The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 21, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 4
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\'.:-~'?*f · THE CHiLLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, TUESDAY, NOV. 21, 1916. EXTRA POWER IF YOU WANT IT Most everybody does in an automobile. Sometimes on a hill. Sometimes in passing the car ahead. Sometimes in mud. Sometimes in sand. Sometimes when you are in a hurry. The 5-passenger 6-30 Chalmers has it plus--extra power. Though rated as 30 it develops well over 45 h. p. The cost for the exira power is nothing. The quality car at a quantity price--$1090. [All prices f. o. b. Detroit] Ghillicothe Motor Co. A. E. Norman C.E. Murphy M. F. Alcott THEATRICAL. Pauline Frederick at Majestic. The role of Myra, the fascinating' heroine of E. Phillips Oppenheim's thrilling story. The World's Great Snare, Pauline Frederick is endowed with n u m e r o u s opportunities to display the charm, magnetism and the emotional power that have made her one ol the foremost favorites of the screen. As a cabaret dancer, who smiles gaily upon the world but j whose .heart conceals crushing sor- | rows and despairs. Miss Frederick (-contributes one of the most powerful and systematic characterizations in I all flldom. At tile Majestic tonight. BElie Burke Here Tomorrow. The star supreme, Billie Burke, will be seen in the fifth number of a series of entertainments and most interesting picture stories, at the Majestic Theatre. The series are under the title of Gloria's Romance. "Under Cover." The Majestic Theatre's v ;big super- feature, "Under Cover", -which has been herald as most wonderful, will be presented on Thursday evening at 7:15 and again about 8:45. Two well known stars, Hezel Dawn and Owen Moore have the important parts in this production. PERSONAL AND LOCAL SOCIETY AND CLUBS * ' Anotlier Sillier Feature Coming. Mary Pickford, who owns and controls her own company and is making only pictures that are bigger and even better than her former well known successes will be seen at the Majestic theatre in early December, in the first picture ol her own, entitled "Less Than the Dust." The Bohemian Girl. That it requires ,a special train to transport the members of the Aborn Opera Company and the various accessories used in its stupendous revival of "The Bohemian Girl" would seem to make good the claim that .if is one of the largest, if not actually the largest operatic organization on the *oad this season. This is one of the few cities in which single per_ formances will be given. The condition of Mrs. J. F. Heger continues to improve. Attorney A. E. Nay o£ Wheeling transacted business in circuit court hero today. Mrs. Effie Montgomery returned last night from a visit with her son, Lyle, at Marceline. Z. B. Myers returned this morning from a business trip to St. Louis and Columbia. Miss Treva Smith of Trenton is a guest at the John Barnes home on East Calhoun street. Miss Mabel Rensch returned last night from Creston, la., where she had been visiting her sister, 'Mrs. Guy Williams. Mr. and Mrs. J. 'M. Well, 5837 1-2 King Hill avenue, are visiting relatives at Breckenridge and Chillicothe. Mo.--St. Joseph News-Press Frank L. Smiley of Wheeling, re- presentative.elect from Livingston county was in the city today transacting business. W. B. Truog of Kansas City, who now has charge ol this district for the Oliver Typewriter Co., was in Chillicothe looking after business for his company and visiting with his many friends. i H. C. Kenter, a former well known I Chillicothean, now residing at Medford. Ore., is in the city the guest of the I. M. Timbrook family. He will go to Trenton tomorrow for a short visit with friends. The study clubs meet tomorrow as' follows: XIX Club with Mrs. J. M. Darri Culture Club with Mrs. W. J. Gunby; Sorosis with Mrs. - Samuel Sheetz.. The Monday club met with Miss Louise Knapp. Mrs. JW. H. Ellett made the high. score and was presented with a crocheted nut set for the table. The next meeting will be with 'Mrs. W. A. Fitzpatrick. ·' · EMPIRE Steam Heated The King's Daughters held their regular meeting Monday afternoon with Mrs. W. W. Smith. The annual reports of the different officers and committees were read. The guests or the circle were'Mrs. H. Adams, of Ottumwa., Mrs. Cook and Mrs, Dick Broaddus. The'hostess served delicious refreshments assisted by her deughter, Mrs. J. W. Reed. TO-NIGHT SCIENTI FICALJ A' TRIANGLE FILM CORPORATION presents t( Moral Fabric 9 ' MORAL FABRIC a very fine photoplay in 5. acts with an all Star --AND-- '1IARLES MURRAY in a two act Keystone comedy.. "A LOVE RIOT" S T O C K T O N ' S Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. O R C H E S T R A PRICES 5 and 1O Centa. Tomorrow night--Walter Law in a Fox play, The Unwelcome Mother Thursday night--John Emerson in a Triangle play 'The Flying Torpedo,' also Man Moran in a Keystone corned}-, 'The Village Blacksmith.' Friday night--Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne in 'A Million a Minute,' also Mutt £ Jeff comedy cartoons. OAK GROVE. P. J. Mallen and S. B. Wilhite LIVE STOCK MARKET. (By United rreH».) Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 21.--Cattle receipts 17,000; market steady. Steers $5.75 t o $11.75; cows and heifers ?4.75 to $10; stackers and feeders ?5.70 to $7.75; calves $ 6 . 5 9 to 511. Hogs 21,000; market strong to 5c higher. Bulk of. sales.$9.10 to ? 9 . S O .heavy -JA^O,-. to $9:90; medium $9.60 to $'9.S5;-.light $9.30 to $9:7-5. Sheep receipts 5 , 0 0 0 ; market lOc to 15c higher. Lambs $11 to $11.75; ewes $645 to $ 7 . 7 5 ; stockers and feeders $5.50 to $10.50. Produce Market. Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 Locust street, Chll- shipped a car load of hogs to Kan- u c othe t Mo.: j sas City Monday, Mr, Wilhite going SPRINGS 15 with the car to market. Edward Slattery and Edward McVey left Monday morning for Ham. HENS COX . . DUCKS .14 .10 O TTR strong box is a GREAT MAGNET for the money of those who conduct their homes and business by check. It DRAWS the DOLLARS. You'd find it POSITIVELY to YOUH ADVANTAGE il f on would let it magnetize yonr money. Our FI1-TA1ICIAL SESVICE is , BACKED by YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. The DISTINGUISHED TOWNSMEN on our board of directors is our BEST GUARANTEE. YOUR NEIGHBOR BANKS WITH US. DO YOU? MINERS · MERCHANTS Chris Boehner, Pres. J. D. Brookshier, Cashier CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI burg, la., where they will husk corn. OBESE .................... 9 Messrs. Frank Slattery a-nd Frank ''TURKEYS .................. 18 McBride have quit farming and will EGGS ..................... 30. J hare a sale Saturday. Mr. Slattery will go to Denver, Colo. 'Mr. and 'Mrs. C. R. Kriner spent Sunday north o£ town with J. E. Wilhite and niece, Miss Etta. John Yeomans and family visited the G. M. Yeomans family north of town Sunday. ·The Ladies Aid Society met with Mrs. Nathan Kester Tuesday. 'S. B. Wilhite and wife were guests Steel Fabricated and Erected I Beams Channels Angles Plates Reinforcing Steel Bars Stairways Fire Escapes Oxy-Acetylene Welding Fairbanks, Morse Co., Engines, Type Z, Oil Burner, Built-in Magneto, li, 3 6 H. P. in stock OhiilicoLhe Iron Co Founders and Machinists o; Mr. and Mrs G. T. Wilhite near Sturges Sunday. Misses Elsie Bradbury and Kate Slattery spent 'the home folks. week end with BUTTERFAT . .' 37 BOLLES * ROGERS. Dealers in Hides, Tallow, Wool, Furs, Beeswax and Feathers. J. N. PETERS SON, MGS. Wanted all Furs I can buy. 'Marke in line with the best. Salt Cured Hides, flat No. 1. . . .2ic No. 2 23c Partly Cured Hidos ........... 21% Green Hides ....... ' ........... 2 Ic Bulls and Glues ............. 17c Deacons .......... $1.50 t o $2.00 Skunks ................ 25c to 50c Horse Hides Nos. 1 and 2. full mane and tail ........... .$8.00 Pony Hides . . . . 9c FRANK B. NORMAN SAM M. JAE.TIS. Norman Ja'rvis FUNERAL HOME EMBALMERS and ;, : , . Day Phone 417 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Night P'hones 153 - 569 CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PEONE 44 3O1; DAY 397 F. A. MEINERSHAGEN SON UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L. KECKE, Licensed E ibalmer. CHAS. GIBBS. Asst, CONSTITUTION 4 WANTS" GET RESULTS No. ,1. Tallow. . . v;. .-. .;i' v .-; Np.p-2;. Tallo.wic .AJ. ..-· . u:r......-.j'; ·., 8( ' THE PIONEER PRODUCE BUYERS OP OHIIJJICOTHE. SWIFT « COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Today's Market. HENS H SPRING-S COCKS TURKEYS . . . . . . DUCKS 15» . .· 10 ..- 20 12 GEESE 11 P. S. BUTTER . . . : 28 EGGS 3 " BUTTER FAT 36 KANSAS CITY OFTTCTATjS INVESTIGATING KIITjTNG OF TWO BY POLICEMEN (ny Vultril Pre.ia.) Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 21.--An . Mrs. Arthur Shaw and children, of Alice, Tex., spent the latter part of'Hhe week with .Mrs. -Lovie Shear-. er. . , -.,-., ..- · . -.:-{ John Wynn and family, C. D. Chase and family and Earl Stepp all of Chillicothe, spent the day Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Winans. Miss Freta Bier, was the guest of Miss 'Mina Wilhite over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Israel spent Sunday in Chillicothe with H. C. Fair. child and mother. There was a spelling match at the school Friday night. Misses Ruby Coberly, Mary Gates, Stella Gale and Freta Befer were visitors at school Friday afternoon. Bradford A. H. T. A. had their annual oyster dinner with Mr. and Mrs. George Drayer Wednesday. Jacksnipe A. H. T. A. met with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fitzpatrick Thursday for their oyster feast. Oak Grove A. H. T. A. held their seventh annual oyster dinner with President and Mrs. S. B. Wilhite, on last Thursday. A great big dinner of oysters, fried, stew and raw, chicken all styles, celery, cheese, honey, pickles, sweet, sour and oil, candy, bananas, cakes and coffee was served I to one hundred and ten people. They were Paul Beier, wife and family, William. Cooerly and family,. Seym o u r Gale, wife and children, A. Gale und wife, Tony Grabber and wife,- L. E. Head and family, Charles Herriford and wife, W. F. Israel and wife. Mrs. J.-W. Wanamaker, John Israel and wife, J. F. Israel and xvife, Sam Israel and family, L. M. Jones and family, P. J. Malle nand f a m i l y , E. 'Mendenhall and family, A. J. Rittman and family, John Slattery and family, Thos. Wilhite, S. B. Wilhite and family, J. F. Winans and family, James Stewart and family, John Walby and family, James. Walby.and family, J. A. Yeomans and family, Wallace Cady and family, Mrs. Kinzy and daughters, Ed. Herriford a n d ' day. They will also haTe many beau- family. O. D. Jones, Mike Slattery, H. D. Stewart and pupils, Mrs. James Walby extended an invitation to the lodge to meet with her next year. Our community interests are getting so great we will have to build a place to meet pretty soon. investigation by the police department ot the killing of Ora Hill, a negro woman, by ; Frank M. Hoover, a. patrolman, was begun today simultaneously with an inquiry by the Prosecutor's office ; 'ln to the killing o{ Ruben Woods, a negro member of the county chain : gang by Luther Wyat, a guard. NOVEMBER WEATHER. Early cold snaps, storms and slee^, snow and slush, cause coughs and colds. Foley's Honey and Tar acts quickly, cuts the phlegm, opens air passages, allays irritation, heals In- ftamation n n d prr-ibles' the sufferer to breathe easily .and; naturally so that sleep is not disturbed by hacking cough. Sold everywhere. Tha.n]tsgivirig Dinner. The ladies of Centenary church, one and one lialf- miles south of Sturges, will serve' dinner and supper at the church on Thanksgiving tiful pieces of fancy work for sale. A good place to do your Christmas shopping d2wtd C h i l d r e n dry FOR FLETCHER'S c A.ST o R i vj*f -S-.e^^'-r JialL-^-^iJ^-^- 1 ,, Cheerful Thanksgiving Offer DINING ROOM SUIT That will sure make the Turkey taste good--at a price that talks for its self. See our SPECIAL offers. F. A. Meinershagen Furniture Co. .QUALITY BUSY STORE itm NOTICE! The undersigned Company has taken over the property and business of the RILE Y PENN OIL CO., today, and are ready to furnish their superior quality of BRITELITE Kerosene SUNFLOWER Gasoline With prompt service. A trial will make you a satisfied customer. Call No.. 194 and your orders will be filled promptly at wholesale prices. Cudahy Refining Company i PARAMOUNT PICTURES Presents P A U L I N E F R E D E R I C K ' . . . . IN A STIRRING PICTURIZATION OF E. PHILLIPS OPPEN \ HEIM'S THRILLING STORY PAULINE FREDERICK f a m - The World's Great Snare A Superb Photoplay with the Emotional Artiste Supreme MUSICAL SELECTIONS BY THE LADIES EIGHT PIECE ORCHESTRA ADULTS 7:15 - 8:30 ; CHIT.D 5f ' COMING WEDNESDAY-- WpW' !''·· 4'"-' : · ' ·* · Beautiful and Fascinating BILLIEl'-UiOvE in THE FIFTH NUMBER of "GLORIA'S ROMANCE" COMING THURSDAY t The Super-Feature Clnemu Attraction "UNDERCOVER" with HAZEL DAWN and OWEN MOORE. *A picturization of the renowned stage success. An elaborte production. ADMISSION PRICES FOR THIS PICTURE-WILL BE ADULTS 15c and CHILDREN lOc. ^K^GSzsa?: INEWSPA'PERf .lN.EWSPA.PERr

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