Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on August 6, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1898
Page 4
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M E L V 1 N , STEELE 4, J O H N S O N EDITORS A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 6, 1398 A HAY DERRICK. Moved and. Can Ito Tnkuu A pur After Use and Put Umler Shelter. This hny derrick for field stacking of which The .National Stockman an Farmer gives a cut, is ropm-H-d by correspondent of that joumul us bavin worked satisfactorily last your. Th frame can be bolted tonothcv if tli nmker wishes to take it down aud \ under shelter for use in after yeiir.s spiked together if he wishes to lot! ptmid In tho field. A pulley is used ,1 each end of the Jong arm across the tnj The pulleys can bo best attached to th arm by clevises of suitable si/o. A thin pulley ! is attached to one of the kwe .comers of-the frame as most convonieu when the derrick is in position for stack ing. .The baso of tho frame illustrate* 1s'10 'feet square, 10 feet high and feet-square at the top. Lumber 10 fee A HAY J f K K U I C K . in length can bo used for tho whole o: it, cutting pieces iu half for the top part of tho frame. The illustration ·shows three sides cross' braced. The .fourth side is not-, as it makes it more convenient to take tho polo down. The sills for the fnimo are 2 inch by 10 inch by' 10 foot joists, with tho ends sloped-from under part up, so that they .will-slide like a sled whou it is desircc to movo tho derrick by hitching a- team to it The pole is 2. r foot loug. It should be 7 inches in diameter at baso aud a ·inches at top. Across the runners at center uso a piece of timber 3 inchos by 13. inches, 10 feet long, with 2 iuch hole--or larger--iu ceutcr for tcnoii. ·ut at end of pole to iu, tho shoulder around tho tcnoii resting ou tho .timber. ·The long arm is'15 feet long, and tlio correspondent thinks it should bo two feet longer! Short cud is oy, feet long, long end lla feet. This loug arm ! should bo 2 iuchcs by 5 inches, 17 feet ·long, good solid timber, usiuf? for short eud 8 feet loug, 2 inch by 4 iuch ecantling, aud long bracu samo kind of material, 14 feet loug. Two pieces, 2 ·inches by S inches, D feet long, should bo used across tho top of the fraiuo with circular notches to fit tho iolo and hold it in place! The braces on the long arm should both bo fastnucd ou tho saiiio side of arm' aud pole then when tho rope is in the pulleys it will run direct- ly.beneath tho long arm and between tho braces and the pole. About three feet from the ba-so of tho pole will, be noticed a projecting rod. This is · one inch iron about four feet ·long, · fitting, in an anger hole in tho , pqla. This is used as a lover to turn tho arm around over the stack when loaded. The high end of .the loug arm as shown 'ill'the illustration is about 23 foot from ' the ground. Tho frame must set close to the bntt of stack or rick, tho bulgo of , the .stack coming out against the framo. Turnip* For Home Use. 'Where only a few choice turnips are · -wanted tor table nse Orange Judd , -Farmer advises: Prepare gronud from which early .vegetables have been removed. . Lettuce, 'onion or radish beds 'tee' usually available first. Remove all · 'robbiah; 'spade up aud pulverize the ;groiind. thoroughly. See that it is well ..compacted, then loosened;upou the surface. It most be iu the' best possible condition to resist drought, as there are · likely to be short perioda'of dry woath- wat thia season. If tho' seed can bo put" into ; tha ground just before a raiu, there ·will, bo, much more likelihood of its growing. 'Bow at raio *6f one tcAwo ·' -pounds per acre. Cover ' lightly with a ' «ike,-Tne-6rop will need no further at- : .teatioo except to pull -the weeds which , . ·tart.boforethe turnips are large enough to shade the gronud aud thus smother them. 'If a heavy shower should cause '· ··vcrnst to form before tho young plants . arenp, -break this np with a light gar, . den rake. Continue to stir the soil until Ihe growth of tho plnuts prevents further work. Some of tho following Torieties will prove desirable: Early 'Snowball, 'Early Flat Dutch, Loug ' mad Hoot Tearing. Criticising the declaration made by ·ome advocates of shallow corn culture that this ig always best, a correspondent of Faim.-'fRie'fdaBd-Firesido says: There ·re time»«hen .wo '-need to cultivate deep, a».a"piece.of'fall',plowi]]g on clay ground often gets 'so hard that tho roots will not peoetratelhe ground readily. 8uch ground .abonkl be cultivated deep early to allow '-the corn roots to go deep euough-BO a dnstWankct cau bo formed above thereby shallow cultivation Inter in the swwon.-as only Shallow culture oa sach.gfoniMiB would crtuso tho. roots to grow]on.,-the:surface of tho soil and be torm'ottVat..eflch- .cultivation of the soil, anrlTcio(?-teariug should bo avoided as much aa possible. Kauticnlly. -,. A certain admiral, upon coming on . board ai ship, was met by au old class- matowith .the salutation, "Hello, old ' follow, how are you?" Observing that tho admiral had carefully combed his back hair forward up and over, to cover the bald top of his head, ho added, "Well, that's the first timo I ever saw afterguard doing foretop duty 1" -- ' ' On a i| I i Kitted to tho Occaalon. v-v One of -the late James Payn's stories iepncenied a dean,- famous as a gourmet, 5?, h 9 ^ his d^^gs out was of course 'asked to say grace. The worthy digni^ n t**yJfi»t-' scanned the menu. If it was an ordinary repast, the graco began, "Lord, vre thank thee," "but," added Payn, "if there was turtle soup the in- Tocation commenced, 'Bountiful Qna- *»!"' DETLL. LAUNT WORKED THE TROOPS TO THE KILLING POINT. II. \VIIH Only · United Stuteg Naval Teo- iviau, but no Brazenly fooled the General Into Believing Him -to Ito at Lriut · Commamlor. "When we were down -In Mexican valors a few years ago," said a naval officer, "one of the yeomeu aboard our ship was a reckless, daredevil sort ol ch;i[ Uiitucd Launt, au Ohio moil -who hud KOCH and done everything and -was remarkably well educated too. Men ol liis sort of ten enlist in our naval service after going at a somewhat tumultuous clip ashore, tuid they generally pan out well. Among other schemes that this iium Lauut had tried ·before coming to us a bluejacket, from which he was quickly rated to the position of a chiei petty officer, was that of getting a commission in the United States army from the ranks. He passed his examination and would 'have got his commission bnt for liis pen chant for going on occasional heavy sprees. We 'found him a crack man for landing parties, and there wero several of us aft : t£ whom he could givo , points on the . handling of men in battalion drill. "When we "reached Acapulco, tha chief port on the "treat- coast of Alexico, there were assembled there nearly 5, 000 troops that were , being drilled and equipped in readiness -to take the field against the forces of one of the republics on Mexico's ·southern border which hud recently been -giving our neighbor republic a lot of back talk. Lannt went ushore one afternoon .with a couple ol the machinists. The three men went somewhat -heavily -ugainst the i mescal that is purveyed. as a liquid refreshment down in -that country. . .Mescal will make an ordinarily level headed man da more orazy things in a given gpace ol time than any other kind of coffin varnish 1' ever tasted · or- heard of. i When they were pretty well fixed with inesoal, Launt and his two chief petty) officer companions took a walk over toward* the big gray fort on the Acapulco promontory, where the soldiers were quartered. "The soldiers were all out on the pa- rado ground drilling in the alouchy stylo that seems to characterize swarthy troops in low latitudes. Most of thu troops were barefooted and uniformed in dirty white linen, -and they surely presented a queer spectacle of ineffi- cicucy and impotence. The officers were bogilded and besashed up to the|nines, and they looked hot and uncomfortable in the terrifio sunshine' of 'the paradu ground, -where the temperature couldn't have bcou much less than: 180 degrees. Lauut and his two chums stood by and' watched the lan'gnrons movemdnts ' 61 thu troops for 'awhile. There wag a big brigade of them. ".Then Lauut steadied - [-himself and walked over to the commanding general. In bis white 'uniform and with' the' commanding way he had · of carrying him so If, Lannt probably looked jto-tho commanding general like one of tho, commissioned officers of onr ship. .Launt saluted the,. general deferentially" and yet Rtylishly, and · began to converse in good Spanish with the Mexican com- niaudur. The Mexican troops presented an admirable appearance. ' They were Boldierly .'looking -men-- alert, groomed, puissant. It must be a pleasure to drill such a fine body of men, and so on.) This the line of talk that' our yeomad gave the Mexican commander, who, wan monstrously well, pleased -with: the amiable criticism and smiled all over: ' ' 'Perhaps,'' finally said .the Mexican general, 'sou or the commandant CURE ALL VOUR PAINS WITH I Pain-Killer. A Medicine Chest In Itsolf. Simple, Safe and Quick Curo for | CRAMPS, DIARRHOEA, COUGHS, ;1 · COLDS. RHEUMATISM, | NEURALGIA. | 25 and SO cent Bottles. j| BEWARE OF IMITATIONS BUY ONLY THE GENUINE.p PERRY DAVIS' K PROFESSIONAL CARDS. TV LBERT 0. TOWERS, ATTORNJEY-AT-LAW Denton, Maryland. T. B O Y E R , CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, U K N T O N . M TCIJWAKD M. LAND SURVEYOR, lentin, Work dime in nny purl of thi- comity «t short notice. Charges vr-rj rrfisniinlili 1 . QSCAR CLARK. Attorney-iit-I.iiU', DENTON, n i A J J Y I . A N U . Collections and nil profcssiomil business promptly attended to. TTtTILNlER EMORY, ~~ ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, AVill priicticc nlso iul Kent county. CHNTI1KVII.I.K, M l ill Cni-olillc, Tnlhot ·jrr ALKX. HUTSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, M,tl5YI,ANO. Will yirncticc is tlic courts of Oiii.iiucj and udjucent comities. m PLINY FISHER, ATTQRNEY-AT-LA M', All business entrusted to -receive-prompt atUntio*. .claims n spocmlty. my MD. will T1 Of JTARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, UENTON, MARYLAXB. CJostt attention will le given to nil business entrusted to mv ciirc. /^ PERCY DUNHVNC, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, DKNTON, Reference Denlon National Bank JOHN W. CLARK, JR. ·ox SS. Deqtoi), Will sell property in Caroline or any of ihe adjoining counties. JIBNRV K. I.BVV1S. WIL1 .MID K. WJ!ST. LEWIS D WEST, ATTORNEYS-AT-LA W, DENTON, MI). ;W ill practice in the Courts ofCarolino "Tnlbotand Quoeu Annecountios. DK. ENOCH GEORC;K, honor-as by himself -putting 'the troops through a few- movements?' 'I receive the honor in the spirit of jratitnde and' with an appreciation of its hospitality, ''iaid 'Launt the yeoman -- a man who had been a 'bluejacket but few mouths before, ^mind. you -- and ho forthwith began to assemble the 'Mexican brigade and to put it through- the iwellest movements, be t knew, and. -he mow them alt The .Mexican tictics wcro'at'that time identical with those of the United States-army, and so Launt was quite at borne. ' The troops roused themselves from their lassitude and be* canio alert out of pride when they env? ;hoy were being ' drilled by the American, and 1 the snappy" way they hop'ped about that ;big-p«rad*.ground was a caution, After handling them, like a veteran at quick time Lannt, who had forced himself to the steadiness of a rock, began- to drill the brigade 'on the double, '-.with the .Mexican general and ils staff looking on approvingly. For 15 minutes the yeoman had those sweltering Mexican troops galloping about the parade ground like so .many kangaroos, and when -he finally 'gave the command -to-half they were ready -to drop. . ' 'rAdmirable, admirable F said Launt to the Mexican general, 'l.doii'.taoo how they can be beaten. ' Then, with profuse thanks for the hospitality of the Mexican-commander and 'an- apology' for being unable, on account of duty, aboard bis ship, to accompany. .the. commander to his quarters for refreshments, Launt rejoined his two 'chief petty officer companions, who were · a · little distance uvay, on the verge of i apoplexy from laughter. Several of ,the ; offloers of onr ship, including the skipper and myself, bad seen the whole business 'from the gate of · the fort The skipper had not Interfered, for ;h i feared -that -if the Mexican commander was made aware of bow he' was being 'done' .his humiliation and wrath would be too great. 'Lauut and the 'two machinists 'had · to pass us in going out of the 'gate. The yeoman had .a villainous grin on his ;onntonance, and the 'skipper couldn't lelp but smile in reply. 'Launt,' you're an infernal ruffian,' said the old skipper. 'Go off to the ship. ' But the yeoman -wasn't punished for his deviltry. " -- Washington Star. Strtotly Bull The manager, of the bicycle agency was clearly suffering 'froni a dyspeptic mind or a pessimistic stomach It was ate in the morniug when .he,arrived at bis place of business, and -without a .vord he walked over 'to the desk at which ouo of the salesmen -was seated, lo looked over the salesman's shoulder, nnd thoD, ·with nn tinamiable inflection n his voice,commented: 'I thought 1 paid you a salary to sell dcyoles." "That's what I am trying to do." "Do yon call- scribbling all over that pad of paper selling- bicycles??' "No." " Aud what kind of arithmetic) do yon ll that colnmii of' figures there, mere child's play 4o*iH: time?" "What col«inn of figures do -'yon mean?" 'The one on the corner of the desk Yon have written' 'f 75' and scratched it jut Then-'74,' and so ou down to $60.'.?' I OTppose-.^hat «trikes ,you as trifling. " 'Assuredly." 'Well," it isn't' "That represents a. trcnnons effort to dispose of * one of our 75 wheel* to ·' a deal and dumb man." --Washington Star. GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. ' Office at residence of Dv. Enoch .George, Main Street. . JAMES SWANN. RKFRKSBNTIKU The Best Lifedt Fire Insurance, DBNTOK, MARYLAND. WM. H. DKWKKSE. KRKJ R, OWXKS DE-WEESJ3 OWENS, ' DENTON, MD. Office in tilts Court House. ·Mortgages foreclosed, ustfitus settled iind prompt attention given to nil business en trusted to us. '"Will practice in the State nnd Federal Court. . H. DBWEHSK, State's Attorney for Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . DENTON, MD., Has had ten years' experience in the cities of Wilmington, Philadelphia find New York, nnd is now ready to make con tracts and guarantees skillful work, fair prices and entire satisfaction. DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, - -.DENTISTS: -MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, M A R Y L A N D practice at Preston on -Mondays ; Denton on- Tuesdays; Federnlsburg, second nnd fourth Thursdays; East New Market, first and third Thursdays. Best work guaranteed. Gas administered. 403 DR. ANNA GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. ^Specialist in DlMOMi ol Women konly. Private S«nlt«rlum of high I/repute. Absolute privacy aflbrd- ' ed. Female Regulative Pills 82.00 per box. Advice by mail. 1ST BALTIMORE STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Coiuponnd for Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult me %A*ILLIAM E. GBEENLEY'S BARBER SHOP, (Stetuart Building, next door Jirick ffofcl) B, KINNAMQN, A f u l l l i n o ol' fix'sii (.onJ'eotionci'y always- on ha nil, ;U REASONABLE PRICES. FRESH BREi^ PIES, ETC. I WILL I f A V K A XIUU ICE CEBAM PAEIOfi, IN SEASON. Ladies' and c h i l d r e n ' s solicited, and t h e children especially looked a f t e r . Lowney's Chocolates a Specialty. 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Unit tlie siilo of tlic real 'estate, of Sylvester Smith, deceased, mentioned "in tlicso pni- cccdini;?, mndo nnd reported' ly 'Tlioinns A. Smith, Executor, bo rntificcl and oon- flrmcd, unless cause to the contrary thereof bo shown on or hcforn tho llrst diiv of September next, pruvulnil n copy of tlii? nrdi 1 ! 1 be inserted in somu iiQWspn]ier printed in Caroline county, onoc in eiwh of three successive weeks, licfore the lilstday if July, )808, next. Tlio report states tlic amount of ?;ilcs lo b«S13,72(i.O.'i. JOHN A.SIGLTSR, ' J. 15.OKRELL, A. K. WRIGHT, .lodges of the Orphans' Court oT Cnro- linc county. True copy--Test: 110BT. J. JUMP, Register of AVills for Caroline county. Examiners' Notice, We, tho undersigned, having been np- pointed by the county comniiosioners^W 1 Caroline county to exiimine n n d , if tlip public convenience requires it, to lay down ·a new public road in the Third election district of said Caroline county, to begin at or near Edward AV. Ncal's hinds nnd to run across said lands to intersect the piece of new road hitely built by Charles JVInr- phoy, known us the Nultfc and Nca! i-ona, hereby give notice thnt we will meet ftt snid point of beginning on TIIUJ13JJAY, AUGUST 4th, 1898, at 9 o'clock, n. m., for tho purpose of executing onr commission. The county surveyor will please attend without further notice. THOMAS L. CHAFFINCH, WILLIAM F. LIDEN, T. FHBD GAli-EY, july2-tdm. ' Exnmineis. Frank C. Bolton, Lee B. Bolton. First-cliiss fnrnitiiro nnd applijinccs, nnd competent workmen insures satisfactory service to nil customers. Popular price*. J. PRACTICAL DENTON, MD. I shall constantly keep on liniul a full Hssorlment of Iron find Steel for all kinds of Farm and Wagon Worl:. I - c a n furnish you nil sixes of new wheels niul nxles, and best classes of horse-shoes itt short notice. I guarantee all inutcrinl nnd work at lowest prices to suit the hurcl times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery .Stable. Give mo a trial. 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TAYLOR-WITH J, O, LEIB FRUIT AND PRODUGE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ·±*± East CaradLeaa.. St. - B^Jl.'ril^O^E . K K K K K E N C K S : Trrtders'iNatioiiBl Bank.of Baltimore; Fir^l Nalioiinl. Rank of Stewartstown, Pa. Branch at Stewartstown, Pa. T. H..EVA.NS COMPANY, FRUIT AND-PRODUCE COMMISSION .MERCHANTS, . : No. 214 Light Street,^ Baltimore, Wary I and, (©"Fruits nnd Vegetables; Mafylnhd Peaches and Swoet Potatoos. Wheeler TraosportatiQn; One DAiLY STEAMERS FOR ,. Great Choptank, Trappe and Tcekaho BiYers. On nnd after May 22d, 1898,' 'steam ers will leave 1'icr 6. Light Street i\f fi«r daily except Sundays at G p. ni,,,for 'Oxford, Tntppe, Cambridge, Chancellor's Secretary, Clark's, Choptnnk, '-Lloyd's Dover Bridge, Kingston, McCarly VGan". cy's, Toild's, Towers', Willistdn Tneknhpc Bridge, Rneso's, Coward's, Covey's, Hillshoro and Queen Anne. Arriving at Oxford the following morning 1n time for connection with the Delftware Chesapeake R. R., and nt Cambridge with tho Cambridge Scaford"R:R Returning will leave Hillsboro Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, iind Fridays at 10 a. m.; Covey's' lO'.SO; Coward's 11; \Villistou 1 p. ra.; GauoVs 1.30; McOarty's 2j Kingston 2.16; Dover Bridge 2.30; Mcdford's (Choptank)..4; Clark's 4.15; Secretary, 5; Cambridge 7: Trtippc 8.30 and Oxford 10, stopping- al ntermediate landings, arriving in i Baltimore curly tho following mornings: SUNDAY STEAMKK FOR BALTI.MOKK. Stonmcr will leave for Baltimore - on Sundays as follows: Wayman's,'4.30 ft. m.; Covey's, 6.00; Coward's,--5.16; -Williston, G.80, (ianey's, G.45; Kingston, 7.15; Dover 75i-idgc, 7.30; Chopinnk, 8.30; Secret»ry, '.30; Cambridge, 10.80; Trappe, 11.46; Ox- brd, 1.00 p. in., arriving in Uultimorc at 1.00 p. m., tlio sumo dfty. Freight received until 6.30 p.m.dailyfor 11 Inndings.' E. E. WHEELER, Agent,' Fiord Light St., Baltimore. B. B. COIIKE. Agent at Williston. · ' IVIOSES THE JEWELER. JAMES T. MORRIS, ( K I l l O K l . Y , Mil.) Wlmelw rirtt and Biactaitli, A N D EXPERIENCED HORSSEIIOER. In u!! bi-.-inchoK of my hnsiiio.pp I j;nMr- anLec salibfiiction. I n iioi.^-slior-iim-1 'hnvn tho ciulorionient of best vclci inarhins. JAMJiK T. M O U I J I S . TREES ^ PLANTS Money to Loan, $15,000 to loan on mortgngc in sums of 31,000 or more. Any logul business iit- }ended to.. Apply to SyiLMEK EMORY, Allornoy «t Law, North «fc F«yolto Sts. Baltiinorn, Mil. The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc. , for sale by A. G. GELLETLY CO., WILMSTON, SID. WOW STHANE o TIME: REED'S TO GET BAIXGAIM5 in HARNESS! In order to settle a co-partnership, we will sell our stock of general merchandise. This is one of the best stands in the county for business and the stock is in good condition." An elegant store room, sixty feet long and located on cof- ner of Main street. Has a glass front. A first-class opportunity. Call at once. N . F L O W K U S CO., JItllsboro, Md. Chester River Steamboat Change of Schedule. IS T H E P L A C E Professional Notice. I heg to lannonnco to my friends nnd patrons that I have plnccd n 'phone in my office, mid am in constant commniiipiiUon with Jill points on tlio Dor^licslpr nnd Qnrcn Annu.s lines. Very rospeclfnlly, GKO. F. GALLOWAY, M. D. cnll, 1. D»y call, Control Ollicc, Fcdcriilslnirg. If in neotl i( n n y l l i n i i ; in my l i n n it \ull IK: to y n n r ndvnntiiijp lo c x M i n i i i f wliul 1 luivf to show Iml'oio j i u r r l i j i i i n ^ clscwhcro. Aly stock inclndch Duster'-, Hlici-is, J ( 'ly Nytb, KnrTijis, "Whips, Jrnrncs-.s .is low as S7, itiiiHl-nindo Hni'iiess lo onlrr, Collins, JBridles, Axle and llnrnuss Oil, Whip Sockets, Puds of ill I hinils-. jQgS"JImnt'ss ropnirod nnd nlciinod nl short notion. W. S. REED, DfJiHon. .Mel. J. B. K. EMORY ( K M O l l Y ft NKAVITT.) CO -- GF.NF.KAI COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LIGHT STKEET, LSa.itIno.ore. The Steamer Greensboro I). H. Huor.KWAY, MASTXR,) Will ply and ISA 1/ri M O H R Weekly, toncliing nl nil huulings hctwocn Greensbor- ousjli ;iii(l Ocnloii. On and i.flor .Inly -J, steamer will loitvc for BiiHiiiidn 1 nvorv Moiulny F K H l C i l l T H M O D I U S A T K , C A P A C I T Y AMl'LR Tlio jinli'iiiiii^i' of our innrchiinls nnd larinois viiliriti'it thnt lliis lino niuy bo inndo .-i success. l |A nll infbrniiiLidii liy in- ( I K O l l U E F. DILL, AGENT, D.H U K O C K W A Y . JfASTKR, C. rcensborouiih, Md. O r I I A H K Y A . KOK. A O K N T , Denton, lid. i! grftlinrioi! itlwnys rnmly tu rc- ccivo beginning June 1st, 1897, the steamer Emma A. Ford, will leave Ghostcrtown nt 7.00 ft. in., daily, except 'Sundfcy, stop- pine; nt Rolpli's, Booker's, Quaker -Neck,' nnd Qnconstown. Leave Qucenstown''nt' 8.45 n. m., iirrivinc in Baltimore -about 11.16. Returning, leave £altimoro*nt 3.16 p. m., arriving nt Quocnstown at C.46) and Chcstcrtowu nt 7.30: " · ·:«' Steamer U. S. Ford will,leave Centre- villc dnilj', except Sunday, ftt 7.00 nl ui!, stopping ut lundings ?ri Corsica river; Bo-' .^Ic's, Jackson Crock, nnd : Kent Island, nnd in-riving in Bnltimorc-at. 11.00,a. it). Hctiirning, luiu'o Baltimore at 3.30 p. m., urriving nt Oentrcvillc at 7.30 p. HI. iStciiincr G rutitudo will Ictivc Bock Hall duilj', except Sundny, nt 8.00 n. tn., arriving in Bnltimorc nt 10.16. Returning, leave Baltimore Bt 4.00 p. m. t -arriving ' Uo«k Hull at 6.16. GKO. WAKFISLD, President,' J. E. TAYLOR, General Agent. QDEEN ANNEMAILROAD GO, SCHKDUI.K IN ;FPHCT Ai'Rir,..28, isos. B.u.tWrd. -|BAtTO.FEBRY| Westward. Lcnv P.'M. ,-600 At'iv P.M. 7 4 6 Leave. P. M. · 320 BALTIMORE Arrlv* P. M. C I O . TO QTJEBNST'N. A.rriye A. M. .1046 Leve.l 800 A i v A. M 1045 LcaV A.M. 800 Railroad Division. Lcav 'KM. - C26 f 6 3 1 f 6 8 8 f C 4 4 AC 51 6C3 f 6 6 6 C'69 f 7 Q 2 ,707 ·7 723 f 7 2 7 f7'31 737 f 7 4 4 f 7 4 7 f 7 Q 5 .768 fSOti 811 f-8-19 1822 f 8 2 6 830 P.M. Leave A. M '885 £ 8 4 8 852 901 9 lit 916 922 9 20 f 9 3 5 no 05 no 10 101C BlO 26 no 44 f'1048 10 fi4 d!115 f l l 24 1130 Ml '88 11.41 fll 46 It 60 A.M. STATIONS: .Queohttown; Btooniingdale W e Mills g D C June. y "Willoughby Queen Anne ·Hillshoro . Downes' ' Tuckahofl ' Denton ' '·"-"'fiobbs · Hiokinan ' Adamsvill.e Blanclinrtl ' Greeawood Banning Deputy Eltendale*" Wolfo . Milton "Whitesbo'rd; Drawbridge; Burton, , Lewes. ·. Arrive A. M . 7(66 f 7,50 "fT'43 f 7 8 7 Jti7 29 72.7 ' f 7 2 5 721 f.719 ! 712 7tfl 604 Y C 4 6 f.0»2 f-628 f C 2 4 C18 GOO f 5 C 2 f 5 49 - 6.40 A.-'H. Arrv. P.M. GOO f G 6 1 £ 4 2 6'30 623 521 616 f « l 3 £05 450 430 f G 6 0 f 4 3 3 f4'28 » 40 £4 20 367 f 853 f 3 4 9 343 f.6.06f330 320 f 3 1 2 309 f - 6 4 f i ! 0 5 300 P.M. «A'.' D. 'Jfc'^C. -Junction for wints ou.the Delaware . ^ Che«»p*ftke Railway -- Eaetuu nnd Oxford. "·B" connects atGroen-wo'od l 'with' Delaware Division of.;the . Phil»d«lphta, Wil- uiiugtou Bttltiwore Rnilroad. " connects nt Ellcndkle with the .Del- . Virginia 'Railroad ·C" aware; iMaryUrid, TOR G«org«town. Sunday only, boat leaves Baltimore at LOO a. m.;and QUecnstbwn at' 6.30 n. in. nd 4.30 p, in. I. \y. TBOIIL, CJ. C. WALDCB, Gen'. 1 Manager. 'Gen! Fr't"-* Pass. Agt. Douglass House REHOBOTH CITY, DEL OPEN JUNE lOth. , This Hotel is situated 100 feet from ocean front, .and one-fourth! of n m Ho from Re hobo th Buy, in ttie rear. ' · Good Bathing, Gunning,-Fieklni;. A J*»Ui|[. Special rntes · for Jane 'Bad J Sep- toinbei. Ftoo Hack: Bar atUohed:' WM. M. JEFFERSON, ! FBOFRIXTOR. '1 ' Is jou Hone,- Furniture, Griii, Liie " Stock; or otker Proporty Insured J^ilist Loss by If not, if you-will apply, to, one of the Agents oftbo OF DOVC1I. DEL you can obtain insuraneent low rntcs. Tht Oompny is-Mutual, and you will only pay What costt, n s n n y Amount in licasofOat WUttie ReHriti in DiiHente · or nt termination,of .policy. WM. JBN»Y, Secretary. Hi FLUMMEB, Agent, G«en«boro, J; B. FLBTCHIR. ' . Preston. JEWS PA PER I SiEWSPAPFRI

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