The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 17, 1923 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1923
Page 5
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1 TJESDAy, JUL.Y 17, 1,923 THE HUTCHINSON N E W Si .PAGE FIVK. g 1 he Light of Western btars 5 •8 A Romance by ZA/VE GREY SYNOPSIS. Chapter I.—Arriving at Die lonely llttln railroad atatlon of El Cajon, Now Mrxlco, Madeline Hammond, Now York Klrl, finds no ono to moot hor. While In the walling room a drunkon cowboy enters, auks Tf ahe Ut married, and departa, leaving ln>r, terrified, lip. returns with a pricHt. who goes through soma atirt of remon^ arid the cowboy farcies her to ay "SI." Askln*- hor name and. learning or identity, the cowboy fleoina daaecl. In HhootlliK sorHPO ontsldo tho room a Mexican l» killed. The cowboy loin a lvl, "Unnlta," t*ke Ma homo and osea»«, hen cunduutB Madeline to Florence ysley, friend of her brother. CHAPTER A Secret Kept. Because of that singular roply Matlo- ne found faith to go farllior with tho cowboy. But at tho moment aho cully did not think about-what ho had said. Any aimvor to hor would have sorvod It it had beon kind. Aa she •walked, on Into tho windy arkness, much relieved that ha had nswerod as ho had, reflecting that ho nd yet to prove his worda true, aho |liogan to grasp tho deeper significance lof them. There was a revival at pride |lhnt iimdo her feol that Bho ought,to corn to think at all about such' a |mnn. Presently Madeline's guido turnod ft the walk and rapped at a door ot low-roofed house. "Hullo—who's there?" a (loop voice, answered. "Cono Stewart," said the cowboy. Call Florence—quick!" Thump pf footstopB followed a tap n a door, and voices, Madeline hoard woman exclaim: "dene! horo whon nere's a danco In town! Something frong out on tho range." A light lured up and.'shone bright through a ivindow. In another moment' thero ame a patter of soft steps, and tho [our opened to disclose a woman hold- nK a lamp. "Gone! Al's not— "Al is all right," interrupted the :owboy. Madeline had two sensations then one of wonder at the note of alarm nd love In tho woman's voice, and he other of unutterable relief to ho [ire with a friend ot her brother's. "It's Al's sister—came on innlght's Iraki," tho cowboy was "I apponed to bo at the station, ami \(B fetched her up to you." • n •••••••••••••••••Btal evor learning what wo really aro out here. Miss Hammond, Oeno Stewart I B h fiend when he's drunk. AH the uattie I know, whatovcr ho did, ho meant no shame to you. Come now, don't think about It"again tonight." She look up tho lamp and lod Mado- lino into a little room. "Won't you let mo help you undress—cun't I do anything for you?" "You are vory kind, thank yon, but I can manage," replied Madeline. ".Well, then good night. Tho sooner I go tho sooner you'll root. .Tunt forget what happened and think how flno a surprise you're to give your brother tomorrow." With that she slipped out and softly Bhut tho door. As Madolino laid her watch on the bureau she noticed that tho time was past two o'clock. It Boomed long since she had gotton off the train. Whon she had turnod out tho lamp and crept wearily into bed 'she knew what It was to be utterly spent. Sho was too tired to move a fingor. When she awakened -the room was bright, with sunlight. Sho was lazily and droiimliy contemplating the mud walls of thls^ llttlo room when sho remembered where she was and how sho had como there. How groat a shock aho had been subjected to was niRnlfoat in a sensation ot dJaguHt that overwhelmed hor. Sho ovon shut hor eyes, to try and blot out tho rocolloctlon. She fell that Bho had boon contaminated. I'rosently Madolino Hammond again awoke to tho fact she had learned tho preceding night—that thore were emotions to which sho bad heretofore been a stranger. Sho scarcely remem- Iberod whon aho had found it necessary to control her emotions. Thero had beon no troUblo, no excitement, no unpleasantnosss In hor life. It had boon ordorod for hor—tranquil, luxurious, brilliant, varied, yot always the same. Thon Madeline heard Florence rap on the door and call softly: "MiB8 Hammond. Aro you awahof 1 "Awake and dressed, Miss Kingsley." Presently thoro were slow, reluctant steps outside the front door, then a pause, anil'tho door opened. Stewart stood bareheaded In tho sunlight. Madolino's glance ran over him swift lightening. But as she saw his man's presence roused in her a revolt Yet something in hor, tlio Incomprehensible side of hor nature, thrilled in tho look ot this splendid dark-faced barbarian. Madeline came forward out of the faco now she di(i not rec0 g n i2o it. The ihadow. • 'Not—not really Magosty Ham- honu!" exclaimed Florence Klngsloy. he nearly dropped the lamp, and she |iokoil. astounded beyond belief. "Yes, I am really she," replied "M r , Stewart, will yon please corns urtellne,. "My train was into and tor in?" sho aslied, utter that long pause. |ime reason Alfred did not meet me. >•! reckon not." he said. The hope —-Mr..Stflwttrt saw fit to bring me lesgness ot his tone meant that no ynii Instead of taking me to a know he was not tit lo enter a room |otel." I with her, and dirt, not caro or cared "Oh, I'm so glad lo meet you," re- too much. I ied Florence, warmly. "Do come In.; Madvllno went to tho door. Tho in so surprised, 1 forgot my manners, man's face was hard, yot it was sad 'hy, you are white as n sheet. You too. And It touched hor. niBt bo llred. What a long wait you ml at the station! It I had.known |nt were coming! Indeed, you are u was nunnwithia »«- '•*"• to keep the touched her. I shall not toll my brother of your Indeed vnu are i, } '° Ur ™ uonoss ,0 >»o," ahe began." pale. Are you mr ' * V WM topos8 » W8 for *» I "No. Only I am very tired. Travel |g so tar by i chill out of her voice, to speak with rail is harder than i ? lher Ula " tho 1>Tlll ° and alootness ot ran is naioor than I hm cltt83 N8vor theles3, despite her had spoken so'far dnass and pity fol involuntarily. "I choose to .aglned. I did have rather a long nat h c wh„i,„ alt after arriving at the station, but ^seemed „» km can't say that" it was lonely." . ' *°? U1 ?„, at . Florence Klngsley searched Made-' l °ZltL^T""- „„„ " ie's faco with keen eyes, and then ° v / rloolc( w >'», you did because you ok a long significant look at the ZZZlZ^' " c , COUDtab ^ •»* llent Stewart. With • that she de- cauae thero must bo no trouble bo- -erately and quietly closed a door t ™ e ,°" A !f red nn , d you ' ^ 1 iel 5 r «» adii.g into another room. 1> ou t0 , » ien ™ alul to Beal tho Miss Hammond; what has hap- " 1>B , ot t ^ >' r . lest ' You . wiU sl)ar0 1 mo further distress, will you not, plonss?" His hoarse roply was Incoherent, but sho needod only to see his woTklng has nan. llpB ot tlre Vrleafl Y Imecl?" She had lowered her vole? ,U0 f "^ hor dlatreS3 ' "I do not wish to recall all that has Ippened," replied Madolino. "I shall |I1 Alfred, however, that I would liner have met a hostile Apache than u ^i to kuOW hia re,uor8 e and grail |cowboy. "Please don't toll Al that! tudo. Madeline wont back to her room; «ud, presently Florence came for hor orence. Then sho grasped Stewart and directly ithey wero sitting at break id pullod him close to the light, ,f flBt . Madeline iHammond'a lmprcs- reconstructed In tho morning light. Sho folt a wholesome, frank, oweot nature. She liked tho slow southern know pretty Sho had-a icy? Aren't you over going to A^ !" t0 " th ° Bl< , w fl ' 01 drinking? You'll lose all yourjS' M H ,^ W i ?f to ds. Molly and I have pleaded o? B tH kln L°™ nC0 K ">88 ' D ywas one, you're drunkl "Now, see horo, Flo, I only—" 'I don't want to know. I'd tell it. :ne, aren't you ever going to loaru cency? >P on th you, and now you'vo gono and n<?—God knows what!" "What do women want to woar veils ?" ho growled. "I'd ltavo known but tor that veil." |"And you wouldn't have insulted But you would the next girl who kne along. Oeno, you are hopeless, liw, you get out ot here and don't lor come back-" TFlo!" ho intreated. |'I mean It." 'I reckon then I'll como back fcvrqw and take my medicine," fclioU ['Don't you dare!" she cried. Stewurt went out and closed nr. I'Mfss Hammond, you—you don't how this hurts mo," said prence, "What you must think of It's so unlucky that you should |vo had this happen right at first.. Iw, maybe you w^on't havo Iho heart | stay, Oh, l'vo*known more than eastern girl to go homo without to- he the open, and dl«clo»ed Stewart Bitting on ( tho i»rch Btepa. 'Prom down;th« rooa I camo a clattor of hoofs. Madolino looked out over Florence's shoulder and saw a cloud ot dust approaching and In it sho distinguished outlines of horses and riders- A warmpth spread over hor, a llttlo tlnglo of gladness, and the fooling recalled her girl- iBh lovo tor her brother. What would j ho he like atlor long years? •• , Looking oiit, Madeline saw a bunch ot dusty, wiry horses pawing the gravel and tossing loan heads. Hor swift glanco ran over tho llHie horsemen, trying to pick out tho one who was her brother. But alio could not. Hor glance, however, caught the same rough dress and hard aspect that characterized the cowboy Stewart. Than ouo rider throw his reins, loapod from tho saddle, and cRmd bounding up tho porch stops. Floronce mot Mm at tho door. "Hello, Flo. Where is she7" he called, eagerly. With that ho looked ovor her shoulder to espy Madeline Ho actually Jumped at her. Who hardly knew the tall form and the bronzed faco, but tho warm flash ot bluo oyoB was familiar. As for him, he bad no doubt of his sister, it appeared for with broken welcome ho throw his arms around her, then hold hor oft aud looked searchlngly at her. "Well, sister," ho began, when Florence turned hurriedly from tho door and Interrupted him. "Al, I think you'd hotter stop the wrangling out thoro." Ho atarod nt her, appeared suddenly to hear tho loud voices from the otreot, and, then, releasing Madeline, ho eald. "By fleorge! I forgot, Flo. Thero is a little husinoss to see to. Keep my sister in hero, please, and don't bq Cussed up, now." He wont out on tho porch and called to his men: "Shut off your wind, Jack! And you, too, Blazel I didn't want you follows lo como hore. But as you would como, you'vo got to shut up. This is my business." Whereupon ho turned to Stewart, who was sitting on the fence, "Hello, Stewart!" ho said. It was a greeting; but there was that In tho voice which alarmed Madeline. Stewart loisuroly got up and lol- suroly advanced to the porch. "Hello,-Hammond!" be drawled, i "Drunk again Inst night?" "Woll, if you want to know, and If it's any of your mix, J-OB , I'was — protty drunk," replied Stewart. It waB a kind of cool speech that allowed tlio cowTjoy in control of hiin- solt and master of tho situation—not an o»«y npoech to follow up wllth undue InquiBillveness. There was a short silence. "©— It, Stewart," said the speaker, prosontly, "here's the situation: It's all over town that you met my sister last night at tlio station and—and Insulted her. Cfeue, you've been on tho wrong trail for some time, drinking and all that. You're goiug to tbo bad. But Bill thinks, and 1 think, you're still a man. Wo never know you to lie. Now what havo you to say tor yourself?" "Nobody is insinuating that I am a liar?" drawled Stewart. "No." ' "Well, I'm glad to hear that. You soe, Al, I was pretty drunk last night, but not drnrik enough to forgot tho loast thing I did. I found Miss Hammond waiting alone at the station. Sho wore a veil, hut I knew aho was a lady, of course. I imagine, now that I think ot it, that Miss Hammond found my gallentry rather startling, and—" At this point Madeline, answering to unconsidered Impulso, oluded Florence and walked out upon tho porch. "Oontlomen," said Madeline, rather breathlessly; and it did not add to hor calmness to feol a hot flush In her cheeks, "I am very now to western ways, but I think you are laboring under a mistake, which, in justice to Mr. Stewart, I want to correct, ln- doed, ho was rathor—rather abrupt and strange when ho camo up to me last night; but as I understand him now, I can attribute that to his gallantry. Ho was somewhat wild and sudden and—sentimental in his demand to protect me^—and It was not clear whether he meant-his protection tor last night or forever; but I am happy to say ho offored mo no word that was not honorable. And he flaw me eafely bore to Mllss Klngsley's home." (To be continued tomorrow.) A poet is a person who wrltos about "Dcwdropa" but has never gone through tall, wet graBs. In tact, most poets sloop so late they have never seen dewdrops.—Atchison Globe. or striking or unusual. _ „ youthful glow and flush, tho clear tan ot outdoors, a faco that lacked Iho soft curvos and lines of eastern women, nnd her oyos wore light gray, llko crystal, steady, almost piercing, and her hair was a 'beautiful bright waving muss. A sharp knock on tho parlor door interrupted conversation. Florence's , .... , sister went to open it, Sho returned 1 W« once know a prize fightOT who presently and fluid: kept himselfMn perfect physical con"If« Oono. Ho's booit dawdlln' out dltloh by following his wife on shop- there on tho 'front |>orch, and ho' ping tours—Atchison Cilobe, knocked to let us know Alias Ham- 1 ~ mon'd's brother is coinlu'." Tho easiest thing to do: Bolng a Florence hurriod Into tho parlor, 1 faithful church memlber on poor Sun- followed by Madeline. The door stood dayB for motorhifi.—Atchison U-lobo. MAE MURRAY'S BEST Beautiful Production and Novel Story Make It a Cer- ( , tain^ Hit. Mao Murray has done tho best work ot hor photoplay career in her latest Metro picture, "Jazzmania," presented by Robert 7,. Leonard at tho DeLuxo Thealro, whero it was seen for the first time yesterday. The amazing versatility of this gifted serpen star was nevor more fully evidenced than in this film, and It is by all odds the most popular and entertaining of hor pictures, "Jazzmania" has everything In It; As a matter of fact, it is mnro than one photoplay. It has Its background for tho most part in the colorful kingdom ot-Jassmanla, a tiny Balkan principality, U shifts to Paris for a while; then to tbo Casino ut Monte Carlo; and finally to New York. Spectacular scenes follow each oilier with incrodlblo swiftness; and no sooner has ono glimpsed a scene of rare beauty thon nnotlior Is flashed on the screen In Its stead "Ja/.zmania" is really a Now York Hippodrome of tilmdom. The star receives splendid support from tho cast, among whom aro several playors of prominence. Hod La Itocquo, ono of the most popular of leading men, appears opposite the star as Jerry Langdon, an American, with whom Ninon falls In lovo at Monte Carlo. Hubert Fra?.er Is the trustworthy Vahnar, nldo-de-camp; Edward Burns, Sonny Daimler, an- othor admirer; and Joan Hersholt appears as Prince Otto' of Como, a neighboring principality. Company aro carried out Anita Stow- Krt will begin work Boon on "Cain and Mnble," under tlio direction ot 15. Mason Hopper. It is interesting lo nolo that "Tho Txivo Piker," Miss Stewart's first Cosmopolitan picture, -will bo distributed by tho Goldwyn company. OH, MR. FOX William "Fox announces "Around the Town With Mr. Gallagher and Mr. 'Shcan" will he the. title ot the story In which the two well-known comedlanB will make their screen do- but. Threo guesses what musical number the orchestras will piny when Mr. Shean steps out on the .silver sheet, THREE LITTLE •: '-r l," MAIDS IN A FILM "' "' Floronco Fair, who mado her screen debut in Paramount pictures a few weeks ago in "Leah Kleschna" Is in Alan Dwan 's production of "Zafca." Helen Gllmore, a recent graduate from tho stage, will also give the waiting world an eyeful of fominlno pulchritudo. Gloria 'Swanson, 'who needs no introduction, has tho title role In the picture • 4> * NEWSY NOTES * «> FROM MOVIELAND. • * Marble Forrest is returning to tho screen. HlBlory snrelh that in private life Bhe is Mrs. Bryant Washburn and tho mother of two fiuo boys. All wo •have to say la that a younger and lovelier mother no two boys ever had. They do oay tlittt sho has not lost hor talent of acting, olther, during her absence from the screon. The way of hor return was this: She was cailod upon to play; a lead- lug part in "Tho Screen Writers' ltevue" in Los Angelos recently, and BO .well did Bho acquit horsolt that YOU REMEMBER PETER Eve Stuyvesant, direct descendant ot one Peter Who bought the Island of Manhattan once from tho Indians and paid the exorbitant price ot a bottle of non-home-brew whisky for It, 1 B doing the continuity for Whitman Bennett's next special production. Sho also did (he same service tor "The jiurplo Highway" starring Madge Kennedy, which Paramount- la now distributing. ' BRAN FLAKES With 01he. Ports of Wheat ' '- :fi U;."- KELLOCC COMPANY Mablo Forrest. sho was besieged with offers by producers, die was not very enthusiastic at first, 'but having taken the plunge, sho says, "I dldu't realize how fascinating It was." Sho is to play' in Ben Wilson productions as leading woman to her husband, Bryant Washburn. 'Her first pictures will be "Mine to Keep," "The Lovo Trap," and "Other Men's Daughters," which will bo roloaaed this fall. •Miss Forrest was born In Ohio on a farm Baid to bo two hundred years old. Annlo Laurio, heroine of the old song, 1 B one of her ancestors. A LITTLE HOMESICK. Androo Lafayotte, imported by 'Richard Walton Tully for "Trilby," which Jaiiioa Young directed, is another victim of tlio Hollywood lure. Sho says she would ho content to stay In Amorlca forever if Bhe could have Just ton days more ot Paris, this to satisfy a llttlo lingoring homesickness. ANITA TO BEGIN WORK It tho plana ot tho Cosmopolitan De Luxe 10c Matinee Night 10c—20c TODAY AND TOMORROW • MAE MURRAY In "Jazaanama" A cinema of syncopation and splendor. She who doesn't hesltato li loat—and ahe didn't hesitate to naaltate. See how and whyl NOW!! DeLuxe Srows 3:30 — 7:30— ( 9:30 It You Mi»a ThU You Miss the Best! "Robinson's Syncopators" A Jazz Orchestra "boyond oil commonly accepted standards * of eyncopatlon" taking Jazz Into tho realms of tho finest - artistry. They carry tilne pieces and literally make their "I Instruments talk. Each and everyone Is a finished musician. * ' "\ —And a Great Picture— "YOU CAN'T FOOL YOUR WIFE" Do You Really Love Her? Comedy— "A Good Scout" —With— Lewis Stone— Nita Naidt Leatrice Jo y Pathe News It's Cooler at tho Iris PROGRAM CHANGED OAILY Evening 10c Matinaa Sa— 10c L IBERTY THEATRE J. TODAY and TOMORROW Something unusual in the way of pictures. "A FOOL THERE WAS" Prom the famous play by Porter Emerson Brownie, Inspired by the equally famous poem, "THE VAMPIRE," by Rudyard Kipling with Estelle Taylor as "The Vamp"—Irene Rick as "The Wife" and Lewis Stone as "The Fool." ADDED— "OUT OF PLACE" Al St. John Comedy. TODAY ; •.-< WM. S.HART ' H IN "THE MAN KILLER" A new pre.Hoiuatloii ot "The Gun FiBhter" produced hy Thoinaj* It. Inco. ."FRESH FROM THE FARM" Comcay TOMORROW GEORGE WALSH and MIRIAM COOPER . IN "SERENADE" A romance of oM Spain, with hold Cttva)l«r8, dnrintf ili'oda and thrlMliiK ndventuio. A Flrat National Attraction. ALSO A O.OOD COMEDY MEET ME AT THE 1RI3 PESKY BED BUGS £ Bedbugs lay an average of seven 1 per day. Under favorable conditions they hatch In fivo days of which two-thirds nro female. 1 *. They mature to adult elzo nndraro capable ©f laying In four weeks. How many fredbufts would you havo In a year If you left ono female or esiS unmolested for ono yeur? To rid tho imaky bedbug 1 , you roadlly rwe tiow necosaftry It 11 to uuea propiu-allun that will hilt tlioetfR-n uH woll as tho Uvu ones. P. D. Q. ItuslHwr. damanstrated byttiolo»d- Inz Hoflpitali. Hotels and Rftllrond Companion that thoaaXcat andtnowt ocunotoloai vray to »top THE A & A future K*tierftt\onB ot bodbutrs. i-onc\\<vg, floM and anUiU to una tlio new dlacuvary 1'onk.y L>«v» A bC«; imcWail" of I', H, Q, mtilccl n quart, enouali to kill a million txyJbiies, rr>:\ehon, fl.>i»s i: nd cootlca nnd Ut tho uamo Unio dctitm/ tUulc ImpoBiiiblo for th«m to «>cUt wh#>n I*. D. Q. I* prouprty usod. Kruo a patent upout In ovury pHCKJvtfO to Hft tlio p «iky <invllu iu lha liuxd-lo- gut-at placoi* und H.TVH tho juico. V. D. Q. IB not *uv Induct powdor. no tuuua or duiL doett not rot or burn tho bedditttf. P. L>. Q. for family u»«36o. IluttpttaUizu $2,W tnalcAa flva iraflon*. 1', f). Q. can KIRU b« purahaaed In eoalcd bottleu, doublo (ttrougth. llqutd form. ^ Qonuiuo I*. V. Q- U novur peddled^ DRUG CO. Read the Classified Advertisements in The News. At all fountains or in bottlea I>i4<i<>iftitil««ittll!t 'it9is3ni sittii mi

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