The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1975 · Page 20
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 20

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1975
Page 20
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FIRST OF TWO PARTS: Memories of a former agent: 'An FBI badge could move the world 1 Ht«n>lfiifif)!'.lydi-. DiUwgei-, Hairy F'ace N'elwm, f'rirtty di*apix>iir<r<l in a «-| FUjy Floyd Hrtujxmrsnri l>airuird their upwlers wernt-'! to hover in the thadc/wx iA lite comfortably furnished Ijike (-arm* living tootii of (toe former F'FU rt^<-tit a*, hf rerfiij.'iM e»i <«( las etpefH'ttce* in (he bureau '» d»-tc' yi-aiD of £]<iry a/io! )'w (}jr |<r<o » WIT.- imfced the )ears of glory for ihi- into i-literal liure.'tu "f ltiS«^tJj{aUijft. 'lliww VMrre lhe years ^ah foum.l near t »h»-', (h«- ywifiK agt-ney achu-v'rd wi<!«- rt-sjjw 1 a.-iil iJt-cff hailn ! nf rt"";t.'iA;i i'^r (i.-, ^.'/jciK'jir) arui i!sc<rtft.(|itit>il!!y |;I*A i j rifori.f-rncn^ I mli-t tl* !ijim(i wiik-o! leadt-rishipof J. Kdjjflr viorfcififi hour.ij.-il! !/.-«• f^r»-.i'.i •*«» rtfi «'liji« <:«»fjj in UttiM- early d«y» on!;. (he Ji-ffcrvifi I nr fin>t s^w-n lh<: Ford and Ihr- |x/!ir <-in«-n niv«-*ti{{atf tl* wom- I! v,;i* i;j!<-r ('lydf flarrv* 1 !<.-<> Hiond H,if>iil<'in nrsd (?<'"i^ f'»d Htalfn sfsf- F'^rd rtr^J h;<d i-iam- to <.-omirjit '.(«' r»itj).«-r> Th<- s'oir-.'i < nr l.i'a-r r Mi 1 (?'•( '«; sf," 'or' •• !j>-< •.•j'j-/' if,<) him t:!!i'- !'i jiurvijf his '•tw.! '.--. .1! ,S'J,v,' of ) £#*&>*• Tfir- r>. »<f)r!,! M-uk-il Ins raii^v frame intrj t}* de<-p .ntVoit- •/?!.!,' *'?!ii %i|i|>.^ ,1 Utr afti'rMxm drink arid !«.-! •. M.i^jt'i •*)!< /! (.MI. K It) SfwRC r;ir!> )»-af9 l.«-gllU»(\g ,it :f N-((.i-r,,':;!iK J.','! 5i.iv*ili^ fj'jfii iK.t tale lo !!*' IH-*t ir. B The Facts—- razos •4^ ^Hk .^b. • Hi- «-ar f« ( !)- t at (;:r<' K !.'<'•* Al'f if. A.T. DKKHK that ! )».*'re ricujaSlv ajjpiif"! for a pfwi'inn in the Ffil. On June 21. i'jw Uwrr f n'orwl training. Certainly his M/.»- rnui! have Ixren allratlivp to She bureau Flis very six -five and on<- half inch frame carried » I a)>-av8 fell hf: was hir'-'J .'<<r cannon fodder," ti.*d Mrs f>«.'r«? A month !at«:-r, or. July 22. agents of ihc KB1 attempted to arrw.t John Ijillifi^r-r in (ha: farncKis- r'/nfrontation .wfsifif a f \vc;ij><> riw. i<- th^-ytf-r billir.ger pulled a gun fK-f-r'-afKl hi* pariwr rf.t-'fiived th«r first assi 7>ii.-v v, i-r<- to go V>f Tilt-ago to protect. Anna Sajjc ..... th? ••wftn-i,i!i in rwl" wh'i had irfcr.tsfiH Dillmgfr for fh<- :tK''r,'--. b 1 . attending U;<- thcatt-r 'Aith hirn wearing a r«j ' !ra VVf- -Ai.-rf to occupy f;iiiing'rr ••> apartment awaiting loivser S'an M«-!frr. explainwi UH-re Van NJctcr was .•xp<-r!i.-.! to tr> to 'rub cAit" Anna Sac>> But h«; never r,a<je ;'. *.o f.'f.irago. H<- got a running gun fight with 1 .!;'iVv;j;;K'-<- jxMi'.-e aryj -*as "rnr/v.«fi flown." I."-«-.-'- a;;ii h.- partr.or rerriained in 'Tin-agoassigned to ;:;'i«-," :•/•.<•: v.'irk ir. th«- clean-up opf.'ratiorss of the 1 '^i:i;."i:i-r aar.g -Ahich ir^.iu'ird hofxilunss );K" Fredy B<vy s r,-r ,t?'..-r r..' «'!-c; : p<: Jrorn Jo!i'/? hiatf F't'nitfririary. I'.". ,:,;••'• f.e ,'Ui'! (Jrr. •-•:. :t across * f .ale im« the F'ri! '•on!!j.u>-d..r; F J ai;e H IWA BRWOSPOR! VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER V SANTA'S COMING TO MONTGOMERY WARD Thundii and Fnd.*j 0«; 4 and 5 S pm lo 9 pm Come o*v? Come < t ,./*--V; '" J i r;-i -: <••',.'-.<»} . ^ : ';i>.». <f, ^•.';.'.::.. i"'«-f s : .• hrr.rM ,!. hivi^v < zr.a- <>:•< '.-I...-- !i- r.-.!.-;.:...«- -.' . ;; : , f i'l 7?;r;.- « AJ -j'.V »t'.C^ •'-"''•' >° : ' ' / '.'..•'* V ' i • 'V !'.»?J-iV. .-i."..!! ! 1 .4',;T;!-X,<; |'.j.-..:;,,•. .'' -I.,*: . •,- :-,.,.;v. . ,,,.-. j,. rr> . u . ^'..j |/ .'.>.•.'. ' ..\-' ' j'l .• *j>.'<-f . .,f f ::..,•>.; .,,,; ;<- <,,-j«. ; 1 ^ l ; ' •\". '.'..;'''.•• l--<*-:, »:.>«:'.'.!!„ ;•.,;;.,« ;,,.;[-(• (firn- |(. '••'•-' '" '•'«••' ;•':•••<•;-..<•?• •><•;' <•-, !(«- : '«:n !<< liv •.'••».'..•. r.i;.,>f.: t. .'.-.«• (.5>i<',..,•- f ;v. -.»«•/« On^ir.y :, J' ., V-: ...!:-. :-. . '..(-j.; ;•<; »-.r !».i» -»j,!i in !>,<• (tijv '' i * •'!• ' ;<•-. !J-.i! 'J .'•", 'At:', f.<.nf^ U: Ouifip ') *;ia :;: ••'...->;- . ••' »•:<<•;>,•.>; ! ;\r T-. : ifr,<- r<,;;.;: .-r:!.-ci J*<vtv i >* - ^s ':.• ;:...•-/.»•„••«-. !;'<.<!-> !> t..:-.-, .•;.».;;..;:::... ! -;;.;•,,;'•: '. ;-. I.-..- ..\ ;.«-A «;< !"!.rx*r", :i li 4 .!. 1 .''/.-:.^-i!' \Kt;iU. Club Calendar Thursday MI*M> MSK \VI\ K,s ! "* \'';ii.!«'?r, v Nine .fi. •*-.',! •.!•<-<••. Thiirv.ia-. k' l*.»rtna HtUIM.KtllH ; Bridge Club uiH meet cp«i tc. th ,i;d in ot.Ui; vr cal! jean Tilt's TVo TOPS '{tur.(is> StTiSibly t-ct Ttiurvti) t«! THANKS FOLKS. W&deepty appreciate your teniiic WattTo 10}^ Tx 176 skill int-c! a! 8 :KI a in m Hra.'">p«.)r! Savings am! Loan liuittisr.x For mort" in(orniati«.vn cail •»7-Sf2ii ur »4«K-«Si TOi^ T* 7S «.;!! nut:-( (or w«ntth-m a' 6 3"-' P rn tn the I'lanlaUon i<M>m of the First National Bank of lj»ke Jack.vtn with tht- mi-«Hip.g following at 7 These mwtwg.s arc open to tbt" public l.AKKJAtKMi^, JAYCKKS 1-ake Jacks».»n Jaycws uill mwt at 8 p m Thurvlay m thi- Jaycw Hall at a»'s Parking Way All Jayccc meetings are open to thoM.* 18 i6 yt-ars old ll.lTKOUDFF.U.UVV.S flulc tkW Fellows will meet at 8 p m lliursiiay at 759 \"me St for regular Store FOR SALE iM««tTHi MMHtMl for this g f EVERYTHING 1 IN THE STORE, NOW Friday AMil.KTON UAKUK.N IIAB The Antfleton Garden Club will have its Christmas party including covered du>h luncheon and gift exchange on Friday at 9:30 am in the home of Mrs. F. L) Martin. 1805 Tlnsley KOADKLN.NKHS The Braioria County Koadrunners will meet Friday at 7:30 p.m at the First National Bank of Lake Jackson. Events for 1976 will be planned and the meeting is open lo the public Sunday NOW The Braiona County chapter of 'Jw National gv U* I You Must See It To Believe It!

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