Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 11
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 11
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TS wretched to health C JIOCM cloggedl purifie* y witK- teded troA ieves on CUMf* n tl wu ft»tn- ri«t «f ly for *« pot trained---!' tat you paub *t ;o, ill. F^^yi^^^f*^:^?^ HERALD TELEPHONE 4161 HERALD'S AIM; To give alt the a* it i» and when it happeni. WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 22, 1930, SECOND SECTION? WANT ADS,1 SEAL SALES WILL FINANCE SUMMER UMPINDECATUR To Tab Over Rooms If Plan Succeeds USEFULNESS PROVED Decfttur will rmve of to «tl*nd i slml M children o , irtticon county TiihorculoH* )( id VUHlntf ·· · t .... ,i«ol* ** prn"«'*l* from the a,] Ml* to this objective. schools wl" I" a** 1 * 1 :he ncllvlty ot o pern ting Stupid Hunters Spoiling All Sport For Others In Duck Shooting Grounds "On* reation hunters do not get ducks on Lake D«cittur, Is because they do not know how to hunt them. If they t^new how, they could get them," declared n hunter, a sportsman In tho beat venue ot tho word, "Thftt BO ems n contradiction, but It Id the truth. They just don't Know how. If they did know, occasionally some of thorn would get a« many as you would expect In the Illinois rlv- fir swamps, Saturday morning at daylight we were In a good blind w|th nlno live decoys In front of us. The f l r a t bunch, that cams within sight of our decoys, came In beautifully In answer to their call, "But the Inku shore was lined with in on and boys with guns. They bo- tcan shooting the moment a flock of ducks cam* within sight. The flock would be high and wide It it pnssod our blind. Many yards out of range wtn of th* bent gun on the kkt they 1080 J were fired on Just tho .iame. Actual, ty HOIIIU fellow across the lake frftm '°!our blind fired on n, flock when It m nchflol lor the b*noft ot , Wllllftm Hticvts, ot «*«.!« I n d l M t H l Wed Tht doolnft ftf "i p window* ami Hi* dlwontlnulnd "( the -Knhlmo mil' this fntl. tojtnthor with tH of th" John'K Hill Junior would nmko eonllnuc the pchfwl It MMtlhlB tnr 'i« »lth t-cry little additional -x* ." Mr, to ih» Krhool polr,"" 1 «"* t Intsrvlcwdd on lUc bud b»«rfi npl'ttmn' ft 1 ' mutter. dny the munt tnl«i ovrr (tilt ptoji'fl. «nd If the time toiBB nnw wo could hfttidlfl It hiu como near tin. There wns absolutely no chance for thnt man to stir a feather, but h« would shoot Juat the MI mo. No one baa a slight chance when men shoot that way. I can't understand them. on "Well, n f t e r a time n. man sneaked up clone and fired on our decoys anl killed n big dcftke. Billy, my chum walked and told the fellow he musl pny for the dead drake. There-was an ttrgmnont. The offender wan « big m u n und Billy In hardly up to the rtvnragn nine, Finally Billy declared lie would take tt out of th* other fellow's hide It he couldn't get It any other way. "That's thn way I wunl to pay" de dureri the big feilow and he pflBlet hi* coal, dropped his gun, and was In position In an amazingly lime. When h* settled In to the position he liked best and tnude n few fancy motions, Billy hit him bang In tho mouth, and alter that until ho wus really weary, he mnuled that fellow who said that was the way he prut or rod to pay. Maybe ho would not huvo made that bluff If he had known that Billy Is a stnil-pro boxer. Say it would have beta a shame what he did to that big boy it he had not been so-cocky about the way he preferred to pay. Ducks Not Dummlmi "But about the shooting, They wore many ot them shooting before stin rise and many more shooting after sundown. That is Illegal And fancy the way they raced along the shore in plain sight of the fowls, Wonder If they really expected that a thick would come within range ot guns. It they cherished any such notion they were certainly fooled." "Say, I got one sprig 9unda{ morning", declared a second man who hnd learned the art of shooting on Illinois river, awamps. "Must have boon un accident that It was within gun shot, I never saw such a queei lot of hunters. I don't suppose that you will believe It, but honestly ·MS A fallow thm with a b dog. He had It racing along the bank barklag at ducks more than gunshol high In the air, I know what would happen to such hunters If they wi dcred into a swamp along the Illinois river. That dog would have been filled with No. 6 shot and the owner would not tilt down with aifp com fort for u week or two, No more Do- cnlur lake for me. It is a waste ol HUM and It gets on your nerve* to see men with (tuns and no lltttfe knowledge of the game that they spoil alt chance (or the man who retilty knows how." fttom(n»rd«tlin In l« r#perl of r"H«( n "This (twulih f!«rt»v TwY- Int by fi Linn, DR, A. E, PRINCE OF SPRINGFIELD DIES ^ I I I M I H - I I " i - . * tt T+ r e? and vi,*it-i[S| a tiouaiiy ramous hye our- re (tort geon Known Here fir rhi- nn- t'iij^-l It Id ool ili(iart- of t h p prl- pl'li's w i t h been n* a tKto WM n if *»lj p , A* H till business of ihp ni'li mrtit rither thtin (h* S^ I'dn nrnnnlwitlon, In nil utileta tin- survey 1* f i t m l l l n i , ?·«· i|r school room* ii'i* opernli'il I'y id* vhfol d c r m r t p n t ' n t and M I* lAXftfl for [fr^inti^d Arhnftl project lo nnniwtxl n* rurh." "It t» I'M'omiiiriideil Ih'it I hi" P' 1 " JfN h" t n f n e i l ovor to the nihot*h DM* lo the com u n u v h!i iMlhltt U 1 'iNTioMSti'filPtl-" Me. 'd Hie oppriliiff (if rm fitojffl In Tn Lena* Thr fstrihllsitiliiK of a health ciunp *onM Ininii k n o w n n." n pn inrluni, vinn mrommnmteil In iMt finnufil report nuvtli- to the cud County by Dr. t), f N. Iilinlt*r|». 'l'h n I"'"' vftrtorhiin formerly ojinralod on the innslorlurn ttrounds will not h» mcil. bill a locution will be leaned In tettif weoded arcn nrnr Lfiitiu' tn j(lv» clhldrpn opportunity tn en- Jo)- their cnintilng w i t h o u t dMtiirb- Ittf pnlliMiti", nnil lo ndd tn the IT. A r t h u r E. Prince, spMhiUst In eye, »ai- nud throat fill- t»t?nt!t, dli'd Tiiewlny morning In his horn", Me was 15 years old and Fur your,-! ho mulnlulned iv branch (trnvtlnv In DeuHttir vUltlng here nt li'iint otic^ a weuk, pr, Prlni'p pnu'ti^ed for more than new )-n\t a w n l u t y «nd for many yeaTM Hi* Princn Sfinltavlum In . For two youm hist hnd been (ulting, Last siim- he rt'tll'fil from autlve ii! nc rv I c Thumlay VOTERS ARE URGED TO StIPPORT CHANGE IN STATEJANK ACT Voters are ur^ed by W. R, Me- Oaughey. pveald^nt of the Illinois Bankers assoc itill on, Deeatur, to vote for thi nmcrnttntnU to tbc Illinois State Banking net, to be submitted on a small ballot In tho general election In Novumber. The amendment* buve the baching of the Illinois Ban ken) tuiaocfutlon, Mr. McGuughoy soya. Those amendments were .by the last Genera] Assembly after being prepared by a banking com mis. sion created for that purpose by the prevlou* Assembly, with the auditor of public ttucoum.s an chairman, appointed by the governor. » will he at 1ft ninrnliiR at the tt«v. Civ, .Tnhn T. Thomas, jiimloi 1 (if FlMt Pn^byterlon church will oftiol'ite. Biirlfll will he made In JacltflcnvUlc cemil*r'. Tho turn lly h»« tti«!ciwUtiul. M n - i A.i ft »nd Ihrnnl. (hnt flowers be worked out by the Ion.' prrally strengthen the act, It is ctulmcd, Moat of the amendments only clarify the wording of the act, but some new provisions have been added. Among many other changes, the following uru nioxt conspicuous; Thn auditor wilt have the power to more (ullv Investigate the opptl- |n eye. car. noxcj uttUona {M . n( , w b u n k charter!;. Dr. Prince ft nntlomil Mpulntlon. Beside* per- fet'ttng tievernt Instruments for *y* trpiitnicnti", he developed new methods to cure eye trouble!*. The Prince Sanlftirltim. estob- titnllh Ih* i) wunlry. rftler* lmv hepn w r l t l c n on nr- of lhi V. K. A. hodril of dl- slnllng the I the *cnl juile for next ynr would br n · honlth onmp." 'Ml** Rubyc director of (lie fie/d M]K n\b "K l)i on i til,* tinsls that th* 1S30 *enl snln will be ciomlucled. 'Chllrtrm will h* eh'incti from De^Alili 1 STid cotintv nehoolfl, n f t r r plly- W»1 exnmlnnllnn. find tliotin who will benefit miiHt trcnn thr cnm) *lll he (dven fln njifiorliinlly '" WJ*y the n r l v n n t n ^ f f i of l h ^ hnallh f»(np," Mlw Mnehcl said, Awlnllan Flier Ends Last Solo Hop Hmrled E. arrlwl here nt a Oct. m, VVed- . by the rathm' of the Spring- physician, wait the first Instltu- " ' l l l o n of Its kind In this section of tlin country which furnished a hos- pltnl for out-of-town patients undergoing special surgical treatment. Dr. R n v l d Prlnnn founded the In- Klltittlon In ]8$7 In Jnfltiionville. In 1HIH it WHS moved to thin city. Dr. A. K, Prlnee became assocl- nlid with the sanitarium in 187", when he was graduated from the Nrsw Vork Coltflg* ot physicians find Sxirgeons, M(i WH,« born In JackiionvlllM April S, 1MS4- Ho (jrodufited from Illlnola there and in ' addition to lu Now Vork, studied In before starting hl« prac- lljtn, Ho iilso nmrte a »ei:ond trip to Europe (or f u r t h e r studlcx, HesidM the aan, Dr. Prince Is survived by tils wife. Mrs. 1 Chfirlotte H, Print*; two daughter!). Virginia Prince, nt home, and Mrs, Amos Thn m i n i m u m crtpltal of new banks will be $50,000 instead of J25.000. A surplus of not less thun 10 pir cent, ot Its capital, will be requited of* a new bank, and a reserve of not less tban five per cent, ot Its capital will be required for operation. Capital stock may not W Iwis than (1ft per share and not more thitn J100 per share. Surplus Under the now amendments no portion of the hank's capital may be withdrawn and no dividends paid until one-tenth part of Its profits since the pro vie us dividend, hiia been added to surplus until tho surplus amounts to SO per cent, ot the capi tal. Provisions of the present act, au SOCIAL SERVICE BUREAU FACING HARDEST SEASON Failure To Receive the Full Amount of Budget Cripples Efforts DEMANDS ARE UNUSUAL Unusual demand, 1 ) upon Social Service Bureau brought .about by the sudden cold weather have drawn hoavlly upon the resourcefulness of family service workers this weak They bcne forced to meet the situ at Ton without a cent In the budget. Thirty dollars, contributed by two friends who handed Miss Campbell fl5 ^ach when Virginia the cold weather etnrted liwt Saturday, have been the only funds with which the workers have boon supplied, Plans are being worked out by the Central Illinois Public Service Co,, to sell ntural gas to Macon, Assumption, Sullivan, TuscoU and other towns and villages In the general Central Illinois "territory. The C. I. P, S; r has reached an agreement with the Panhandle Illinois Pipeline Co., whereby the fortn- will buy thft gait wholesale from latter, All that remain* to do la to get the approval ot the Illinois commerce commlMlon. r The Panhandle Illinois Pipeline Co., him a . application before the commission for permission to pipe natural gas from-the field* of Oklahoma, Texas and the Southwest Into Illinois. The Application ha* met considerable opposition, much of It coming from farmers who object to hav Ing pipelines In Id through their properties. The C. I, P. S. originally was an opponent to thn plan; which apparently conflicted with the C. I Budget Fall* Tlie regular budget, which l« sup piled annually by the Community CliMt Campaign, fulled early laa year because ot failure ot the cum palgn to supply the required amount and failure (it per. sons owing money on plndgcB to fulfill their obligations Vivo thousand dollars rained when unemployment and cold weather low winter combined to create a relle: emergency, also has been exhausted Those circumstances, togelntr with l.he fact that members of the butlgot committee ot he Community Cheat forBCCB a severe winter with additional hardships for the tmcm ployed, brought about the Increase ot the Social Service Bureau budget to $22,000 in the campaign which wll open next week, "Meanwhile we are working to relieve the needy during this cinergencj resulting from the sudden cold, without the actual expenditure of ca»h,' Miss Virginia Campbell, ijTi-ector of the burciiu, fluid Wednesday. "The $30 whleh we received wai used (o buy coal, Co pay rent for a fum lly, arid to make other adjustments In miitcrlttl relief. Persons TTavTrig old clothing, bed clothes, and other nee eflfiltlc.i of cold iv oat her, have called the office to contribute them. AI I hough the supply has been IMS than the demand for this soft of thing, wn Hava been nule to jret along.' 'What wo do need now. mo«t acutely, Is a heating stove. There I* one family In town that ia without heal In the house h eon use ihey hn no wny of healln^ ft. Neither ttiny nor the bureau can afford to buy one but the loan or gift of one would help. C. !.?;· Co. May Sett Natural Gas Piped From Southern Fields SCALDS STEP SttSl , TO DEATH; INSANE] ?. 8. plan to operate u · |u l utlll y In Central Illlnol*, selllnf hydro- ftn caj, The C, I. P. S. carried on tititot tloni with the PsDhartdle, . nilnoli Pipeline Co., with the r«»ult th»t ngrtement wm* reached. Thn P candle Co,, has Joined the C, I. P. n a petition for .permission to sell he natural gt» In the towns above named, and also In Auburn, Edln* hurff r JLavington, Arthur, Nswm«n, Plttsfleld, WlncheMtor, White Hall KoodhouM, Stnntngton, Blue Mound Howeaqua, Arcola, Villa Orove.,.Oak lantt, Or ten view, Petersburg, A*h land and Virginia. The C. I, P, S, has operaled «x tunelvely In the Central Illinois territory, outside Decatur and Com munltlH north of Decatur, as an. electrical utility. A hearing of the joint petition o the C. L P. 9, and th* Panhantl Co^ to deal In natural gas began Tuesday before the commerce com mlmlon in .its of/lets In SprlngfleN , BLJJBIIEU), W. V»-, Oct »- MM, Mlnnlt SMI), », wu H*«*i un- dtr closf guard In th* Prt»c»W«t J»B ay. to (ruttrtt* poitlMt mob viohne* tbrmtraad whw tn* wu w- ctiMd of bolting to dffttli fct* dfht year* old Kfepwo. Hlek«y Stall,' The fUpniotbtr w*i *,ccu*ed *t tbt net by Mleh+y who tttfon til*. him tour w flv* UMM to i at kxrtUBf wttar, Ite 4U4, ft taw «*»· uU« hrttr, : ' ' · ; ThrmtU of nwb ftetion W|r» (tMHt, ·tur in* «WM dU4 ukd hta ·kfthni wu »lM*d ta jttt. OMtniM kr th*; ·aeiuatlon ilit mad* ft tfMtei, Ollk etn fald tt« womM w«* talMJW, A«oiMln«'lo MiUwritfM'tlw M*)«X* ·4 body ol lh» b«y WM touwd bjr « ftolcliWr, WMto oMWQiow, ftHtlibH* 1 , UM MM th« fc« mrawnd: { "Mmini, did It; ibi put nw !· »it* took At out of ft Ittttl* ot Hot wilMr* four or flv* Um«i, H ''j. Botanists, Gas Engineers Called in Unique Damage Suit in Shelby Court Blue Mound Woman Dies in Hospital Here Mrs, Lillian Goods Ic of BHm Mound died of heart disease at 9:30 o'clock Tuesday n)(;ht In St^Mary's hoHpilul where »he hnd been a pa- tlEnl only a lew she had lietm In ill health for the last yenr, I.llllHn MKConncll was born Nov. S, JliBO. in Blue Mound and was mur- rlcd there; her husband, Albeit GooJnJu, died luat March. She leave* her sisters. Mrs. Eunice Walker, of Braymer, Mo., and Mra Ella John* son, with whom she had made her home In Blue Mound 1 since the death ot Mr. Coodule, Mrs, Good ale was a member of the Order of Eastern Star. The body was taken lo the undertaking ronm, 1 * of J. J, Mornn 3c to await funeral the carrying of excess loon* upon permit, Is Cicneral .n'lpervisory i»wcrtt of thn auditor of public nccotinta hive been matcrliilly si rcngt.hened, Sped«t to The Herald) SHKLBTVILI.E, Oct. !S ~ Bot anlrts, hort!cullurl»t§, chemist*. enttlneen and lawj-ori art amyet ·gtlntt on* another In the trial In Shelby county circuit court, at unique damage flu It brought by Md ton Brothers, (lorlutt of F*oa Bfalnst the Central Illinois Public Service Co, Th« (lorl»tn are suing lh« C. T. P S. far $375,000 on account of lllcgti damage done to fine plant* ant blooms In Maton Brothers' green honi* by a l«aky gas mntn. Th* main skirled the greenhouse and, »(v cording to th« plain til (i In lh« suit rc)eaesJ hydrogen gnu over a,long period of time into the glaMed bnllding with the reoul.t that flowers wilted »n{) Maton Brothers' bualnesa lungulnhed, Can Jlydroftm Kill Flower* f The suit Is perhqpa the most un usual ever to go to triul in the Shelby County circuit cotirt. The question at luu, ta viewed by couniel tor both aides, Is whether hydrogen g»s can in fact snuff out the life of flowers. the C. I. P, 8. has imported bo tan leal and horticultural exports, together with chemical and gas tech nlclana, from Now York City, Colin- net for Malon Brothers has «nils led a corps of opponing experts, . Jury Selected A jury wan selected and opening statements In the caas began Tit«» day before Judge Franklin R. Dove The caso was transferred to hi) court from the Pana city court when Judge John W. Proihs of the latter court admitted ditto.!ratification be cause hU brother la one ot Maton Brothers' lawyers. Senator G u y Smith of Pana also la on Maton Broth*TM' legal etaff. The group of lawyers for the C. I. P. S, Is headed by Attorney Jamca Vons of Matloon, SALES GROUP HERE LOVING CUP A silver lovlnjr cup was presented E. W, Fowler, general manager ot the Central Illinois proup of the 111! nols Power 1e Ijlght Cprp,. far the merchandise departnwnt of the group, by B. M. Myers, Chicago, branch manager of The Hoover Co., In a dinner given In the Hotel Orlando, Tuesday night. The cup was awarded Die dis* department of the Central IDS noli) group bencauae it Increased IL sales of Hoover vacuum cleaners, the moat during April, May, and Jtme over those of the same period a yemr Mgo, In competition with r,otnpam« FOR HEAD from En K lr,nd which w i l l prob: | ' r,;o;." m M ' h1 " 11 ; _ WOMAN SUICIDES Jr., referring niitrrlnpe KlnRit- hud snld that the "ihml "wlrol f|| K h( WM [|, n on |y y ne | n he was Int^rfNted, ))pw from Crov- don to Port Darwin In nine davi. 21 hours, 40 mlnutett, bettor Ing Bert Klnklrr'ii record by more than flv* Hitd a hal( WHO DESERTED LOVER TAKING HIS CAR, ARRESTED MeGulrp, who Inveigled NUilt pf Kftlngham lo Ponllnc on to mnrry him and then ., ...,,i with $5D of his money h i · kit n mo bile, was arrested by «u» police in the Wulwxiih rall- »t«tlon at midnight Tuesdoy, *J«her woman, giving her name Ihn Ktftllon. Tht polkf* re- « tip that Helen WM In the Officers went thu-*. pr*. * rr ' §t " f«d-halrfld wotnun, »* v «"* by NosbUch r«d-h«lr«d girt. ]* M no on* with flaming J. n th « *titlon, but one ot th* «lthou«rh her hair maftkally had changed to blonde. Helen attempted to run out of the station but made a slight ml* tnkr. 3ho crashed full Into the outer door, thinking it swung outward. It didn't and Helen was caught, Lou I so wus caught also. They wore taken to the city jMll nod lock* ed up, The women are held for the (dterlff'i office. The sheriff has warrant charging lxuts« with the lurwny ot Nosblsch'i automobile and tCO. Helen refused to aay wh«r* the automobllu now ID. , It Is not known whether Louise Beard, arrested with Helnn, Is the woman who accompanied Nosblsch and Helsn on ,the trip to Pont lac, Nonblsch will com* ko Dccatur from Kfflnehum to look at the women. DANCE TONIGHT K.C. BALLROOM FRANK HODALSKi ·nd hit OrcK«ttr* and the BARREL Of FUN SATURDAY GEO. GOFARTH AND HIS BAND FIRE TRUCK HITS CAR; MILK FLOODS STREET IN OLNEY Spe«lMl To Th* HBr*U) OLNEY, Oct. 22--Mllk poured down 6lneystreeta Tuesday afternoon when the Olney ftre trunk speedInjr to a bint* umished into an automobile driven by Join Seborer, 16, Hlffh school youth, who did not henr th« fire «lr«ft and drove Into the path of ihe tnick. Scherer, drenched with milk, emerged from the wrecked »;o unhurt, end wai placed under ir 1 rest. H« was later releaand. It the back neat of Scherer'* car were eans containing 20 gallon* of milk. The driver ot the truck, Sam Crelle, wa.i unhurt and the truok undamaged .They continued on ti the Hr«, of the same size throughout tllinol* apd lowu, J. W. Busch, assistant vice president In charge of merchandise salei ot the Illinois Power ft Light Corp. Chicago, was present for the dinner and niade a talk. Merchandise sales managers ot other cities of the Central Illinois group of the 1. P. L,, also attended the dinner, which was given by The Hoover Co. Mr, Myers made the presentation speech and Mr, Fowler accepted foi the mevchandise department, ot the group. Hydrogen, whcti If an element l« the lightest substance known to [ science.' Its specific gravity, com- [ pared with air, is .0693. i 1M Nwili Wtta* Mnwt Cordwlljr Invite You To AtUnd A BriDi»n* Fashion Show »We/i iffardi a pritv of a tpeciet \ portttatt »/ Smart New , DRESSES *hi(,h leitt ht ftiatti M ne(t T at d rtmafkabit l«w price SHOWN ON LIVING MODELS ThurtcUr Oct 23rd--t to » o'clock SPEOAL MUSIC Plenty of Comfortftblf Cb-rri DMM Kflti* CUt Lowty Clark'» OrcbMtrk Itllanlii IMtl Trt. ;tt W* *»"·· GOITRE SUCCESS- FULLY.TREATED HllllDl* Jjidy TfUll HOW Mrs. Carrie Ctlmer, 511 E. Harrison SI, Pnlestlne, III,, BJiys, "Oome or write to me and I will tell you how easily we removed my daughter 1 * I goitre with SoTbol Quadruple. She und terrible choking apt)Is, her heart was so last. She had dlw.y spells and her nerves were bad." Sorbet- Quadruple In a colorless liniment, ertsy tn use *nf not expensive, (let more Information nt Decatur Drug Co., or write S^rbol Cnmpnnv, We- chankiiburE;, Ohio, Sold by all drug- AL HAM BRA »:!» ·:" P. M.--TONIGHT--P, N. Cains Bros. Playsrs IMtmrnt __ ' -'1 Waal HM MOM" MtftT Wftrrwi Cftkm the World'* GrMlcit Trambonut "NKJHTlMMCES Mfttinw Toby 2ilS P. M. 10t20e "ABB NEXT WEEK YOU * MASON" llt-» Ittoty Itar«lt Ml WtfeM wrot*. k M M » n. mon bu __ "EYES OF THE WORLD" Wttk JMfj H«»M4 KMKC WNHi-- Vt* . "··U .ft* Bfttff" NOW PLAYING i«IB Nl»til MfrMe snow* M»rt ·» It**, Utt, lilS, Ttli, ItW COLISEUM HOIXBB SKATING PALACE t l A X t« 11 ' JT»r -- W»lfh for An- NMmcement ul Itm AVON TOOAV AMD TWJaSDAV . MW, 3 US, 7:30, »:1S MAURICE CHEVALIER "THE BIG POND" With Ctaudett* Colbert This Aurtrkan comedy-romance brings him to you through your own back door, AH Talking Comedy "St Metro Sound "ANYBODY'S WOMAN" Everybody's Pleasure To nr» R u t h ChKllcrlon, Firm I^dy of Th* Sr:tein. do another bit of tnarvtlww acilnp; as the fommoiv H«l* white tr*»h who Is changed by love Into *. polt«d. illurinK woman! _ RUTH CHATTERTON A. "ANYBODVS WOMAN" With CLIVE BROOK P*ul Lukw . . HuntUy Gordon F«rmmmi»t'» All "Th» Better W»* Dtt«m G«Mt»«rii««r Motlto KNUTE ROCKNE'S TaDdllK Foothill MetUM "FLYINC Act.u*4 plelur« «rf fAwt'tolt Ttettod. Roekn* Wlw und wh«+. h. myi to IHuitnM by turn* la wUw with SLOW MOTION owntrj wwk nvulliu : d«UII all tho !ntrtewii« «t PASS th* "HIDDENJSALU', on ·ui ptayt th* srMlM* fnlot B*J1 PAKAMOVNT MHXND MtWI NOW SHOWING PIMM r SPAPE»l

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