The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 7, 1971 · Page 6
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 6

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1971
Page 6
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6A Ogden Standard-Examiner, Thursday, October 7, 1971 _ Britons Disapprove Link to Common Market By PH1LNEWSOM UP! Foreign News Analyst On Oct. 28 the British parliament is expected to approve by a comfortable majority Britain's entry into the European Common Market. It is a move disapproved by 60 per-cent of all Britons. Among those opposing it is former Prime Minister Harold Wilson, whose Labor government applied for Common Market membership in 1967. : The Labor party, just winding up its annual the] seaside resort town of Brighton, went on record against it nearly four to one. Nationwide polls show a majority of British housewives oppose it. As Britain turns its back on an imperial past and reluctantly accepts a European future, its doubts and misgivings are reflected in the fact "that the same 60 per cent opposed to Common Market entry also fully expect it come about. 4leltere Jt orJVM/ , - A' FALLEN TRUNK DEAD FOR 462. YEARS BiTAHGiED 1U THE ROOTS OF fiNOTHEK PME THE ENTWINED SECTIONS /«?= ItO THE HOBART MUSEUM, 'AUSTRALIA OrN ALWAYS KICKED ATA DOCK SOMEONE OPEHED IT FOR HIM HE INJURED HIS FOOT ONE! DW^ SET 1N- KM- -A F1ATUOW4 AS THE RESULT OF PROLONGED STARVATION CAU REDUCE 70 '/200 th OF ITS ORIGINAL SIZE And the opposition therefore,> rather than expressing an alternative to the Common Market, may be taken-more as an expression of regret for the passing of- a time when the sun never set on the British, empire and Britons stood proudly aloof from the- continent. The issue has split Britain as few others could and the division is not confined to party lines. „ Britain stands at more than the crossroads of history and i departure from tradition. Al-| I though Britons are members 'Of | an affluent society and Britain's balance of payments reflecting income and outgo are i at record highs, her economy is close to a state of crisis. The Heath government is counting upon Britain's entry into Europe to help, cure unemployment which is approaching the million mark. The; labor unions predict the opposite regarding unemployment. FOOD HIGHER A main source of British opposition to the Common Market is the prospect of higher food prices. Yet food prices already are higher and there seems little likelihood the process can be reversed. Partly due to inflation, partly i due to "world market conditions, British food costs jumped .10.4 per cent in .the eleven months between June, 1970, and May, 1971. , Further increases are expected as the government prepares for entry into the market where prices are even higher. The crux of the government argument in favor of joining the market is that only in this way can Britain hope for the increased productivity and efficiency necessary to compete against such world economic gfants as the United States and* Japan. .._. PUBLIC OPINION POLL Require Driver Training In High School, 83% Say By GEORGE GALLUP Copyright, 1971, Field Enterprises, Inc. PRINCETON, N.J-—Despite the much-publicized debate over safety standards for cars, the American people put much "Driving and riding with other 121-29 years old. .79 young drivers constitute the 3fM9 vears old..84 greatest hazard to survival which American youth must pass successfully to reach adult- proposal to limit gradua- proposa nf the blame for accidents on; tion to students who take < qt tne Diame wi <"- LJ~, OI . ^ration course I the driver. The latest nationwide survey shows 83 per cent of citizens interviewed in favor of passing tough legislation which would require high school students to take a driver education course before they graduate. "Some in the survey qualify their remarks. One person said:' "I'm all in favor of such driver education courses provided they _ 11 _„_*»««. *•+* 4/3 ante fnT* 31**- driver education course is backed overwhelmingly by persons in the youngest age groups in the survey, those who are closest in age to the fatal 15 to 25 group. , The survey results reported today are based on personal interviews with 1505 citizens, 18 and older, living in more than 300 scientifically selected locations in the. United States dur- 18 13 10 15 12 3 3 5 4 3 13 15 10 educaon courses p reallv prepare students for ac- ing the period Aug. t^l life^and-death situations -I question was asked: KKStiam how to put it 30-49 years old..84 50 and older ...85 Men 81 Women 85 College background —85 High school 82 Grade school ....84 -- , Since the mid-thirties, wnen scientific polling was introduced, American drivers, including those in their early twenties have been willing to accept drastic measures to reduce the highway death toll. SAFETY MEASURES Large majorities of the public, for example, have favored requiring every driver to take a driver course before he is iven a license, as well as pe- >_ T. • t:_^_ ± n 4-nr.f AT7O_ the car into reverse." Many high schools across tne U.SJ currently require driver education courses. Some insur-, S i wu^ "--; y-°-- --_, ance companies grant premium you think to is. a good reductions to applicants who s or a poor idea? have taken driver education RESULTS TABULATED Following are the national re- 1L iioo JJCCii >** V £*w.jw.** — high school students be required bylaw to take a driver education course before they can graduate from high school. Do ° — j.1.:—T- +-u;« 5r. o (TtinH inpa training. PROBLEM DIMENSIONS oliiM , A high percentage of Amer-j educational leans killed each year in auto accidents, according to a new government report, are young people. The report reaches this conclusion: sults and those by age, sex and National 83 1S-20 years old..80^ Poor No Idea Idea Opin. % - j^ILMH; c A ran u»k ****•• **"'•* ~— " sight, hearing and reactions. In addition, many U.S. drivers favor tougher laws on driving and drinking (excessive drinking is estimated to be involved in nearly half of all highway 6 4n Earlier Gallup survey found 84 per cent of Americans in favor of a law which would require all drivers suspected of having consumed too much alcohol to take a breath .test or a blood test to determine the amount of alcohol consurned. Despite Criticisms, Pentagon's Not Always Eager to Match Commies .... v^/vrx? rvnAi-naexrBA TT-S_ TTll , WARREN L. NELSON [doesn't think the Russians are W _ C on- necessarily all that smart when it comes to picking weapons. A case in point is the FOBS-an acronym shorthand for fractional orbital bombardment *««a or tern. It's an orbiting bomb, so WAOnii^'a-i'-'^ ^~* •*•' ,r., gressional critics of the rmlita- rV sometimes say the ?<entagon seems to want to bitf- every kind of new weapon an engineer can devise-especially if it can match something a Russian engineer has dreamed up to use against the United States. high orb it like an oroinary TThe Defense Department has ^Uite. But the FOBS can indeed pointed to Soviet missile | ]ater ^ called down onto a and aircraft developments and!+.,,,« then in effect asked Congress .. . .__* . i_ 1,** +-htti"rt (TOT FOBS ry- U.S. missil- . The U.S. answer to FOBS is over-the-horizon radar, located in the United States but capable of monitoring rocket launchings -wjj>j enters a _.. 'orbit like an ordinary half way recaptures lUell i" Clit.v.1. -".--- -- o- • "Are you going to let them get «»*n<<T TlFlf^ if away with But the cuu ^ Pentagon doesnt always want whatever the Russians have because u Eye Injury Hits Vice President SAIGON (AP) — Vice President-elect Tran Van Huong is m a U.S. Army hospital in Saigon for treatment of an eye ailment, an aide said Wednesday. The aide reported Huong, 67, entered the hospital for follow- up examination and treatment of the ailment, for which he previously had undergone surgery Huong w in the Armys 3rd Field Hospital. UNDER RADAR The FOBS can hit a target 5000 miles distant in only 10 minutes. Coming m under ordinary radar, it can cut warning time to about three minutes The ICBM, by contrast, travels in an arc as nigh as 800 miles, takes 15 minutes to reach target and can be detected earlier in flight. FOBS' sole benefit, according to former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, is the reduction in warning time it allows. Accuracy and power are the the world. It lost warning time that was FOBS' benefit. The Pentagon, under control of Republicans who rarely had a kind word about McNamara, has affirmed support for McNamara's logic on the FOBb and indicated it has no intention of developing an American version. . Handgun Selling Ended by Chain CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — Cook United, Inc., which said it has mode more than $250,000 annually on handgun sales in, its 96 discount stores nationally, announced that it will.stop sell.. -, •__ cr. _t- tf\ Accuracy and power are announced that_it will.stop^sel- neSry to knock out Ameri- ing handguns, m an effort to cl^inuteman missiles, which help reduce crime and violence. - the UCl O AVilHUUCIHttLA Aiii*J«J*i'w«-fj ••« are buried in concrete casings below ground to protect them from small or distant blasts, so McNamara did not believe the IlClL/' 1 cu'uwc V-A•""•-• "."•"-• Roy Miner, president of the firm said hunting weapons such' as rifles and shotguns will continue to be sold. -S BONELESS Waste Free! Tender and Delicious! Serve for Sunday Dinner! GRADE B, 12 to 16-Ib. Average. . Plump and Meaty. A family favoritcl RATH CORN 'Medium AA Grade "TV ALBERTSON'S SOUPS Vegetable ana bean 'with bacon A tasty warmer« JANET LEE FOLGER'S COFFEE KRAFT CARAMELS ALBERTSON'S OIL Taste* like homemade! Give 1 a treat for breakfast! 6-paefct Deeply satisfying! With that good coffee aromal Try itl . Excellent for mocking or for ma I a delicioo* topping for ice ereami High In quality for better fryingt lalads taste extra special! 38-oi. ALBERTSON'S FARM-FRESH PRODUCE YEAR ROUND FAVORITE GWBtitt -j««#'* l J.«iZll.' " T"i»~^^™ ••* ^^m The variety bat mix! 40-or. pli; WITH COUPON U.S. No. T Florida grown I New cropl Sweet and full of AJAXi WHEA SWEET CARROTS <•""•• A '"' salod fovoritil .23-29C ' . I Gordon-fresh flavor! HEAD LETTUCE^*! | CARROTS POTATOES 20 Jag 98c LARGE MEATY DATES, ORANGE JUICE a^s 1 . U.S. No. 2. Idaho russets. CELERY U.S. No. 1, lami-bleaehcd, Ib. ARTICHOKES 6 for on!; U.S. No. 1, *•**•*.* A **U Condie, Great with *IO*« SPINACH vineg 0 r on topi OVC ORANGE JUICE h F a"gc,no y n ?or on,y 98C APPLE SALE HURRY DOWN TO OUR PRODUCE DEPARTMENT AND STOCK UP ON OUR WIDE SELECTION OF SWEET AND JUICY APPLES! Apple, Cherry Peach Just he* in th« oven Jervn 9-inch sif APPLES Washington Schoolboy Red, Dolicioui! Extra fancy and juicy . APPLES Washington Red And golden delicious A healthful inack tb. . JONATHAN APPLES Utah grown! No. 1, n«w crop. Extra fancy! Bi0 tavingtl NABIl! COO Fig Newton Cakei. 16-or. paekag* PILLSBURY BISCL S-o*. tub* 1 -.4.

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