Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1950 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 18
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26,1950 ALfOM SVfiNtNQ TfitfiORAPM Medical Literature Research Discovery Reveals Overwhelming Proof/ ' SENSATIONAL NEW Hvpm ill STOPS ACID PAIN OF Diagnosed STOMACH ULCERS No Faster Working Safe Pain Relief Known...Also for Acid Indigestion • Gas, After-Eating Distress EACH New HYPERCIN TABLET STOPS PAIN of about 1 Cup Full STOMACH ACID During 4 HOURS ENJOY A FULL MEAL Without Fear of Acid Pain No Bicarbonate of Soda, no Magnesium Carbonate, no dangerous Laxative, no causing of Constipation, and no Single Chemical Antacid. Not a soluble systemic Alkali, not Dangerous, no dread of causing a change in the blood and dangerous Alkalosis. No momentary relief that bounces back and causes more trouble-making hydrochloric acid than you had to start with. No temporary interfering with or paralyzing digestion in the stomach, and no causing gas to form and turning the already abused stomach into a dangerous, roaring, gaseous chemical retort. Instead, a marvelous, sensational discovery, entirely new to most people, that gives fast SAFE pain relief. A new, quick, easy way that is utterly harmless; a way that simply cannot temporarily interfere with or paralyze digestion in the stomach, cause constipation or diarrhea, cause more gas or acid to form, or change the blood to cause dreaded Alkalosis, because it actually helps soothe and relieve the irritation of the inflamed or abraded stomach walls, protect the stomach membrane and instead of temporarily paralyzing digestion it actually speeds up emptying time of the stomach to make it almost twice as fast. See how soon the ugly distress of these stomach acid pains may be replaced by a feeling of comfort and joy. See how much better fitted you are for work and play, how much better you sleep, and how much better you look and feel. Yes, medical science has done its part in revealing the therapy of HYPERCIN... we've done our part making HYPERCIN available to you in easy-to-take tablet form. The next step is up to you. Get HYPERCIN today. Gives Relief After Years of Torture and Pain* HOUSEWIFE-It takes a clear head and a lound •tomach to keep a home in tip-top shape. Housewives report that HYPERCIN gives amazing fast relief from add stomach pains, gas attacks.and acid indigestion. Got HYPERCm todayl •Pornf b r Pro/MdofMl Modeli. DRIVER—Active man now depend on HYPERCIN "to keep them rolling" when acid indigestion and stomach distress threaten . . . when diagnosed stomach ulcers slow them down. HYPERCIN is safe, sure, and scientific! Ask for HYPERCIN I GRANDMOTHER-Men and women who suffered from heartburn, bloating, and other stomach acid attacks for years have finally found new hope and relief with amazing new HYPER- CIN. Keep HYPERCIN handy whan your stomach cries for help. I HOW JUST ONE AMAZING NEW HYPERCIN Tablet Works to Relieve Acid Pain of Diagnosed STOMACH ULCERS Asinglesensational HYPER- CIN Tablet actually destroys the harmful effects, makes non-acid or neutralizes about one cup full of Stomach Acid (or ISO times its own weight) during 4 hours. Because of its astounding adsorbing power, HYPERCIN brings prompt relief by safely and most effectively taking up the excess stomach acid. Io«tead of turning tb* already abused itora- acfo into s roaring, •**•««• eheroical retort, nVPRRON tooth** so* r»U«ve« the irritation of tb* inflamed itemacb wall and alio protects the tnstmbraw. HYPERCIN does not etiiM everfMUtnltotion to temporarily interfere with or tardy** digntion. It actually ipaod* up tt>» emptying tim» of the stomach to man it almost twc» ai fast Food g«t| in and out of tb* ttonuch more nom»Uy, thui giving nfturt more chance to hMi Thf* Ja why HYFBRCIN it recommend** m an sJd /or diignoHd itomach uktrt, (or gu petal, for ill itomach pun due HYPBRCIN U not s prtpwaUon tbat only makiai you /e*| better (or a Wttl* while and then, about a bait hour later, boune** back to make the **C*M add gnttar then you had ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to ittrt with. BVPKROIN dg*J not cbanp tlWMpiiiiWiWiWslsssss^ssssla^iWi the blood to c«us0 dreadtd Alkaivsii; it dew m™™*-™ . not w«at* more itom»ch gu, another pnHntisl dtog»r, Bwy * packagt ot HVPBRCJN at your Drug Store today- Try thii amanng. n*« ic^ntinc diicovtry. ALL THRIFTY DRUO STORES OPEN NIGHTS HYPERCIN Protects Acid Irritated Stomach Walls ...Puts Firm Control On After-Eating Distress Medical science has made this a wonderful agel Today, because of exhaustive research of thousands of scientists, you can actually expect to live years longer than those born a generation before! Daily, you read of new medical discoveries, new drugs, new treatments that cure disease, make life safer, healthier, happier. But to you stomach sufferers who endure that intense burning, gnawing deep internal pain that only excess hydrochloric acid can produce... for you men and women who dread to eat for fear of the pain and gas and distress that may you this may well be the most wonderful medical news you ever read! Here at last it the amazing new HYPER- CIN now available for safe home treatment in easy tablet form. Even you victims whose pain and suffering has actually been diagnosed as stomach ulcers, your physician will find new Hypercin Tablets are extremely valuable in controlling this condition. BEGIN THIS NEW TREATMENT TODAY! First HYPERCIN is not a preparation that temporarily makes you feel better for a while and then about a half hour later bounces back to make the excess acid greater than you had to start with. HYPERCIN does not change the blood to cause dreaded alkalosis does not create more stomach gas, another potential danger. Instead, each HYPERCIN Tablet actually destroys the harmful effects of about 1 cup full N/10 Stomach Acid (over 150 times its own weight) during four hours ... and that isn't all. HYPERCIN pro- tects acid irritated stomach walls ... controls meal-to-meal distress . . . speeds up stomach emptying time to make it almost twice as fast... gives night-to-day freedom from acid pain . .. gives nature a real chance to heal inflamed membranes, make repairs, protection unheard of a few short years ago. Chances are HYPERCIN may let you enjoy honest-to-goodness meals again without fear of after- eating pains, without dread of gas attacks, bloating, heartburn, indigestion. So even if your stomach pain has been diagnosed as stom- ach ulcers, even if your stomach hurts when full of food and hurts when empty, let modern medical research help you ... let the new HYPERCIN help change your life from hopeless pain to comfortable living.Resultsof HYPERCIN type of therapy are actually and overwhelmingly revealed in medical literature in the world's largest medical libraries. So get SAFE, new HYPERCIN from your drug store today. Complete satisfaction or money back is fully guaranteed. No faster working, safe stomach acid pain relief known to medical sciencel Ask for HYPERCIN. STOMACH Often Distorted Several TIMES NORMAL SIZE by GAS CAUSED by EXCESS ACID When the food you eat reaches your stomach, tiny gastric glands which line the walls of the stomach give off hydrochloric acid which is essential to the digestion of proteins, like meat. But if an excess hydrochloric acid is produced, you are in trouble. The hydrochloric acid attacks that stomach walls irritating and inflaming them. It also forms gas which expands the stomach causing that burning sensation and bloated, blown-up feeling . .. and starts th« gnawing, stabbing pains you know too well. Is there anything you can do to stop your suffering? DEVELOPED After Years of Extensive Hospital And Clinical Research as Revealed in Medical Literature in the World's Largest Medical Libraries The HYPERCIN formula is the result of thorough Medical Literature Research in the world's largest Medicaji Libraries. These libraries are the heart and fountain-head of information on all that has been learned in any specific field of medicine. The latest advances in medical treatment pour into these large libraries from all over the world. The amazing HYPERCIN formula was overwhelmingly revealed as a most efficient treatment for almost immediate relief of pain of Acid Indigestion and even as an actual aid in the treatment of diagnosed Stomach Ulcers. Yes, this research revealed that old-time methods, so commonly used, could often do more harm than good. Patients undergoing HYPERCIN type therapy were often able to resume comfortable living, after "old-time" remedies had failed. Each patient who has burning, gnawing stomach aches, gas, heartburn and acid indigestion, each sufferer of stomach acid pain whether long established or a new development, should investigate this new revelation of modern research at once. Ask for HYPERCIN at drug stores. Truly, HY- PERCIN is today's gift to thankful stomach acid sufferers. Each HYPERCIN TABLET neutralizes about one cup full N/10 Hydrochloric acid in 4 hours. Make this 7-DAY HOME TEST Here is your guarantee of 100% satisfaction. You must be absolutely satisfied with HYPERCIN or manufacturer rwill refund your purchase price. Accept this no-risk offer. Ask for HYPERCIN NOW! How New HYPERCIN Acts to HELP You Amazing New HYPERCIN, the product of tirelew research in the latest medical literature, has adsorbing powers. No dangerous laxative, no soda ... the inptant New HYPERCIN reaches the stomach it begins to adsorb the excess hydrochloric acid. One tablet of HYPERCIN alone has the power to neutralize about 1 cup full of N/10 hydrochloric acid. At the same time, HYPERCIN coat* inflamed lining of the stomach, soothing, protecting it, giving nature more chance to repair and heal. 8000 your pain vanishes. You feel better. The nervous tension caused by the acid pains soon disappear. And remember New HYPERCIN isn't giving you temporary relief that bounces' back later far worse as Alkalosis. Just one package HY» PERCIN may be all you need to show the way for raort normal, pain-free living. HYPERCIN is safe, pure, not habjtjforming. Ask for HYPERCIN today on abtolutf guarantee of satisfaction or your money back. AFTER-EATING PAINS, GAS, HEARTBURN, SOURNESS MAY FADE AWAY AFTER VERY FIRST HYPERCIN TRIAL! GREAT SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENT! NO FASTER WORKING PAIN RELIEF FOR STOMACH ACID PAIN KNOWN TO MEDICAL SCIENCE THRIFTY i-i'flW" <_ . . • • _ ._ „ — — ^^M ^Bh. •smk •*••• ^^ 100 TABLET* DRUG STORES Alton - WoodlUvir I

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