The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 18, 1966 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1966
Page 2
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Friday. Marck 18, 1966 (-Year-Old Wins Ugly Dachshund" Coloring Contest A six - year - old BaytownjW. Homan: Betty Caxnpt «B, sev- won first place in the Brun-jen. of 3003 Alabama; Sbeiyl _ . — _. . _ . » of 209 Pecan Drive; Ann Kniffen, 10, of 601 S. Burnet Drive; Donna Lyroch. 12. of 14 Dyer: Rhonda Carter. 11, of 804 E. James; Debbie Phillips, four, of 70S N. 12th, La Porte: Vicky Rickman. nine, of 9125 Lazy Dell, Houston. Also. Kathy Williams, 10. of 335 North; Betty Adams, five, of 3T»1 Massey Tompkins Road; Karen Skillern. 10. of 803 Elmwood; Lynn Elliott, nine, of 224 Kubelka Arbor; son Theater's "The Ugly Dachshund*' coloring contest. i Dehra Lanham of 1905 Hartt Drive w21 be awarded the first: prize of 20 Kennedy half dollars, Brunson Manager Rufusi Honeycutt announced. Runners - up will receive a free 'pass to see the current Brunson feature, "The Ugly: Dachshund" and "Winnie the Trudy Taylor. U, of 41B Mor- Pooh." They are Randy Potts, nine. Susan Cravey, five, at 2 103 Belvedere. Also, Alana Catoe, t our. of 5301 Louise; Ruth Ann P: aul, six. of SJ7 Uo>d Lase; Hcbir i Uoyd. U, of 3118 Ohio; Phil Ba. ird. six, of 5401 Louise; Jimmy Parker, 11. oi 8 Morrell; Tina Baughman, six, of 915 Fortune Drive; rell; Lisa Jones, Ifl, of 213 San Jacinto. Also, Thomas Perret. seven, Building Here Is Given Top Award Of Stran-Sted SATURDAY MORNING 10:00 q .m. Feature For This Week 253 SOLID LAUGHS ACTUALLY CLOCKED IN SWORN SURVEY' The Greatest Comedy Team in tat Firsi Fail-Lftigtk Fealtirc of their Pints: Moments! "Laurel&HarOy* — PLUS — 8 CARTOONS A COMEDY AND CHAPTER 7 10 KENNEDY HALF DOLLARS FREE CONTEST ON THE STAGE JACKPOT THIS WEEK $50.00 "BUDDY DAY" BUY ONE TICKET AND YOUR BCDDY GETS !N FREE! SPONSORED BY CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK BOX OFFICE OPENS 9:30 SHOW STARTS 10:00 ADMISSION 50c has! won a merit award in the 1965j Stran - Steei Corp. Buil ding-ot- the-Year Awards Progra;3i. The Houston - based manufacturer of building components conducts the program annually to emphasize design qualities, appearance and diverse? capa- oilities of its building s.ystems. t This winning entry was selected! R. D. Wesselhoft and T. B. from among thousands of build-' Everage are co-authors with \V. ings constructed by Edwards of a U.S. patent franchised builders in the: United!just granted. States and abroad. Kemp and Tony's building houses sales and service: facili-1 carefully controlled conditions ties for International Hcirvesterif or extracting isobutylene from farm equipment and vehicles. I a mixture with other hydrocar- 10 meet the requirements of bons. Isobutylene is the raw ma- the building's owners, Stran -;terial for butvl rubber. Steel franchised builder, Bay-1 Everage ^ a member of Co.'s Baytown port Construction of Bayiown, 'j ay chemical constructed a 60 by 180-foot technical staff Md Wess elhoft structure with 10 oy lb - loot ^ a memDer eaves, giving a. total floor area jformer member of 120 N. HoUy; Laura Herndoa. nine, of 102 Pecan; Sandra Cravey. six of 2103 Belvedere: Rose Bonds, six. of 203 Southwood; Betty Barsalou. nine, of 5003 Tamarach; Dennis Taylor. seven, of 409 Morrell; Phyllis Brooks, six, of Newcastle; Delia Woods, five, of 604 Lloyd Lane. Also. Kari Lamb, six, of Eoute 1. Box 431; Richard Greer. 10. of 1703 Raintree; Robert Parks. seven, of Parkway; Darrell Vojacek, nine, of 400 Chandler; Elirabeth Patton. 10, of 5010 Glenhaven. Also, Jeanice Griffin, 10, of 302 Forrest; Thomas Sobotik. U. of 1SOO Utah; Jeff Burkham, six. of 16D9 Beaumont; Theresa Kulbeth, 12, of 12007 Strange Road. La Porte; Brian Viereck, seven. or 903 Lindewood; Pat Garrett, eight, of Box 7, Hafer Street. Also, Chris Clayton, five, of ...,,. . * . ,601 E. Republic; Carla Dona- A building constructed for thej h ei ht of gj, Harold Kemp and Tony's International L^ Wavne simer u of Harvester Co., 3300 N. Miiin, has Hafer; Stephen Martin, eight of 4309 La mont Circle Houston' ER&E Men Are Granted Patent The invention is a new process using sulfuric acid heated under of 10,800 square feet. "This building has provided its owners with a modern, efficient sales and service facility ideally suited to farm equipment and industrial vehicles," said E. Hasty of Bayport Construction. "Stran - Steel's pre - engineered systems were ideally suited for providing an economical and versatile facility for this dealer." Edwards a of Esso Re search DECKER NOW 3 FAMILY HITS 3 NO REPEATING FEATURE 7:00 9:00 P.M. FEATURE LAST FEATURE 11:35 PJM. rrs E« COLOR! "THE CURSE OF MUMMY'S TOMB' BRUNSON • PORT NOW SHOWING THRU WEDNESDAY as a happy honeymoon goes to the dogs! TECHNICOLOR' Suzanne PLESHETTE - charfe BUGGIES ALBERT ALEY • WINSTON HIBLER • NORMAN TOKAR R*"«»»«!! 6y BUENA VIST* O«r«>u«« Co IX .e>965Wwti>sn»,pro<!^:!«»™ Just as you know them... Pooh ami his irresistible friends! Wait Disney Winniet*i*P»oh and Engineering Research Co.'s ment Division. JOHN A. ATCHISOX U a new lO-year man at Mumble's Baytown Refinery.. Now a chief operator in the Conversion Department, he joined the In- sulatioa Department In February of 1926. One week later he transferred to Cracking Coils, and has continued in that group sinc« that time. He grew up iii Henryetta. Okla. He enjoys all sports and traveling. Mr. and Mrs. Atchison live at 1817 California. Texas Teenager To Report News On Viet Front 100 Die, 808 Hurt In Viet Battles SAIGON (AP)—One hundred Americans were retorted killed . , . and SOS wounded in action in w * en ^^ area confronted by Viet Nam during the week of! older correspondents. But, with By CYNTHIA IX»WRY AP TV-Kadto Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Something really new is about to be added to the corps of newsmen covering Vietnam; A teen-age war correspondent for a group of radio stations. He is Bart McLendon, 19, of Dallas, Tex. who will be winding up six months of service in the Marine Corps as a PFC, in a few days. His father, Gordon McLendon, heads a group of radio stations. "Fifty per cent of the American fighting men in Viet Nam are under 20," explained young McLeadon. "And I think it is perfectly normal that many of these when March 6-12. spokesman A U.S. military has announced . Eight were listed as missing in action. There was an increase in all categories from the previous . ^ """ & week. American losses fromi hls fata er they'll see own age and me, a guy of their know I'm no smarter than they are — and they'll talk to me freely. At least, that's what I hope." Young McLendon convinced his serious inten- Feb. 27 to March 5 were listed as 61 killed, 177 wounded and one missing. The spokesman said that, under a new system of units reporting direct to Washington, some of the newly listed casualties may have resulted from action before March 6. He said there was no way of telling here. He noted, however, that the wounded total appeared to be unduly high, and he could not recall any battle last week Brady Speaks At Air Pollution Session S. O. Brady was the speaker (at a meeting of Southwest Sec-j to tion of Air Pollution Control As- through sociation at the Houston Executive Club. Friday he address- tions by preparing a long list of searching questions which he hopes to ask young fighting men — about their emotional involvement in the conflict, their opinion of their training and seeking evaluation of their own ability, as young people, to make decisions on which their lives may depend. ABC has come to two big decisions. It will have "The Green Hornet," an adventure series played straight instead of for laughs, on its Friday night schedule next season. And it has decided to put its big expensive experiment in anthology entertainment, "Stage '66" into the 10-11 p.m. EST Wednesday spot. Earlier, the network had thought of scattering the programs, which range from original book musicals and dramas biographical studies, all its schedule as if they were weekly specials. With all three networks unex- ed the AIChE Water Study Group. the Gemini 8 story Wednesday "Control of SO-2 Discharge at night, their "reward" was thou- Baytown Refinery" was Brady's'sands of complaining telephone subject Tuesday. Friday he dis-j calls from viewers annoyed at not being able to see their favorite programs. Recommended weekend view- U.S. Troops To Get Lightweight Rifle WASHINGTON (AP)— Thousands of U.S. infantrymen and other troops in South Viet Nam will be relieved of heavier, long range rifles and given a lightweight weapon rated better for short range jungle fighting. The Defense Department said today Gen. William C. Westmoreland. U.S. Viet Nam. had commander in requested this action to improve "tactical effectiveness through use of firepower ranges." increased at short Dentists Next On Medicare List? PITTSBURGH (AP)— A federal dental program similar to medicare is in the offing unless military services of this country for three years." He said after returning from Viet Nam late last year "I put on order a large quantity of Mlfe because I thought they would prove effective and that they would be needed." Only a few days later, McNamara said, he received a cable request from the Viet Nam As a result of Westmoreland's command for more of the weap- request. 100.000 more M16 rifles j ons being manufactured to S. McNamara recently said in congressional testimony that "I „„.„ personally have been trying to aate solution, says the president the M16 "into the O f the American Dental Associ dentists come up with an alter- are being manufactured to replace M14 rifles in the hands of many U.S. fighting men in Viet Nam and to supply South Vietnamese and South Korean troops there as well. The M16, weighing about four pounds less than the M14 when fully loaded, has been distributed to paratroopers, Special Forces, and men serving with the 1st Cavalry, Airmobile, Division. But infantrymen in the 1st Infantry Division and other ground units have been carrying the M14 which some veterans of the jungle fighting contend is not as well suited for the Viet Nam war. The Pentagon disclosed the replacement move when asked for elaboration of a statement by Dr. John S. Foster Jr., director of defense research and engineering. Foster told Congress recently that "a decision to re-equip our combat units in Southeast Asia ation. Dr. Maynard K. Hine of Indianapolis, Ind., said Wednesday dentists must "recognize that in all health fields the federal government is going to be a part- "All the commanders suddenly decided they wanted large quantities of it," McNamara said. "The production of the weap-j participation on and its ammunition must bejment plans, rapidly expanded, and that isi Hire said most dentists are Cautioning against blind opposition to federal interevention, he said; "We must offer counterproposals, not just oppose." Hine proposed bringing dental care under the Kerr-MUls Act by which federal and state gox'- ernments would share the cost of dental care for the needy. He also suggested Blue Cross in dental pre-pay- what is being done." 'opposed to "denticare" with been MI6 rifles made and under way." The M16 fires has recently production is a bullet only half as heavy as the M14 and is effective at a shorter maximum range than the M14. However, the M16 has a much faster muzzle velocity which gives it considerable killing power at relatively short range. Advocates of the M16 contend that there are few opportunities in the Viet Nam war for firing at enemies over extended ranges but that the need is for a weapon that can kill close up. The M14 can kill close up, but with its greater weight is much more of a burden to the infantrymen than is the smaller and lighter M16. Secretary of Defense Robert AVOID THE RUSH! HAVE YOUR CAR INSPECTED NOW Houston. Teui TSje Mo*t Unxzxual SPECIAXTT ENTREES Restaurant 7900 S. Mitn. MA 3-(H01 Cribmext Sazttt* Try It ... Tou'U Lov. It! Cloe*d w*au«<i«.y O»«i 11:30 *..m_ to 11:30 Famous for Seafoods and Charcoal Broiled Steaks Available for Privaf* Parties Private Dining Rooms 9200 So. Main—Closed Monday—MA 3-4444 Sunday Family Feast Choice of One Roast Turkey W/Cornbread Dressing and G!bief Gravy Fried Chicken Barbecued Ham Fried Shrimp Choice of Two Candied Yams Fresh Green Peas Speckled Butter Beans Served with Pear Salad Adults 1.25 Children (Under 12) 1.00 FRONTIER BARBECUE t007 North Main, Baytown Phone 583-9772 cussed "Biological Treating of Refinery Effluent." A research specialist in Esso Research and Engineering Co.'sjing: Baytown Research and Develop- Tonight — "The Sammy Dament Division, he is a recognized authority on the control air and water pollution. vis Jr. Show," NBC, 8:30-9:30 of EST with Judy Garland and 'Nipsey Russell. Famous for Seafoods & Steaks Lobster Tails * Froq Legs * Fried Oysters Stuffed Flounder * Oyster Dinners Broiled or Fried Chicken German-style Sauerkraut with Sausage Oysters on the Half Shell ZEISIG'S AND SCPPEB CLtJB Open 4 P.M. Saturday At Morgan's Point - La Porfe R*»ervatton: GA 1-0270 V V.- ENJOY THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE Come to our Salad Buffet this Saturday Night. Choose the salad yon like from a large selection of salads and dressings. SUNDAY BUFFET This i* « complete meal served from 11:30-1:30 Achiits $2.00 Children lOc per year of age Baytown D*ck»r Driv» BEAT the excise TAX INCREASE S' . on the '66 Chevrolets now n our inventory That's right ... if you buy now from OUR PRESENT stock-bustin selection of '&& Chevrolet cars and trucks, you will NOT have to pay the excise tax increase ... another dividend for buying now! BUCK TURNER Nobody Beats A Buck Turner DeoJ ... or The Service That Backs It Up Sales Lot: 10 E. Texas Baytown 582-8207 Service: 115 N. Mam BAYPORT LETTER Installation of cryogenic process equipment is well underway at the .African Cryogenics plant " " " ""' " " re being built in Bayport. The $5 million air separation plant, which will produce 400 tons of liquid and gaseous oxygen, nitrogen and argon daily is scheduled to go into operation this spring. A rail spur to the Southern Pacific rnai line track is being laid to the American Cryogenics site. Installation of the liquid storage tanks and cooling towers has been completed. The construction site has been a beehive of activity during recent good weather as workmen take advantage of the dry ground. onstruction at the site was slowed in January and F heavy rains. because in other Bayport activity, the office building at the Haider Top-see, Inc., site is nearir^" consist ion. The firm's $1 million plant has been producing catalyst since last month. The railroad crossing on Highway 1^6 r Bayport Channel was reworked recently make it smoother. to s X An often-asked question is, firms hear about Bayport?" The "Row do ',250-acrs industrial development is advertised in- national publications aimed at management. And when Bayport is promoted to plant location prospects, the entire Bay Area and Gulf Coast are promoted. Living conditions, schools, churches and other attractions around Bayport are important in helping companies choose Bayport. Advantages of Bayport itself — complete transportation, for instance - are stressed. But, so are facts such an these: * - Living costs in the Houston Area were lowest among 20 major cities surveyed recently by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Stat- - Bayport is in an area long considered a recreation center. Boating., fishing, hunting, golf and the beaches are good attractions. - Texas ranks iJOth in the nation in per capita tax burden. This is Important not only to plant management, but also to employees. Moving from a high tax area to a low tax area is tantamount to a raise, sometimes sizable. - The mild climate is favorable for outdoor construction and cuts lost time due to employees not being able to get to work. - Being in the center of the nation's largest gas and oil producing area, fuel and raw materials derived from oil and gas are plentiful and low-cost. The area offers many other raw materials. - Abundant, low-cost housing near work locations is another prime attraction. Housing costs are significantly lower than some other parts of the nation. - Other favorable factors include historically good labor-management relations., a big, fast-growing market, progressive environment and access to other major market areas, such as South and Central America. A less tangible "plus" is the friendly people. This comment is heard frequently from people who've been transferred here from other sections of the country. They think it's Important, and it is. Bayport offers a complete package of the factors necessary to "sell" industry on locating here. A big part of that package is the area around Bayport — the communities, lakes, the Gulf, and most important, the people. March 18, 1966 BAYPORT P. 0. Box 971 La Porte, Texas 77571

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