Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 22, 1948 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Page 14
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Austere Yuletide and Europe Look Out Below! "CHINATOWN, WHERE LIGHTS ARE LOW!" "ai Food will to people their 9th rationing. IT'S BEEN SAID: "You will find that the mere Lot to be useless, and the honest desire to zr people will, in the quickest and deli- catest ways, improve yourself."—John Ruskin the Lincoln who noted that "it is me cuuy o£ every man to protect himself and those rSln ed inSS %"«$$ "***"«• ^ ™* c*£^?^»^ meat b — this £°™E|^ visionXswill nt ° nS * - InStead ' the p - SlnCe "" demOCratS ' —spiced ham—in stock. of almost food there toneue M ,,}^- women elected as congressional repre- Lungue, sentatwes it can be argued with new force that war re- women's place is in the house. Truman could—but he probably won't a little more poultry offered in England tti be ahlf7 l ntlSh families ' however > will be able to afford poultry of any kind." AMERICANS who have wallowed in fresh irmt for years find ^.H. hard to J j _ " »*»»v». A U J.1CLI. stand how, 3 years after the war's end, England is just managing to get a few or- apples for each In^^Wpolit^uS* 0 th5nk ° £ a PUmp Pros and Cons Gleaned From Our Exchanges Some Interesting Viewpoints Beware of Free Medicine Brownfield, Texas, Herald: A new angle has suddenly appeared in the idea of so-called government aid to medical practice over in England, and should be a warning to us. Some of the medi- caj. practitioners nro emitting tv,oj>- »,^«^ : j that « tors. There's a Limit can ill afford to oeny of is scarce doc-' ., - ~._~- n VW «.**W Vj>l*i™ ot Commerce, one out of every 6 Americans : ~ These small orariges from Trinidad, the kind that American super mar- ers would reject on sight. A BOUT the only Christmas trees in England Will be 500 little fir trees decorat- fa ,- T f£ on ^ n Enterprise: One wonders just how s± ta o or/d Es rt! street stores in ^«^<$^~*"^ The traditional British plum pudding U. s. treasury, will grace mighty few holiday tables in England; only customers registered for rationing will be eligible to the ingredients for. A War NOW On one-half pound of plum pudding per. person thia Christm|s. _ TjWGLAND'S Christmas, drab though it be, will be gay in comparison to Christmas on the continent. No fir trees can be cut down for Christmas decoration in France or occupied Germany today. and dependents, retired civil service s ° <- ,-r, T- : There is a war on right here m the United States that is apt to cost our gov- loUars, at the navy and the air force side willing to concede an inch. neither Observing But a Miracle Happened! am relaying here the note received by a worker in a recent midwestern fundraising campaign: "In reply to your request for a contribution, I wish to inform you that the present condition of my bank account makes it almost impossible. "My shattered financial condition is due to federal laws, state laws, county laws, corporation laws, municipal laws, mother-in- laws, and outlaws. "Because of these laws I am forced to pay a business tax, an assessment tax, a head, tax, a poll tax, a school tax, a withholding tax and an income tax. "I am forced to get a car license, a truck license, a hunting licensfe, a fishing license, a buying license, a selling license, a marriage license and a dog license. "For my own safety I am required to carry life insurance, property insurance, fire insurance burglary insurance, tornado insurance, old age insurance, liability insurance, and un-employment insurance. "My business is so complicated that it is difficult to know who owns it. I am inspected, expected, suspected, disrespected, rejected, 0 Should be'in the NOT-fhe stomach/ RATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL An Unusual Cheer Gift t shouldn't be surprised if ,the most unusual gift received in connection with this year's Christmas Cheer Fund will be the dollar realized on the sale of a product made by a local youth in a penal institution. The examined, re-examined, informed* y om ? n who ser ves as sales agent mis-informed, required sum' m was as ^ed to take out this amount for the fund—"so some one else can be happy," as he , moned, commanded and compelled until I am distracted. mi," But ^ miracle has happened. T.he wolf that comes to our door just had pups, and I sold them.- Here is your money." A child's approach to is more sensible than that of the K,,, ou • , saves his Pennies so that he can buy Christmas presents and experiences a real To Your Health! By Herman N. Bundesen, M. D. _, . « r- j ^'"'amiao yiesems ana experiences a real VVrlliilN LOUGH PERSISTS Christmas tre<fs to French and German ?° y m g iv ' ng after personal sacrifice. The adult /^onrmMn children will be simply pictures in old bffi start *r^ e g d g md tom ^^ whett the ^° UGHING can be books. _ n , ,, ... Our Loss In School ynly the spirit of Christmas will be un- rationed overseas. a very troublesome condi- Roving Reporter Hal Boyle of the AP CONFESSIONS OF AN ACTOR The Christmas Story am transmitting a contribution of Christmas verse received from Gordon Carter, formerly of Chicago and Kankakee, 111., but now living in Eau Gallie, Fla.: °: th «e are tongues that ridicule Those things I name of jreater worth. Such as the worship of our RJnr And all the flory of His birth. I know that I am out of tnne With doctrines that have broucht dli- rnay For I believe and still enjoy Xhe story told of Christmas Day. I cannot ring the cnrfain down Forever on this soene of old, For faith has stayed and held my hand With words I treasure more than fold. "For unto you is born this day, A Savior, which Is Chxlst the Kinr." And with these wordsT 'am content, No matter what the scoffers hrlnj. 80 once arain we Join In praise ,^-T^L -i & s=™e^ N^J^ <^--,_the most envied B^^rf^ . Therefore, it behooves all of us to know what causes this condition. A Communist Santa TN Berlin the Russian propaganda ma•*• chine has opened a monster communist carnival in honor of "St. Nikolaus." Young- neshiek county farms 20 years ago have , actor on Broadway today, has a simple professional ambition. away What a Center! . Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: A South African scientist has discovered fossil remains of a primitive man who may have been more than 9 feet sters playing in the rubble of the soviet sec- s^fowTJeaSf*?£ h balfftbtu °5£ InvfnteT Coughing is caused by, irritation of the lining ." B ? 3 L goal ln the theater," he said, "is to get itory tract, which start! out of the the ater." , _, A ----- mouth and , This attitude would be easily understandable extends to the ends of the air In one wh ° had flopped. It sounded odd comine sacs of the lungs. The irritation from a man who only last month got the finest accolade from critics of Editorial of the Day STATE DICTATORSHIP tor are being given the Russian interpretation of Santa Glaus. The Russians have just discovered that Santa Glaus was a communist at heart, and *5 e indoctrinating German youngsters with ALBERT LEA TRIBUNE: General Eisenhower cms idea. Only similarity between the Santa '"" *""" K "' I1! — t *--'-*— • •• ••- ' Glaus of folklore and the Russian model is his red suit. • At the Christmas fair in the Lustgarten in the red section of Berlin, German children are in favor of Santa Glaus, regardless of nationality. The soviet Santa Glaus show in Berlin is a propaganda offset to Christmas in the western sectors. For years Moscow frowned may be caused by cold air, irritating gases, or any respiratory infection. The coughing may be brought on, however, by disturbances in other parts of the body, such as the lymph glands under the breast bone; by heart disorders, and any condition affecting the lining membrane of __________________ the chest cavity. Pressure on DR. BUNDESEN certain nerves running from the arynx or voice-box, due to enlargement of the large blood vessel coming from the heart, is sponsiole for a brassy cough. re- „ , . -- — any actor since John Barrymore hit the jackpot in "Hamlet." *n B "! J e S r ? r ' Star of " The Silver Whistle," doesn't find too much to whistle over in his new fame. He is in somewhat the position of a man who suddenly achieved a lifelong goal to be a lighthouse keeper—and then found the view from the top boring. Actor friends tell Ferrer he is lucky because he is in a hit play that may last for years. And this is the prospect that rather appalls him. «,J' I «f£ a '; a T?I'I" 2 16 lamented °ver a well-poached egg, that I'll have to say the same lines, over OTlH /^Trar- Q tivWA** * i_ _e_ _. i _ _ ' And freed our hearts from doubt and , scorn. No story told of mortal klnr Can juide our feet when they would stray, As this we hear from Christian tonrnes Upon our Savior's natal day. Fortunate Americans k am impressed fay the re- icently developed statistical fact that to earn the price of a pair of shoes, an American carpenter has to work only 2$ hours. This compares with 110 for a Russian carpenter, 25 hours for a French carpenter and 17 hours for a Swede. stated it. Information, Please! 1. What U. S. official appoints ambassadors to foreign lands? 2. Name the 5 'most densely populated states in the union. 3.' Whose portrait appears on a silver half- dollar issued prior to Jan. 17, 1948? 4. Who was Louis Daguerfe? 5. With what expression do fairytales usually end? 'Answers— 1. The president. 2. New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois. Ohio, California. 3. No portrait; an eagle is on one side; >a female figure representing Liberty on the other. On Jan. 17, 1948, the birth date of Benjamin 'Franklin, his portrait appeared on new half- dollars. 4. The inventor of the dag- uerrotype photograph, 5. "And they lived happily ever after." THE DAY'S BOUQUET To WALTER J. WALKER— for being re-elected chairman of the Cerro Gordo county Society for Crippled Children and Adults. As chairman the past year Mr. Walker has given this worthy organization excellent leadership and much of his tune. The society is to be congratulated on having his service as chairman another year. f* m his brilliant history of the war, "Crusade In Europe,' describes a conversation he once had with a top Russian officer. He writes: "I tried to make him see the virtues of free enterprise. Firmly believing that without a system of free or competitive enterprises, individual political freedom cannot endure, I showed him that, as far as I was concerned, complete state ownership necessarily would involve dictatorship, and that the effort-to escape all dictatorial rule was the reason for America's founding and growth." _ The General was unable to'convince his Russian counterpart, who seemed thoroughly sold on government fay dictation and had only contempt . ,, ... „,,,., f or / ree institutions. But what he said should be on the spirit of Christmas, even though j^;? 1 L® verl ? stiin . l !l y in , mind in this country, par- services in Russian orthodox churches were m " o -' r "-<-- *'- — continued. In Berlin the soviet command discovered that it would have to do something to interest German youth, so the Russians made a propaganda show of "St. Nikolaus." Moscow's master minds have discovered Ferrer—pronounced "for air"—said he felt the twin evils of the American theater are its insecurity of employment and over-emphasis on new hit plays. The first thing to do when a cough is present mu d ° ver ' 8 times a week for perhaps 2 or 3 years r io have a thorough examination made so that s no way to live -" the exact cause may be determined and eliminated if possible. There are, however, many suggestions for the management of a cough which may be helpful. jj t Bed rest may cause the coughing to become :s frequent; sometimes the cough will disappear entirely. The air should be warm and moist. Hot, dry air may provoke and prolong the cough. Treatment of a cough with medicines is also helpful. Sedatives or quieting drugs are often Did You Know? By The Haskin Service • J « P articul arly like the life I lead" he sa i '«_ or , the sim P le reason I don't usually know whether I'm going to eat next year. "When I was a kid there were 9.0 theaters on Broadway. Now there are about 30. Today an actor no longer can afford to plan a career in the theater alone To - --— — - -j^-^v*».«(;, VAL lAgO O.A C UJL LlrJi J. *f • 1 , -"«v- -iiv-t* VV,Jk d-l.Ul.IC. J. \J employed at the beginning, but of course these ? , ^ e he also has to g° int o the movies, radio milcf V\a »rYinl^.,«J „_•!.._ j.i_ _ __« . . .. *-^w QJ. -[gJgyjgJQj^ " . * Ferrer thinks the ideal compromise has been made by Laurence Olivier, the English actor, who appears in one movie and "5 or 6 plays a year " And he believes many of the troubles of the American theater would be solved if more encour- , must be employed only as the physician directs. Later, drugs which stimulate the secretions and loosen" the cough may be employed. All sources ot irritation, such as smoking, should be eliminated. unlimited extension o* Th^pcwers"^ The ^S^fn ^ hicl l- ° an - b , e " sed to stimulate the ment are usins evprv p n nn»i,«M«+«»^:1.? secretion formation include ammonium chloride. ;, .- ,, , .- ' ^* —-J M*A^ iJfc> ^jn tidi. L1I Ai LLUti, it is that private ownership of property and private enterprise are the rock on which — - _^_ __.w_.. ww W-AJI4M.A.U fcW IX1{^ --*-•—•—.•.•*,» TT^lAiVA M \^ O'JA.VCIU. 11. J secretion formation include ammonium chloride, agement were given-to playwrights SOnllim Plfrafo anrl ci-ml^ 4l*i nr * n «„ ~.M _-e j. ' lr rl-»rt A»v* A ..; n __ t_T _ i . , Santa Glaus was Russian in about the same way nazi propagandists concluded that Columbus was an Aryan. The Real Issue P RESIDENT TRUMAN again denounces the congressional investigation of communism in the government as a "red herring," and adds that congressional spy- hunters are merely out after headlines. What Mr. Truman thinks about the committee members personal antics and motives is beside the point. What does the president of the United States have to say about secret documents that were stolen from the United States state department and turned over to the communists? , . That is the issue in the Chambers-Hiss case. ,, . . ---- r --^-— is based. Neither could long exist if the other were destroyed Throughout _his book, General Eisenhower speaks of certain almost unique qualities which the American soldier possessed. These were the qualities of self-reliance, of the ability to improvise under difficulties, of individual initiative of the talent for making the most of what they had £Q tTT<-»T«Ij- «-i»-. J .£: «l_i !A1 m* .... ,/.»H-VA the the and anise. Of course, when , as oil of^en* for Plays American public knows hardly anything own writers » h* ^i* "They write fine about its own writers," he said. after ^ decide when these required and will prescribe them in the proper dose. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS A Reader: My father has pains in his abdomen and everything he eats upsets him. He has been " M learMd hls lrad « he EDITOR'S NOTE: Readerm uitnf thU •ervlce for questioni of f*ct—not conn- •eJ—shoald sign fall n ame Bn d iddresi •nd Inclose 3 centi for return postage. Addres, the Mason City Globe-G»«tt« Information Bureau, 316 Eye Street N E.. v Washington 2. D. C. What is the sacred pallium re- oently conferred on the archbishop of Washington? It is a circular .band of white wool about 2 inches wide with pendants hanging down in front and back It is worn outside the chasuble and over the neck and shoulders by archbishops, who receive it as a sign of their unity and loyalty to the_pppe. Have all the states received land grants from the federal government for education purposes? Each state and the territory of Alaska has received grants of land ^T^L^^^l^t-^ ™n of 38, ^'fS^^^^SS^ to work and fight with. Those qualities were using Datives, one after another.' What would brought to the army from civilian life, anrf thn-^ V°u suggest? Borders Are Obsolete A N item from Casablanca, French Morocco, tells that a new airlift between the French zone of Morocco and Tangiers In the international Z one across from Gi- SiJSf^SS^S^^SK^^ braltar has been successfully overcoming School of Music in Chicago and Miss Lake is a very - - - - - * " * talented musician and vocalist, having studied in the Boston conservatory. The ladies have been life-long friends of Mrs. Stevens and the Misses army from civilian life, and they are typical of the American character. They—more than any material possession—have been responsible for building this nation in time of peace, and protecting it in time of war. Do You Remember? 10 YEARS AGO Mason City's "1939 Model Home" was opened ? r ,}co p » ctlon today by the bunder, E. L. Zerble at 1452 Hampshire place N. W. It is a model home strictly for the prospective owner with a moderate income Mr. Zerble stressed, having been built under the federal housing administration's plan at a cost of approximately $4,000. 20 YEARS AGO ™ ^ h oT S ^ e ^L 11 } 6 Mason City Hardware company, <J7 East State, owned and operated by Carl Jaeger and his son, Moss Jaeger, to Don McPeak was announced today. With the, exception of the withdrawal of the elder Mr. Jaeger from the institution, the organization will remain the same Mr. McPeak announces. Moss Jaeger will continue _with the store. The plans of Carl Jaeger are still indefinite, it was stated. The Mason City -Hardware company was organized 13 years ago. 30 YEARS AGO Mrs. G. M. Stevens received yesterday afternoon complimentary to the Misses Annabelle Mor- you suggest? Answer: Your father should have a careful examination made by his physician to determine the cause of his difficulty. The continued use of laxatives may irritate the bowel and produce abdominal discomfort and other symptoms. It is advisable to treat constipation in other ways, such as by means of diet, exercise, and the formation of right habits. They'll Do If Every Time laughed then and said cheerfully: "I know this may sound a little ungrateful, but it s really a kind of luxury to me. Nobody listens to an actor's gripes when he's out of work " He has a common-sense, down-to-earth view most cases thrjse lands or the" receipts from their sales serve as permanent sources of yearly income for education in the respective states.. Today's Birthday By AP Newjfeo'ures ERIC ALLEN JOHNSTON, horn Dec. 21, 1896, in Washington D. C. . His family was poor and moved *° Spokane, where his father died. -Eric went to work when 6, selling newspapers. He worked his way through the University of Washington, s e r v e d in the marines in World war I, became an industrialist, headed the National Chamber of Commerce and then took over Will Hays' job as movie "czar." weather is 5 by 9* feet. The post flag in fair weather is 10 by 19 feet. How lone ajro was the first nirht The the United States each year compare with those killed legally? It star^atfo^'Hr'rfn 6 "." * appea , rs , in "»"imminent danger of 1? estimated that in some locali- H^ircr-asaa'Msrw-jra SSK'S'&Tl'iJSrgSS , just a man in love with Insecurity. ra By Jimmy Hatlo ERMIM BRINGS ALL HIS GRIPES AND OBS HOME FROM THE OFFICE AMP PUMPS THEM W MAMA'S LAP- MEW HAT? PONY SUV ANVTHW6/ IF I\\ NOT FfRED BY THE HMD OF THE MOMTH, I'M GONNA QUIT, AN/HOW.' N080P/ CAN TALK TOME THE WAV BkSDOME VOES! KNOW WHAT HE S-MD TO ME TH/S MORMIM6 ? HE <?ALLS Pirr POES SHE E^ER. HEAR OF HIS 6000 FORTUNE~UKE,F'REXAMPLv THE BOfsJUS HE GOT TODAy? HEH.HEH/ Vesta and Addie Barton. the Spanish land blockade. The way air transport has beaten the ioviet blockade in Berlin and the Spanish blockade fn Tangiers is convincing proof 40 YEARS AGO Last night at the Woodman hall occurred the annual election of officers for the ensuing year in the following order^ Chief tj O. E. Warlield; past teacher, that border blockg are a thing of the past. Air traffic mocka border blocks. Land borders and blockades belong to . ,. .. , reowuci, lyictijr n.. xxice; scnne, name K. Brown: the age before aviation. Air power knows keeper of tribute, C. A. Parker; captain, Jas E! no boundarie, or blockade *£•£. ff$Z%.i£ft£SL**. j.. a more than half the authorized kill. According to records supplied the fish and wildlife service a total of 923,600 big-game animals was killed in the U. S. during 1946. Most of these records were for the legal kill in open season. Where did the game polo originate? Most authorities believe the game originated in Persia where it was known as "The Game of the Stick and the Ball." Some believe, however, that it originated in India. What chief justice administered the oaths of office to United States presidents the greatest number of times? Chief Justice Marshall ad- min^stered the inaugural oath 9 times to 5 different presidents, 4 of them serving 2 terms. During the period that Taney was chief justice 9 presidents took the oath of office but he administered the oath to only 7 presidents. Justice Cranch officiated the 2 other times. Is there any difference In the size of boys' and girls' heads? According to a chart devised by 2 University of California medical school physicians boys have larger heads than girls at all ages. Who invented the parkinr meter? Carl C. Magee of Oklahoma City, Okla., was the inventor. The i i r s t installation was in Oklahoma City July 16, 1935. What is the difference In the •lie of the storm and rarrison n**« o»ed by the army? The garrison flag, the largest national flag authorized and flown by the army, is 20 by 38 feet. The- storm flag usually flown in inclement was run through West Virginia on the Baltimore and Ohio railway in 1848. VVho said, "Always do ritht. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest?" This is one ot the unpublished epigrams of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. Please five the derivation of the word Christmas. The word is derived from the Latin adjective Chnstus, meaning "the Anointed One," and the word mass, the derivation of which is somewhat controversial. The word Christmas literally refers to the mass sung in honor of the birth of Christ. Mason City Globe-GoxerU AN A. W. LEE NEWSPAPER Issued Every Week Day by the GLOBE-GAZETTE PUBLISHING COMPANY ; State St. Telephone 3300 is second elat» matter Aprtl Tn \ ' 5' ^! P°«tofHce it M«»on Ctty. fowa. under the act of March 3, 1879. LEE P. LOOMIS - - ^ —Publisher W. EARL HALL, Managing Editor ENOCH A. NOREM - - City Editor LLOYD L. GEER Adv Tuesday, Dec. 21, 1941 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS which 3 ?, ? nmled to «• tor rl all local new* printed tn SUBSCRIPTION KATES to Ma*on City and Clear Lak. «, year on* w«*k Outaldn Maaoa City and C1««r By mall 8 monthi ...'.'.?' .......... * I'S? By carrier p«- w «ek ..j.!.!!!;;;!; Jt Ouuw. 100 **!•• f9mf «•»«. Six month ... Thre* month* by Man ga^^ < ?3iz'Wtiilf;affi^

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