Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 20, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1897
Page 5
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werft the »nd family was in interest ftoitth ,John Morrison atuf wife Iftstsef Jacob SsMay. W. J. Bnrnefr, of Mow isoa, : 4>at community Friday, in the «f las Crown Piano Co. - Altmt Miller, of Coleta, was in our jsMal last week In the Interest of Sher- Wood Bros, hardware. ' A ttamber from this part of the town wiU attend the sociable in John Becker*' lawn Thursday evening, I Jf,t5. Fraser baa a compound which assla with poultry diseases as poison does with rodents, Try It.. Will Stanley and family were the guests of Wesley Howland Sunday, Misses Louise Maberry and Sylvia Taylor were thb guests of Miss Zella Peugh Saturoay afternoon. ^££3 There was a dance at Ed Morris' Saturday night. Mrs. Munger is the guest of James - Biddies and family. Dora is assisting Mrs. A. K. Wick of Bound Grove with her house work. : ' May 17. *r Malvorn. jyl Mr. and Mrs. George W. 111. Morrison, F *Kf Howe, of came 'to Malyern Sunday liT with Mrs. Howe's Sunday School class f\," for a visit with the Malvern Sunday Their visit was greatly enjoy- and it is hoped that they will come again. " Daniel Long and T. A, Soribner were transacting .business in Sterling last Friday, . ' D. B. Fegan, of Lyons, was a guest . at the Scribner home several days last week. He camp on a fishing excursion, ,,but failed Wcatctrany Dsb:r=—~ '- . Qua Larkin and daughter and Mr. •Gerties took the 4 o'clock train at Mili iedgeville this afternoon for St. Louis. 1 From there they will go to Nashville, \ Tenn., t6~bepresent~at the great exposition. ' " . Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Knox and two ( daughters apent Sunday at the home • of T. A. Scribner. '. : . . . Dan Shank, of Coleta, made a very abort stay in Tenneaee. He returned Sunday morning. ' The bar on Will Getty's milk wagon. s <jame off tula morning, letting the -wheels roll over to orfe aide of the road. > Will and the,seat went flying, but, aa «ood luck would have it, no milk waa I), L, Martin 1» improving the looks of his property very touch by the addi- tloa of a new fence and windmill on the same, JEsop's Fables, "Spring," and "Great Americans for Little Americans," are three new books added to our school library. The first two were purchased with "Contest" proceeds. The last mentioned was presented the school by Mian Annie Holland, a former teacher. The library now contains 161 volumes, the largest number in the township; Nothing is more provoking to the farmer than to have parties out nut- ting, flower-gathering, etc., drive through their pasture and timber land leaving open every gate and bars through which they pass. Of course the farmer finds his stock—well somewhere. Tha other day Mr, D. Ebersole thought he would solve 'the problem and put a lock on his pasture gate. He had hardly locked it and gone when it was found he had-locked in a rig driven by town parties. Pleasure seekers in this line should use a little more judgment, we think. School closes Friday,*the twenty-first, for the summer, An afternoon program will be given. Mr. Wetzell, Of Woodlawn, will have charge of West Science Ridge, while Mies Hax, the present teacher, goes to Emerson, the coming school year. M s , Mr. W. fhf- ., £-'*' ,Joe Eahleman and Annie Boehin ipent Sunday In Sterling. ,:, . . ^, T. A. Scribner and'James Gerry will "take a drive lo Carrojl county tomor< "tow. v ,;'.''•'."-.. - '."/•..'....,.-. ' -The Malvern school will.close the •first Week In June, The puplla are anxious.f or a picnic In the school yard ^OQ the closing dayr-v---—^-" - -•-1 Mr. and Mra. Mahlon Detra and son Malvern guesta Saturday night Sunday. Yet Boyer, of P.rairleville, was in ""town last Saturday on business. Hopkins. ' • '-. We are having beautiful weather and ' £ne roads.. : ;". The lovely blosaoms have most all '- .disappeared, while other May flowers • have taken their places. , Some of our farmers wlllfiniah plant- h—Jng corn thia-week.————__L_i_^ _. ;/ C, M. Fleming will Improve the looks •\ of bis farm 'by .erecting a bran new [\ windmill in a few daya. I-, Mr. and Mrs. J. F, George have been ^'entertaining her brother, W, Buckley, >, the past week. 'He returned to hia I* *• botne In Shelby, Ia., Thursday, .'..'," .. Mr.' MoCauley bad a abort aevere sick spell the forepart of the week from which he IB rapidly recovering. A doctor from Sterling was called. /. Florence and Bobbie Baird entertained a few of their young frienda "with a tea Saturday afternoon. The gueats were: Misaea Bertha Boyer <Jraee Fleming, Grace Lytle and Mas> ter' Eddie Birdsallf They report a Delightful time. ;.'••'.' . ; Mr, and Mra Edgar Holt, accompanied by Miaa Llda Fleming, of Sanda Station, and jiiras'Starke, of .Morrison, were guests at the home of Caseins Fleming and family Sunday. • Edwlu Byers baa been re-engaged to 1 teach the Hopewell. school the coming Wax, to the satisfaction of all. Messrs. George and Buckley spent Sunday with their brother, Clark Buck- f ley and wife, of^ Sterling. . Mr, and Mrs. John Morrieon visited with relatives near Coleta Sunday. f Mies D»tay Pond attended the Bebe- {cstj Lodge in Morrison, Thursday Memorial day will »oon be here. A few from here contemplateattend- lag the picnic, at Ulpfcory Grove, Tues- Prophetstown. Messrs. Cardlus and Fanning, of Sterling, were visitors here Thursday. Mrs. Kate Richmond alighted from the passenger Friday evening. Miss Mildred Reynolds came down from Sterling Saturday evening to spend Sunday at home. Mr. and Mrs. John Turck, Hugh Paddock-and-Miss-Eflie Merrille drove to Geneseo Sunday and spent the day with friends. ' < Miss Maud Besse and sister, Hazel* are visiting in Sterling. Messrs. Alfred Allen and George Olmstead, of Lyndon, were in town Sunday. Messrs. Robert Fuller and William Munson, of Geneseo, were in.this place Sunday. Miss May Longdon visited at A. D. Booth's in Morrison last week. James Middleton made a trip to Springfield last week to see Gov. Tanner about the pardon of his son, Leonard. Mr. Middleton, accompanied by bis son, returned home Friday evening. Mrs,- John Hursb, of Kendalville Ind.j is visiting her Bister, Mrs. John Torck. • '.-. •''"'.- '• ; .• ' " v . Messrs. Claude Frary and Fred Me- Cormick attended a dance in Tampico oce night last week. . Miss Sadie Beardslee spent Sunday with her friend, Miss Florence Harmon, in the country,^ . -'— J --_ The County W. C. T. U. Convention was held in this place Tuesday and Wednesday in the Methodist church. The Epworth League anniversary services in the Methodist church Sun- Guy day evening were well attended. Graham is their President. • Sunday will be observed as memorial Sunday. The G. A. B., W. B. C., S. of V. and L. A, S. will attend the services in the Methodist church in a body. The club boys expect to give their last dance soon. —George Gagprof Oakland, lar, stopped over here Tuesday evening on his way home from Chicago, , Mr. and Mrs.'Charles Warner were Sterling visitors Thursday, Mrs. Caroline Ramsey received an invitation to be present .at a birthday dinner on Tuesday, in Morrison, which was given In honor of her grandson, Luther Ramsey, who on that day celebrated bis twenty-first birthday. She left Monday evening. Sunday afternoon was a busy time at our central office. It seems a party in Morrison was wanted and could not be found, although the effort was made several times. May 17. The next regular meeting of the W, I C. T. U. will be held next Thursday, May 27, at the home of Mrs. J. M.' Heaton. This will be an all day meet- Ing. The following program will be given in the afternoon: gotiR .-...All Scripture Reading Pmldint Prayers — '... Bong......... ;...,. Mrs. Titos Rtading....... ..Mrs.Bnsh Reading Mrs. Rebecca Ferris Reading.,.,.....,.: .Luella Heaton Essay i...., ....Mrs. Viola Wlokcns Duett.,.. Mrs. Franc Murray, Miss Josle Murray Reading •. .Mrs. TUlle Halsted Instrumental Music. .„; Mra. Ella Colder Recitation Bertha Heaton Report from Convention •. ... Mrs. J. M. Heatdn, Mrs. Viola Wickens, and Mrs. A. L. Titus were appointed delegates to the county W. C. T. U. Convention held at Prophetstown on Tuesday and Wednesday, •Mrs- Wickena went on Tuesday, Mrs. Heaton and Mrs. Tills drove down on Wednesday."": Castile, N. Y., voted "no-license" for saloons, hotels and drugstores. Miss Anna Gordon's L. T. L. put in telling strokes. Not one of the twenty-one graduates this year in Franklin College, New Athens, O., uses Intoxicants or tobacco. . From North Carolina comes the encouraging news that the wife and nelce of Gov. Bussell have just joined ,the local W. C. T. U., of Baleigh. Mrs- Bussell has offered the ballroom of the executive mansion for Christian worship, saying she has no 1 use for it in the capacity of .a ball room.—Union Signal. ' ; . Harmon. , The farmers have been busy planting corn; • -~- : r Mr. Seipkin has been having tile drawn out on to his farm to drain some of his land that is wet. The local showers have cooled the at- mosphere.It baa been very damp and chilly for the past few days. There ia not much sickness; here at present. ' The prospect for fruit in this place is good thua far, if nothing comes to prevent. Mr. Long haa moved hla hoteljbuild- Ing around. He ia going to enlarge and remodel it. There is considerable of^a Wrangle over the postbfilce in Harmon.. The Bepublicans are divided on it. Part want the present Incumbent, i David Hill, and part are for Mrs. Ackert, There haa been some hot. worda. Two petitions are out foreigners to get it. What the result will be remains to be seen. While they Jare .wrangling the Democrats are having a good time. Thejjarpentera are at work; on Patrick Scanlan'a new barn; — B. N. Perkins was in town last week. He was helping Frank j Parker on a house. Large quantities of tile are ^belng brojtight to this town. . Durr & Long are receiving ;consider. able lumber. The follownlg la, the program for the commencement exercises at Harmon achool, May 21, at 8 o'clock. Opening March... ............ .....Selected ' • Mls3 J. L;:Johnson. Invocation ••••• Rev. John WiUlfcms. , of h* at F report. Wesley Wine will {attract the 8t the Liberty school the coming year. • Messrs, and Mcsdaroea G, A. Over and Frank Walzer, of Sterling, acid Mrs. F?V. Coieord, spent Sunday at the home of B. F. Bafcar, la Chsdwick. Reeeber's big German carp were transferred from the smaller pond into the largest pond last Saturday. The water was drained from the smaller pond leaving the bottom almost covered with the flopping animals, A crowd enjoyed.tne fun. v • Sunday morning the baby girl belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Perry McCroy secured a bottle of deadly, poison, chrysoline, and put a spoonful of the liquid in her mouth. She would have swallowed it had it not burned her. One drop would have done the work of ending her lif§. As it was, a very sore j mouth and chin is being nutsed. Martin Frankfather is in Chicago working for the Bailey ; Ice Co. He will stay for an indefinite time, Daniel Shanks returned Monday night from a two weeks' inspecting tour near Somerville, Milan and Big Sandy, Tenn. He is very much infatuated with the country and hopes that he may be instrumental in getting some of the Northerners Interested in the State. '' Last Saturday was the day appointed for a very unique picnic for the Sunday achool children of the Christian church. Andrew Stanley is a man who believes in missionaries, and he also does not care to have so many ground squirrels around his, farm. A wagon loaded with cans of "water was hauled through the meadow .and the children would "drown the squirrels out." A large number were captured thus and the missionaries will rejoice over the five cent bounty^ on each head. Fred Courtwright and wife came out to Coleta from Bock Falls last Sunday and visited at the home of Livi Courtwright. / E. E.' Stanley, of Sterling, spent a few days in town last week. Henry Gerdes and Gustavo Lorke and daughter left for Tennessee Monday, If the country suits Mr. Gerdes a, place will be secured, whereby he can enjoy the'mild winters. D. L. Miller, of Sterling, was in town Tuesday on business. Frank Bronson and John Buyers were in Albany a couple of daya last week..'/ • . \ '..''""'.' Dr. A. E. McBrlde and family visited at the home of John Meiater, in Sterling, laat night. ; .' ' Hf Mueller, J. C. dverhoiaer, Harry Smith and B. W. Murphy, all of Sterling, were In town Monday and took a second invoice of the stock of goods; recently purchased by S. S. Boyer .from J. 0. Kingabury.' ' J. C. Kingabury left for the South Tuesday bight for a few weeks recreation. Charles. Biglinj and --Harry. Smith have charge of the S. 8. Boyer store, The stock will be closed out at reduced prices. ,.._ An interesting' letter haa been received from Charles. Wedelstedt, which will appear in the Weekly STANDARD of next week. West «cleuce Artdnow th« bare-fooc boy fa again happy. Everybody is hard wt work ia the fteI4», aud the click of the planter is iieard from a>l Hides. ' * , As*our MitUea aud f naUy, of Ster- ||»g, tisltert wlt-> Mr. and Mrs. A, " W Hartiug, s throat bfttttet. fa»J been ''..;' Montmorency. H, E. Tenny had hay baled laat Friday. Albert Early and hia crew of men did the vqork. • ., _ : The McWhorter school closes on Friday. Miss Luella Heaton has been re-engaged for' next year. Directors are beginning to realize the importance of retaining good teachera when they have one, ~~\ Mr. aud Mrs. Edward Ford, of Bter? ling, spent last Sunday at Samuel Compton'a. W. H. Scott has purchased a new buggy for family use, ' -' -. Children a' Day will be obaerved in Montmorenoy. The Committee ou Program is Mesdamea Douglas Murray and John Golder and Mr. Lawrence Church. On Music, Mra. Franc Murray, MUs Mabel Christie. A commit-. tee wa& also appointed on decoration. Mrs. Lucy Murray and family visited with the family of William Murray last Sunday. Mies Buala Heaton has been spending several daya with relatives and frieadfl in Bock Falls this weak. Messrs Edward Williams, Gua Nehring and Eimer ComptoQ,' and JUssipS Lovie Beed aud Bi^ache Cowptoo last Suuday ia , llafuiya visitiog .»-.. J «j~.. Miss Nellie Zeller. Overture Strong's .Orchestra; Recitation Nekama , MU? Nellie Ferris. t Trio. ..I.. ..'i.. Dame Blanche Misses Jessie Bwartz, Nellie Zeller.Ethel Swartz Recitation...... ....'.The Blacksmith's Story Frank L. Bmlth. Golden Rod.. ...:.... —--- . Btixmg's Orchestra.; Recitation.......... .An Old Sweetheart of Mine 'Miss Nellie Zeller. Vocal Bolo.... ••••• Mrs. John Williams. Recitation../, .'...... ..Tl>e Chariot Races Carl McYVllilaros. Piano Bolo Folm Andra Fagan Mis*Jessie L. Johnson. Recitation .Socrates Snooks- Lloyd.Bwab. Vocal Duet.. • Prof, acd Mrs, S. C. Heritage. Valedictory.-..,. , •' Recitation.'..' .How the Fence was Whitewashed Samuel T. Zeller. , , Selection — , • Strong's Orchestra. Address to Class.—' ',,....,.,....... ' : '. . • Frol. George C. Heritage. PresentationolDiplomas . ProM. F., Ed wards, In The Forest '..,., •••••. . 'Strong's Orchestra. Benediction,.... • Her. John Williams. . Prof. Stroug'B full orchestra, of Dlx- on will be preaent, Corqe out and en- oorage the graduates aud hear some goodmusjc. • .. . •'•'-. .' "•'•. ' .'. « oleta, - ',' • ' ;. Quarterly meeting was in progress at the Libejal U, B, church last Saturday and and Sunday, The Presiding Elder from Freeport was present. ', A'crowd of the young folks perpetra- ed and carried out a very nice surprise, Monday night, for tbetr friend Mies Bessie Ilanna, who was sixteen years of age. AH enjoyed themselves the same aa at other eiwiHar social events. Thursday night promises to be just the ticps for the lawn sociable and May pole wlndipg, oa J. H,, Becker's iawu, A large ciowd should cauee the dSaap- pe%raifte« o< d^Ueioos strawberries end lee etesm a»4 » ue4t »nw o| money ba adde4 to tbo fuuds of the Gardeiiplain. ; A large number from here attended the Commencement exercises atrAlbany Tuesday evening. Born to Mr. and Mrs.William Brightman, May 16, a son. • Mr. Kearns and daughter, Belle, spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Stowell. ' Mr. and Mrs. Grant, of Clinton, were, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Burgbardt and family over Sunday; Mrs. J. Miller and daughter, Maud, of Newton, spent Friday visiting friends in our town. Mr, and Mrs. Ashley Eaton, of North Clinton, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Eaton and family. '•' Mrs, Helen Sweet is upon the elck list this week. Miss Susie, Burghardt is'visiting her sister in Morrison this week. Mr, and Mrs. J. C, Long and daughter, Laura, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Marcy. MrsYWllHam Montgomery returned home Sunday from her visit to Morrison, • . , Mr. and Mrs. Burghardt attended church in Newton Sunday. - — Quite a number from here attended the elocutionary contest'held in the IJstick Town Hall Friday evening. An interesting program was carried out. Mies Grace and Claudia George spent Saturday with frlenda In Spring Valley. Mies Belle Eaton and Mrs. E. M. Marcy visited in Morrison Monday. Como. Master Clau'Se Van Drew, of- Sterling, .visited relatives here last week. E. J, Pierce and wife, of Book Falls, called on Como frienda Spnday. Dr. Hill, of Sterling, was called to attend Mr. Lamont this morning, who is quite 111 again. William Barrett's horeee ran away today (Tuesday.) He had a narrow ea- cape from serious injury. Mr. and Hra. Hopkins spent Suadsy at Book leittud J uuotioa, the gutseta of .their daughter, J|r«. li. H, burg. Oldes an<1 wsfp, Pntftto btijr« are plenty, Bays they are sitting on the feaes watching for his potatoes to come op. Mrs. James Burr retnrned to her Corno home last Friday, to the delight ot her many friends. Alex Moats is not eo well. Thfere are several on the sick list this week. The H. H. social in the school hotise was a success. The ladies cleared about 823. Mrs. Henry Heath and her Bister, Mrs, Lindsley, of Bound Grove, were Como visitors last week. There will be preaching In the church at 3 p. m. Sunday by the pastor, B. B. Shultze. Let there be a good attendance, every church member in their place. Johnny O'Brien and brother, Thomas, went to Prophetstown Sunday, Their sister, Mary, who had been visiting relatives there returned home with them. William Stewart, of Emerson, did work for B.C. Whitman and W. BarJ rett Tuesday. . May 18. East Science Ridge.' Corn planting is a thing of the past to many of the farmers around here. They are anxiously waiting for the grain to come up fcow. Aaron Doner drove to Polo Sunday, where he spent the day visiting with friends. •,»' Because of the inclemency of the weather,the intended bicycle run to the Elgin Creamery last Wednesday has .been postponed until some f urtherdate, All who wish to help the India sufferers have the chance to do so now. Corn will be received for that purpose at Moses Dillon's Elevator In Sterling, from now until June first. Every farmer can afford to give several bushels. He will hardly miss it and it will feed a starving native for several months. We believe that the farmers around here Will be liberal In their offerings. Samuel NunermakerhaB finished tiling. No more wet places on his farm. Joe Mann has been around through these parts selling the "beauties of nature." He Is representing the Sterling green houses. Over 22,000 pounds,of milk were received at the Elgin Creamery last Mon-, day. This shows a great increase toward what was received before. _ Abraham Burkhart is placing a new roof "on his barn. • John Eberly, of Butler county, Neb., is visiting with friends and relatives in these parts for several weeks, May 18...' •.. .,...-.,...' '-..• ••,.'.... ..' L Jordan. Nearly all the schools of Jordan will close the last week of May or the first in week in June.It would be well for applicants of schools, if they wish for positions in Jordan, to be a little more careful In regard to writing and punctuation. If the Directors are not always judges in these matters their children are so that a poorly written recommendation or letter of application ia not worth much to the owner, The Wilson's visited at L. Eubanks 1 over Sunday. Miss Annie Wilson wishes to sell her buggy as she will leave for Indiana about the first of June,. She and" her brother, Eddie, will drive through to Bichmond and visit friends along the^ A d«m<-ft *f!S b* !s*»!tl at the men Hall 01 th» etpnfng of Jun? f r The Doyle find Marpby bsnJ will fur- nlsb the masle, Benjamin PI alb end tamily f 01 Montmorency, spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. Charles Boekweit, John Draw is progressing irspMIf with the building of his new bous®, wnich will make a decided Improvement on hie farm. Of those Who took the final examination from Hahnaman, only two obtained ' the required average, *Tfe6Sr were Misses Ethelyn Bockwell, 80 6-7; Eva Connelly, 77. The graduation exercised will be held at Morrison thfe fifth of June. Mrs. Charles Bockwell visited Mm William Jamison, of Bock Falls, last Tuesday. May 18, FABULOUS SNAKE QP CHINA. Marco Polo's Report Concerning th» ! , Fiorlnca ot Hfnnnftii. • In this country gold dust is found la great quantities; that la to say, In the rivers and lakes, while In the mountains gold Is also found in pieces ot larger size. Gold la indeed BO abuao- , ant that they give one sagglo of goVl for only six of the some weight In email change they use the porcelfllfr ehells, as I mentioned before. These are not found in the country, however* but are brought from India. In this province are found snakea and great serpents of such vast size as to strike fear Into those who see them and tso hidepua that the very account o£ them must excite the wondor of those who hear it. I will tell you how long aufl big they are. You may be assured that; some of them are ten paces In length;! eome ore-more and some. less. And m bulk they; are equal to a great carik» for the bigger ones are about ten pataa ia girth. The head, is very big. Tfl^ mouth is large enough fd swallow ft man whole and Is garnished with, grsat pointed teeth. And, in short, they art BO fierce^ooklng'-and BO hideously ugly that every man 'and beast must atana in fear and trembling of them. .There arc also smaller ones, such as of e paces long,' and ot five, and of pace only. The way In whi<Sa the^ are caught'Is this: You must knO« that by day they Hve underground cauae of the great heat and in night they go out to feed and devon)E every animal they can catch. They TO also to drink at the rivers aud lakea and springs. 'And iheir weight 16 to great that when they travoi In of food or drink, as they do by the tail makes a great furrow in soil, as if a full ton of llaSor had beto dragged along. Now, the who go after them take thorn ^JT. tain gin: (trap) which they set 1ft track over which the serpent baa ed, knowing that the beast, will cottift back In" the eama way. They plaa^ a stake deep In. the ground and fix oa tha head of this a sharp: blade of eteel meqp like a razor or a lance point and thea they cover the whole with sand BO the serpent cannot see it. Indeed, huntsman plants several such stak^i and blades on the track. On to the spot the beast strikes the iron blade with such force that Jt enters his breast and rives (cuts) hlnl so that he dies on the spot, and the crows, on seeing the brute dead, begm to caw, and then the huntsmen know, that the serpent is dead and come search of him. This, then, is the these beasts are taken. Those wl take them proceed to extract the from the inside, and this Mils at road; , ' • . Nelson Jacob and family, Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell and Mrs. Emma Gilbert, drove down to Prophetstown to attend the W. C. T. U. Convention and, visit friends. Mrs. B. M. Zigler, Mary Livingston and M. C. Talbot went by train. Mrs. Irwin Finkle, who has been visiting friends and attending to business, has returned to Iowa. It ie rumored that there, will be a wedding in Jordan soon of two prominent young people. Enoch Beede ia BO that he tries to work some, but hia rheumatism still affects him very much,' George Beede will graduate from the Dixon High School about the first of June. Several parties are talking of attending the Christian Endeavor Convention at San Francisco this summer. Emily C. Zigler, Ellen Anderson and Alexander Anderson will probably go, . May 19,1897. Halmamau. Some of the farmers have finished planting corn and Jthe othera will be glad when they too have finished. Miss Anne Fprd is now in Sterling learning the miliuery trade in Mrs. Sheetz's millinery department. Miss Mary McCormick has been vie- itlng frienda aud relatives la Hahnaman. . Miaa Daisy Feriaa apent Sunday with her parents. The Deer Grove school will close June 19 with appropriate exercises and a picnic. The Hilton school will close May 25, Charles Welch epraln&d hia ankle badly one day last week. Mra. Kelly, of Tampico, visited her daughter, Mrs. Will Button, last Tuesday, There will be a dance at Joho Hosier's borne, on the eytoaiog of May greaFpflce; for you must know It.fttt* . nishes the material for a most precleo? medicine. Thus, if a person la blttett by a mad dog and they give him but a small pennyweight of this mediciaa to drink he Is cured In a momen$. Again, If one has any disease of th« skin and applies a small quantity ot this gall he shall' speedily be cureOt So you see why it sells at such a high price. They also sell the flesh of thw serpent, for it is excellent eating cug? the people are very fond of ft. when these serpents are very hur sometimes they will seek out the la, ,, of lions or bears or other large wli<{ beasts and devour their cubs, without the sire or dam being able to prevent it. Indeed, if they catch the big on«| themselves they devour them, too; thfcjf can make no resistance. Ab Unavailing Invention. • . "I oncet tiried de pathetic," said Meandering Mike, in a reminiscent tone, "but de judge wus wan o' dese chilly blooded people dat ye couldn't thaw." - "Did, ye tell 'im ye had a family de- peudin' on ye?" inquired. Plodding , of isdiaua, b&« been _ "Dat wus de story I composed fur 'to." ' ' ' " "An' de jedge didn't .'believe yet"*, "'No. He advised me not ter/eay DJB ' more about it, ez if I did. da prosecu» tin' ofllcer might iba under de necessity of huntin' me iam'ly up an,' havla*, *eia took inter custody tor bela* visible sneses o' BUpp^rfc," ton'Star. Ills J^ost Ittquest. * "Is .'there any last' reauest you would to make?" afiked the lawyer. "Yes," iataftly iwWapered t^ie . man. "I bc-loiig to a lodge tiiat draws up a sot ot resolutions when a KLember dies. Ask tli&ai iu>t to speal; of gne as having beea removed from saldst."

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