Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 15
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 15

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 15
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ULUATUR- HERALU EVENING, OCTOBER 22, 1930. UtCATUR HERALU vat* ' touchdown* IB « uchdown* made by defeating Tulan., m an mtereepted ·ard run by Gapt tued (h« Sttto, of the Imrall, the ban on the |he M the Ml M ttw touchdown* icor«d noslnp out Purdue on a pa** which tosdt a by Newman \ ent of ERIE SOOT. ce Lump at $4.75 Uvered MM) y«u urn anything, cite, LESS la mifwd Mow«aqua HUM itly «t the mln*. dtaler*. Order ruck driver «r ne, direct No no tool) aJI folia ne 193 aqua, 111. [TITLE-BOUND MICHIGAN ELEVEN EXPECTS VICTORY WERINES QUICK TO SEIZE -- VICTORIES Team Oatgabed Bat Made Most Opening* (flUE TO BE SELLOUT MM ARBOR. Mich., Oct. jl-The Michigan sqtiati is liking M* week with the "Irtd purpow of defeating · n their meeting here Sat- and. thereby, mtiking a siicc«»o the effort that n whan Purdue wfta down- "eintlnued whan Ohio HUta lionw oo « Mlclilftan * wh Kirk" ftml llls t vl( * n ' lBl "* t *r« ««(t*r to entertain them] ed *erloufneait. Jnasmuch a* the de- feme agalnat forward paweit wa* ·trong when it had to be. It made fewer first down* than Ohio State, but *]octator* aa well a» oloie ob- siervor* felt that the better team had won whon the final gun eounded. Repetition Saturday of the typo of play that won over Purdue gave lchlKan fnnn full reason to believe that tti« spurt In tho second period ot the Boilermaker battle waa not only a flanh of form. It showed rather that lite true strength of tho leant ww» bronitht to the surface with the uncovering of Nevrman and Whseler, for both these boya playact tho Mnnie brund of football ngalnst Ohio Stftlu that they did ORalnHt Pur- ilue, Furthermore, It Indicated that two now, but in gain OH to the HlK Tan i ai yot been tt fcii vtctory. The «d H«ht out Of IB *nnaylvanla for 117 creep ted three of A pMi, Lunby to one touchdown In triumph over Penn. nbat a datxllng pa»« crushing defeat to Vanderbllt game. tt paai whloh th* flr«t toueh' Minnesota wan football* the re»t *t. 33-7 £h(it gam** of the Mhudule MtV but tho ihrflM* of "** * . _ t ^11. I .n.»*M Jh A I ' A «rc n«ltti«r tho football «iut(l urftitloMit Mlnwor* arc , · - uUruw tHo powtibilltlfls » on tho cfti'd or* ll»- lUv* Month to tiw tn«thr wmd«. It Mlrhlguii comnn the Mnifioti »M«« on Nnvem- hr K »nd I* "till unxnitMJ, It wl)[ tun flv» vletorlpN on lt» Hint* »n.l « Mltlmtt« «l |lm t" the tltu ' B(It IMt will N) Novomhor 22 atit thin Ii onljr Oqjobw S8, (Ala 8tM« wn» In it l^t«rntn {HUM of mind when MlcllK«n'» *l»1- tnrtt Tlilldd Co I tun bun !d«t flutur- [«»m«oh a* th« ' team Wd'uKtn rougli Irmvtment th« pr« (#H»f wwk. BMuiua cf itift humiliation nitfor id Sutttrdax by [lllnoln, it IK anting tttti that tlw aucktrtf will bi !u«t 11 dingwou*. (n no mutiy wordn, ttliNgurori ttiat Michigan wilt haw UWlc fw pvory point thftt It «p. and. with llllnolit n« tbo 01 flon, tli/it «nvtlilwr r«n huppim tt i »fully tmdoi'Mditl that Cowh Kl|)ko vM n'it be rntnliH In thftt fmrt of " ' «!' ivlikh call* fop It lit Newman ruWs the npork that the team needml to be classed ay we! an M machine. Hurt ahowed In the Mich lg«n lino, but with two rofrulara AM« and Danlol», out of tho gfttw ftnd a (hlrO. SntnuotM, playing with tn Inhii'fd tiHnd, thin wan to be ex- p«*l«l. Au«r was In Unlvowlty pilot Imre. with an Infected ear white Danleltt was oufforlng from a Iftmn nhouklor, ^ID have Its ful ngnlnst Illinois, It uppeura nntl will b« prtm«il tn ntop the ruohtd of Captnln Olaf Ttoblnson am the tlirentti of tho Suoknr two half bucko, Yunuahus And Bnrry. With Itn own llrto'tip q 11 ltd cleflnlUly d« Cldcrt on, and liavlnjr a week more to )ovclO|] I tit attack, It la likely lo show more rower thun It did ngalns ulthnr Ptii'duo or Ohio State, Itullrntlonn are that tho punio wll b* a Hiitl-oiit, loss titan 6.000 tickets on hand and the contot five dttye owny, Ticket order w«vo liouvy following the Purdue k'ftmfl, nnd nines the Ohio Stato bat tie have picked up even more HAWRToliiSf CHAMPAIGN MAN FOR CUE TITLE Took In » H«nce, the Ohio Shtt* m i tdpotltlon o( tho Purdue htittlc AniKrtJVllcltlttun tcum WHtchud nkn t at a« Olito Stikto hurl ml IU ]Utn(tli sKftinut tho Mnlxti inrt Blue. tiicunt nothing CHICAGO, Ocl. 22.-Rt)boit B Ha [per of Denver will defend hi nutlonftl attmloitr Ltiree-cuiihlon bl Jlntd rhat)i|)lnni)hl| ftRHlnNt F^ank 1 Viemlntr f ;hnmpalt;n, In a 1W point match at ChampalKn during the noxt 30 dayi, It was announce' Wednesday by the National Blltlar tt««'» whnn ml i tli« tinckuy]» ioti»i.l mo- ·ntarlly, brokfl through, to utoro n JLoy V 13(4(win, tt vma threatm(.(I two of iliHff UnwB, ytit the threat* lack- The tlonot muttih for the na 182 crown, between of Now York am of Madison, Wla will bo playod ucxt month, a ainntnur T. BELIEVE --By Ripley. PADEREW5KI on CZAR NICHOLAS ; " ANSWERED THE CZflR, *HWf 1h« LIBERATOR ot ftlr\d OMWfertottiQi? MtfflfWIUD WE POLM - tS PRONOUNCED EKttTW LIKE IHf «AR» WOftJS WISCONSIN GAME WILL BE PURDUE HOMECOMING DAY KXl'LANATION Or YESTERDAY'S CABTOON rlato'B Olho Trcs Plato's Academy woo tho name of a public park formerly tltuated p.bout one mllo from Athena on tho rood to Elouala, whcie Plato met and taught his followers, The tree T depicted la the last aurvlvor on that ancient slto, where It has beon standing for about 33' centuries John L, noUrcd ttndofented--Lon- duu rrhe Itlnic BU!DM John L. Sullivan, who justly teini- td "Tho Champion of Champions", met and defeated moie first «lasa men than any other pugllni SulH- van waa never defeated In a light under the London Prize Hfng Rutea, which called for bare knuckles, tt ring pitched on the turf, allowed wrestling, toundn did not end until a man waa either knocked down or thrown down, and only thirty second!* rest wai allowed' between ictmds, In hla last bare knuckle light, that went 75 round*, he defeated Jake Kilraln, at Rlchburg, Mies.. July S, 1889, Hto battle with Corbett took place In Mew Orleans n Sept, 8, 1W2, In a modern ting sing five-ounce gloveu, and foagb under the M»rqul» of Qu««nibury ulei. Tomorrow i "Flie, fire, Bun Air Flight Tires Means Mileage Plus Comfort Thousand* of DecMur motorittt are enjoying the riding comforts of the new Air-flight tire. If you «re not--NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO BUY. Air Flights cost no more than old fashion tires. Note These Fisk Air-Flight Prices: tfi Qfl 29 » 4 75 *7 £A PO*JU Now priced ·P/.DU 29*4,40 Now priced . 29x4.80 Now priced . 30x4.50 Now priced 28x4.76 Now priced Cf- 30x5.28 (A JA DD Now priced *V7.4U Now priced All Other Sizes Fisk Air-Flight Priced in Proportion Extra Special 29x5.00 *5.65 Extra Special 28x4,75 $ C «7e Flannigan^Garver Co. FISK TIRES--PINES W1NTERFRONTS--PEERLESS CHAINS--PEERLESS HOT WATER HEATERS Cor. North Church-West Prairie Phones S221-5222 LAFAYETTE, tnd., -- Homecoming -- Purdue y». Plscoatin -- gay decoration! and gala crowd -- will all be combed hen Saturday wben Glen Thittlethwaite's powerful Bad. gen meet the Boilermaker* in lu HoM-Ad* itadlum In an «Kort to eecuro revenge for tot yearVi IS o o defeat. Looklnf mt the game root the atcelgbt football upeet, tt should provide on* of the feature battle* rt the wuuwn, tor Wboomln emonvtnUed It* power In cruihlne; Penn«ylv*nl«, 2T to 0, while tbo *ol- rlul Boilermaker crow will unleash h» full power ot It* v«r*atlle atuok n an e«orl to advance in the Big Ton rating. Tbo coming Wisconsin clash, the third conference Bam* in M many week* lor the Boilermaker*, renew* write that hu produced con»i«. ently spectacular football In tho paat five years, and It the prevent rating ot the two elevens and port htitory of the series mean* anything another "up and down" game In In «ore, Always OtoM Bottle* In tbo paet five yuan, neither eleven been able to win by the margin of more tban one touchdown and two of tho gnm«i have reeulted In ties, both of tho tie fiameg com Ing In Homecoming engagement* here, '«n 0 to 0 tie In 102* and the spectacular IB to 19 draw of 1928. A victory for the Boilermaker* wll even up the eerie* standing *lnce the game* were renewed In 1MB, with two wlna, two loisea, and two tie*. Kleer will have hi* Defensive ge ed up to the highest pitch for the struggle, for the Badger defence I* expected to provide plenty ot trou Die, Last year It took two forward pus drive* to shove HOTOM the two touchdown* that gave the Boiler maker* victory, Bockfleld Cbub Wisconsin'* hard driving crew wll: prevent a flnlihed beekfleld bull around Luabr «nd Rebhol* that wll ylo with the Boilermaker ball-carry log quartet built around Levrlt Pdpo and Alwc Yunovlch. In addition to the battle between ball carrier*, the two forward wall! will atacK up agttnat each other re greeting and remembering the hard play ot last *eaion. In the Bollmak efs line will be George Van Bibber left tackle; George Steam, let guard; Lewi* Miller, center, and Horace Buttner, tackle all ot whom aa*l*tcd In turning bask the Bad MICHIGAN CLAIMS TWO EMEMEN OUT OF HUNM8 CAME Homrd Au«r, tMM», ·»» RoMjf Cox, mt, rt wK «p«rt*4 W b« avttUJH* for Mturdtyt vuu with nilBoto ud ODMh H»lu It buaUns- new nutwla) tot MM Mkhtfmn eleven. aantMlt, ueklt, ·nd D*nl«U, «d, w«r» «n»bU te work Tut»d«y, but will wM»TM ·JwrUr. WIUlunMfi, wtriMMMra m4, HOMT, v«t*rut n»rJ, «wl Tort, hmtrbMk, w«r* tried to the VMftAt )HU) pOflUOM. ·eotlng threats Ian season. The Badger*, Ukewl**, do not labk for veteran material, Captain Oe* tenbeln at Left end and LubratorU* et tackle are both rmnembered fW their pertonnancM In etowlnr PUP doe'* running attack latt ··ason. Although the football game wttl bj the ploce d« rwdsUnca of UM Horn* coming program, there wlH bo'plea ly of other attractions for thi Homecomera. Coach Bart Harttn MU'S crose-eountry squad will faa Its flrrt competition of tho sea In the morning when It meets Indl ana, last year 1 * Blit Ten enwnploM for ·Wuntoy'i |MM wJ^Htt* hitfh, T)u ttMt wHI Mtifeli Iff matt, wMIt tW aMWt ftotfeall to a dual rafknun gam* «rllt atoo b« beU la tto non let ai a w»mHV Mr the aftanwe*. WhUa » Mar-eapa*)ty emrt to expaetad to Uumtf tto Baa»A» atadlum for tita tama, IteMt Hai- ai*r a ·. DOM bai MUt»vtoa« that H*aty of UrtwU are itlH avaJMtft, ·nd nm«M Uwre t* an uannally heavy Hi* ant watk, ttofe wW yroMbty be Uoktto ·vaUaW* at C«m* tfnw. TMMta may to aMMrtd by malt order to tbanrdw tttkat office, k Bowling Scores t'ltV 4tlKLN H Intuit IB* 13* tUMor HO HO pntvrn'n lot 100 Hi much It » IM) ItO Td(»1 CI1 K i d KNOCK OUTS-Held ion )l4 Hchimi tvc i:« KvrH'd Itl ]!» urn i«« i«t SO HOT 8HOTS- m m litfdr K'Ktn'i tt 10* 1W Iti 1(0 1*« 1«1 )«» ett HIT T«t. ICO Ml) 1:1 m 11) m 111 911 Tot. in m H 40* 1*0 IW IM 1H »o« HI, VnM'n Mwin Hilt Hi 194 Id* US 141 1UJ lit UU 131 II IK lit Tnt 41] ill Tetol * «T (M l H. r. c, «utu« QUKRNJS- T»l. HSlIM II 01 lit »t BratiHvn M n 7» 9)4 ll*rci 100 1UO IM 340 Mnrtln 13) Itl It JJ1 ·urtu !»t Itt tl T«MI TMw JACK*-- WnlXtr 154 thimi M Miller tt Unib'Bl ?7 Oilili IU HMO. t i l 7)t tit 11*1 B E L I E V E IT or NOT- PROVl'.S IT ROAT DOCTORS OLD Go in Public Test of 4 Leading Cigarettes By ROBERT RIPLEY, Himself "Beller* It or not , , . fbft*» real authority. RcftUterttJ phytlcteiw, tpMtallitni tn ttu care ot th* not* ami throttl Dtcton who ·M tmry day the m-ttttctt of dg»r»tttt thmt ·r* too hftrih, too raw, too trrttttfnft to jtrilcat* membnuM. "I picked th« Doctor* ·· tMteteatera b*- rtwM they naturally Judftt. clftanttee for their throat-MM. "This w*» to b* a (a*«-te«t ... but I knew »T*ry doctor would ttutincttvely rate the four cJ^trettee on their emoothiMM and thrrateomfort M well a* their flavor. "Better* It or not ... thete reftlstered phyal* dan*, without knowing what brand they w«re choosing, picked OLD COLD by the decisive ratio of 2 to 1. "I'm ftottlng uied to amaxlnft victories for ou GOLD ... but 111 admit this one would be herd to belter* If I hadn't personally counted the vote*. A Certified Public Accountant aba audited the wore." N O f DOCTORS MXKB TASTB-TESTt HeiVe Ae latert Rlpl« Cltirette- leet la wdea^New York Throat apMitlhtf voted OLD OOlDaett, B E L I E V E IT O R N O t . . . hirst thtttnotStant M I ctrttfr ttat m Midlt of the conpht* and mt nralM of the Rlf^ tMM- tnt cooductMl with Throat SpocWIlt* HUM OLD GOLD S»%, Brand X BwtdYt%utdBTMdZM%."81CMd, J. S. M. Goodie*, Gut** fobUc Ac. countant. Lett--Rip ChacMnt Seoft. C 0 U 6 H I N C A U L O A D I .v: t 1 ! f '

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