Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 13
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 13
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DECATUR HERALD [EM HOUSEHOLD ARTS ; ; BEAUTY ^""··» TM ^M .,-,,-, . i ----- 1 ---- - --- i-i-ii-i-n-.n_i-_-_-_- __ -_-_-_- __ ---- ------- _______ - _ . _ : nt. 131 begin ,t a* IE 15c If Soles 50c -$100 'bb«rMt»lsJMk) AJI BopalMn, EENBERQ ZEMO ITCHING iff, tnvtalbla 2*in« tchlnir Skin. Thl« y antlieptlc help* taanda ot home*, ·aws the h«nt and kin. ZEMO haft ty years with re. r an forma of an: irritation*. "R*. atlon." thouaandfi 100. All deaiora. ilier see Mao'a of Decoration* , Favors. Whla- *. etc. Prices 'Met St. \\mtiAtud iam«lr *. BROMO The knurtiVei viitlnd far] |qukk« --««- Twin Laxattv* MO- INB tt* it i o n I »uffet«l a and finally tool. I got no narrfetf riatet ydia E. Hnk- Compound. y two botlk* thenl h*v« k in a note, la and km s, to . know anut, To lef ChiU fry fxperiments TrW and Error Method Is die Real Way to Learn to Do Things T , MTRI E TROtitH.K bftwocn pnrcnU tnd cliiuircri tmtmlly th» fhlUlrnn wnnl to lo pur fryl»| yw- Von Enrti or ftirm vdiuwblc Your child Irultw th« v e i y i(» must huv« n wisili. ho rrmt ti-y It onl, h" nuwt txperioncn \ In onlfr lo knuw aueryHx. Thl» likely to he cxprniiU'n knowl- tift but thnt 1.1 tlip Itiw ami tlmvc {t no othn wtiy. Try nnd full, try md fiicwod. linn'l lt« Afrttld If you think »·«t*fully rhlld IfiillcntM a dwlre to do Msg nut fit thft ordinary you will tin) yoiinelf mthihlltillnt; your own (Wire (or the rhlld'*. (JnconwtouH. (f you »ny, "Vmir Hhi-s Nholl he Mlno, your puwci'a clmll be mine, ind you *tui1l »tlll h my d i l l d , ' jiv«M thnt 11,1 you would twold the frr voui' child'* Miho. i-blld tiii.t liia own ficculliir ffrtwlh. hlK own iiiiWfi'n, his own (lMtrv». I'nliiftH you titund boi-h Mil l*t him try (hcin out one by MI, wmiifiihlr.inK wUh him In hh ftlluw tinil piuMnir him In h« »u«- ens, you am niord-rlnn with hi* h* pnwlh. Von ar* nuu'rlnK tho lh«t H lo dcilrrmltiu lh« d( llfd for him. Tflat arid Krr ( r Wbtn the iittln rlnuithtnr attlm to lo mtik* a J^lly ruli. In TEACHER WHO MAKES CHILDREN srr STILL IS TORTURING THEM It Is as NaluraUe (or Youngsters to Wiggle as It Is for Rabbits Hy JAR W. MAttTOH. M. p. W HEN 1 think of my «»rly/d»y» In school wh«o I had to alt with my Arm* fohtcd or placed behind my back whlh Ihe teacher (aught Ih* leason, t often woinl*r that there were not more rebellion* umonitst «* than (horo worn. To alt ID to 90 mlntilos In on« posl- lion mny tuwe t might so if ·control, but WAN not really good aonle, not Bond hcMlh training, , t'ni not «lvwnUnjr that children should alt In A slauohy attitude nntl prou llionmolves up by their nrni*. but to ronKo children nit In ant poultice (or nilniUoH nt u lint* wa* not (nlr lo their immtnl oi phyuloal growth, Children MUNI WlKirk For M f l u r ull. chiltlrnn aro like other Kino II anlniulfl: tltcy Ilku to movf iiitout, to lu lniitilulti\'« About things, to Htioui, Hln«, Hli-nlch thniiuwlvou nnl «t forth, ( urllcvu that young- tilers bolwi'tm T and 10 yearn o( OKI' shot l Id he given u clinnoo to move or stretch overy 10 minute*. Thh could be don* by httvlng thorn pel up from th«lr ««mln and wulli nrotinit th* roofti a couple of llm*i« nnt ttnin buck to lliolr smit*. Thin would give 11 "ohtinKe of biouJ" from th« brain and permit that movlnjt or Btralcti- lrK of the u: 1 nix, UK*. nnd body, thul every yoiinx unlnutl nculo, Qttlut llxarulM* There may bo difficult^* ·bout this, th* noise might Interfere with work In other room* ho tow or adjoining. fn such oaiies getting the yuunfwUr up In lhn aisle, nnd glvlnK tt [cw MretohlnK and bending txer- c I IP*! could be done easily and quietly, Improve* llody nml Drain My thoiiitht then in that If the yoimfixUr In ntirnuil he'll want to move Jilu body, nrmw nnd tig» every 10 minutes, find If ho Isn't he »houll l)fl initdit to do It unywiiy, ·Tha brain will be clenrer, llm clr- culullon liupnivcilt find nioro von I mnntnl work donn in Lhe Miiacordln 10 nilmiUH lUtin If no ulinntfc of po Serve Good Substantial Food For Party Given For Teen Age Folks OUW M. VOUN6 MJMU* POR ft Htl)ow««n purty tor boy* " and flrl* »t lh« Uon a«», tw mr« to pltn * moH *ulwt«ntl*l *upp«r lot lb«y »r« tlway* rMJIy hungry and ean COAMUM l«rf» kmouoU of food. Mort younc v*opto Ilk* oy»Ur* when ttioy aro made Into Houp, »nd 1C the weAthor IH cold and the young paopl* havo been out door* steaming hot bowl oc oyster *oup with plenty of toustod crttokori, And ollrw and ploltlM, wilt niuki a satlifsotory flrat eoureo, For thu looond onn you can h«vt the Individual puni]liln plei or chocolate leu orooni with iponifn oaku, whloh will carry out the block and yellow color unhemo that la alwayn aorreot at Hullo wo on time, Tatty apploii ure nltio good to servo tor o young I pi Its party, or just some dalkiiouu red n]pl«( and «ome (ialtn doiiKlmuti or uhooolat« ones with ohocoluto iolnn If you like, JhHiiltU« On*-ro(irth cup (nt. Onn nnd ont-tourth cupti suff«r, Two etCtti. miut«r her would Mltf p r n r i l x * her rmiita li'ftoft out Iht ttidtM'lnlji nnd let hrr spoil ta, or jifrhfifiti to y m i r nslonUh- a n»w rah*. U n In* HOMEMAKING ART INCLUDES ABILITY AS HOUSEKEEPER There Is Decided Difference Between the Two, Says Mrs._Walker U- L. U. WAULKU, There In u ilticldod dlftoreno* b* t we on lion m iiiu king itnd houiuKo«p Ing, The flrut uiiibruonti the *eeond but ha« thuL uliiNlve othur «lemont lliut lruit»rori»* a house Into u home, or ImpluntH Lhe horn* atnio- sphui'o Into tin ajHirlimmt, however mitall und Inndoquute it may bo. A «u(xt liotnotnakftr In also n competent union hud been li(iiito, Inc.) ·...'..:·;.. 10W, by tlih Bell Syn Net him try and fait vnd try until hit tutcceedx. Advise rn\ help Htid cn^onrngc, hut ntvtc fiirltld nnd wxnorlmcni that h not tn Ma ricnlth ur MX hcnllli, I M n n l l y freedom nf mcnt *tr«nKUi«iui bnih, iC(ipyrl«l\l. «itc. 7«r.) Boll Syndl- of piitmblim roobi. Lt "f"~"*" T " '" *. _ic sm cnn nml ictlRtght Bcauly Treatment Depends Upon Your Age twtrrs for tmir prntinillnni" anil IW he tannni wn-ilf hln 1lmi In- Tht rlglit hrnutv tr^ilmont for fttowj- KH nylncmitlh* phtmlf jvoii (K-psudx on how oM you are. kclolrrMi will IM-VW waakon hl»|Hr.r* am a tew of th* hint* for »hn ibmt In (tin law If h* hns IL Il'frirl In her *l*en*. tho slrl In hflr MftlVFltfi new and mtich mnlwl twnntka and tho iflrl pwt her thlr. ·milk. |tl«"- Lrt go of yi-ur frar. I«l g» o'j Ulri In TOI-IM fat own (lesln-3. Cnae tn Iry t« "tf you'ro lit yotir 'lc*n«. . . nuike hi apiln In y»ur phlld MIVA In hl*jli )-.n r tiiwlni;** tn find out juM what ;*·'--' of akin you huve. Notice *ynu- I urn t i n r.»-rrrnM |i'*»w «* oilinwa or of overntrynwa HERALD PATTERN \\M»r« they b*con«e i-onnplctou... L .'jlmn't worry too much about occa- "~ alonal bicmlwli**. but see that chronic btemlnhes ara treated by your doctor. Build a beautiful »kin and a lovely riipire by eating balanced ntcNla Mid *K«rcl*l»)C enouKti to thr bhwd choulntlnjr /r**ly. Don'* fujM a lot about mak*-up. Nnvcr UM a heavy malt*-up. K*«|i powder puff* clean and fresh or use fluffs of cotton. ov*n In your com- part If in Y«»r »f* "U ymi'r« p»»' your thirtien. . . , u'r* dlseoverlnir thnt your »k In needc a llttl« nior« attention than It did In th* 't*»n«. 1t*»i know about lotion* to subdu* olllnentt. «reama lo lncr*as( lubrication. You should know what *hude of row* I* most and b* abl* to match yotir powder to your akin tone*. By this tlni4 you hav» leornrd that worry nnd Cut Ip I* ar* blll*r enemlea to troiHt lookii. Kiery girl In her lw*n- (If;* nhOtiM bt abto to glv* herself a Mlmple homw forlnl treatment oeco- alonally, *a much for relaxation and enjoyment a* for the b*n*flc!al ef- trrl*. ' H Over M "If you're pa* your tlitrtle*. . . . TOM know tliat dully our* 1* th* most Important thing In ke»plng your akin fino-textured and lowly. For you there are special pr*pu ration* that lend to refln* tho por*s, «roam» to : Mtniutate ihff llrnl «kn. rich un lo brlntc book suppleness to tt face, harrnkf* bleachM that away a darkening muddy look. Hand* uml hair. Ilk* skin, need dwlly care If they ar* to enhanco the older woman'* charms, Tf ywr hair la wfiitn, keep It itott nnd fluffy. If it IM Rriiy, wear It *u thnt It *oftftns thn '^ttiron. K««p youuir with yoitr chtt -Iron, hut don't malto the mlsttike of Adopting {(IrllKh clothtw or ihc nddltlunal (reednnt ami lovely ^^ . -,-,,. ,n p t ru tii,U( «IIH JUVVIJT WflrtMh 1 * 1 ' 1 '' 11 * 1 « ln « htlm . ( -' 0tt(ln thT,. hl l ' 0 ^ ( " 1 - nr Umlty. There «iy number of dollohKul uuvly «ayly prlBlt from which you may ' *· It). Jfl Wrltc unlr« they utilt your type." FUR COAT S A K I N G UP FAD FOR PEPLUMS Nome of the fur oonts hnve ly fin rod peplunn and other* nrn In ttmlti length, but It IN th* nhort bolero Jft«kel of fur that I* th* nov eily of the s«t«on. You Won't"BrOua"int" If You Wear Side Combs WrufMllv wram^r "I*"' '" Ttl * W « U( ' Or th » |0 "" 1 ' b ° b "'» S " !"*_ wr .?! ) '. 1 * (l ' .". "'nnipa, troii|(ht sld* comb* Into promlB«n«* some o( which are onorustert with brilliant* for livening wear. The made,fur svniirlns the hnh' fulling nn inch or i»me on the neck has made barrettas Imperative. One and one-half sojuaree ot choo- otot* molted, On* cup *our milk. , OfM t^fflKHHI JiQ^^ One-half teaapoon cinnamon. One-fourth t*o*po«in aalt . On* teaspoon vanilla. FOOT cups flour. Oroam th* fat and sugar and then add the welt beaten eggs, ,B«*t well, Add tho *ottr milk anil then ·Ift In ths dry Ingredients with one cup ot flour, Add the eliMoIale which ho* teen melted over hot water. Add tho vanilla and then' the remainder ot ih« flour and inougtf more to. make "t stiff enough to roll out ' Roll and cut as ordinary doughnut* and try In hot (at, When cold, Ic* with chocolate icing. · /' Chocolate Icing One and thru-fourth* cup Throe-fourths cup hot water, Four iquare* of chocolate. One-half teupoon vanina Ball the sugar and water until It will spin a thread, then pour ilowly ovir the molted chocolate, beating constantly until If Is ot the desired consistency to spread, Add vanilla and sprond. In beginning to Uk« Its runli amunj; tho ]»ro less Ions, Ju*t UH nuriilntf IIUH had ID In orilur to huve It* due recoBnitlon. When onne liounekaeplnK holds a rruognlv rtink Among Uio [ivof(talons, the lout fulnt Idea that It I* a lob of Illtlo Importance will have bSen swept nslilc, HOUSKKKKl'lMO A J'MOFIiSSlON In thin ((unorHtlon hounnkci^lnu In (truducilly bolng acourdcd ranh among t)ic ijrofojulonv. 11 i» one ot no many brnnolle*, that U deserves I'ocognl' tlon. Vvi example a Itousukeepvr hai to know how to kei-p room* In or der, t mini UK thu chndren to becem* orderly a* part of the Job. She ha* to know bow to buy wi*oly, so that money IH not »i»«nt lavishly foe In xtance. In storhtc' tho lard;r with perishable food, vr too «ci7mpingly no lhat an *as(ntlal, auch a» bread, sugar, olc, l» lacking at a lime when It Is Impossible lo got more conveniently. . THIS TRAINING The buying and care nt clothing and household lixllieH la another branch In whl'h nn exjwrt house keeper la auppoaiHl to have know- ledgo ot varloua lochnlqucs. All Uw*» things cnn be learned. Much of the work Is very agr able, aoroe ot It la difficult, but none of It I* beyond the *cop« of th* average hoiuwikeeper who ho|w* to I vom« competent AN im.'i.viiive Aitr In tbu realm of home making the elements are partly (Mythological. It la tfuch a diveraltled knowledge tbxt is required, tor coupled with the skill of a houtteko^per there must be that of the tiaderftenillng of -p«r*onall tlut,iio Ihttt a tamlly dwell* together in unity, Social gmcm ar* expected, and compr*hcn*lon of the bcatitlea of horn* lit* to he a *ucc*mful homemaker la a prore**lon plus an art. It b something a womo* detervce high rank for acquiring. ARE OF LIGHT WEIGHT WOOLEN Pall raincoat* have tak«n on H now significance, /or they are now created In llglit-wr-l|[ht Woolens with stylo details a» paramount, *o thnt they nmy scrv for uporttwtur M well. Particularly of Importance are the new rubWrlied Imported tweede. Those fronted or lleckcd with con- trastinft threads Interwoven to give a tmrftice effect ar* outstanding. Ointr typea of rubberised ma tcrlAts featured for fall are basket- wenvo woolens of a loose texture, nnd rough herringbone patterns. Th*w models ure cut on strlclly- tnllorcil line*, with a douMe-brenni. irtl opening, buttoned to th* neck- Una, and belted, MY NKIdlinOK HAYS; When uultiK dried or evaporated fruit In baking, u pinch ot salt Mhould bo added, us thl* brlngr* book the flavor of the fresh fruit. The uam* rule govern* canned frulu. When you wiah to make gravy or ·oup with the water In whtoh meat hat been cooked, wring a oloth out In cold water and strain the liquor through It. No groaoc will go -through. To Improve thi flavor ol currant* and rttldlns In pudding end cnke«, pines them In a bowl, pouring Ml I Ing water over them xnd leave to sonic ovnr night. Dmln and ivy In oven beforo adding to other Ingrodtouta, A imall window may bo made to look Itiifjei 1 by setting the out Lain rolH beyond the casing on each side and using draperies of a material heavy enough stl thnt the aaalng will not be seen thrtugh the materut DAILY HUMU HINT Brwlclnat Melon*. Cooked certal r Saiuaeo , Hot roll* ' Cotte* Ltinchcon Fish chowder . Fruit ml ad Toaated Engllnh muffin* T*a Blrnier Ham loaf Creamed potatoes . OliEotl carrot* I Cottage pudding Hunpberry MUC* I Horn IAI' Ono-half eu] ground boiled ham One-halt cup ground cooked pork One-hilt cup bread ei'iimbu One-half teaspoon P«p[«r Orf* Ogff Onu-hmr oup milk I Two tubleunnn tonuilo catsup. NEW COLLECTIONS OF GARMENT SHOW CAREjN DETAILS Accessories Are of More Importance Than in Many Yean Put PARIS-- Tunic* aro very much In evidence tn the tan and winter col- Ittifon*. They often are mad« of bro cadA o,( tame for amnrt *ft*rnoon mndela, bended or *p*n|(led for »v*n- Inn gowns utf even appear on sports and mornlffr dreasnt. A model dealgn*tl by Au^ nnrd I* In bole* n«n, with a ahorl tunk of the earn* material, which fflveit th* effect of a two-piece drew The neck opening, which I* fasten*) by two brown pyralln button*. IM trimmed with a collar In beige kid matching the belt. With ihl* I* worn n h«i of befgc ftt »nd brown rayon velvet. Mack AM! White Martial A Armand present a Of black woftltn with tiny white r*y on diagonal Mripts. The lower part of both the lunle and the nfclrt show« a Huriog tuoveni*nl. Black *nd white composition button*, a wide collar and nov«l «uft* In white pique nnd a black patent belt conatitute ihu lnl«re*ilng trimming delalta. Hat U Match To accompany thin droma. L« Mon nler haa created a hat In black Mt with a crown «f wh»» rayon velvet A btnck patent hand bag etltched tn white rayon I* a charming addition to thl* «n*emble. NewBeMa Auju*(ab*rnard abowa new belts. tn auppl* leather or In th* aame ma tortal as thu dress, which arc fast oned by a flat bow. She aluo favors leather and fabrtkold trimmings on her aporla and morning dr«**e». Satin atlps and *tcp-l»» trlmmod with rosallnc lace are quit* prevalent The new Tom Thumb" umbrella* trcnerally shown Ivory or pyralln handles. Morning and afternoon «n«*mb1ea often will be accompanied by brown auode glove* mbroM*red with silver and gold bead*. Perugia dectarea that morning sJto»» for fall and winter should be ID nlfgcr brown kid and doeskin. Toll* do Jo*y Ther* to a certain nattofectton about ilto conventional landscape do. Htenn that dl»UnRul*h tb* famoiM pattern* of old to) lea. These are now reproduced to »*ll for let* than io cents a yurtt *Bd ara the answer to-"what Inexpensive chlnti shall I us« to malt* nn jittrqetlvfl room , " , ttl/ It tionetntn, Ikxl «leit» Ilk) m«Kta Membi*tw»ilty. Bye* ful tatter. Soon you wotirtir wlwre your cold *nnt, Dni|. t\M Mil on RuwsnUe of llvu-mlnutfl nilkt er meeiiy bnek-atc, JACK FROSTiQ \r\.'r+w**f'.' '''^r^ietiffts^ Jadging Persons By Their Bridge Is Interesting Character Can Be Read By Mannerisms of Card Players By BOTH CAMERON O NE ot the mo*t vigorous storms ot nratwt I ever aroused came when 1 suggested btldge art one hobby for a middle agetl woman whose children had grown up and whose time wa* empty, Stvorai pcopl* confided, that they were dlnappoliuid In me, I luppwe they will ba more disappointed when I frankly content that H'ldge 1* one of my hobbles. That s, to this extent and it win only In this way'that I recommended It. that I Ilk* to .uao some of the lime that belongs to me tor' i-icroutlon on a rlendly game ot brid«e, Out** Kind of Flavors Did you ever go to a bridge party wher* you know v*iy few 1( any of U* players and unit tlu brldsrj B* a background for character ntutly? Try to guess Wlm k.rii of pluyers .he women are goln,' to IM from .heir faoeN. A* lliey came io the .able can you pic It them out': I ried It and In some ^ascs succeeded, ThU gentle looking person wlih th* tweet tritindly smile IB going to b« on* of those who have nevnr Ixmn able to really learn to play, but who are always Invited to any gathering of their frlepda bacatifm they are eo much beloved, and who go hrcauw* hey like the soqlahlluy r;aii»r lhan boeauiM they oare for bridge. Sh* gains to look vuguely unhappy when it I* hv turn tu lead, and In [olng tn livid with that h«Nltuncy hat In(IIoatu» not a'cl:r.Ica between wo good leads but an utter lack of dou what ah* ought tn pluy. She (ltd, Thin, too, you van gusss at eotne ot their character!allos ivwuy fiom the card table by the wny th*y act there, iow do tliny lay Ihelr tricka? The tllllant, vital woman Bhurilud hers ill together. I su»tect aha la one or tbose ]conle Who,tea can lean in :he matter ot detail, not mich n. Rood inunek neper thQURli pribahlv * 'harming hostess ami delightful wife a.nd mother. An Extra S|iiM Then there is th* wonmn who not rnly lay* her trlak* with ported trim ness but follow* a symmetrical pntUrn, three aero**, throe up, three down. She Is one ot thoite r«opl« with a .feeling tor form anil hw home will (how It On* can read a great deal In Uw tok ot character at a bride- «·»« Of course one does not always have a chance to verify wns's readinga. But that may com* taler. Anyway :t'« ftm and add* *n «lri aplce tn that thrk* rojml game. T*mort*w~Ta« Ask-Ruth-CMMr- o«i Day. ^ WIN1MW SHOPPING M»W MOM Fnunt* If you are looking for something different to fflvo as a present there ara auch good looking clocka which are framed In a semi-circular brood allver frame. The numeral* are very larg* and Mark end us the BUrer band is plain th* effect la extremely lii» jtlly ptttc iht (l«a M » toy holding I ]illl»c*Jw*ki, flwiipiwr piulfin on jelly. Any p*r*(tin thtt tint* ova will congeal in lit* wata «nd can M ttv«d let fwtwt wa , YOUIKFUL IS 1930 NECESSITY Tou'r* a* young «* your wal*t- line! And you o»ti'k«p your wattt- llne you By, by walking and itandtng correctly and by cttercUIng wl«n- tlflcally, Put on your bathing *ult and Rtand ildewjx* b«for a full length mirror. Look for thmc thlngu; a tomlcney to ' droop thu head forward, eacounglng that bulge at the back of thcncck *o apt ly (filled "The dowuger'* hump." If you catch yourself In llm« you can develop a really good ncok and chin line. torture I* Important To e've yourself thu fuel of the UtinK, take holt) of your hair a little behind the crown and pull up, fe«l the spine lengthen ing, the curve of the back of Iht n«ck tl^appearing, your chin held up anil In, and th* ne«k itself ulralgbt a* · Illy »lallc. Thia pulling up given you a mental Image of yourself *« « doll *Lrung on a central wire--the eplnal cord, You learn to feel .correctly poetured. Study Tour H'nJitUne When you study your walittlne, look for Divui thing*: ce If the §11- huuette show* a deep Incurve at th* back, an unb«comlng/{ttndcncy ot th* abdomen to prolrntle, and a tlabbl- netM of thigh* and bntlocke, Some wonderful «xercla** and rhythmic movttncnU have been worked out to correct (Ills condition. Their main object U lo take the strain of carry )ng the abdominal oi-gane off th« small of the back nnd develop the abdomlna) tnuucloa till they ar* capable of doing their part. Reduct that Incurve until It U «o*y to keep the back flat on th* floor wh«n you II* down, Pracll*e thl* 20 time* jit leuat one a day lying flat on y«ur back. Tlghtun and draw In tho muacle* of thighs and buttock*, pull th* abdomen in and up--"tuck It in' a* your ln» true tor would any, and flatten your back againiit the floor With IMge Lnpln Band* ot creamy beig* lapln do much to augment the beauty anA luxurlounnena of » negUgw ot flame color chiffon v«W*t It IB made «n th* lino* of a coal and tlie band* of lapln about an Inch and a.holf »KU extend around th« neck, down the (root* and about the alae*ea. A lia- Ing of belg* satin repeal* tn* color of th* fur. P*r 8ch*«l Olria Coat* lhal are both practical Mid chic *r* developed In Chinese «d reuitb two«d with abanrt collars and cuffs of black caracul. Each ha* It* llttt* matching "beret ot tw*ed. A KAVIV44- VnVBlMi The return of cut glasa after many years of oblivion la one of the moat Interesting features of 19W d«cor»- tlona. Not In* *1aborate cut glau ot the nineties but the chaste formal d*» sign* which h»v« made tt« glam «f lh» Georgian era * pattern for all time to come. The reproductions are exact copies and aro much In vogue for form*! luncheon* and dtnn New VMJUtBXLAS~ Among tit* novelties tn umbreUaa I* on* mad* with a *hort bandl* of plastic composition-* modem Jon ot a cat. K*w 1* ia* Tl*» to Ywr WINOIW SHADES «h Mm.* Ihir a-INtr Mmlrr HKHWVKHf niv* n. MM* w. j-tan TRAVEL by TRAIN Sp«cJ*J Om Way Fare* BttwMn AH Stattoiu lidlaiapolls AND Dsoatir 2c Per, Mil* Ticket* on tmln dally. Good on motor train* No*. 60 and 61. BALTIMORE OHIO WbaiAW OF 50 AND OVER Large Basket Is Comfortable For Baby Who Triads Hi.* Woman Hid Little Difficulty Traveling With Infant BOTTLE MBTEB EUHIK9 TRAVELLING with th* infant pre- 1 **nli aom* difficulties which are not met with when -travelling with older children. The Infant cannot t* comfortable ilcsplng with an adult It I* unwls* to put him In a large berth alont, weighed down by heavy blanket* a* h* would he, even If then wire no other eonitd*r*lK««. Th* iquar* clothe* basket a* u *sr- ly builiut haa long been a ftvorlt* of mine, for my first Infant slept In ona 32 y*ar* ago and I hava n*v*r *w*rved In my allegiance to lu Mr*. L U. H. ha* al*o discovered tt* comforts, for she writes, "When my daughter DOW post three was born, w* purchased a large, square clothes basket for her bed. This w* placed Mildly aero** a chair with wide, flat arm*. Thl* provided an excellent bed at a height which necessitated very little atoOplng. Underneath the bed on the scat ot the chair I kept a supply of fr**h diaper*, talcum powder, ·** va**lln*. Haldng » foumfty "When the baby wo* six month* old, we bad occasion to tekt a Ionic input* ttMarrii \ ^ (· ·* · T - bw *wm M I* iMrtlr u MHM --- * ·Hi U lafl ouMtaugkUr. Mm ww a and when ah* went tc- bad w* r*- pwt«4 over and ovtr In « Monotone how nice a wa* to be dry M*: how this made her a big Kir) and that *h* wanted W b* dry, tn t few Btghu thl* *how«d rouiu." In the flr*t haJf of tbi* ywr r*- v tall aale* fell tU per a*nt ' HEARTBURN? If mm* food* distress, you, aauilBg a o l d etomnch, heartburn, g**, *our- MM or tndtge*t)on-- try Turn* for quick, pleuant relief. At all drug ·»«**· We. ·f*lMMU-l*ttajMh» Keqt The F«t Away This bi InterMlbif -- tbe given below are correct according to tlM iMdlng authoritk*-- Women over DO should beware of fat-- it your weight and height match the UM* krtow you ar* m tuck--and ahouU b* thankful-- weight yonr»*h* today. Over 4 Ft 11 In. 6 Ft Ob. 8 Ft 1 In. BFt 21»_ SFL 3 In. 0 Ft 4 In. SFL 5 In. 3 Ft. «In. 5 Ft Tin. 6 Ft tin. 6 Ft *In. 9 Ft. 10 In. Weight* grren inchtde. ordinary Indoor doUilng. If you era overweight cut out plea. paatriw, c«k«s and camdlM far 4 wmk* -- thm wefatk yowa«H -- 'go Hgbt on potato**, rle*. bnller. craan and *i«mr-- «at lean meat, drickm, flab. mtad. xreen vegetablei and fruit Take · one-half teaftpooej of Krua- dwn Suits In a flaef at hoi water ·very morning betor* hroakfaat-- IbU to tha M*T. aafe rad amlbto way to take off fat-- a boW* ot Ttn~ ·ehen Salt* taeta 4 weeka-crt It at er Dm*' Co., Weat 1 * Lincoln 133 13* HI l« m IM 1AT 161 KM wceka. tad !· 4 mnraHA HM ALWATHOAU. Amy ^P*^B l*^^r^wP ^PVWI^W^pW Praise This New WondwrFood Many who had auffei«d for year* with various ailment* report an amazingly rapid restoration to health following the use of the new wonder food, Colonalii Thl* remarkable compound change* the flora In -the IntMttnw,. stop* go*, fermentation, decay and auto-Intoxication and ak* nature In establishing normal elimination. Cokmald stop* the generation of poison* in the colon which otitharftlea now claim ar* r**poitalbl« for more than 80% ot all our dln- *·***. It 1* Invaluable In the treatment of atomacn, liver and kidney disorder*, headache*, colltl* and kindred ailment*. If you want to regain your health nnd keep It--try thl* Mnulag n*w food compound today. It -has 'restored thousands and should do th* same for you* A*k youiv drttgglut for Colonald · today. It wilt h* the b**t health Investment you *ver at Raupp's Chic Shoe Styles -For Fall Wear... Ruupp'n offer *tyle* In *ho*a to m«»t every demand of th* day or evi-nlnj , . , leathern U *atUfy «v«ry prefer- ««ni* , , . and colon* to harmonUn wltk »v*ry F»l) and W'nter co*tu»v Matrix Stetaon Shoe* Th* new«*t tailored mod* Is for- Pal) wear tit every variation «f th* eta- son'* mode, ·P Smart Pedigo Style* *M KM MCtrWTPi nl tha tww**t tlei, ymnpa MB Mrapa. RaaJ mlnM at ^7.50 "Styliih Fi wd Arch Sarcr Fives A «ty ntrm «MODl*U i aM uch nht* tt »$.oo aa In Special Group $B to «7 JU F**H 3.SO amatt itiftM. F«u»P^ U-Jvv «tc^ i» ItldpW -md^ I tnd ptUni* ^ r ^" 1 ^-- -- ·*, p«a*p*v DM. ate, !· khta, MM**. hrowwa, CiwhatT atylN nUUMe (« tfrto, «r Mgh r wawHo. An «w«wMl vata* at tut. ' RAUPP SON DEPENDABLE FOOTWEAR **..* v v*» ii » % f · o w ·V NEW YORK'S NKWIST Ivvv tkf watar , RADIO IN fVEftY KOOM 1 ^3 DA)tv pNvWfl ffl Wl^f fMfMCV VAfl MOwWvVv Ml fMI «NOU $»MtoUOO lr^^W*!wB» · · · · · · · ^^fce^V wW ^^fcejWF HOTIl V I C T O R I A 7th Av*. ot Slit St.- * · N*w York -.-.NEWSPAPERflHCHIVE' 8

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