Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 12
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fcECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 22, 1930. SOCIETY AND O , 0 DECATUR HERALD _ Th. .tetter*- «tub ot ·titotl wtB nav* Dr. Bachrach To Speak For College Club First Official Meeting of Year Will Be Monday In Smith Home Members of tho Cottage club will have th*l( (kit meutlnn of tht year Monday evening, with a program in th* horn* of Mr*. Madeline B, Smith, 444 South Edward street. Th* club had K joint meeting lait month In Sunnyslds club, with tht University club, The speaker tot Monday In Dr. Ben Bachrooh. who will tell aomfr thine of hi* Interesting trjp to tin; Inland dmtrlet* of South America, where Axtno ruin* are being Invtutl gated by explorers. Mn, .Schumacher Bridge-Liimhtcn Tuesday Mrs, B, A. Schumftchnr entertained Ttwmlay with a bridge-luncheon In her home, honoring Mi 1 *. B. L. Walk «r, who ta leaving soon to live In Michigan. Mrs. Sohumaohor was *«· tinted by bar mother. Mr«. A. T. flyers of Indianapolis. Mrs, P, T. tons; of Newman, wag an out of town Xueat. First prlKe was won by Mr*. L. E. Dyson, and second by Mrs, M. E, Clrohn*, n* TflWw in South Sid* women's winter brldjce auxiliary had ulna tablet" of «ards In play Tuesday alter · lunchnon In De- eatur ofub room*. MM. K. It, Younjr, Mr*, H. J, Mack*y and Mr*, T. C. Bur well won the first three prlMs, Mrs. J. W, Oaudla and Mm. V. W, Kalsor were hoste»**s, In two wonk* there will be a sii*»t day party. Hottt- espes (or this Nov. 4 brldKn-hincheon will bo Mm, JG. C. Hedffo* and Mr*. Z. C. Psalema* llvl»lon of tb« Woman'ti elub heard Mini ROM Ruckl« spenk about Xsklmn* In itn Tuesday evening mnetlng. Mr*. H. W. Wnvx- mlller led thfi iuwnt *^nUt, Twenty-two member* attended th* meet- **· ' _ Art'tjtetalwt to H«t)t Cuetl Day on October 28 Art and Literature department of Ihfi Woman'* club will have A guest dny m«*tlng next Tiwwlay, with Mr«. ntive Wornlok ·· uncial chairman. Mrs. Harry Branch, loader of thl* week's pfwam, apoke about John NHhartlt. literary editor of St. Loula I*osl-PI*pntoh,and mad some of his poems. Mi 1 *, TBarl Hoddy t diked about Viwhai Mnrtaay. Sara Teiwdale and l,ew Sarrett, Th* division voted *!i for th» Memorial milk fund. »· port wn» made of the condition of Mrs, H, I, Dor*n, who Is quite III. rjat-so-lal-eo club met with Mm, K, A. I.amar TiiMdny nftornnon. M member* ami two jtuost* allMvllnsr thn potluek luncheon. Mrs, C, Hob- ortM and Mm, Will Bnnfleld were an- Hlntant hdet6!«*». Mm. Cldrenco ]jow«ry 1«I the frame*, Mm. John Harrison winning a prize, Mrs. John Sannnr gavo n Ulk about In- dlnn*. Mu»to wan furnlihwl by llio Mim!c*l T#entt qtifti'tdt ltd by John Ctlnlur. Th* otub will matt Nov, w with Mm, C. E. Thornton, Mrs, Son- n«r and Mr*, Fr«d Sohroll rwlntlng tho Mr*. J, W, Rnmtey and non, Joaeph, of PhlladHphla, T*a,. arrived In Deontur Saturday for a vlult with Mm, Bumscy'n parent*. Mr. and Mm. H. J. Ca»l«y, H13 uth J 111 no I* »tr«*t, Mr. nnd Mr*, Howard Tfturncd Tu»«day aftfirnoon from Chicago, wh»t» lh«y w»nl tunt w«nk. While In ChloaRO thfiy attended Hin national radio ahow In Iho Coliseum, Mr. nnl Mra. C, ft. Buuhantin ob- ·erv«d their 3Bth wondlnK nnnlvor- iary Saturday «v«n)«(t In tholr homn, 3112 Kaat Main itrwt, Twonty-flve frlondtt of th« couple went to the Buchanan horn* for a wild d»ick dinner, Mr. Bunhnnun 1* nn onirlnriM' for the Wabaih lotith and (might Mir vice, and mo*t of the micsts were railroad m*n *nl Ihelr wives. Chela Bftrgener, Atn Sotttli ·on *lr*et, dtwomd hl« TTth binh day nnnlvaranry Sunday with hi* non* and their fantlll**. und n number of other rel«tlr«i and rrlondu, who wcr« prwtnt for A rirpvliw bn«k«e dlnnur. Out of lown Kiiestsi were Mr. and Mrt. A, M. Beraonor iinn family, and Mf. and MM. Coltinn Bors«ner of Moweuqua, Mr, and Mra. Ante* Berjtftiw and George Tolly. Jr., of Awuntptlon, Mr, and Mra. Bcrft«ner of Ptortn. There, were mnny culler* ditrln* th« day, DUHFEK mtNDI.K DAY The Partnt-Teaoher avuocliillnn of H. B DHifM Mbiwt will hav. byndto Siy Thumday. Clothing of all eorte tm th« «WoW room In OMtman ·oheol I* to be taken to Durf«e ·ohool «t »ny time on Thursday, · -Pacific unit Atlantic photo. /KAN M'OAFFEY ST. LOUIS. Mo.-- The ftbovo photo shown Joan MoCaffcy. 2 years old, who captured first prize in tho St. Loula baby show, DELTA DELTA!)?TM"" PLANS BANQUET FOR ITS FOUNDERS DAY Delta Delta Delta alliance made flrat plana Tuesday evening for Its annual Founders' Day banquet, to be friven the evening of Nov. 25 with nctlves a« K ue* Is. Mr*, J. A. Mel- rone was named ohnlrman, and will be aMltiled by Mise Ruth Carter, Mrs. W, P, Moloombe. Mra. E.-W Carrier, Mine Da v Ida MoCaslln, and Mm. Will MoKoe, W M Ttl Vt** Sixty members attended the Trl F«de In the chapter house Tuesday evening. The pledges gave a stunt a ft or tht dinner, following a brief buslnnss se«alon of th* alliance, Sevon table* of bridge were in play later. Hostwses for the evening were Mis, J, V. Oauger, Mr*. Arden Hamman, Mls» Bonnie Blackburn Mrs, R. C. M. Kraabel, LEGION AUXILIARY POSTPONES ROAST ot the death of Mrs, Kittle Duncan, past prenident ot the *o- ulety, the American Legion Auxiliary hati po*tponed ltd wiener roast indefinitely. Tho affair was to have b«en hold Saturday In Fair view park Pauline Bentley Weds Chester B. Cannon Mia* Pauline Bon t ley of White Hall, N. Y,, and Chester i, Cannon t,alie Shore drive, Decutur were married Monday In the parsonage of Rev, A. L. Kdcly or First Con- KCSgatlonal church, Mr. Cannon formerly employed In the circulation department of The Herald, now op uratei the Deep Rock oil station at the ocrner of Bast William and33d ittroet. The couple will be at home In 1300 Lftko Shorn drive. Union Veterans Auxiliary Gives Benefit Card Party The women's auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans will give a benefit card party Thursday at Zm and at S l, m., In Mrs, Will Seljrman's Home tea room, 020 Wosl Maaon street Thero will bo tabtos for pinochle and MO. Th* publlo in Invited. Enna Jettick Shoes A Revelation In Style and Comfort Yfiu imnil no longer to bi told thnt you liavn an expemive fool. Women who ordinarily have to pay JlO and 113 In order to sot a shoo which fits perfectly without »acrlflclng irmart style havo found Enna Jottlck sheen a tovelMlon--yot they cent only $5 and W, (JreenberR's shoe store at 135- 1ST East Prairie street carry u complete ranfre ot Junior. Hisses and Women's styles find sizes ranaimr from AAAA to EEE widths and i to 12 sizes, In these wonderful sliooa for women,-- Adv. CHURCH NOTES Chwa Luncheon 'rhurmluy Members of th* Live Tor Kvor clas* of Westminster Presbyterian church, taught by Mrs. w. A. Denny will have a i o'clock luncheon Thursday in the home oc MM. R. K. Greenfield. 288 Soutn Wmillawn avenue. Mrs, W, H. Hammer and Mrs. Crowder wilt be In ohargs of the program, and Mrs, Abner Shirk will lead the devotion*. LAST WEEK Special Shewing of Ctnuine ORIENTAL RUGS ss-ssst TW?*tt th* !««»' ooH«otl«« of Genuine Oriental Run ever shown In JDMttur, KEKEISEN, lac, 217 North Mahft. Phone 2-2693 Stonticello D. A. R. Having Benefit Party Several From Here Going Over Friday To Home of Mrs, A. F. Moore A number of Decatuv women ar going over to M on tic olio on Friday for tho. benefit bridge party beln given by Remember Allerton chap ter, Daughter* of the American Hev olutlon. The affair Is to be at 2:30 o'clock in Bradmoore, the home o the regent, Mrs. Allen F, Moore, an Is for the benefit of D. A. R. achool and of the Montlcello Communit Chest. Among those who will go from horn are Mrs, W. C. Wood, regent o Stephen Decutur chapter, Mrs. Qu P, Lewis, Mra. W. B, EMlck, Mrs 0, G. Collins, Mri. T. \V. Boruff, Mra, J, D. Johnson, Mrs, J, K. Holt, Mrs C. C. Nicholson and Mrs. Forrea File. -4- VANDALIA CLUB HAS PROGRAM ON HERALD FEATURE VANDALIA -- Literature depart rnsnt ot Vandnlia Woman's club mo Monday with Mr*. E. W, Ferryman Iloll coll was answered by "Boiicv It, or Not" and a blographlca Hketclt of R. L. Hipley, originator o "Bellcvo It, or Not" was given by Mrs. N. C. Gochenoer, Mrs, John J. Brown conducted tho better Eng llsh drill; Mia* Delia Mitchell gav* a list and comment on American novels recommended for club read era. The book review, "Of Man Adam an' His Chlllun" by Roark Bradford -wan given by Mrs, Mac D Stone, Mr*, CtHj'honoer gave a biographical sketch of the author, The next meeting will be Nov. 3 In Presbyterian church. Mr*. Mary A, Wall, of Mwphysboro, stato pre* Ident of the Illinois Federation 01 Woman's cluba, Mrs, O, A, Junes, of Salem, president of the 23rd district and other district officers will be prevent, AH clubs In tho county have been Invited. SULLIVAN CLUB HAS LOVINCTQN GUESTS SULLlVAN-Membcrs of Loving ton Woman's club were guests of Prlends-in-Coundl club Monday aft ernoon In the home of Mrs, Car Hill. Three new members were received into the club: MTM. Abel, wife of Prof. Abel of the Sullivan Town ohlp High school faculty; Mrs, Cora Fleming, a former member; and Mrs, Barclay, who was a member or Wcldon cluti, An Invitation was ro- colvcd from the Loving ton club to attend their moetinR Oct. 28 In the home of Mrs. A, L. Wilt. A fund of M Wfto voted fur assisting In r,e placing lccaylnR trees In Wyman park. The program waa In honor 'of the 3,000th anniversary of Virgil. Mrs. Goorgu Sentel playod Ihe Royal Itul ian march. Mrs, Lefnnd Lawrence sang, and Mr«. Guy Plfer played the piano. The subject for the afternoon, "Llfo,, and Plays of Virgil," was In charge of Mrs. Bay ·Isaacs. She wan assisted by Mrs. Grace Richardson who spoke of his lite, nnd by Mrs, Ruth Campbnll of the High ttchool faculty, who spok* of the value of thft study of classics, Miss Beatrice Hill and Miss Evelyn Dunscornb of the Junior organization assisted In serving refreshments. Nov. 3 will be devoted to citizenship, with Ml«s Mumlo Ptitterson in charge ot Iho program, and Mrs. O, L. Todd us hostess, HOW IT STARTKD By J»an Newton "Bl nip m" Th«so sporting Jackets of light, bright colors are becoming quite de rlguer. Red and white particularly make a rich and striking combination ,nnd--no, gentle reader, this is not a fashion talk--we were simply talklngr generally about "blatters" and loading up to the story of how we come to use this word for an article of wearing apparel. Thi* Is how It started. ,. Ttrti original btancrs were so-called because oC their bright red color-they being all red--and the term was first applied to those worn by the members of the fashionable Lady Margaret Boat club of St. John's col l«ffg^Cambrldge, In MASQUEBADE C O S T U M E S MASKS AND MAKE UPS Maiies ft Essick Phone 43Ji life IF someone were to nk you * "What la p*r*onallty?" what would you *ay7 Someone did Mk us, and we stuttered and etumbled, and finally hod to fall back on that old evaulv* reply oA the schoolroom. "Well, I know what It 1*,' but I can't put It Into words," That 1* nun a reflection upon one 1 * thinking power*,- and one'K co-ordination of thought and Hpeech, to aay nothing oC being a reflection upon the limit* of one's vocabulary, that we decided to hunt a definition of "personality." We wanted a real definition, and not just a generality, The dictionary says It U "that which constitutes distinction in a person," It *ay* the lame thing In halt a doaen different ways, But that I* not enough, Personality Js not an attribute solely of humans. Anyone who baa ever been attracted to some certain little puppy or cat or horse, knows lhat. Animal* nave personality almost as much as do humans. It n not an acquired characteristic In humans, elthor, for very small babies havo It. * Well, all that U by procoaa of elimination, and g«t* ut nowhere In actually defining pe» aon'allty. We wont to reference books, being quite unable to evolve a definition by ourielf, after no matter how many pondering* by day and by night. The professor of neurology In tbo Columbia university School of Fhyitolana and- Surgeon*, whom w* happened to «*e quotr «d on the aubjiot, uyi that "one may define personal I ty a* the sum total of all th* reaction patterns of the Individual, One may divide the constituent iwrtu of personality Into two groups: th* endowment of'the Individual, and the reaction patterns doviu'- oped In utilizing that endowment in th* environment* In which he finds hlmaelf," Which I* all right for adults, but doesn't really explain personality In a bttby or apuppy or a. hor»e, H True personality, It *eem* to · us, coniiRts much more in lome- thlng that 1* brought Into the world with a human or an animal, than It dots In the "reaction pattern," the reeult of environment It ha* something to do with personal attraetlvene**, with proper stature, and correct assembly of facial and bodily features. One need not be beautiful, but one must be straight and clean and normal Nervon enter into personality, and disposition. But we have concluded, after reading Adter, and ' Freud, and Cejamajor, and after doing Borne heavy thinking and observing ouraelf, that the chief Ingredlont of personality, perhaps 75 per cont. of the whole, la mental alertnet*. All that 1* funy and bungling, but It is a* near a* we can come to aaiwering that question. It iin't a definition, at that X.B. STYLES OF TODAY ARE ROMANTIC IN LINE AND FABRIC By MADAMB JENNY The keynote to tho pre*en't mode In (Irons can be expressed In a single word, romanticism. The allhouette Is genuinely feminine for the flnt tlmo in yean, and the beauty of the form Is appreciated, together with all the art* and gracet that make women most charming. Not alone In my own collection, but In the col lea t Ions of every house In Paris, will you find the «amo influence at work, and what do we find as a, reiult--soft clinging linen that accent the natural waistline, and bring out the long flowing lines of the body. Flaring »kliis suggest graceful movement. Beautiful Fabric* In response to thl* new tendency, textile manufacturers have created a large number of new and beautiful fabrics. Thorc are rich lames, some of them as tight a a gossamer, thread ed with gold, and distinctly romantic in feeling. There ore many rich vet- veto in now anil exqulnito tones, and silks such as we have not «e«n for gene tat Ions, Ingptrotlon from Iflth Century The new romantic type of drone «n in to resting relation to the Romantic period of the nineteenth century, which roughly Included the year* from 1830 to 1880, The styles f today frankly take their Inspiration from that epoch, but they are adapted so that they will conform to modern llfo. The nineteenth century woman had not learned the value of a free untrammeled body, sport was unknown to her, she had no active ife out»lde the home. Her garments, beautiful though they were, were matte with no thought of comfort or of ease. She was corseted with stiff unyielding stays, that held her body Igkl, Smart women everywhere, have been quick to reliae the need, for correct foundation graments, It Is not incommon for a woman In ordering her wardrobe in my salons, to o"rder at the same time, foundation garment* deajgned to accompany each frock. By doing thl*, the achieve* that perfection ot line, without which the dre*s of today can not bl a luccets. -»- LONGER BOBS WILL DEMAND BARRETTE FOR UNRULY HAIR With the longer cut bob* and, In many oaaes, with the elimination of the bob in favor ot long treese* has naturally come a revival of the barrette and novel tortoise shell clip* to keep the unruly loose hair* In place, For evening wear these, clip* are usually jewelled. TRICKY NEW OXFORD LACES ON SIDES By way of variety come* th* aide laced oxfords, sometimes ihown m fluede with perforated stripping* of pin eeal for decoration. Tweed com bln«d with kid Is a favorite corn bin at I on for the tweod costume. BOY SCOUTS AND GIRL RESERVES IN P, t. A/ PROGRAM Eighty Persons Attend Demonstration In Johns Hill H. S. Tu»day Eighty peraou attended the mvet- tag TtiMday vlfht of Jobna Hill Par- oitt-Taocher auooiatlon, wid i»w a domonitratfon by Boy geouta and Girl ReiervM. The boy« put on a typkal Scout program, and d«mon*trtt«d ilgnullns and flrat aid. Tn« Girl H«i»rv»» reproduced one of their candle cere- , Singing wai led by Wayne , A Scout ana a former Johni Rill pupil, with Elaine Morrfwm at the piano. The boyi and girli w«r« uaher*. .^ Barinewi Meeting In the. builoeaa meeting, Mra. J, C. Aldei'Eon reported on Ui* Mt. Zlon meeting, th* health and home committee stated that 100 garment* had been lent to th* garment room In Gastman achool, th* Dntnce committee announced the handling of merchant*' coupon book*, th« hofr pltal committee reported, and It wal ann«uno«d that parent* may attend the school lyceiitn count, and proceeds from their, ticket* wilt go Into the P, T. A. fund. GiiMt Night Nov. 18 woe eet a* the date when the P. T, A.'i from ROOM veil and Centennial achoote will be gueett of John* Hill. FREDA ALEXANDER AND L. W. ROY WED MONDAV AFTERNOON Mian Freda Alexander and L, W, Roy, who** engagement wa» announced several week* ago, were married Monday In th* Flrtt Metb- odlat church In Champaign by Rev. H. C. Northcott. They will be at borne after Nov. 1 In 19M Eut Wood atreet The bride wore a navy blue en- Mmblc. Attendant* were Mr. and Mrt, Van Buiklrfc rf Ch«mpal(tn, brother In law and *l*t*r of the bridegroom, The bride U the daughter of C. A. Alexander of Buffalo, N. Y,. formerly of Decatur, and the bridegroom I* the ion ot Mr. and Mra. El- II* Roy, 732 We«t Forest *v«nue. Both are with the I. P. L, To preaerve cut flowera, place as much of the «tem« of flowera In water a* there is above water. If vu* i*n't deep enough for thl* cut the ntem*. Have^Your Christmas Pictures MadeNow! Prices Cut One Third Large Stock of Frame* At Very Low Price* Appolntnwntd Can Bo Made By Telephone Wasson Studios Maker* of quality Photograph* 21S E. North Phone «171 Grmtod floor Woman s Clubs of County Will Meet in Blue Mound P l a n s for Nov. 18' Arc Made Tuesday m Mrs, ^ Pease's Home M ACON COUNTT KEDEBATION of .Woman'* club* wilt hav* IU fall meeting Nov. 18 In Blue Mound, The data wai chomn Titeiday by tht club pre*ldenu In the horn* of Mm. Ftollln B. Pea**, county head. A dub nitltute will be conducted In the morning, and the program after uncheon wilt Include M ·ddrei*. Do- Uljed plant wilt be announced later, Mn, William Black, county vice fMldant, Mr*. Oran Carmony, Blue ITound prealdenl, Mr*, Inet J. Bender, D*c*lur pre*ld*nt, and Ml** Lula PaiMey, Harrittown preildent, are on th* program committee, Be- ·ld«* theie women, other* vre*ent, or the luncheon,and meeting In Mr*,: P*m*e'* bom* were Mr*. Homer Lyman of Nlantle club, and Mrl, Pearl Slblhorpe of Concord!*, club In War- nntburg. The ninth club In thin county, Argent*. Garden club, ww not represented. Woose Women Plan Benefit for Oct. 30 Mooteheart Legion will five · Mneflt card party Oct 30 In Moo»t ball, 900 and pinochle to b* played. Mr*. A. W. Brown, Mr*. Ella Bren. nan, and Mn. Ella Newblll will have charge, A bonu* will be given at B p, m. Next Monday the men and women will observe Mooieheart dny with a birthday parly. Women will meet all day Thnrn day In the home of Mr*. Albert BJI dowakl, 1010 South Broadway, t, quilt and have polluck luncheon. The odg* meeting will be Friday night In Uoo*e hall. SHOE REPAIRING Hrcll 8.V. Ladies' Half Soles idbto or «t R««k ·*. Oak r«*iU«r .. ......... SQC He*;* Half We., *. TT «***, TB* Md ..... SI On HMt Wtaf Foot Mnfcber MtH. ft, W| lUdMetloM OB AS LEWIS N. W.| M St tint P»or Kofth of BN«t«4» DEPEND ON ZEMO TO STOP ITCHING )*· soothing, healinif, InvUibl* Xmo or the torture of ticblnc Akin. Thli *an, re abl* family aniTMpUe help! ring relief in thousand* of homeV op* lichlnir and drawn the heal an4 ting out of the aktn. ZEMO hn J»en umd fot twenty yem with r«. marltabte RUCC«*« lor aft foiw* of an. oylne, Itching itkln irrltalleni, "R*. ef with flrit applleation," tbou*anei ay. »!k, BOc and tl M, All dtalen, POSTPONE RVMMAOK SALE The rummage *·!* which Job'* Daughter* were to havo given Tuesday and Wednesday In Merchant tr«et ha* been postponed until Nov. 31 and M. KEEP YOUR VISION GOOD fur tlit Sain nt Ytut utii Nuecrtt, (,'un*ip|t- A. A. N E I S L E R OMnmttrlM ·4 LIMB « Men*** To Mik« Ytw HAUOWE'EN Party or Pane* Jolllftr »*« Mtc'« l»ree aa*ortm*nt ot D«comtlonii for h»ll and home, Psvon, Wlili. tlcii, Horn*, Maaku, *tc, PrlcM lower thin year, Mrs. Lydia E. C l a r k e Formerly of the Lingerie Shaft of Dtcaiur Will Be at the Orlando Hottl t Room 337 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday u)i'lA a lAowuig of Cuatom Made Negiigwt, Lounging Pajama, and Lingerie · nightgowns priced as low as $7.95, H e r t a U H , f llest materials f o r . , m ^SL " '8 n «d esepolally for each individual and made to Ht. Pajamas and Negligees designed to meet yqur budget mrtteZrhl'tat' ''t? hM ^ bUd ? St Pla " fW * )rld * i Whlch te particularly Intereating and most reasonable, Never before have you been able to buy «uch lovely gllk made things at such low figures, Do coll on Mrs, Clarke at the Orlando. She *Ut be happy 10 JBO you* "DORTHE" k Genuine French /Vorcitte FREE CUP THIS COUPON - -,, IT IS WORTH $4.01 A «5 VaW tor 99c -" «f Throe Seta on' tJn* --,,--Ji, Ideal for Xntna or for Fononnl (Tie. FREE A ntular, teOO Pe»ri ( Nooktoc* Free In Beautiful Gift Box. Thi* Store OMy Quaker New Modes In DISTINCTIVE HAND BAGS Soft Leathers And Suedes Specialty Priced at $o .95 You have but to m these Handbags to realise how unusual thoy are ai tni* price. There are sleek little baga of *ofl leather* In colora to match your foil and winter ensemble, alito exquisite a»*de bags in various colors, You have your cliolce of a number of styles-enwtope, pouch, back atrap, etc. Some trimmed w th metal and ewtmrt, other* tailored. Frank Curtis Co. Walter Flora,. SucceMor JEWELERS FOR 8ICVENTy.THIlBB YBtARB AT 156 I N O N I D A Y . . . . rtk* th* iccognlted standard remt« for coUi-Cfove't Ukatlv* BROHO contain belh the tonic and liuitv* n*c*i**ry to check cold* quickly, C*i«*«r*«*t Laxattti · BROMO · QUININE ^ TahUti WHEN Iff NEED OF C O A L Ltt u * i tlp {J'! 1 i*" f"^ °5 c*"**** $4.65 ^ $8.25 9OLVAYCOK£»11.80 Grand Fuel Co, - ~ - Tnat X«i Whit* B80W.Qra.ii| MOM 441) "For two yem I h irrciuUrWw and hid to leave KbooL I lot no relief until my nwrried riittr cold me about Lra E. Pinkham'. VetwtaMe Command. Afer taking only twoWbV I felt well Sloe* then I haw been able to cfett In a no* on my feet alt day and ban differed only once from my oM oouble,Iwamothei * datty note cleriu what It did fot L. Fo H; ANOBM TROUBLE ll children .fe*tn* children · I* not to »*lr chl try to live t the »ul»« « I ** Wtt*r eon- nttnt, to let cMlit try hi* . will make ·*»""' y o u r children's lm *yt* You *u «** o' ** ing vory v«k mutt learn valuable M m* way. He must m»t*t try It out, h« ftlture In order to This likely to be . tdg* but that In th h no other way. T ·nd loeceed. If you think car child Indicate* a de thing out of the 01 find yotir*e)t ·until 1 4t*tre tor the child Ijr you *ay, "Vour Mine, your power* and you shall atltl Arokf th*t a* you M*Ulene« for your Each child ban r vay of growth, hi* own de»lr*i!. L'nlesi tnd let htm try th OB*, lympatblilnic · taflunt and pralsln, ·M*, you are nterd bMt growth. You a growth that In to viliu ot life for hit; Trial and When the little d )W allowed to make *Ua4 of (Mimic her better promise her : «Ut the materials a then, or perhap* t- *M«t cre»t« a new Mk* to nave a »et a |tt them tor him It htm m*M »way. It .tell him lhat his f tAwyer* for fo«r p (hit he cannot wm ibt*Viy. Hi« mm iDc Iftterest will n ·t*re*t In the law nay give it * new t ·tmith. · titt go ot your i yoAir own desir^tf, live again In your HERAID I m ! »ij t , Tfcte toad tnakir JwUtMfcMd 1 «_»WMt a* well, fiBCHIVE®

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