Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 17, 1964 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1964
Page 6
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Americans Pay Sultan a Visit By ROBtftt P6TMSOH Until man cruises to the moon no odyssev can top the adventure currently being savofed by 110 Americans — mostly retired and past 60 — who are jogging their way a round-the-world In a cara- va-h of 45 travel trailers. These adventurous elders, .members of a unique, non-profit travel club founded by the late Wally Byam, are now In the Far East and recenty passed through Malaysia. A letter from leader Andrew J. Charles tells of a visit with the Sultan Idris Shaw: . "Last night we rolled into the Malaysian State of Perak. We had just settled into an encampment area when a messenger arrived to announce that the Sultan wished, to recieve us within one hour. "The word spread quickly and we rushed to wash the day's dust from our faces, shave, don fresh togs, and make ourselves presentable. Then we hurried to the palace gate where we were met by a lurbaned rajah with a walkie-talkie radio. "Our ichtdultd half-hour reception stretched into a congenial two-and-a-half hour visit. The sultan seemed genuinely delighted to meet us and personally showed us through the state rooms, including the throne room and his favorite hideaway, thfe Salvation Army Music Goes Pop LONDON CAP) — Salvation Army music here has gone pons. Under the tag of Joy Strings, a group of army lads and hss- es have turned on t a singing- guitar • drum record, "It's an Open Secret" with the flip side "We're Going To Set the Whole World A 'Singing." billiard room. Then he ordered champagne and introduced us to hit contort and their 10-year-old daughter. "Liter the Sultan accepted our invitation to visit the encampment and chose my trailer to inspect. He was delighted by its battery - pw*red lights and profusion of mechanical gadgets. He peered into the gas refrigerator «nd sat on the foam rubber travel lounge that converts into a bed. "He presented us with champagne glasses, neckties, and match boxes bearing his crest. We in turn capped him with a beret which is our trademark, made him an honorary member of the caravan, and expressed our warm friendship for him and his country. "Perhaps," concluded Charles. "This was as a good a 'cultural exchange' as any." Amen, sayg this column, for there's no more effective means of building better foreign relations than for kindly, middle- class Americans to visit and mingle with citizens of other lands. In • potticript Charles notes that during their first week in Asia more than 25.003 Atalay- ilans took advantage of the carl- van's "open house" held regularly while traveling from Singapore to thd Cameron Highlands. Honors for top hospitality went to the Ocil Tolles of El wood, Ind. While encamped at Malacca, the Toltes, who are retired school teachers, escorted 1,000 grade school students and teachers through their trailer and gave each a friendly word and hank- shake. Let's hope this first international trailer caravan paves the way for runy more. Not only is this a relatively inexpensive way to see the world, but it permits the traveler to bring personal comforts from home, sleep in his own bed, eat his own food, and get closer to the mainstream of fo- ttor*>ft rift ¥«l«>gfHIM rtign life than any other means of travel. If you would like a booklet "trailer Life in Retirement" tvrite to this'column in care of the Garden City Telegram enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope and ten cents to cover handling costs. N1W LINCOLN 110-AMP AC WHOM N*» 1110.00 WILDiRS SUPPLY PIMM III 4-41*1 surfacing, Ufct A Cempltt* R*M>r. TMM», Trans. Rapclr. OH Irak* ""ALUM'S SAHTY CINTIR •INTIRNATIONAL MUPPIIM Wltk A Writtm Guarantee far as L«M at YM OM tlM C*r! 414 N. Itk SM Alfc*- ••m |R ••7111 •Chemists believe the Great Salt Lake is one of the nation's richest potential sources of magnesium. HEALTH CAPSULES by Michael A. PetU, M.D. ARE WWITB EGGS BETTER FOR VOU THAN BROWN ONES ? •IMANV PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS, "BUT THE COLOR OF TH6 EGG .SHELL HA6 NO RELATION TO • THE NUTRITIVE VALUE OF THE EGG. : COLP REMEPIE*. Health CwtuUi fin> twlplul .l*iimlinl«iMt*b«*lidiagno<tkMhir« OPEN HOUSE WEDNESDAY, FEB. 19th 9:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M. The Home Of The Following Lines: MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE - ALLIS CHALMERS NEW HOLLAND - KRAUSE And The Smoll BOLEN UTILITY TRACTOR and Mower. Be Sure And Register For This Door Prize.' YOU NEED NOT IE IKESENT TO WIN. Coffee and Donuts Served All Day Merrill Implement Co, fOI I. Gordtn Cify, Kontot •R 4-3801 MICKEY MOUSE NOW. MINNIE - ANP TELL ME VVMAT HAPP'ENEC'! BEETLE BAILEY BEfiTlE.' >tou IDIOT.'.' YOU SHOULD NEV6R LOOK IN THE BARREL OP A SUN Lltffi THAT.' 2-17 '' WELL, I TRIED "\ / REALLY ? TO FIRE IT AMP \T \ I T NEVEE. MAPE THIS FUNNY ) \ HAP OME WHISTLING NOISE ) \ DO THAT --—_-< 60 PACltf AMP Tit/ REINS (T A€*lM ETTA KETT LEACN ANYTHING FROM IT* COSTS WENT ) INFLATION UP AGAIN .' / HITS WHERE ir HURTS-IN THE POCKETBOOK.' POGO THK FIDELITY •TATC BANK Learning to SAVE is also a giant step! Help your youngsters to take it by opening savings accounts for them at our bank. As they make their savings grow — regularly — they'll grow in character too! For «v«ry family bonking n«td, set us. tf THI MAN 10 fAKt CUC 4fiNNUfft>HOUf(0IU.10"> SNUFFY SMITH THE BANK MPPilT INIUIANCI COMOIATION GOT TIED UP WIF DOC PRITCHART DOWN AT TH'STILL- PLAVIN' CflRDS NOPE!! NOT OtvJE RED CENT!! DID VE LOSE ENNy MONEY? PAW!! VO'RE LATE PER SUPPER STEVE CANYON WHEN THE CANVON CHJLP TELEPHONED AND 5AIP HAP CHARTERED AN AIKPUNE.' coed' FROM A1AUMEE...ANP I MAIL HI* INSURANCE Pdl/WIDMl DEAKI HEROEN- PROTESTED TO THIS GIRL ON THE. PHONE... THEM HE 5ISHEP- AND LEFT FOE THE AIRPORT.' I T0LLYOD,/WAD6E,IF I HAD KNOWN WHAT IT WOUtP g£ LIKE TO BE MARRI0P TO A.CERTIFIEP PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT... IT ALL HAPPENEP SO VERY QUtCKLV.' PREXV AND I WERE DPESSIN6 fORTHE BALI. THE RYATTS /<5H ,w&uu - I'M PUTTING IN A WA9H TOMORROW ANVWAY ItONOII ini't LOOK,DEAR"LX30K V AT THE NICE > LETTER I GOT \ FROM THE PANK 4^~\ TOPAY WHAT'S NICEAQOUT IT? IT SAYS YOU'RE OVERDRAWN AND THEY DEMAND PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY WeLL,ATLEA6T THEY TOOK THE

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