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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, July 13, 1859
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Hit on ife* Raw. Democratic suite Convention. ADonBCTMlo BtoteXJonrenHon irtliVI2-> > „- s , , , -— T ^ Aijeniblj Chamber, st tie CityflfMadl«Oft;*nTr«<Jne«- such circtimrtuicea we'We willing' to «d«dt 2?'£y aL j? r fl* l 3* **£ -" 01<flw±lt ' ft>r tWtheamraor-woaia iwe besajWMrf *>»« ?^^^^??^ «ttb* eenerilelection, tote held to KoveaAeyaMO, sJpKWtloin.tor U»^»r ftom which he 1>M •ndtoelectdelejrttes'tothe national Oonvemtlon, to i jast removed him. But after Bending tim *, ^ B ^3tott« City«f IttMleiloa, a a, in I860, tad to j oornnilftaaii, i| was ^oo|dng rather tow—wep "~"" - " *rw(»n-^6 reroto i{,>.Tuiooi »ssit3rfi« <nyc»Q8e. Col.finrtoonjeOtnrffltlmthewas Olonel Hart, expopng |fc»n- of petty metnn4*r j^o> I of squirming in th> t, ndiH knew, when he commra le.flolond.irM^aot his , poliUcil friend, and tb»t hie distrust of him was so great that be could not be hired to imp- Each other bnWness u mar come before ft.—J District 'ViU to eatlUed te.MttJ delegates to «ild State Oonrentlpn, provided that when more than -one County tonsiiutia an Assfembly District , each County shall b« entitled to (me Delegate,lo lieu of OASSTO8 FAIKOHILD, THBODOKE«OHKEr, i ^BIOHiRD P.EIGHUE, O.W.FITOH, " ' SOK4CE t BAKBEES, A. P. ELiKEBLEE, 'removed either for < 5 to stock for'Mr. Dated at Madison, Jane 2T, 1859. The PoelUon of the Soutb. We are dally reminded by- the wpnbHcan organs that 'the Southern democracy dissent fetf distinctly from the views promulgated by Senator Douglas in his speeches, letters and conversations on a revival of the slave trade, and the iaverventioa of Congress to protect *l*very in the territories of the tTnited ' States'. gnch statements, however, are false, as there are not in the South any considerable number of persons who fevor a revival of the slave- trade. Nor is it true that che democratic papers and politicians demand the enactment of a slave code for the protection of slavery in the territories. jOn the other hand, the ablest and most influential democrats, even in such extreme Southern States as ^Oeorgtar •Louisiana Cleveland, or for carrying on" a.Bp'ro/ correfl- pondenoe with Mr. Macgraw. ,W« cannot, however, anderetand what Eaudajl taa ; to do Trith th.8-La OrojsjeBaUroadOoTapatif, w; why he shoolrj interfare ia « fignt between tbs gallant Col. and thePrlBon'-Oonnalssioner. "' „' ' ) ! . I K! t <_*r* - ' * . ' I i 5 thirty Is n'of edited,-but the subsUntial troth of the-imperial declarations Jasaid to be officially conceded by the Aastrians,,and oer< considered It jay, duty, ,«nd made « mj baslnesj, lo ^tttJtetortwlMesknownwhewrerJweto taaagmf dred Tn _ wro/hun .inning.with the posts they >had' o right 1>'ank of the lioino, sao- Bi¥sda,.aad almost ^v«ty ; important: strong- bold west of the Minoio, and fairly reaching Itiatlropregnable quadrangle, where, if anywhere, they n ight be expected to 'make a sncoessfnl ^ngRgejueutj^a Change seemed to coaie oyer tbel^ wticB; :thefagitives assomed I ^eoaenBlre, re-orosea&the'JUjioio, andcfer- $a&g htoatsidtr of the <jo»d»ngle. a i - - - >. \ beeame «cqo»nted iri^t the caie of a jo&g -glti; who 5 »eeme4to tw trtnbW with wornu anfi liter eomplilal at the nine flaw and haa.bteniafferi^^DracmVtjro^Donau. Jfhfoagliiny penaujon.'h* pnrertated oMjbotltt «rf ^&r.~lan£» bux-ef JE<**r «fi^ «Jchih« ->-OBK. t. OAOSS. I-1 < CROSS & JPAURISIT, ATTORNEYS &C6CNSELLOHS AT , - No. 1(T, AIBnnT Kulldlnff, ..>...api. wiacossTJi. took Mcordlue W dlrectloon.1. The remit va», »h"e pawed a Urge quantity at irorau, The republican jiapers are quoting the Le Clew letter, which Qea.'^ass aloself, says was written in great haste, sad which .he ha* since explained and qualified,'by b^ ^tter .to Hofer.< He stated to ieClerc the doctrine'"of "Webster and Everett, which ^the present administration have materially changed and improved npon. The fret Democrat persists in quoting tHe Le Clew letter, and nay'be ignorant of the facts stated.above. ' ' 7' end Terns, admit that the South 5s Iwand not toi ask the 'intervention of Congress for the protection of. slave .property in 'the territories. In the State of Virginia,' there is but one dem- ooratio paper that agitates £he -question of in;-' terventioa, and that one— the Richmond En- tfttfrw— dlsolaims having -any desire Tfor ithts immediate erercbe of the power, snd ; only asks that It may', be .reoognized^now, : and 'w- •orted to in a certain oontingency. , . ; But .the last Democratic State Convention refused to entertain such a proposition for a moment, and we ? have no fears of : a reversal of that decision. Hon. A.- .H Stephens, the peerless member'of the tf. S. House of Bep. reaeatatlves, from the State of Georgia, addressed his constitnents, .recendy at Angosta, cad we haves mere syhopsb of . his speech ^va^n In the '•• CoAstitiitionalist. His position OB the question of Congressional int«vrtit!ori, •Ither for or against' alaver v, iu the IVrito- rie», is distinctly defined. ;;He.said -'[be prin- dple isaow settled, that(k»ngress sbnli abstain ; from *11 legislation <>n the subject of slavery in the . Territones, whether as to the North or the Spnthj and the Territories ere now open ; tp *11 eeotions, and have the privilege of'of adop- DKMOCEATIC TIKMOHT.—This is a strange heading, and it would indeed be fanny to see the democratic candidate for Governor-elected, b^'the people of Verinonl'nekt^sprhig. r What would the 'opposition' leaders say to that? Some of the democratic papers intimate' that such &n event ia highly probable.* 7 The-Ent-: land Courier Bays—"ifany of the republicans are heartily sick of the party-they'hare heretofore acted with, and are leaving the miserable concern. Since tie nomination of John G-. Sa|se for Governor, 'quite anuinber of the op* position hare joined the Cranks of the demoo- raey, j and r (f the change 5 continues -another w^'as it has the past; there wili ; be no Va- THE BEPUBIICAH PAETT raKAKS<LS,—The Whetber: this .atognlar ,^_ raovement arose froin ,a andden.And desperate accession, of temerity on the part of ihe Anstrians, 01! was it psiftof a scheme toxiripple the- pursuers, bo- tore they should be 'sjteengthened. by- Prince Napoleon'? troops, which were ,on their way from Parma, is not clear but^at all^eventa it was excessively hazardous; and the second retreat (rtw'the Minoio, bfter blowing" "up the Goito bridge; coupled >wlth the retirement of Francis Joseph frotn the field of. battle to Ti enna, is by ,no means an omen of encouragement to them. ' ' - ^What^he Anstrians wHI do toretrisre their fortunes after the arrival of the 145,000 troops, who were reported as marching to their aid, cannot be conjectured., A more obstinate resistance to the progress of the allies may be expected, but the accession bf recruits' to the allies will, doubtless, equalize^the numbers of the contending forces- withptiV-Tnooh affecting the;probabilit ! es;M'to:Jthe Went.;: The next battle c wttl r probably be ! wlthiri the fiquarei WhiWthetugof'war;fe!rly bpgins, : * !• '•'='. ! ^ The-attlthda of Prnssliis'. somewhafdifferent from 1 what It was^supposed' to be' at the previi oas Rdrices/ She proposes now, not to assume Ihe l i*sp6nsibnity;',t>]f nnder&king' a iostile" bb- Berratlotf of Fnboe;' but to gj*e the sandtibh of the entire•Gerinan Confederation to the mbvt- ment, thus plicing herself at the head of sei .venty :inillions ipf people, on the • contingency of hertakipgTjart.with. Anstria. ;Itiis not a Prussian army that sbeprnpoaes to plrce. on •>V.H m.t__ i...«. A__ .**••»' _*« •"' - '- • ''* . ., Her name*n4 reifdenoe cto be learned by' catling o« 'S.t, *h«Ul, Brnggiat, corner st Kitfgerand Monroe •treeu. , t , r (J , , wilr be careful, to aalf for OK. BA'rKBi VEBMUDSE, 'jaanattctnri. ed by ?LEMISQ BK03. at Plttabargb, T». All other cflmparlion are jrortntess.' "ATTORNEYS &' COUNSELLORS AT LAW, 0 j&tacl+Biildlnff, lib feat Water at, IfU^xaJ^ O. IS?. Prevtfiii, foracHy 1 - PictHuiai CoLT^Albaay, > PAUCIS BLOODfiOOO NewTork. ' } t. BLOOOOOOD Is tf.S. Conrt Comiiimlonc.- xnd Com- mlsslpner for several state*. . • noTl>-dga> genoine Vermifuge, aljo.hls celebrated UrerfPUlf, can 007 be had at all. reipectablt drag itorei. Sana JHL. the Rhine, but two corps, indpr the , superior orders of Bavaria; By this Prussia saves herself from individual respond ility| and must.gain by necessity,, in wcompsnsfe. an nnobritested ^npremapy In the Germanic Coni- ^3r9<k**ef7n»i * ^Pw*l« '-«•• -._li _._»-"' if^i "!''.: - _V"_tf'_' " polioV. r. , r. - Truly a'"njost discreet identical in spirit, thontjb 'not Hits 'made np of out and "onllTepablibans, fence rfpnblicans, fre« St«t3 rgpnblicsns, pro-slavery. republicans, abolitionists, nipger, ; stealers, fanatics, conservative fenatics, woman's rights men, disciples of "free love" andi"freeTum,V. and.two or three old and worn bet! back - : nig-, gers and nigger weiiobes, together with B large number of odds and ends; too numerous to mention. ..;.-;,•-...•.; •.•..••:-•.•': ,;;;-..-;,•.. -..- ,•••'.:.•• 'i .' • wh.ihad , AleiacderC. Watttpr, of Georgia, i Hon. Alwi n/W H.,Stophr{u 7 ; |cr the .Congressional dis ting slavery or aot. as the people iBay'.choosp, ! r , :t *. >;••'? r.'pix-sented by -the latter, hasde- when they come to form a Constltntion." 1 i I elined-iiwnomination, and in his letter states In another part of, his speech:, he repeats '''^^ deckratioh "there is Tery little^prospect-ofthe South ^et- ttingsny. Territory outside of Texas." ' ' Thedemoorats inevery Bectibh of the Union, with rare and unimportant exceptions, are harmoniously united in Bus'tainlng and-npholding the doctrine of strict, non-interrentlon, and yet it is not to ba disgalsect thaiia large'prp portion of the-Southprn detnooracy denj-that • the people of a Tetritoryiave a right to prohibit slavery nntil they form a State Constitution The Columbia South. Carolinian, a paper with conservative ideas, says'of the letter . of Senator Douglas : ; '..• '.•'...•:. "Had be Stopped at opposing th'e slavetrade and a Congressional slave code for- the Ter ritories. we should have approved of the principles asserted in his letter; but when he goes oa to assert the power of the people of the Territory legally to control, ~by which we nnder- etand him as meaning to prohibit; or establish it, then we differ with 'him essentially.' He presents a j programme to ;which the South cannot and will not conform. If that be sthe condition of-democratic harmony' in the Charleston Convention, then the party may be regarded as already dissolved.' 7 . • Judge Douglas does not, Sa his Dorr letter, intimate that he will ask the Charleston Convention Jto take any affirmative action on that •question, but in the event of the Convention asserting that the people of a Territory ..have not "the power to control it <slave property,) as other property," he couid v not accept the nomination if tendered to, him. [ Kbw the Soutii Carolinian insists that the convention shall not declar^i that the people of * territory have the powerlo either prohibit or estrfjlish slavery, an'dJndge Donglas insists that it shall not declare that they have-not the ';power legally to control it; so that the convention may accommodate'both of them, by making no declaration whatever in regard lo the power of the.peopl-a 'of a- territory. Th4 resolntion of a national convention cannot enlarge nor curtail any of the constitutional powers of the people of a territory; and if Congress has no right to -interfere with their aftairs, we cannot for. the life of as nnderetaad what light a national convention med• die with them.•.':•-. '.•'.-. i - • ' that in his judgment, " policy and pitriotism candidate forthe, presidency .*?- ',. Ftre at : : 'EAQtE, Jaly 12, 1859. SOnih Carolina TS. Maiuieliiuettc. For some time past the ftanooncwnent bus been going the rounds of the republican papers that 4 law was 'operating in South Carolina similar to that recently engrafted on the constitution of Massachusetts, in relation to the qualifications of foreigners to vote or hold office. The Germania, of Cleveland, published the following letter froni the Secretary of State of South Carolina, In which the foundation for any snnh story iSientirdy removed: ^OFFICE SECRETARY oj? STATE, J Columbia, S. C._ Juno II, 1859.) In answer to your letter of the 4th of this month, I would state that a foreigner under the present law, EO soon as he has taken the oath of allegiance, and received his certificate under llie seal of the clerk of the court, is entitled to Ul the privileges of & native born citizen.— There was a lau* ia this State, ratified on the 2?tfe of Maret 1784,-which prevented the for- elgner front voting until be tad been two years {a possession of his certificate of citizenship- hut this law Is repealed. WM B. HUNT, Deputy Secretary of State. Oar readers need not be reminded-that the Stntine! KtA S^ree Democrat asserted and reasserted that Massachusetts,a B«pnhliean State, tadlfimply imitated Booth "Oarolins,» demo. oratis State, In adopting the two years amendment. Even the Ohio fiepuh'iican State Con- ventioa alluded to South Carolina, and omitted to mention MassachnsflUtiB aresointion dS»pp"oring of <ach measnres as-ttat reptntlf adopted by the latter State. It now tnrnsoni^ towever, that there is ao ooastitnt!oaal«r «ts> tutory pro vision in Sooth Carolina like that which the Eepnblioans have incorporatad Into ths Oonstitation of Massachusetts, but, on the otiaer" twd, ehe eotnaUy repealed *n -old statute passed la 1161, which contained pro- Tisloni essantially like those recentlyengraft- «d .oa the Constitution of Matnacbosetts Thus we find that MassaohttsetU IB mora pro- eoriptive, and less liberal and progressive, than *he State of South Carolina! VfWtbeSeniintl aod --Iree Democrat Insist ; now that Spttth Carolina is a DemocratiV State 1 -Under the above caption t observed an article in your issue of yesterday, written by J. H: Mansfield, ; P^ost-Master at Delavtn,'• which, if true, might convey the impression that the owner ; had obtainedjercessive insurance on the property burned, and the Agent of the Company had wilfully violated instructions. ; - "As I am ttte Owner of tbe property burned, and entertaining the highest respect for Georgt. : Cotton, Esq., the Agent wh o insured ii,in j us • tice to him and 'myself, 1 > would correct 'the misstatements of said Post-Master. " ' Mr. Mansfleld states that the property was worth but §600. It cost me over $1,000-• (Mansfield'sfalsehood No: :1.) ^He states that the building was insured ibr S800 in Charter Oai Insurance Co; The building is not ndw, nor ever has been^ insured in said Company— (falsehood Ifo. sf.\ Re states tha^ the building Was insured in; the 2Etna for $500. Said building is not now, noi ever has been,insnred in the .ffitna—^falsehood No. S). :He states that this last insurance was effected on Monday last— ( falsehood No/ 4). He states that the building was insured for $1,SQO—-(falsehood '•;' The only insnrarice I had On said .building is in the City Fire Insurance Co., Hartford, for the" stun of $600, policy bearing date February 1st, last, nearly six! months ago. It was .personally mrveye&ai the time of insurance by Mr, Cotton, the Agent pf said Company, who is one of the most iiigbij esteemed citizens'of that place, and IE presumed tormderstand his busineSB, as Agent of said Company, quite as well as Mansfield does that pf his neighbors.— So much for the misrepresentation. : ..A word in regard to the Post-Master at Dela;van.-; -There is, :proWly, inotnan in Wai worth Connty .who is held In such universal detesta'- tion as.this same JSIansSeld, and heretofore i was inclined, to , think that much of it may hare been prejudice, but his communication in the A'cits of yesterday, bnt too Tolly confirms the very worst opinions that have been entertained of him by the community in which he resides. I trust that when he again appears in the newspapers, that he will have learned to pay same little regard to truth. Yours very .truly, H. W. BOVEE. ;. ' '.'i' .. A Stern Rebuke. •• . The New Orieans.Cr««fnt in the extract below take? down the Charleston Mercury for its -Wtter abuse of DiSuglas ' The';- \ercvry does 'not speak the sentiment of the sontbern de- •mocradyi bnt'-bf a IVandfu] of disunioofst, who. -like 'their northern counterparts,"the abolitipn- 'ista; hatje their pxilUibarsnstenabce'in the agl- mion 6f.the"flvei v lisHni;'.nigg«r:" ''•'•'-•'' ; r i : We arf not in-f:ivbr of Senatof Douglas, and never have been./.'^ AVith wliatever" faults may Justly atjket to him; we .regard p'obglasaVa .grwit, bbld, "bravi> man, 'and a great bold!, brayeinjan, howet»r wrong he may get bcci sionallyj it ta safer, iptrnstr-there is more rElf- •anee to'be placed ni .him than "in any pr.all of your jtoere scbt ming priliticians and place- hnnters,lwho ;ner t -r have an opinion of their own .to express, and whose statwmanship and P*triotiam silorie.c-^risigt^-in watching the "tendency oC the popular cuirent, and adapting themselves to it, without any reference to prini pie, right,pr justice.. ... ; . . : ,. , : We hold, end believe Wean prove from the records, that we ar- as Ri'.od Southern men as the editors of the • .Mercury,- or anybody else; Yet, notwithstanding this, we would sooner see •Stephen A ; Dotiglas". jn .the Prcsid-ntlal chair 'than Jamra Buchanan, and would a thousand fold sooner repose confidence in him than the jpresent Executive. ; . Fnrthermoiv, dngpite tbe sanguinary protes- tationsof th» ',fr'reur'y t we shall not, be sur- l ri>nl nff. rtj it ,i in- to choose between Doug; and vyjlliam fl. Sc^rard, or a more'odious abolitionist for the -next Presidency. Wi> do riotWitvethereisa man in the United States .who can defeaftbe black republicans in 1800 but Doughs, and we are not At ail certain he will be able to do Jt TTe regard it as the height of political absurdity to attempt to run a Southern man if victory is the end desired. Ihe nomination of a Southern man, no matter how-unexceptionable—nnless some of onr SOnth^rri free soilers were nominated—could have but one natural, inevitable tendency ; that of nnitfng the North in solid phalanx against the Southern candidate. In such an event the result would be known as well before as after the election. - -" J NERVOUS UEBItlTV. This l> a corapls-lflt :Trry CTOHnon, espcclillj tmong females. HocflantF* GtrmantMUert never f«Ds- to core thli Tbe sj-jtem, under lls-nte, If restored to (ts.orlglnsJ strength aid tlgor; tha appetite beootaei gooi f the spirits become cheerful, and In body aod mind yon feel the-foU restoration of health. .For «sJe by drnggiiits jnCdealers to medicines «Terywbere, at 76 cents per bottle, 4 diwlmo THE ^HEAT ENGLISH REMEDY, SIR 'iTAMIS CliABKE'S Celebrated Female Fills. Prepared? from a prescription of Sir J. Clake t 31. D.,-Phy»icinnJBilfaordinary to the • Qtteen. This Invaluable medicine Is nn&lUng In the care of all these painful and dangerous diseases to vhlch tie female constitution ;a subject. -It moderates all excess xnd removes «.n obitructiocs, &nd a speedy cnre n»y ' PAJ MKK <Js "HTAItK, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law. V§f" Offlce.No. J, MitcWJIl's Kew Bank Banding, corner <>f Mlcbljan and EasWWater itrettj, janjiO * ,JNO. A. SAVAGK, Jli., Attorney and ,' Counsellor at Law NOS. 9 4 10, PHOUNEE BUaDIN :, MILWAUKEE,.'.. .'....i... ...."....... ...TV1SCONSIN Is Coromlstioncr Cor R. ! V., i'ean., OHW, ' and lo d State* and Circuit Court Commissioner. ' , J. V. V. PL Attorney; &,Govaisellor at Xaw. ^C* Office in' Mitcbell'8 Eani- : Bulfdlnff, Ko. 8, MI1- vaukecj.Wiaconsin. j-; janlT HOOKfclJK i rs at be relied on. - TO niARBIED LADIES It'll peculiarly suited. It will, In a. short time', bring .en the monthly period »tth«gu!irUy.~ ' r E»ch bottle, price One Dollar, bean the Government Bump of Ore&t Britain, to" prevent cccnterfeits. FIRST TJJJBeS. irONias of'-Frtynnngy, at Oity art tare to briny on Mhcarriaft, but at any other time tttty art soft. •' '. I'•'•-. : ' " . ; the Back lad 'Limb's, If Ugue on slight exertion, Palpi- Utionofthene»rt,Hjr«t<ricf, »nd Whites, tbein PIU* •wlU tffcct a cure wlicn ill qiber rieans tire tAllcJ, HE'l aJthoosh* po«rerfol reaedy, do not conUln ij-on,ea!o- ine!,'antimony", or acy thing hurtful to Ui2 c.-jnitltutlor.. Full directions In the pamphlet jiroand eich r-acii;;? which should be c&rcfally preserved. Sole Agent for tho United S'.a'.ts &nd Oinailn, JOB MOSES, (Late.1. «. Caldsic 4 Ct. \ BcchtsUr, N. r. ; N. B.—11,00 anflfipojtigeitisjps enclosed to auy-au» thorUfJ Agent, »ill Insure a bottle, eonsatalnz orcr 50. pills, by return mcil. Jor illc ty apr££-dA« OIIKEN i C. BAERINOTOa, UUMVUKTH J. H.ALC'OTT. ABOHHOS HOMASITT.— The Detroit ;<««-, which is by no ineana sornpalons BJ re- igards the rights of white men In certain cases, however ;mnch -it may respect the asserted rights of negroes, slaves especially, deems the forcible abduction of the mulatto girl from her mistress at Detroit a glorious and praiseworthy achievement. It expresses the "belief that !the girl is now infinitely better off than she would have been on a cotton plantation, or in a Sonthcrn slave-breeder's seraglio one of which would have been her fate sooner or later.'! , " ' ....... - The girl was a waittDg-maid to her mistress. and had always been accustomed : :to the luxuries ard i refinement, of : respectable jsociety _ She, with her sister.'were traveling in company with her lady at the Ume she : was torn from Ihemiy tho negroes of Detroit and Windsor. At last aqconnts she was quartered In a negro hnl at Windsor, Canada, ampng those of a class Bhe Is wholly unaccustomed to, and, by the admission of the Advertiier, In a situation " Wauled to Purchase. TITV BdTertlser Tlibei to purchase a Hocie and lot pJeaiwUy loCJttd fn the Seventh Ward-1 AccJlum site 'House on a Lot 30 by 120 feet li »n alky woald arsirrr the parpoie. Address Drawer419 vlib looat on and price. ...,..- • , e, A'ct.. 3 &, 4, Albany' Opposite the Newhaii Home... MiiTiahes WU. ' .O.UOOKXa ..... ... ..i... ...... . ...«. S?A30CruZBO. jtnl'i-dlj; _ •; - D.i. J. jrrain.. , : VPUAZt A U!£AIIA!n, Attovneya at Las c.nil C6I::ilon in Chiscary; Nn. W.jcoLsin atrcKt, Milwaujiee. j.ini-1 o. rp» :., . . ...T c. D 1. UiS C H <V W 1 N K JL, EK , At-TORSETS ANt)|oODNSELLOI[a AT IAW, tapirs Block J 221 X East Water st. . CHANDLER & HSCKGOX Attpraeysi <ScCunseUors? at 3i:O. ' Ul.Ol.'K, cni.ici.E-i,... ..i.l I. rAtl£ COOS..GIDS05 BJ'E.,Lui7EIt .caAULSJ C. C'.r COON, EOLLtb'j Eft & COTTON. . 4,5, .VXD 0, PIICE-ilS BUIEDINU, O 3 '. East M'^tcr Sueet,) i:... .....;... . J f 0 ... ....... ...... wi t , B Y ATI THOU IT Y . - : ;•.> 'STATE MlvN.T" :Of tie Caaditson ol the Mutual . Insurance Ciumxiny, •ol Daff»!o,,nth«M «t Pcbruary, li 9 Mans to the 1 Secretary of *i»ie, Wlgeonsu.', • porsnsat to the Stat. ,nte» of taat State; . - • ; :••-.. . 1. The nane 01 the'ConpaQy is Ths Sfut-Mii fntur- anet Company of tmffalo. ! Located in UuSiio. ncir »ork. • — i -••• ; ' ' ' »500,000 293.SJO 4,21587 , .I»,000 10,000 . S."Tbe »mout'of aulhorired capital „ 3. The amount paid up 4- - 11. AS££r3. 1st. Cash On band, IST^fil 67 2d. In the htcds cf and due fr..ta acenU & otters . Sd. Ko real • estate, ' . 4:h. Bonds Mj by the Co. "•• 1. M. S. E. l:. bonds, 12,<XX> 2. Toledo, Nonralk 4 C;e?e. bunds.. 4,000 8. N. L U. R. bonds, 8,000 4. Stocks-: C. B. 6s worth '..'. !0,<SI50 _ D. B. 6s - 8,000 worth .> 9,153 S3 H. N. York 6t S.i W do 6sl3,GOO worth 20 303 75 5. Debts dne to the Co. secured by mortgage on nn- eacucnbered real rst*tti worth double tbe aincnnt of moityage "per i ehet date" bearing T per cent. loterest ..; ............. 6. Debts otherwise secured by stocks, mortgages and Insurance scrip of this and other companies, and Interest on same......... 7. llebu for preminmj, consisting of bills Tecelrabie, 8. All other stcoritlet «n<l claims* dne th« Oo.,t alva- - jre«,venebi,4c.....\.... , 9. Personal property owned "by the Co, Eteaa Tur, _ Pnmps.Ac...,- .......... JUST HK<;hUVKL» AT El U i\ 1%' e&H C H O .^ £1 Y ' S ANOTHER ENTOICK OF CHUiCE FSUIT, C OJ1PB1SISG IWb.irirels Appiea, (gr ifted-Frail); 20 bolts, of OrjuKw;: 10 boies "LtaoDa; l.Ojo Its Haspb*rr'lc»; 1 case Fresh fl^-3 aniJ 5 barrels oT t.Tl^J l'cach(^«, all of yhlch. ire are 5tllin£ at prices astoacslT. logiylow. . feblB J, H, COHOES & CO,, tiiTe aoiice ta e.fir i/asir.cas inc.-,'U t^M Uity ta»c loiosaie G-rocer J..4.NT tTA J ''I* U'fcerc-tLfy v: .the Eepublfo of the United, fltatess na tract ;;o tne vrKlngs of'Alexander Hamilton and" of his CO emporaHes; by Joha 0. Unmilton. Vol..3 jnrt received: 42^0 • Tba VagaBood; by AdaaBadeau; 31. Tno.TMtlmonJ- of .Med^n .Science to. t>a Unity of MaMlnd; be'ng asnmma'y ol tlie'concluslons annour.- eed by the highest authorities In thj ter ral lii-pKrtmcnta of Pnyslolog ,2o"iogj, and conpiratlve Philology, In f»Tor of the ipwflo nn ty and cnmnson (,r)slo of nil ta Tafteties Qfil»n; byj.t. tabell, M. D. Priffe |i. Memoirs of toe Eujpre s-2atnerlii8 JI; written by herself; fl. _-.,.. . . The Conr»!escent; by N. Parker Willis; ?I^5. To-Cobiaiicl Ba«k; by Hlchsri) Bear? i 20*; 75.:. IhftJsenrsmsj a NoTrl;*y Anthony Trollope; tl. • Slllch CIIH and Dairy farming. compnslo» t!i? Breeds, Breeding and Management, In beaith sad dls- ease t of Dairy aad oih»r Koc«; tha se'e-ction of Milch toirs, a tad explaiatlon of Cuenor's method; thj cu.ture.of ?or»ge Pl»nu, and tho productions Jl-lk, Butter, and Cheese; by Charles F. Mint, l.'.'S. Blots t» Bi<nexeepera, a complete mir.u.-il Tor Snnc- mem embraclDg how to Breed^Buy, Cicilr, Use, Fseil Physic, wr ottt. Drive and Hide the Korr,-; and c-in- lera on Jlafai rtd PonKS; by W. llenr.'Herberlt Earey's mctnoil ad.led; »I,28. • • Tho Bachelor'* .-torj; by OilTer Lrucr. tl Aeidia; » Month with .the Blue Njxses: by Fred. 3. Coiicns. •'•'••'.'' New Stas Papers; or vlewunnd e.xpwieacii of Ke- llglous Subjects; by Henry Ward Bwcher; 1.2J. tlsln and Pleasant Talk about Frulti, ilowera an.l Farmlog; by Henry Ward Beecher; <1,25. Mibei; cr Heart Histories. A tale of l^uih; \-j R 0 - sellaEice; JL ........ • Tkl True'and tha. Beautiful in N.iture, Art, Mora's *nd- Eeligl n; by John Roii ! n; »1,50. Msrlin Eiwood; orHowBlrls Live; 75c. Letter? fr> m Spain; >ncond series; by William Cuilcn Bryant; $1,23 ' L'Dt]i«Dijj; or Happy Talk towards the end of life; by WWInm Mountford; |l. Meai Kitera, with some account of their Haunta ajid Ditjltj; $1. : Outlines of Creation; Illustrated ffith over 400 en- KT Tings; |1. History of Irederlck Ifia Great; by Thom.ii Carlylc; fpnrguoQ'j Sermons; vol ?, $1. ' The Uaae of Oriugut3 or Checkera, slmpliil-a ah J ex- pUlced, with practical diagrams and iHtis rations; by 0. The War in Europe; Its remote and recent causes, with two mips and several <nip-iving3;2Sc. •• App!eion'< New American Cyclo-./cJia; vol. C; J3. Weister'j New I lustnted, Un;»brWged Dlctlnairy; 10. Ilicodnre Parkei'* Works Complete. S'lUICKLAND 4 CO., jylO 134 K.tst Water streot. : HATHAV/ft¥:&'BELDENj ' Podtloa of *'. the the bart TJMBOLDt'8 CO.iMO^- nq» complete, s rec«l*e4 PHceSSe,- : . Pootloit Works of Ert^N"JUleo Poe. 75o. OtO. Tf.OTlTEJre ...... <...., ..... cftl*. «. JDIXias. Stevens & Jenkins, record of tthe campaign. the folloiring will show: ,/rcoa experience, t^e TaJuacle (ttufltle* of furni»lied with .Hovt>3 Mini cYiry- mavw.entm fort. Therr: ^M sntad tr live inch rvm house noTv vacant, thit can '-* obrai:M soon. > corn- i in trie ALBAY i ' — AND— }^IJLJL.IAK1> : .ROOM. Albany ^*^c<r t ctmif r of Jfain finrf. Jfi&n'-yan bt tlcc4-dly o:* .''.uirance doer on MrUn .i H O II S F.. l!OT.*:i. has r»csr,«ly rli-inRcil pr ii prietnri— fit-nv^il McM:iam:\n .-"tiri;]», ,iml t:io ^lerori. ?LOYB auccectlur-' him in itt -i.-i:j:i-;cmt.'nr. — Th" Mi>s:iri. ?. ;i.-e Ijoth w/l; kn.jTn t!ir-ni-.;houl Hi..• i-stBrn country n.i j{entl.?iiic-n nf eiver'unca in Hoic-l ftecplnir, itnil nn ntlicr ^isnr.vico ".i aMCi:'-i:iary ihv. '.hi: Hyatt i("«3<- w.!i hcruaf£..;r <"• unn'i'irtc.l in ;i i:vl-:> !••- ervir.s the jKitronaift- uf die .p-itnio. oi-i'j'.i.-i'.r LOOK HERE, YE WEARY THAVKLKP.S D-INING- T OCATKD near the .'> AJ ia ju:t the placi- ta mc^l^, for '.he srnill -in: will lie supplied Tcit'i tin.' s A LO i:-.r;inS rnciirf- i? A Ml«sb!ipi>i 'v.irm ILM! I'.itnt.i MAP OF 'J'HK SEAT OF WAR PKIC;K T\VI-;NTY "At This Map country & 4 s the (he if hole T IIF. f.i-ei "t> aa,l L,.,,uar, P. run. Mtuicnsv- •au:i ihr L'ap-ii Sill ol 8<f!:-:! *n k'leiJmor.t l Of lllr-f, ,f T.iac.inj icri li^ur- on Ci* Map t -j in li:<; N.jrlJi an.l H,u .'.trn o, Lucc-i. and pnrt S'-i. L'a the no.t.-i »i> li, i t'luTyru; on Uiewta.:' cut tho sctn- ironi Fr;i:;cr; on ttit: east «-ri s L -e A-.lrHtic T-L-t»-ir triry c, rnp i-cil n Lon.birrly, V»n f- •, V eil- h t ot.tq . .13 :lii;.-t..ta ..f . costal !.'!« aunt OLI> ;;TA:H>. •i' com.r rf t.vl> I* •(.-: £?T,fOT«. - NOTICE. I S hereby g!v,-n that *!l the co..rit. n-'jrocil circulating cntRS Issue J ,l.y the "Peoj>>e'a Ji.tak" *i Milwaukee, wnhln t! »te jiars In m U.e i:aie qt ii,i« netlre cr ihat th« fon'IS drp-rite i or t!.e r»rdcn.;.t;f.Mi c f sal'l rircaiii. t'DC n tta w-iil Lr clven op t j th-- «r* : i Bar/iir.^ A.-so- clai Ion. a.lKanite, March 12;15C3. _ - i i H. IIAERTEL, tprlfl I'r^Ml 1--.v ^f the P^opi^'a Binic. I10.C3T 1» < S4.SIS T4 3S.S24 T3 80,65487 20,63071. Total AiieU ............. 484,655 6J S.' The amount of liabilities' W*n»r, of fPsterbttry, eomtattted inielde on Ssturdajr, \sj «pt> e»r to ear irfth * common CrtotSBA.—The following extract /rom the letter of a clergyman to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland presents a verj.rimT>le, and he says, eSeottzal preventive of cholera, as wen as a remedy of great power i *' "' The preveudve is jrfmplej a teaspoonfat^f powdered charcoal taken,three or four limes a week in a otip of cofftia or other liquid In thu morning. - ' ^ * > When attacked with cholera, a mixtnro of an ounce t>f eharooal, an oonce of laudanum, and An ounce of tiraady. or other spirits, may be given as follows, after being well shaken: a teaspocmfal «rery five minutes, p In half, on hour 1 have known this effiatually to Believe and Btar the disease. As the patfenfrJjecomHg better, the mixture may be given at lose in. tervals. ' r _"I have known* patient in the Wne stage and collapsed perfectly recovered In a .few hoars. - l ' v l The oharooal waa tiled as a prevent've oa a large plantation ia the Maoritios, and 'not a single Individaal out of eight hundred was at- lacked with 1 cholera. • I •W! OF f. BIBUHO-—We have to rpcoidthe death of iff, F. Bieling, of Two Blvers, onder peculiarly painful olroumstsnoea. He was a passenger on, board the sohoon'er Eleaaor/boand to Chicago . The vsssel had *, deck load'of lntnber,'>uid-while off Center* vttle, Ur. Bieling was" reolliai6g npon 'some quarter dsok, Immediately an- 1 — which, to at»*nintical f round bf f r into the-lake. oied Itnmedijtely, where ."diBj.hme and rain may be her end " if she is not s|- -i-'dily removed. And yet that- philanthropjc paper professes to believe that she is there infinitely better off than' aha would be at Tjome, among her friends and relatives. It, is indeed a strange principle that actuates the humane endeavors of thtse abolition philanthropists. It demands . freedom for the slave, but tha price of this liberty is almost Invariably a life of jnisery, or eventual rnin— hardly an equivalent. Ons of the strongest arguments against ela. very employed by the abolitionists, ia based upon tbe alleged separation of families. This feature of tbe institution is held up In all its horror, and many are the sympathetic tears' that have been sbed whils listening to the recital of scenes of domestic" Uf«. consequent npon a forced separation of brothers and sisters, pareflts and children. Bat for this, slavery might be almost tolerated.' 'Has> the Ad^ vertiter no tears to shed in behalf bf this gi rl who bag ieen forcibly separated from her gis- ter, from ihe comforts of tbe home that shx has always known, and from all that she has lovwl from childhood t Is the separation less pain. fal onder the circumstances, than It would have been, had it occurred undrr her master's direction t or is U any less a sin t Is it any les* an act of TJolence and |ujait!ce, than the wresting of the boy .Momrafrom Ms parents. which thaf paprt-haa to earnestly condemned In common with the civilizsd world 1 He who preaches, should endt-avor to practice- This Is lnde«a» questionable doctrine thst makes It right for sum-slaveholder to do'fliat -which is wrong if done by A slaveholder;— ./curea* of Commerce. Gay JJorelver offoa her Trvnlt Again, , . - 'EliiabetU Drake, tbe in erestln« young Wo.; man who "did" the landlord of the N«,w Eno^ land Hotel out of some fands, tas escaped tbe olatcbes of, the lair for the present theprtose. cation having faUei to bring eqffloient proof of the moaey , living "btpa obtained' nndcr falsa pretences, and tlia, dale of tbe alleged ofiVoce being also Wrongly, stated In the indictment, _ As soon as she left Court she. returned to the hotel, end appeared inclined'to star there a few days longer, bat this kind of adding ingult to injury iraa'inore th'an'coald be borne so she washtutled Into the st.eet. " ' ' due t> banks and other i credltois. Nooe.except- , inp what is contained in • .Ro.10.. .,-....-..: S. Losses adjusted and due. None. 1, do: do and not due. None. S. Losses unadjusted. Supposed to be at the extent 'about.,.,. ; 9. Losjfs In suspense. Same - asNo.8. ..=-\. -,-'.-: .-'. -.- 10. All other claims against the company, Ind rldual < . : balances, nnclalm d dividends, an-1 redemption of Bcrlpuncslledfor....;.. i 6,85713 Total UtbUlilei.'i ' 10.85T 78 - --- : •..--... IV. icscauxrors. : , 11. The greatest amount Insured ; In one risk. 15,000; of Ere nk>1< the usual limit; but In some cases of short riski;$10,QOO Wn TrMels and carjotj J15,- 000 It the usual limit, Including both. : 12. Gross nmotrnt of premiums received In State ot Wisconsin for tbe current ycsrj ending February 8,1.-B9.1728^8. 13. The market value of 'tj stock.; Tho Company has no~ stock-holders,: the scrip IstoeJ on the Mutual plan by Itschir er .'constitutes! Its capital and the value of sc Ip varies according to lu priority of Issue. 14.' Dividend, 1 per cent on Iti outstanding scrip. 16*.The charter or act of Incorporllon of. laid Company. Sent herewith. „ JAMES 0. EVANS, President, A* A. ^78TATHl'TTjC| EecTvt&ry- STATE OF WISCONSIN, 8U3EETABY'S"OF e lOE, I i i-JJitits a, ilsy HI 1SI9. f .Satisfactory evidence baring been faro shed o me that th* mutuai'lDSur'uj e Company of l)uff*l", being an IDMIC ncelncorpora ed ly the, State of ,>eirTorlc t having compiled wlththei requ reme'nt of sect on one of An act entijled.'-An act t« regulate luiorancrCompi.-* hlea not inco ported by the tatoof (Vlscons n," approve t March IT, 1S5>, an hav ng al:o paid Into toe BUte Treasu y lh« Bum ol three per cent, on the gross amount nf premiums receded. In Jt&e Stiie of Wlicon- > n fur ihe ye >r 1858, • per re, ort "t s«1d Oumpany.— Now, therefore, In pursuance of the act afores&M, li Uavld W. Jones, Secreiar, of Stats bf the Mate of Wis« conslrtj do hertby c.rtity that W. f. Hn d.of Milwant ee, f he be duly anthoriz d i>T g< vl<l»ny, may "take rlctg, receive premiums «nd transact the bu Inesa of an Insurance Agent for said uomp«ny In thU State, horn this date, until the Urst day of Januiry, 1S60. , In witness thereof, 1 have hereunto act my hs.nct BONNEK BO3SNER BONNEK fclAT I HAT. I.KDOEU HAT. t.HVGKli. HAT. J.KDOKK HAT. BONNKK J,li:L>GKii HAT. BONNKli hEDQEl* HAT. Jtat^received at ' TV. D. BACON'S spr^O ; Hit Fnijt iV^ter street. 3. .»!. •JOS. SI1IAVAUSEE I' : AND CHKMIST, Vf- 11.K STREET, '.-,, aal] WISCONSIN. HOUSK-i TO KENT. TSTTE have HTorai Brick and -Praras Botucs to rent IT ticfcdinsly clienp. >Vc hive for »\lr a rast f aa^liiy ot Real S-tste.' cor's'jtic^ ct Ilouiei an^ tots, mprovtd am! Cnfrnprore.) Fjrrcs of CTCTJ fzt lo salt parchirer»; ScJiool Lir.ds ; carefalfy ««lfct f d at an e rjy day. Time (rUJ eg flrga tot parfof its purch»as csoney, clear tltl»s aad rartantes de-ii* i GKFQORY 4 co., • • m East.Water su .. . , 4 5i'.0,UCu-Sjr'l 3i-u.>— are fri'<: rom 'lie d r • t «.- ind.- reut asray of Austria' Lotabardy, .wtiioh is puturiiie ACstrlaa tnipire. and "I'icli i», irrjimi? re-ipcct-, ll.^ £nr« ^o^ct-y— Sa point of i:3iiir*l" ivjvaa'-jp"? — tn t;:e world, Conttinj a popala'.lon of S.COO.'jto. 1: ,i:.cis bi'i twlee cr tlur ce as oany. 1h? AusirMD cr jsed the TlcinOj ire are told, .11 three polUs — thre itenisi; Xorars, Casale ami V-rci-lil and rurti«r north, .Urlili sad Jorca, and the :.or:f;-r: .•xtre -ityof ine railT»y frnm Arom> onLaie Maggloie to Genoa. Of these po!3ts, the only o:.e or i^j- atrength la ('asale, Thich la aa importait m.Il'ary p^s tio- , atd h 11 tw?n itren^ihrn^d at cna^idrr bic expense-. It Is Ihc near« t strops p see to ihd L^niua. frontier, and TTIJ in o!den n es the scene of m ny n conflict. Tlje [OpuHtionat.the Ii.-t o nsus was Jl.u, ill. Nova a Ii unfortiaed, ihouzi a jihce of rote with a''OutSO,COO Inh. bitants. A r -ilttay caanci: 3 'OTi .1 with Turin. The Frecch lute catered flciiao^t oa t.f,. «ldt» ; by th» Ho. t Cenu »na Oca, .a. luilroads fr,.n guai «nu from Uenua will enable then, if they ci.ooie, to co-icentr.te thtrlrf.jrccs OQ Turin m;a f IT noun — The Oenon r.iad pasaej through AlessrindrU, ^i.l h, neii. ,ciG;cos, l» he itronjest place In P:e<iaiout; .-n, Ifit He iho-j^hi ad issot-,'one. cyfp d'armet n ay moTe ulrecily n^rtbTard frnm thence. Tae e :irs als.j ro.ida fr--,:n Ales-andr!;i an-i irVnj r-jrin n V-rc_- ii, wh cti woi;M i-na^!e I; e Fl>-aclv to 0 U^ct tlieir iroopa there aao. The firai bv.tle ot" tha , present caopai^^ »«s fna^ht .1 3Ior.ltb-Ilj, MayUI.t. Tie ?rdt bin r which "lecidf d t.';<j Tit of ^w.-oleoh's first Italian -j:iru paipn, was otjg'.t Juae U, &0u, oa f e pUin of Mor»n-. go wi;hia sl,'hv cr tt.e forireM of Ala *andr!a. ]s&) SOLE OHIO r 31IU.T tr JL >--ari i .HAXE-7.VOTCRKH OP PCTR. OATAWBA BRANDY, 3er7e<l op in ever;- .it; I..-, on -hor: nniic-j. INa Hir ilnayiguppiln] Tlth '.!!•• oh^lc^t Wrus, Liqiir.ri i Clir.ira. Travt-lcr.i ujinn the ilil-vcu'ic.o .i .'ili3j:3ji;ip' i' n; Till n nil itn :K'.it i::d cnnv.-Di^n: p!'ic-; ',n ;:roc-!ir;-th-j meall. W.-irm Lunch from-1" !n 3 '.>'••! c:c .:v- rv l:iy scpt •:."> C. CUS:li.N'(i!fAM, i'.-.-i^i l l,'t-)r- M r. STOiJK U <:i»i;:vriiV n KU noons ANI~> CHICKS. :. !•. C IOY, the ' in ;T: corr ed a- T ecu. tj a- pou. M?-.rd:r.:r rui-.litiorta] e7''io!ncc''cf the pro^^J.-i •-.-, .can eci-jrprise aatl is"jiix*ry,iad of our ability t«. : :r<? articlei at hosff eqiin! f-i those cn..Js by -.n- r nation. .. .' • -j'iio CitA^ba Brand? a< . ; ^/uij equal •> tmt cacir: : - -t Imported BranUiejj, lc parity and flaror. It i • , tr.c .beat liraady iaoatn. Tiis aiatement is faii>. . f )T$&i\ by ihc certiScatc^ o' our rnnai 'i'iatinjuisl; • ..y!:c'.) c'-'-n-i '!••«. • ••' i'u Prr.nli rui lon^ been feltin tl:i ' , . »;*•! :..«j iritr^.Iujtjon of T:* rxrticle of such quai; • ^uptracetit. ;-.^ sale arm ajc of those vile cor, • :. l *?*rto *o!tl asd*»'**;* tn.ri:e of Brandy ,caa ons ..-. •!»-. .; -i: ^.;i.'. ,r K^C^. Tfce Catxwba Brsai: ti^^^ '1:1 •-:.- i. - i yjuliliefl claimed for Uie be. . " p *-^-l l:iiuc-is, ir: l 13 of perfect purity and sup. -r!- r^and a307er,gr t and sure r^mc'Iy Dvaxxpa!. , uiency, Urara^, Colic, Lan^unr, Low Spirit-*, (i'.-nn FAillLT SHOULD B3 WITHOUT IT Retail Price, »i,25 Per Bott;. . Keccar:ended bj Ih* phjsJcLin] anil Jn:?T:5t L olths CmtcU States. G.Simaootlihaa appointe<U. P. i P. 3. IL3LET, Sv. Ill Eajil Water itrcet, sole ajeEd for the StAte of Wh- coosin, where dealers anil custciners will please forward Ihc-ir orders. By calling on the asenfa, the public uril] recoiYe a irus- FUO1I .li G eheral A dvertisiug Agents, : 155 RANDOLPH ST2EE1, Who »ri; authorized to receive Aitvertisenjents for thlj a> well as all of the most and largest clrcu- atlns papers throiighint the eatlre North-tt est. Tbe Franklin Chemical Works, KO. 231 NORTH FRAyKLTV STREET, cmcAoo, 3IL3J3T L. rial ....................... j. T. vis rjvr.r. - PARK & TAW 51YESIS, ittomoys and CooaseUora at Lav--- STSTEA'S FOmT,.... WZSCOXSJS, U'iil practice in the various Courts of the Seventh Jcit. cill Circuit of Wisconsin, *ad will faith/ally attend tn c.11 bu5lse33 intrusted to ua,, remittances prosipti;. ci^c. Land Warrants locatal Ituelectei) Linilj f "r ih«s at a dis'-ince. autaxscss : lIUTEsra t Scstu-ria, E-inien, Stavem Pclr.t. J. 2. SBAareraix, fcsq., Miiwaa'Scs. LrrrKM. 4 IjA*ia, Milwaukee. .tUtnus A Eocra, " Jl ITHTSS it 1UH.30H, Ch:.-.".i-o. llsn. J ..-. CiM.f, Ottawa.lll. ]a23 rr. s 1 in. B.J Jell-dim *? a affitttd thr great >eal uf Ihe State, it theC» I ol la Jtadljon, tblifJlst d»y of M»T,18o».- ' . • J.D.R0GOLES, Assistant Secretary of State. TTTE beg leave to announce to our ecitomert, and ta TT tae tmds in gfnerKI, thit duriDEthI« ecason no agent wll. be fllspatched from our works.— We Inyne our old ctrstomer* &hd others to favor m by letter with their orders for r - Essences j of sLiquors, which, M always, ntll b9 ejcicuted to their cal Ire satisfaction. Thousands appreciate the plin 1 upon which our tJsencei are mad- which pre-ents the following advantages and lacilities nevef • Hered by others: 1". Jibs E aence , from these wo<ts are actually gainca by ' Ist'l ation, the efO;e Healthy and Pure— some liing that others cannot or dare not cla-m for theirs. . .. ...'-. 2. The Costs are muc*i less than others; because these KsB.r.cts are put op ta packarres, each cootaintcK enough for lofty gallons, and -ompr sinz cot only all the rtqa'rcd ingre^ien'5, 4u* c&) w« cotormy. Addicsi letters to UAKL EEL^Ii, Mabaicer. ranklia Chemical Works, Chicago, III., f.O. Box, 3343. K M P L. 0 Y M K N T . SSO.q .llnoth and all Expensed Paid. A N AOEST Is wanted la every town Ard county in Xi. the United Etate> to engsge In a rcspect»b)e and e«By Jni»in'5«, by'iTMlrb the above profits nay he certain y realized. For farther part cul irs, addrc'i DC. J.' 11 »»T WARMS, corner IZthi Street and Uioadway, ew lurk Oi*y, enclosing ouc Postage gtaop. •• ! J. lit) BETin. Gentlemen's, Missss' &Cnildren* Boots, SHOES. SMPPIEUS A UUliUEHS. FINE BOOTS HADE :TO ORDER. No. 285 Eastt Al'atcr street s.;(0ppoait3 Walker ffouse,) ,'_.. . " .11 . "ifl E A € L E & SION OF THE BIG liED KETTLE DSALER3 IN Stoves, Sheet Iron, Tin, —AND— AOUWGLTIJUAL W uUl.D rsipe.-irull; is.'o ;• M:-. f;-.-;<';rui:y, iha'.t 3OO, Tor -,;- O Hardware. THi> W:-.Y WliH YOTJK ^O.NSY JOHN W. LEiSyARI), Cash Unwr anil vV;n; ; ];e;i!; M>. 1G1 EAST \-' \T7-:7t sT. f31;!E DK.S7 i'LA. E TO BUT TIN" (i:;"-N \ JL - UI.ACii :l-..v.- ; T?io ti. 3. ..iac--to '.uv Oi.l> J.v'\"\ i-J M'^ri'v • •i Ui.t<:;:ir.;li',. I'ICKi '£.'• Ihe bi;3t ptoc- t. • buy .1.1 -. !n,.'3. PI... FJiUl r-i ; The *"-.-<c p k e t.'buy ^>-UiI>."'i Ut-Z"; Tae best p'acs ta buy CHUt' E I)i. IT'.': , The birit place t., l uy 1* .L- Al.£ Thy rtst plact; -a buy I'O^.XI'.i.N Till- bt-t p in.. ;:> b.iy VOIuiTSi The i:e t pMc - - to r .iiy b-st.^rv'i 1 TORTSJ The Tho best ;)I..ic? The Irs: pi .c,- Tbtf b. *c place to . buy FIG', R.\1-I\.-J, 1'EICN'- j be.1t pi. T:ie !KS: pi.ic CO : ' to b'n , U ,•; 1.IQCO i.i ve i :; ,i ;' tr-. TOBAC 0; Tin tun: pi .c The btst pia ho-t , uy U. <-rsh :um SMOKING "(>D \C.-.•.! 'n-,- cnjt c;iT"iVINCf to huy Weiillna Pine Ippl,? c to Im/ Kn^-i 3:1 «i^l .Vrr.r'r .-ua to t u^- .^' : otl (jG* P DB , Tho bi'-t piicre to hay GO'ii B C.-ifc,\^ , Tin.* bert p.rtct? to buy all Ui; ill fr .-, CIiKIKS ; W^ r.a^ ri|.« ci':IL'n3 ''f MiLTnu^-?... to t;y u.'i — r poor. je-.'t JOilNTT. LSDT D B AI.3a I D-oiiitslie Exchange '111IS huliRst rntci psu Vnr til iimlj JL_ fvr fc..aanJ Ux:.o-i. K^-1-.^riu-y oan: truly !'T ^K; a 1 -il- : in'?, .*Tc:n«i'--' t'l'J-^.T.. I ;;r> Ibl-' '. will b-,- lai u..^;!'j'3 it ;v.r ^:'.U' •, and :;ol(i 3.-.d3;I. l.-iv= •-.! ilri:.-i Cr.nrcn, their frleadj and th- they have opened a Store 3: wn»T WATER BTKISTT ......... 201; of t!,i> ioovc named articles, to^ethe - ''FSEO f 31 HI3 Injunction, i JL 'U i duty ap'in fullest extent by 11 U 3 ft 243 EAST MIHTACS5.E, ^Tho are j .»t n r-ct-ipt of the c and most c:*mp!o;e 4t.:c!i jf THE HUMGRY," ivinc -n-tt- origin anil nbli^- & 4.' ^ i) s 15 Y ., WATER STriEKT. 'Muns : lv!n7 Do-a nl Boiron mirkcts l compel ton i-PADEji, SHOVELS, BAKES, HOES, Aud Aplsultural Icipleraenta generally, as well as all sorts of 8IIEET IIION ANUTrVNEIlS'lVOJZlt, etc. etc, etc. Stoves put up to order. J3T" Roofing. REPAIRING of all kimta, and every jon of Hori .:. our line punctually attended to. Orders left will be attended to williont Jtliy. 1 MSAOLE A SOS. BOAKDlNGr. , T WO jreatiemtn w th tbelr ladles can be accommodated with first class board »t , - ' , 386 MAIN STREET, Second door scrth of Onleda; a'so five or. six gentle* men c&n have ioom», »nd from >lz to ten day boarder* tan be iCcOdmbriated on reasonable tcr"-s. • MES* \VItUAU- 0». 5SAL.JB. f A VERY desirable lot of land, oor'-er of lyonan* Manfiall^ In the First Ward of the City of Milwaukee, wlli be sold at a creat sacrifice, forrerms apply to Jup. 32T Mala street? * - ... faoeiver* wnff represented himself as »' railroad official on the look out offioer on th'e look but for a victim—scd who, beth, and , . ._-, — 'Eliza- led to get her blashing assent on-' 4y *6caTJSe <4jf-the'inopp'orttjne Discovery* by* Mr. Coates of his beinj; '.'robbed, 1 ?. . w his proposals with- th««rtataty of^ Bcipte¥ -She Is on the look ont for lim, -lafciag'dlitedVeTea'-on Kbr dfsobarge hfs r real chtraoter, nor that of the ' l pickpocket" AMB BIJLLIAnn ,nOO,M» '160 "East Water Street. ' < VARIETY ot 0Uce» prepared at,«Jl h«ur«, for r • ' GHKAT ' DAGCEKKEAK AND GALLEliY, ' ; ]V11 JS<ut Mater ; Street. H ATING tecared tho ajsUtance of tho oldest and most «periince<i operator In th* IV'ert. u. Uaw- k«ns, {wh'ose skill In his U well known to many of.thaeluiei.sof Milwaukee,)! amnow prepared t6 offer to the pnbllc every desirable style ot Pictures known to the community at lower rate* aod executed In a better manner than can be done In any other establishment In the West. -. OtUFURD'8 DAOUERREiN GALLERY, IT] East Water ttre-t, formerly/: known as Seelcy's feoomj, , narlS I S herehj'given thitC. C. JIorrayMs wlthdrawri fromi the firm of Murray, Prior t o., having »old all hia ' right and Interest In said firm to Wl Uam M. Kfrnball 0.0. MCKRA7. . Thebuslness will hereafter baconducted under ihe style of Prior, Harblck * Co., who will settle all accour.u or Murray, Prior * Co, , . A. P. PS10H, J..P. UARB1CK, J»5 , WJI. M. K1*1B\LL. MAi'i.K SYKUP. f* f\ GALLONS Mapl« Syrup, choloo article for Buck\J\J wheat Cakes, at . BONN 4 CBOSBi'S. Kver e.ihibiteJ in this elf.- recently in tha Nevr Vari F v> U C A S H At Ju-h prices .13 en.ible as •:> nndersell a in the trade, and itill afcril 113 .ilMnilM»r;jt iivirg proilt. 'Jar projraiDuio tnijr icci CT TV irtlcl- n tl-^ Tide botl> 3arh ai Su,-ir3, (T'l kin'3 ind at tho vry ia^vtat pricv'3,) Tea*, 1^:1.*. for 50o v7:irr.intcd b^::er ra:m cati be boui;h cUeTm-rj for .%smii:n«. or -*IH ,-|T, ; vwia .1 pouud (or nothing, i Coiln-a, (Jloch^, OU Guvi-rnineii:, J^v:i, UiTOir^ .inii IJ:o,) vl .-1,1 at Ml<l JIual roon 0-it- sups, ali Jinda of eaucej, aucli 13 i'lhn \Vnrceiu-r<lur" Kfadin?antl#uiani,if n latter b»m j a roffs'iln- iria pleasing stimulant, lo the «p!!etUe^ oumpnscd principally of Tarnish condhiirtti onmblni-'l fith yarU.uj cnl'nary prinmo: nns at rlio It i- an esi|u>Vue r»ii.,h with Fish, Meirs, 1'oiitry anil Gam,-, .13,1 f..rni3 a aisditiiiii ta soup.i,' Mincej, Uiuhcs, .-fcwa ,n.l r,,-.., -3vr.j 1 M , 1 :,a.3. is ..Ibo m,oortj * highly • It- lclou.» Oivor to Sf...a: :J -jnu Chops,."l!:.rtoc ana (7«uster9 Olive OH, '-'IP. F. cits.oi *li kind, cr-nsse i•Hlae'"irs l.'n I'iji !CH or O.V..TJ d'ejoriptions, i Ici.-lc.l Cove Liyitem. Corn Starch, iMi.lo*'•;,"SI S O,_K <•- il'uur', Figs, Itiilrtln?, Citron, io , ,i.. Macombcn Snlad i'lanai A very ;irtkk> which iho'.ihl bo In every curisf-invly. »Vo nave a'oo '.rOOO St'fiAji *,'i.'!JWO Tha best cvar CTi-re-.Mn ih!* c;ty. .lljo i.o-;, ^•<S", «T- llour Si.>e; ,-nf ,, Venu.i,".-ii:, Wj ;>; j ;fisc- Sot- .»i{»ulj marSl MEW P. H. MOLASSES OECEIVE0 by first boat from Buffalo, at JLfc":aprT . HUNN*CR03B7'9. FAMIL.Y FJLOUK. TEW Tork Mills Floor, constintl^on hai.d, at m»r3T . fin v " * .i.'CJ«J|TH . A COSIP.L:- TE and Elegant assortment if Lsndon and Anerlcaa Hair and Tuoth Brashes, jast re- celvetlby . . J. 31. ALLCO fl, janl 208 Eaat Water itreet. ms^ot tttA Braokel Hollbut, reetlted by Kx« l>re«Ito-a»y. [febMl HTJHS 4 CBOSBT.~ _.. _-_,-_.... HAMS. Cj CMS choice Venison Hams at ' ,t3 auiST ' \ HOTS * OH08BT1»r • *l SMOKKD SALMON. O O M E A N X) SEE A EElTAlior an entirety new and splendid Stock o /%. French, English aad American SOTXS t OSOSBI-S. 'i the Amrfcin pnbUo. : Of Latest Styles, at A. B. VAST COTT'S, Cbr.'JJSM* Water and Wtecoartn Street*. • HarlDg l*\tif disposed 6f most of ny " foriner stzjck,! exercljett Ktjitlt in searching at tlie 'Mstern Miriets for all the -> ' • Styles ami Patterns, Which bare been Imported ajid manufactured since the last panic, I have also per chased a Urio stock of ladies' and 'Gentlemen's Watches,, With mo»cn)enta acknowledged u U» most superior by F H re Fre licit O LD PORT and ' Maderia 'wines, NatiTe" Gripa W Ines,' London Cordial Sin, iondoorParser, Scotch .Ale, Congress Water, *c., *c., juat resolved by 'jsnl •....- j. u. A1.CCOTT. L.UBINS' EXTKACTS. " A LL tftoaaw and choice varieties Lublns* coa ii. To llet t'owrlers, just received by janl oaps ant J.M.AIJ.COTT. FANCY SOJPS & SHAVING A COMPLKTK araortment of Clea*er'», and BagiaV Honey Boap., Koussels i Peers' Shv Intt Creams and Gals'j Shying ComEonad. for >%'a by I'" 1 .' ••' ' • : J. 31. At LOOM. I'utup espreJsiy for our trade. JtMtE^H G-liOUND FLOUR Always oa haml from the Kuiplre and jt&f To, k Mills,, and JB ' TO COT^: XO.Vff tiTOR^SIIORT, Thabessatoo* of Grocarlej from ivWch to sckvj'. from in oiva und :ft trio larrest rn«3 A S YV •£.••* K JL.L ' r O U C ,\ 3 H , And cwke n bid dents', sra can ijror'l to unileD'Ml nur nti-i b^r* who do ^ time trv a.'-iad of cours=-.o« m'oM or IMJ of their proflsj In that T>y. «^i«rj Call and Ssamina -' OnratO'k. j»h.,thcr you W3 ;it to b^yornoi, .ind W . »illfrc.ljjh»« r; > 0 , 1 oar xnods and prices ihlcii *•-• utiOir csnajt fill to pUasayou. J e3 - .' ' HCSM A cut-say. PA U • « . IVi O I i ^ H Y MSBCHAJTT3 ESOM TUB COUN'- :-•,5 try,am l u vi:,:n !o.«jira:at- . l;_3i .-.TOiJIZ 07 liats, Cnpw.A: J«lr:vw T Of W Description, • l (. > 'Jb. K SAL, ALLOOTT'S CAUiPHOU ICE A StJKBearefar Chappetl Handi and'Jae»^ ffor«i I4p», Sanburn,-ac., *c.,-foraala wholwale and re- tall by ;-'-.' J. M. AliCOTT, jani Druggist and Cheailat, SO* Kast Wafer st. VftOf UJ ~~* no»80 I to me- L.OSI or »twJeii. A PBOiri-ORY IfOTE for JM» payable to Barhara H«M, efghi aonihs after date. JcMcated by Frelderlcb froegtl sad Jlajla Cb. Vrwgel, d»t««t Wi- wmkce, October IS, 1S58. J wara everj body not to buy sal j ncta as It will no t be p*ld to-anyoneeioept Llt3] Sver RST A 81, GOODS, sM ta ihiH Jiririe?, for »al» CHEAP %t . B. T H. JR O O P,. 1-SO. Siasi Wajt-r Street. ' 'AM£B1CAN CORNET BAHBt • - BA&BAJU USED. I

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