Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on August 6, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1898
Page 2
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MELVIN, STEELE JOHNSON. CDtTONS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 6, 1898. DEMOCRATICPRIMARIES, Notice is hereby v : ven l» ilia cmtic voters of Curo nc county U hold primary elections in elio several election districts of snid comity, nt the usual pulling piiiccs, on SATURDAY, AUGUST '20. LS!8, to select live delegates from each district to represent them in a Democratic county convention hereby culled to meet in Deu- tun. on TUESDAY, AUGUST 23. I8HS, nt 1 o'clock, to elect three dulegulite to lup- rcsent Caroline county in the Democratic Congressional convention to ho held in Ocean City, on THURSDAY, A U G U S T 25, 18'lfct, U- nominate u candidate fM UcMisjrp-* for the First Maryland District. The polls in eacli district will lie open from 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock, p. IK. By order STATE CENTRAL COMMITTKE. WE OUGHT TO HAVE WATER-WORKS. IVaco sueuis to bo utmost within sight. Spain has accoptoil in all essential poiuts the terms proposed by President McKinley, and it seems probable the minor contentions will bo speedily settled by a joint commission. As treaty-making is ex- trumoly slow business it is probable that mouths will elapse, if there is no serious disagreement over details, before tbe work is finally consummated. Peace, w i t h victory, will be heartily welcomed in every part of this country. Our town's needs, iu the way of improvements, have often beou urged in these columns, and be believe ·with some effect. The advancement, however, in material progress, is not as rapid as our public-spirited citizens hope to make it arid it behooves us all to continue our efforts. One of the most essential needs is a water supply, and the only solution of the matter is the erection of water works as hundreds of other towns of like importance hare long since done. The legislature of 1896 recognized the necessity fora wator plant here, and Chapter 390i authorized its construction and provided for the issue of bonds to an amount not exceeding ten thousand dollars for the purpose. It is thought by those familiar with the construction of such plants that the outlay here need not be more than six thousand dollars. Towns of nearly twice the area of Denton have been well equipped for about ten thousand dollars. In no instance, we believe, have proper enterprises iu this direction failed to meet the expectations of the taxpayers who appreciate tlio value of lower rates of insurance ·which are immediately obtainable after standard works are put in. Fully as groat, to those who will have them, arc the advantages of water throughout tho home. The saving of labor is an item of importance, amounting, taking the year through, to a considerable sum to many householders. Would such au entereprise involving an outlay of say six thousand dollars bo profitable in DentonT This question, we think, can be safely answered iu the affirmative, provided a hundred, or even half that number of our property owners, including the custodians of public property wake up to onr real needs and give it tho support which it dosevves. A GOOD OFFICER RETAINED. The people of Caroline eouuly are to be congratulated that School Examiner M. Bates Stephens has been continued in that important position. The commissioners have the commendation of a vast majority of the patrons of tbe schools, in every part of the county, for their favorable consideration of their appeal for Mr. Stephens' retention. It is not saying too much when we place Mr. Stephens amongst the foremost school executives of the State, and it does not disparage any applicant for the position to say that, all things considered, his displacement would have beou a loss to the school interests of tho county. His efficient work has brought them through whatever of experiment they may have encountered to their present high standing, and signal recognition of that fact is given in his retention in office. It would bavc been possible, but it would also have been out of keeping with the reputation of the gentlemen who then composed the board if it had declared null and void its action two years ago--appointing Mr. Stephens for four years --simply because of the political sentiments of the majority of tho board. In this day of office-seeking and office-giving for political Ten- sons, it is refreshing to see broadmindedness and watchfulness of the public welfare rise above partisan demands, as in this case. Agaiu we say the people are to be congratulated on the retention of a well-tried and efficient public official. EDITORIAL NOTES. ^Reorganization of various school boards throughout the State occured on Tuesday last, and special interest centered in the exaimuerships. In Carroll, Dewees L. Farrer; in Howard, Philip T. Harmon; in Baltimore county, Z. P. Ebaugh; in Dorchester, Josiah H. Kerr, and in Allegany, J o h n E . Edwards, were chosen examiners. Mr. Kerr succeeds Dr. J. L. Bryan, who has held the position for thirty years. In Queen Amies, L. L. Beatty; iu Talbot, Alexander Chaplain were continued in office. It isuo wouderthatthose who hanker after public office are heartily in favor of the United States takingpos- session of the Philippine Islands and making territories of them. There are nearly two thousand of these islands, and a governor, district at- tovuey, marshal and possibly other officers for each would open a field that would exalt the pleasurable expectations of the huugerers after office to the highest degree--Ex. The statement is made that articles of peace have been signed between Senators "Wellington and McComas, the condition precedent being that Senator Wellington is to have the support of his colleague in his fight for the chairmanship of the Republican State Central Committee. With McComas' help the Duke can make it. Mr. Stevenson Archer, Ex-Treasurer of the State of Maryland, died at the City Hospital, in Baltimore, nn Tuesday last. His remains were interred at Bel Air on Thursday. Mr. Archer was au able and protni- ucnt lawyer. He served four terms in Congress, and years ago'was one of the political lenders of the State. Persons who are kicking over the 0110 cent stamp tax apparently don't remember that under the old internal leveuue law of 18G2 a tax of $1 was levied upon gold watches, 50 cents upon silver watches and $10 on carriages. There were various other provisions in that law which make the present seem trifling. The dedication of tbe Key memorial, an event of national interest, will take place at Frederick next Tuesday. * «·»-» · The Rev. W. B. Costley, of Stockbridge, Ga., while attending to his pastoral duties at Ellenwood, that state, was attacked by cholera mor- bus. He says:. "By chaneeI happened to get hold of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy, and I think it was the means of saving my life. It relieved me at once." For sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; B. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Beaton. The call for the primary elections will be found at the head of our columns to-day. The selection of a ·candidate for Congress is sufficiently important to awaken tho interest of every Democrat in the district. It now seems pretty certain that there will be no great contest for the nomination, but that ought not to pro- vent us from sending the strongest possible delegation to represent Caroline county in the Ocean City convention, on the 25th of this month. In some event Caroline might he pleased to present the claims of one of her sons to tho nomination. It could not be amiss to have the most representative Democrats of the county compose our delegation to the Congressional convention. The Herald and the Xarylander, the two Democratic papers published at Prineesi Anne, have been consolidated, and will hereafter be published every Tuesday under tho name of the Marylander and Herald. -Wo wish the consolidated paper smeciis. Notice of Scholarships, OFFICE OF THE SCHOOL BOARD, DKNTON, MD., Aug. 6,1898. An examination of applicants for the scholarships due Caroline county at Charlotte Hull school and St. Mary's Female College will be held at the office of the School Board, on Saturday, August 13th 11 bogiu at 10 o'clock a. m. The examination will be conducted in tbe following studies for St. Mary's College: Arithmetic U. S. History, Algobra, Geography, Physiology, English Grttmmar. For Charlotte Hull till the above studies except Algebra uud Physiology. Both the above scholarships cover board tuition and practically all necessary col- lego expenses. The scholarship at the Maryland Agricultural College is vacant because of the resignation of B. M. Messick, Jr., mid ap- plicnnts for same will please attend this cMimirtiition. By the payment of $8 the appointee will receive board, tuition books and room-rent without furth'er eharge. By order, M. B. STEPHENS, Examiner. Wood Wanted. OFKICK OF THE SCHOOL BOARD,' i DENTON, MD., Aug. 6,1898. / Smiled proposals, marked on outside envelope, "Proposals for Wood," will received until noon Tuesday, September Oth, to furnish for each school house where \vood is used for fuel enough good, mer uhuntable wood which, when added to whut may already be on the school grounds shall make flvo cords. Bidders must stati what kind of wood they will furnisb am TIO bid will be considered unless tho wooc is reasoned. Successful bidders will -be furuibhcd blanks for stating their accounts ·which must be endorsed by at least on trustee of the school, stating that tho wood had been measured and WAS of good qual ity. The wood must be corded on schoo grounds by October 1st. Wood bills pay ablo when properly made out and signo: by tho trustee. By order, M.B. STEPHENS, Scc'y. Order Nisi. John H. C. Legg, Assignee, vs. "William M. Day and Wife, Mortgagors In tho Circuit Court for Caroline County In Equity. No, 924. Ordered on this 14th day of July, 18D8 that tlic sale of the real estate men tinned and described in the mortgage from W. M. Day and wife to James T. Wood dntod the 28th day of May, 1878, and re oitrded in Libor J. W. T., No. 40, folk 182, etc.. a land record book for Caroline county, Maryland, and assigned by rnons ubignnmnts to John II. C. Legg, am miide by John H. C. Logg, assignee, an reported in this cause, be ratified and con llrmcd, unless cause to the contrary b shown on or before tho 16th day of Sop tember, 1898. provided a copy of this or dcr bo inserted in some newspaper printc in Caroline county, Maryland, once in each of three successive woeks before the 15th day of August next. The report states the amount of sales t be $2,000.00. CHABLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. True copy--Test: Gil A.BLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. WANAMAKEH'S WANAMAKER'S. U i _ ] i u i - A mo I I . i l l Store closes Saturday afternoons during the summer. PHILADELPHIA, A\0!i(lay. Auijiiht 1, 1898. August Brings the Furniture Sale · AWAY BACK in the spring of 1885 we talked of f u r n i t u r e -- a n d f u r n i t u r e shortcomings--and the shortcomings of the then f u r n i t u r e sellers. We promised better f u r n i t u r e and b e t t e r methods. The methods vvu're easier changed than the f u r n i t u r e , and we had a long up-hill siege to the plane of really dependable f u r n i t u r e . There was some elegantly made f u r n i t u r e , even years ago, but it was the high-priced exception. U is yet, with the genera! f u r n i t u r e store--thougn the better methods of making we have enforced have made it possible for any dealer to better his stock if he will. In 1800 the August Trade Sale of Furniture was first held. Its planning had taken months of work beforehand. The August Trade Sale had common sense for its basis. The f u r n i t u r e business here developed had called for large facilities, extending to separate delivery service. Mid-summer came, and f u r n i t u r e selling practically stopped. R e - f u r - nishing was the worl of mid-autumn--then came a great wave of business. We k n e w the regular course of selling was more profitable to us and most convenient to you. But the summer sleepy-time to the m a n u f a c t u r e r s was bothersome. If they could only meet expenses! F u r n i t u r e makers hailed the scheme of a Trade Sale with delight--coupled with the fear of its failure. But we took thousands of dollars' worth at m u c h under c u r r e n t prices. And the sale was a success. It is a success yet. And this n i n t h a n n u a l event brings another great stock here and makes the usual economy possible. . . . J t h a s b e e n o u r p u r p o s e -- a n d achievement--to make 82 do the work of S3 in f u r n i t u r e b u y i n g m August. And standards never lower here. " Whether at Home, or by seaside, or in mountain haunt, it is time to give a l i t t l e attention to one s furniture needs--even the prospective ones--because it pays to do so. If you are not ready for the goods purchased, we will hold them for September or October delivery. JOHN WANAMAKER Tbree Great Clearance It's t i m e we wore c l e a v i n g o u t t h e odd lots and b r o k e n sizes in Summer goods. This a n n u a l sale is an eagerly lookcd-lor e v e n t , Eor it's .1 p r o f i t moans oC bavins; on j u s t the r i g l i t troods, the popular clothes, it ;i l i m n « lii'ii t h e i r usolulnoss is it i t ' s lioight. ID -SUMMER CLEARING OUT TRUSTEES SALE OF Valuable Property II THE TOWM OF DEHTOH. o By virtue of a decree of the C i r c u i t Jourt for Caroline county, passed on tlie 27th dny of July, 1898, in tlie cnuso where- n James N. Todd, infant, by his no\t 'riend, Clam N. Todd. is complainant, find James N. Todd, iufiuit, is defendant, T. Pliny Fisher, trustee mimed in ssiid decree, will sell nt public auction, to the liuliest bidder, in front of the court house n the town of Donton. Maryland, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 30th, 1898, between the hours of 2 find 4 o'clock . m., all the renl estate of wliicli tlio liito Fumes N. Todd died seized and possessed, to wit: First--All that lot or purccl of ground situate in the said town of Denton, on the lorthwest corner of Giiyiand Second streets, adjoining the property of Mrs. N. Alex. lutbon and miming back to tlie Choptuul: river, being the residence) of the said Into James N. Todd, and is improved by u argo THREE-STORY DWELLING,! iciitcd with furnace; Dairy, Hun-liouso, Stables, ahd Lnw Office, nil new or receut- y repaired. This is one of tho most desirable homes in Denton. - Second--All that lot on Second street in said town of Deri ton, near the Academy, »nd known as the "Smith Good property," laving a front 011 Second street of 42A foot ind a depth of 127 feet, mid is improved "TWO-STORY DWELLING with hack-building, now iu the occupancy of Smith Good. . Third--All that unimproved lot on snid Second street, in snid town of Donton, nd- oiniug snid Smith Good property on the south, with n front of 42J feet and u depth of!27 feet. TERMS OF SALE. Tho terms, as decreed,are: One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash on day o! sale, and the balance to bo pnid in two equal instalments of one aud two years,, the credit payments to bo intcrcst- benring and to be secured by the bonds of j f . j p/i the purchaser or purchasers, with sureties [ "£· 1ZV to be approved by the trustee; or all Ciish. SUCCESS! CASH BUYING MEANS SUCCESS FOR THE BUYER · AND SELLER. at tho option chasers. " " chaser. Biig6-tds. of the pnrchuser or pur- I Title papers nt expense of piir- T. PLINY FISHER, Trustee. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF VALUA11LE TOP PROPERTY I N HILLLBORO. By virtue of the power of sale conlnitied iu'a mortgnge from Mary V. Morgnn uml John A. Morgan, her liustmml, to Fnmiic I.'P. Todd, dnted December 4, 1894, and recorded in Liber K C. F., No. B], folios 162, c., one of tho land records for Caroline county, which snid tnortgnge was duly assigned by tho snid Fnnnio 1. P. Todd and husband to Daniel J. Fooks, and by tho said Daniel J. Fooks assigned to T. Pliny Fisher, tho said T. Pliny Piabnr will sull at public auction, to tho highest bidder, in front of tho cuurt house in tho tiown of Donton, Maryland, on " TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1898, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. in., the following property, to \vit All that tract, lot or parcel of land situate in the town of Hillsboro, Caroline county, Maryland, on Church street in cnid town, bounded on the north by tho lands of the heirs of the late Dr. Thomas S. Holt and tho lands k of Mary Coliison, on the oast by lands of Dr. Thomas Hnckelt mid others, on the south by the said Church street, and on the west by the Parsonage lot of tbe Protestant Episcopal Clmri'li, having a frontage of ninety feet mid a depth of one hundred and twenty-seven feet, and contains DUE-FOURTH OF AN ACRE OF LAND, more or lees, being the sumo hinds conveyed to tho said Mavy V. Jlorgiui by John M. Beavon by deed duly recorded among the land records for Ciirolinc county aforesaid. This property is improved by largo DWELLING, | with modern improvements, and with good stable, Ac., and is one of the best homes in Hillsboro. TERMS OF SALE--Ctiih on dny of sale. Title papers at expense of purchaser. · T. PLINY BISHER, augS-tds. Assignee. Examiners' Notice. We, the undersigned, having boon tip- pointed by the county commissioners of Caroline county to examine and, if found necessary, lay down a new public rond in tho Eighth Election District, beginning nt or near Beachtimp's Bridge, on the load leading from Williston to Concord, and running through tho lands of Sirs. Elizabeth Beacliamp, William F. Lidcn, and between tho lands of E. M. Garoy and W. C, Andrew, until it intersects the county roud leading from Two Johns to Jones' Corner, hereby give notico that wo will meet at said place of beginning itt 0 o'clock a. m.. on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 1898, to execute our commission. · Tho county surveyor will please attend without further notice. . JOSEPH P. ROOP, SAMUEL T. NOKB1S, WILLIAM T. LOUD, July 30, 1898. Examines. 6\c. one pound Rice. 10\e. Levering's Coffee. 10\c. Enterprise Coffee. 5c. S pounds Washing Soda. 4c. Philadelphia Oleine Soap. 1 Oc. YZ pound can Cocoa. 5c. 4 double sheets Fly-Paper. 9c. 2 boxes Axle Grease. 7c. Organdies, Dimities that sold for 18, 15, 12, lOc.. lOc. one /. Chocolate Drops. 40c. six large Dinner Plates. 3Sc. 6 Cups and 6 Saucers, Cups with handles. lOc. Child's 25c Sailor Hats. Silk-worhed Initial Handkerchief. tirs Child's Hose, size 5 to 7. We. one dozen Potomac Herring. 4c. one pound White Fish. 5c. one package Corn Starch. 35c. one pound dry Roasted Mocha and Java Coffee. R. S. Crew, Denton's Cash Dealer 5c. PUBLIC SALE -OF-REAL ESTATE. By virtue of competent authority the undersigned will sell nt public sale, ill Ridgely, Maryland, on Saturday, the 13tli of August, 1898, between the hours of 1 and 3 o'clock p. n. tho following retil estate to wit- All that farm, triict or pnH of n tract of land situated in the Second elcctioa district of Caroline county, Maryland, on the public rond loading from Grceiisborongh to Bridgetown, and nbout one and a-balf inilcb from the latter place, adjoining tlie lands (Intply) of tho heirs of "Win. M. Day, the lands of Boone Loockerman and others, known as the "Aloiizo Clark Furln." uiul containing 222 ACRES OF LAND, more or less. This land is of superioi quality, hns on it TWO SETS OF BUILDINGS, in ordinary repair; well located us to niil- rond transportation, schools, churches, etc 1 ., find will be offered in three tracts--75 acres, 85 acres and fil acres respectively-according to a pint to be exhibited on the duy of sale, and than ns a whole, and will bo sold in whichever wtiy it brings the most money. TERMS OF SALE. One-fourth cnsh on dny of sale and the balance in four equal annual instalments, the deferred payments to boar interest and to be secured to tlio satisfaction of the undersigned. S- Ei HILL, 200 Equitable Buildiiig.Biiltimore, ]Vld., Attorney for the Owner, fl@"Plat can be seen Jiiul information given at tho oflico of LKWI* "Wx*T, attorneys, Doutou, Md. A New 5uit : , We'll close out tliis week our slock of Summer dssinicro, Cheviot, Wolfe tod anil Fjutcy M i x t u r e Suits tli.T.1 sold up t n $1~.0Q--choice f any Coi $7.50. Suits we i]i:uli!-to-ovder, but Cor sonic u':iFo;i r other were uncalled for, w o r t h up to $2.3, w i l l be i n c l u d ed in those groat salos at $11. 1 The balanooof our Men's 1 Pointed aad Square Toe Shoes, are grouped into 2!^^?L | t w o price divisions, Fine C a l f , Vici llnssols and Tan Shoes, we sold for $:5, will 30 at $$1.50. Those we sold up to $5 w i l l go at $2.50. littler lie sprv, lor llioe shoes nrc srcal li:ir- gnm-, .nut thin -in: only live lMin:1rcl odd pnirs k;t(. That fits, · that is in style, that won't cost yen much money will help you enjoy your vacation. A Serge, a fancy, stylish Cheviot, a black and white Pin Check Worsted; whichever your taste prefers is just the sack suit for summer wear. Note the prices j Serges, $7.50, $10, $12.50 and $15. Cheviots as low as $5, and $6.50, $8, £10, $ 12 and $ 15. Pin Checks at$io, $12 and $15, and 10 per cent, off the prices of all of them, except the Serges. Our double- breasted coat Serge Suits are up to date for young men, $8, $10, $12.50 and $15. A Serge coat and vest, with white duck or light striped trousers, looks and feels cool and comfortable. Closed evenings at 6, except Saturday. JAS. T. MULLIN .ft SONS, afe We've taken our Men's $l-75 aud 2.00 Belgium Split Braid Yaclit, Soft Brim Sailor aud Mackinaw Hats, and made a special price on all of $1.25. Ouv Men's 75c aud $L Rough Jumbo Braid Sailors ;uid Mackinaw Hats will go at48o. Other departments avo fooling the keen knife of this Clearance Sale, so that there's hardly a n y t h i n g you need but can be bad for ranch below regular prices. Children's Clothing, mis anil Shoos. Men's I'liriiislnnjis and Ciului\viar. llicyclu Clothes, llnth, Shoes anil Musi'. ItnlliinK Stilts nnd Trunks. Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Sixth and Market, Wilmington When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting 1 , Retiring and Writing 1 Rooms; Men's Smoking 1 and Waiting Rooms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels checked free, and every accommodation and comfort is cordially extended to you. Oehm's Acme Hall Baltimore Charles Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD, All Ciiv Lines Pass Our Door. All Summer Goods must go at some price. We don't intend to carry over a single yard. Now is your chance to save money on all Dry Goods, Notions, Mattings, Men's and Boy's Clothing, Just think of all of the best Percales, French Ginghams and Madras Cloths that sold for i-z l / and isc-- all go for toe -and a big lot to be sold at 8c. Calicoes, best goods, in black and white, gray and blue, worth 6 and 70 -- all go for 5c. Light calicoes for 4c. All of our Summer Organdies reduced -- 2 5c goods for 200 -- 2oc goods lor 150 goods for i2j^c. We have placed on a Bargain Counter Hundreds of yards of goods all to be sold for sc. Come and get first pick. 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Ready-Made Skirts and ready-made Waists at Your Own Prices, to close out. THE BARGAIN GIVERS, J. C. GODWIN CO., EASTON, ID. d2r*Don't forgot the "Annual M. P. Sunday School Excursion to Ocean City, August 17th, 1898. Notice- All pfir=mis who have repair work in my slioji art: rpqueslcd to cull for it before the IGlh duy of August next; or it will bo sold on Unit day, nt public unction, to pay JIOSES GOTTLIEB. At the Sign of the Crystal Globe, THINGS AT THE GLOBE. WEST BALTIMORE STREET, 3 DOORS FROM CHARLES. THINGS Qft ,i/U at THE GLOBE are always ALL RIGHT. When you visit Baltimore to buy Clothes, Furnishings, Hats and useful fixings you'll do the right thing to investigate THE GLOBE'S inducements. Think of k SIX DOLLARS and NINETY CENTS gives you a choice of a splendid and superior selection of elegantly made and form-fitting Suits in Fancy-Colored Worsteds, Cheviots, Tweeds, Cassimeres, Etc. Every Suit guaranteed pure wool. Styles in 3 and 4-Button Round Sacks, including Black and Blue Cheviots. These Suits sold regularly this season for $12, $\4 and $16, and include many nobby dark effects specially desirable for early fall wear. But what's the use telling you about 'em? The right thing to do right NOW is to come to THE GLOBE and see the-kind of Q,,:«^ ,,rara e-ollillrr fnr A r\f~ T .Onlr nt 'pm PVC1 m i n f '*ITI ' WANTED, , YOUR WHEAT See Our Agents, Who Are Prepared to Pay Highes^, Market Prices on Delivery,. i wJtt^HkY, \ · .^ e station ' S. N. SMITH, JR., WiUoughby, W. F. PENNINGTON, j ! EUGENE LYNCH, Downee, W. H. ANDERSON, H. C. HOBBS, W. R. PETERS, M. L. BLANCHARD. W. S. LORD, Q. A. R.' R. Suits we're try 'em on. selling for $6.90. Look at examne FURNISHING SPECIALTIES s SNAP PRICES Impelled Funcy Half IIoso, in dots, stripes and pluids. Tlie 35c, quality at The Globe, 8 \V. Baltimore, St., 23c. Fine Bnlhriggaii Underwear, in plain colors and mottled ofl'ects, French iioi-k- bnnds, pom I buttons. Price at tho Globe. 8 \V. IJnltininre St., only 23c. Percale mud Cheviot Soft Shirts, with and without collura attached, stripes, checks and figures, worth 7oc. Price lit Tho Globe, 8 W. JJiiltimoro St ,only.39c. French Underwear (Imported), fancy ' , i n ploiising tints, silk fronts a n d silk-stitched neckbands; worth 51.50 per suit. Price nt The Globe, H "W. Unitimore St., T.JC, poi- suit and 45c, a garment. Silk Piiiri3osoin Shirts in n«w patterns stripes and light tints, sold else where for Sl.OO. Price at Tlio iGlobc, 8 W. Baltimore St., only 98c. J. CULVER, CUSTIS BURTON, E. W. INGRAM, Denton, Hobba, Hickman, Blanchard, Greenwood, Ellendale, Milton, Lewes, i Grain alao received on Storage in Elevator, Queens; town, and negotiable Beceipt issued, covered by Insurance. Particulars furnished on application to -- I WILLIM M. 6)11 ,} niM«r For JIM. HOPPS CO. W QUEENSTOWN, MD. J ( BALTIMORE, MD. * Double and Singlc-Brcasted All-Wool Serge Gouts, fust indigo blue., linishcd with stay seams, sell regularly fo- S3-50. Will go at The Globe for only .$2.98. OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 O'OCLOCK: SATURDAY UNTIL 11. == FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS for Spot I will continue to sell all Proprietary Medicines at Prices which prevailed befoi'e the war tax was imposed. Hood's Sarsaparilla, 85c. Pierce's Pellets, 20c. Mrs. Pinkham's Medicines, 85c. Pieroe's Golden Discovery Favorite Prescription, 85c. Chamberlain's Preparations at the old Prices. Quinine Pills, 5c. n dozen; 25c. a hundred. "Wo buy only the Beit Medicines tlnit ran bo lioiighl nt any pHoo. Try a Glass of Rjfrtsl»lns SoJa tbess Hot Day?. W. E. BROWN, DRUGGIST, DENTON, MD. it If if R. B.BON D, DEALER IN WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. f Will give all the benefit of large purchases for t CASH! * r ; ' ." ' f CASH PAID FOR COGS. HOUSE UHLER, --DEALERS IN-- SEASONED PINE (ORIGINAL GROWTH) Framing Sawed to Correct Sizes; Shingles; Laths; Flooring; Siding; Lime; Hair; Cement, Etc, AT OUR GOAL YARD, AT THE RAILROAD STATION, Will be kept on hand a supply of First-Class Morca Stove Coal. It is the best I .Farmers are informed that we furnish Kerr Bros.' Wrightsville Land Lime. Now is tlie time to give yonr orfler. Satisfaction guaranteed. . , ; IN FW SPA PERI IF.WSPA.PFJ

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