Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 20, 1941 · Page 62
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 62

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1941
Page 62
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Page Four (Section i Life's Like That By Fred Neher "I couldn't help noticinc we were both having milk." This Curious World By William Ferguson ISLAND OF IN THE GU1_F= OT= ST. IS TWO AND ONE-HALF TI/WES AS LAROE AS PSMODE 1SUAN1C>, AND WAS BEEN1 AT WHAT SPCX5T OO THE FOL.LOWIN& TEAMS Don't Take MY Word By FRANK COLBY IS—ARE WAS—WERE This Week's Slip o' the Tongue: "Everybody were there." No. Such words as everybody, anybody, no body, somebody, every one, anyone, no one, each, and either, are singular and take singular verbs. Better say: Everybody was there. Wrong: "Each of the girls were invited." In this sentence, each means "each one." Omit "the girls," and "each (one) were invited" is at once seen to be nonsense. Right: Each of the girls was invited. Wrong: "Every one of the boys are going." One are going? No. Say: Every one of the boys is going. Wrong: "Either one of the words are correct." Right: Either one of the words is correct, or: Either word is correct. Wrong: "Each one of the pupils vere included." Right: Each one of the pupils was included, or: Each )upil was Included. Wrong: "Neither Jack or Jim are going." With neither, always use nor. Right: Neither Jack nor Jim is going." ANSWER: New York Rangers, hockey; Chicago Bears, prefesslonal football; Detroit Tigers, baseball. NEXT: Where is the source of the St. Lawrence river? Crossword Puzzle HORIZONTAL I Napoleon Bonaparte's son. 7 He was called King of . 30 Inward. ll'Coin. 32 Father. J3 God of war. {15 Printer's i measure. IS Money factory 18 Cow houses. 20 Afresh. 3J Stories. 23 Musical note. 241 am (contr.). 26 Zoo. 31 Guinea (abbr.). 82 Uncouth man. 84 Roused. 35 House cat. 36 Region. 38 Cares lor, 89 To implore. 40 To clink. *2 Bullfighter. 44 Beings. Answer to Previous Puzzle 45 Tiny vegetable. 47 Split 48 College . official. 49 Pleasure boat. 51 Fashioned, 52 Eternity. 53 Room recess. 55 He lived in his mother's native city, 56 Pans. The Eaglet' 14 Suture. 16 Horse. || IV He died at the age of 19 Killed. 22 Growing out 25 Sailor. 27 Sex. 28 Finish. To slumber. Idant. 31 Harnessed. 33 Having a toothed margin. 35 To triumph. 37 Related by blood. 39 Stiffly neat. 41 Note in scale. 43 Either. 45 Griddle. 46 Seaweed. 49 Feather scarf. VERTICAL 2 Atmosphere. 3 Sluggish 4 Behold. 5 Gold quartz. 6 One named for another. 8 To think. 9 Horse's neck hairs. 13 He was named 50 Biblical Napoleon U priest •when his 52 Type measure lather ——. 54 Paid publicity Hi! Phillips TvpjTlgtat) • C UBA has just had a near- revolt. It had been .getting along s o peacefully that it was beginning to lose prestige in the modern world. # • • Add similes: As short of acrutade against lascivious magazines as the New York crusade against lascivious m&gazinec. * * * CALL BY DICTATORS Join our gang and have some fun Double-crossing every one! —S. H. Dewhurst. * * * "The bandits wounded the policeman in the left hand. A checkup revealed that a few of the policeman's bullets had gone wild, shattering eight bottles of liquor, fortunately ^of an inexpensive brand."—If e w York Herald Tribune- Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Thursday Morning, February 20,1941 ==================^====^=^ == ==================== Our Boarding House -:- - : - With Major Hoople There you go being a stern materialist again! * * • It would be funny If Hitler finally finds out from the American eagle what it means to get the bird. See The E<Ittort*I T*t» J Out Wickenburg Way Telephone|f| By J. R. IP YOU DIDN'T SHADOW ME, HOYTO W KNOW I ^ WET A RED-HAIRED SIRC FRIEND IN A MOVIE LAST NI6HT f •*« AMD WOW DO VOL) KMDVJ1TOOK EA.SY,MY 80Y.'«"*'YOU JUSTTOSSED ONE MOVIE STUB INTO THE WASTEBASKET SO ^00 WEWT TO THE SHOW ALONE/ THE LADY?THIS HAIROMYOUR COW SAYS YES/— IT 1 5 GRAY, t>YED RED/—*. MOT TOO tezrFlME V/ORK SAY, OFFHAND/ M W|66S I GATHER VOL) TOOK MER BECAUSE OF- TUfe COUL.O SHERLOCK TELL MB WHERE X HE COULD., MAJOR ws^ AND TOWORVSOV/HEWILL- Sup.erman r Se« Thli Comic In Full Color "I _ I'ace In Tbe Sunday Iltpubllc J Lois Lane, In Person! /EH. BLTT HE WOM'T PLAY IP I RUM HIM TO DEATH --AM' A BALL WONJ'T ROLL ER. 8OUMCE IM TH 1 WOBBW WAKT-- AIM'T THERE PLEKJTV PLACES TO PLAV WITHOUT WALLOW1K1' MUD? By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shutter Press Portraits Wut« and national defeng* cannot be companions; they cannot exist side by side. One must col —Memphis Press-Scimitar uranium Crackers HISTORIC SLOGANS How well do you know Amerlan history? Here are five slo- ans which were popular at various times in the history of the United States; can you tell with what period or event they are connected? 1. Too proud to fight. 2. To make the world safe for democracy. 3. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold. 4. Forty acres and a mule, 5. Remember the Alamo. Answers Below Mopsy By GLADYS PARKER Curious cheerful are 20 thing about the world— people who have no can*. *„ h our cheerful people. ause to be ** 10 ° U th ^' d * - * down the last been cut off by the war. * v """" " om the Netherlands have * » got h The only sharp'.-, .,. Wh ° d ° esn>t »«nt"to eat things that make him sick. * ent * nced * 15 « ««»* charges. Police tod of strike we ™t t'o see h striking whUe the WWW. IT MAKES ME HOARSE JUST LISTENING TO HIM I Cranium Crackers Answers • "Too proud to fight" was one of the slogans of Woodrow Wilson before entrance in the World war was a popular cause in the u. s. 2. 'To make the world, safe for democracy" was one of Wilson's utterances as we entered the World War. 3 "You shall not crucify man- Kind upon a cross of cold" is a passage from William Jennings Bryan s speech at the Democratic convention of 1896. 4. Southern colored people in :he reconstruction period believed tney had been promised "40 acres and a mule." 5. "Remember the Alamo" was i! *' ar cry of the-Texans in the Mpxtcnn W.BT, , EUSTACE .WATSON >' EWTEBS- HIS BCABDIN& HOUSE, UNAWARE OFTHE • SCRUTINY * OF—«t GEORGES t BIGS', * HI RED _ OUR MAN! ! I DONT KNOW ~"\ MR.WAreON!OH,WrWTA PLEASURE /HOWHEGOTOUTOFjTOSEEYOUSOEAeLY INTHECAY! 1 TrWT LOCKED BOOM-JVWKT YOU COME iftTOTHE DINING • BUT THIS ISONETIMESKOOM FOR A LITTLE SKACK? WO HE WONT BE ABLE TO/EXTRA CHABSE, YOU KNOW! YOU WERE GLAD TOSEE ME! The Gumps _/ UNCLE BlM OUST I P This Comic In Full Color *] la The Sunday Republic J Guest Of Honor SHORTLY AFTER.. BUT I AMJANDWHYNOT?- -EP. I HOPE YOU LIKE THE FOOD. IFTHEGE'S ANYTHING YOU WANT YOU DONTSEE, JUST ASK FOB IT! A YOUNG LADY TOSEEYDLLMfc. WATSON rM LOIS LANE OFTHE^JLV PLANET;— COULD I ASK FOC? YOUVEGOT EVEBYTHING HEBE EXCEPT-EXCEPT GWVPEFElirr AND LETTUCE SALAD! .f- • PUT MILLIE ON Trtt TRAJN-OOCTORfc ORC*!?S. \ SHE 5 BEEN UNDERTHe \ VJEXTHE.R ALL VJINTE.R- — S DEVELOPED AC6UOH., THEM HEfcAW- BYHIMSEUF- VJHY THE POOR BAY MUST BE HIM To STAY RlCaHTHERE BIM'i. REALLY \S LUCK-MlLL\E'i MOTHER VJENT VJHILE MILLIE AMD MAMMA Boots and Her Buddies Just Like That r, By Gus Edfta DON'T FOR6ETTOT6LL Ml*ATO»RlNC»ALOMCiA . COUPLE OF CHECKBOOK*' THERE'S ALWAYS. A PUACS A T OUR HUMBLE HEARTH >.EH.ANOYfJ By Edgar Marta Mutt and Jeff ^^Erg^^ST ] Not Only That But Jeff Famished The Enemy With The Ammunition 1 . IT ^Wb <?Ef>.CErOV WECE. 'fA OFF TO THE HEART OF MY Sergeant Stony Craig I' Ste ihlj Comic In full Color T Fag* In The Sunday Republic J Gate Crasher By Frank Rentf row and'Don Dick$« SHALL WE "Wno/WAIT THY IT NOW, M UNTIL .KOI »«ffi/^«g* YOUR DISGDISE I? GOOD, / I KNOW WHAT TO TRIGGER, NOW IF KATZ ^f DO, SNAKE. I CREATE A DIVERSION AN' YOU TWO SNEAK IN WHILE I BOP THE GUARD WHO'S GOING TO STOP ME ? NOT WITHOUT A PASS. • YOU AINY IS SORE OF IKS PAAT WE S» Thli Comlo In Full Color "I In The Sunday Btpubllc J And The Bug Bit Him SOME PARTY CLVMT EVERYBODY SEEMED TD ENOOV IT BUT HIM -WE HAD WELL, I'M GOlNi&TD HUNT 5HES SO NECESSARY TO MY' NESS-SOPHIE SAID 5HH M THE SAN MOR\TZ_5HE MAV BUT L OONtT KNOW HER ra BUT I'LL FIND HER, _ fvE O FIND DO «0 TUIMVCTHISffl¥ls THAT SO? TULAj: WOMAN4 TOOK FIN UOVE, WITH UIM THAT BAD? HE HOW 1 ME rJEVER DOES COULDN'T GET THAT/ ANVTH':,i& IN A SMALL SERIOUS OVER rtTVWA'V _HES A VJHOLE- AMVTUIMS NOTICED THAT TUE. WITH KI5 LAJJSHS SEEMED TO BC STRUGGLE The Nebbs

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