The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 17, 1914 · Page 14
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
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Friday, July 17, 1914
Page 14
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Page Fourteen T H E D E C A T T J R R E V I E W Friday Evening, July 17, 1914. WabasH Dispatcfier Helm in Unusual Accident. HE LOSES BOTH LEGS Grover Wood Slips and Falls Under Freight. F. Thomas, the firemen's representative, gives the opinion of firemen: From, the present outlook," writes Mr. Thomas from the hot oed of affairs in Chicago, "a strike will be called on all the western roads in the near future The date for the walk-out has not beer, decided. Tell all the boys back home that they will be expected to act Just as they voted. II they do this there will be no question of who shall nm." Both englnemen and officials in Decatur deplore the stern aspect which t n e strike situation has assumed during the last twelve hours. There seems to be no question in the minds of Decatur firemen and many Decatur engineers but that, if a walkout is called, they will stand f i r m l y as they \ oted Rev. W. O. Roush's Hearing at 1st Methodist. ACCUSED IS CRUSHED B During the severe rain and t h u n der storm which Thursday evening- swept the entire Decatur division ot the Wabash. Elmer Helm, f o r m e r l y ot Decatur. but now working one trick In the dispatching force at Forrest, was temporarily deafened ana nearly thrown from his chair when l i s h t n i n s , iSy struck th* dispatching telephone line eomewhere on the division and w h i p - ped! in to spend itself In the receiver strapped over the dispatcher's head. HE COULDN'T HE A ft. The receiver, with its head harness was strapped tightly over one ear and With Humiliation -- Has Attorneys for Defense. T. B. DAVIS IS BARBER'S DELEGATE Will Represent Decntur nt tional Convention. Manager Reed -- Reports at Once. Manager George Reed of the De- entur baseball club today completed a deal whereby Shortstop j'ohn Berkel of i the- Commodores goes to the Peoria The investigation in the c^-se of Rev. ; \V O. Roush of W a r r e n s b u r g , chargcrt with u n b e c o m i n g c o n d u c t by a few c i t - izens of W a r r e n s b u r g came b e f o r e a special session of the Decatur district of the I l l i n o i s M e t h o d i s t c o n f e r e n c e in the First Methodist c n u r c h Friday afternoon at 1:30, w h e n about a dozen conference members, p r e a c h e r s fro'r. over the district, met to consider test i m o n y and decide whether the cas- ihail be dropped or w h e t h e r it s h a l l b . ken higher. PROBE IS MADE Rev. J. W. VanCIeve of Decatur p - c - tusiori had burst the ear dium. The j tne p eona team at once j dispatcher was unable to bea*- a sounrt Since Decatur secured Shortstop Johr the remainder of the afternoon Conger from Quincy him go. deal for Koy no for a while it was feared that the con- I ( l u b ln t h e Thl ee-l Berkel will J o l n j '«** at the Invest.gation which con- dium. T h e l t h p p, m , a , p a m f t t ,,,,,, i s i s t e d of hearing testimony from accusers and going Into m i n u t e Investigations of the accused and his rec- He came to Decatur Thursday evening, ' Pcherer, Manager Reed had no f u r t h e r ords. a man having been sent to relieve him ] use fo-- Berkel and disposed of him to Pc-ople f r o m Waynesville and when the accident occurred. He Is r-e- j the distillers Berke! has a number of ported to be improving now and no | " J ! lends in D e c a t u r who wPJ -egret effects are expected. The Forrest dispatchers Yiur.g up their receivers ard opened tiieir telegraph kevs after the lightnms struck McCalman Gets Taylor Avenue Job for $18,206. TUTTLE GETS OTHERS Scraps of News. NAMED EXECUTRIX. Gertrude M u r r a y has been appointed executrix of the will of Dennis Murray, and filed her bond in the sum of $200. MR. CANNON IX CHARGE. Rev. W. H. Cannon, pastor of the Central Church of Christ, will have charge of the open air service next Sunday evening in Central park. Oakland, William and North Go for $20,239. to They say that should the wiectriclty be attracted bv the wires anywhere on the circuit, the result would be the same. IOSBS BOTH LEGS. Qrover Wood twenty year? old and a resident of Dexter, Mo, lost both legs at 1! o clock Thursday evening ·when he leaped into a driving rain from a box -ar n T re train of Wabash Xo. 62 T Jit Olive, shpned ana lei! under the wheels The youner man w'ith his brother-ln law, G. F Fanr-er was e'-idertly beat- ins his -way on th« northboum freight which -would have brought him into Decatur early this morning The train pulled down past the station and then backed down on a siding It seems that the- young: man feared detertion and took a chance !n the dark. His companion, who followed him through the door, heard a. scream as the 'in- fortunate slipped under the- wheels, and palled his body from beneath the train only after both legs nad been severed between knee and ankle Wood was rushed to the Lltchfield hospital as soon as possible and his parents notified of the accident. His condition is reported to be serious today and his sister is on the way to his bedside. Magazine Tells of Our Ornamental Lights. The board of local Improvements met at 2 o'clock Friday a f t e r n o o n and 'awarded two paving contracts and two small sewer contracts. The contract for rhe paving of Taylor avenue in Highlawns addition was let to the Mc- Calnidn Construction c o m p a n y for $18,- 206.S4 Work will begin right away, The only other bid was by L. F H u n t for J1S.713.20. TUTTLE GETS THREE. The contract Cor the Oakland ave- n u e , West William street and West N'orth street paving was let to S. A. T u t t l e for ?20,239. other bidders. The Th" J o u r n e y m e n Baroers hold t h e i r j s l r u c t l o n company bid $20,587.50, Dris- I n t c r n a t i o n U "convention m I n d i a n a p - j coll and O'Brien, S20,2S'.5Q, L. F. Hunt nils In O c t o u e r Local Xo MONTH IN CHICAGO. The Misses Anna and Margaret McNabb will go to Chicago Sunday to spend a month visiting their aunt, Mrs. H. K. Byrne, f o r m e r l y Miss Alberta Whitmer MR. SAFFORD AT PEORIA. Rev. Elisha Safford, pastor of tne Westminster Presbyterian church, Is spending a few days in Peoria. He will pi oi.ably be absent over Sunday. Rev, H. F Tibbits w i l l preach Sunday m o r n i n g in his place and at night there will be no p r e a c h i n g services, but the congregation is asked to attend the union service in Fairvlew park under the auspices of the y o u n g people's societies of the city. There were four McCalman Con- where who have been acquainted w i t h the minister d u r i n g his t w e n t j -six year? of: preaching in the d i s t r i c t we-e present to testify in his behalf. Decatur ire's f u l l page In The OnJp Succeeds Hnlfcaj-. L. J Gulp, who comes from C. S I. railroad offices in Salem, has been newly employed to take the place l e f t vacant by the resignation of Robert Haffey in the local Waba=h maintenance of way department. H= took -in his duties in the D»catur o f f i c e Friday morning r. C. Official Gets New Place. J. S Brown, for a. long time past general freight agent of th- Illinois Central railroad, has resigned M? position in order to become t r a f f i c manager of the Chicago Board of Trade. He succeeds E B. Boyd in that position, the former having been made chairman of the Western T i u n k Lines committee. July 1. No appointment has yet been made to the place of I. C. genera! freight agent, which is one of the most important positions on western railroad lines Decatur Men Get Word from Chicago Officials. American Citv mi gar] re for July. Of course D e c a ' u r img-nt f u r n i s h several interesting and i n s t r u c t i v e pages for f-'S m a g a z i n e bu*- to get a single page IP a. Nw York m a gas in P of national r ' r c u K M o n is a d'stincMnn t h a t Is not tn fte scorned O R X A M E X T A L LIGHTS. The p a r t i c u l a r t h i n g which gives Dec i t u r a p'ac^ in t h e Julv American City is the o r m m e n t a l ligrhtmar system on Xorth Main sireet Trere- are two view? of X o r ' h Mam street showr, one a day ·v nf t-hp n o r t h illummatf-d section look'ng s o u t h , the otbf--* a night view of 1 south end of th* street looking n ° r t h from th* 1 t r a n s f e r station. TAKEN" AT NIGHT. The- photographer m e r c i f u l l y fook this photograph at night" so that it would not sh^w the pavement There is nothing In t h e p i c t u r e but the lights. Far up the f*!ee-t to the north is a wavy double line cf light? -which any Decatur mar car readilv recognize as an automobile d^d?3ng the holes in the street. TELL? OF LIGHTS. The text accompanying the Illustrations say? ' Th» ornamental lighting system of De^a f ur consists of P27 lights, and *^ter«ion of the service is Contemplated Tl-p- standards -used in 'he residence (2i?f r '^t ^re of the one light and three light- tvpes. and the five light standards a^= used in the bus!- re-ps section It has recently been ruled rhat the residen^^ district is to have t b ^ three light standards exclusively in n i d e r to secure u n i f o r m i t y . " PRETTY PICTURE Ir I? worth remarking f ^at no pret- fier ritv p'etur* r"2v h* found than the flav \ i e w on North Main street looking south as it a p p e a r * in this magazine Thp sudden end to f-hich this llumin- ated section of the street comes does not appear in th* Picture and 1C it did the "extension of rhe. service con Immolated" would fill the gap. Ex v ery little bit helps in spread'n? the fame of the central city of J l l i r n i s and the magazine mention will **arry some portion of It tf the outermost ends of the coun- trv. IS HUMILIATED His health broken beyond all hope of recovery to the normal with the h u m i l - iation of the affair a f t e r a life of ser- vre, Rev. Mr, Roush sat in one room of the Methodist church while wtness- ep for the church and the defense w e r e examined Friday afternoon. The morning and early afternoon were taken up in choosing the j u r y and othe 1 - prelim- i n a r i e s to the I n v e s t i g a t i o n w h i c h Closely resembles a grand j u r v sitting C B Taylor of Urbana and L G. Adams of this district, both sersed in legal procedure e^ en though they have given up that profession for the ministry, are acting as counsels for the defense Rev, E K. Towle and Er.nis are working for the prosecution Rev. Mr Reno of Argenta, Rev. Mr Phillips of Cerro Gordo, Rev. Mr. Sandmyer of Marshall, Rev. Mr. Wakefield of Maroa, and Rev Mr MJtche 1 ! of Edinburg are a m o n g the ministers who are acting as jurors The first witness took the stand at 2.30 to be cross-nuestioned. The proceedings are private and no testimony is being made public. The concensus of opinion is howe\er that the minister has an excellent chancr- to prove hip innocence 9'f of this 1*20,587 50 *nd c i t y w i l l re represented by T. B. Davis, who wa^ ejected as delegate at the regular n ^ - i m g last Wednesday night. YV ILL BE LARGEST. This to be the largest convention ,n t h e history of the J. B. I. f. of A There will be in the neighborhood c E 1,000 delegates there from all over the United. States, Canada and Mexico The last c o n \ e n t i o n was held ii Milv. aakee f i v e years ago. STEWART TO PEORIA. The I l l i n o i s J o u r n e y m e n Barbers hold their a n n u a l convention in Peoria this e n r and Local No 50 will be represented TV H. D Stewart, who was elected as r'e'egate. The state co'nen- t'or w i l l be held in September File and Alexander bid $21,305.75. SEWER TO HUNT. The sewer in the W. H. Hammond addition went to L. F. Hunt for J345.90. A r t h u r Blrt's bid was $349.40. L. F. Hunt was also awarded the contract for the sewer in the Crowder and Cornthwait addition. Hts bid was $345.70. He bot both because the other bidders had neglected to make the bids on the Y connections. If they hid hid on those connections, Mr. Hunt would not have had the contracts Warehouse Commission Has Effect Here. One of Features of Union Service at Fairview. The program h a « been completed for h e u n i o n young peoples service to be hold In Fairview p a r k n-:xt P u n r t a v e ^ e m r g T h i s sei"\ ice will be held at 6 o'clock in The pa^l'on and will be over in t i m e fc 1 - L f - n n ' e ti rea^h their c h u r c h e s Ir t i m e f o r t h e e v e n i n g C h u r c h Eer 1 - 'res T.he rpus'c ^ T l l l include the singing of f a m i l i a r songs The v.on'.s of the songs will be t y p e w r i t t e n and copies will be distributed a m o n g the people !n the audience, s" sH v, ill be able to take r a r t m r h ^ M r ^ i n g T H P H K SPEAKERS. The miir t^t-rn^ for the evening wiU l-« "Our i^*. ir O u t ' e s as Young People' ?^d three acd'-css*? ^'111 bp made, the speak ei = b e i n g Superintendent J. O. Engleman ^1 l s. C .T McCornpll arid According to a decision handed down A t t o r n e y J ? B a l d w i n Th^ program by the Railroad and Warehouse Commission at Springfield today, t h e I l l i - nois Central railroad *s ordered to make switching contracts and arrangements with the Illinois Traction Svp- tem. These contracts are to be made under the same c o n d i t i o n s a the:, are made w j t h othe r steam roads commission holds t h i t since the t r a c t i o n lines are subject to the same and statutes a= the steam roads, t h e steam roads cannot refuse to itch rai*R with thc-m The Wabash and C. and E. I already switch with the I T S f o r ^e will be as follows Hail 'he Power of Jr-sus' M'KINLEY AMD BORCHERS FILE That strike matters are raplllj- coming tc a head, that It is probable there will be a -walk-out an ninetv-eight western railroad lines, and that the scenes of 94 will verv possibly be r»- enacted In Decatur is the belief which both Wabash officers and enginemen have gained throue-h late developments in Chicago. Tfce men are confident of the em- ployes' loyalty to their organizations and expect that if requests ar.e not answered, they can tie up things and force the railroads to recognize their i rights, while officials are equally certain that a walk-out would bother the roads for a week at the most and that conditions prevailing just at present point to failure in a strike LETTER TELLS STORY. A letter received from an official in Chicago who is In the position to feel the pulse of ttie situation outlines conditions tersely. "The general managers,'' it reads in part, "are determined to grant nothing and you (enginemen) must realize that in such a. case, there will be a strike. Public opinion will be our friend If the facts are made known. Railroads of the country have been looted by tVall street; and the suffering of the men can be traced directly to that cause Action must be taken to relieve this suffering The former schedule must be brought back and the service feature wiped out. The loyalty of the men alone must do this In the present instance." TVORD FROM FIREMEN. 1ms letter sets forth the engineers' convictions as the following, received ic Decatur Thursday evening from C. Their Petitions as Candidates for Con- grpss from 19*h. W. B McKinley, Republican, ana Charles M. Borchers, Democrat, todav Hied their petitions as candidates for nomination for congress from the XIns- te»nth district with Secretary of Stats Harry "Woods at Springfield. A large number of Decatur Democrats signed the Eorchers petition and there were not a few Decatur Republicans on the MrKinley petition. LIFE'S LIGHTER HOURS. Mrs, t-o!- Glasgow Surprised. Mrs. Lou Glasgow, 133S East William street, was (given a birthday surprise at her home Thursday afternoon by the members of the Decatur W. R. C. About fifty were present. Mrs Glasgow received manv handsome presents. All had an enjoyable time. Mrs Glasgow was given another surprise by her relatives and neighbors Thursday evening. Refreshments were served by the guests. MARRIED MURRELL-GREER. Otto Murrell and Amanda ureer were married at 9:30 Thursday night by Rev. J. A. Crockett at the home of the bride on West Marietta street Only the family was present. The couple will live in the 1000 block South Colfax street. Mr. Murrell is employed at the Wahash round house. SNOWBALL IN A WARM CLIMATE 9 sp Much Chance ns **. O. P.'H and Moose -ComhlnlnSr Snys Bolaml. There Is about as much chance of the Progressives and Republicans joining on the county ticket as there !s for snowball in hell," said Attorney Lee oland today, when asked whether a rumor of such an action was true The rumor was that the Republicans had offered the Progressives one office on the c o u n t y ticket if they would join forces with the G. O. P. From Attor- lev Boland's statement, this combma- ion "will probably not take place He stated that the Bull Moosers were busy getting out petitions now and vould announce their county ticket later. FUNERALS. CHARLES MILTON MILLER. The bodr of Charles Milton Miller ?rrived from St Louis at 9 o'clock on Thursday night and was taken to lloran's chapel, where the funeral was set for 2:30 Friday afternoon, with interment In Greenwood. MRS. LDCIN'DA WILLIAMS. . The body of Mrs. Luclnda Williams ·was taken to'Artfenta at 9 o'clock Frt- dny morning, the funeral to be held there at 10.30. ? S Friend We Hire in P e M p t y r * Beading--Tsalah 1 11-20 Praver--F*v. T ? Richmond T a l k -- Th* R ^ q u ' s l t ^ s of a Good Citizen." ~'irer i nt t n'1 t rt .T. O Engle- Song-- Onward Christian Soldiers" T f ] \ z . -- 5'iyiriav O ?s»?r\ anoe n Decs,- Talk--' O'ir CT ic Duties as Young VopTe." T ? Baldwin. S o n g -- r^n V- '!~ e T!e T h g t B i n d s " J. Oscar Russell Dies at His Home in Lincoln. James Oscar Russell of "00 West Main street died at 12 o'clock Thursday nirht it the home of his mother, Mrs. James Russell, In Lincoln. He was thirty-five years old Julv 10. His death was caused by tuberculosis contracted on the morning of April 7. STOOD IX RAiy. He has been a clerk in thn office ot the Decatur Railway and Light company for a year or more and on the morning of April T he stood out in the rain and watched the f i r e that destroyed the company's office along with the rest of the Powers block. He contracted a hea.vy cold and tuberculosis developed, causing his death. WAS WELL KXOWN For some time he has been at his old home in Lincoln. Besides his mother he is survived by a daughter, Helen Virginia Russell, aged nine years, a sister. Sirs. J. G. Hall of Lincoln, and two brothers, Thomas Russell of Lincoln and Elmer Russell. who«e present a d d r e s s is u n k n o w n . Mr. P.nssell haa lived in D e c a t u r for about n i n e years and was well known. He was clerk for the Decatur Association of Commerce while C. A. Wait was secretary. The funeral will be held at Lincoln, probably Sunday afternoon, and the Interment will be there HOLLOW TILE COMES. The hollow tire for fire proofing the floors of the new Powers b u i l d i n g is a r r i v i n g and the work on the floors will start next Mon ay. Two carloads of lumber to be used in making the torms are on the way from Detroit. The work will be done by the National Fireproofing company. State Shippers' Convention Here Next February. The directors of the I l l i n o i s Poultry and Eg? Shippers' Association hi-ld a m e e t i n g at t h e office- of C. L Hattldd, secretary of t h e association, Thursday evening, at which m e e t i n g It was cliridecl t h a t the «rc.inti c o n v e n - tion of tht- association w o u l d hi' hrM in Decatur on Fob :T r.nd :S. 191.- Last year's c o n v e n t i o n \\ a*- hi M irj this city on F*b. :S-27, at the Pt N h- olas h o t i l . The f u l l board of d l r c c t o i - , composed of t h e f o l l o w - I n ? m e n , w-ci n prcsenti H B. P a t t o n . i3ioomingtoi ; Fred M a r t i n , Pana: John A. Sir^c'-. Mattoon; W F. Dennis. How-en: Wail.? Mellln, A n n a : C L II i t f n - M , D e c a t u r There wcrr- also a nu-r.h'r of the m e m - bers of the as?orI,itioM present. TO TERRE HAUTE. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wismer and son will go to Terre Haute Monday to attend the national convention of the Knights of Pj thias and the national encampment of the Uniform Rank, K. of P. They will also visit relatives there and will be there a week. C. O. Ebel, Brugh Werner, C. C. Sutter, Major P. O. Dam row and others will also attend the encampment. Board of Review After Those Who Pay Little. WILL BUILD. A permit was issued by Commi er Shade to Louis Burstein Friday to erect a. store building in the 400 block The various t o w n - , h i p as=r-c o r s nr* being called b e f o r e the Loan! of ri'vu-w to assist in an e f f o r t tn discover if there is any assci"=-iM- p r ^ n r r t y t h n t has not been listed Tr«- m.-nili.-rs ot the board e ^ ' V ' r t to Kf-t ron s iiiTnblo more taxes f r on 1 some p--o["-rt!«-s t h a n ssion- have been paid h e i e t o f o n ? . ann also to )" av , n . force some propc-rtv to p-iv f » s on Xorth Water street, rooms above. with living MONTICELLO COURT. Judge O. W. Smith was in Monticello Thursday, holding court for Judee Hawbaker. has heretofore escdp^-d GO OVER THE HOOK?. Dick Ntentker assumed h i p d u t i e s -M clerk of the board Wednesday anil t'-t* members have settled d o w n to ,icfi · ! business. All the township l o o k " \ \ i l l be gone over C a r e f u l l y , ftnri t h ^ ! · L: ·! expects to make many increases Tl,t / will try and place the actual cash v n h m of properties some where noar TRANSFER OF PARK. The formal transfer of Lincoln park from B. 3. Tuttle to the city O C Dcrs - ! should be Instead of t.iking th* tur has been made, the deed haUn? ! o f I h e °^' ner in e v e r y case ' been filed for record Thursdav. city has made the last payment, purchase price was 35,000. The The SAXTOXS OX VISIT. Justice and Mrs J Edward Saxton will go to Chicago Friday night to t h i r d of the f u l l cosh visit for seveial days S40 AT SOCIAL Owing to the threatening -we it her, the attendance at the Ice cream scci-H given by the women of St. Patrick's church on the church lawn Thursday night was very light. The proceeds reached only about 540. about half of They cite on*- t n ^ t mce where- n v - i n k in a neighboring town in the C O ' . M v has three f i r e proof safes, Itsl-M n\ .i total v a l u a t i o n of $30. and t h p o t l v r furnlsb'ngs of the b a n k were liM--l :»*: $15. The asseo^irent is based nn one- v a l u e , w h i h In s case would m i k e only $15 i* :i»- ses=ed value of the b a n k i n g out'.* i n - cluding the safes The h a n k e r s « ' N asked to come in n n d show catiM- «.hv the v a l u a t i o n sr.O'ild not b/» placed n t a higher f ' g u r e . or the b _ird mn-, RQ thf- 1 -'- and make an inv^^tiv* »K»n VALUE O v PRLMH'.MS Local R c e n t s of f o r e i g n f ! tv ln?ui j which will be p r o f i t It will go into arce ccmr-inies will also i in the new school fund nether social win be given by thr women next month. BORN. MARRIAGE LICENSES. Otto Murrell, Decatur *··· 23 Amanda Greer, Decatur...........ti.A..M...«.....t22 To Mr ana Mrs Bruno Dropinskl. 1040 North Woodward street, Friday, July 17, a son To lit. and Mrs Thomas B. Turner, 1250 East "William street, Thursday. July 16, a son To Dr. and Mrs. R. O. Spear of Elgin. II.. Monday. July 13, a son, -welshing 5% pounds Mrs. Spear was formerly Miss Anna Shier of Decatur To Mr. and Mrs. James Mayberry. one- halt mile west of town. Thursday, July 16, a daughter. Incomplete Equipment. Washington Star.--"Adam had all kinds ot animals," said the little girl. "Yes." replied her little brother thoughtfully, "but he didn't hava any clowns or trapeze performers." COVERS LOOSE ON MAN HOLES Peilestrin!! t n l ! « !=: Cover Plied by rnnmalisioner Rntlsrauff. T'IP r f. « ill hi-e to adopt a ditfer- ent k p i ] PC to\- r lor man-holes or hare 1V-" "isp»i'tf-f1 tegularlv and kept in er-orl reta' r or suits for dam- ·f on n r r o u n t of personal Injuries will !IF- ^'"pr-rou= N'ot long ago the c j t v s o i t i r r i \xi»h a woman -«-ho fell through «'i"ii s ho'' '""· the 1"0 block South W".-r strep' J ' i N WAS HURT. Last ?'i--lay r i g h t a man and his wife on the wav home from church were pa=.= nc the northwest corner of Church n'-.d J e f f e r s o n streets when the man s t e p ; eel on the cov*r of a manhole and f h e cover t u r n e d over and he got a r.T3 fall. O"t- limb went clear down I n t o the hilt- and was badly bruised im! sprain. 1. The pain was so grert t h a t th" mm was absolutely helpless for several minute?. Those vh o witnessed the accident h a s t e n e d 'o his a? = istance and helped him to get up, but it was fifteen or twenty ".inutes before he was able to walk The police were notified of the dangerous condition of the cover and a red lint.-rn was placed there. Later commissioner R u t h r a u f f had an iron bar attached to the cover so that it could not be kicked off. TESTING STATION ON WEBBER'S LAND A. G. Webber has piver the city permission to use some of his ground near the o u t l e t of the Broadway sewer as a location for the t e s t i n g station. Probably two or three acres will be required for the temporary sewage plant that will be stationed there. MEETINGS. Dlsflrt r-tmri Vo ' "^ Court of Honor-- »A'^'^-f ^ y«v^ and, West William streets. WANT TO KNOW ABOUT CIGAR DAY E!oom!nKton Men to Carry Ont Similar Plan In Their City. ' H. Hudson, secretary of the Bioomlngton Commercial club, and W. F. Kalahar, secretary rf tne Cigar Manufacturers' club of that city, were Decatur Friday to investigate the results of Decatur cigar day recently- held here They were interested in finding out of what benefiv the dav haa been to the cigar manufacturers here, as they were planning similar booster days for the Bloomington ci- ga'rmakers. They held a Conference with John M, Byrne, secretary of the Decatur Association of Commerce. -*FRANK SMALLWOOD OUT FOR PLACE eeks Republican ^TominatiOTi for Connty Clerk. Frank P. Smallwocd will be a candidate for Republican nomination for county clerk. He is now circulating his petitions. Judge O. W. Smith has filed his petition as a candidate for county judge to succeed himself. So far no other candidate for that office has appeared. DEEDS RECORDED. Catherine A. Leavltt to achoo! trustees of township IS. for the use of district No 5 lot 2. block 8. original town of Maroa; 81,250 M H Bronn to W P. MontBomeo. part ot lot 2. Miller Packard's addition. S2,CKX). B B. Tuttle to City of Decatur, lot 13, in southwest V,, 15, 1C. 2 cast ana a triangular plecs adjoining; S5.000. P J. McDonald so B A. Blreeri, lot IT, block 3. Solana Placej ?60(\ ^ The Same Reason. Philadelphia Public Ledger.--Young Betts had just told his mother of his engagement to a charming young woman who was not blessed with much of this world's goods, and he met with Immediate objection. "Xow, mother, dear," said the young man, "don't be angry with me for fall ins In love with her. Besides you were a poor girl when you first met father.' "Yes, repied Mrs. Betts, "so I was. But so was your father. And I married him because I knew he woud succeed." "Well, mother," he said, "and she is going to marry me because he did. Don't you seej" C E. PICX1C. The Christian Endeavor eociety of he \Vestminstpr Presbyterian church held 3. picnic in Fairvicw park Thursday evening Simper u o ? served at 7 o'clock, a f t e r ivh'-h gimes were p]iv- cd. About thirty younc: people were present. TO CLIXTON ON" BIKES Charles Tn.-esch a n d F r a n k TTV'.OT cf Decatxir rode ' f Clinton on their hi- cypies Thursday a f t e r n o o n . They l^ft here at 1.30 and arrived in Clinton at I o'clock, m n k i n c s· vpral stop? i"n the ay. This wis t h e i r ?econd t r t p t ' ~ i s i: summer. The f i ^ s t vas to Tana : June IS They tre row planning trip to Coivdon in August. [ = t t h e i il'j*- of ^ai-n^d by t h e romrnnits m t n t F will r f* mid* 1 TP'-OT d l ' i ^ l v 'I is ?a!d has n^ver beer don- in this c o u n t y . The board has diECoviired t h a t v a l u a t i o n s p l i c o r j on p ^ t a f ^ s In of b r i n g - p r o b a t e d do the srhtilul*« of t u t n e d in J o f h ." *·?- tite c In - c 'j, h n*" 1 ! La r e q u i r e d Onlv a l ' o u t t h i r t y - f « v e c o m p l a l n t r !-,i\e 5 ' f - n r c ^ - ' l - ^ d bv f h « boir.l of r* 1 -, i t w, \\ h l ^ h 1* a v r r \ sm.'tll n n m 1 * r. M^st of iherr l . ° \ e b^-^n f r ^ m D^v .r, T"d st \ *·*-'' an i n n n i l vS*tt''»rs tn t h board. They fil«» r o m p l a l r to R( t'li · ·irl!e et r n F' 5 i t ' 1 1 · m o m e n t , eich y^a*- It nn-1 nfs-«-f- t h a t a l l v w i t h M f n n i l f t o p ' - r t y sn, r lor tbo«e ·*»- r « scli*-dul* w i l l PLEADED GUlLTk. Paul Meninger, charged with h a r b o i - cr an unlicensed -3cg, pleaded guilty before Justice U. G. Glle Friday a f t e r noon and was fined ?3 and costs which made a total ot to so. AT DALTON CITY. A baseball game will be played Sunday afternoon, July 1?, at 2:30 o'clock at Dalton Clay between the Dalton City team and the Decatur Brownies. It w .1! be held in Duggan park Macon, July 17--A heavy shover visited this vicinity Thursday which broke the drouth,vand also much cooler tut not near as much as needed fell A miniature cyclone visited the country about five miles east of Macon Thursday afternoon destroying telephone poles, and putting phones out of order, uprooted trees and l a y i n g the oats fields flat. On the farm of J. I. Warren, the roof was taken off the corn crib and a cob house was blown to pieces. On the Dave Hughes farm windows of the residence were broken, corn crib destroyed and much other damage done. LIGHT RAIN IN MACON COUNTY Windstorm Blows Down the Corn in Other Placed. Macon county was visited by a light rain early Friday morning. It was barely a trace. There were storm clouds in the sky most of the night, but the results were few in tnis vicinity. There was a light shower at Elwin, a soaking rain at Blue Mound and a good rain at Maroa. There were good rains in Piatt and. Champaign counties last night In the vicinity of White Heath there was a heavy windstorm and the corn was blown almost flat. In the neighbor- : hood of Maroa the corn wa n treated [ in the same manner by the gusts, fol- t h I I D -at'ir- placed about as n e a r thi bnt'^rn as possible In the f o r l v - n x hole hoaev pla.y at the I l l l n » n Co'intry c l u b tournament at '. h ' i m - t j a i c n todav At the end ot th" f i t f l l . p i n d the Decatu^ team was M ^own. T^e r ^ s j i t s of the t ^ a m s we*-,lows ? p r f n ? f i e l d leading at noon. up. Gal°sburg, 5 up Quincy, 3 up. Danville, even. Champaign, 5 down Peoria. B down. Bloomingrton, S down Decatur, 14 down. The second round Is rein* played th's afternoon AMEUICAV. Chicago at Philadelphia, game postponed; rain. Detroit - 000 C Boston 000 « Covpleskie and Stanage, Cvillns m -1 Carrisan Cleveland · * Washington « 1 Callamore and Bassl^r; Johnson at 1 Alnsmlth. St. lain. Louis at New York, poptponi 1 -!, NATIONAL Xew York Pittsburgh Batteries--Marn'i.ard anel M V / M S , ams and Gibson. The Dfnr Tbfrtfffl. Miss EUlerly -", ln-y say t h a t -ar. .'ires are m a d e I n h - ' n ' - f n " Miss Youns:--"All, t h e n you have ona ithance more." .^ 'SPAPERf SPAPERf

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