Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 5, 1941 · Page 8
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1941
Page 8
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STEELING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS 5, 1341 ews of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties t Mrs. Morris Jimes Gives Brief Book Reviews on Woman's Club Program There w«ts s '.er- er«xi nMendanci at the meeting of th* Kr;e Woman Chlb Tuesday afternoon in the rrr reation ha'.!. Trie m *•<•»: PR orient With the piedee of a ;;es-anrr to th Jla«. aft*r which the 'S:ar Spanglei Banner" w-as suns with piano RC eotnpaniment hv Mrs Payn Thompson Tlie ci-jb co!!ec! wp. Bung and the ?3ra Psaim WR.S re peated in unison. Two vor«! num b«rs were presented by Rotx-r JtWtz of Liberty, sineine evnntre'is et the &le Christian church. Mrs Thompson served as accompanist This part of the program was ar ranged by the music chairman, Mrs George Stoudt. The business session was then conducted by the president with Mrs. Harry Wood serving as secre tary pro tem. Mrs. Parnc Thomp- eon chairman of the park commit tee. reported that she had plantet the tulip bulbs donated to the clul by Mrs. William Pfundstrin. Mrs Brvin Denlson. chairman of the 11 brary board, reported on the library slating that 6«« of the 1.378 voi UBies In the library had bmi taken out by readers during the month o October. A d-scus..c-n in regard '• baying more books was left to th Chairman. Volunteers to a.vstst In the dental health program at th high school the following day were Mrs. P. H. Di Vail. Ms. Jay Dobson Mrs. Krvin Denison and Mrs. Edith Bchaible. Cash donations were vot «d for the Park Ridge school for girls and the Mt. Carmel home. Mrs. P. H. EM Vail was elected as defense chairman. Mrs. Claude Da the literature department chair had secured Mrs. Morris James to speak on that subject and ane gave a very instructive Ulk on this cultural art* especia 'y as it connected with the war. She quot ajd from an article on what th draftees are reading and told of th efforts that are being made to es tablish libraries in some of th Camp*, fine mentioned two popular books of fiction, one of which deal With the history of the south and -the--other- with- -the _north._and... in eJeaing gave brief reviews of sev era! of the late books. At th» close 'of her talk she conducted a qui to literature which was greatly en py «ie members. The win! Mrs. Harry Wood. Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the meeting by a com mtttee composed of Mra. Botsie fle- g«r, Mrs. Prank Joclin. Mrs. Tom •toudt and Mrs. Bdlth Scbaible. iff IRSIfHWPJS w Erie Brotntniood Dr. E. Musk of FtUton was the guest apeaker at the meeting of the ~Brie "Community Brotherhood at the Brie Beptist church Tuesday eve- -Bing.—He-spoke-oB -aviation, pre- eenUng his subject;in a very inter- ttting manner. Dr. Musk is .one of 1b* few men in this section of the to known as blind frying, that is. by the: uee of instruments, and his explanation of the uee of each of theee Inetruments we* so clearly given feet all could understand. He also told of the weather re- flying. Re steted that he has of ten been on Broadway in New York dty in the forenoon and hack to Fttlton by 1 o'clock that afternoon, Be was accompanied to Brie by his eon Brvin. Dr. Musk's talk ^^ preceded by •n oyster supper served by the le- diee of the church and by a business eeeaion conducted by the president, George PeMetier. Date Heed. Brie Cross chairman, called for vol- te assist in putting on the — -r- ~— •"- — • - '- •——— "ORB*"wrVCC" •KDB ~ttH fofloering responded: Oecer o: W. W. Langdoc. P. H. Di Van, Boy fordan. the Reverend* Meittn Fta- fcus, Le Boy Bills and Baiph gnfeed. Various other diacuuioiu were held, lot no decisions reached. Then a present at the supper. Erit Future FewMtrs On Trip to Wisconsin Olenn frank, Robert Baker, David 1 •tone and Eugene Bonneur of the Btte Future Farmers, accompanied their leader. W. W. Langdoc, vocational agriculture instructor in the Brie .community iugh school on weekend trip to Wisconsin. They left Prdiay after school, spent Pri- •lay night at Port Atkinson, Wis.. -•••d Saturday inspecting Guernsey __«elUe at 15.farms-in-thai *i«nity, Bobnt Baker and Eugene Bonneur taught calves. Included among the outstanding places of-interest visit- •d;jwr* Hoard'* farm, the McJCer- Vww farm and the Guernsey Jug. This mammoth barn was built In the shape of a jug. the lower part being used to bouse the cattle and the upper part M a hay mow. Will Deductible At Mtrkodist Church Woman's day win be observed at the morning semee at the Erie Methodist church Sunday. The Builder* will attend in a body for ttft dedication ol the new pulpit Bible given them zn memory of a V**ber of their group, Mrs. Ruth Oebean James, whow- death occur- Md last May. Tbc Gleaners will BWBieh the mutac. To V*,t S«Mit U. of I. The Bev. and Mia Le Boy Hue to tt*v« pndey for !U* -s-ith their son Me]v!n. R freshman suf the Vniversitv of Illinois. The Pf . .?!>-•••""- KJ'J.TITJ. rhsfTjTiSTj th* -Vymrd r»f d'armis of the rhnrrh w;Sl orriipv th^ rh'irrh pulpit Bun dsv rf!fW7i:n«; srif! t.h" ev?nm£ ser vtrrs, will h»- rii.'-mi.v.ed in order tha trie <~onBr r Rfl': r >n may attend th •naneelistrc ST-. ices at fh" En Chris'inn f rr.irrh. Tampico Delegation At Revivals in Erie The evaneelistir services whirl are bnrn '•orxiiicted in the Chris tmn rhurrh each evening hy thi p«.<-tor. th" Rev. Melvin Kiscus. fts sis ted hv the sinRinE evangelist Robert Nofl7 of Lilx-rty. are at trnctmi? large crowd. 1 ; rnrh cvrnini? Tuesday r\mine WRS hiRh srhoo nicht and 'here wn.s a Roodly num brr of these present. A drleRatioi of over ~5 members from the T»m pico Chri--t:sn church accompanied hy their pn.'.tor. were In attendance A xylophone ^election by Mis, Thorna* of Tnmpiro was greatly en }oyed. The Tampico delegation and the hiRh school students were en tertained jn the church parlors af ter the services. Erie Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Young o Sharon were Sunday dinner guest? of her parf nts. Mr. and Mrs. E. 8 Brig&s of Ophiem. Mr. and Mrs. Hollks Brooks, Don aid and Betty of near Spring Hi] •were entertained at dinner Sunday evening by Mr. and Mrs. HaroU Brooks of Fenton township. Mr. and Mrs. George Crosier am son Keith of Genr.seo were Sv^d afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs Elmer Young of Sharon. Mr. and Mrs, Cyriel De Cap and two children of East Moline were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mor ris De Cap of Sharon Sunday. Mr and Mra. Michael De Cap and son of East Moline were afternoon visitors. Mr. and Mrs. George Perkins and family visited William Briggs at the home of his daughter. Mrs. Edith .Holsinger, In Rock Island Sunda afternoon. En route home they called on Mr. and Mrs. Philip Parson near Ceneseo. Mrs. Margaret Earl and son Charles were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Simpson of near Prophetstown. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hogarth and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Grau and son Merle were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs Earl XJaffey near-Sterling Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown anc daughters Glenda and Trudy were entertained at dinner-Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. John McGauvern o Pulton. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kayen and children. David and Judith, were Sunday afternoon and evening visitors in the home of her sister. Mrs. Glenn Groharing. in Morrison. Sunday dinner guests of Mr, and Mra. Melvin Bui were Mr. end Mrs. James Conrad and two eons of Hillsdale and Mr. and Mra, James Earl and Arlyn. D. L. fihaible of. Rock Island was a caller Tuesday afternoon at the homes of Dr. W. J. Cant and Mrs. Edith Schaible. Honor Roll Report For Upper Grades At Moulin* School ... e held, Jteaeay Honor roH ^>f tne^upper room of the Manlius grade school: Kigbth grade. Mary Elisabeth Miller. Lois Casteel. Valient Moe. Donna Lee King. Alberta Pordham, Beulah Behrens; seventh grade, Wilbur King, diaries Larkin; sixth grade, Neuman Kirtpatrick, Jimmy Carlaon. Evelyn Pordham; fifth grade. Grant Heuer, Robert Rudl- T. Max Casteel. Pupil* who nave not been absent • tardy: Wilbur and Donna Lee lagV-Beuieh Brtimut. Valicra Moe, Pern Carlaon. Alberta Pordham BUnor Cusach. Eugene Schmidt. EU- Ven Orner. Doris Lee Bruhn, Msumsn Kirtpatrtek. Max Casteel, Carleon. Charies Larkin. Robert Budiger. Grant Heuer. The pupils have given ore! iwperu: Mary B. Miner. Al- Kirtpatriek. Marietta De and Charles Postnyptiol Shower At Brethren Church Mrs. Everett Jarboe was honored at a postnuptial shower Saturday afternoon in the United Brethren social robins. Thirty-five guests were preatnt. A play. "Good Morning Mi&s Keep-in-Tab~" was given by pupils of the Pleasant Ridge school. Humorous advise to the bride was given by Mrs. Boy Gutshall. Mrs. Wayne Johnson. Mrs. Carl Schuneman. Mrs. Carey Pox and Mrs. J. H. Ballard. Refresh ments were served. Bridge Club at Budo The Manlius bridge club'wee entertained Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Fred Benntck of Bu- ligh prise, Mrs. Mary Brown the low prize, and Mrs. Laura, Bamett of Buda the guest prise. Manlius Briefs Mrs. George E Anspech. Mrs. Will Lamkc. Misses Louise Schmidt and iargaret Boyce were guests Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Charles Haas of Van Grin, The Pfeasaut Ridf* Community club Friday evening, at which a wiener roast was enjoyed Mrs. Bart Draper and Mr*, Prank Ci*i*y were in charge of games. The Manliuf Untied Spooks on Rampage af Party for Children In Heinze Home in Malvcrn Irene Heinye and Mnrv Petra entertained ft group of friends at « Halloween portv Friday evening at the Ed Hcinrr home in Malxern A' the gnrst-s srnvrd they were mrt nl the door by a Rhos;. ^lio le< them int« the dining room whrr they were met hv an old lafh Sh in turn took them ?o the stairwa> where they were arretrd by n rat Umg sound from al»ove. At tlv head of the stairs was R witcl beckoning the guest.s to come ui and remove their wraps By thi time the guests could see and hea most everything that didn't exist A grand march was held for those who came in costume. There were several clever and unique outfits James Kaphammer won this prize Sveral were not recognized unti they removed their masks. Thi was followed by games and s!tints Prizes were awarded as follows Com throwing. Rita Conner and Shirley Lou Detra: poison Penny Robert Helnre; apple bobbing. Lois McDearmon. During the evening the and their guests were treated will pop furnished by Mr. and Mrs Prank Htrrick. Their treat was no only appreciated by those at the party, but by all the young folks o th^-nPlghborhood. who visited the Herrlck place that evening. Lunch was served consisting o pumpkin pie. doughnuts and cocoa with marshmallows. The guest were: Delore* Broderick and James Kaphamer. Lois McDear num. Ardlth Brandt. Thelma, Betty Shirley Lou and Carl Detra. Rita and Robert Conner. Jean Oncken Robert Heinse. Attendance Report At Malvern School; Honor Roll Pupils Malvern pupils having been neither absent nor tardy since the beginning of the year are: Shirley Conner. Wanda Bushman. Veneita- Con- E Gould "nc the home of Mr ^er..".. Mr. Oouk ner. Carl Detra. Marjorie Rngelkins, Robert Conner. Shirley Detra. Elsie Engelkens. Jean Oncken. Rita Con- T>t Mary Engelkens and Delbert Grater There are 24 pupils enrolled in the school. The first P. T. A. meeting was held Oct. 3, with a good attendance. Mrs. Margaret Smith is the teacher. The bi-monthly examinations have been held and the following report given for the Malvern school. Those on the "A" honor roll were Shirley Conner and Audrey Detra: and on the "B" honor roll were Merle Engelkens. Wanda Bushman. Venelta Conner, Carl Detra, Marjorie Engelkens, Deloris Broderick. Jean Oncken. Rita Conner. Betty Detra. Mary Engelkens. Delbert Grater Jean and James Kophammer. Sewing Circle Works For British Relief Mrs. Reuben Garwick entertained the Franklin Corners Sewing circle at her home on Friday when a pot luck dinner was served at noon. There iwere 14 members and four children present. They tied a comforter and made blouses for Bundles for Britain. This group ha* already «nt several packages and will have more ready in the near future. The following officers were reelected: President, Mrs. LeRoy Walters: vice president. Miss Rebecca Gerdes; secretary and treasurer, Mra. Oscar Peterson. Hallowe'en Party for Mt. Carmel Children Mrs. Reuben Garwick and children of the ML Carmel borne celebrated Hallowe'en Friday evening; with a party. They bad as guests. Bev. and Mrs. LeRoy Walters. Beufeen Garwick and daughter BUnor end Lloyd Oerdes. Games and stunts were the diversion ot the evening. A wiener set was held indoors. Befreshmenu rved were wieners, buns at marshmallows. cinnamon rolls, taffy apples. Hallowe'en cookies and Observe Birthdays Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MUroy entertained at a birthday dinner Sunday honoring the birthdays, of Keith itHnf. which was Oct. 23, and Robert Smith whose birthday was Nov. S. Those present were: Mr. and Mra. Vemon Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Cioid MeekinL Mr. and Mrs Vernon Bads and Jimmy and Keith Meaklns of MorrUon. Gene Smith of levanna, Janet Jenke-af Wisconsin, William Ewers and Joyce and Tommy. Mrs. Edna Maxwell and Bessie Banna, all of MUiedgeviUe. Residence Changes Mr. end Mra. Joseph Cobb moved Thursday from Malvern to Sterling. Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Conner and mmily, who have resided in the da. Mrs. L. P. Van Onner received Kuebler home in Malvern. have moved in the house vacated by the Cobhs, The Kuebler house was sold recently to Chris Ride. Mr. Kick intends to improve the property before moving. Mrs. Conner will continue as correspondent for The Gaulle. Her telephone number has been changed to Morrison 3§1J-R. Malvern Briefs Elmer Ward, who is in the medical department at Camp Grant, Rock- Christian Endeavor society was entertained at a Hallow* cu party Bretiuva Saturday evening at Van Orto. ["frwrt. sp^nt th«* weekend in the Ja 1 !w&rd home. On S'indftT Mr. am (tuest.s for dinner in honor r>f Ki mT: Mt.v; Mary Ward. War?' Orvil'/f Rurrp. *rd Mr. Mr.- Ed Jrihnson '»f Mnrri. c -c>n. Mr. nrirl Mr.' F-nrl McDeRrmon the homes of Mr. nr.ri Mrs Wflfren MI I>arinoii RIK! fair..;-, n«-«r T-vn flr>n and Mr. and M." Harry Mr and Mr^ W f!-.:ldren of Morris afternnoii callers in nrri Mr.',. ErneM C«-« •a ho is stationed at Camp Ciller M:i h.. is home on a four-day fur lorieh. Sii.'idfly evenine f al!er5 in th Cairns home were Mr and Mr; O.M ar Pet^r>on and Kdith Rev. and Mis. lfRr>\ Walters an> M>II. Klinor Mar Garwick. Iren FunderbcrR and Tommv l.tiriwig mo tored in Polo Sundav and visitei Mrs. Trump. They al-o motored t Dixon and visited David E Martir Warren Peoples of Yorkville .^pen Thnr.Mlay and Friday in the hom of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. charle Peoples. Mr. and Mrs. William Grater wer Sunday dinner fcuestR at the hom of their daughter and family Dr and Mrs. E. P. Wish of Clinton, la Mrs. John Kophammer accompa nied MLss Edith Kophammer. Mrs Ernest Cn.wns and daushter Aud iry and Miss Bertha Stahnke o Sterling to Chica«o Friday evening They stayed in the home of Mr. ant Mrs! Fred Mau*c. They returned home Sunday evening. During he mother's absence ML« Vangie l*a Kophammtr stayed in the. Jay Wird home. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Glazier ant Rcva. George Hadfleld and Mr. ant Mrs. Kenneth Jeiiwn and Judith spent Thursday in the Ralph Conner home Thursday helping them move. George Kick was a Sunday guest in the Alfred Pa«-hal home. Kenneth Anderson spent Bundaj in the home of his parent*, Mr. Mrs. Louis Anderson, Misses Irma and Bernlece KSlroy of Monroe, Wis.. Frank Mack of Freeport and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Paschal were Sunday supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ear Kilroy. Irma remained until Tuesday nightjwhen she left to take her state board examination as a nurse Due to the rainy weather the spirits and ghosts failed to do any damage here Hallowe'en night. 1M Mrs. Bernice Keil ond Alfred Hortmon Wed Announcement is made of UM marriage of Mrs. Bernice Keil and Alfred Hartman of Morrison, Fri day, Oct. 31, at the Old Stone church at Rockton. The service « read by the Rev. Claude E. Warren Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Spealman of Chadwlck attended the couple. The home will be made in Morrison for the present when. Mr. Hartman is engaged in farming. Thanksgiving Date Set for November 20 The Chadwick village board met in regular session Monday evening and current bills for the month were allowed. Mayor William Fink designated Thursday, Nov. 20, as Thanksgiving day, __Hos.tgss_fo Aid Mrs. William Schuchard was hostess Wednesday afternoon to the members of the Ladies' Aid and Missionary societies of St. Paul's Lutheran church, at Her home couth of Chadwick. Mrs. Erall Hartman was the program leader. Among the Sick Mrs. Fred Barnhart. who has been recuperating in the home of Mrs. Nora Dieterle in Sterling, since she was d'ismlssecTTrbm the Sterling ic hospital, has returned to her home south of Chadwick. Chadwick Briefs j •.•» - - i. Weekend guests in the home- of tfr. and Mrs. Fred Olson were Mrs. Beulah Olson and daughter Barbara and Kent Olson of Rockford and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carlson, sons. Thonen and Eric, and daughter Betty, and Ward Olson of Chicago. Sunday sts were Mr. and Mrs. Pete Matsen and Ted Olson of Clinton, Iowa, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carlson and daughters, Joan and Alice of ilorrison Mr. and Mrs. William Sack re- urned to their home in Waterloo. Iowa, Tuesday following a weekend kit with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. George Pfundstein and daughters of Sterling were supper guests Sunday evening in the Albert Queckboemer home. Guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Spealman were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilson and Mrs. W. G. Wild of Lanark. Mrs. Annette Clement went to Winona. Minn., Sunday to spend a we«k with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. George Biggins. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plumley and son Robert of Fulton spent Sunday afternoon in the Jesse Schreiner home. Mrs. Elizabeth Hohnadie had as r gue$u Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Vtrnon Hohn&dle and daughter Beverly of Gratiot. Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Wpiam Imel and so* Veraon have returned trow Chicago where they had spent the weekend in the Alfred Glaw home. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Spencer and iaugbter Cheryl of Tampico spent Sunday evening with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Costko of CtinUm. Iowa, were guests of Mr. and Mr* M F. VenBuer Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Herbert FtHHMI tl Agriculture Students From Twenty Schools in M(HedgeV!He Nov. 15 Students of the agriculture depart rnents in 20 northw-estfrn lllinol high school"; »ill he in Milledgevill Satumay. No\emh*r 15. to pnrtici pate in tlie annual sectional grai and poultry show, which will be he! in the hiRh whool. Premium amounting to i300 arc to l>e award ed by the .Mate to be distributed t the agriculture students who hav raL<^>d Rrnln and poultry as part o their supervised farm practice pro gram The event will be public. Judging of the exhibits will begl at 9 a. m. and exhibits will be re leased about mid-Afternoon. Ralp Schilling. Milledgeville agricnlture Instructor, is in charge of the show Some very fine exhibits of grain an poiiltn- raised by the boys of th agriculture classes will be on ex hiblt. This Is the first time in man years that such an exhibit has been held in Mllledgevllle. Woman's Cfub Sponsors Benefit Card Party A benefit bridge and pinochle par ty sponsored by the finance com mittee of the MilMgevlll- Woman' ciub was held In the horre of Mr and Mrs. A. H. Wagner on Mondaj evening. In pinochle Mrs. Wesley Sarber received hi&h score prize ant Mrs, Dart Fopel low score prize. In bridge. Mrs. Ralph Fahmey received high score. Mrs. Arden Dee Is honor prize and Mrs. R. B. Polhlll lo score. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Wagner. Mrs. R. F. Puterbaugh Mrs. T. N. Weetherwax and Mrs Harry Pilgrim, the committee charge. A. G. S. Masquerade at School Forty The girls of the A. G. 8. of the M. C. H. S. enjoyed a masked Hal- lowe'en party to the high achoo Dmtnasium on Monday evening Evelyn Gnagey and Janet Hawkina received first prise; Mary Lee New- Ion, Ethel Blythe and Wllma Jean Newton, second prise, and LaRue New Arrival Announcements have been received by MUledgeviUe friends of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Fulfs of Dixon on Monday. October J7. Mrs. Fulfs will be remembered here as Miss Mary Small, former high school teacher. At Keesler Field Ehrood Diehl of Milledgeville, who enlisted recently in the air corps, is now stationed at Keesler field. Miss according to word received by his mother Mrs. Wilbur Chandler. Milledgeville Briefs Miss Jennie Peterson of Cleveland. Ohio, is a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. BernheiseL Howard Flog of Rock Island spent Sunday in the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. George Plog. Pvt. John Magilr of Camp Forrest. Venn., is spending several days in the home of his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. David Glenn. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McLaughlin and daughter Mary Kay were supper guests Sunday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Chandler. Turn on Natural Gas In Polo Homes after Making Adjustments Natural gas was turned on at Polo Tuesday after kitchen stoves and ranges had been adjusted for he new fuel. Home makers said they noticed quit* a difference in the burning of the gas and various comments were made; however, it is expected that in a few days all will be accustomed to it. The natural gas was turned on at Ml. Morris Wednesday morning. Quite a force of stove adjusters was used in Pol* and in Mt. Morris, each adjuster having a quota of six stoves a day. Home of the stoves required more work than others. Entertain Class The regular business end social itiinn of the young married people's class of the Polo Evangelical lunday school was held at the SM of Mr. and Mrs. John Kline Monday evening. Refreshments were served by the hostess during the social hour. Bridge Hostess Mrs- William Fra&er ehetrtamed the members of the Ladies' Evening bridge club at her home Tuesday evening. WCTU ot Hunt Home -The tegular meeting of the Polo W. C. T. U Was held at the home and family spent Sunday in the vaxy Bpringiaan home near Morri- Ma Araaao Wolf and John Smith of Miifedgeville, Mrs. Hsrve Ptock and Ctaiies Pkck Tuesday in of Miss Jennie Hunt Tuesday af- the Mrs. William ifini; snrt Mrs the l**KM>n s !«»d in Kffi Odd Fellows' Stag Members rvf the I. o. O. F *n- jovefj H s'»8 S'jppT foiiowinz 'h'lr rPR-i!ar meetms Monday e\rn:nz. Polo Briefs Mr. ami Mr.*-- (i\iy P-itTh^'iifh «-ere ChKaRO MSI tors Monris'-' Mr and Mrs James Martin of De Kalb over the •»•>«> fc <> n rt at the home of the latter 's parents. Mr and Mrs Rov Berk Mr. and Mrs Wi',1 Wilder o! Rrxk Falls were Sundav visitors ;r. the home of the former's hrotrier-:n-!aw nnrt sister. Mr. and Mrs.. Oscar Trump. Mrs Harrv Ob-en of Mt. formerly nf Polo. s\ihmitte<i to major siirsery at the hospital in Dixon Tuesday. Mrs. Lottie Brncken pp*>nt Tuesday with Sterime friends. Mrs. Margaret Harrison \osif*d Dixon friends Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Binklev attended the national corn husking contest held in Tonica Monday. Miss Bertha Hose returned home Tuesday from an extended visit with relative* in Monte Vista. Colo. Mrs. Man f Pilson visited over the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Jennie Wilder. Those from Polo who attended a district meeting of the W. R. C. held In Prophetstown Monday were Mesdamw Aivls Buck, Oscar Trump, Fred Zivney. John Paap and Mc- Klnlcy Anderson. Report on Caravan To Legicm Auxilfory; Joint Picnic Supper Jt w».« vo»f»d to .«fnd on? rfoHsr to th* district hospital chairman at n rn p <"':nR of thf Prophetstown unit of thf American l^Rion auxiliary Monrlav f\Ti\nff. Thf monry will hf> u.wfl for treats for hospltalired womrn in th» Hm« hrwpitR! Rotwrt Ackeberg and Richard Sommrrs gave a rfport of the Boys. State st Spr;njtfiP)d. Mrs. Arthur HWrUCTSTOWl WOHaai Berean Luncheon ot Home of Mrs. F. E. Breed Precedes Program A I o'clock picnic luncheon preceded' the meeting of the Berean class Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. F. E. Breed of Prophetstown. Mrs. Dora Curry. Mrs. H. H. Walte and Mrs. 8. B. Bayles were the assistant hostesses. There were 29 members and three guests present, Mrs. Caroline Urban, Mrs. George Urban and Mrs. John Urban of Hooppole•" anoT^Mrs MaW~Wood- worth, Mrs. Louis Groharing. Mm. V. R. Olmstead and Mrs. Ralph Dronenberg. Mrs. U*u? ttwiey and-Mis. D. a. Digby, who observed their birthdays, were presented gifts. It was reported 40 glasses of jelly were sent to the Agaard rest home. The following program was given in charge of Mrs. Leonard Ott: Readings. "Pilgrims' Thanksgiving." Mrs. H. H. Walter "One Way Traffic," Mrs. Clate Seeley; "Be Thankful.*' Mrs. A. E. Bimester; "Be Careful." Mrs. L. K, Groharing; 'Thanksgiving." Mrs. Grace Cleaveland; vocal solo. "Within the Palace of the King." Mrs. Mary Olmstead. A quls pertaining to the landing of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving were conducted by Mrs. Leonard Ott. Railroad Considers Discontinuing Train Service on C. B. & Q. Discussion was held at a meeting of the Prophetstown Booster club Tuesday evening in regard to the C. B. & Q. railroad discontinuing the operation of the passenger train from~ClimoHrra'.rto "Aurora, which passes through Prophetstown twice ially. The train goes east through this city in the morning to Aurora, where connections are made for Chicago, and return west through Prophetstown about 8 o'clock in the rvening. Officials of the railroad nave beert here recently and have Informed business firms that they were considering discontinuing the tram. Mayor Kenneth Miller was in- struciad to-flnd out-when a^ hearing will be held before the Illinois commerce commission and Prophets town will send a committee to the hearing to oppose the matter. Besides mail delivered here twice daily, all express and the greater share of parcel post is received and »nd Mr.^. Elmer Johnson Rave a report of the department caravan at Freeport recently. At that conference Mrs. Walter Summers. president of the local unit. was named chairman of the district finance committee, which a!.v> includes Mrs Margery Ouesl of Rochelle nnd Mrs. Eva Meads of Apple River. A membership drive wa* dUr wised at the meetinR of the American Legion post. A picnic supper pre- cpdmR the joint meeting* was served by Mrs Kate Burdsall, Mrs. Patience Eai*ry and Mrs. Cora* Un- derhlll. Requests Council to Raise Catch Basin; Trees to Be Removed Mr*. Ada Pritchard appeared at the meeting of the Prophetstown city council Monday evening and «,skPd that the catch basin in the alley, near her residence, be raided so that wat«r will be carried away properly after heavy rains, instead of clogging and running over on her property. Lenlie Johnson, street superintendent. was Instructed to take care of the matter. Ralph McGrady asked permission to remove 10 or 12 boxelder tree* from the parkway adjoining hi* rtw- idence property. Mr. McGrady agreed to pay for half the cost of removing the old trees .if the city would pay the other half. He also offered to purchase new trees to replace the old ones. Half of the trees will be removed this year and the reel next year. The council agreed to the proposition and Mr. McGrady was instructed to get an estimate of the cost of removing the old trees. Attendance Report At Centerville School For Past Two Months — Pupils perfect in attendance for two months at the Centerville achool. a few days in th* William Colville home. Mr. find Mrs. Simon Bush »nd rhiidrrn. ','frraln ar.d £!•*. **nff 8>rn- day dinner (rue«fs of Mr. and Mra, Joe Hiilrenftft in Aibnny. Mr. and Mr?. Adolph Von TrmpV'- hoff of P'x-k FnlS 1 ! and Mrs. Robert F>(tt<en °f Ro<-kford spent Motxlay at thr home of Mrs Ft«nris Bealer. Mrs. Fl'B HnJaerura of Garden Plain spent Friday and was an over- nieht Ru'r-t n! the home of Mr. anri Mrs fiimon Bush Mrs. Charles stlchfer spent Monday and Tiieoflny at the home of Mr and Mrs. Jas. Burnett in Ster- llnsr. LANARK NEWS ort«T. Oanw Phmw White 49 dispatched by this train. Home from West Coast Trip of Four Weeks Mr. and Mrs, W»H*r Forward returned to Prophetetown Tuesday ram a four weeks' visit in Call- ornla. They accompanied Mrs. Forward's brother and sister-in-law, Dr. and Mrt. H. A. Terry, to their home in Coronado, Calif., by automobile. Mr. andMrs. Terry had visiting relatives here and in Tampico. Mr. and Mrs. Forward re* urned home by train, and stopped t Denver. Colo., a few days for a isit with their daughter-in-law, ire. Bhvood Forward and eon. Wayne, who are i Colorado for the fit of Wayne's health. Hallowe'en Party Lois Lawrence and Berime Anderson of Prophetstown entertained t a Hallowe'en party recently at the Let-Tenet home. Games were en- oyed, after which refreshments ere served. Those •present were Lois awreoce. Betty Hand, Ruth Zarr, Darlene Anderson, Kathleen Math- ws. Melvin Church, Lowell Egert, Kenneth Warner, Glenn achutt, jr., and diner Dettman. Ha* State Position Dr. M. A. HoUingsworthf veterinarian, wbo bee been located in phetxUnwn uac* ing. has recelv- au «p|MaouBi«nt to e state position, and ha* doted his office bete. of—FtppheUtuwu—err: Marilyn Packer. Barbara Ann Packer, Neva Jean Newlon. Betty Lou Koehler. Shirley Ann Koehler. Oer- aldine Koehler, Phyllis Egert, Mary Cheryl Swanson and Ray Gents. Those with the three highest grades In the bi-rnonthly examinations were Geraldine Koehler. 96; Ray Gentx, W; Phyllis Egert. M. The officers of the school club are: President. Phyllis Bgert; secretary, Mary Cheryl Swanson; librarian, Ray GenU. in the citizenship contest the Hornets won over the Wy- andotts by three points. Miss Ruth Fassett is the teacher. Prophetstown Boy Scouts to Collect Woste Materials The Prophetstown Boy Bcout troop will gather waste paper end old magaslRes, it was decided at a meeting of the troop Monday evening. The proceed* from the sale of old papers and megasines will go intathe-localtroop^ treasury, The drive will be conducted Saturday, when the scouts will make a house to house canvass and the paper will be deposited in the city hall. Anyone having old papers or fnaga- xlQea is asked to place them on porches of their homes so the boys can pick them up. The rest of the evening was spent practicing for the Whiteside county Boy Scout rally to be held in Prophetstown Nov. M. New'Arrivof Bora, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Olinger. Tuesday, at then- home east of Frophetstown. Prophetstown Briefs Mrs. Vera Spencer returned to Peoria Wednesday, after visiting since Monday with her another, Mrs. Ketie Mathis. Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Frary returned Tuesday from Rochester, Minn., wtMMg* Mr. Frary submit** to a goib-e operation four weeks ago. Mrs. Louis Dean left Tuesday for a visit of two weeks with relatives to Belvidere. Marengo, Bgin end Woodstock. Funeral Rites Tuesday For Anna Minerva Weed From Home of Sister Funeral services for the lat« Anna Minerva Weed were held at the home of her *i«tw. Miss Elizabeth Spr^cher, Tuesday at a p. m., with R*v. T. D. Hersch, D.D., officiating. The floral tributes were in charge of Mrs. John Peters, Mr*. J. R. Snively and Mr*. David Courts. Miss Dorothy Weed of Rockford was «olo- int. Casket bearers were George Hammond, Homer Hammond, David Courts, .Clarence Champion, Russell Rarin and L. I. Wlerson. Burial was In th« Lanark cemetery. Anna Minerva Weed was born Sept. 1, 1871, at Rocky Springs. Chambersberg. Pa. She waa a graduate of the Lanark high school and was married to Charles L. Weed, March 25, 1903. at PlalnsfieM, m. She was a member of the Trinity Lutheran church and a member of the choir for many years. Also taught Sunday echool classes. She was a charter member of 'the Shlloh Woman's Relief corps and served as president, also secretary and treasurer, for many years and at the time of her death served ee senior vloe president. Mrs. Weed first conceived th* idea of placing a town clock, which, now stands in front of the First National bank, and with the aid of Mrs. Ernest Heath helped promote the comfort station. • in death by one brother William, and is survived by one sister Elizabeth of Lanark, and .two brothers, A. L. Sprecliei of Maetm. Mis*, mr H. Sprecher of Lanark; seven nieces, five nephews, two grand nieces and a host of friendk. Funerol ot Lanark For Mrs. Cora M. Zuck Wednesday Afternoon Funeral services for Mrs. Cora M. Zuck. M, were held from the Frank funeral home at Lanark Wednesday afternoon, with Rev. I. D.'Leatherman officiating. Mrs. Esther Good and Mrs. Leo Lot* sang "Beyond the Sunset" and "Near to the Heart of God." Flowers were cared for by -Mrs;rG.Hr Gibson and Mrs. Newcomer. Pallbearers were Jot Peiaen, Homer Zuck, H. B. Puterbaugh, Charles Moll of MDledgevIDe and Harold Lenheart and Guy Put- terbeugh of Polo. Cora Zuck was born June 17. IgTi. the oldest of three children of Thomas and Mary Arnold and spent her entire life near Lanark. O» February 10, 18M. she was married to Bert Zuck snd atsjtt»d houBekggp- ing on the old Arnold homestead, now owned by Fred auentzler. Her husband passed away in April, Ittg. having been ill for 15 yean. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Marian Creel of Cherokee. la, and Mrs. Albertine Heckman of Lanark; also one sister, Mrs. BUe> Monigold. Discusses County Nurse for Carroll A meeting of the Lanark P. T. A. was held Monday evening, in the high school _iMfmbly^_^Mjs_ Barskey of Freeport. district nurse, talked in behalf of a county num for Carroll county. E. Collins, music director, gave a clarinet eoSo. accompanied by Mrs. Ruth Sister. The topic, "Enrichment of Child Life Through Better Citisenship." was presented by Dwain Wilson, principal of the Community high school at Savanna. This program was sponsored by the Charles r. Crouse poet of the American Legion. Guests in Fenton Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Van Oosten of Fenton entertained the following et Sunday dinner: Mr. and Mrs. George Kiseen of Ustkk end Mr. end Mrs. Fred Van Zulden and children. Genevievc, Man, Raymond and Marjorie. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Jake Dykstra and daughter Barbara of Albany, Mr. and Mrs. Jake 8t*t*nberg end daughter Mary of Garden Plain. Mr. and lit» Hbavto Van Muiaen end children. Ruth. Arnold and Robert, of jKorriion, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Van Oosten and children. Harold and Arlene. Mrs. Van Oosten, who was bedfast a week, is able to be up again. " Fenton Briefs MM, Carl Oison ead deughUr Davit Sue of Park Ride* left for tiwir bone Tueeoay night, after Putterbough Rites Thursday Afternoon Funeral services for JSyJvia p. Put- terbeugh will be held from the hone Thursday at 2 p.. m, with Rev. B, p. Burn worth officiating. Burial will be in the Lena cemetejj. -'" ,- . _n.- Lonork Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kimmel en. tertained the following relatives *i e duck dinner Monday evening* Chark* Harris of Chadwick. Mr. and Mrs Lee Dyson end children. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Asplnwall and Mrs. George Dyson. : Mrs. Howard Nelson of Rock Fails is ill hi the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs, Wesley Miller. Mrs. George Buckwalter ; is ill ia her home and under the care of a physician. . PURK4NUCD *t — GILTS — «• Priced ReaaoneM* for Quick Sale. •ANDftOCK * BOTH T«L 4iBl rreehrlrtiira. IM.

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