Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 14
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 14
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UEDATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 22, 1930, DECATUR HERALD SPIRIT OF DETERMINATION PERVADES MILLIKIN GRID JOHNSON SHOWS SQUADWESLEYAN AHACK METHODS Traditional "Beat Wedey- an" Atmosphere Noticeable on Practise Firld POLISH OWN OFFENSE By BOH SINK '(he general attitude of increased enthuMMtn which pervaded the Millikin cam put at 4h« start of thi* week's practise w»» chansmR into determinntion Tu«adny night ai the Blue grid squad went through » long practice te«nlon for It* game with Illinois Wenleyan In Bloomlngton Saturda] To "tart with Johnpon told the boys nomethlng about the kind of f fen»« they could expeet fiom thn Titans, what kind of plny» they used to gain agalntit IeP*uw last Satut- day and outlined the general type of format Ion · favored bv Ned WhUe- xelt Jnhnson has (lone thlii fot sov- ·rat veam now, and It noccMKiiry probably cmild xtep In behind the Weiloyan line and call elgnaitt for them EtMond* Hnn Piny* The »eeon(l« ran through a few of the»e playi against the varsity ond Johnson pointed out how to itrength- en tlw defonne for them Then, know- Ing that Ned Whlteaetl wan dolnff the twme thing with Mllllkln ptuyn In Bloomlnprton the nr(Uf»d turned Its attention to lie own offence Tlie varsity hal to run each play unlit th« line opened a *atlttfactory gap for the ball carrier and Leo wa» out- lufled Th^ annual WoBleyan gante usuallv provlden a chance for «onv hltheito unnoticed grtdder to win his spurs «nd l*o (iBitally uprlng* a nurprlse lineup Last year he started Seller* a youngfiter who had Attracted little nttcn"nr» n n l l l I h f t (tnnif nt sii"rl but bcfiup th* 1 (onlcjit IWIH ovci Nick ' I n i K i liltlu-itd H acnib hint won hl» heith HB a re c 11 1«i at the pont Shllt)t Lineup Jnlmt4n started this thaklng n P pron "t TuMtay night In wcrlm. m»sc he had a line compose dof Al Mlllf i and TCd McOulre at nnrln. Nofr nnd Xiixtio nt tackle* Ttolllnn and folllni at guard* find Fawloy at ecu- tnr In the bur k fie Id he had Diul* FTram* 1 MeTdlnxfr «nc) Captain VldP Rurdotl ( o i l i M t nlond on thf slflo- llnps following the play N«ff and Holllnx me the newcotn er« In the linn Neff IN being ron- v(!ftncl frnm im end «ppatnntly hiiv- Inc finally convinced Johnson that ho h«n eettled down tn luinlncse Ho hit* hard and cleanly when he wnnis to and may prove tn be the man the Illnn d l i n c t o r 1« looklnR for Rollins In putting tip t h e mme fUlit ho hftx shown all sow on 'the Decalin hcv Im* the newmrv liullf tint! l« on») if Ilif ntnut (lyKietHWe [iluyois on the tiriund It's not Im- nrobHbln that ho will bo In the atml- 'nft lineup nent Saturday. H'nrk* Thrw (Vnlcrii Johnson aluo uoed thico uenteiti diirtnjf Ihn HPLlmmupi 1 Kawlt'y woik f(] moot of the lime, and tfld Sltokkr- Ifiok the p»t for » few mlnutox 'I hen Fiank J*hcl1yj tho veteran who ha* boin tw«d both HI t e n t o r tmil Hiinrd raiue In nnd at once I OO'H eje with hU hlw klnif Hticluy ptltgfffid tho link) « u i u the,)* had been breaking through time aiul nffnln, Shelby I* another who may tn be figured In It ho plttvn ax he hat) ataitnd out the week. He wuu of tti) niost aggrmnlve al ^o down under punts Monday, and do- up Ho the fact that other* have been getting the call over him, he newt hai quit trying and giving his bout Albie Booth, Collapse of Navy and Princeton Leading Topics in East I Itu 1 Httt-ft t Hint 1 LAFAYKl L'E Ind . Ott 32 -- Hoy KoiMtmnn, Kd Tlltk and Howard KUfiell ate oxpoctefl tn otart In 1'tir due'H back(TT* Hftalnxt Wlnconnln Saturday Alec Yunevkh antl Jim Ptlrvls, Itrst siring back* are hand I capped by Injuries and the reaervon tav« been showing exceTlent form (flu llnltrtt t'rtit i IOWA CtTY In,, Oct i2.-Soph- omoro pluycix, count fri ttptin to Ml regular position* on the 1P31 Utun, are receiving special attention (mm Coach Ingwemen With no game until Kov 1 Ing we f sen In attempting to deve'op a now pasa formation. "Little Albie" Best In East * * » » * + Yale Star Can Do Everything By FRANK OETTY United rr«M Sports Editor NEW HAVEN, Conn, Dot K--In appraising Alblo Boot)), who i* the mainspring of the Ell machine now being wound up here for the Army game next Hutu relay, footbnll critics have been Inclined to overlook the all-around ability of this chunky little "Townle", Alble la moh spectacular broken fluid runner, no nimble at side-step- pine; the lunging behemoths In his path, so l:llberute In his uso of his Inter "ir* new nnd In sHtiriK the liuit word out of Ihotm cut-bark plays past lacklo, that It htte become popu lar to conn I do i him as a groat ball carrier and not much els* A* a nuittMr of toot, he la great In every department of the game Nnlarally be (timid* out M » bait-carrier, beonuae that** what Dhow* up In the box wore But If Booth hud toted til* last pljr- *kln, he ntlU vtinild rat* n place In any bull club's bnckfleld. AH a defensive quartorback, Ignoring Cor the aako of argument his un canny way of dealing with enemy endi Booth hat few equals on the gridiron today. He can catch a football better than he can a baseball, Incidentally* And ho can tactile opponents who got through tho Blue line and act them down with a thump that sometimes leaven them there It In in his footwork once he snatches the punted ball from ttie all that Alblo winlly excel Is Ant) he can pet Into full stride while tho baffled ends nre pulling up a"hd turn- tuff after him ''BOOTH. VALE- It mi i ji,. uinuge, behind his Intel ference In a drive off tackle, Booth runs tow and deliberately, reserving hlu buist of speed for the laat mo ment when he must rut loose for himself As n forward pasaei Albie l» capable but not Liiminal He is a real thteat In this respect, at any rate*. When It comes to kicking, he Is a atari at the quick punt from clc«e formation His drop kicking Is above average Little Yale Halfback Maintains Rank as One of Greatest in Game TIGERS PLAY NAVY BV FRANK GIM'TY Unltud Frmti S|i(i4n Kill tor NEW YORK, Oct '*-- The most stilklng foatureH of Eastern football ufl (ar have been the utter collapse ot those two old favorites, Navy nnd Princeton Ihe demonstration hy Alble Rootli In Yale Bowl Inwt Saturday thfit lie still probably h Ihe gieatcat buck In the gatn^ nnd the ptomisc o( si cut battlpn in «itun fin KuttiMlfty Itivolvlnp Har vatrl, Dai nidi A i m y and Yale. With the ointment of football the East hait otno to plav a rcla lively unlinpoitmit to! Mor tenma htivo been will out with prosily*. m1y to lelinn wllh nllbls. Nsvctthe- lift) thoio tw j,'cn'J gikllton mHtoi ui 014 nd hoic and Ytilf llarvaid a the Army lo mention :t few of thn si.hwtils In qti«slton, havn thelrshaie Booth It (tppwus, luis staltect In viheic he lott oTt laat HUISOII, dcm Dintiatlng that he la one of the teal (ootball gonluwci of modem Itmei. A^ilntit Biown, ccnqueicnt of ninucton, Alble ran wilt) Ho gained nt will ond Vulw stored with con vlnclng frequency Princeton, It nein»i, H In u rather H Hltuntlon, whut with Will Rnior Utklng Ihu attitude that too much Impottunce is being uttnched to foot bull ulruaily, and Pteitldunl Hoove i 1 ]r»patlng to attend next Saturday N game ut Palmer Stadium The Tigers' opponents, of com so, ·will be the Navy eleven, which haa not been spectacularly successful thl*; year It should be a great game of buckgainoti, or something, but hardly football, With Princeton autl Nnvy mther hopolesaly ollmlnatetl and Vale and Aimy about lo settle the question next Saluidny the position to be oc cupled In the Ktwtorn football woild by Harvard and Dartmouth Is not to be oveilooked Harvaid will be «oiely tried to stand off a hlgh-Morlng team such an Daitmouth. But Harvard beaten by Army In pointing for Tale, and next Sattiidny'd results may be somewhat deceptive, MICHIGAN STARTS WORKING OUT FOR FOR CAGE SEASON ANN ARBOR Mich. Oct 22- Mlchlfcan',1 basketball squad will get dowrf to Ita regular program of work Monday w i t h practise tiesslona scheduled thiee times a week The group reported to Coach George Vcenker last Tuesday, and boasted of 30 men then The majority were ftophomoren, though two votoiane Captain Joe Downing and Hank Weiss wove included Voonker facBa the problem o( (Ind- ins a center to ipplnfo Boh Chdp man pivot man for thrcp \c»rfi, Out- ·jtnntllng atnoujr the piosperts foi tho poHllion arc Kennclh Manuel a sophfwnoro, and Glraid Rlckells a dtitiitltute laat yenr [I npppMM now that Evolund Shavi vntl fi ilrt«ln forwards and TeHstuci tind VVillltim ·ten Rtiaide wilt give the 1020 sub siitutps a toti[;h rwc (oi positions TENNIS^ STARS WED TONIGHTTON COAST SANTA MONICA tftl Ocl ~ A roinnnio that bejian on thp ten- nln couits will culmlmtto tnlh'hl In the manlago of John Van Ryn of East Oiange, N J , member of the Davis cup tentti, antt Marjorle Olad- nmn of Stuiht Monicu, Junioi and nut tonal women's Intercollegiate chnmplon Many of the leading American lonnls |laycrs will attend the eerv- lc«s at 8t AttKU8llne'a-by-th«-Sea, with the Rov Wallace N, Pierson officiating BAHORK 8TA11S BETUBN ffly Hutted Frtut ) MADISON, Wlti, Oct £2 -- Earl Lusby and Ruga Rebholz have re turned to Wisconsin's varsity back field and with McQuire anil Golden berg will carty the offensive burden at Saturday's game with Purdue During Tuesday's drill tho rcgulara ran wild against the Freshmen and easily atop pod Purdue plays W . 11 ;;??:s j nmrd SKRVICT. STATION FREE Inspection on Any Mtite of Battery Dftoahir Service, IRO. 347 E. Main St. Phone 833S SIGN rBELTMINABIBS {Uv UnlttdPrnj) CHICAGO, Oet 12--Charlee Ketz- laff, Duluth, Minn, and Andy Shanks. Michigan heavyweight, have been matched for an 8-round liout at Chicago coliseum, Oct 81 Turfy Griffiths will meet Oeoige Neion of Otcuee In the feature 8- rotmtlcr with Larry Johnson, Chicago, fighting Yale Okun, New York, In the WISCONSIN GAME WITH PURDUE IS .BIG 10 FEATURE Badgers and Boflemakers Have Record of Bitterly Fought Games BADGERS EYE TITLE By VIXOK STEWART (United PreM Staff Cowe»poiid*nt) OHICAOO, Oct 22 -- Wleeontln and Michigan, leader* In the velent quartet of unbeaten Big Ten teams occupy feature position* on Satur day's football schedule meeting Purdue and Illinois respectively lit th* only Intra-con fere nee game* ol the week. Three other conference clubs, Northwestern, Indian* and Chicago. meet tnteraeetlonal ilvala while Minnesota, Ohio State and Iowa have open dates Bitter Rivalry Wliconjdn'a clash with Purdue, al LaFay«tte, Ind, will be the Badg era' first sorlou* test aglnst confer ence competition and promises the beat action of the day. This game baa built up a tradition In reccnl year* for being tough and Saturday's tilt should bn no exception to the rule Scores of games played by the two schools during the pa»t five yean were: MM-- Wtoeontln 1; Purdue I, im-- Wisconsin ·; Fordo* ft, JflM-- Wlaoonaln IS; Purdna 9 1J«S-- Wts«oi»Blr) 19; Purdue IS IK9~ Piirdde 11; Wlsooniln 0, This year both schtwls have big, titrong squads Purdue, 1929 conference champion, fumbled Its way to a 14 to 13 defeat by Michigan, but hai overcome Its tumbling and rates as one of the strongest elevens In the conference Badger* powerful Wisconsin seems to have another scoring brigade Ilk* the 1916 eleven which listed Notte Dame among Its victims Declnlve victories over Chicago and Pennsylvania Indicate that Coach Thlttlethewalt has made good uae of 'the greatest man pow er in the west" and Badger fan« have visions of their first Big Ten title since 19J3 Wisconsin hmt n difficult schedule In Purdue, Ohio State Northwestern and Minnesota hut regards Purdue aa the most dangerous foe The Illinois-Michigan game also Is a traditionally close battle and do k 'te Michigan's apparent ad van ro In expected tn provide uplifted (ompetitlon Michigan fans have so much respect fot Bob Zuppke Tlllnols roach, that the contest prom- iwi to dtfiw a ctpnclty crowd oi ftnoOO upecUtoiR X*oar Ztippke On 'dope" Michigan appeals to have nn excellent chnncc of avenging the 3D to 14 nefent by Bed Grange and Ills I o a minutes In ]024 hut Zuppke's known ability to key ' Inoxpei lenced tennis has mndo Michigan wiviy and Coach Xlnke will have nn trouble In avoiding ovei ronfldence on the Wolveilne KI ttad Intnrsecllonul Barnes will pll Northwestern agalnet Centre at Evans ton Chicago agalnat Mifwis- sippt at Chicugo and Indiana against Southern MethodNt at Dallas, Tex Northwestern expect* little diffl culty with Centre and Chicago hopaa for victory over Mississippi Indiana Is l«sn optimistic and will be satisfied with a good thawing against Southern Methodist, FESLER TO CALL SIGNALSOR OHIO . COLUMBUS O , Oct ii-Wes Fen ler'a fine punting and need of a more experienced signal caller ha* resulted in it change In Ohio State'* backfleld Fenler was riilfted irom end to fullback and will direct Die team, with Hinchtnan, aophomore quarter, holding hie post but relln- qulshlng the Blgnal calling WEEK-END EXCURSION BETWEEN ALL STATIONS k One Fare Plui25c for the Round Trip Good going on all trains « ttt j, Saturday and Sunday until December 26, 1930. Limited for return on all trains of Monday following date of tale, Half fare for children, No baggage checked Low rate appliei only when tickets me purchased. Badgers Protest Purdue Violated Scouting Rules Bp Unll»d fnan i MADISON, Wli, Oct 22--Qeorge Little, Wisconsin athletic director hai written Athletic Director Ket- kgf of Purdue, protecting Purdue's, violation of Big Ten rule* In «nd- Ing three HGouta to the Wtoconaln- Penneylvanta game )Mt week. Although confti ence rulea llmll rlvale to one scout at each game, Earl Maitlneau, Christy Flannagan and BUI Hathel, all Puidue amlat- ant coaches, were In attendance al the iPmn-Wbeonuln conteit. ILLINOIS COLLEGE GAME FIRST NIGHT CONTE^TFOR KNOX GALBSBtmO, Qci 22-A week of the hardes^ drills of the year loom* for the Knox football squad In pre paratlon for the night homecoming game at Jacksonville Saturday with Illinois college The blocking end tackling depeutmenta especially *re coming In for extra work, aa a result of the showing last week when Knox, state champions laet year, losl to August ana 13^ to 6 after wlnnlnj the first two games of the present seuon, Ovei confidence following their It to 0 win over Augle last year, plug Injuries that kept two backfleld aces and the team's captain on the sidelines, had considerable to do wltb the defeat at the handa of the Rock bland team. First Voder Light* Saturday's game will mark the first time a Knox team has ever played under the floodlights. To accustom the players to the novelty, Coach Earl Jackson will take the squad to Jacksonville Friday for a light practise tho night before the contest, Western Teachers and Lake Forest are the teams that have bowed to the Slwaah attack thTs year, the former by a 1C to 0 score and the latter 20 to 0 Thetdefeat at the hands of Auguatnna came as u surprise and It will he a rebuilt and more powerful eleven that will fact Illinois -*WISCONSIN ASKED TO MEET MARQUETTE IN CHARITY GAME i __,,«»«.» tty United Prea* ) MADISON. Wis . Oct 22--A pro- poital that Wisconsin university meet Marquette university of Ml] waukee in a chailty game has,been placed before the athletic counsel and unlveislty icfrents, President Olenn Frank said today, Wisconsin clones Its regular eche- dule TTov 22, and If the charity game is approved It will be a pott* season contest. Levimki Gets His Chance At Slatterjr (Kji l/itllti CHICAGO. Ocl 22- Kinjt Levinsky Chicago stuggi!! has been matched with Jimmy Static ry of Buffalo, N Y, loinici world light heavyweight rh urn pi on for a Id- round bout al Chicago strnliunu Nov 8 Otto Von Porat, Norwegian heavyweight conlendei, will meet Jack Renault of Canada In a second featured bout KINTNER PUZZLES OVER SUCCESSOR TOMILOJURNBO Seeb to Strengthen Squad Before Chunpufn Game Hen N«t Wtek SEVERAL POSSIBILITIES Despite the fact that Jacbeonvllle, Iti Saturday opponent, comes with one of the pooreot records any Big Twelve team has ever established In Its opening three games, the Decatur High grid squad I* going through practises juet · long and earnest aa time and patience will allow this week Coach Gay Knltner looks beyond Saturday's game to the battle with Champaign on th* following Saturday which clows Ine Reds' home Mason. In fact Jackslnvllte can not be too easy to eult Knltner, for he would like the oppottunity to «hlft hl« lineup in an effort to find the belt way of plugging the gap left by Mil* Turnbo, end, who suffered a fractured ankle at Bloomlngtoi) le*1 Friday night Serious LOM The casualty wae the flint eerlouM one of the Mason for the Reds, and It Is causing the coach considerable worry, Turnbo wu one of the *peed- lest men In the conference, and a constant scoring possibility on end around plays A number of solution! to the problem HUggest* themselves, and Kfnt- ner'i job will be to find the beat of the lot Al Schroeder and Hensley Dabner have been alternating at one end, and the simplest way out would be to give each of them a permanent Job. However, Xlntner bellevea he may be able to get a stronger lineup, Heftton May Re Shifted If Jim Heaton has the decenary speed for a wlngman he may be shifted from hit regular tackle post to the outside, and Al Schroeder, who has heft and size but lacks speed, placed at tackle Another possibility It that Wayne Schroeder, Al's roualn, may bo converted from fullback to guard, one of the regular guards shifted to taclle and one ol the tackles iwnt into the backfleld With Blakealee a recruit Junt up Forward Pass Plays Important Part In Dealing Big Confetti TMTMTM *" ^-- .. a Northwestern Hai Great UwbiiutiM h "Rwt. per To Baker" , PASSES BEAT GOPHERS Ky OROHOIC KUtKBEV PMM BMf CHICAGO, Oct 22- The Ing featwe of Mlddl«-WMt*rn foot* IwN ihiu far tfife 1'iAMHi hu bem the Important put played by the forward pais la deciding tht Mf game*. · Noire Dun*, Northwestern altO Michigan, three of ih« leaders In thin rtjflon, owe thflr October IMC- tens primarily lo *ueeesiful writ I aUacks WIM«at* OMI Two peaius In the latrt. four mlh of play enabled Notre Dam* to detent Southern Hethodlet, 20-14 In It* ftrit ftune Notr* Dame'* margin ol victory over Carnegie Tech, 314, wan Mip- plled by two touehdowm icored OB forward paue*, one of which trained M yards, After Cirnegte had halted Notre Dame 1 ! running 1 (tame In the second period, a paeii gained the first touchdown Raven of TfoHJmwrtam'n «t|ht touehdmnM made In the Wild. cut*' two conference jnMitm tuvr beep thrwgb the air. North- wMtern mmptetod eli ml ef IM attempted again* Ohio nnd Uliwle, five of tlma (Tom the reserve*, showing vanity ability, Klntner now DM three good tacktee. and one of them might easily be taught la handle another petition where he la more lorely needed ZUPPKE SHIFTS ILLINOIS BACKS tlt|r VKttrt PftH ) CHAMPAIGN, Oct, 31 -- IlllnoU lln*up change* Wednesday eent ?tl ISeiYy, sophomore halfback, to quarterback with Captain Robinson catl- ing signals from fullback Yannslmp remained at halfback with Hunlor Russell, uophomort end, completing the backflefd quartet Snook, former fullback went to end to hwoine At wrtal threat in tha Mr T Urbuut Uam, On« «f tb* toiKhdowni MN u Northwestern In 4*rMttng rS..; 14-0, retulted front an (Rttrew PM* «|f » «-yw rus by ( Mank Brudor, ^ M*°W|M ha* M* (fee IBM «Mne% hwi ·rfeeUvHr. iGn lNewfMM,M-H*lflM'«er*«h Mint ·MM* aralMrt Ohio MM*. KM M to btlh ef the Welw fewcMawn", OM Met, 10 *"«|».J!*M · u 1-yard Kite, t, plM«4 Ike M M One of the i«co touchdowns by Michigan In nnwlng nut 14-13 wae made on a pw which gained 41 y«rd«, tcniu-d by Ktwrnii to DanleU Wleconnln h4 a promlnlng uttaek but tin* not an y«t been fell back on II for victory, Th* Badgers completed eight out et H p*JMe« aittnul P«nn»ylv«nl* lor in yard*, end Intercepted three ol l**r»n'« atiemptu A pa»e, T^wby t* Jenmtrt, n«u*d on* touchdown t» Wlnconiln'it J7-0 triumph over P»M Inability to combat a dateline pa* attack brought crushing deftat le k HlnnenotJ. In the Vandirbllt gum, After completing a pae* white in** BT yards and tht first teuch-i down ot the gun*, Mlnnejwta wu blinded by flying football! tht net of the d»y and lost, M-T _ i Insist . 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TbeUll on tbe Mt- »!*· « MC»r to "It Mr* ni MMtOl t t the thr Md CWw follow dlKUM aft (OM en th IK ether wocde, if MMlH UK .Maroon i e n uwl !· iti» u ·ire\Rve yletoriei 01 iMt* ebtlm to WU fce Novem r W. wa» I when Colum 4tv, tnaunuch a* th ke» jwigb tn week. of the bn laUrday by lUlr the Buck U *«if*ro«it. In tt li OfWred thftt Mi t* went for every f Vbl»t, with ttllnol DJM, that anything to tallr ttndemtood ti ipHII not be remlm In 4Wy whkb calli f everconflden Wettw Too* tn a MOM, the C wu a repetition of ti AB attrt JbUchliran t« a eat aa Ohio St etrenpb agaln«t the R lave when glvlnc ·nd when the Buck* MtMtrily, broke thr II to 0 win tt wai ertfcree timti, yet i H4.40 \ \ , na Cor.NoH JNEWSPAPERf ItWSPAPEt

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