The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 18, 1966 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1966
Page 3
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Uagtaom Friday, March, 18, 1966 Apathy Blamed For Suburban Crime By JERRY BCCK Associated Press Writer Police officials say suburbia'* soaring population, public apathy and small police forces pace-setting suburbs, an ~i?.ted Press survey shows. contribute to the crime rise in the ture — lowering of moral standards and a growing disrespect for law and authority, and we haven't been helped by court decisions." One of the major problems facing suburban communities is that their police forces have not Millions criminals of Americans have I kept Up with the population. apparently have! "We're just not able to get the joined in the exodus from the j personnel, and we haven't had the personnel for 10, 12, 14 years now," said Chief James F. Corr of Lexington, Mass.. a suburb of Boston. He said he needs 65 cities. The FBI said Monday the sub- uros paced a 5 per cent increase in the nation's reported crimes in 1365. Crime in suburbia was up by 8 per cent over 1%4. with 12 per cent more rape and 15 per cent more robbery. "Certainly our crime rate is growing, but then so is our population. They follow together," says Donal Meehan, police chief of Alhambra, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles. . policmen, but has only 34. "Perhaps because we're the affluent society. I don't think too many parents say to their children. 'You ought to be a policeman,' " Corr said. "There are too many professors and architects here." Chief Meehan of Alhambra is either a damn fool or & damn liar or both," Andrews said. "We're trying to fight public- apathy, the feeling that if it isn't happening to me. I'm not interested. Last week we had some Withholding Rate Changes Shown WASHINGTON (AP) — Here is a comparison of how the new graduated withholding rates which go into effect May 1 will affect some typical salary scales: Weekly Pay $75 $100 ,..,, , . . »av;>. "We're getting calls now 5125 Ue re getting some or thej f - ^ did 35 vears $150 cnme that used to be else-j w ;. expected to check where." said Police Chief John * „„ ^^ciiV^^HW^ TV,* O. Kenyon of Overland Park. Kan., which is 12 miles from downtown Kansas City and one of the 10 fastest-growing communities in the nation. routine domestic squabbles. The 5250 citizenry is expecting and get-j 5300 ting more services without an 15350 appreciable boost in our man- 5400 power. 5500 Single Person Now 8.70 12.60 16.10 19.90 26.20 33.20 40.20 47.20 54.20 68.20 82.20 New 9.30 14.10 19.10 24.60 35.80 49.80 64.80 79.80 S3.30 123.20 153.30 , ,. , . ., „, "We have to get the citizens;5600 to Yonkers. just outside New hel us Lf . to make a >Iarrled ^^^ ^ aependmte York Oty safety Cornraxss.oner^^ ^ ^^ crime _.. w ^ y ** Daniel P. McMahon says:; against Chief Meehan has officers "We're part of the national plc-| to patro { & community of 65,000 Rent A Car Service As Low As $5.00 Par Day Call 582-8186 THAD FELTON j persons. | In nearby j Police Chief Burbank, Calif.. Rex R. Andrews has 137 officers to police a com- i munity of 95,000. He has his own [views about the rise in crime. • "Anyone who can tell you i \vhat causes crime to increase DANCE!! FRIDAY 8 to 12-SATURDAY 8 to 1 L L LOUNGE IN LA PORTE. TEXAS M«ta By THE SESSIONS!! Weekly Pay 575 5100 5125 5150 5200 5250 5300 5350 5400 5500 S600 Married Weekly Pay 575 SlflO 5125 5150 5200 5250 $300 5350 S400 5500 5600 Now 6.90 10.80 14.30 1S.10 24.40 31.40 38.40 45.40 52.40 New 6.40 10.60 14.60 19.30 28.10 38.10 48.10 58.10 70.00 66.40 97.70 80.40 126.20 person with 2 children Now 3.30 7.20 10.70 14.50 20.80 27.80 34.80 41.80 48.80 62.80 76.80 New 2.40 6.50 10.30 14.70 23.20 32.70 42.70 52.70 63.20 89.60 118.10 officers trying to make an arrest and they asked a bystander to call for help. He answered: 'Oh. hell, I'm late for work already.' " Despite the statistics, all is not bleak in the suburbs. In the Atlanta, Ga., suburb of College Park crirae is down 13 per cent. "This year I've had one auto stolen in two months/' says Police Chief T. Owen Smith. Smith said he believes the decrease stems from cooperation by Greater Atlanta authorities. He said: "We feel that our Metropol organization has done something — the cooperation, better education, and communication." One of the wealthiest suburbs in the country is Winnetka, HI., just north of Chicago. It has no industry, no hangouts, it is dry. its population is stationary — and so is its crime rate. Winnetka has had no homicides or rapes in more than two years. Last year it had 39 burglaries and 35 major larcenies. Chief Don Derning says residents are quick to report suspicious persons and to notify police when they are leaving town. Many of the communities surveyed are affluent, and that means burglaries. "It seems like wealthy people «.re movi ng out of the cities into areas like ours." said Chief R.J- Hundley of Prairie Village, Kan., a community near Kansas City. "This is increasing our losses. We try to combat >t by loading police into areas with the greatest incidents." "We may go a year or two without a murder, but housebreaking is our biggest problem," said Philip Purcell, chief of police in Newton. Mass.. and president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Commissioner McMahon of Yonkers attributes a high percentage of the burglaries to narcotics. Eliminate the narcotics problem, he said, and "a very substantial decrease in the crime rate would follow." Sears Friday Night and Saturday LAST DAY TO SAVE Uncrushable Dacron and Rayon Captures the Crisp Linen Look ( Sew Costumes with Fashionable Linen-Like Texture a Marvelous Blend that Never Knows a Wrinkle ToDfifSVAWE McCal!'« Pattern 8O36 As seen in the March Issue of McCall's Magszin on Sears Revolving Charge Local governments faced with a steadily increasing population have beea slow to increase their police forces, an FBI spokesman said. The governments, usually controlled by persons who have lived in the communities for years, require time to assess and react to their crime problems. This in turn contributes to the increase in the crime rate. "We must continue to recruit new officers, and make people aware of the need to help us, to secure their property and report and assist us when something is wrong," said William A Bechtel, police chief of Redondo Beach. Calif. Regular $1.98 Yard Save 61 c a yard on Sears wrinkle- defying linen-look ... a blend of 65% Dacron polyester and 35% rayon. Choose cheeks, dots, stripes, prints, impeccably matched with solids. Mix them up In Easter ensembles that machine wash. 44-45 in. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Sears 8EAW, lOtBUCK AN0 CO. 711 W. Texas Ave. Baytown, Texas Phone 582-8131 Bonds Eyed By Hunters Of Bargains By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP) —Bargain hunters and fugitives from the stock market are coming to the aid of the hard-hammered bonds. Prices of bonds—U.S. Treasuries, corporates or tax- exempt municipals—have fallen so low and yields have thus risen so high that investors in recent days have been coming into the market as buyers Yields on outstanding securities have been pushed so high, however, that new issues are forced to carry interest rates higher than have been seen for 30 years. Dealers in bonds say guardedly that renewed interest in them of late may be fashioning af loor under the prices. They trace the increased buying of these securities to their rising yields, and more idle money now in the hands of investors who have sold common stock heavily of late. Prices of some U.S. Treasury long-term bonds have fallen to the point where one bought at today's quotation yields 5 per cent or better on the dollars invested, even tough the interest rate of less than 4 per cent, of course, stays fixed. And at maturity the Treasury will redeem the bond at face value of 51,000, slthough today's going price may be only $940. In the case of many corporate bonds the price drop has been more pronounced. Available yields have risen well above 5 per cent, for example, a leading utility's Sl.OOO bond maturing in 1983 " bears the fixed interest rate of 3% per cent. But its market price has fallen to 5800. making the return more than 5% per cent. In the tax-exempt field, the general rise in interest rates— from savings accounts to bank loans to mortgages—has caused a like price decline. Commercial banks, which i own about one-third of all mu-i nicipals, have been selling some of their holdings to get funds to meet the demand for loans. Interest on these loans has risen so high that they yield the bank far more thand id the municipal bonds, even taking into account the tax free angle. Offerings of new corporate and tax - exempt issues are heavy now. As the demand for funds grows, the offerings are expected to increase. Tonight On. TV FBID.&Y MIGHT 5:30 O Camp Ruoarauck Carroll Baker Makes Musical Stage Debut DALLAS, Tex. (AP)—Sizzling blonde Carroll Baker will make her musical stage debut this summer at the Dallas Musicals in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." The signing for the July 25- Aug. 7 musical came as a surprise in show business circles, where Miss Baker had been considered firmly anchored to a dramatic screen career. Miss Baker both sang and danced for the GIs in Viet Nam on a tour with Bob Hope around Christmas. Turnpike Traffic Up DALLAS (AF)—Traffic picked up on the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike at a rate higher than on any other toll road in the nation. Last year the turnpike carried 15,618,142 vehicles, a 40.38 per cent raise from 1964, according to the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, Inc. way you figure it... ITHE FINEST WELCOME | TO BAYTOWN IS WELCOME WAGON I A vfait from our hostm wfll mita you T«f at homt, with htr bisktt of gift! ind inswirs to qutstlon* I tbout th« efty, ft» twvlcw antf i ficilltlu. just t»n . .. Welco; Phone 5*3-4390 LIGHTHOUSE ROCK — Sculptured by wind and wafer, this natural stone tower keeps its vigil near Palo Duro Canyon Slate Park, 35 miles southeast of Amarillo. Polo Duro Canyon cuts a spectacular 120-mile gash through the Texas Panhandle. Six miles wide and more than 700 feet deep, the canyon is considered one of Hie truly geological wonders of the State. ID WUci Wild West IB Flintstones 7.-00 8 Hank O Great Decisions fB Tanixny 7:30 Q Sammy Davis Jr. 0 Face of Sweden S Hog :an's Heroes Add'.ams Family 8:00 O Festival of Arts fD Gonoer Pyle, USMC IB Honey West 5:30 & Mr. Robert, ID Movie IB Farmer's Daughter 9:00 O Mar i From Uncle 4B Jimimy Dean 10:00 O News fll News <B News 10:30 O Johfcny Carson fQ Late Show CD Far Away Places U:00 © Wrestling 12:00 O Merv Griffin (B CSta Con Trece 12:30 fO Late,. Late Show 4B Conaway Comments SATUKDAY MOKMKG March 19 6:30 ;O George Roesner 6:55 (D Sign On 6:37 © Sign On 7:00 d Popeye Theater ID Captain Kangaroo IB Farm Journal 7 :30 © Jungle Theatre 8:00 & The Jetsoas fD Heckle and Jeckle 8:30 9:00. I 9:30 i I 10:00 10:30: 11:00 : ! U:30i 32:00 Atom Ant Tennessee Tuxedo Secret Squire* 1 M5sbty Mouse Forty Pic Q) <B Q ID ID O Q) IB d ID ID Lassie Beatles Top Cat Tom it Jerry Casper Fury Quick Draw MeGraw Magilla Gorilla First Look Sky King Bugs Bunny Jim Hester Show Linus Mflton Monster Lone Ranger Fiicka Cadet Don Waitress Files Paternity Suit Against Actor LOS ANGELES (AP) — Edward G. Robinson Jr., son of the veteran film star, has been named defendant in a suit filed by a waitress, asking that he be declared the father of her unborn child. Miss Lucille Kass, 27, complained Thursday that Robinson. 32, an actor, has refused to provide financial support and medical assistance. She said the younger Robinson is worth about 5250,000. The complaint also suggested that the twice-divorced actor be ordered to pay support of 5360 a month pending trial. A hearing was set for next April 7. Miss Kass said her baby Is expected in June. SATURDAY AJTTEKNOON 12:30 O Superman <D Inquiry- IE) Gulf Coast Jamboree 1:00 G Outer Limits ID Early Show IE) Larry Kane 2:00 €} Tarzan IB Champion's Cup 3:00 ID Golf Classic 3:30 & Porter Wagner 4:00 O Wilburn Bros. Q} Hying Fisherman © Wide World of Sports 4:30 G Divorce Court ID Bowling 5:00 |3 Smothers Brothers 5:30 @ Scherer McNeiU ID News © The Rebel 6:00 O News ID Death Valley Days 19 News KWBA 1360 ON YOUR DIAL Saturday Only: 8:00 to 1:00 a.rtt. Donnie Ward Show, Country Music Features: Mutual News on half hour: Headlines and weather on the hour; Lifeline 6:15 to 6:30; (Friday only. Chamber of Commerce, 6:30); Tuesday Only; Tempo, 6:30 Fulton Lewis Jr., 6:00 to 6:14. If Ir's ... FIRST AID! Black's Pharmacies 721 E. Tex» 583-1755 SS2-*107 PORT ISABEL LIGHTHOUSE — A sentinel over beaches that once sheltered Spanish explorers, Indians, and pirate treasure, this structure marks historic Port Isabel State Park on the tip of Texas. COSMETICS... BEAUTY SHOW Entertain your friends with a fabulous beauty show in your home , ," . complimentary facials . I BEAUTY CONSULTANT LUCILLE FULLEN Phone 582-2363 Beautiful Early American Also Exciting Italian Provincial WITH DUAL SPEAKERS FOR THE ULTIMATE IN STEREO SOUND. Exciting Early American SYLVANIA 21" COLOR T.V. brighter... true to life colors JUST AND 260 square inches of beautiful color television picture . .. Yours to enjoy for years to come with Sylvania's 21" Color Console T.V. Full fashioned cabinetry reflects sensitive and authentic styling that will compliment and enhance any decor. Models are available in Contemporary, Early American, Italian Provincial, French Provincial, swivel and lowboy styles. AH models feature the revolution- RECEIVED--6 ONLY VALUE PRICED AT ONLY (519.50 in Italian Pro) ary Sylvania 21* "color bright 85*" Picture Tube and Color Bonus Chassis designed and engineered to give brilliant color performance, positive reliability. Black and white pictures are brighter, sharper, too. Features include automatic—degaussing, simplified color tuning, all channel reception. Come in for a demonstration. in Eariy American 550996 Complete With Installation And 90 Day Service Gene's Hi-Fi & Color TV Center 122 EAST TEXAS AVENUE BAYTOWN PHONE 582-8158

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