Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 23, 1936 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1936
Page 7
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TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 23, 1936. TflE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texal PAGE SEVEtf Musical Instrument HORIZONTAL 1 Instrument of the viol class. 7 It has four f» 12 Poker stake. 13 Oleoresin. 16 Smell. 17 2000' pounds. 18 Antitoxin. 19 Beer, 20 College girl. 21 Dance. 22 Kind of pottery. 25 Alleged force. 27 Exultant. 31 Combined. 33 Transporter. 38 Whiskers. 37 Uncloses. 38 Pendent ornament. 39 Hour. 40 Small particle. 44 To degrade, 48 Peaks. 51 Eye tumor. 52 Canters. 53 Constellation. Answer to Previous Puzzle KIWANIS CONVENTION OPENS FOR FOUR-DAY SESSIONS IN CAPITAL 54 To halt. 55 Winged. 56 Polynesian chestnut. 58 It has first place in an 59 It has two sound •. VERTICAL 1 Go on (music) 15 Drinking cup. 2 In. 20 Its master 3 Indian. makers were 4 To loan. 5 Bird's homo. 6 Spore plant. 7 Hot, dry wind. 8 Street. 9 Unoccupied. 10 Christmas carol. 11 Grain. 14 Meadow. m . Italy. 23 It is also called (Pi.). 24 Concise. 26 To preclude. 28 To cut off. 29 Hail! 30 X. 32 Thing. 33 Fuel. 34 Before. 38 Plural of this 41 Former Russian ruler. 42 Auditory. 43 Legend. 44 Sound of sorrow. 45 Sliding catch. 46 Armadillo. 47 Caterpillar hair. 48 Rootstock. 49 Verbal. 50 Head. 54 Grief. 57 Like. Minute By Minute At Station KPDN TUESDAY AI'TERNOON 3:30—This and That. 4:30—Siesta Hour. 4:45—Farm Flashes. 5:00—Late Afternoon News. 5:15 —Dancing Discs. 5:30—Office Supply Notes. 5:35—Interlude. 5:40—Take This Ring. 5:45—Musical Moments Slurring Rublnoff. 6:00—Dance With Us. 6:30—Dinner Hour. 7:00—Thoughts for You and Me. 7:25—Complete Baseball Returns. 7:30—Emerson at Eagle. 8:00—Sign Off. WEDNESDAY MORNING 6:30—Sign On. 6:30—Uneeda Car Boys. 7:30—Better Health. 7:35—Waker Uppers. 8:30—Overnight News. 8:45—It's Your Own Fault. 8:55—Adorable. 9:00—Shopping With Sue. 9:15—Singer of Sacred Songs. 9:15—Municipal Dance Band. 9:30—Better Vision. 9:35—Frigid Facts. 9:45—American Family Robinson. 10:00—Lost and Found Bureau. 10:05—Micro News. 10:15—Furniture Fancies. 10:25—Green Brothers Orchestra. 10:30—Mid-Morning News. 10:45—Fireside Thoughts. 10:50—Military Echoes. 11:00—Texas Centennial. 11:15—The Harvesters. 11:30—Emerson at Eagle. 12:00—Harry Howls. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 12:15—Melody Men. 12:30—Miles of Smiles. 12:45—Noon News. 1:0.0—Miles of Smiles (Con.). 1:30—Master Singers. 1:45—Dairy Dell. 1:50—Taxi Tunes. 1:55—Moto-Sway. 2:00—Milady's Matinee. 2:30—First Afternoon News. 2:45—Manhattan Band. 3:00—Texas Centennial. 3:05—Hill Billy Tunes. 3:15—Rcsario Bourdon Concert. 3:30—Rambling Reporter. 3:45—Dream Girls. 4:i)0—Texas Centennial. 4:05—This and That. 5:00—Late Afternoon News. 5:15—Bill Haley. 5:15—Dancing Discs. 5:30—Office Supply Notes.' 5:35—Interlude. 5:40—Beauty Hints. 5:45—Dancing Discs. 6:00—Man on the Street. G:15—Dance With Us. 6:30—Cheery Cricket. 6:45—Nathaniel Shilkret. 7:00—Thoughts for You and Me. 7:25—Complete Baseball Scores. 7:30—Emerson at Eagle. 8:00—Sign Off. Vienna Graduates Are Jobless VIENNA W)—Of the 54,000 young people graduated from Vienna schools in 1033 to 1935, only 34,000 had found jobs early this summer. M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loans Short and Long Terms REFINANCING Small and Large 604 Combs-Worley Bldg, Phone 336 All makes Typewriters and Other Office Machines Cleaned and Repaired. —All Work Guaranteed— Call JIMMIE TICE PAMPA OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY, Phone 288 WAR VETERANS Your Record of Service Is Valuable to You at Our Store! You paid your sacrifice during the World War ... If you'll bring your identification of service to our store we'll prove our appreciation to you! SHOP OUR STORE UNUSUAL VALUES IN HOME FURNISHINGS TEXAS FURNITURE CO. GUY E, McTAGGART, Mgr. £10*12 N. Cuyler Phone 607 WASHINGTON, June 23 CAP)— •Jiwnnians from Texas arriving icre for the 20th annual convcri- lon of Klwanis International to- Iny prepared for four days of con- erence on child welfare, urbnn- •ural problems, adult education, uifclic affairs: and to outline plans or greater economy and efficiency n government and public schools. '.Tore than 5,000 delegates and vis- tors from all part of the U. S. and Canada are attending. The Texas Kiwanis delegation is n charge of Milton E. Batton of Enid. Okla.. governor the Texas- Oklahoma district. Lieutenant gov- Tiiors are: in Texas: Rev. N. R. lawkins of Taylor; Clarence W. 'crkins. Jr.. of Alice; Arthur Origg of Galveston; Nenl Gibson of Sherman: W. Victor Womack of Abilene, and Fred Thompson of 'ampa. Harper Gallon. Madisonville, Ky., president, staled lhat all club:: vere active in civic and welfare vork. 'America is a land of plen- y and opportunity." he declared. 'We have the necessary capital, and. building materials, skilled la- jor. leadership and courage for lomplete recovery. We have seen •ears of depression but recovery s here. New clubs and new mem- jprs liave brought manpower to Kiwanis and we will go ahead with U'enler achievements." he said . Fred C. W. Parker of Chicago, general secretary, declared. "Ki- vanis can no longer accept only he challenge of the under-privil- eged.' It must be responsive to present day social, economic and governmental problems. Kiwanis must not participate in partisan politics or espouse the candidacy of any individuals. In club meetings, however, it must educate members in public affairs and the Fclution of problems. This is not pr.HicK. it is militant citizenship," lie said. The 1.894 club;; and 89,000 members in the U. S. and Canada will meet simultaneously at 9:45 E. S. T. tonl-jht. This fellowship association, called All-Kiwanis night, is held tu express gratitude for the unselfish service of Kiwanis during the past year. Operator Slain HEMPSTEAD, June 23. (/PI—C. N. Prcctor, 39-year-old marble table oprrntcr, was shot to death here last night in front of a cafe. Willis McRae, operator of the cafe, was arrested and charged with the slaying. He was immediately remanded to jail without bond pending an examining trial. A number of people were within the block when several shots rang out and Proctor crumplsd to the .''idcwalk. A few doors away, Proctor's wife sat watching a movie. German Frontier Fort Reinforced PARIS, June 23. W)—France sought a "friendly understanding" with Great Britain and improved relations with the United States today, informed sources declared. These basic points were reported as prominent in the socialist government's foreign policy submitted for the cabinet's approval after the ministry of national defense ordered heavy reinforcements of military forces along the German frontier. Authoritative quarters said 30,000 men were ordered sent to the north and east borders to bolster the French boundary defenses. The increases would bring the military strength In the line from the Belgian border to the Swiss boundary to approximately 140.000 men. Future rcinfcrcemenl, possibly in October, of the Paris military garrison was reported under consideration when an extra battalion of colonial infantry may bo ordered to the capital. GKORGIC ADAMS MOVES George Adams lias moved to Oklahoma City where hn has accepted a position with the Southwest Flying Service of that city. Mr. Adams recently received his department of commerce airplane and engineer license. During the last three years, Mr. Adams was mechanic for the Pan- hMKll? Flying service hern. Dec Graham, local pilot, is president of the company. Mr. Adams also work- oil on his pilot license while here and is nearly ready for his tests. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS FINE. AFTER VO GIT ONTO WHAR TER HIT DE BALL, WHEN YOU WANTS TER EEST ^-^•^ T'M. RED. 0. S. PAT. OFF. \J~_ ~ Q1936 BY N"EA SCRVICt. INC. THE GO-GETTER b-Z3 '.WILU1MV13, . THIMBLE THEATRE Starring POPEYE Fair Weather Friends By E. C. SEEGAR IF UIMNV OA9 LACKS ME LIKE Y THE JEHP sei ' Kins Fcatu'd S>tiduitc, Inc , World n<{hU WOULDN'T LICKED BYAGEN'LEMftN- BUT WM-OGU-IT6 GOUER BE'ARFUL-ME KID PALS UJILL 8E TURNT (ME- I YPsM IRKED'• GO'HER GET LICKED- IN\PORT\NK NO MORE_\ YAM ONLY AVO, CHEER YOU'LL LICK HlM- OUST KNOUJ VOU UJIUL Y ^ OOU'T ENCOUR&GE ) HIH 1 . UJE'RE ^x GOING TO BET N HIM- soy YOU'LL YOO C&tA'T EEP 6WO VOUDkOSE! YOU HfVJEN'T BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Female of the Species By MARTIN SOVAt Of I A C009UX ' 1'V.V <3OV! OVD WE. 6<tT SVM'EET 60 N.YE.NO , 60vAt- ,\K> GEE I VAE'LV. TO By BLOSSER In the Flesh FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HAVEMT GOT TIME .' A BUMCH OF TOWMSPEOPLE ARE QOIMG OUT TO TRACK DOWN THIS ASJIMAL THAT'S BEEKI GIVIMG EVERYONE THE CREEPS .'.' COME -« so DID MY OVER TO Ky \ pop! I WOWDER HOUSE, OSSIE! POP AMD FRECK WEKIT OUT TO HUMT FDR THAT HE'S SNIFFING OUR FOOTPRINTS, TAQ....HE...HE... HE'S SNIFFING THEM '•! IF HE L-LIKES SO MUCH,L-.LETS MAKE A LOT MORE FOR HIM!.' YOU WAITING FDR Y3UR DESSERT •2 AFRAID TOO SMALL HAVE WO OF KWOW- WHETHER WHERE IT..... WHERE IT..... , DID YOU HEAR SOMETHING? /••''. MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Watched By THOMPSON and COLE ©KDEKEp, BY DE..DEVB/E5,TO REMAIN IN THE TENT, MVCA'S DRUG-STUPEFIED BRAIN 5TRUGOLE5 HEROICALLY TO WARN HER OF THE DAM6EE. THAT THREATENS SIR. ED- MONDAND HIS DAUGHTER -- IT MU5T DONE-HAVE TO FREE MEELE, HER WAY TO THE MUMMY CASE NEAR. THS ENTRANCE OF THE TENT- REMOVES THE HEAW •LID - x .. IT'S- EMPTY \\ \ SHE'S \ J GOME// THE SHOCK OF THE DISCOVERY CLEAR MYRA'SBI^IM, MOMENTARILY--5HE PA-3HE5 FROM THE TENT—BUT TME EVER- LUCKING HAKKIM FOLLOWS HER EVERY MOVE WITH HIS SINI5TER.EVE-- STEAIGHT INTO THE DESERT SHE HER ONE THOUGHT TO RMD HELP-SOMEWHERE.«.. OH/ WHAT'S THAT, OUT THERE ?/ ALLY OOP Oh, Yeah! By Hamlin PLEASE EXCUSE ME FOR A JIFF; WILL YOU , OOOLA I WAWT TO HAVE A TALK NA/ITH ^ WHY, MV BROTHER.,/CERTAIMLY LOO - WELL, SIS HOWS OUR. LITTLE LAD/ GETTIW ALOMG? SHEfe DOING ALL RIGHT- BUT HOW ABOUT THAT ALLEY OOP FELLA? I MAVEM'T SEEW HIM AROUMD THIS MORWIMG — DAMGED IF I KNOW WHAT YOU SEE/ Ik) THAT BIG LUMK - BUT DOW'T S WORRY - HE'S AGOUWD SOMEWHERE WITH THREE OF MY /- ' -"*—< BEST MEM BIGHT XFIME -MOW ITS AT HIS HEELS... (ABOUT TIME YOU GOT BUSY IF YOU WAMT TO GET AK1YWHERE WITH THAT YOUNG LADY, YOU DON'T WANT TO ^ OKAY, DEPEMD TOO MUCH / JUS' WATCH ME- OM JUST YOUR J. I'LL HAVE HER GOOD LOOKS- /_S E ATI W' RIGHT OUTA MY © 1936 BY HEA SERVJC^. INC. ^'\^. T. M. pEC. U. S. PAT. Oft.

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