Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 11, 1971 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1971
Page 20
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B-8 Alton Evening Telegraph Monday. Jain in ry 1 MARMADIJKE By Anderson ami I RENTALS Houses for Rent REAL ESTATE SALE Lots for Sale 58 REAL ESTATESALE Mouses for Sale 59 '5-ROOM r»Ar;<"M — Lam petr-rl living room, ! earn. -It •.! !,.- : , J ,rooms. 1 1.;, h.-vh". built in kitchen. finished fMi.iyp. full ni'-n! centra! air S20 r ) down. nnd Hoa-ir.-;. '_'")9-"i()ll . — Pavni'-n! -, •<! to ni.-itr Mobile Homes . I R REAI.'I ORS UK. '.'.:'.<•] 'i in M-r.-u; --- — I-OR SAI.I-. — TO tir - tiif'n-nrii ion . Gral'ton 'i _ . .. .. .111 I ()•;.— '. laii'.i' liedrMoms. lire- til. i' ••. ' irpcls, kin hen/dinette, full h I 1 .' nicnf ;.:ara;:c. \Vhat niorc is t!i. in all tlvs*' jiiu-; liiaturo.s'.' \ i''"iip. •.•'HI itur.l M 1 ' 1 this \vr<'k. Sho-',ti i>',' appoint nifiit only., ('al loi d> I nl . on No :;- H S7.ii) down. llorsl. (T •.:-; I ER REALTORS iw "11 's so romnni i RENTALS Apartments — Plots 45 lij.-.. . RENTALS Apart hie nt r -—Flats AM CLEANING MY LOT OF ALL 70 MODELS . • • i i 1 1 , , n 1 1 • ' no. I lltll" I'll •.vilh III' In". • avnij! Ror,ev/ood Mobile Home '-!.\ -- I "rli I, MOP, II. I -: I IO II ci.icl i ovrra: itv In:. r l!'lll'!in|. Alton . . FAMILY LIVING "CENTER '' lic-di ..'MI. 1 1 . I, nli . with rot IK KIHIM not REAL ESTATE SALE Houses for Sale 59 REAL ESTATE SALE Houses for Sale 59 i "' , -L n -v.i|. •( ONflMY HOME— Cnn he us^rl as I "" r "i! :) or -I bedroom. Rnthnlto area. $550 ' HOUS;; ANU LOT—MM Aliv street 4rr,-no20. . Immedia'.e possession n No. 3.n. iiorst; c I-:NTER REALTORS Wanted to Exchange 62 WA^r TO TRADE FOR FARM— .'i duplex lionirs. cent rrdlv located . in Alton with .111 income ot ?.ni> FIRST 'I I.MI-: ON THM MARKET—i PIO Pna Offi.x- Box 411! He sure to sec' this unusual buy in I Alton. :\ '.', bedroom home on edge of town. I jj_^—-3^;—1^"1~"11~_; basement, garaE'- "" room with fire • __ Wanted Real Estate EAST ALTON -- 4 Couple only, v. nli 259-7226. 45 _ 13 2 BEDROOM HOUSE ern. .S35 month plus 466-0355. WASHINGTONMANOR APARTMENTS I, 2 and 3 bedroom apts. Call now or come by Apt. KI9A, 700 hind: Washington Avc., behind Alton Plaza. 465-2145. 45 — TF WOOD RIVER RENTALS ..- c ' ili ! v 254-2811. 45-11 -----1111 LOGAN— Brick apaitnienl blclf:.' i!l Upstairs, East. 3 ultra incidi i n. • large rooms and bath, off sltvrt parking. Heat and watCT luniic,lic $95 mo. 4(i«-2213. 45 — 22 ------WOOD RIVER— Won ester and Hell 6th St. Apartments, c-oniliul am security designed .( rooni Hln iency, furnisbed or unlui ni color TV, close lo church drug and grocery stores, slunvti b .• appointment only. Call Wore and Bel] Construcllon C" , :'54-r>3.'. : WOOD RIVER— 77(i Rice. Lowly rooms and bath. Must see to app ciate. Call now. Days :(54-2Kl I . nings 405-7938, 40(i-i;il72. 45 — 1<; -------1831 MARKET — 3 room iiiifni nisheil duplex, water furnished, Slid month. 465-4403 after r>. .Ki(i-0522. 45 — Feb. (i --- — DUPLEX APTS. »- In Ilelhaltci «:|ir, month. Water fui ni.-!ie.l. Day, 377-5261; evenings: 377-9290 ur 377-S701 . 45 — fi 7 11 13 14 ----FOR RENT — Two 1-rooni elhcicn- cles and one 3-rcicnn .iiiariuieiil. located at 821 Alby, Alton. Heal and water furnished. For iulnrtiia tlon call 405-4483 or after li-oo 4BG-3028. 45 _ TF ------ EAST ALTON — 300 Sixth SI. New 4-rm. apartment. All caiiieMiii:, very nice. Open for inspection. Call days 254-2811. Evening.'; 4r5-793K, 466-6972 45 — TF ------WOOD RIVER RENTALS — Call 254-2811. 45 — 16 --EXECUTIVE HOUSE APTS. 832 WASIUNOTON, ALTON Beautiful two bedroom apartment. Beautiful area, beautiful ground:.. Terrific maintenance. Reasonable rent. See manager, Mr. Phillips, on premises. 45 — TF ---- BETHALTO — 503 LoiiRi'cjIlow. New 4 rooms and bath, .vllii shown 1 , curtain rods, stove and even, all carpeting, with carport ami lots Of closets. Open 'til 9. 51:15 mo. Drive up and call: clays 254-2X11; evenings, 405-7938, .r/V-5'127. 45 — TF ----WOOD RIVER— I30(i Madison. Lovely 4 rooms mid bath, all carpeting, many extras, including waler. Call now. Days 254-2811. After 7. 465-7938, 377-5427. 45—11 -----3 ROOMS & BATH— Newly decorated. Heal and water, stove and refrigerator furnished. Adults only. $80 month. 405-3080. 45—13 --LAROE and SMALL APARTMENT. 506 E. 4th, Alton. 259-1779. J ~ATT. "NEW RENTALS WOOD RIVER, 130;i Madi .on, I;;d3 Madlf-on, 431 Coiiley. EAST ALTON, .1(10 nth SI SOUTH ROXANA, '.'.22 I'aik. IIHliK Park. MADISON COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT 427 OLD ST. LOUIS l!l>. WOOD RIVER RANK POPE, RAY HERRIN •'OR SALE cil Alton. Small home, c,,,', ),,. t'M-i-.eni'-nl and dc'po .it .IWi .'itllK WOODBURY MANOR APTS. ^^l' M ^"^ 466-0302 (For al'poinlmeiitfO -it: K'an;;e—i eli H;.-ralor—disposal * All • -Ic-rlrlr * Wall lo will cat nelili!' •> 'pool —c c'liiial .ilr i.ondiiionlni', * Can !»'• fnrni-.hcd it Clii'.e 10 '.eliciols and .'.hopping Storeyloncl Mobile Homes Fosterburg Rd., Alton, III. .-:<:. u :,SA :ids .MAR MOIUI.I-; IIOMI-—i:!.\(iii. '' In-di ooni:,, air i ondiliotii'il. I'h :'.'i'i IIIIU.i — MOP.ILI: IIOMI: KLPAIK ANU St:i!V|c-p; — Hoof rcialinj!. ;:el up, Icvrlini!, etc-. Day ,H- Ni|;ht Muhile otile' Kepair. :',77-R:!!IV. -'-1A •— Ian. ''(i :!.VI-.DI-:KI — riie-ip! i-i- :ieailiihle :!rifl--.!|(il. KA • - I r IIOMli:, lot rent In Slorc'vlancl Mohlle Home r'arl: 1lir>- 25.',! or :'.<i",filMl. WOOD RIVER 254-2811. 45 __ RENI'AI.S — Call 2-BEDROOM UPSTAIRS APT. — Stove and refrigerator. S7. r > plus utilities. E. 4th Adults. 4lili -2591. 45 _ |^> ____ , _____ CLEAN" PARTLY E'URKISIII:I). :; room house. Utllily tociin. Will tvnl lo ADC, (»r nic;: '.vorluiii 1 . cimpli- t-jo pets. Renl. reasoirible 4ii: 4-ROOM DOWNSTAIRS APT E. 8th St. .$(17 mo. Ailull., No pets. 4U2-4940. FINANCIAL IF YOU HAD MAILED THIS A MONTH AGO might already be well on yout way towards earning: cxtiu income. We're proud to talk about out business. It's fascinatini',. Dynamic. Ideal for the small invu.loi. No experience necessary. With very little money you can achieve financial satisfaction--<u quickly as you wish. It's yoms to decitii-. Ours is a vending machine program. The best. We sell you Ussery machines, establish route locations. Provide finest line ot snack items. We train, umn-.el, guide, hold your hand until you're firmly entrenched. No expciii'iire necessary. Just honesty, integrity, willingness to listen, work and give good service. You need a cat and at least $600 to $1500 as a minimum investment stiictly for equipment and inventory. No fee or exlia ol any kind required. Be ambitious and willing to expand. Cash business. Original investment can bo returned in short time. Requires only 6 to 8 hours pet week of serious attention. I ike getting retirement pay, annuity or pension—only better because it grows! LARGE 2-BEDROOM APTS. 3-RboM APARTIMENT~Ex- tra nice, wall lo Wcill cnr- poting in livinr) room ond bedroom, Moditorr< kitchen newly remodeled, $105 por month. All utilities included. C.ill 162-0851. ~"" W.ill to wiill c;n l» tin", Lui'in. 1 elo.rp, onil -.lorncr. l(nn/!e. rrlrl.".er-ilor. ill'ipo.'i;il. .'I hloc-k:, from Mcjhool. Nc;\v lauticlry nnct *lrs r c:le.inlnf; Tool — plaviironml — park. Central air c-omliUanlnr.. Smile I'nrnl'.liC'il. CARROLL WOOD APTS. Wcicicl Kivur 254-4269 ,\r, — -| |.- --------- ........ _ ..... — AI'AK'I MI'.N'IS I-OK KJ.N'I' Liixnrv I ami '.'. Nrtliooni units, Includes r.u pet in} 1 .. I'llill in appli aiice:.. air comlil lonecl, ami pool. Immecli.ile oci-up.ini y ami i enls from :jir.!n per titonlh and up. lillM.flMA I' AI'AK'I Ml-irTlS 1C I -N I' STKMI'.'i I-ASI Al.TDN. ILLINOIS Furaishcd Aportments 46 .'I 'il'.DRoOM RANCH in Storey laud Sah. Carpeted. I'/ baths, liulil in kitchen, full liasemcul, j;a- r.ic.e. I'h. :wi:,oii or .|t;n-25.')l. •1V -- 'I I- -•- cARi'i.TI-:D 'i iii-'i i: HKDROOM I- KAMI-: -- -Ml ic-lr-d ,".a<-,n! -. base- nil-ill, in 1 ,:i l-'.i \vn,n! Jjulictivi-.ion, Sicin-vl-ii:d Home'.. IT.'I "lO-H. Furnished Houses lie • paid, prlvale rnllallri-. (ll'l l'c'll|-^' cm , l it:;th. Alton -Ili! 1 '/";')';. 'iin;i-:i: KCIOMS ..... ronvruii'iii im-a lion. WHIM! KJVCM-. Ulililie:, I'nr- ni.'.hrd. :;,7II. .|(i:' li'M'.' Id -- . Is ............... ----- ....... — :i-UI\l. I'llRNI.SII I :l>— V IHII A lirown. Alton. All ulilili • . Im ul'.hi-d ¥1110 nioiithlv. liv .ippuinlinc n', -Kiii-l-IOil. •n, ii D:.'.:' 1 aiirr :,. -Ili ..... i I ..... - ...... ................. MAC' AIM'S. - - Kill-hen, IH-C|I ooill , 111 i lit n- . pan) IN','.-' I •;. I ''ll'l h , •icti -tvir. 01 .n,:, :n::i 2-ROOM P-URNISHED APT. — Vory nice:, Upper Alton, idc'iil for workinq porson or stuclonl. TV furnisliotl. $70 per month. All utilities included. C.ill 462 0851. Office & Desk Room 51 M -- II - OITK'I .SI'.V.'I-. Miinllci'Mii Pla/M phcilli 1 4MI-44VO. LOVKI.Y — I'Urtushed or unlni nii.hed office sp.tce available Ml nc'W Madl•,i)ii ( iiiinlv llnmi.' Improvi'ini'iit Of- liic 1 on did St. Louis Rd., Wood River, ('.ill l-'tank Pope, '.'5-1-2RI1. AllcM (i, •!(;.'i-793N or 377-. r i41'.7. Wanted to Rent 54 REAL ESTATE SALE 55 Realtors if. — TF Mon. Tue, Wed. Tim Our READY FINANCING SELLS Home after Homo aftor Homo! DON HALE, Realtor 415 E llrciadWity, ALTON 162-0046 Business Property 56 ,',1, _„ | u ^ „ __ lOMIUNATON IIOM1- ANH I1IISI- MI-;SS I-'OK .SALT.—-Lari',' 1 '••(> * :>?• double- door !',arai'.i'. with ullicc 1 and Apartments for Sale 56A Farm and Land ' I- -\KM I-OK SAI.I- - --HI or 1,11 acic"i. i -ill .llli-l '! p 111. (dS ;«3 '.I'.'liK, .South 011,1 niooi-. UN IIKH'K • i'M\ ,-. ,-n \t\i- M't, l\o-,.lll.l Srliool -,i t u I. :;,! S.IIIHI I n'i ,-H-n-->. ti room • hlri II linitl'V h:l I II. '.'-.It I r l;i Kc. h u-\ i-l ,cul. near I'l an >i lo« n. li-i-d I" S,-|l. ISH i|lTC' •. -I I I'Olll .:|. i. hor.:.- baill on Krd Illlll .ol •-. '.I'll pi-i .11 11-. OMi.-r I'.ond REAL ESTATE m m m na ta : BI « Houses for Sale 59 MY OWNI:R — li'.-d i imm i a mil M vie home. I livin;: iiMini ancl master I a i j'i- i c-iiiNdclc'd kitfii'-n Utili jkilp and IT- ower. Al t.-iflu-cl f'.araKe I.a !!'.'• lot Rosi'wncicl llc'ii'hls. II Slnpman K'tfl-llilS. c;ot:l-1(1-:^.'—A recent reduction in pi i'<- uia|.a--. this home an outstand- ' hi- nice a rea is just one 1 I the plus leal lire.', offered ill Ihh; In id', with full liase- nl and c, ira!;e. other extras in \<:/\'j -arpet 1 ;. ri-c-. rciom, 1 \' 2 i *|iii| ped kitc:hi:n, and muc-|i I inancin;; available. Call idav on No. :i.|.. HOI :si-, i i ,N IT:R REALTORS -,:i -_ 'I |- \1on.-i-ri. — ********** + *****•*•**+** ROS1AVOOD Ill-'.iriiriS, contract |c,|- dt ed. low payrni'iit. very hire r i nn hi ic'n honv', ,i bedrooms. I', Iiatii:/. i:as uidiaiil heal, floors all carpeted, double; attached i;a- raj'i'. landscaping. Inunediato posses .ion Hetballo Sc:hool Di,lrict. $2:i,. r )()0 HALE REALTY CO. WALTER A. HALE .IR. Easl Alton, M')-2M5 Alter r>::«), Waller A. Hale, 250-35(1:', ********************** NEW HOMES IM M1', I) I AT !•: or.Cl J I'ANCY STATE REALTY Kit;-1.1.14 1970 DISPLAY HOME CLEARANCE! WITH THE PURCHASE OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING 1970 DISPLAY HOMES YOU WILL RECEIVE A VALUABLE FREE GIFT... A BRAND NEW COLOR TV! f-'ratur'.'s full carpets, family place, centra! air cone]., built - in ! li.'i — IE i-atchen cabinets and range, plus DO YOU HAVE A HOUSE I.-II-KL- Icit. Extra lot available. This borne listed for immediate sale at onlv Sirt.rion. (all now on No :i-S. HOIISI-: CENTER REALTORS 'tW-22'il 63 TO i!Y OWNER—2 hodrcjom. remodelr-d home.-. 5 miles northeast of Bunker Hill. 10 extra lots with hems'-. Slo.."iOn. All hardroael to Alton i-:tf)2-2n:iri. f| ^ ] ;j ^._^ _.. HOUSI; EC>R SALE:—in Bethalto. li rooms, bath ami paneled family room. Newly remodeled inside.;;e 50x5." |-iir:ine, suitable for any inisine-is or extra inccimc 1 . Has of- fie:e and ' •, bath. Plenty of parking. Priced reasonably. '377-fi7r>2. i' 1 "MADISON COIJNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT WANTED — OLDER HOMf-S ON TRADE f-OR Till-; EOLI.OWINc; HOMI-iS 4826 %Vic:k-mor. beautiful :i bed- split foyer, wit!, man/ ex- cash lor your hrirne. Don't miss this huv. Ill: ITIALTO •169 Texas, lov./lv ."> rooms with 2 baths, double attach,;d Karage. all carpeting, .small down payment. Call now. SOUTH ROXANA 908 Park, new 4 rooms and bath, all carpeting, concrete; drive. It's brand new for only $11,500 and we pay closing costs. these homes are open for inspection and can ne bought with small down pnynu-nl. MADISON COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT 427 Old St. Louis Rd., Wood River Office 254-2811. Evenings' 465-7938, 377-5427 ********************** ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Brand new brick. .'1 bedroom:;, ceramic bath, heautilul kite-hull, all carpc'te.'cl. attached carafe, paved drive, front pore-li, attraclive lioinc, on sewer, only :(dK,5(H). Small clown- payment, :i, r >!).(i, r i;)7. **-**** **************** III: I UAL Ml— Hiaiul spanking new :i- liedroom liome with full basemi'nt. Yciur i-licilc-e of e-arpels. CJood eon- slniclioii and o.xe-ellenl loe-aliou. He Mile lo call ejii No. li-S (2)! Total price 5;;;! ,!|(|() MOUSE; CENTER REALTORS •iiii;.-'-_'tit NEW AND u.iiiu noMiis IM.VIED IA TIC ()'. :c'l/l'ANC'\ CHA.S. ;-:. SPRISCMAN DEVEI.O:>MI:NT •tUli-1470 1'-'. W,': Alter !i: 4ii(i-K>7.. Hfi f!251 MI:AI;OWIIROOK — i-ii.'.t time on the market fur this spacious /I or 5 bedroom home with hasemc'iit.;:e livinj', room, ;:ara}'.o. bi|.; i-Litclien and many oilier line 1 fi'a- Inre;.. I'lenty of room outside and In for the !;rowiuj. p , lamily. Contact us lodav on NO, -I-VVK. HOUSE: CI-.N'|'I-:R REAI.IOUS •iiiii-:!'jiii !;;::oo DOWN c-aii put \mir lamily in a new .'I or •! liedroom home, 'l nil payment of $!I5 per inonlli. based on minimum income and si/.e of lamilv. choice 1 locations lhroni;h. out entire Madison and SI. flair County area. Conlae-t: Consoiidate'd Hume Development Inc.. Mitchell !):n-!i(isv or '.in-Eonrii. liRllill I ON —Now for those wanlim: an cM-eptleniall v ne'at home, this is the one-. :; e-aipeted Ite'drooms, 1 baths, kih hen,elim-lle. Allticlied I'.n"- lajje, c-enlral air c-ond. Hllilt-ln raniii' and i-i'l'ri|',eraloi. l-'ull base- me-nl. plie, man\- epialilv extras, ("all now for a complek- cleia-rlp- llon of Nn. li-H ('.'). We are ope'ii lonii'.lil HOUSE: CENTER REA1.TOUS •liiii-ll'.ilil " ROCK~GA~TE"ESTATES I ,'UV i lOWM pil.VllKMtl , i.puis :il l s;tM i:irii;. \\'( )\V' — 'I hi-, uiui'-nal nn v ui ;i il I KM I room tu in H- ilui'su'l runic nli in; very tit ten. 1 .miK ;it t lu-M 1 U'ntui cs I I nil li.'iM'-.-.u-iit, f,M i';i)',r. Icnrci v; 1111, N I n r n i windows, 1 M i i 11 -1 n k i I r h en (lai'jii't, p;it io ami nnicli more N ire i r -it Initial ,'irra ul" < loiH'rcy Dnn'l i1i.-l.iv. M-r Nu. :. Kill,! Yon 1 ! lo\r 11 ' IUHIM; t '|-;N n- K Ki'.Ai.Tous -Ilili ''.'111 !i<) .. .I;,,,, if, BY OWNER 1 ovely larj'.e 7 room line-It, rinu'l i'.'uniiv I'litnii, I'll eplaiv. ;; baths, wallaml li.i'U-nii'iit. double ;.!aia):e nil coiiilllliMit'd. viu-ant. $2!i,!l()() Will Made tin- house, lul or trail CM', -HJli llfillli. l.'l ..-. 11 - — WOOD KIVEK~.:|..l!ill ilo«ii (ill till: cscept tonally nii'i- '.' hi'ilrooin IIOMU \\-illi rxtra 1 , like larc.e iiarai'.e Irnrril \aid. carpets. Close' Ic school-, anil .>.hii|i|iini!. Elrsl linn on market 'I ul al inont lily pa v tnrnl .'idii:;. Art now! SIT No. '.' I loilav. IIOIi.M l IN I I N REALTORS •UHi '"1,1 REAL ESTATE HUHnBHrnntaHBij MM COLONIAL I.)R. SO!) D'ADKIAN C'l . , -101 PARIS UK. HOI) KINti AHTHUR UK. $'>:',, 'MO $:in. w.ij $:in, Odd *22,!IOO .'UI SIR LANCELOT LN. .. $22,1)00 17 MI.-:RC:URY OR ........ $21, mm 'he I'ollowini; home.i have been pur- ehased hy and Tree color TV's huvo been awarded to: :HO CAMICLOT — Mrs and Mrs. Robert Sanndcrs, ,lr. :!> WOOD GAT!/; — Mr. anil Mrs. Donald I), lirown /(lit; SATURN — Mr. and Mr.s. Hilly C. Smith CHAS. E. SPRINGMAN DEVELOPMENT, INC. 108 North Port Dr., Godfrey Phone 466-4470 on-'lCli HOURS: !) • K Mon. Thru Tluirs. !) - r> l-'rl. Thru Sal. 1 - 5 Sun. MILTON I ROOM I'OTTAfili—With larKc LMI- rlO!n.'il knotty |)inc buck porch. Ful clivkii'cl hiisi-munl. Scwur. Very nice ni'iKlil'orhocul. Close to St. Mat- Ihcsvs SIO.OOC I,AKC II-: •! ROOM COT'I; — With aluminum siding, l-'illl ha.semcnt Ha:;enieiil Harare. Sciwer. I''ully in Miliitucl. ICuclosL'cl front porch. $!!!)()( I.AROI-: ROOMS — llasement. Cia ra^e. I'Viic-ect liac-k yard. lixtrn lot Nicely kept. A (lanily buy at $0001 UPPER ALTON LARGK , r i ROOM FKAMU—Usu.l :; or :i heclrooms. nasetnc.Mit. 2 «a- ra|;es anil tool shed. to Sail Park $10,IKK I i._ STORY I-'RAMI-:—:i hc.'ilroiinis l ; ormal dinini; room. l ; ull divide'! hasc'inent with finished family room and workshop,^e enclosed I'ron poreli. Nice iiel|!hoorhcxid. $i:i,UOl ALTON I1 (ill l.()N(i—I V.-slory frame. Use as :i or •! lii'droom home, llasemenl j'.as heat, l-'.xlru larjit. 1 carpeti.'d liv iiij', room, 'l-room apt. over |^araj;e Availahh 1 for Immeciiate possession Make offer. STEINER REAL ESTATE •nio-:i!)iin Mai v Ann Monical — 'llin-HiKH II TO BUY OR TO SELL CALL HESSENFLOW-CANNON AGENCY MILTON—Aberdeen, 5 room brick 2 bedrooms, basement, attached ;:araso, steel beams, trees, and shrubbery. Good location. Sit,,500 ROXANA—Tydeman, aluminum siding, 9 rooms, with B bedrooms. 2 story basement, large lot, remodeled. Close to schools, shopping. $19,900 EAST ALTON — Income property. Business building. Arranged for 2 incomes, plus a 5 room house. Aluminum .siding, carport and air SKLL. 1 — f'all the pro^rfssive Real i:st;'.tc I-irm with fresh ideas for home sales. We need listings in ;ill atTMs of Metro-Alton. The action number to call day or night MOUSE CENTER AUCTIONS Auctions MC — TI-- Mon, Fn HILLTOP SALKJ. BARN — Located one mile east of Alton on Foster- FARM Dogs -LIVESTOCK I -Cats— Pets 6& i ARC Pekingese and pfiidl *; rolli"-i. J2I ill. nn-t-n-tiifi. (ircenvi! i,r, _ 12 — . .; YEAR OLD STARTED Rim: tirk m.-'.Ic coon rln,'i, anrl also i-'-warr! fcjr 7 month old f' v.ilkcr nup. ''. .1. Powell. .•'.7.i-:r;')i. (;r ( l (- AKC RECJISTERIID— Gcrmon Shc'p- hcrd pups for sale, fi weeks ftld. $50. Beautiful stud. 18 months, $100. •I(i.")-n5n2. lO.'Ui £•:. Brouh.v.iv 05 — 1^ —— TOY TERRIER AND CHIHUAHUA mixed puppies. $20 rind $'J. r ), 4fi(i-:_o:m FARM — LIVESTOCK livestock 68 TRl'CK I OAII fir Colorado ranch broke her," 1 ;. R>--_isti-rcd and RV, :le. Stilt/, Arena. E'ostf-rburK Rd. S _ ]t — 3(il ! E0i< SALE. HT'.Torfl-Anmis eifi's:. A-ipi-'O. sr.o In;. :!72-.T10i;. 'i,.~yr-.\R-OI.D r;i-:i.DiNf; — sn-.-iii, Heal for leenajvr or ladv. $100. Saddle, etc. : : «5. :i59-S:m. '•'OUR STEERS—Three heifers, two huU'herinc: hops. Also straw, tipht hales, nne. :i77-(i.'i-1-t. AKC. ST. BERNARD FIJI'S — Full mask Shots and '.vonih.-d. 217- REGISTERED AKC DOBKKMAN PINtMER PUPS— St. Jaeoh, Illinois, M4-5K1S. * burg Rd. Furniture auction every Monday nighi (Need Rood used furniture), livestock Salo every Thursday niphl. 6 p.m. ART LONCi, Auctioneer. 462-5112. MC — TF MORSE AUCTION CO. Highway 140, Cottage'Hills OPEN DAILY from 9 a.MI. to 5 p.m. Phone 259-2821. We --HV and sell Rood used furrycute and appliances and stock liquidations. Sold at public auction. Fr' an.-| Sat a; 7 p.m. REAL ESTATE AUCTION .SATURDAY. .IAN. !<>. ( ) A.M. 'MC — 28 2!), .Ian. <1 5 11 12 18 1!) MEDEORD'S AUCTION—2(17 at New Delhi. Open 0 to 5 Monday through Saturday. Sale Wednesday 7 p.m. Consignments wanted. Ph. ')(i(i-1705. (MC — 12 SPECIAL ANTIQUE AUCTION — Rt. MO, Bethalto, Wednesday, .January 13, (i p.m., dishes, clocks, lamps, secretary desks, round table, trunks, picture frame-;, consignments welcome, regular sales Tuesday, Friday, Saturday nights. 377-(iO--li. Leroy Goessman, Auctioneer. *4C[PROFESSIONAL POODLE TRIM- MINC,—Complete or partial grooming. Contact Linda Williams, 406 Rose, South Roxan;'. :;54-S(i2H. — .Ian. 21 conditioning In a one units. Sec this $55,000 EAST ALTON — 'l-room frame. Basement. Needs repairs... $5,500 <ENDALL HILL—Kendall Dr. 5- room hrlck. 3 bedrooms, l'/ 2 baths. Double ear garage. Lower level lias library, two bedrooms and large utility room, fireplace. Good const ruction. Perfect condition. . $38,900 WOOD RIVER — Ilamett. 5-room frame. Basement garage. Immediate possession. Close to schools. $10,500 WOOD RIVER—2-story frame with 1 bedrooms, full basement and garage. Newly decorated .. $12,500 WOOD RIVER — Lorena, 4 apartments, separate utilities. new roof. Good income $19,100 WOOD RIVER — Second Street. 8 rooms, frame, aluminum siding, one family or two family house, close to schools and churches . $13,500 HARTFORD—120 Elm SI. A rooms, frame. Almost new furnace. Needs repair $4,700 MEADOW13ROOK FARM—About 79 acres. About GO ncres tillable, (i- room brick, like new. Living room, 3 bedrooms, family room, and beautiful kitchen, built-in 'stove and oven, ample cabinets. New brick double ear garage. Barns and otlv er buildings. Lake site. You must see this one $75,000 S. ROXANA—Daniel Boone Trail. A little; more than one acre of ground, (i room ranch. 2 fireplaces 3 bedrooms, living room and kitchen. Lots of cabinets, built - ins Has large family room, one large bedroom and utility room. $29,900 5-ROOM FRAME —Full basement Garage. Large lot. Patio. BBQ pit Fruit trees $15,90C FARM—North of Beltline. Almost 41 acres, about 25 acres tillable. Ok: buildings, lakesitc. All fenced In. See this one $32,OOC EDWARDSVILLE — T room mobile home & large, lot. built on garage and car port .. $7,000 MILTON—Hillcrest. 5 room frame. 2 bedrooms, basement $7,200 MILTON AREA—0 room frame. Full CLOSING OUT SALE Machinery and Equipment Located 2(._ miles south of Earmersvillc, or Hi miles north of Waggoner, on Saturday, Jan. 16, 1971 at I I a.m. 1907 Chev. Series 50 2-ton truck with 13 - ft. Knaphide bed with stock racks, hoist, 2 speed axle, 20.000 miles. I9(i7 JD 4020 diescl tractor with regular shift, wide from end and :i p. H. Set of 13.5-38 snap-on duals. Fast hitch for 4020. 10G(i JD 105 gas combine with 23" tires. 14- ft grain head, cab and chopper. 1970 .ID No. 444 4-row wide corn head with quick latch feeder house for No. 105 combine. Two 1!)C>9 Case 8-ton gears with 1100-15 flotation tires with 185-bu. Flicking gravity beds and tiptops. 19H7 .ID" 14.3 5-1316" semi-mounted plow. Midwest harrow for 5-13 plow. 1970 .ID BWA Kil/2-ft. wheel disc with fold-up wings. .ID 15i/i Model C-10 mounted field cultivator. Kewance l.'ii/ 2 -ft. wheel disc. JD No. 494A planter with fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide and minimum tillage. .ID No. 12 planter hitch. JD RG4 rear mount cultivators, JD 4-row rear mounted Rotary Hoc for 3 P.H JD 4-sectlon harrow. 4-section harrow. l(i-ft. drag. Mayrath Id-row sprayer with fiberglass tank and 3 P.H. New Idea 7-ft. semi-mounted mower. Liouid fertilizer attachment for planter. Automatic ti;ac- tor radio, 2-channel with citizen band. ROO-gal. LP tank. Three .200- Kul. overhead fuel tanks, one for diescl. 300-gal. overhead gas tank. Hog gates, old grain drill, iron kettle, doubletrees; quantity of small items. Some household goods, including 54" cabinet sink. GO" sink top with double drain, and other items. Marion Watson, Owner AT THE SAME TIME & PLACE NEIGHBORS WILL SELL: 195 Ford V-8 panel truck with auto- malic transmission. 1949 Chcv. iy.,ton truck with grain bed, hoist am: 2-specd axle. Forney C-5 180-amp arc welder. TERMS: CASH John S. Hasten, Virden, Auctioneer Jim Crabtrce, Clerk Norma Crabtree, Cashiei Lunch will be served by Webb's Chuck Wagon Number system will be used Not responsible for accidents FARM — LIVESTOCK ?EC;iSTERED POMERANIANS — Variety of colors. A few Pugs. Ph. 372-3108. 5 — Jan. 23 AKC REGISTERED CHIHUAHUA and DACHSHUND PUPPIES — 115 Virginia, Fox Terrier puppies, rkthalto. 377-(>(i28. 'LEAKANCF. SALE — Puppies & breed.!! 1 .* stock: Pekingese. Pomeranian, Cocker, Fox Terriers, Beagles, Poodles, American Eskimo. Chihuahuas German Shepherds. English Setters. Also stud service. .'I72-81G(J. Farm Machinery 66 LATE "MODEL OLIVER lono tractor, wide from, hydra-power, cylinder, 15.5-38 liies, ,{ point, 1375 brs.; Oliver 4-14 semi-mounted plow. Both good condition. Call after 5:30 p.m. Lavernc Korsmeycr Alhambra, 111. Ph. 618 4SS-775K. Feeds and Seeds 67 ALFALFA HAY for sale. 4HB 442fi. 46U-19V3 BRIGHT' WIRE TIED BALED STRAW — Also timothy hay. Ph. 1-729-5045 or 465-3914. ; 7 _ 15 BRIGHT STRAW—And Timothy hay Plasa 729-5045 or 465-3914. Livestock 68 ONE YOUNG PUREBRED HEREFORD BULL—$375; 2 heifers, : steers, 30c pound, 13 feeder pigs average C5 Ibs. $14 each. 376-4296, Fieldon. 18 — 13 FOR SALE—Feeder pigs. Castrated & wormed. 498-3200, .lerseyvillc. •58 — 20 HAVE COMPLETE LINE of new style 1971 model horse trailers. $795. Also used 15-ft. stock trailer Ncal Sheppard Horse Sales, Bethalto. 377-9709. Poultry & Supplies 69 LAY" FOR~SALU — Alfalfa and Bromegrass. 377-6192. ;9 — 11 "OR SALE: — Fresh egga. 372-3597. Meats 69B R HANSENT CHOICE" BEEF Front quarters inc. lialf beef 59<v hind quarters f,9c, 40 Ibs. chuck steaks S27.60, 30 Ibs. rib steaks $29.70. Blast frozen, cut, wrapped and delivery free. Will finance. HANSEN PACKING COMPANY, Jersevvllle 1 . Custom beef slaughtering and processing. 498-3714. 'REEZER BEEF — Cut, Wrapped, frozen and delivered. USDA CHOICE. HfeR Meats Co., Front & Alby. Ph. 4K5-4279. MISC. FOR SALE Articles for Sale 71 71 II l,E COMBINATION WASHER AND DRYER—Like new. $125. 259-1279 after 5 p.m. MOVING—Will sell furniture, appliance's, miscellaneous. 810 State St., Alton. 4G5-6862. 71 — TF Mon Wed Frl WE REPLACE y'ass and screens in aluminum doors and windows. Zimmer Home Improvement, 706 Milton Road. ii62 Ob"6. 71 — 11 OIL TANK —250 gallon, some oil. S30. 466-4559. WOMEN'S FIGURE SKATES — Perfect shape, size 8, Ip9. 4fl(i-(i018. 71 — Jan. 23 — • WAGON WHEEL TRADING POST— Used furniture, appliances, oil, gas heaters. 1 mi. out Fosterburg Road. Open 9-5. Ph. 462-9G68. 71 — 12 STEARNS AND FOSTER matched box springs and mattress. Padded headboard, twin size. $20. 254-3924. 71 — 11 WIG SALE—Synthetic and human hair, from $8 to $23. Call 462-7749, .or 259-6939. REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE ALTON $13,500 Let's talk about it: ^-block to Irving School, two blocks to Cathedral, lour blocks to Jr. High. Walking; distance to town plus :i fenced yard with a 5-room aluminum sided home. 2 bedrooms, large family room, full basement. See this at 351 Bluff St. Alton, Illinois. Immediate possession, take over 5"-i % loan Gene St. Cin Agency 372-3464 Maurice Wilson 372-8234 basement. Good terms. $11.900 INCOME PROPERTY — 2 apartments. All first class Oood location '... $12,900 HESSENFLOW-CANNON AGENCY REALTOR — MLS Alton Office Wood River 402-(iS8'l 254-389:1 F. N. Bishop 259-2487 L. C. Slaten 405-8979 Dorothy Cannon 4(il!-0880 Elsie Lockyer 254-3414 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE ESTATE (NATIONALLY ADVERriSLO BRAND:; | division ol Ull 127$ HtOFIT DWVE»DAtUS, TCXAS I'M I I 9m Ifltt/eiled in moro infonnathin about miking inonoy in the vending bu*in*w. I hive » cic ami 68 hour- ftt p*ok »p<i« time. Q I ttn invest J600 in a route. P I c«Ji invt.t $1500 in * loult. SUte Zip Pept. 3071 A < : .n in he! li\ in: 1 i ooni anil iliiiiiii; ar> a, liiii>.ltril rrnva i icnk I'Dini) in li.i>.i-i!i'-n) aiiil all ai-lii-,1 Harare. \ aeanl. IlilUli'lliiil e Oe{-tl;>:tne\ . As ?""•; I'llA loan .18)500 DUANL (Hv MAtnLYN Pllf"ER 466-6500 or 466 4V02 George Peterie Agency •^ G.I. Nothing Down VV $500 down private loans •A- 3%-5°o-10°-o Mortgage money ^ Lowest Costs in town -^ Trade-Equity- Guarantced Sale Id OUK AHIIJTV TO i INAN< i; is TIM: KM. mi i i:ui;\( Loyce Wooff Realtors 462-9797 M • mmmm m a D.B.A. SAYS: "LOOK AT THESE!" Veterans—No money down New i! lu-drooiii home — Pull husement, carpet raiiKO, oven. Drain's - I'nriillure iiiekuleil Excellent Condition — Middletown eentra! air - tan'ilv room ITixHO. itiuini: • ll\li\i! rnuni, '2 heilrcMiius .? 17,500 14,900 Godfrey—Dead end street No \\-oi i \ ahonl e\i-I's-avc 1 Iral'l'ir al this :i heclronni home. Taxt's onlv syil'Min. Pully eaiiii'teil - 1 car attached (•ar Has heal. Top condition '16,900 Milton—Coronado charniiiij.; :t bedroom home. Pull basement - Lo-.v taxes. 13,200 Alton—Marie St. It oulv takes M1.nun.'.Hi lo purchase tills lovely •! room home. Aluminum sidiuj'. liasemcnl and ;',arai:e. Alton—4 bedroom brick Nridi-d lai.'u- lamil\ - .-' larr.e looms. Faintly U i-.i-inriit • aluminum .storm, screens 16,900 North Alton—McKinley School Dist. c'hai lillni.. 1 i - : , story ilium sulm;;. t'arpct doniul ;i beilroom home, basement lamilv room . Alum $^,500 TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU WOOD RIVER 254-7424 GODFREY 466-1513 AKC IRISH SETTER puppies, ,$50 and if.UO. 1118 Meadow Dr., Cottage Hills, 2. r >!)-2:J6<> after •! p.m. fir, _ n WANTED—Home for Orphan Annie, part Cocker and hound. 12 weelis old. Housebroken. Will deliver. Ph. •Iti5-2808. (if, — 15 FREE—8-week-old Border Collies. Brighton. 372-3361. (in — 11 — 13 FOR SALE Registered male Sehmuizer, 1 year old. liars clipped, had all shots. Excellent with children. Must sell. SIOO. :)72-3fir)K. REAL ESTATE YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS When You List REALTOR Our 27 Years Experience will give you a fair appraisal on your property We have Buyers for 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes - In Godfrey-Alton-East Alton-Wood River and Roxana i . Area We Have Conventional, Veterans, and FHA Loans Available Trained Sales Staff: i Eli Greer Kenneth Greer Jean Lohbig Millie Bailey June Booker CALL: ELI GREER, Realtor PH. 462-0078 INTRODUCING.. A NEW WAY B HOME! READ ON! READ ON! /ONE MONTH'SX / PAYMENT \ / MOVES YOU IN! \ / PAYMENTS DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR BUDGET! \ / INTERESTED??? \ j Call Now For Details and Private Showing! \ ^ STATE REALTY *' 466-1544

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