The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1975 · Page 21
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 21

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1975
Page 21
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THE 6RM05PORT FACTS FREEPORT. TEXAS, WED , OECEMBEH i, Hnppy Birthday to, MINA COPKI^\ND.*VEI)A O O I! I, 0 , T R 0 Y TU1.LOS. EHIC LF BEAU... Even if youngsters to stir and taste pudding with the same spoon, tefi them it's n no-no! Using the same spoon for tasting and stirring may cause the starch to break down and result in a thin, watery pudding. SHtWIMJ A BICK.VrKNMAI. QUl.T made by members of Sigma Iota chapter of !U>ta Sigma Phi, are Henna Bt-asley and t'athie Delanry. The quilt will \x given away on Dec. 13 For more information call 265 *W87. Mysterious flour amount completes cake recipe After the Holiday Cookbook went to press we receive*! a call about the antount of flour In the recipe for the Original Kentucky Whiskey Cake. It was missing! Stnc« we fet'l that more than one person may t» IntereaM in trying the cake for the holiday* we checked with the contributor (o clarify th« situation Hw Is the corrected recipe: THKOWOINM KKNTtTKV WIIHKKY CAKK Noblr K. Mhell Angleton 1 Ih, candittl cherrit?*, halved '»Ib. Kolttai rainins or t'hopjxtl dates 1 pt bourtmn 14 c. (Hitter, softened 2 c white sugar I c. brown sugar 6 <?#X yolks, beaten I Ib chopped pecara 5 c. flour 1 tup ground nutmeg 1 tup baking powder %» 6 ejJK whiten, stiffly beaten Soak cherries nnd raisins in bourbon overnight (Yearn butter and sugar until fluffy, add etW yolks and beat well Stir in soaked fruit and bourbon C'omblrte '» c fluur with pet-art* Add remaining flour, nutmeg and baking uuwder to errant wl mi*lure, mix well Fold in egg white*, then floured pecarut Pour batter Into a greaM-d 10 inch tui j pan lltt«l with Kre**«.1 brown pap** Hake «( au to 273 degr*?«s (« lhr*e to four hour* Cyol Stuff in lightly coveted container, cf?«ter bold may be stufftxi with cher/Mvluth ivoaJtwl in bouftwn Yields one lOtm'b cake Fed-beef shortage may end CHICAGO. ILL. - For consumers, the frustrations of fed-beef shortages and leapfrogging prices may be coming to an end. "Cattle on feed and placement of cattle in feedlots are both up," said John L. Huston, vice president-beef programs, National Livestock and Meat Board. "For homemakers this means increasing quantities of fed-beef in the future and generally stablizing prices." Huston based his comments on U. S. Department of Agriculture figures indicating a steady increase in cattle placements in feedlots of the seven leading states over the last year (placements have exceeded last year in seven of the last eight months). At 2.3 million head in October, placements are 25 per cent over 1974. USDA cattle on feed reports also support Huston's optimistic outlook. This month cattle on feed in the seven leading states numbered 7.6 million head, 12 per cent ahead of 1974. However, this level is still 21>pr cent below that in November 1972, a record resurgences are tied to grain availability and prices. Cattle feeders were forced by economics to cut back on placements when grain shortages, accentuated by skyrocketing operating costs, occurred in 1973 and 1974. This resulted in beef supplies and retail meat prices that rose and dipped unpredictably. Current USDA figures indicate feed grain crops will total 24 per cent more than last year. (Corn, sorghum, oats and barley are the major feed grains grown in the U. S. Wheat and rice, the major food grains .are rarely, if ever, used for animal feed.) Production of soybeans, another food source, is also up 23 per cent over a year ago. During (he past two years cattle feeders have cut back feeding periods for more efficient utilization of feed. There are indications this practice will continue with cattle staving in feedlots for 100 to 150 days (previously this period was from 150 to 180 days). This will maintain an extremely high level of feed efficiency, although it may result in somewhat lower weights for marketed animals. Feed use is expected to rise 14 per cent over last year in response to the increased grain availability. This is mainly due to increasing placements, but will still be 13 per cent below the average for the preceding three years. "As more cattle go on feed consumers will discover a continuing, steady supply of fed-beef," said Huston. "One of the major advantages to grain feeding has always been the elimination of seasonal swings in beef supplies. The combination of stable quantities and stable prices will improve the picture for America's beef eaters." ftaUmn ftrttain HUSJSHOTL1MK t* ma Dm AM.) By Abigail Van Buren Free worship abides in Indians' 'worldly' church DKAR AHHV My mothw dlwl In « hospital * y*ar »go, •nd on« thin* *till bother* me I wl«h A!) th<n« mlnltUrr* tnd pt1e«U who go around to vlnjt Ih* skk »mild mil t*ll Ibfm tft«y «hmjld urvuntt to m**t tMf Owl Thi« hapfK-nwl to my mother, and »h* Mid «he ha«I no id*« «ho w*« going tfl die Sti« did, r>(emirs*, b«jt I Juu know that h*d it not \trvn for th* mlnistpf'ii vislm, my mother wfruld h«VB livwl iongw Hh* ju*l jjav* up hop* In lite first piece, the miniMtr shouldn't »vi»n lt«v* viiilwl my rrnrth*f fiffauiic «h« didn't \#\tmu In hi* rhurth HK« win »tt Ar»frrtf«H Indian ami didn't belong t'> ANY thuich. W* Itiilians MIOVK that fjtjr church is iJ>« »h<it* world In ail (ii**} Hook* it »*y«. "'n» l//rd frraiwl ItMivctt dft/J t«fth. •» ** worahip an) 1 tin*, any jil»c«- - - rail in » building »iily ritirD a »**k Ami them l« nirv«'f ft collfrtiort |>Utf \Vr|f«hi{) IS lit* If y<m think this wiil Mp |>«/(i!s to un<i*t«tAnd !h<- faith •A tf'.u A(nfrftf*ft lfi/ls»D» pl*aM> put (hu in ymr column Hi/ink y</u JIMMVMTTI.KTURTLK HARRfSBURO, I'A. DKAR JIMMY f do nnd f will. Thank ymi for writing. DKAfi AflDY My husband is « mull oirriw. and I m •sun- vwy few r«*»pl(; know whitl thi»if nwiimen h/iv* t// \A with (-'(.r »-Kample: With th* cHm* r*U «f) high, TMfi BPA701POHT , rex**, wea, oecewBew >, i»7» , many p«nple k»iMi mt-an do({« to protect th«r prop<>riy 'f hut'* firw, hid ih<yw d«(j» »h/rtild m tied up iw» th«>y ' My hu*twind ho*f owriffn skH « lot f ,( ati'«il (»n« W Irit* from *, hut !i pfibli»rn Th* m»il caniw l» charj?p«l ff>r »1| (!<j»r »>n mail on his rout*, and if th*) t.-u».wm*f !»>«!i t fpiiritrafw him. th>- ffvirwsy comer* '«jt r f f th<- i/o fr.»y ?*y. "Two w 3 f«it,» isn't »ll (h»l much." but huthmtd l,»r, -i-,i>f 'Wj »t/jp* t/- miik* vimf days, and it nil itiMt up. C*r« tn comment? PHOENf X WIPE DKAR WIPK: I *m Informtd thit IH«« etrrkt* ire not nbl!f(*t4Ni to dellvw m*il «t hom*« «h«*« **{ch<i0f* Wt •Jlrrant tn fun li»o*«, A* for po*Ug«-dtie mull: Tn>«, the c»fri«r lid eh«fg«l for •II p<wit«(!* do* mull on hi* rottu. He IMV*« th« null «nd «n «nvrio|»f .tdtlng (h* urnount du«, «nd If (h rfi»»«n't ffimhuro* him, h«'« out of lock. Kv»/ jr»»n» ha* * problem. Wh«t'» y»ur«? For • ffpl). »rit«- to AUHV: Hot No. 69700, L.A., C««f. 90059. H«tf t« U*fc) \h "How to SI to AMg«fl V»n Barm, 132 frty HIIU. CsJif. 90212, tot Abt>»'« booklet l.»ttrf* fijr All Occ*»Jofl*," NORTHERN ORAL WATER JET_ _ ttmo\'n tiipp«d food pirticin & nujjJ9*i funn-no ipi«tfii(«j. no mra. Mwdri 6770 R»9- Z2.99 X", BUDDY-L BRUTE TOYS lay* «*oo*» lorn low tr«k. u A ttttioi A pft lo« «a> I 'I i ChcwM horn t Ittyt wJtctton | ol uligioui. eonttniporiiY ind i trtdiliaiu) lor ill *»«. CHRISTMAS CANDY by PANGBURNS 35 J50 TO GtMl to Jf»». 9'Mt U )«t SM OKI U(}« $vl4Cti4n ol h<M chocoUn uodin. Bontd lot |wi«l ROMAN BRIO CHARIOT DECANTER MEN'S 26-INCH 3-SPEED BICYCLE l*ptit imxtti 19tiJ««| ttjM 4 Ml. l»t|(if* r R(C OLD SMOKE Y BAR-B-Q SMOKER GRILL Uadil II f »mo«i c««4« |H typci l«nf Irft II M CHARCOAL STARTER C«H~Qi. C«« R»» 844 KODAK TRIMLITE IHSTAMATIC18 CAMERA I rtt'rt tMimrt i)>«t ' l IMM A iA.t>>i ;« « JJA SYLVANIA FLA5HBAI KODAK yjPPR 8 ^ MOVIE FILM Trt» 6 V« M RIG in . mooow 0* ourooon DELUXE ALUMINUM FOLDING BED t <**]•*:(«{ * I & M VJ DELUXE BOXED AFGHAN KITS 1 1 t I* 1MB rt TOCAT *><£) IVtlr TWIC«THe a***4 ^".Jw «.«H| a" -**t fc--.-« ».tt k. ' * ?^^^ '«*<» Of I <J«ftJH i$i«i' rj> ttr^tll -WV^' : ^-; r: -«^-•„,_. |J5: TOOAf A>*0 IVllTD»f 6-Ounc«iol AfUf Shtvt lotion in i limited trillion Chuiot Decintet R*t 2 59 JONTUE SPRAY COLOGNE a/4-o/. A biwtilul nrw (iH" 0 by Rtvlon. Fitth ind ipiiued, v«t deiply ) JOHNSON'S NO MORE TEARS BABY SHAMPOO bottU yul l«i Ikt »euiUauly BEG. 2.19 j AQUA NET HAIR SPRAY 32-OZ. FOAMING BATH INTENSIVE CARE LOTION PUYTEX DEODORANT TAMPONS Eckr'd bund Choc* ol flat it, l«bc or ««<titu VISINE EYE DROPS 16-OUNCE ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL PUitit bonl* BOTTLE OF 100 ASPIRIN TABLETS ORAL OR RECTAL FEVER THERMOMETER 6-OUNCE VICKS NYQUIL BOTTLE OF 100 200-IU VITAMIN E MOD LASHES MOD NAILS PEOPLE TRUST ECKEROS FOR QUALITY PRESCRIPTIONS OVtB I W8UIO* i* WCf'MAiOK Ot>»<)| A>i Civ MI 10-tlCHT TREE ANGEL IV Ul A«4| ihjt ftntl t»Mtt «(0 74* SHOP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ECKERO DRUG STORE & CHECK OUR COMPUTE SEUCTION' 4"«2S'TINSEl GARLAND BOX OF 12 CLASS ORNAMENTS tfrlWI Utt tn RIG I HI 2 «K* Wt {ten DM of a KSW9U FUG nt BOX Of 200 COLD ICICLES It* row i RfC »( SNOW FLAKE ORNAMENTS , Urp W. Ff &iy>j'. & uaief T (»i «^SJ; tefert U*pc PROLONC TREE REFRESHER i» !b| HfC 1 W M€M.TEX TIEE SKIRT TT^ ^ ,^>- M M ifujm. \?,r r" ^*o • • RfC <rt* -^A-J.^ 25-LITE INDOOR OUTDOOR LIGHT SET JbAA OTY »«"* CHIRPING BIRDHOUSE ORNAMENT S-PAK MIMATURE BULBS I-OUNCE PKC. ANGEL HAIR As «B Ixnt REC itCfrl «!•»«. REC <K 120.R. 5-RIEL 12-INCH LIGHTED SASHEEN RIBBON SANTA „ ElKTRIC HOT SHAVE DISPENSER WITH IOTION DISPENSER '"STRuiiim iAUULATOR i fUl* tat OfSttJlrt OB 9«*»i kitl**,. TMZOfl CAN OPENER * titan nf HfC 1.H y t-i.i: PROCTOR ,4-SLICE TOASTER FIANCEE' LAOliS PANTY HOSE fr Vx, 4 Ui HIG MI CLIAR PLASTIC STEMWARE GLASSES _ ei.«*» n(G I 4 r ij QUAKER STATE MOTOR OIL OowlCM HO M nic i?< '< OUAKfl S!»H _"sr S-LB. BAG WILD BIRD FEED REG A »c jBiBo- iM«o P "P^P 123 « 4 , »''«««» inn, -s ! '' OI " C " "'w control l wit to ,ouf ,,n* M O«SHTMAV «£G ISM CRICKET DISrOSAIll iUIAMI LIGHTER LEVER AniON ICE CUBE TRAY AuoMrf totwt REG 1 19 NPO Dick wslt PKriK R(G t <\V ' A2>-/ " A"F" ^- PUROLATOR OIL FILTERS um loi matt ! wu REG 249 (6 SNACK BAR BIRD FEEDER hotdtt Ouublt „ SONAC DENTURE CUANSER KIT <o iitta *ct.on HtC 169 19 17.99 •>>*>fi > >f,V ) t»* 1 * r ' I AY A WAY HAN UOYO'S CHARGE IT SALE ENDS SATURDAY fat tout Shopping Convenience, Shop MONDAY thru SATURDAY 9-9 SUNDAYS 10-7 Wi H»MIV« \ki R^ttt la | 6c#4tixti famfy'£MM l <£tin£i 110 AfC PANCAKE SUPPER TO AID TRIP The Senior Girl Scotrt Troop 206 will have a pancake supper on Friday from 5 to 8:30 p. m. at th€ Girl Scout Little House on Plantation Drive in Lake Jackson. Tickels are *2 for adults and Si.50 for children and may be obtained from troop members. Proceeds will be used to help the girls j lake a bicentennial trip ; to Williamsburg, Va. during the Easter holidays 1976. For more information call Lorelta Sablatura at 297-6122 or Ann Schumann at 297-3657. Tickets will also be sold ', at the door. j Streamlines You! Printed Pattern 9426 818 irr^iun flT'% The arttwport FJCII ;n w«t inn si fcttw rwk. NY 10011 P r i n I NAME. AOOUES5. HP, SIZE AND STYLE NUMBEK Oa ta kM« hj. | 9 {t t | jJitUta liit' SMS oa« Iti tn a« FiitWUtif Pintn Citjijj -clij caj(«a ituit fir dt» jjtttn «l ( aar eluiu. Sea* 75< M.' Stir • U;t »4<ll Jl 2S ItsUtt Ifetui CfJtti $1JM l»!lj»t Pnhija B««k 51 80 lisUJt S««i«i 8«a SI.09 BANK'S GIFTS GO TO SHLT-INS BROOKLYN i AIM East New Vork .vivinjjs Bank has a wvt Ctirunnas Club program, to bf uig entertainment to hcipua! shut-uvs. In previous years, the b«nk, tike must uvuix* banks hwe| tuts offered small jjifta such u hut- plates »ixJ writing pads to di;[K>sitors uhu open Christnua or Chanukah atxvunts. This )**j-, th«! Eusl Ntsw Ywrk Sav- ai^i has pledged J15.000, the isiiiaunt it sp*nt Ust y Cbrutnw Club gtlta, to 1*1 Audiinm Inc. Hospital Audience* started in tsfiS, provides tatwnent fw shuHns in aursuig hotuen and (I groups tf p«tkot« t« plays Riots. ^^

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