.-prini'j, .ixles, Malleable lron,4o , Eo«, ifello a, SPO'JM, Shiftj, Uuh?, ij., Of the beat Eajtern tiabor. SOO S^<3.<3Jes Jast rtc lirrd f. 0^1 one of the tarjeat tadtern m . ra:V4.T)«, the quiltiy antl wo-kmaosh p ansarpassed which we trouia invite ipeaial -nt ction. fir Our Bto.-k thruughoat will be found complete and offered st tte BAtlXES BROTHERS, m»yi!5 Mlihigaa St., opposite Newoail House. Latest Novelties I Our arrangements Kant aro anch that wo/sia 30 :oa?sT:Tio», 13 T e havo a Layer cunaumly In th». nawet. We ars ilctennlnecl to 5170 our siuti'mon fH2 LAEGS3T AMOUNT OP GOODS SMAi!EST AMOUNT O~f O UK DRESS GOODS BEF.iET3I.SST >T *-, confining Black and ?. M y "lUa, Tissues. Barges, Delal es. Chain,..,. C.uh- meret, Li-ros, Ur^andioj, Kobe -de' ?n"i Soba'a'Quill, arllliante f 4B., Ao " ' IN O'UR While Goods & linen Department Tibi? r e , f ^° nd r™ '"'=». tlnen D»m.i3ks X, lp l: r . 3 Table Cloths, C.ash. Poyles, Cdm!iri«. Jac-ncttj Counterpanes, Embroideries, furaisnin? Goods, io. CLOTH IN THK DEPAHTMENT ean»,' s f S of / renc!l a^-j- ' Co " onad<: »' IN and OLTK Summer - !u i?j, Li o«ro fflm-K. Cloth Du3t, L.'ii^'S ^e hava alao a nil] assortment of Hosiery. Gloves, Y.itikp* .Vo "Irtmminga, Sroun. and &*.;:••,. S, HOOP sSiJIT.s, i COR JOBBING GOUDS Which wo lra off-rias to lier^haara HEAP FOK GASH .j : , •" '••-. .Ofiea.neirM.4i:. R-S-Depot." ' N. a— Shlppwt are rrijuested to see one of the above AgetiM beforemaklng contracts, as the? irfr prepared tn oirer very, low rates, aid their connections with the Ogdensbnrgh and Otwego rontts, and especially with the New York * Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. WITITUAJI 4 Foas«8, Ticket Agents. 230 East Water it WII.GE.HUJ, Freight Agent at Oomoany't Dock. H. 0 .Wnsos, Oeneral Western" Agent. D. A M. H. Offices. June, IS3» 'I ' -— e» HOUSES TO BKNT. -:\ \I7"E have several Brick'and Frame' Houses to rent T T on very rea-onable terms. We hate also for sale a vatt quantity of real .estate,,,o »u«ngof Honsei, i ot-, Improved and unimproved Tarxi, pchool Lands, Ic. We bave CO acna near the City, with House, B&ra. Aj,forthetmall.rentof|10amlta2«.^ ' mayl. . . -. , . , l,l:-^. : \SZttui Water street.. BOOT'*. I I' , • . MANDE4CTUHED BT J |O H IT £ H A L fi N ,1 nnail only one amhorlied to mannfactur* the abTo« JL named Bols, at i • T8 EAST ^•ATEK'.8THEET. ; The Phalen Boot Is' ode or the most niiqae and e'e- Jjnt i»Vcrngs for the f et thit baa ever been invented. Th-y are-jnade of the be^t of stock and dost finlsha l workmanship, and' are wamntert to cure Corns, Bun- loni.sweUed feet, Swelled ..ead, Bbnaafism, Gout, RemtmbeJ! tirat f-e &>U Ag«n for these toii Invent-d Boots In thlj City,. Is to b« found-at Ti Kajt Water sfc^ where,: also, may- be.found a general asjortment of . B1K»TS A; SHOES. OAlTEIiH, &C,, For Gentleman iad Ladles that -here It in this majket* all manufacture'! under the supervision of 'the subsctf- ber, ; ;;. '[may^]|v j : , JOHN PHALKN. FALiL, OF 1858. B¥EK &. CO., 136 EAST WATER STKEET, itILWAU&SZ,.:.... WISCONSIN Honvfocttu-tn and WTutnalt and Rftotl Dtalan in S3 u9i, '3D" I> Xj-353 35L "ST . TP00LD respectfully aanounca to their oJd cuatom- »T .en, that they still continue to keep the lirztt and best selected Stock of Goods in their lino to IK found In the State, and will conduct their business a> heretofore, wiUi the; Intention of giving satlslacaon.— To as many new customers ai may f«el inclined to give us a call, we would say one of our flrm resides in fte™ York, and we have facilities for the purchase and manufacture of goods thafcan not be excelled. We ara at all times ready to take advantage of iutera Markets, and have D"en enabled to duca the r rice of many kinds of gouds, which we >nall continue to sell at the lowest prices la Western ,. ^keta. We are constantly receiving additions to our stock, and will keep it so complete: as to be able at all times to fill orders for any kind of .Saddlers', Carriage Trimmers' or Trunk Uaken' Stock, and will do o in a man- tier to- give;.satisfaction in respect toquality and prices Wv :<:••:, t.-fp ir, .wsonment of aentstuil,totes,Shafts Kr..v^, ;pOii:3, tiutw, Ac., Ac., and have constantly o hind, or will n».i . . rder, any kind of Coach, Car riage, n agon or Xcanv Harness, bail and sss for yourselves. ^ no 100 FAMILIES N H . t SOUTH WELL, Joiner and t^niruetor, coa-Nsa BIDDLS- AKD LJSTUa.N-3 his rta nks for the VVAK-JE HOUSSS, oither Wood or BricS;, inaratslaaj i' 7 i e ,- -o_3_a.tth ? _times; he has, a :jo, 7 "' X & Plejisnre BROi;KWAY'S ' 1011] SHEUU?F'S SALE, ' [New STATE OF WISdONSIN, 1! ^ : JircultCourt,JUlwackeeCottnty,J • - ; ': MeyerBboyer, . ;):,--.- . . .. -j: ..... ^ . agalnit ' f Judgment oil Foreclosure and Sarah u, Weld and: fiale,' , j ':-. , ;o;lnBt Ktrmer. ; ) :. . ; ¥ N virtue of and pnrattant to ft jqagment rendered In JL said Court, in 'the above' entitled action, dated the twenty-elght day of Mty, l-», '1 ihalf eipose for sale and tell at Puillo •Auction,- at the Poit» -ttce, In the City of Uilttaukee, on Saturday, tlie loih day of HejMCjnber, -18SJ,! at-the hour of vi r. K n of that day, th*,fo!bwlng detcrjbed mortgaged iremlses, or 10 much thereof as may. be necessary to alie Uie smount «r:«ald Judgment, tot rest and coin, togrtatr with the tXpirn-e> "1 silr, to oiu . "Th« sooth twenty {SO) foi-t of Ipt mimber.Blne ". ' , [»), in .block^uniber: sixty-four 164j,lo the ' Sef.nViiTjW.rd, of'heCltroi, Mfl aukee, In thcCounty of KlIwauteaandBtateof Witcen- •In," •••" ' "";". '• ..-' "i .'..,'."', - :'• Dated Sheriff's Office, MHwaakee, June 6,18M. Lit] Htns.u. I 7'. • • . . - A. J. L John iTlarqnf s, ArcUiteci, JUNKAtT BLOCK, " i prepared t famish, plans for aU kinds of bulldlngj »r-noU4e;A '-• M':-"' • : . . . 8. HAiaisJ v;. J^'..-.}'v'-''i<ai.H l 'Kauaia,''. mason Bsoiara, '•-. . .: -. r DASTOKH A pn«ntBV '' "- - Loins 8. JtAoc. ' wrBi in store, for sale.; f.-4y>< if -Myron j> f_,ap3» ', reefavM thU day at OMNiBirasKss AND JEIAOKS. P ^RTlEa within* to en;are Haota or Omni-niej for th* purpose of visiting Use O rdeut or for He NIo P.rtlrf, can be tupplled afim firs* class vehicles on h iiortert notice] and mr> t reasonable t raa. A line of Omlbunsee will eommence;rabn-ng on the 1st of June for Torest Home, leivtng Van Oott't corner at 9 A; x. and 8 T ¥, The Omnibus for-Waawatosa leaves V»n Uott'i M '* *!**<! 6 r. «... ! , J.B ROCK -VAT, 'I- maySO-dlm. " -i " F«ot,of Muun ttrf-et. KEMP Y AL W . F . B A Y I. E 1 Bat removed to his old stand, SO.* 188 EAST WATER .STREET r. 2f. Bo&M'ttTs Dry Goodt&torj, And having made such additions to hls.faciliUes fo , ! -. ezecutlng F IN E IP O,'K TRAITS! As to <nat> e him to saj 'to the publlo with confidesci that he is now prepared w furnhh them with every d« slravte style of ncture knowa to tha com uniiy, ,-mJ at such. Astounding Low Prises ai to defy competition fgreiiaple, ... Daguerrotypes tor 22^- Cis. SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS For only tl.OO the first one, and GOo for tho Duplicates SIGHT HE A KINO DR. C \D\VULL, rormeriy of Toronto; C. W n now: of CThicapj, HI., &e : ' eminent and skillful operator on tbe . ' : '•<' .'.;'EYe A!?D EAB ' :" " ' At No. SB Randolph, corner of Dearborn street. Is ' ' worklieg miracles In the way rf restoring i LOST SIOHT \AND BBAKfffO."" 6 ; Upwards of .TWO HUNDRED have been received by Dr C. Wnhin the last fon- 1 weeks, many or whom have been hltad tor months and yean have h-wl thalr sluht restored Instantly by diUeaU and dtfftavXcperalioiU, while others, »ho have been nir-ren from disease. have^vto mlnculotuly cured by. mUd and (entlc treat- taint,'] |: , . . '. I i . , .-..= , :'.r • I Tb» best proof at to hoWDr: O.'uernces are «ppre- clatM »«, that b»l. dally njeelving new'patlenu from all partf of the country, and dlsmUslng, as cored,. his early received cases: ' t ..... ' ';_•.»& ft* Irreqntred' for an wtmlna'tlon or onlnlon.~ Ho Ottattt* for services that are no* taatuttful, aa wiD be stkted when the patient is received. -. Dr. <!adwell's Trtoiitton tbt Ear oat £y» to be had (rmfij on ap- - •- - •• • •'•• -- ; At d In fact every other style of Picture, at corres- ; •'-. - poadinz low prices. • -• IJIPEUIAI, PWOTOGKAPHSt Colored In either Oil or ^V atsr Colors, and -flnlshed la the highest stylo of the Aru| s ... _ Tilt, SXEfcAOTlTPE .. A new and popslar style- of Picture, Colored In Oil, which far excels In Accuncj.'Botdnois and Beauty ol finish, any 6th ?r Picture ever offered to tie Public.— These nctnres haveonly to be seen to SB admired. ' All who are desirous of saritj money kn respectdiU) solicited, to call ana examine Specimens at tho ula titandy •--•••-'•• -~ ' - • ' ' • Ao. 136 Soft Water ttrtetf Jltttsaii&M, Wisconsin, m»rlS-dom .'• . W, Steam to the Principal towns la ' AHD BCQTLABI) IDE $30. The powerful iton.ciemaahipa . ; • OF BALTIMORE, Gift. OS MUls Extra Family Flour ,; :: : ;'j[»«rra^ x--- • :. - .j-j on hand, ' WIU tail fromNeir. fork fw. Cork alteot and Ussaea ' . to Uveipoi-1, . . . ". . The CITY OfMASCM RSi KB anj VIQo will sail from BtLPigT anJ C««S lo Hi-ir Tor!t:onco a Sfontt. ,,.. Bate ot Passage froo-.ff ei? SorS To Cork, llverpcol »nd t6a prtocipal towns ia . f - -IttELAKD, KSaiANOASo 8COTL.-C*i>: Qabte... ..rr5.^....i. ............. .Third 'Olaisl.. 'ISO. Passengers for*»rde'd toEtavre. Antwerp, Br»- H * ml>or * for * 6 ta C*b!n,.t» Third Class. «., ™F:L n S41 "»«» *>io tt»eipool,) Cabin $83; TOlt ,Clas9, $33. i, ,. . . . . P»r om wlsh'nn to send .for. thatr friends can, obtain Gerttn<:»tei of paissga from CoKS-or B Lf.iBT t BBW .*0 <« f or |3o. frara taTSitPuOL $4» .- • . , '. For passsite apply to R. J. C.irt-a tva, ITT Broadway, N . T., John 3. Dale, 1 S D'oiularav, .•».. T , "r to .. -., . XIMOTHT ARNST, '-..';. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. R. B.— Puuengers by this -Lin* avoid th? rtai and ' SET Jobotns and R 4p3jr » -tono wth doopatch. LAIET 3TTL23 07 Hats> Caps aad Ssraw AT WHOLESALE ASI) RETAIL, K A S T W A T K ±4 y i ..... mi2<? _•( K K K T, FALL —AND— STlf-LSS- CAU1.E SATUKCAY AUGUST 1-tTH Laawp... '|1HEpnhllo -_l»_no» favored with tha UJ3T, .. jaentftrtfie3tatVof 'iVhconain. J O-] 1 la a- a .' '•€ row. UNDEKTAKJEli l Amc3lca» asoSceofthcJorest Homo Cemete.-r Company is «J >ny place, where I h»va the plats or thi .rroands. ' I -, , , ready to accompany pstyowi to tile t-'emti- •-y -o select Iot,i or plac«i for banal, and can !ia ?onna w.oy placa of hutineja. day or alght. i;offln Triir.'- iof all SuaUa for sale. : • .i-p-jii- JUSTICK UQCJKiiTS. ~~. If AS0JACTDRSD sspresslj for t!i»f purposr, -mi •.JJu of arst qnsJUv paper. S. Txas/ *' CO., 1 • • inr rant -fttff ft. t i\i\ ni)LH ^^S SSSf, Is Mote;-Sat x 1 V** »U»18 I 47TOSI * I»l.,« BUAKUINO. A ffiaST ?oor Parlor sod 3*dro»io aui afcls lor * gea'-lemsn »nd »-ir,.nij ui/jcs for alncKsaDOtiefflsn, saa bo h»d, tog osrii> by ippljrta? »i 3,i) JeiTsrsea it. bonrd«>s cos also b«*ec3mmodiu«4. with,

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