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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, July 13, 1859
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TH E 1-5 .-aqsw'W^r^.- f&yv AU-V i« *-**v*«t*"*r sioi^rv * 4* v 5 VOLUME XL ME DAILY ^MaWAUKEE, SHARPSTEIN ,*B. 8HARPSTZW,,... >.» & LATHROJP ...SOSKPH UTBKOF. BKWE . BOODlsa, OB KA80H SIKBIT, KKAB WiLEBBBCCS Xm]y Paper, published every morning, except Stood*] f WeeUyl-aper, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. \VectIr Paper, eyeiy Wednesday morning. TEEMS OF DAILT PAPER'. Dally psperforoneyear, payable in advance....t7,00 TERMS OF TM-WEEKLY PAPER. •Tri-WeeUy Paper foroneyear,pgyablelnauvence.$8^0 TEEMS OFiTHE WEEKIY PAPKE. WecWy Paper lor one year, payable to advance.. tl ,00 RATES OF ADVERTISING MS DA1XY Tea hues, or loss, ofSTonpareU make a square. 1 square?! day., 1 do. 2<lajn, 1 do. 8 days 1~ do. 1 do. 1 w. 1 dp. 2 weeks I do. 8w .*1,00 . 1,60 . 2,00 .2,50 . 3,00 ,8,50 . 4,00 . 5,00 1 Bqnare, 1 month...» C.OO 1 do. M months.. 10,00 1 do. 8 months.. 15,00 1 do. 4 months.. 16,00 1 do. . 6 months.. 16,00 1 do,; » months™ 80,00 1 do. lyear.... 30,00 ^Sounds &„ Langdon, ADVEKTISIKC AGENTS, IS5 Kandolpli Street, <»r« aitQutrieed to re- few* Aihifrfiatiiifitft Jbr Ditt am} all tke Leading facers nfllte Northwest, ana are the OKLT andfx- jtCBiTEcr tniatoriimajfgrnts In the NaraanMtfi- c majority of than vu^.. IKF TOWN AND «UT OP IT. TOTOEE ^Ar^MOKNIHG. JULY 13. 1859. ,lplwanfcee,JtttJy,ll, 1859,, '7 1 >, , - sri.a.VoIock.prm^ eOTOOIMXttS—S^TOiS-jKSMIHtl. The President,-Wm.'A. Noyes, Esq.,"in the BOARD M. JEMEROSV : Editor. r UleSeorologlcalJ Record, forfJnly 11. '59 . ' v.c r t by C. II. GARDINER *' CO ' 2 r.'u. 81ea : ' J-br Tclt^offi and Commercial matters zee Fourth Page. • .. i . ; ,;8gg° > BEWAaB,OF MAD Doos !—On Mpijday: a .mad dog bit several dogs in the Sixth ward, an.a wan finally shot by Mr. Altpe'tre. . Present-^Oonscilora Auer,- Bnsack, Eden- ing, Herzer, Heinemannv flayden, Johnston, tookwood; McCdrmioT^ Jfrijralh,' Bnecfcertt, BoBebeok, Schnlte, Tesch and gel. '» , ", i * Absent—Councilors Kroeger and LaiibenTjei- mer. The wading of the minntesof last meefing were dispensed with. Sundry accounts were presented and .referred to the approprlateoommittees. - ' Councilor took wood ---presented a petition from Thomas Bnrke, and others, asking- for change of the established grade ofHobbard and Pearson's addition, in the First Ward. Referred to the local committee of the J'irst Ward. Councilor McCormicfc presented a petition rom J. Savage, for the remission of a fine inn •osed on him- by the Judge of the Mnnlcipal Court foMiellingTipirilnons liqnors, &c., with- ut a license. *. Eeferred to the committee on licenses. Councilors Auer presented a petition from eo. Abert, in relation to an assessment for pnefits made by the Street" Commissioners of the Second Ward, on lot 1C, Hook 168, in the said Ward, amounting to $1,873 98. Referred to the joint local committee of the Second Ward. .''. • , ,, , , . i Councilor Auer presented a remonstrance * Concurred^, „.,.,,», i A resolution directing tha Comptroller to ad- vertize for proposals ibr two lots suitable for > school house site in tbe 9th Ward. • ' Concurred in. „ „ t'fir'-fl, *, - t A resolution requesting the City freasnrer to communicate, tha reasotisr-tf any exist—" why he has not made, report ot-thc-monthly rw>e!ptfr'$nd disbursements cfhis'offieft.. _*', 1 Oonncflor Johnston said he l»adno objei ttbn to4heresoluUon r bat!ie-waHnformediy the Treasurer that fa consequence of the late Treasurer going out of office, his undivided attention was taken up fa balancing the old and opening new books, -fart-that he would very shortly make the report asked for. The resoltttion was'tben concurred'fa. to , , • April. fe'59,Mnwau»«««f -33.. 1», Board of Councilor* refuse to concurwith th action- of a 3th<r Board of AMettnen i ^ Conncilor J^einainan,-from tha Joint Local committee*, of the First and Seventh Wards, t* whom 'was rrferr'ed the petition oflHohai Stoli and othfrs^askfag^hat the sale of tin- bnttons^hread, yaok«a notion*, «to,,'he pratsnted «IhB market dn Divisron street" in tha Firs^t Ward, reported by the'following reeolotion: . _,^ "~ \ , * ; . ' *»'Boardof Co^cHow, That ' * Hood , sells a fine • Troy Inilt trotting r, In connection with 3m damaged good sal«,ilifs morning at ten o'fllock.r "',' Jg@* That large sale of damaged ^ry goods, &c., from the propeller Rocket, wasiadjonrned ifrorn yesterday till this morning at 10 o'clock, 'iat Hood's auction rooms. • •'-.-•'.-. «@"A SMAET PAPEE.— The free Democrat states that. Mrs. Feutchwanger haa gone to Washington;- after a pardon for her'hnsband. 7ke lady above mentioned has not gone, hut intends going in a few days. . : - ; from S. Rood, Valentine Kuhlmanu, and others, against an ijrder of ;the Street Commis. sioners for filling the east'and wesf'alley through block 163, in t he Third Ward. - • Referred to the local committee of the Second Ward/ .'._,. - : Councilor Aner. presented^ a petition frohJ John PlankSnton and Mathias Humann asking that the grade of 18th street, l>etween Cherry and Galena street, Ninth Ward, be changed. Referred to the local committee of the Ninth Ward. .,.;•" ; Councilor.: Rosebeok presented a petition from W. A. Basse, and others, asking that the first avenue.,, in the fifth and Eig^j, emaU frame office in the rear of the store So 165, East Water street. On the motion of Councilor McConnicfe, WAI referred to the Committee on Fire Department. " ' A report of the JodiotarylCommittee of Abe Board of Aldermen, to whom was referred two resolutions, relating to the payment of a certain jndement, obtained by George MbWhorter against the city, recommending that !n consequence of the two re«nl«<fnn<< being improperly drawn, and for otbct mtsons therein mentioned, tbuy ba referred back to Jhe Board of Councilors. Councilor Johnston moved that the report 'Am't ptia'ftob April C, '33, to AprU • ' - $ '59, ofl ooatricUDf "33 .„_..,„ ajsu *&*£'&•***••'*• «>«**..,. trictiot»s5...^....,:.:.::._; ajsun:• 44« 93 - ,TEE BiLtiAED MATCH.— As tve go to press, the match game of byiiards between Messrs. Coan, of Racine, and Parker, of Janesville.. is being- played at Albany Hall, At eleven o'clock, the game stood, Parker 508 Coan,.485, and next play. The largest run on the. game so far, was 61, by Parker. ' MAN OH THE CARS.—The editor of the Free Democrat denies that.»i«i-f of cars ran a mile ajniw-*—- j ««~tne~Xa Crosse j Voad, j«* ssnifcGy" afternoon. We did not ride Jofl nstonand Bnsack. -_ . , - . -...•-• . »••»•* uuu JjlK«VU Ward, be graded hnd side-walks laid from RaU- road to Mitchell streets: ~" ...:.' : ' " ' Referred to the local committee of the Fifth and Eight Wards. ;,' , '.... - r Conncilor Hainemann presented a petition, signed by a number of daboring Workmen .of the city, praying the Common Council' to order work to be done and supply them with employment with which to support, .themselves and tbeir families. : /- ". . Councilor Rosebeck :; supported the petition at much length; He observed that-the law makers had brought the city into the present predicament, and-had tied up ihe hands of the Street Commissioners so that they could not find work for the men to do. On the motion of Councilor Heinemann, the petition was -referred to a committee of on from each Ward appofnted-lor-<*—«*»«>y' con ' •• k*.-****»*«?iN>™ "-^teiB^mann, Rosabeck JTcOrath, j flerzer, Aner, Rueckerit, * but did ride on the engine, at the rate of speed stated by as, a* tlie_oath of fwo.gentlemen: besides onraelf, who timed the running, will :prore. The statement in the- Free to the contrary, is simply a lie. on the cow catcher, nor sit in the cars, drunk, Councilor Rosebecfc presented a petition '—' " - ' frola DsnielErdmann and others, asking that Hanover street from Lake to Oregon street, be graded and: planked AUuHthe sidewalks planked ahd gutters pavpd from take to Florida street, 1 also Lake'street from Hanover to Reed street, fa ,the Fifth Ward. . -. Also a petition from James Goggin and others, asking ihatji public well be constructed at the corner of Clinton and Oregon streets, in the Fifth Ward. j Which was referred to the local committee of the Fifth Ward, i •'••<- ' • - . Councilor Johnston presented a petition rom John Thompson and others, .asking that the north and south alley through Mock 78' Fourth Ward/be graded to the established grade. : - . -. •..--. ." '-•.':•• . ' Referred to the Street Commissioners of the Fourth Ward/ "" r '"'.'" ^ fi@*-FIRST AKKIVEESAET OP THE SECOND WA*T>IIIGH SCHOOL—On Thursday—^to-morrow—evening, the public are invited fo attend the First Anniversary exercises of the Second Ward High School, to be held, at the Spring street Congregational Church. .Thls,sehooi, under tbe care of Professor Earkin, is second to none in the city, and the exercises, consisting of music, orations, declamations, mdno- •j.*P. close with a brief .address by Kev. Mr. Bay, will be very interesting to all, and especially to the friends of education.— The eseroises will commence at 7 o'clock pre' '' ••- • -cisely. and resolutions bo referred to the Finance Committee and the Comptroller "Councilor Tesoh moved to amend by adding '.' the committee on judiciary." • : -, , : Which was acoepted, : and the papers so referred. .-.-.. A resolution (as a substitute for one passed By'the B. of C. for nine 'hundred dollars), that in case Patrick Hoy will fully discharge a certain judgment against the city of Milwaukee for $1,314 93-100, the Mayor and City Clerk are directed to issue city orders to said Hoy for the sum of two hundred dollars, which will be inlfall satisfaction .of .said judgment, and which is chargeable to the"First Ward, And further, that in case the said Patrick Hey shall refuse; to accept of the sum hereinbefore stipulated, ItLe City Attorney is directed to .take the necessary proceedings ;to vacate said judgment and obtain a new trial, in the suit of said Hoy against tkecity of Milwaukee. On themotion of Connoilor Johnston, it was referred to the same committee. " A resolution (as a substitn.fe for one passed bythe;fonnerB.-of C.), for [the construction of two; wells on East Water street, in the Seventh Ward, provided tha whole expense of both shall not exceed one hundred and fifty dollars. --••-• Concurred in. The chair preseuted a communication from Mr. E.'P, Larkin, principal of the Second Ward .high school, inviting the Common Council to attend the first anniversary exercise of tbe Second Ward high school on the 14th instant., ' _ ,...->>-.,.- v--'-""" 7 '"•"""' ^-:ck- -«i*-4uu«oa"'or"t!ouncHor Johnston, the invitation waa accepted, andorJ»red on file. The Chair presented the report of the jury appointed to consider the necessity of opening and extending Sixteenth street, in the Ninth -W4KD. Am't Slid tfom AprH 8, '58, to Apr U '-C,'5»,oocon!r«ctiof > SS-.....i Aa't.pahl »!nce tracti of "S8.. moved from ia front of Of»" jrorthlhalf of Dfc vision street, from East Water to Market street. First Ward, all stands, and! prohibit the aala of alt artiirteg not oapressly provided fot fa a resolution adopted /nne 12. 1858. Which resolution provides for tha sale of vegetables poultry, batter, eggs or otter-family tuppl™. Which was adopted. Cop^oilo^r Boenfag frwa-tha Jofat Looal committaea of thdSecondrPonrth, Sixth aad """"•*• "" " to- whom wad referred! the com- 6^0536 Amtpsid from AprU 6^X, to j_,_ C, 7S9, on contract*of "M.....-.... 4537.«a ; Am't paid ilate April 6, !i», do con- Total WAiru. -8/K12S AmH ptld froa Aprfl «, ?«, to ipril 0, '&, oucpotracu of '13 .......,.- Am't pud since April 6, M tract* of'S8 i ToUl. , *,047 72 jnribicatfori of 0. E Bleaoi', asking, for the appointment of Inspector of Wood and Hay for tbe-olstriet composed of ihetabove Wards, •wp&rted the followhig f esol at Ion : . ^«p/r«/By the Board oi Councilors) the foara or Aldermen concurring, That C. E Blech, of.Mawankee city, be and the same £ hereby appo,ibted Inspector of Wood and mposed,ofth» Councilor MoQratb,presenteda communica- ! tion from the Street Commissioners of tUe 3rd Ward, requesting the Common Council would direct them to make such alterations, &e., as to them seemed needful in the 3d WanJ School House, and tbe following reaolntion . rfiTg, thattbe StreetCfiBjmissionra'oitteTrd Ward be^and th*y «ra haroby diractrf to ra- """ to be repaired ' MA EIS?. H A 1, j,. AND •ffl- ' n ars:o saddt 0f Milwaukee, for iha temfcof. one^year, from la\ ? d < c-F nW •f reri *ft*«w«r, tha^ the ' ™ «S» the i . BKOAPiTBlATIOS. Total aiioBnt of general city expenditure^ for fiscal jear JS58. „„. Total imonnt tax kried f« general ', city psrposes ...;w.......»i Amount renalnlrtg utpitjl; June 1, •59...\i,V.;..-. i; ,.... ..y.;..... 8,188 Eiceuof expenditures overtax col- . lected... ;..;.. Amount of expenditure* far ' Or. By am't tax levied Jnryear 'is, C,00« 18 Kemainlng.nnpald Joae 1,'59: 87918 Eicen ot'rtplWaitarea oy«r'ux col- lecttdv. ,........;......„...,.. .V ; SKCOSp-WABD. Arnooat of expe&dlttires for fiscal year'58;...... ,..; Or, By amount tax lericd for fijcai year-58....................i.... Remainingunpaid Jonel,'59 EXCCJS of expenditure orer tax collected .ii................. ... •'•- if --TH«» WA*D. Amount of expenditures tea Steal Or. By tjuc icTli-d foVfiiiaVyear Eimalnlng unpaid lone 1, "SS;. txcesi ofeipenailurei 50^8984 57^0507 C.TCC85 s,m os 1039 90 m i 1 * Treas ?^r Maim in. the said cpmmunfcatlon;]r i fcooncilor Tbh said that the appoiatrneni ought • to be advertised : Ky tha Controller and let to th> lowest bidder, ii ,' '. ; "' ' : ' . . ; ;- r ! ; [The Chair put the qnesitJon, when 'thV reao- Intion was adopted by the folio wing vote : Ayes-i-Cotrnoilors " «8 57 8^5185 |531 66 103»1 CT $10374 Ward, which report was in favor of opening the same ; a.lso, ' A resolution adopting the ;said report, tnd authorizing the Street Commissioners .of the Amount of expeadltoret. for final year,'53..............:..'. .- . Bywmounl tax l«rled for Gtcal yecr Kemaiiflag unpaid Jane"i"'ii"' '.'. ; * Excaa of tzpendl'tnrai ctw.ta* collected ...',,.; ..... . , , Johnston, Lockir<?qd, MoCormick Me- Qrath Noyes and Rosebeck— 10. . .: .:•• ?Noe * "~ ConacUqrs Heinemann, 7 . Hayden, Schnlte, Tesoh and'Vogel-^5. : : - " ' = iCounoilor Aner, froin the Select committee appointed to negotiate jbrth^pnrchase of a ^ y ^ d8 ^¥3Xell)istricfTomprising the Secosd, FourthTSixth'and Nuith Wards, reported Ihe following resolution r . f ', * . * \Rttolved By ^ the Board : of Connoiiors^ the Board of Aldermen concurring, That the Jtar- oij.and Clerk ba and are hereby anlhari2ed and directed to.sign and issue warrentsvto tha siaonnt of one hundred mnd twenty-five: dot- ' , W|d;U 65 8^3 18 •a tor! fiacal; By am't tai'liVied'foViieii'yw^s' Kemainlnj uapaidJaiw.l, ^59..;..., Eicesj of expenditure* orer tax col-" lected.... .................,. : . .•... SI , interest in-favor Comptrole? be to conntersign said warrants. in fajl f ° r « Hay Scale,, sold by . ?ielps, to. the city of MUwaakae. • Councilor Tesohi said thff Conl CoHer- had '" advertise for Mdsfor that n«w eonld be obtained and putnp for less money th»6 was paopos'ed to be pafd by "' the 'ri ' • -- •""--•-— "- .'? a =-- benefits and .V, " ..... " " " J3!f~ A SHOET BRIDAL TEIP.—On the 4th of, July, a heavy business man of Boston—one _ of the well-off merchants of that city—was married there to a handsome young lady, of Boston., He was rich, doing a good Business, and forty years of his life had passed before be saw Miss ——, the daughter of his lawyer, and mat-Tied her. On the morning ; of the 5th, they . started on a western collecting,tour, and last week arrived in this city and put np atthe -Newhail. On this short 'trip, the' rose had greatly faded from her cheek, and sadder had Connoilor Koyes presented a petition from Alanson Sweet and others, asking that the alley in block 78 in the; Seventh Ward, be gra- dedand;paved."•'."-,.. ''•':'•'.--.•. \ : v';-' : - - . : Keferred to the local committee tof the Seventh Word. ; : Conncilor Bosebeok presented a recommeda- tion from the Street Commissioners Of the Fifth Ward, for dredging and;doekfag the Mil. waukee river, in front if block 69, and the alley between blocks .fei : and 69 fa ia id Ward, with a resolntion approving of the same. Which was adopted., CouncilorBnening presented; a likereoom- presented a remonstrance turned her eye. No one tnows the cause, but j mendaiion for.filling the east and west alley last Monday they visited a lawyer of this oityi throngbblock47in tn * Second Ward, with and signed papers agreeing forever to separate T 6801 " 11011 —each to go where fancy or inclination might Ad °P te d. lead, and henceforth to be as strangers to each other. 'He settled npon her Boston property I a S ainBt the passage of a resolution permitting to the amount of §20,000, gave her besides S> C ' West to erec * a frame building in the rear $1,000 in cash, and yesterday she left forces. ofstore KO¥ 165 East Water street, Third ton. Both parties were well educated, Land- Ward some, and 'apparently well fitted for each j Cottnoil °r Johnston presented a petition otter's society, but some cause, unknown to j from J - N - B °nesteel and others, asking that ages. •-.. ;.- , ,, .. . . , " '; .- : Which was adopted. The Chair presented the report of the jury appointed to consider the propriety of opening and extending Pleasant street, in the First Ward—which report was against the opening of the said street; also, ' ' A resolution confirming the said report. . Which Was adopted. Tbe Chair presented the following report from the Comptroller : V- ' MILWAUICM, Jaly 10, 1859,) Finance Dep't, Comptroller's office. J ' To the Mayor and Common Council: GBKTIBMEH—In compliance with a resolution adopted by your Board on the 27th nit., I have the honor to submit the following statement, showing the amount of expenditures for the fiscal year 1858, chargeable to the general city and | ward funds j also, the amount of taxes levied, for general city .and! ward purposes. Any disbursements nmde dnrfag the fiscal year 1858, for or on account of contract* made prior to,that year, are ;not included fa this exhibit. - ; ,''. ' The statement shows the general city ex- penditarcs from '•--•:. April,6,1858, to April 6^1S59,-$83,W4 91 Ward expenditures same time, 54 685 81 E.L'H. QABDINlBK, .'Comptroller, ; SIXTH WABO. Amount of expenditures for fiscal By amount ttr teriVd foVutcaj ye*r Kemalnlog unpaid Jnoe'l. "59."."..".' Excess of expenditure* orer'tii col- Amount of expenditarei for Iflical By amount tiz VeVledfor" flJc»i'ye»r' '" 2,90598 2^3 .OS 42Jes 6,905 8C lected.. col-. : EIOUTHTABD. expenditures f< . Councilor Lockwood moved that ft b* recommitted to the same committM together with the Controller. -: Which was agreed to. ;--'••- -.'•'< * Caoncilor lookwood from tha Judiciary committee, to whom was referred: the bill of Friend & Brother for uniforms .for the Police forces, consisting of pantaloons and coah, reported that the Ordinance passed April 19th, By^atuount tax'leVied'for'fljcii yVar" RemimVnfMp'aU JoiVf 'ii""/.". S '?3r 18 30 3,061 23 8,17460 over ttx to!- WAXD. To amount of,etpeadltnre» for tic*! ! .. 6S543 3^(2308 lected of expenditure* orer taxieql- a uniform a r «a for the Police force bntjdid not provida for the payment. The conimSttee, recommended tha city to assume the ^payment of the coats only, and offered the followfag resolution r ^^"f ',^ r Board of Aldc rmen concurring that the Mayor and Clerk be, and they are, hareby directed to issue to H. Friend & Bros, city orders to the amount of $425,35, io be received by them in full for twenty -one uniform coats and buttons for the polica forca of tne city. - - . Coiineilors HjQrden.and -Eoseb-c't were of opinion thatthe csoats could Iw purchased for $15 each. , CduncOor McCormicb moved that tie account be referred to the Committee; on Police. Which.was - - -- • 'Adopted. 'Connoilor JToQIrsth offered the following - yiaolved, The Board of Aldermen concurring;, that the Mayor aad tomptrollar ara »ereby authorized toisanacity orders- to F. S. ilodgetf, tojhe amount of one hundred an J Jy dol ! a , r<l ^ r5 ?l °?j engineering account, Chargeable £o the-3d Ward fund. Adopted by a unanimous vote • Councilor Buaaok orfered the fallowing _ Xtsolted Tb- Board of Aldermen concurring, that fbere be, and ia hereby appropriated o Otto Fiebiflff, the sun» of one hundred dol- ars, to apply on-account of his services as Assessor for the Sixth Ward. Adopted- Councilor Baaack offored a resolution, call- ng the attention of {ha Superinlendiint of Jridges to the repairs required on Cherry street bridge, and the necessity existing to raisa the north end of tha same. •Which was adopted. Councilor Bosebeck presented "an ordinance establishing a wood and hay market, and regulating the sale of, wood and hay in the 5th and 8:h Wards," aid. locating tue. Market oa Oregon street, fa tha 5th_Ward, between Reed and South Watar. streets. ;,Which waa read'twice. ;; On motion of Councilor Kosebeoki the rulea. were suspended r the ordinanca waa th«u .read a third time and passed. : Councilor Haydan. preaenteil the execution of W. S. Babcock.& Brothers, against, the city of Milwaukee, for §1,594-41, and moved that it be referred ,to the Finanow-Committee and the''Comptroller. - * ;" - • ; ' " "• Which was agreed fo-. •-. ^ '' " Cduacilor Hayden -.offered tha following : : '. Retained, The Board of Aldermen concnr- ring,, that the Mayor ,and City Clerk ara hera- l>y. authorized to isaaa city orders to P. S. Biodgett to the amount of twd hundred dollars' (§200) on engineering account, charizea- bleto.fb.aath. Wardfuad. : • Adopted. • "..-.•- : Councilor Harden, from the Local Commit, tea of thff8th.Ward,. to whom waa referred a T>etidon:froin Q. A-Nolden and others, in relation to interments in tha burying ground in the 8th Wsrdpreported thereon by an ordinance entitled "an ordinance, regulating in termanta In the 8th Ward of tlie oily of Mil. wankaa,' f and prohibiting ifltt)nnenls within the liroiU of tlia said Ward, nndur a of flfty"doilaM. ; " _Whic& was read twice. • On tibfl- motion' of Cannotlo'r* t!4Tlldn,' ttlij rules wera auspanded, tha'ordinance ws3 then read a third time andrpa'ssed.~-' Coqncilor N;oye3 presented " Aa ordinance to restrain horses, cattle, .sheep, goats, mules, jaokasaes, and other anfmals, from running at . T3IBO SIGHT OP s, ••• L E i Cr H.T o AS - ASMOi3S,US ; 1859, rv'r . MELLY IN THS MAID OF THE MILKING ••: - PAIL. 1332] STATS 07 W1SCON3IX 'Circuit Court, Carolina B. Witiins, AUmin!rtr,iirtx Lymle, AJmhlrwor of the Kit-Ms of 'Jl SIna, dooeaseJ. - -• Wlldin P rl.M R TV,, ' " ' John iCummlniti, John C. aiodrinh. (Jrer-r IT -n- -I - . Abraham U. Warner, P.,!er Ke , - WlUlam P. Ljnde, William S'mi=h,Hu D ". Abrsham StcMnh.irt, Loolj .1. Clwli- iilo M« ' M. Hubby, irtl.ur BaJiterStataBinl, Hughes, S'mm, u .b*rt fl I-M ' 7 ,,..: ' for ^ -!e July8,J3C» n I .hall «po 3 auction, at the Posl-oai.-,,. «J Milwaukee ,tr«et s . ii, ,, City , Natiirdar, tl»« 13th U;iy o IMp the hear of a P. a. . of t,, :l f .lay, " Bribed mortgj^d premi:,,,, or ..-, rnm-h be necessary to ralao Uui amount -of <i;.| ,,,, ..., ^tandoosta, together -.viti, u, u „.„.„„:; : "Lotone(l).iml tiro (-J), in H,-,ck fort/ , :ui - o.-to >,. f , ,», '•„' '' "~ of Hie Uii -,- .,( Mil-,- , ' the Tiiird consin." DstsdSh-.TilTa 0:Bce,.MUivuuic.. J»| Ds»:«3 & Pmajo.i, I \ ", Pl'fli Att'yi. ( 11IL1V.HJSEE COUNTY I City of Milwaukee. ' j la Jam,- iTlrrruii ol u you linl -j^.t U(! ..f E-Iwnr.l low, I against J- Borac« H. Grigg. ) To HoracsH. Grigs: Y OU sre hereby noutti'd that tnenc baa been lsine-1 'i niu perty attached, to satijfy the^dera loir, amounting to -ieventv-tTrij iji. jl( cents.- Xou- auleds you »u>ear'o'"for..'"t>''l""' J o,'i Esq., a Justice of the Peace m and fur ja i,j oo.-if hia office In j.iid ally,-on the jecond liy'.f v -.'.',[' O-., 1S3S, at 3 o'clock in tho .forsno.irt iudcairn" '••ii l rendered against you, md your pruo-'rty J.,H •', ' tne debt. : ' Dated this lUth Jay of July.i. o.,l-i') 2D' l ,V, I'liins: ; s.i |. ;•• . of '' Which was .read twice and laid over under the rules. Councilor Noyea presented a, communication from J. B- Cross, Esq., Ju rolation to aa ase- cation isautd hy the Supreme Court, in the case of Lumsden 73. the city, for about $1-26 and costs; also, in relation to an error in a certifSc-ita .for grading lot 6, block 172, ia the Third Ward, charged by mistake to lot 6, block 179. Referred;to the Snanca committee aufi the ESUTfill'STATES iliijea Chainberlain, Jr., l „. * 3 - ' > Ia the U. 3. Di,.lnc: Cou Sbencsrr Dakio. . ) tor die Oivsr-ct .it '.V'-• ,n, TJY virtue of a 3.1 Plurk-j writ,>f IHrri ?»ei:u ''.im. JLJ out of anU unilcr Uie seal of ilio D-itric 1 Ciru- Ihe nnlled dUU-tf.1 for the District of M'Uc-mil-i •, • abo/9 entitled cauire, tested on the3th day of ffioruir 1359, to me directed, coiumikmlln^ nie if 'h,* •-... !i \i chattels'.Jands and tenements or ih.- »boV • TI-U). i ; leaJant to cause to tje madf n ,;-r'.i;n m-i nf •',,•! therela apecifltid, I have luvleiJ noun 1:1.1 "• u! i'.'ii Public Auction, tu tha hi_'fie«t bld°J»r .u '.v'-dn ii the 'J7th Jay of April,'"lisa, ji :;*•.]„,... p ^ the Uaiteil States .Marshall Office, In th- 'tiity .;''V waufc-'e, In said Diltrlct,.ill tho ri-jbt, till,' i ;1 -i ••• T- which- the above named Ebcni^x-r [)--i'i ; 'i-l I'D •) thirteenth Jay of July, 1-5,1, or .i:la ainc-' li-.i-n-.. i " and to thetollo^lnsf descriU-d r.,il ^Ute', sl^t.:,':,', and being ia the Caanty jf Hari{uetti' ir.a 3: consin, to irlt: "Lot i>rii(lj, in blucVs,-n': of NeaSkori, n'iL'i the mill :hen.-on.jltu.i:i'il, machinery aail tha water'powr wi'i-c-^i Also, mill lot X 0 . four (l>, nn.! t!io.T.i.,i,. ., anJ lota six ^5) and sevca ^r>, ou ^rucn tK stands, all in uie 7illa^9 .jf Nr-wiikoi'-v ' VI'H", iS d t»' m -? al '? 7U b? !f 'i v> A Sei-iorai ' .vuo'; :, Mock ti; church luta on*'(I) and two' ,"'v .' ™&$:^^^^^ Also, lots two, foar, ire, 31.7, n,;V., a.!'-'," ^ twelye, thirtdtn and fouru-'-n r ':.,,'j' V " half of lot onu, au of lot*jav.. n , " : ,! >' land lying between law 1 aad •• , nr . Main sueet an,l eitendln^ -.7.31 u ih«- f' lota tour, five, S L T , ssTt-n, ei,-at, nlot- twelve, thirteen aiij fourteen, m bioci (i four, ftve, soTen, sight, nine, ten, -lev™ teen, fourteen, lifteea and, sixteen. . .. two, thrae, four an j Sv«,';n blnr.-. .' lot ona lo block?. £luo, lot an,,., m ,• .,, STS, sis, seven and '.ht- -i»i ,j ,, eight, all ia block K, an.l aboT,j village lots belnK in'Ji, liao, all^hat part of th? .,T 5 .>u hi. Huarter and '.Uo east Dali or ihe acTtu -\. section aumbfrr -ji.rht (.S% iu to-vn {i;n "N (.I*), uurth. of ran^e No. elev-n (11) "a.'.t, in the vlllai^a plat of ibo viiLi..^ ,j t - .\,. ri ;,' io east half of the sooth *e*r iirir'.er .if ^,',-: eight tS), ia '.owajhip Dumber tevunte<-n V range No. eleven (11) ?ast. Ail •>( tho abi beln f situated in the County jf Mir'ini':t,> Wisconsin." .Marshal'! p:Bce, Milirauiffe, .\I.)r--.'i .', l- J. niOM.VJ, M i.- .iii , ' feSi 53 CITT ACCOUSTS. General city ac'to paid from April 6,1858,10 April 6, 1659. ...... .... Jfi.SOS 86 Accounts of 1858, paid since April 6. 1 '.,. 2.T2S30 8.CM16 led to the al.ore results J6@»-Mui,-iciPAJi COTJET-HIS HOKOK, Jt Footrt, PKESIPINC —Tuesday, July 12.— Joseph Anson, drunk, fined $1. Execution issued. Geo. Eckendorf, disorderly, discharged ' ° 0 f < Mu ay °l ta Cedar eireet, from Tenth street west in the Second and Fourth Wards, be graded, the sldewalk8 planked, ^fo. Eeferred l » tte Local Committea of the 4th "If* Y^ T1 >e Chair presented the following : 2 ' ° <ay ° and C ^ rt>mon V^™* 1 °f '*• city days in default of payment Peter Eunz, disorderly. No one appearing for the prosecution, the defendant was charged John Tyler Stevens, tenced to imprisonment days. Foarth by the hands in his oy ° n LfcenSeS U ?° n fte V* & *°* of "»™T*l fl» ™*, *?? deali °K ln «1 nore . **!»g t»D. P f« ****** Ve ^ BeB " WM ™ {e "** - Attorney Sot its opinion whether the ° mmon6onc can ^^ ««pt fialoou T" J ItaTe es»«ntned ihe aubjajt so-referred to me, ««d am o«he opinion that the Common Coun- 11 taTO no V>*W to esemplf any person from .he slatnte *>r A license fo"y«Td "gtrVng, Bpirit- FIEK DEPARTMENT. Acconnte p«ld from Aprfl 6,185S, to Aprfl 6,1859 Accounts of 1853, paldilnce April C, a Toui.\\\''.'.V.V.V.V.V.V".V.V. PKIKtrSO,. Accounts paid from April C, 'CB, to\ Conncflor Hayden moved that it be referred to the finance committee, and the Clerk directed to hare it printed with the proceedings. Which wes agreed to. : i '; The Chair present^ a commnnioatipn from the Controller, returning for c>noellaUon treasury warrants, city and "adiool orders, street commissioners certififlates.i &o., paid by the Treasurer, amounting to S47i671,88. Which were cancelled by Conncilor«. Tesoh and Hayden,' fa presence of! the board. Connoilor lockwood presented ^Councilor Heinemann moved that the vote '"stUkente reconsidered; _ " f^ h T* 8 • < % ried;i) J : lhe foUowing Tote : Bnsack, Herzer, Ayes-Conncilors , er Hemeoui.,; Hayden, Johnston, lockwood,' ' ''' 8,1iK 50 smd ? enU J' ron 0 three saws Coaneilias powers -license to v. Knapp; an amoant which is ri of any fignres ever come to «e slioTild like to iidar of » w anoes in lumber sawing, bnt do not trotn Any mill now running in isaunet Enterprise. thertfore -in the manner provided by law, «nd the- givin^of regnfsfte'tond. A- license granted upon any other terms than tboto presented by law would be xto" protecHon to the person folding Jt, for the reason that ft woiild-for fasaed IrJthKnit antBority of 'law. Acjoants of '68, p*id llnce April C, Total '.'.'.'.V.'.*!"'.'.! POLICE. Aceonntapald from April 6, '68, to April 6,^fiO..,..,.. Accounts of 1858, paid since AprU t, Police property''icconnU "if" JSJs, paid llnce April, J859 CONTINQ1NT. A « ou ,o<* P,»W/wm AprD 6,18S8, to April 6, 1SS9...»..*..•..,,. '93S 25 A?«iants of 1BSS, paid Btace April' "t, -10,842 46 45 DOCK3KQ AB» DECDOIBQ. Acconnti paiiiilnce.April 1859..,. SOBOOIi IOAR P0KD. " BRIDQt fiEPAIKS. Accounts p«ld from April 6, 1EC3 lo April 6, 1858. , Account! of 1S5S, paid <Ince April 3869 •••;•• •••' » HSotM . '' BBIDOB HBDIHQ Aecoanls paid ' from April 6,1853 to Aprfl 6,1869 , ,„ Accoants of-1858, paid since April ZO09**B* *•!•* •*•« «**l>*k*»* ••**«•** fotal ..i r 1,684 T6 1.M3 M •H.COS 88 a petition from A. Rossenthal and other freeholders of the First Ward, praying that Farewell Btreet be extended to Franklin street and to tha north line of Rogers' Addition, in the First Ward. Ah» a-resolntion directing ihe City Clerk to give the proper notice for the. appointment of a jury to determine npon the necessity of ta- king^oertain lands for the purpose of opening and extending the said Farewell street. Which was adopted. 1 Conncilor Heinemann, from the select committee, to whom was referred the petition of H. J. Berringer and others, for removing the cattle market from tbe vicinity of the Market House,' reported the following resolution : 1? 7 tt6 bo * f *J >f Ooa no«ors' the Aldermen concurring,' That the cat. tie market, established near th*' Market Ho«e Ward*/ thecUyof ba and tl» same U hereby removed from said £m? to *&, I™ 1 *" 0 *q.oaw between Poplar Fifth and VHel streets, fa «wSecond WaSof thedtyof Mawankea. i Which wag 1 adopted. i Connoilor Hayden," from thfloommiltee on 5,80227 -10,832 IT schools,.to »lwm was-referred 4oommnniea. tion from Mejsra. Bnttripk^JBintler & Co, 4n relation to a jndgmsat obtained by Qeo, Jones againBtthecit^in the 0. 8. Court,npoaanota for $600, given by the otty faT<Jh»ge & Son for school/nrnitere, reported by ths following res- Noyes and Schnlte—10. Nobs— ConnoirorsBnening.McCormio^Roge- beck, Tesch and Vogal—5. Conncilor Heinemann moved that it ba referred to th» Committee on Police and the Committee oa Judiciary. Which was agreed to. Conncilor WoGfrath, from the local commit- tea of tha 3d Ward, to whom was referred the petition of ITiomas K«ogh, protesting against an order of the Street Commissioners, for paving the gutters in front of block 79 on Detroit street, and tha east half of lot J, block 44. Beported adverse to the prayer of the pati- tiouer, i * Councilor McQrath, from the Street Commissioners of the 3d ward, pres«nted their recommendation for paring the gutters on Detroit street from Main to Beach street,- *ith a resolution approving of ths same. Which was adopted. ., \ Councilor MoCoraSck presented the following: i the Board of Councilors that . M . - Jf Municipal Coort*» requested %$&*&**&**. - the «» <" ^e dS Comptroller. Councilor Johnston prasanted a recommendation from the Street Commissioners of the Fourth Ward, thai Iota -2, 3, 4, 5, 6, block 144 : in said Ward T be declared nuisances. Also, a .resolution declaring tha jaid lots nuisances, and ordering them to be abated in twenty days. Which waa adopted. Councilor Johnston offered the following i Resolved, That his honor, the Judge of the. Municipal Court to, and hula hereby, requested to stay proceedings in the case of city of Milwaukee against II. Morton, in the judgment obtained against him this day, for non-payment of liquor license, for the space of lour weeks from date. Adopted. Sundry" bills" audited by tha Comptroller ware allowed, and others reported correct by the respective committees, wara allowed and referred to the Comptroller. On the motion of Councilor Sohulte, tha Board adjourned to Thursday next, tha 14th fast., at 7 o'clock. B. B. LYNCH, City Clerk. - l — The iboT^ jalo :a h-'r-jby . ltj .. ui July 11, 1^9, a: Oie same huur iml nil Marshal's U2ice, Jlilimuke", April '^: npria-Ui-it M. J. TdOlU.-' i .- 1 r >;-j until Tuesday, July M, I-.'.'l, ' a i • place aj abiiv-.-. •llunhal'j ufflce, JJil-nakee, Ju/v J>' 13 M. J i;, , Mi HAT H A T rf STRAW I*E« Than cnia -. L LAPS. C APS -AND— GOODS CE.'HT. l..»UKU be rnrt'bn^- ANT OTHER HOCiJE IN THE WL-;.-T \l EUCHANT3 ^ho .It-sir- ' iTJ. cl ase of goods, are resp sa«Ui; c ,i NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. .;,•.-... ^.. l ase of goods, are respectfully mvi my itock before buying .« t am ".'ii,^ 710 " 9 them th:U ' ira ^'«'ns v. ica« /•'- v " L^-VT. lower than any oiher house jf ih 0 ^in,"( ,.', city. My goods wore purchased much below i'i- r'-n"i 7 " 30rt O=-« "f HATS, C.l lar^e, varied an,] w-ll Kl eC (e w. D. u.vco: 706] plotion: Betolved, TW board of Aldertten oononrrine . ' , 4M86' B0013 ASD'»TATIOjr«Br.' AccouaU paid from April 6, 1858, to April IT 1859 and Clerk' be hereby anthoffcad^aad fastrncfed toTri^and Issue a city warraatj bearing date April JsC i^fi? 0 ' S^i^l^ it being the,amonnt doe at that tune, bearfag: 10 peroen*. Jnterert. fa fc. wr«f W.ObM3& Sons, np^ n oondldon that tbey-can*> to De-cancelled a ' • " " " " " itt'the ' T90 80 - Which was adcipted By airnanifflOTW < Adopted. | Councilor Bosebeok offered »ha following resolction: l _Jfew?wd lie Board of Aldermen concnr- £ n £'J^ * ! b ffS?, mptr °y!L i!t hereby requested to famish suitable nnmbers to tht> Police force, to b0 W$rn in front of their caps as* tha aam^ wonld6dd,greatlyto the safety of thepablio andpohc8ite«aje of *B» ~* i>*vw ha& prored to ie the best mi Adopted. •:• , Coanoqor McQralh presented" a recommsnd. aUon from thsjBtreei commissiflnm of the 3d ward, that an order be passed for abating certain nnfsanee* fa the said ward, and a Wsoln- tiondeclftrfag.tha-letsnrantJooad in the jaid re$ommendalion r dated Jajy u, IBS?,, publlo nuisances, and,ordarfag'-that they ba abated within ten daya from date. " • *- ' i Adopiad. " „ •" ' < i i ^ Kowbeok offijwd the tollowfagr i£-JS] SHEIUFF'S SALE. [News .STATE OP WISCONSIN, ) Circuit Court, llllwaatee County, f , - •.. John, Ajnale, against '- • ' Albert Bade, Elisabeth C. S., his wife, Herniad Schwarting, Welbelman, his wife, John L. Soothesland, Lind«ay Ward, John J. Hoff, Lyman Elmore, Charles R Austin, SamnelJ. Bridge, -Matthew H. Bctdze, Johu L. Hathaway, Charles O. Belden, William T. Phipps John B,, Henry ;L. Palmer, Augustus Greullchand Herman BchwarUug, iislimees of tho People's Bank of Haertel, Grecnleaf A Co^ James White, John A Dunbar, Herman A. Wager, Jr., Alexander T, Wll-' son, Jaihua LaDue, Warrick Price, EllhuJ. farmer, William B, Price, The JaneauBank, JosephB.Schram, BaBjamln B. Bagnall, Warren Phelpa and The Ma. rlixe Sank.: • - Judgment of Joreclosare and sale. i. I B Tlrtue of and pursuant to »ja.-igm«nt rendered In t "Sr,?. 0 ?^ '? th8: 8bov8 « ntlt leJ action, dated Juna 30,1859, I shall expose for lale and sell at pub- Ue auction, at the Post Offlco Ia the city of Milwaukee. nn Bntfnw^M^p •».« YX**^ ^ _• .«i,«w»cc, SHERIFF'S iTATB 0? WI3COSSI.V, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. f AlonZo L. iian-.., John 3. rjlmore,George W. Peciham .ind r,,r r,,. Foreclosure. "" -fN rirtae of anil pursuant to a judgment rfn.ier'-l -i ' - . » oim- d, scribed mortgaged prsmiso OTJO much (her-of u \, , be neceniryto- raise tbe aaoant jf jaia jtu'- and cost.. ,o 3 other T |U, -m-nt i «BC«S"of Ji "lot number thirteen [13] an.l t!,e e.ut thiriy l^U] f«et of lot oumbtr twelve 1-JJ, ln bloci number seventy-seven [TTJ. in t,V Foarth W-irf of the City of .Milwaukee, ia Uie Countv of MM' waaker? :>nd Stato o^Wiaconsin'" " Dated Sheriff -j Offlce, "Milwaukee, April 1, jsia OGU..-, BROWS A OODK.I, I A. J. LAJSQWoRTHY aprMSa^ f S..eridrMi Is «; u , above oa Saturday, tbo latH day ef i 86 !'i t jf lehour "J 1 p ' *•«.'*»» *ay, ttert de»ar8)W mortgagid premises, or so much, thereof as may b« necessary w ralas the amount of said judgment, totCTest and cotta, together with the expenses pi sale - ' « en • in Kneeland'a Addition to the City of MllwaBkee, Slith Ward 2f'. alk £i£f' ;la "yC^o'y of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." 'Date! Sheriff 1 * Office.' Milwaukee, July 13. 1339. • A. J. LASaWOSTHT, ' &&£?• ^"«-a^5 !i S£ SSfflSa'ssf-^ 1 * 1 . -*•*«• and 8TATB OP SALE. i HtoiHearyJsrjes, j »5»lnst ] DanlilE. Cotton. jSaJe. I n^2°? '*f-«»*-»»™iiBt to * judgmentm «id TA ^S^t 1 "^ mboT * enUUet * »=«oa. <l»«ed November 10,188T, I shall expose for sal« knd sell »t Public Aac- the City of MilwaoKee, on lay of October, lisa, Dated Sheriff's Chile..', Milwaukee,'July-J, H;,j . ,, A. J. luiHOWoflTlh _j"i. J . ShcriiTHIl. Co., V STATS 0? WISCONSIN, Circuit Ccnrt, Jlllwaultee County. : , Jamen S. Bro^n, „ „ - against Ernst P. Henber-,-, Josiih A. Soonan p..Andreas Keyu. . Foreclosure. ;. enilore ,H-< I ! » f s sr, J. aaij t«ort. In tjie aboje entiUeU act'on nary 13, 1S5S, I shall ' Accounts of 1858, pftld atoce April, report- of the Coin schoott, wported sback two 4&1* of Jo'hn lax _._ , -1 wftii* eld TBS tod alow, and has not the" affect ought to have. THE MAMMOTH T-A JJU1& girl, between Xonr and nr« years «ia, of tbe WisconBin Leather apd in attempU o£.*awirndfcto*!<iom8ii«Be tf^th* Boa4 «f * tjf ».__ _^.J*.1.J_ * . 1"i T r "'*'^ ir*. tax tooted to amend, by- ili* word "*kait,» in the third Of the Msaomooee Report and entered against.! width* , , or so-numb thereof*! may b« necessary to rilsa Ihe amount of s«JJ jajgrneot, Intere§» and cMls, tosether wltfl the expends of sale, towlt: . ' .• '•• • •-••- "' ' ' "AH toot c«rl»in plrce' or pa/eel 1 of S»n<», situate, 1 , f ikying and. $ein£ to- thcr County of MUwioJt^e •.. »nd«U*eo/Wli<joruln,i»nil^S»P«rtofih8 . oortn. w«t quarter of ;««Uoa IT, la township 7, •ni>rtnofr«ns;»are»W«nd being Hie tt'Jj of Ihnia ctrtiln 28 sjcres, conriyed to Jonn Adam WuelI«r*mJ IterUMkOvireksadfrederIek Mael' Je»»dai»flo«»»Willietaane,lujwlfe,byJanies __ •_ .*. by, wanranty dejdj dated recorded In ther Offlce of IT at Deed* of. MllTranJee -Coanty, in VoT.Jl. of Deeds, p«;rea IS »nd 77; boiunl«d on the north uid lonth by thenupectiTe north and •outn lines ef iild.nortturest qawtw. of said •estloo IT, oathe east'by tbe Beat line of S3 •ere*, Wag »Iso p»rt of i»id north wMt qnjus Kr,«etoff in a ngnlu fbrra, from the east part of t»ldo.<iart«r rtctlon, and on the waat by certain north. »nd south llaj. to to drawn •ttrongh the^entre of said — be - - - — amount of jam juil>oi3^nt, intvi amJ coats, together with the expenaen of iale.towlt': All that part of the ^jat a»l.r of tho .*?iuh- ™eat qoa-ter of sectlou number alno (^), iu township »av«n (T); of tango tu e.ity-lwu ^"J), bounded 33 follows, to wit: o»nimenelng at the south-west cornorof J^iii ifest half of tho southwest quarter of section aino(!}}; running tht'ncd e«ton thojonthjlne Ibercof i™ (10) chains" thenca uortJi ten (10) chains; thenc« irestitea (10) c-hains to the west lino or the aaiij quarter lection, auJ theni-o soutli ten (lo) chains to the place of te'liininif, contalninit ten 1 1flO) ior>s subject, however, to one half tha width of" * ' th « 30u "> and wm boundaries thereof " ! -In width." ., . "* Attorney, D»Ud Sheriar 'f Offiet, Mllwanlwe, July 13,1S68 MMVtaow*-* toon.) A.j,LANOWOT LTAMN-SP. Bootj, A. J. . Dated Sherlff'j Office, Milwaukee, July :; ISM ' ' A. J. • - UT JirTaou.iiB'3-OFF'cs, i B^rrn < - ontr:! <:t Department, July 3ih, !«;), i aor^» PrOP , 08 f" S ,*" U *" rMei<r «l »t't>!» eaicouiui Sr«^lT r •'"'yHU' 11 o'clock »s .'».«., s^m .h a " actioa of two se ' r<:r9 in ;! ' u s '^«n!" W.ird ° f John40n - • ttrtln 3truQt to th « river, in B * rai:ta l 'a «ecorit»aco with. HW JpeciflcaiJona-on Olo in. UompUoll«r'-3 ofllee. ' - at' If. QASDlSSif, Com lrl wwr« pTan and mn NOTICE. FI1HE n«t monthly meeUnz of UeSt. Georiw'sgo, .M. oiety will 6e held oo tfte e&Tenth day of J a i» CMii . wo 4th !)eloz tho Cele'butlon of Aa»i!r(ci»a tndcow.t' en*'w- . ««v ff ^>.n. O. «. JAVA , a UtUi ths best ia the A 1COH05, S3 p-r ct. »8}M»nttraasnr9'3 prtfle. '^* , ' '" 8ffA^aT??fi

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