Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1950 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 17
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t> - . " 'i' til » Si .' ALTON SVBWN8 TfiLfiQRAPM WEDN£St)AY, APRIL 26,19SO HPNal&rith Director Speaks To Wood River Lions Club , WOOD , WVBR-"OppoftU(iity iot survival* fli6r« Ihftft eeorrWHie* *w»s ndvMifeed us how otMri view Afneriea by ftabW Robert P. JaeoH flifieotef of B'Nfti 8'rlth tttltel Foundallofi at Washington University, who spoke ta the Ltofu Club, Tuesday noon. Rabbi Jacobs felt a "ronllly of the spiritual," more renl than flesh, exists beyond the economic beyond the drive for the wnere- wlthall to keep alive, beyond basic needs and beyond fellowship in America. Me recalled two personal experience* at different corners of the world, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel, to show how others con* »lder America as a place of survival. Bringing his message back to the United Stales, Habbl Jacobt. pointed out the fact there are 256 religious denominations and 52 nationality firoups In this country adds tip to the miracle of American history. The meaning of America to Rabbi Jacobs lies In the fact that despite diversity there Is unity. Speaking of Americans, he used examples to Illustrate how there comes a lime In the Ufa of each when they must break through this "brick wall of prejudice" when a higher being calls. He feels th« true test of a good American has nothing to do with whore the American or his parents were born. Juno 3, Lions will stage a joint meeting with Rotarlans at Cllfion Terrace. Oftotel, Beaumont Parks Is representing the Lions Club In plans. Attending State Convention WOOD RIVER—Mrs. W. I. Jolley, local president, Is attending the P. E. O. stale chnptcr convention at Peorla Tuesday through Thursday of this week as a delaglo from FC chapter. Accompanying her are Mrs, Sid Cahoon, Mrs. John Hubbard, and Mrs, Richard Cof- fcen. / Mrs. Coffeon was In charge of the program when FC chapter was entertained at the home of Mrs: G. O. DeAtley, Lorcna avenue, Monday, afternoon. To Close Lecture Sunday WOOD RIVER—The Rev. A. 12, Gldmon, Indianapolis, Ind,, will complete a *two week series of lectures 'at Assembly of God Church, First street and Jennings avenue, Sunday evening. Lectures are conducted each evening except Saturday beginning at 7:30. Special music and singing accompany the sorvlces. The Rev. Gld- man la a veteran of both wars and native of Great Britain with a U. 3. citizenship. Wood River Noton WOOD RIVER—Mrs. William Breitwelser, Du, Quoin, and Miss Sara Cotterell, Jerseyvllle, spent the past weekend with their sister, Mrs, Ola Easton, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. D. E. Colborn, " 824 Mnaiso'%avenuo, D. B, 'Cojjpo'i'n' and 'sort, Terry, visited In Bible Grove over the weekend with Colborn's parents, Mr. and Mr% G. T. Colborn. Mrs. Ned ".Lewis, Elm Grove, Wls., Is spending 1 this week at the home of Mr, arid Mrs, Dick Snoed, 110 Ferguson avenue, East Alton, : and with friends and relatives in Wood River. '' ' J" Mrs. Howwd Cold, and daughter, MarjorJe, ring-expected to arrive at Lamb^yt AltjSort Thursday morning from>Seattte, Wash. They plan to bfe ,Mvtth Mrs. Gold's mother, Mrs, Phoebe Goldberg, 161a Use for Glamour Eaton visit. avenue, for an extended Mr. and Mrs. Roy Davis and Mrs. William Bradbury, Versailles, III,, were guests Sunday nt the home of Mr. arid Mrs. Eugene Davis, 453 George sjwet. Mrs. Wayne'CoX and Infant son, David Weyjjf, returned home, 51 Marguerite street, from Alton Memorial Hospital, Sunday. David .Waynj Is the couple's 'first child. Mrs. Cox is .the former Miss Lorraine Knutsen, nurse at Alton \ Memorial and Wood River Town• ship Hospitals. , • Mrs. Paul J. Schleeper, 735 Condit street, attended the wed* ding of Miss Virginia Rose Thompson, Fleldon, and John Barry Rlt- ter, Jerseyvllle, at St. Norbert'a Church, Hardin, Monday morning. The bride lit Paul Schleeper's niece. Those glorious fllnl.-crochet rose- dojlics home! are a They must for a lovely are long-wear nnd Oval dolly is 1^x16 V4 Inches In No. 50 cotton. Pattern 561 has charts and crochet directions. Laura Wheeler's Improved pat- lorn makes crochet and knitting so simple wilh Its charts, photos nnd concise directions. Bmitl 20 cent* In colni for Mill pill torn to Alton TnlRgrnpIt, 6(1, Nocilleernlt Dnpt., I'. O. Box 181, Old Ohelnca Station, New York 11, N. Y. 1'rlnt plainly I'AT- TEKN NUMBER, your NAME and ADDRESS. Ideas gn^ore for household and for personal accessories In our Laura Wheeler Nuedlecrnft Book, Illustrations' of crochet, knitting, embroidery not terns', sllp-covors, rugs, toys, pictures, quills. Send 20 cents for your copy. A free pattern Is printed In t^e book. Ford Nflined Wood River GOP Chairman WOOD, RIVER — Jesse Ford, fourth precinct commltleemnn of Wood JFUver, was reelecled chairman of the Wood River Republican District organization at a recent reorganization^ meeting. Ford begins his fourth 2-year term as district chairman. v ' „ Other officers are Ci BJ. Afagufre, re-elected treasurer, and Albert Rowan, elected secretary. All officers hove two-year terms until the next general eledtlori of precinct commllteomen. Fifteen of the :otal 21 precinct commltteemen who make up district .two organi- zatlqn were present for the re- organizational meeting. District two Comprises all .Wood River township, Fort • Russell township, Moro township and pro- clnct 2 of Choutcou township. There are nine districts in the county. The organization voted \4nanlmously to support Charles G. Thomae who was elected Madison County chairman at the county reorganizatlonal meet at Ed- wardsvllle, Monday night. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND ftf patter-by whom he hat hevtf wen before hat been nursing *n uncontclous Impulse to kill SOMEONE— perhaps in pl«W of a cruel parent—all his life long, and the only thing that's "Hidden" Is the fact that hit Inner tensions have at last reached thf point where intelligence no longer can control them. Should you «-*p«-rt lo. "rtijny" your children? Ait«weri You should net one of your life'* bin thrlllR out of ilchlriR and helping your children grow up Inlo Independent men and women, hut that need not mean expecting them to en- terlnln you or give you tho love which you have not found elsewhere. As Dr. Margaret Mend said recently: "We are laying a dreadful new burden on our chll- ABostJno"Qemellir"linilair'crlrni- dren—they have lo be H joy lo nologlst. Even whore n homicide feel that. It Is up to him lo make seems unpremediUilod, It Is the or keep n «rown-up happy. Ho end product of a ilftetime of ha- hns problems Hint he needs help (red, Conflict, and the wish .for with—don't ask him to solve yours, vengeance. .The man who kills a tCopyrlKhl, Ifljo, King Featur&i Syndicate, Inc. Can A "sudden impulse" lead to murder? Answers Not really, says Dr. Can bad news literally be n "MoW'T Answert It may produce fie same glandular reactions as one, reports Dr. J. S. L. Brodle, chief of research In endocrinology at McGlll University, Montreal, Canada. His experiments showed the same Increase In the production of "cortical hormones" In a patient who had heard of a beloved sister's severe Illness thai would have occurred if she had been struck by an automobile. "These measurements shows," he says, "that a mental or emotional upset Is just as truly an injury to the body as a bone fracture, a burn, or a bacterial infection." Let Beauty Go To Your Head B? ALtCfi ttAftf NfiA Staff Writer for year*, doctor* have been advocating that women rel«* with their feet up. As a beauty aid, thit position can be used to good ad* vantage. Nature did not Intend that your blood should rush to your feei all of the time. Whenever you have the lime, get out your Ironing board, prop one end up on the seat of a divan or sturdy uphostered chair, and let Uie bthtr end of the board rest on the floor. Then lie down on the board, feet up, foe 10 to IS minutes. Stay there longer If you can afford the time. The blood will rush out of your tired feet and back to your head, acting as a beauty stimulant. If your Ironing board Is not detachable, He down on the floor with pillows placed under you so lhat District 104 Schools Plan Open House WOOD niVKft—Boys and Girls Week will be observed by grade schools of..,Dlstrlcl 104 the flrsl week In Mny featuring open house al all schools and a field day sponsored by the Lions Club. All parents have been Invited to see their children at work. Classroom visitations will be scheduled for each of Hie five schools by principals and Icachers. One dny during the week will be tlevolod lo parent vlsltallons, student programs, and refreshments. Saturday, the Lions Club will sponsor a program of athletic contests, keeping scores and judging, and furnishing pri/.es. The contests will be supervised by Miss Ruth Toomey, athletic director for the district, and K. E. Schwnlbe, principal of Lewis-Clark Junior High School. ' Special open-house programs for the schools will be staged as follows; Woodrow Wilson School, Hartford, 7:30 p .m. ,May 2; Wo'od River School, afternoon," May J; Washington' School, afternoon, May 4; Lewis-Clark Junior High School, 7:30 p. m., May 4; Lincoln School, afternoon,'May 5. The other open house staged by Ihe district was during edu- Tnul<>-Iil VlloiviiMCr FRIGIDAIRE '<mi|il«'te Lino—Kasy Terms SCHWARTZ APPLIANCE CO. SI \\ IWIHiUSON AVK. WOOD KIVI'JK, II.I. I'HONK 1-9311 ration week in November. It Is hoped there will be a big response from parents in visitations. Bake Sale WOOD RIVER — Homemade pastries will be offered for sale at Wells-Schmidt Tire Sales Co., 101 East Ferguson avenue, be- ginning«6t 9-.3O a. m Saturday by the Ladles' Aid Society of St. Paul Lutheran Church. Mrs. Elmer Johnson. Bowman avenue. East Alton, is In charge, EVERYBODY LOOKS AT YOUR RUQS if ALTERATIONS if BINDING * LAYING WE ARE SUPERIOR CARPET CLEANERS 1032 MAIN ST.—I'hon.- 3-R141 you achieve i nearly fit rtght line from shoulder* to f»t. tour *«*,_ of course, nwll be propped on a chair seat. Vou'll find that, after practicing this dally, your hair and skin will look and feel better. Brigham Young university at Prove, •irtah, wa* founded by the Mofflibn Church leader Brigham Veung in 1875 a* ah academy. Knri v ni| f I' 0 ' wntrr prfihlnniS" with n snff, rlrpr nrfnhlc GEHERAI^ELICTRIC' AUTOMATIC W/IIfR HUUR Alton's Broadway 201 E. Broadway Dial 2-2681 Chinese cofnmuMsti If* fe*ll«ved to have ft plan tot conquering Tibet other than by invasion—by sending back home, as agents, Tibetans now untie* communist control in nearby territories, to work for the "liberation" of Tibet from within the country. _.. - -•--.•;._:. ---• -— J ----iii' •;— - - ^- -«MO l*L10ftAP8 WANf At>8 FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wearers oi t*IM tteth nav* differed real embtrriMtneftt because their plate dropped, Hipped e>t Wobbled at ju«t the wrong time. D4 not live in {ear oi tw» happening to you. Ju«t aertnki* a mils FAStBtTM. th« alkaline inon addi powdtf en youf pl«te«. Mold* telie teeth mote fitmfy, 10 they feel more comfortable. Ooea net aour Check* odor" (denture breath). Get at any Htut stew. (Adv.i ANNOUNCEMENT W« are proud to announce th« third Illinois Pharmacist now associated with our Prescription Department DENNISON D. FOSTER, Jr. B. S. Pharmacy— Purdue University LEONARD L. STURGEON III. Reg. 1'harmaclst DENNISON D. FOSTER, Sr, III. Reg, Pharmacist FOSTER'S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Dally 9 A. M. to 10 P, M. Sunday and Holidays 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. — 4 P. M. to 10 P. M. 230 E. Broadway Alton, 111. May we serve you? Have your doctor phone us. We deliver. Crown fires In through the tops spread rapidly. forest* sweep of' trees and Middlesex, England, is to ploy a school- chiropodist. em- LOOK YOU CAN BUY A USED Reconditioned & Refinished REFRIGFRftTOR GUARANTEED FOR 25 C PER DAY The Meter Plan NO DOWN PAYMENT — Come in and , Let Us Explain it to You. EACH QUARTER YOU PUT IN THE METER APPLIES TO YOUR ACCOUNT. . * WHEN YOUR ACCOUNT IS PAID, THE METER IS REMOVED AND THE REFRIGERATOR IS YOURS. Landlords — Your Tenants Would Appr«ciati This, HLTOR REFRIGERRTIDn 550 E. BROADWAY . DIAL 3-7722 OPEN FRIDAY EVE TILL 9 P. M. Chile's new steel industry at Huachlpato has installed a plant to make barbed wire, ~ Don't Suffer Anothu Minute No matt«r how many remedies you hav« triad for Itching gczema, psoriasis, Infec- Uorii, •thlet«'» -foot or whatever your akin trouble may be-«nythlng from head to Nfoot—WONDBIl 8ALVB can help you. Devtloped for the boyi In the Army— now for you folk! at home WONDEK SALVK U white, greaielew, •ntUepltc. Mo ugly app«arance. for "hlldrSn. Get ^dNrito SALVE-renilU or money refunded. Truly wonderful. Sold In Alton by Binder. Ford-Uopklni, U * W, Thrifty, and Duenhnrdt Drug Btorei, or year borne-town drutlUt MAKE YOUR YARD BEAUTIFUL FENCING NEEDS WITH THESE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT IT'S SO MUCH MSItR WITH AN Poultry Fence 48", 10 rds. 9.50 Poultry Netting 48", Roll 6.50 Red Picket Fence 48" 100 ft .18.50 Lawn Fence 36", single per ft .....15c Fjower Guard 16" per ft, lOc Steel Posts—6, 6'/z, 7 ft. ...75c. 80c. 85c FERTILIZERS Turf Builder, per 100 Ib. 7.50 Vigoro, per IQO ),b, 4,25 Sheep Manure, per 100 Ib. 3.00 Cow Manure, per 1QO Ib, 3,00 Bone Meal, per Ib. 10c Ky. Blue Cwj, per lb..,.95c Red Top, per Ib 75c Rye, per Ib 30c 28,96 30.60 Long Hdle Shovel ,.,..,2.75 GARDEN TOOU8 of ever^ kind and for every use Ladies Garden Shovel ....2,25 Grass Edgen ,,,,,2.25 Spado Fprjf ,.,,..,,,,,,U5 ( Stael Broom R S k 9 '- ,,,,,,175, ,.,,..1,^0 Ro ....,, 8.SO n How, ' iistic, 50 v ,, Hi K. Johnston Hdvve. Co, Pho»« Wl P State «od W- Bresdwiy Get The Most From Your Paint DoJIarWith n 1 Quality House Paints t*H«r PrliMr — an vndtr«»«>t thai' fc^^fcf KfWlii INM( fliiti Your paint dollar will go further with "Dutch , Boy," because "Dutch Boy" paints can take the weatherl They last long, keep your bovine look* ing bright «xi now —and are in tbf long run your wr butt paint nti»l Iwommewlwl by wwywherB — and fjrwen wwrtfetr- worthy -by orer 30 yftn of FISCHER LUMBER 400 W. ST, LOUJ5 AYI. - U5T W/VOff To* oH*i Only $•122 DOWN **T PER WEEK Put» a TIRI5 9IZ! 6,00-16 en Your Gar PLUS TAX 6,00-16 AND YOUR OLD TIRE Other Sixes Also tow! HO OTHIK TIRI AT THIS MICI OFFERS Ail TNESIEXTRA VAIUIS k» ACCUIMID BY MILLIONS OF MOTORISTS AS AMIRICA'S GREATI^T TIRi VALUE. f 15% MORE MILIAOI B«cau« It's Made Witb Exclusive Netf Plus- Mfatgt Trend Rubbtf. • MORI NON^SKIP SAFETY BWUK lo Full Width 8-Rib Tw«d Ww 3,456 Sharp-Edged Angle* to Give Grtattr Pnicetio* JgaiiHt Skidding, • ORIATIR IIOWOUT PROTICTION . . .'NewE*clvti\f RttbbtrRttiMui' PUuttc Gum-Dipping Eliwioatei In- tcroai Hwc t STRONOIR BecauK It'i Built With • Ntw Mfoyon Cord Body, CARRIES THE FAMOUS FIRESTONE L S F E T I Wt E GUARANTEE iresfone 38 W. " fr^flf f W|P

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