The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 17, 1974 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1974
Page 2
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PACTS EDITORIAL Beach attracts dangerous ones "' Tbew M« «oro« dttfwoutiy skk , people among u» ~ al!«•*, If not r*aide*t*,u^ are here on occasion. We haw quite a bit to fear from then, and there Is very little we can do for protection. A determined person ean commit almost any crime, and not much can be done to prevent It Bat ttaftt are deterrents. Matt of an. the ordinary criminal wont commit a crime except for material gain. Meat acts of violence abo have motivations (hat are basic route to detection and arrest You try to protect valuable property by making access difficult If you have strong enemies, you narrow the Odd of those you fear. In both cases, a food record of la* enforcement reduces the incidence. But crimes of vandalism defy ail fee rales of ordinary criminal , behavior, and teav* people virtually defenseless. If you live in an tsota ted bouse, you know that your TV antenna outside tefls a burglar that there's a nawnabie set inside. You can buy locks that nrffi increase the risk he takes in trying to get in. But what would yon do about the guy who would simply destroy the exposed antenna, for the ton of it? L&ewise, your car is designed to be difficult for an amateur to steal. But it's bard to make it invulnerable to vandab. In the old days, we had frequent vandalism of school h"iVflngf. and that was most of it But now we're getting into some particularly vkious acts of destruction, and these are a forecast of what may become deadly risks. Some days ago visitors to Bryan Beach found several seagulls wandering aimlessly about, each wfth a left wing broken by a gunshot wound. There have been many cases before of gulls being shot, but this PAUL HARVEY NEWS was thennrt reported instanced (he birds being crippled, and toft «ttv* to dte of thirst and starvation. A stalled car to beside the SurfsWe beach road. Every window is knocked out Another lime, a resident near the Pa«»aM» family member bad car trouble, left the car on the road all night and the next rooming found all gU» shattered Recently Precinct 1 and the County Engineer's Of Ike provided a puWk launch ramp and extensive parking space at Christina* Bay. T*o w«eks tgoit wmsmeoUooedat a Chile meeting that among things that would help was rest room*. Commissioner Dixie Brown was present Th* neat day two portable rest rooms were on the site, A week later, the door of one was torn partly oft By the nest week, the other had been thrown in the nearby canal. Informational and warning signs potted by the county are tore down, shot up or defaced. There Is a ramd-lbe-ckxfc patrol, but it can't keep a continuous watch on 12 miles of beach and beach road on Surfstde alone, much lew the other beach areas It just has to be assumed that the beach areas, at taut the sparw stretches, have beccow dangerous places for unwatched property, A person with motor trouble shouW have his car repaired or lowed to safety immediately Nothing of value should be left overnight unattended. Those who would destroy property tor fun are also a menace to We. So it must abo be assumed that there is risk for Individuals in being far separated from others at night This Is a regrettable facet of "progre»" as the beaches attract more and more people. But Ihere appears little that can be done about it war goes 03r ** '• -. * » y* • r • -. . jagf ^ST* ""*" ' *"* ' "" ' on, perhaps forever The VMswnae war CM* «a. The fevd of ngMiog it incrton* heavy artiflery barrage*, air itrftc* and Saigao is npecuog a |twr»J Communist otfeoMre, TboM words were wrHtea tw* yam agtt The ulualkn is *o apdaagtd (h*t (he same wont* arc «|u»Djr apptkrabte right Only oo* dttltrtncc: We're out o< it - la UK » moo*h» since UK Para "otue-fireagreeiDCBt," UK Vtetnuaac war hu eiwt aaoOKr W.OCO trvet, With our tnwpt ort. the war appear* to be neither more nor tew •fUkmaiclhin with our troop* engaged. KcUher ride hat made major military (aim. Sa^oa drew are Ukiag a teauag around Sa%n with recently escalated eoeaty activity tticre; but Uttt Uw. wat Uue two year* •£(>. Neither Hdri* in «o> VMMdiatt danger «f fcvo« thr war; arithtr aide has any immohali- protpcrt rfwfaningit That, too. wa» true in 1972. When fee United Stain iwgatiatcd iU way out ef Ihit tetraiaural brawl, there were <to» prMttcumu Out South V«i Iroops would dtwrt IB drove* Stuattt r*r«td>ivt Tts*» i» wort U»» r»« in DDnlrol If te rrtr •»*» a "pu(>Df4" tor u» be ha* outiantrd !•*» f*ij>{*irrt» lofUttoo w r*iti)# a**y «t Itw Hjfr stance o* South VnHnam *» f»«Ty«fe*Tr The pnrr t» »« v«<h VMMio'i amti mtglW batr TT» Uwlrd .Slaen iwtd to drop RMVT bomb* ratxwrrwmh than IturVwtnamor atr force hit dropped M the p**f U Bat a twill *xtoi mu*» rr«ft w flgliitnc tht* »ar with bamboo «ftt*rv ihrj »UJ You'd Una* that both nonfe and sootfe vtwid prr<rr to bell their *w«rds Mo pfavstiarei and u*e thnr tn*nt)c» and Ihrtr rraourwn for rrcoostruclne pur« POM*, but Dal » a Western rationale The Wuanww »»r gen on pcrtut» forewir Wa* tt *fi a wwl* of S8.0CB American ITVW-* Not tl vv've itaraed wtat not to do nrsi IIIBC Indeed, thm tht fktl «ar •«• ever lott nuy be UK ftnt one «* ever There wat hope Out M Contmt CaretntoioB could ttrfcrc* prt Whm we cot out the CommonttU wtr* in control o< about 19 per cent trf &x*h Vktnajn'i ao ouJuoo peopte; they ttiU arc. And a* (or uw abvmisu)' pragmwi* Aal if VS. ttfeff vlOidmr Red ChM* woiid move ia and pvcrrua all £cw(iK«*t Aaia - that didn't COJM to paw BUKT Indcud Sa||oa i» araHnauy more agcrtt«v« IfeM Hanoi. Of «ounc, tiw Untol SUto is art out" of Ow umrfvcnMot We IWi UMl "Dfh ji iTTntfirtf tM U0» diainished and THE BRA20SPORT MT!*?*»%> I IV* tw., *n*fwi. >•«. * W f. *4rt m k. n«« « M M. ttttt 1 Comment and Opinion OCTOBKH. IT, MERRY-GOROUND Ford taps Goodell for Attorney General *t* itw> M 4t f*f NtPgrf /*** fwrnafa*, fur mat, Me Cafe* *yn» few «** flrtw.. «****• <** *' »• ***** <*»•*, up tt*ir «*«« w far <>»*<», <* « f*t <**!;; tu«M *»* *» Mi* imf tMMrwy- t*Mnr»l fc? r«4 to MM MW* J WHA nW *» «n»f. OT ViKII »i» A* A WORD EDGEWISE Rockefeller makes amazing bequests «*•»»•« ?*** toft** «» & *«f MM.. . a» «t fwr (writ; f*» «***. I* fMtt (MM,. ** IMW* tw« I! »«* snnU tfeam* , * tut Hnout J«tt« fcWWW. *» f* I** **** 9>«t) ? fit* fwr **«* fi, rtrtis r «»HMH (6* awn- itt'Juc «* »-*J«»» « US« Ibtit inrf tfiw hme '» Mttf taw* t» ****. 6u* 'Jilt •*/» «* «** (ram U* em* Th* MMrttm&i&ni , * . " V." -~K* tan fwb ti> Nr cftmtp: tw 4 wtH« tftr.4 u* (rur fc* >»oui' M« HI uae V«v i*r«fud i *ei:«V< li»,i)»» m> i* pi**> brown lint v»4«& *»:>•», I «*» «t (I* oOwr . Marc* e* iftal to 4 <unoat »*y ll «» IN" (3JHV4R P»i« JIT co llw o< 4 •*«* y*rv*t tsn4 txvmut 4 M ( fc* •« ft* *'»»«* * *«** *«*».-» M ?U»«ft» ittau .if la kM prwr«»r» don* w> (MM VUUIM; n«»»o runt it4ff*i Now at tta» *uot tftw ' »>» llut KntktfoSrr b*» powMtt out to k» re*tr(«rr« Tho n» * >rry Afturatc tn^ t» tteurma bw<unc t don't «itni te tetnul ha* Oat w 41* *r» «lt Kir trt me t*fm Own. l>7 hat* no p»r)brf«» *«*rfd IMF <kty(t&Ni to (n«4 uncl* » AwHf4lM U f»* fta! * tun* kpfl me 4 Is ti ¥*• flbW 4 tandrrd IttnoMM) cljmn *ten I Vft !h» *h»Ir Kauwr. I vmtfel lMt« frtl awuit«rf I tM mj job. jnd »4» paid lor ri. K«»r<«lfc»f To DM th* D» «iujow«tf' ttktmt » F1t'» lit on (hr J^ftaton ca«SA<«dirj IndmJ f>r*aidn)4 JWwnen, wto ihil ow »U j kn W«tun|(t«n had mtefani HMW rxMHtctal lurdMuf , «.«k<M I frwjrwiJ tf w* wm i« *«j Ufa Us I tdaisknl bun t<# hist v»«l w« voufc) tw (><w oec* «* fo« btcfc hore* to our fhc per rvnt mti»ljy|* 4Mt thai «»» Itul itul ilai >• MUytv IfcM* «fi«aim(» Itt ta» «wt 11 <Hfjf tfttttt feay fi(HHfS», t^fe '# |Mft "t! w«i M tM&uM iMKg. <f? V f* »* way tteu Owy f#«l «4«<»»im«» t« <nUiwn elite t* THE WORRY CUNfC to d nueh »» In tonk »* BUSINESS MIRROR Franklin trust fund $16 AA short of plan Their horoscopes determine grades M, (iMHU.r W »«$* UkMMttnM *M» UMf fcrtwwiieitt, Md (torn |IM*« "Kor a tang «w*r ih* nwnwy N»I «•• AM to mat* IOM» *«i bwUaij M Aiwric*, waHM b* iiwrUd in imrn to W&jfW«M Irutf fund tor f-htJadrtpha to worth »1* mltttoo lew than iht «I7 milfion b> had «r to." U pMfite to »qpi a«d jpaM M M*) , want* to coMgo « tow" Ottr Ow j*tw», fW wcw mart »ppi«v«l to mfc* UM tortwV iht uuri. fa* liny irttd to f«ttw nr«l •»««<» w *w*b * <*•»•*•« •! i«er«K«B«» Utai ta «MA«§ «* *H fit* Ma our MrtMtj« Thw te oXaani f r^MM kto MMlvM* «4 tht MfM of tht Zadtac «htOw» *« (hwrw M "** r» ' 'C «r r»w * 't> Tfct itmfciit* Uws* *«*« Ik* "f«r h* to w nnrjwliml ui tovw of to ««* tytlMR l*al h* p«y* Mil* aitMUan to vlHrtmtr •• wtltc M our mam . Uwy rtl#J MWJ »«!»•«* ««r* •( tettg aal* I* Mtel UM k«rww«»w lainiag t* ta**r Mrflb axrt*' muck »hws ia«l «« ourwtlvM wiili NT iaNMm har*naif» MM UMW Mfifty MWtfJ ** «*• ti»«><rmi«tt Wb*ah« died i« ITW, frMWtnWl t«M pouwtt to Bosuw, bte bttthplaw. «ad to M» adopted baa* He Uw mot - worth about The lnwriJ «f Ciiy Trwt* «*li*a«J to mak* team, a* rVxAto nquMiml teat, by I«B. M k«d bmlml UK a*t toW I ram » to ». rhana^rf UK bU*rM4 r*t» to c«n«u iaffartiHt* aad "Awl I b*V« MM* IcMIWl U»H WTMMi c»p«*]i<r» IB Chfcag* ate m* UK bun^* MI jrwir toad aad tM t«cial of i« aw* ctt*d Bol wlwi •« U«f Berry's V\forW «t 4 par cut ioltr *aT te mam*d craluotM *fc« Iht oU« Alter itt *«m. FraflkUfl vOM, iht mono? *aa to b* iHntW and tuatf, to ptrt lor guUu ««*», wtOe (k« rmatodfr ww «# b> put buck in Iran (or awxher ia» y«an By Mat, rrMfcta calcqjtatag Tlw bae* no kwg«r lMite«MM, but for rail on*!* mar* igagM. Mm- Arowwr My* "W* h*w «fMJMl it op to »y marited wartwr. not tai thtM ippMDead to rt*l Th* toft* t*Utog •!»» hat front tM6 to IWJ8B At ih* Md «f OK M«ay «f f ll^^^A Mb4fKB^^A cnla^B^fc ^4 aaaljnto anr h« far f»ri** • • — But KiMttfie MydnbgMa tew w* found thwi v*M tor rating i «rfarr - . VMM gjr»# iff mm UMW tor mat K a*> ««f " th* cowwry work*" Evw "ttMMW «»i ^aUKg,," " ** * . .-j.,. - «W*te*H»l" c*at oi wty MMI Iwwt maarkt pr «Mt *7«Mi»tM»( M|Mal><u>J 4m oBjaraUon," bf MM *JbJP iryjillPg Ml apply bi Mf own mam*.' M rtgftrd* p>»»ial»g| roading HtM UM Utma* o» i<wr it«Pl MM wlB Ha4 away *. - «* - . — ft-..—. |.- |^ - — ~t- mo*v« iirwgf M WICN wlwa you M* acwtpafM- *4a wadkar lk| WaMad" KC«W. tf ta 4 aa4i«d» vtewi. lit BM^¥« ia c*u»cu* r**dinf Iran row lad«l fwiarM «4 akapt of a*a4 * If • |on4 Jah I* «t tfai* ft ataog ««| hat a| hMMT an iac)iKh4 to 4mwi ww Wmt n iiijiNaulkal iMJ. Wtt aMUk fctt |k

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