The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 17, 1914 · Page 13
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1914
Page 13
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Friday Evening, July 17, W14. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Thirteen New Warehouse At Sufiern--Hunt Mill Brick and Steel Structure to Cost $10,000--Four Stories High--New Plant Practically Completed. IPork has Just 6een begun on a new four-story brick warehouse, an addition to the Sufle --Hunt mill on the WabMb between Church and Union Btrests. The warehouse is to be^erect- ·d Just west-of the elevator. It will colt in the neighborhood of $10,000. WITHOUT POSTS. The new warehouse will ee sixty- five, feet long and thirty feet wide and will be entirely of brick and ateel construction. It will be used for tne storage of corn and other grains. The v.-arehouse -will be fitted with steel I- leams and there will be no posts In It, thus ottering more room for storage. IS TORN DOWN. The old wood structure which stood Hopes to Make Illinois , Chief Battleground. Chicago, July IV.--Colonel Theodore Roosevelt Is expected to go looking for another doctor pretty soon. He sent :word " yesterday that he especially wanted to get into the Illinois battle this year and make It the big fight ot the country In behalf of Raymond Rob- In* for United States senator if his doctor would permit It. Colonel Roosevelt, ir. a letter to Me- aill McCormick, new chairman of the Illinois state committee, among other things said: "Robins is the one man whom I most .·wish to speak for in this fight." CHIEF BATTLEGROUND HERE. In any event. Illinois is to be the spectacular battle ground of the country in the fight to be waged this fall by the Progressives. Mr. McCormick will go to Oyster Bay a little later to discuss the colonel's itinerary over Illinois. They already have put piss in the map at Danville and Champaign, where reside "Uncle on the site of the warehouse has been torn down. Manager Haroert H. Corman of tho SuHsrn-Hunt mill says na will be glad to give the wood for ktnd- iins to any poor families that may want to cart it away. The Millikin Construction company of Indianapolis is putting up the new warehouse. COST $200,000. Work will be started in the new Suffern-Hunt mill within the next thirty days, says Manager Gorman. The finishing touches are now beins put on the plant and the machinery Is being connected up. The entire plant will represent an outlay ot close to 5200,000. The mill burned last Thanksgiving day, about seven monins ago. * Joe" Cannon and former Congressman William B. McKinley. BEVERIDGE'S ITINERARY. In preparation for the fig f'Bht a11 alone the line in this state, Albert J. Beveridge of Indiana will make a three day campaign over Illinois nuxt week. He will speak Tuesday noon at Champaign and at night at Danville. On Wednesday he will speak at Buffalo, Montlcello, Harrlstown and Decatur. Thursday will embrace Clinton, Bloomington. Morton and Galesburg. SWINDLERS'GET EIGHT YEARS IN PEN Chicago. July 17.--Abraham H. Freeman of Chicago, and Frederick L. Wendler of St. Louis, convicted with ! seven others of using the mails to de] fraud in the- operation of the Barr Widen Mercantile agency, were each sentenced to eight years' imprisonment and fined 539,000 by Judge LandtB In the United States district court. OTHER PENALTIES. The other defendants and the penalties imposed, were: Charles F. Day, Chicago, a contract | man, four years' Imprisonment and a j line of So.000. | James T. Miftehart. Chicago, a form- j er minister, contract man, four years imprisonment and a fine of $5.000. Joseph T. Stevens. Kansas City, son of Barney Stevens, a retired real estate capitalist; Joseph B. PinMeman, Kansas City, and Robert B. Fender, all contract men. were each fined $2,500 and sentenced to three years imprisonment. William W. Fellers of Kansas City end J. H. Worman of St. Louis were each sentenced to nine montns In the house of correction. IS IT CRIME TO TELL LIE? Minehart was the only defendant who desired to make a. statement before sentence was pronounced. "If it is a crime in this country to tell a lie to get business, then I am guilty," he said. "But if it is not. I am innocent. I am happy in the fact that I have no guilt on my conscience." The government charged tnat more than 51,000,000 was obtained by fraud during the operation of the Barr Widen agency. The alleged scheme was to convince creditors of bankrupts that their accounts would be collected by the agency from "concealed assets" of the bankrupts. Chicago. July 17--An Injunction restraining the Chicago Butter and Egg board from publishing prices on butter and «SgB and other products was Issued today by Federal Judge Landls. In a suit filed some months ago, the government charged that the butter and egg board was artificially fixing prices of commodities In which It dealt. Local Notices. these Notice! Art Paid Advertising, Brownsville, Tex., July 17--San Luis Potosl has been surrendered to the constitutionalists, according to unofficial dispatches received In Matamoros, apposite Brownsville today. The messages which w%re sent from Monterey, gave no details, SPECIAL FOR 30 DAYS Have you tried without success to get a plate to stay in position? These plates cannot drop out, but stick tight to place. Can bite anything-with them. f=OE SO DAYS AT HALF PRICE Our Prices Gold Crowns, extra heavy · .-^.$4.00 Plates -.:.: $5.00 and up Painless Extraction ?K 25c DENTISTS Phone 616. Cor. Main and Water. A Modern Declaration of independence When you can fed that you owe no one you can not pay you certainly feel independent. If you get the money from us to pay bills that are crowding you. your payments are arranged in small amounts due at certain intervals and you know you are not expected to pay any more. However, you have the privilege of paying more and obtaining discount on unexpired time on loan. We loan on pianos. furniture, live stock, etc.. without publicity, and security remains in your possession. Write phone or call. If you owe on yonr furniture or have a loan that is not satisfactory, see us, we will help you take it up. and strange payments that will not be a burden to you. Rooms 7-8 Conhlin Bldg.. 144 N. Main St. Open Saturday Evening*. Bell Phone 2041. ' Auto 1595. Loans made in all surrounding towns. It costs you nothing to learn our rates and terms. We are always g l a d t o explain whether you borrow or not. EOMRAN* "Twist the Coin" Tho beat poli*hes in the handieafc bos. BIack,Tan nod White THE F.F.DALLEYCO. LTD. Buffalo. N.Y. H«nUton,Oiit. STEAMER INCEMORE CAUSED COLLISION London. July 17.--The British admiralty court today found the British steamer Incemore responsible for the collision on June 17, with the Xorth German Lloyd steamship Kaiser Tx'il- helm II lust after the liner had left Southampton for Cherbourg and New York. Sir Bargrave Deane, the judge in giving riis decision, said he found the In- cemore had made a mistake honestly In giving a signal that she had stopped when as a matter of fact she had not dona so. This he said, had misled those on board the Kaiser Wilhelm II and had caused a collision in a, thick fog which resulted In considerable damage to the German vessel. --Hard Time Skat* at Dreamland Park Monday night, July 22. Admission to rink, 10o everybody. Skates 15c $2.50 Chicago and return via Wabash. Good leaving Decatur July ig, i:is a . m., ajid 11:25 a. nv. and 1:15 a. m., July :n. Good returning to July 19. p 0 r particulars, ees Wabaih ticket agent. $2.00 round trip to Quincy V | a Wabash eteamboat excursion, July 19. Rail to Hannibal, steamer to Quincy. Get particulars from Wabash ticket agent. ROOF GARDE* Tonight. Big Double Show. "THE HILLS OP SILENCE." "Western Drama, in 3 parts. "LUCILLE LOVE." in 2 parts. CRYSTAL THEATER. THE MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY. Episode Jfo. 2. "A False Friend." The best 100 word eolution gets A PRIZE OF »10,000. BIJOlffODAY MARY PICKFORD "TESS OF THE STORM , COUNTRY" JIary Pickford. the celebrated film favorite, attains in "Tess of the Storm Country" a greater dramatic triumph than any that has yet distinguished her phenomenal career. "Tess ot the Storm Country." the story of a woman's heroism and her unconquerable faith, written by a woman who knows her sex, Is a subject of Inexhaustible fascination. The theme Is full of uplift, and the dramatic situations often force a tear of which one need not be ashamed. KOTICE. To my customers. That my o f f i c e will be closed until Aug. 1. That I have gone to New York to visit model houses and other places for Ladles' Tailoring. A. Rosen, Empress Bldg. NICKEL BIJOU TODAY "THE GREAT t'SIVERSAL MYSTERY." All the stars of the entire Universal forces are seen in this one picture. The most stupendous aggregation of moving picture celebrities ever assembled in any production. A colossal carnival of comedy. Seen here today only. --For two days,-Frlday and Saturday, The Gebhart Co., will sell 600 ladies' house and street dresses, in all colors and sizes, of the latest styles and f i n e 'materials, tastefully trimmed, sold .at $1.50 and up. Get at this great hargtln Sarly and get«your choice, Friday and Saturday choice 76c.--Adv. People You Know Mrs. Laura J. Schwab, the nurse, 1740 East Prairie street, has been called to | Danville by the serious illness of her sister. SPELLING LESSON IS SILLY THING Manhattan, Kan., July 11.--"A spell- ins lesson Is the silliest thing I ever heard of," Dr. Henry Suzzallo, of Columbia university said in an address before the state conference ot county superintendents here today. "Tha average spelling book contains more than three times the number of words used by the average man or woman," he continued. He urged teaching the pupil to spell the words he actually finds he needs to spell Instead of giving formal lessons. D. TV. Kooken, who u n d e r w e n t a serious operation at St. Mary*s hospital Tuesday, IB recovering rapidly. Ur. and Mrs. Henry Kamrn and daughter of Jacksonville pent the week a guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. "ft". Miller. 1332 North Water street. They r e t u r n e d to Jacksonville Friday. Harry Lonkofski and John Charnitz- ki left this morning for an eastern trip. They will go first to Niagara, Falls. Buffalo and then to Xew York City, where they will visit Mr. Donkofski's sister. Their stoy will be two weeks. Mrs. J. F. Adolph and children, 426 j Xorth Illinois street, left Wednesday noon on an extended trip to Colorado to visit friends. MRS. M'KINNEY DEAD AT AGE OF 85 Clinton Woman Bedridden for Laat Ten * Years. Clinton, July 17.--Mrs. Mary Jane McKinney died at 12:15 Thursday afternoon in her home, 511 West Washington street, from the result of paralysis and old age, she being eighty- five years of age at her duath. Although she had been bed-ridden for the past ten years of her lifo. the last illness had been of two weeks' duration. Mary Jane Smith wa« born in Gurnsey county, O., June 6, 1829. She was married to John McKinney In September, 1849. In the spring of l!6i they removed to Illinois and settled in McLean county, where they remained until 1873, when the family removed to Barnett township In DeWitt coun- -ty. Following the death of her husband in 18S7, she removed to Clinton in 1893. To the union were born seven children, but one son and one daughter are dead. Funeral services will be at therfhome, 511 West Washington street, Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock and burial In Woodlawn cemetery. RAIN CUTS EXPENSES. The rain of last night and yesterday | afternoon came as a great relief to the j Illinois Central and will cut down the j expenses somewhat by the elimination of the close fire watchers. Wheat and oats fields along the tracks liave been especially In dangerous territory, but the rain will lessen the opportunity for fires for a few days. LAST DAT FOR DANIEL LEO. Daniel Lao yesterday served his last day as supervisor of the Cnampalgn and Havana lines o£ the Illinois Central and is succeeded by Martin Doyle, a section foreman of Monticello, who arrived In the city yesterday and will ] begin his new duties this morning. M A R K E T S CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE QUOTATIONS (Furnished by Ware Inland.) Chicago, of prices w WHEAT- July fiep. ...... Dec CORN-July. old.. July, new. Sep., old.. Sep , new. Dec OATS-July Sep. Dec ' PORK-July Eep LARP-- J u l y bss-- ' July Sep. July IT.--Following IB ith yesterday's close: Open. High. Low. the iSSSTlSST'S?* "ii *!?»' ·?* 78-iS 79S TS« 81 Vj S2% SI',!, 6sy,m .... csji «sy 70V.f^ G3'4 70»-j 00^ 66'^w . . . . IWK, f»6'4 60% @ 06% 07 iji fkttii 5G-V 0 @ 566 56'o 5:'£ 3-14® . . . . 871, 36«i 8fl« 37 33«a 35 SS't 34»i 85% 4Ji5% 30V5® 3o% 36S SSi5 SOW *?6S4 82% 6SH 7014 06$ 67(, oo4s 7S?1 Sl« 69 70« OMt, SrtS 50 Vj 2275 $ 2I«@ 1027 10JO 1217S 3200| 1225 1217 1210 1200 1225 1203 3025 103T 1207 319T Market Gossip. (Furnished by Conley. Qulgley A Co. PRIMARY MOVESIENTS. Receipts-Wheat Corn Oats Shipments-Wheat Corn Oats Today. Yr. Ago 2.070.000 1,377,000 . . 400.OOO 535.000 . , 203.000 585,000 1,527.000 417,000 503,000 331.000 818.000 5S4.000 CHICAGO CARS. Tr. Rets. Shots. Estd. Ago. Wheat 578 435 5SO 2SS Corn 307 35 30T S4 Oats 32S 20 125 138 ESTIMATED CAKS. Chicago, July 17--Estimated cars. "Wheat. 741; corn, 163; oate. IfiS. New York Sugar. Vew "Fork. July 17.--Market tor raw suear Et«ady. Molasses, $2 61; centrifugal, $3 26 Market tor refined sugar steady. New York Money. New York. July 17.--Close: M e r c a n t i l e paper 4^i^ r f. Sterling exchange heavy: GO day bills. SI S5; d e m a n d , S4.SQ 95 ·Commercial bills. $4.84Vj@4 S4S-ic. Bar silver, 54%c. Mexican dollars, 42VJc. Government bonds steady; railroad b o n d ? hcaw C a l l money f i r m , S H ^ S H C e . r u l i n g rate, C"-i'"i; clos'ng, 2 J i'52 1 4%. Time loans e a s i e r ; CO days. 2U;g2%-£; 9$ days, 2^(S39^, elx months. 4%. . £ LIVE STOCK. BUILDING OWNERS CHOOSE ATLANTA Duluth. Minn., July 17,--Atlanta, Ga., was chosen over St. Louis and Omaha today by the National Association of Building Owners and Managers as the city for the- "1915 convention, the vote standing, Atlanta, 49. -St 1/ouiB, 26; Omaha, 15. The following officers were elected: President--J. E. Randall. Chicago. Vice-president--C. E. Doty, Cleveland. Secretary--C. A. Patterson, Chicago. R. I. HUNT AT IMPORTANT MEET Laurence B. Stringer Launches Bin Campaign at Chicago. Robert I. Hunt of Decatur presided at an important session ot the Lawrence B. Stringer fores at the Great Northern hotel In Chicago Thurday ar- ternoon. The conference lasted five hours and it marked the real opening of Stringer's campaign for the Democratic nomination for United States j senator. Subtreasurer Irvine Ehuman | v/as one of the men present at the con- j ference. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and son, William, i and E. P. Irving l e f t Wednesday a:- ] ternoon in }Ir. Hunt's new Pierce-Ar- ' row automobile for Chicago. They expect to return tonight. St Louis Live Stock. Sr. Louis. Jury 17.--HOGS -- Receipts 3.SOO head; market 10 to 15 cents higher Pies and lights. {8.00(39 32Vi; mixed and butchers, S9.10ffi9.324; good heavy, S9.2060.30 CATTLE -- R e c e i p t s 750 h e a d ; market steady. Native beef steers, $7.50(3985; cows and heifers. S500g9.30; stockers and feeders. S5,W)@7.50; Texas and Indian etcera, $3 75 (S.25; cowa and heifers, $450(665: native calves. S0.00@ll.00. SHEEP -- Receipts 2,200 head: market steady. Native muttons. $4.75@5.00; lambs, General Rains Depress Corn Market. Chicago, July 17.--Sudden changes to cooler, windy weather northwest promising to retard the development of buck rust acted as more than an offset in wheat today for the bullish effect of hlsher cables. BeHidee. country acceptances were heavy on overnight bids from here. The opening, which ranged from ',4(8 Ho lower to 94® We up, was followed by an »11 around decline. Advices that contrary to hopes the black rust was developing fast In North 0akot brought about «. aubae- quent advance. Minnesota reporto were also pessimistic. The closi- was firm at H @ U e to %S?ic above last night. General rains had a bearish I n f l u - ence on corn. It was slid the crop was almost made, and t h a t the prospect was for an immense yield After opening a. shade to %e off. the market "underwent a f u r t h e r setback A rally ensued owing to continued good cash demand. The clos^ wa* unsettled He off to «ic tip compared wi(h last night. Oats turned down grade- with corn. One of the largest houses in the trade was conspicuous on the selling Bide. Scarcity of hogs made the provision market strong. Pork, especially, tended to bulge. DECATUR MARKETS. (Quoted daily by t i e American Hominy Co Millers offer th:se prices for Grain on wagons, delivered n Decatur: Grain Price*. w wneat ...................... Corn ^v oati . , ............... . TO OUIMET MAKES EXTRA LOW SCORE Newton. Mass.. July 17.--Francis Oulmet, national open golf champion. rpaSe a remarkably low medal score in th« third round of the Massachusetts amateur golf championship at Braeburn toflay. In defeating G. H. Pushce of Braeburn he was around the course in 75, winning by a score or 5 up and 3 to play. WOULD ABOLISH PLUCKING BOARD Washington, July 17.--to abolish the "plucking board" of the navy. Rep^ resefttatlve Britton of Illinois, Introduced a bill today proposing retirement by a system of mental and physical examinations for promotion to each grade. Officers failing to pass examinations would fall of promotion, and a second failure would automatically retire them. Mrs. J. E. Smith. 965 Cleveland avenue, left recently for Kansas City, L Mo., where she will visit her sister for j about a month. I Miss Anna 51. Keas, 650 East Orchard ! street who has been seriously 111 for j the past four weeks, is recovering. SONG "AMERICA" NOT VERY STRONG Xcw Feature Will Be Repeated at the 3Vext Concert. Threatening rain did not keep many people away from T h u r s d a y night's concert by the Goodman band In Central park. The crowd was almost as I large as usual. The program was one I of the best ever given. For the first ! aime the program was opened with I "America," and the audience was asked I to sing it. Only a few responded to the 1 Invitation It was a pleasing feature j and will be repeated. Next Thursday I night's c6ncen will be at the Transfer j | hnuse, and the people are O F k e d to take | t h e i r voices along. BARN IS BURNED AT MT. ZION Bolt of Llghlning Strikes E. L. Clongh'n Structure. E L. Clough of Mt. Zlon lost a large barn during the storm Thursday. A number of farm Implements were destroyed in the f i r s that followed the bolt, A small amount of grain was In the barn. Mt. Vernoo People Here. Mr. and Mrs Xoel Claborn of Mt. Vernon stopped off here and spent from Wednesday until Thursday noon with the family of F. M. Gaskin, 1065 Xorth College street. They were en- route to Sullivan from Springfield where they had been spending a few days. They will visit relatives at Sullivan and will then return to Mt. Vernon where they will make their home, Mr, and Mrs. Claborn were only recently married. The former is an electrician and has spent about six years at the Panama canal In that calling. » Independent 'Phone Men -Meet. About twenty-five Independent telephone men held the regular monthly meeting of the Central Illinois Independent Telephone Association in the office of J. H. Culver Thursday afternoon. There were no Important business matters to come up before the organization and only routine business and informal discussions were held. CARPENTIER GETS $15,000 FOR FIGHT London, July 17.--The stakes for last nisht's match were paid over today, Carpentler receiving a check for ?15,000; while- Buckley received J10.- 000 on bdhalf oJ Smith, who was not present. Des Champs annbunced that he had prowJsed to match Carpentler against Wells, If the Frenchman proved successful In yesterday's match. Then Carpentier would be ready to meet Smith again, said Des champs. YACHT CUP RACE ~ AGAIN CALLED OFF Newport, July 17.--The race of the Americas cup yachts was called off again today because of heavy foe. And Maroa Beats Decatur Team, 14 to 2. Maroa. July 17.--The game piayid hois Thursday between tho Dccatur Grays and the Maroa Commercial club ended In a scors ot 14 to 2 In livor o! the home team. Phil Reflmon allowed Decatur only three hits, while Maroa got fourteen. ?ome ot the features were teh three base hit made by Amminn; C. Bolen'a' 'our hits out or five times at the plate; C. Miller made a. home run: ill helping: Muroa to win A game hai been scheduled for n»*t Thursrtrn. w i tn the Nlantic team on the Home grounds. FEDERAL SUIT AGAINST RAILROADS Danville. July 17.--District Attorney George A. Karch today filed a suit ir. the federal court here against the St. Louis Municipal Bridge Terminal company and the Chicago. Burlington Quincy railroad, alleging that each of the companies violated the twenty- eight hour shipping law. HERE'S A BLOW FOR ROCK ISLAND Chicago, July 17.--President Tearney today said he received assurance from Chairman Herrman of the National commission, that the territorial rule, which would bar the Central association from Bock Island was un- cnanged. The rule prohibits clubs from any leagues from putting teams in towns within five miles of cities occupied by a. team of another circuit and Davenport, a Three-I league town, la only half a mile from Rock Island. GENERAL RAINEY DIES IN IOWA HOME Marengo, la., July 17.--Brigadier General M. A. Rainey, a well known member of the I. O. O. F., died this morning after a lingering illness. He leaves a wife, three sons, and" two daughters. He was one time editor of the Harengo Republican. Kansas City Live Stock. Kansas City, July 17.--HOGS -- Receipts J,QOO h e a d ; market 10 cents higher. Bulk of sales, $S90@9.03; heavy, «9.0089.05; packers and butchers. SS.95gS.OS; light SSSO9.00, pigs. S9.OQiiJ9.25. CATTLE -- Receipts COO head; market steady. Phime fed steers. S9.-iOfgQ.S3; stocX- ers and feeders, S3.50@6.75 SHEEP -- Receipts 2.000 head; market steady. Lamfta, SS.30@9.00; £lockers an«3 feeders, $3 SO^e.r."-. Indianapolis Live Stock. U S Yards. Indianapolis, July 17 -- Hog receipts 7,000 head; market; 5 cents higher. Top. $903; bulk ot sales, 59 Cattle r e c e i p t s 1,2'-0 heafl; market for best strong, others lower. Cleveland Live Stock. U. S. Yards, Cleveland, J u l y 17--Bower Bower report hog receipts 30 cars; market higher. All grades, $9 27; 5ambs. JS.50; calves. 511-50, cattle. $7.50gSSO. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago. July 17.--Active demand from all riuarters forced hog prices today u p to the h i g h e s t level so far this year. R e r p i p t s hero proved m u c h loss numerous t h a n expect^. Cattle o f f e r i n g s were not of a t t r a c t ^ " j q u a l i t y . More t h a n half of the supply of sheep and Iambs had been consigned to packers direct. HOGS -- Receipts 32,000 head: market strong and 10 cents higher. Bulk of salss, ! SS DO'SS.05; lights. SS.75f29.15; mixed. SS-Sfl I (§9.13: heavv. SS 3(I^9.12M; rough, $8.50S ' 8.65; pigs. $7.SO3000 CATTLE -- Receipts 2.000 h e a d - market slow ar.d weak. Beeves, S7.70(SO ^0: steers. S6.40fgS.30- ttockere and feeders, S'SOfiiS.OO; cows and heifers, $3.90tg9.IO, calves, $7.50®. 11.00. SHEEP -- Receipts 10,000 head; market weak. Sheep. S5.25@R.10; yearlings. 700; Iambs. 92 50 Butter and £?£*· (Quoted daily by Mfcx Allan.) Fresh eggs 15 Butter, packing , IB Pool try. QuolnUoni to producer* b? local poultry dealers: Hens «. .12U Springs. IVi to 2 Its ... .is Cocks 07 Toms , iu ' obblcrs .13 Hen turkeys 14 Young turkeys 14 Geese , .OS- Ducks, yountf Live pigeons, per dozen Hldea and Wool. Horse hides, large Horse hide?, small Lamb pelt a , M e d i u m wool Western wool Eurry wool No. 1 hides, cured Live Stock. (Quoted dally by G. J. Danz«I*en Soni.) Local dealers ar« offering: H e a \ y BOWS 17,00' Choice young bogs. 200 to 225 Iba S." " ' 7.00i _ . . e t e e r s 7.50^ Butchers etecra fl.oOi Cows Choice heifers .. Heifers, medium Sheep Lamhs p r i n g lambs .... Calves . 3.00-^ M3..V) _ . _ _ $ 3 W S.OOQ 3.M 7.0iT . . . . GOOD WHEAT YIELDS NEAR WINDSOR Yi'mdsor G a z e t t e TV he- it t h r ^ i h l n r !· w ** ! .along and m u c h 3« beln/ hauled to mark*" The yield ranges from t w e n t y to t h i r y bushels an acre The Mgcest yield report"! Is t h a t of George Andes on the Ennlt Ian£ He t h r e s h e d 160 acres t h i s w««k end it av- ersscd r l p h l abound fh!rtv-*lx hufh*li P^' - erai fields have mad* a s high as thirty- tw% bushels SHIPPING. HAY INTO BLUE MOUND PRODUCE. Chicago Produce. eo, f i r m . Creameries. EGGS -- MarXet steady. cases. At mark (cases I ordinary f i r s t s , 17V431 17.-- BUTTER -- Market Elu* M o u n d Leader: Th« crop of hav :· t u r n i g out very abort here and as a. r««u't two car iods of aifalla h a v e bean «hlrtJ In from Oklahoma and Kaniaf, on* ctr he- I n c b i l l e d m \ Y i r j n m Fcrrln* and the o t h f r t o T::orr,af Harharper The hav **as d'.vldM a m o n p .1 tciv farmer? and sold on th* ·*s r f o r $1~ r-O per ton It 1* p r o b a b l e that th^ iii.Ik of hay for winter feeding w i l l b* ihlr 1M in from l o c a l i t i e s wher* there. h»» be«n p n t y cf rain Much stock t h a t 1* In c o n d i t i o n for th* m i f k p f Is being 1 disposed of in m i n v lftc*lin» of f n t r i l I l l i n o i s on account of th* s h o r t age o* p i s t u n g * -that are In re.iltiy h u r n o d u p bv t h * drouth. T h e s i t u a t i o n a r o u n d Blue Mound 15 as bod any anv ot thTn dy. Receipts S.82 1 I n c l u d e d ) , liiigIS%c; I f i r s t s , 17V431"?4C. firsts. IS}*® IS*!, c POTATOES-- Market lower Receipt* 23 cars. Kansas and Missouri Ohlos. 75ffl85c p*r bu : horns grown Chios. 31.25@2 50 per bag; Virginia barrels. $2.00@250. POULTRY -- Market for li^'e poultry unchanged, New York Produce. New York, July IT.-- BUTTER -- Mrfcet I · f r m . Receipts 3,000 tubs. Creamery extras, 27^.t£2g^c; firsts, 24%(S2"c, process extras, *»2d^23c CHEESE -- Market steady; unchanged Receipt a 3, Son boxes. EGGS -- Market steady. Receipts 10.000 cases. Stale Pennsylvania and nearby hen- nory whites, 2432Sc ; do, gathered white?, Windsor Carlondu for June. TVlndsoi U i z ( ; t : c -- O u t g o . ' n g Wh»»V. 4 . hay, fl. c - T t t ' p , 20 oats. :.'. broTncorn. ·" · corn. 1 Total W carload* Received Hay, 1; flour, 4. coal. 4. Ic*. 8 gravel. 2: ello. 1. Total 15 carloads Three carlods or hopt, cattle and th*«p were shipped from "Windsor Monday. Th^rf was much good M u f f In t h « l^t Toledo Seeds. Toledo. July 17.--Clover M f d Prime rajh. 3S60; December, J S S 5 . March. S002U A l e i k e Prime A u g u s t , $0 X». D*f*mb*r. S3 S3; March. S9 05 Timothy. Prim« cs?h. 1290, Sept«mb*r. 5300; October, j C Q S V j , December. $20?H . POULTRY -- Market for live poultry firm Western chickens, brollsre. 24@25^c; fowls. iSc! turkeys, ISc. Market for dressed poultry quiet. Western chicken?, frozen, 14V@20c; fowls. I2@10c; turkeys, 25328C. GRAIN. Peoria Cash Market. PaOria, July 17.--CORN -- Market unchanged. Xo 3 yellow, 70!370^c: No. 4 yellow. 70c: No 3 mixed, 70V5c; sompio. Mffl use. OATS -- Market (teady. Old Xo 2 white. 37c- new. 36c New Xo 3 white, 334c; old No.. 4 white. 35%c. Chicago Cash Market. Chicago, July 17.--WHEAT -- No. 2 red. 7B?4fflSOHc: No. 2 hard. SOU.aSlcj No. 2 northern. SSf^Olc: No 2 spring. TO .., a .,*, CORN -- No. 2 yellow, 7114g71»4c; No. 3 veUow. 69*I(S70%c ' OATS--No. 3 white, 3«33t«c; standard. 37'ifflSSo. TIMOTH--14.00*15 2S. CLOVER--std 00@13 CO. PORK--122.00 LARD--S10.J714. RIBS-- II1.S7S12.0T. Chicago, July 3 7 -- Tho fo:iovinr weather reports were gathered by the crop fonlp v.-ires: Bloomington. Ill --Partly cloudy, cood rain Clinton. 111.--Partly cloudy. 123 ram. n.oler ofleli. Ill --Partly cloudy bbshnell. Ill -- Clear, cooler, had nlco shower yesterday. Mlnenapolle.--Clear, .US Grand Island, Neb --Partly cloudy: much cooler Mitchell, S. D--Clear: 85. Des Moines, la.--Clear, fine: raln«4 y'i- Marahall town. la.--Clear. fin». Hastings, Neb.--Clear fine; no rain Kansaa City.--Heavy »aow«r during night St. Louis--Clear. .78: heavy shower. Efitherville, la.--Clear, cooler; ralntd. Mendota., 111.--Clear, pleasant. Pans. III.--Cloudy, threatening; rained yesterday. Monmouth, 111--Clear, cool: h«avr rain yesterday. Hutchlaon. K»n.--Cool, cloudy Wichita. Kan.--Partly cloudy. v«ry plaaa- ant. Lincoln, III.--Cloudy; rained tteadily nearly all afternoon yesterday Milwaukee. Wls -- Cloudy, little cool«r. Carroll. la.--Clear. «ooler; had nice «how»r yesterday. Lincoln. N«b.--Clear cool, no rain. Cedar Rapid*. la.--C!esr. fine; good rain yesterday. Omalia. Keb.-- Only iprlnkle her*, mm- clear, fine. Sious City, la.--Clear. lln«; no rain. SL Joe, Mo.--Clear, cooler; light ihower Ottomwa, la--Clear, cool: had ona Inch of rain Pittsburgh--Partly cloudy, threatening. VSPAPEJRI

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