Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 20, 1897 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1897
Page 6
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. ILL., MAY 20, 1897. THIS AND THAT. WoM>*i8,p'Bet» »tid NnUbell. Ha kept a grocery In the woods, Until by death surprised, ills psttons always found hl» goods, Jast 'as he adtertlsed.—Georgia Oblhmiy, Indiana is stirring against quack ' doctors. Show yottr diploma. Nothfng new now. , Chinese knew everything 'eteen thousand years ago. Manhattan the best name for Greater Jtfew York. Hailstones weighing 3 pounds reported in Mexico, but no airships so far. Graduates at their essays. Look but for wisdom, wit and philosophy in chunks. Personal Life of Queen Victoria by Miss Tooley is out. Emanuel Lasker is the world's chess. -S&anaplon, Steinitz was. Buskin: A rose is God's signature. Wtlberforce. Every flower is a smile from God. If you have a baby .take "Babyhood." • See that your children have the best la art, music and literature. Dr. .Johnson's wigs were always burned in front by his leaning too near the candle. "When you like to sit down, and watch other people work, a sign of spring fever.' • Average Dutchman consumes Q% Ibs tobacco every year. An American How few realize in after life the bright ideals of youth. , When a man does not work he is lazy; when a woman is indisposed to — manuel labor, nervouB prostration. r Late Henry Drummond, ''Greatest . Thing in^World," was a handsome man, delicate features, auburn hair, magnetic eje. X Tight lacing affects the eyes. .Quit it, my good woman. Suppose you do measure'42, ** Who reads the long editorials in Chicago dailies ? Life is too short. Give , us short paraprapbs. Cook rhubarb slowly in a covered earthen dish, not too much sugar, a bit of lemon. . .-''-. When Drummond was In Africa, his eoatume was a helmet and three mosquitoes. \. Fra Angelico could paint-angels because he had seen them, but not devils because they were strange creatures. • The strong man of Yale weighsj>nly 149 pounds, and Harvard IBCr^^^^ 1 ^ 1 ^" To cook bananas, remove skin, sprinkle with brown sugar, place in a buttered pie dish, bake till soft, and then luring to this office, A big price. Field Marshal Roberta has written "Forty-one Years in India," and the publishers ask 812 for the two volumes. • ' Our time is short. Make your .will. Prof. Falb, ,of Vienna, predicts that on At F.»Hfwnn*s OlVOy>p hs<! introduction to Voltaire, Mrs. McKinlsy's chamber at W. House has blue paper and blue velvet carpet, and a white bedstead with brass trimmings. Never stop your paper because editor's viewa don't agree with yours, Com4 to the office,and fight it out with him. Let us have a 400th anniversary for John Cabot, who sailed from Bristol, England, May, 1497. • A Chicago doctor etlrred up the Methodist ministers when he said they ate too much for the exercise they took. k W. W. Aetor has ordered a 19 ton section of California red wood to prove to English skeptics the size of American trees. He that to raise a garden, but • The neighbors.' hungry chickens Assisted, and It cams to pass, He only raised the dickens. Ind. Journal. When Queen Victoria ascended throne in 1837, the poke bonnet was in style. . Shall the old Liberty bell be sent to the Nashville exposition ?' Do you believe in ghosts? Never see anything worse than yourself. More people killed in London by falling from windows than by the cars in all England. . . Only an idiot will stand up in a row boat, and try to rock it, In New York city in 1897, 3,183 Smiths, and only 1,562 Browns, Pres. Diaz, Mexico, asks a leave of absence for 3 mos. to visit France and England. Why do doctors never order poor men to go tp Europe for a rest? • ,_QDethfi!a_Egmont_about- to - die^-"L cease, but I have lived." That is, he had done something. John Morris, for 25 years pres. Baltimore school board, declines reelection, and everyone is sorry. Maymmie is the stylish way of spelling Mamie. Wadsworth was not fond of books, and did not always cut the leaves of copies presented to him. "He has the future before him." T. Herald, Where is a man's future, anyway? . , ' . Late Sir Isaac Pittman, inventor of shorthand, worked at his desk from four in the morning till ten at night. . The only way to tell a toadstool from a mushroom is to eat it. If it throws you into spasms, it is a toad. Judge Tourjee is to be consul at Bordeaux, France. He is in poor health, and needs a genial climate. The writer is not as strong as he ought to be. The boy that was so fond of books has become a page in the legislature. ~RumorBay"B Talmage is worth al hundred thousand dollars. Our ]*>rtnrfs and eonrorN an* ton h!gh. Fifty cents too much. Eevrthlng else is low. A quarter Is plenty. IM us refuse to patronize sneh shows. In 41 States teachers are reqni^ed to caution pupils against alcohol and tobacco. Boya our only hope. -English women are fond of walk- Ing, but their shoes are clumsy. Mexico is richest mineral country in the world, On K. Y. City school board 21 members, appointed by mayor, and they handle six millions of outlay. Mark Twain is in London working at his boqk.of travels in Asia and Africa. The auditorium at Ocean Grove seats 10,000 people. If everyone; like you and me, this would be a lovely world. • We have 26,000 soldiers in our army, Bnssia. has 800,000, Germany 692,000. Peace hath her victories no less than war, •• ' •• : •• . Look at your money. Dangerous 8100 bills in circulation. Don't worry us. Seldom see over a 82. Mrs. McKinley remarks while the Presdt may look like Napoleon; he is a better husband than the Corsican. Now is nature's time for lettuce, onions, dandelion, salads, acid for blood. It costs nothing to die in some Swiss cantons as you are buried at public expense. Pour them out. Analysis shows that some popular sarsaparillas contain one fourth alcohol. I refliember, i remember, That when I was' a boy My father-used a shingle broad, To stroke his wlllul boy. The new steel board walk at Atlantic WHAT JACKSON DID. CRUSHED BANKS IN ORDER TO RESTORE GOLD TO CIRCULATION. Rtttio from Ffft««fl to Sixteen to On* to BrlBfc Ooia Back— WM One Wfco fhtmght TJ>nt Alt Mntiltind H*d * Fr* ilectlon For Gold—SUvet-1 ten Who EtUo~ Jacfcaoa Should Bond History, ~ Nov. 13,1899, our earth will strike a comet, and all creatures will be suffocated .by gas. ^Bemember Nov. 13. Put up no tomatoes und l.ay in no. coal thatfall. ; This air 13 full of blessln' . , . To a feller stiff and ole, Don't talk to me of trouble, Say, wliar's dat fishln' pole? • " ' —Texas Jx>et. Let us have a picnic. Weather just Tight. -Who'll furnish the lemons? ' By 1900, Greater.*New;York expects to have four million, people, next to Xondon. Henry Drummond: Question is, not how can a man save his soul, but bow.. save hia life; in other words, be useful. To mothers: Never be too busy to mend a broken toy or kiss away the tears of sorrow, ' • A single etamp of Hawaiian issue of 1851 sold for $3,500. Better buy a farm. To fa there: Never be too tired to bring in pail of coal, or give boy quarter for the ehow. Curious. Q Moot great men born in Winter, and iFebrnary jg_ihe. month. Less smoking since wheel . BO popular. Last year, 7 million fewer cigars used than year before. . Have you given something for the benefit of starving India? Put your hand in your ponket. We must help the needy. ' • . . .. Sam Jones: I wHl Qght no one but the devil. Clarence Eddy, the Chicago organist, is highly esteemed in Europe, and gives eoaaert»there. •'<•'•;'/-; : •' . husband of Charlotte t "Jane Eyre/* lives In Ireland. American Grace?: > We paid one bil- -lioafordrioke la»t yesr." Goodness 1 so tb* high juuip now. Beak peddlery and lightning rod agents fsfts'l toaeb oar hayseed friends with a lass- loot pole, WftiMBftoB Gladden does not believe tooofc cf Kathef tnsgtfeO, or that Chlret be g*y this season. wear a whole mm f e*rlel rfbboos pa ea —Maid of~Athens,~er0"we~part, hit v the Turk below the heart. T. H. Prince Bismarck is able to go out for flrat time since January. The man of blood and iron is wearing out. N. Y. Board of Health thinks grip is communicated by kissing. Pgste this in your hat. Shah of Persia likes cucumbers, and what is left after dinner, he puts into his pocket. • •• • Santa Croce, Florence, is the Westminster Abbey of Italy. ' On his recent 75th birthday, E. E. Hale, Boston, was congratulated on beginning the last quarter of first century of his life. She gave one radiant smile, And her blithesome face •Illumined the place v For many an afterwullt. Carl Schurz has a pair of sleeve buttons worn by John Quincy Adams. Spain in last two years has sent 272, 000 soldiers to Cuba. We write more letters than people in any other country. But not all good Jetten.,____.„. " . Every wife should have an allowance for her own use, and not beg every dollar from husband. N. Y. policeman gets 8MQO a year, and after 25 years retired on 3700 a year, Worst place to wear cheat protector la cbest, best place soles of feet. When Spurgeon W&B offered 9100,000 for a preaching tour in U. 8., he cabled .back; Act* VIIL SO. "Thy money perish with tbee." A N. Y, policeman must be 5 ft, 8, and able to hold his own in a fight* W hat book* shall we read ? We cannot read them »11. Let some wi«e man select a list,- Aatevilie, N. 0., is2,800 feet fibove aea, dry air, plenty of suns Woe. 4 fa*e with ail its ie4uatry collects OOiy te*fj(00»fu! of hoaeyicit f l»fc pr*8i4esj,t to all w" In Emperor William's household, 500 maids forvarlouB duties. Bufus Choate, famous lawyer, was born in 1799, year Washington died. Since women vote in Denver, not so much corruption in city politics. ----Gen. Grant never swore, and never got excited. He never drove mules. Our pupils do not dig enough. They should be taught to work at a question till they master it. • '-Kalph Waldo Emerson seldom played, and never owned a sled. Listen, boys. Can you tell a cat-bird from a thrush? . Lincoln was shot on Friday night April 14,1865. Emerson's mother took boarders and Ealph had to help about the house. See this, boys. —'-•-.—-.-'The true photo of man is taken when he does not know it. Then you get his natural expression. ' A bronze statue of Buf us Choate Is to be placed in the court bouse in Boston. Have you given anything to starving India, and if not, why not? Queen Vic has 25 state carriages at Buckingham Palace, 200 horses and ponies, and lots of everything for driving. Low price of oats don't worry Vic. .-•'•.•• Burke, Sheridan, Grattan and Cur- _ran_B're th&great names-in—Irish—ora^ tory, .',-.Of course, wo'men are better than men. .What do men at their clubs? Smoke and gossip. Women read and study at theira. V Rev. John McNeill, Scotch Spufgeon, is vigorous, preaching three times a day. ' ' . ' \' Sultan of Turkey, old'scapegrace.has a parasol embroidered with gold and set with precious stones. Your wife ought to have it. '" . ;,How would you like to hear "At The Cross" sung in Taj Mahal, India, the most exquisite tomb in the world? There are 24 chaplains in navy. They cannot be under 21 nor over 35, Chicago has • 7,000 saloons. What beer, what throats, Only man is vile. ....„_.__.-..:"• ' Father Clark, Christian Endeavor, was accompanied in his India tour by Wm. Gary, grandson of great missionary- .- ' • :v : • -, "' : .-' ' . Why must all members of legislature be supplied with 'railroad passes? How do they earn them ? Why should they travel {free while better people stay at home? We eat five million bananas last year, and felt none the worse for it. If you have property to divide, do it while living, and not leave to greedy, heirs and lawyers to wrangle over after you are gone. • Mow Is the Time to Go a Home, The Chicago & North-Weeterp, Bail- way has just published a newspaper called the North- Western Home-Seeker giving facts about the great State of South Dakota and the advantage? it pOBeeaaea for the pursuits of agriculture, dairying and cattle raising, Lands can be had at present upon most favorable terms, and there w every indication of large immigration into the State this season, Cori'tetoadeace fa solicited from ioteadicg BStticiH, and a copy of the paper will b« mailed sjppiie&tloo to W. B, TM silver Dotnocrata fiave been, tm- nsnally profnse this year in eulogies of Jefferson and" Jackson. They hare at- Jempted to make it appear to those with Democratic instincts that it has been the regular thing for 100 years for Democratic statesmen to champion silver and cheap money. Jefferson's opposition to cheap money, and repudiation of debts, and his advocacy of a coinage ratio which should alwayn bo kept close to the natural or market ratio, hag been made clear dnring the last few months. The appeals 'of tho silver Democrats to General Jnckson aro meeting with the enme fate. s. In a' recent speech ex-Congtessmnn Josinh Patterson of Tennessee, after calling attention to the fact that previous to 1870 no American statesman of nny party approved of tho absnrd doctrine thnt government can maintain bimetallism regardless of nat- nrnlNrntios, spoke at somo length tipon Jackson's position on money and currency. ".Here Wxvhat he said: "Nothing* within the range of political absurdity conia equal tho spectacle presented by the followers of Bryan •\yheri they met on tho 8th of January to enlogizo Jackson, who courageously restored tho gold currency. "Have these gentlemen evnr paused long enough in their assault on tho prosperity of tho country to inquire why it was during Jackson's administration tho ratio was changed from 1C to 10 to 1? If, ns they teach tho people, we had tho concurrent circulation of gold and silver from the passage of tho act of 1792 down to the suspension of the coin- .M°-_otJho silver : dollar Ju . ; .18.7.8,;why•was this change made? Are they ignorant, or do they disguise the fact that after the net of 1703 gold relatively to silver was undervalued and wont out of circulation because it was worth a little more as bullion than as money? Do they forget or do tbey suppress the fact that gold remained out of circulation for more than 80 years prior to 1884? "Aro they uninformed, or do they conceal tho fact that statesmen illustri- ns in Democratic anriala for many years prior to the. administration of Jackson advocated tho restoration of the gold currency? Have they never, read history, or do they withhold the truth, when they ignore the fact that the bank of the United States selfishly opposed the restoration because the people would prefer its bank notes to a currency so bulky and inconvenient : as silver? It was Jackson who saw the necessity for action, and who struck tho blow which crushed , tho bank and brought hard money to the pookots of the people. It •was Thomas H. Benton,. speaking "for the administration of Jackson, who declared in the senate that the only way to crush the power of tho bank was to restore gold to circulation, Here was ihe_- ^necessity. and_,the_^on ly_roason_=f or_ the passage of the act of 1884 establishing tho ratio of 16 to 1. "The similarity between- the discussion, which took place in 1884 and tho discnssifin which took place in 1890 is Btriking'aiad instructive. Hard money Democrats, in supporting tho policy of Jackson, advanced the same arguments •which the sound money Democrats ed-_ vanoed in supporting the ' policy of Cleveland. If the iard mouoy Democrats insisted 'that tho undervaluation - of-golcl by tiro-act: of ~1 7 9J;forccdlt~out" of circulation, tho souiid money Democrats insisted that tho proposition in the Chicago platform to overvalue silver, if carried into effect, would bring about the eamo result. , , "If the hard money Dem'ocrat^reqog- nized that tho not of-' 1792 had no perceptible influence on .the- commercial value of either gold or'-silver, and the ouly way to restore gold to circulation was to change the ratio, the sound money Democrats recognized that the free mintage of silver-at the ratio of 16 to 1 .when the -market ratio was 83 to' 1 would result inevitably in silver mono- metallism. If the hard money Dem» ocrata contended "that all mankind had a predilection for gold," the sound money Democrats contended that a gold standard was preferable to a eilver standard. If the hard money Democrats, in order to maintain the gold currency, when restored, undervalued silver by making the coinage ratio 16 to 1 .when the market ratio was 16.68 to i, the sound money Democrats resisted the scheme '" to "oyervalue silver~s6 as to force the retirement of gold. If the hard money Democrats, after the, passage of the act pf 1884, pointed with pride and exultation to the prosperity which followed the restoration of the gold currency, the sound money Democrats, have never f altered in warning their coua- trymen of the diaaate^ which would follow its retirement? • : "The truth id the country is indebted to the hard money Democrats, of whom Jackson was the chief, for the gold standard. I could go oa and show how the aot of 1884 had an effect exactly opposite to that of 1793, how under the operations of the same inflexible economic law gold went out of circulation uader ,the one and silver under the othy er, how congreao in 1868, on account of the retirement of silver, waa forced to coin it as subsidiary mpaey iu order to,, supply the people with pajall change and how the eilver dollars ceased to flow from the mints and gold was coined in great quantities. But this is foreign tojcuy text, "My purpose i» to show that the advocates of the Chicago platform have RO right to conjure witia the name of Aadrew Jackfojq. f hafc platfosaa has precedeaHn the hia*ory ft»d «l the Dejoacorsfcio party. It You will find it worth while to visit E. D. Davis' store, as he is offering ire- markable bargains in every department of his large stock all this month. A good chance to lay in Summer wear and household goods. Children Happy. -t - ' - • Take them out of the stiff,unyielding, uncomfortable waists that have hampered their growth and, made them nervous and irri-, table. , : * PUT THEM INTO THE That.commojn-^ boys and girls. It's eiasiicr yielding ancFcottifortabie; gives with 7 every movement of the body t and is the most durable waist made. It can be worn at all sea-sons. Buttons are put on to stay, find the price is .the same for all sizes, viz: 25 cents. the pMlesophy of THE "QUICK MEAL" QAS STOVE. PERFECT GAS BURNERS. ALL STOVES OdU and seo th^m inoperation. 32 &j

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