Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 4, 1987 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1987
Page 2
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2 —TUESDAY, AUGUST4,1987 OBITUARIES •THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- Antonio Silva Funeral services will be 7 tonight, at Eversole Mortuary for Antonio Silva, 80, who died Aug. 2 in a Ukiah hospital. Louie Barrella will preside officiate. There will be graveside services Wednesday morning at 10 at Ukiah Cemetery. A retired mill worker, Silva had made his home in the Ukiah area since 1960. Born Dec. 14, 1906, in New Mexico, he came to California in 1934. WEATHER Surviving him are his wife, Rosa Silva of Ukiah; six children, Lumina Vigil, Angie Yovell, and Jerry Lee Silva of Ukiah, Ida Serna and Antonio Silva Jr. of Santa Clara and Mary Lou Ramon of Sunnyvale. There are 21 grandchildren. Also surviving are four brothers and sisters, Ronald Silva of New Mexico, Manuel Silva of Sebastopol, Marcie Chasco of Rohnert Park and Gertrude Martinez of Ontario. Extended forecast Thursday through Saturday - Fog and low clouds along the coast. Fair and warm elsewhere. Coastal area highs lower 60s to lower 70s. Lows mainly 50s. Coastal valley highs 85 to 95. Lows in the 50s. Interior valley highs 90 to 103. Lows upper 50s and 60s. Mountain resort highs 70s and 80s. Lows 30s and 40s. State summary Central California can expect fog and low clouds along the coast. Afternoon and evening thunderstorms over the Sierra Nevada. Fair and warm elsewhere. Coastal area highs 65 to 75. Lows 50s. Coastal valley highs 75 to 95. Lows mainly in 50s. Interior valley highs 95 to 105. Lows in the upper 50s and 60s. Mountain resort highs mid-70s through the 80s. Lows mainly 40s. Southern California can expect some late night through midmorning fog and low clouds near the coast. Otherwise fair with hot. Sunny days except along the immediate coast. Beach highs in the 70s. Lows in 60s. Valley highs 95 to 105. Lows in the mid-to upper 60s. National summary Showers and thunderstorms were widely scattered across the heat plagued eastern two-thirds of the nation today. Showers and thunderstorms ranged across the Texas Panhandle and into Kansas, across Missouri, the Nebraska Panhandle and lower Michigan. Western Kentucky also had scattered thunderstorms, while rain and thundershpwers dotted southeastern Louisiana, the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi Delta. The Northeast, California and the Pacific Coast were partly cloudy early today while skies were clear across the desert Southwest. Temperatures around the nation at 3 a.m. EDT ranged from 41 degrees at Yellowstone, Wyo., to 94 at Phoenix, Ariz. "* —^ Tense but safe landing — fire trucks escort a plane along the Ukiah Airport runway after emergency landing. Tense lesson in emergency landing The pilot of a two-seater Mooney 201 had a tense lesson in emergency landings Monday when the plane's landing gear indicator failed to light. The pilot, 42-year-old Perry Beal, has been flying for two years and was on a training flight from Sacramento to Ukiah to keep his license current. Passenger and flight teacher Harold Luse, 31, was able to see that the rear landing gear was down, but the dash light didn't indicate that all the wheels were down. Since they couldn't see the front wheel, the pilot called the airport just minutes before landing to say that he might have a problem. Four Ukiah fire engines and the police arrived at the airport and watched as the plane made a safe landing. "No. No, I wasn't nervous," Beal said, adding a nervous laugh to the meaning of his words. • Police and Fire Log Pot raids yield one arrest A Covelo man was arrested last Friday on marijuana cultivation charges. Sheriff's marijuana investigators reported Monday afternoon that they had arrested Jaime Cortez Hernandez, 32. Hernandez was arrested Friday morning after deputies served a search warrant at a Little Valley residence. They discovered 15 marijuana plants ranging in height up to seven feet. Raiders from the state Campaign Against Marijuana Planting seized 560 pot plants found Monday growing in the area of Iron Peak, near Laytofrville. Raiders combined four scattered garden sites, seizing irrigation equipment and garden tools, but making no arrests. Fire Calls Ukiah fire lighters responded to the folio nc calls Monday: •8:43 a.m request for medical aid at 173 Seminary Drive. •1:54 p.m. standby at the airport during an emergency landing. The aircraft landed without incident. •No time given for a call to a vehicle fire at the North State Street overpass. • • 3 V' 1 • •4 •••'if FIRE Hot and humid weather can feel even hotter The "heat index" is a measure of how hot the temperature feels to the average person at various combinations of actual temperature and relative humidity. For example, an actual air temperature of 100°F. feels like 120 C F. when the relative humidity is 50 percent. THE 'HEAT INDEX' -- HOW HOT IT FEELS ACTUAL TEMPERATURE °F Solar-powered sprinkler system on highway ready next month RELATIVE HUMIDITY 100 105 110 64° 69° 65° j' 70° 66° | 72° 67° , 73° 68° | 74° 69° 75° 70° 76° 70° 77° 71° : 78° 71° 79° 72° ' 80° 73° ; 78° 80°" ' ,.- •. ... . . . , .. -. .' . 77° i 82° 78° 84° 83° "85° "87° 90° 79° \ 86° 93° 81° , 88° 96° 82° 90° 100° 85° 93° 106° 86° 97° 113° 88° 102° {91° 108° 122° 87° 90° . 93° 96° 101° 107° 114° 124° 136° of 105 ofsunsfi 91° 95° 99° 104° 110° 120° 132° 144° a bo appa F increa roke and SOURC 95° 100° 105° 113° 123° 135° 149° N temf ve a "hes rent temi ses the li heatexh E: The Wot 99° 105° 112° 123°' 137° 150° OTE:A » nature it index" >e nature teliness austion. 1d Almanac MARKET Prices fall NEW YORK (AP) — Stock prices fell this morning. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrial stocks was down 16.42 points to 2,540.66 as of 11 a.m. EDT on Wall Street. Among broader market barometers, the New York Stock Exchange composite index of all listed issues fell 1.10 to 176.97. On the American Stock Exchange, the market value index was off 1.39 to 358.92. Losers outnumbered gainers by more than 2-to-l on the NYSE, with 966 down, 458 up and 432 unchanged. Big Board volume totaled 84.54 million shares in the morning session, vs. 88.30 million Monday morning. Among notable issues, Ford Motor rose 2'/i to 104 after Merrill Lynch raised its 1987 earnings for the company. Losing blue-chips included General Electric, down Vi to 58/i , IBM, down % to 158 7 /i , and Boeing, down 5 /i to 51'/i. Oil stocks were widely lower in what appeared to be profit-taking from sharp gains on Monday. Amoco fell l'/i to 85 3 /« , Chevron fell 1 to 60Vi and Mobil fell 1 to 537, . Manpower jumped 14Vi to 77% in heavy trading. The British employment services company Blue Arrow PLC offered $75 a share to purchase the world's largest temporary employment agency. On Monday, the Dow Jones industrials fell 14.99 to 2,557.08, breaking eight consecutive days of gains. Volume on the NYSE totaled 207.84 million shares, compared with 181.87 million the previous session. Money rates NEW YORK (AP) - Money rales for Monday a$ of 4:30 p.m., as reported;by Telcrate Systems Inc T,cJc/<ilV, i'Ucresi ran* iiuji 1 ' 6.670 Prime Rate: 8.25 Discount Rate: 5.50 Broker call loan rate: 7.75-8.00 Federal funds market rate: High 6.8125 low 6.75 last 6.75 Dealers commercial paper: 30-180 days: 6.60-6.80 Commercial paper by finance company: 30-270 days: 6.63-6.48 Bankers acceptances dealer indications: 30-59 days, 6.60 60-89 days, 6.68 90-119 days, 6.70 120-149 days, 6.75 150-179 days, 6.80 180-270 days, 6.80 Certificates of Deposit $100,000: 30-59 days, 6.04 60-89 days, 6.17 90-119 days, 6.25 120-149 days, 6.29 150-179 days, 6.34 180-239 days, 6.43 270-1 year, 6.40 Eurodollar rates: Overnight 6.5625-6.6875 1 month, 6.75-6.875 3 months, 7-7.125 6 months, 7.25-7.375 1 year, 7.75-7.875 London Interbk Offered Rate: 3 months, 7.0625 6 months, 7.3125 Treasury Bill auction results: average discount rate: 3-month as of July 30: 6.14 6-month as of July 30: 6.20 Treasury Bill, annualized rate on weekly average basis, yield adjusted for constant maturity, 1-year, as of Aug. 3: 6.88 Treas. Billmarket rate, 1-year: 6.52-6.48 Treas. Bondmarket raic,30-year 9.01 Mon. Money-market fund: Merrill Lynch Ready Assets: <0 day average yield" ft !<> By TOBY YOUNG Journal Staff Writer Caltrans expects to finish an experimental solar-powered sprinkler project along the Ukiah interchanges next month. The $165,000 irrigation system is being installed to water the trees and shrubbery around seven of the U.S. 101 on-ramps in the, Ukiah area. - ,., ,, •.;, .';.•..'..,',..,'.,, , ...„•., Although the sprinkler system will be powered by solar energy, conduit for 120-voltage power is also included. If the experimental system fails, the controllers for the sprinklers can easily be wired for electricity. Don Burghart, Caltrans resident engineer, says the reason the experimental system is being tested here because it can be replaced with regular voltage without much trouble. If the project works, Caltrans will install similar solar systems in rural areas where electricity is -HEARINGS (Continued from page 1) duced a vision of "a secret government, directed principally by National Security Council staffers, accountable to not a single elected official, including apparently the president himself — a shadowy government with its own air force, its own navy, its own fund-raising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances and the law itself." Sen. Warren Rudman, R-N.H., said that "we cannot promote democracy abroad while undermining it at home, and that is what these men did." "There was too much secrecy and deception," said Rep. Lee Hamilton, D-Ind., chairman of the House investigating committee. "The president did not know what his own staff was doing; staff did not keep senior officials informed;npolicies were often contradictory." The committee leaders offered their own summations after the final public witness, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, testified that "the interests of (he United States were damaged overall" by Reagan's decision to make secret arms sales to Iran. Weinberger and Secretary ol State George Shultz both said they fought hard against that policy but failed to convince the president. Weinberger said the way to avoic such damage in the future is "not to embark on a policy of this kind.' Rudman singled out Poindexter for special condemnation. "It is clear that Admiral Poindexter attempted to deny the State Department, the Defense Department and White House staff the information necessary to enable them to engage in a review," he said. "With the exception of Admiral Poindexter, every high-level U.S. official who testified statec that Admiral Poindexter did not have the authority to approve the diversion; that the diversion was improper and possibly tillegal and that the president would not have approved of the diversion had he unavailable. The savings expected by using solar powered controllers are both in the construction costs and the maintenance. CalTrans is saving about $30,000 by installing the solar controllers instead of the electrical wiring. Mike Yancheff, the designer for the project from the Eureka Cal- trans office, said what will mainly determine the feasibility and success of the solar system is the amount Caltrans'can save,in maintenance costs. "Our maintenance staff is being stretched more and more," said Yancheff. "The feature that is criti- cal is the amount of maintenance it requires." The sprinklers will be operated by ten computer controllers near the location of the sprinklers. The solar panels will be installed at the same location of the controllers, Yancheff said. Eight of the solar panels are being manufactured in Willits, and two of a different design are being made in Texas. The five Ukiah .interchanges that are included in the project are at N. State, Perkins and Gobbi streets, Talmage Road and state Hwy 253. The other two interchanges are at El Robo and Robinson Creek Road. (Continued from page 1) How soon and at what cost the Eureka Southern can repair the Arnold Tunnel are key questions for the future of rail transport on the North Coast. The railroad is already in Chapter 11 bankruptcy with its operations directed by a court appointed trustee. A report released by the California Public Utilities Commission earlier this year concluded that if the Eureka Southern ceased operations permanently, the Northwestern Pacific from Willits south, and the California' Western Railroad, operators of the Skunk, would also inevitably be out of business. Attorney on commission " SACRAMENTO (AP) — The Senate Rules'Committee on.Mon-:' day appointed Oakland attorney James Pachl with environmental group ties to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. Allied Savings Bank A FFDERAL SAVINGS BANK CELEBRATES ITS 1 *t /Inn nnmozsaz u With the best rates in town! $1,000-$19.999 $20,000449,999 $50,000-$99,999 7.10/7.3S 7.20/7.46 7.20/7.46) 7.30/7.57 7.30/7.57 7.40/7.67 Compounds Daily - Substantial interest penalty for early withdrawal We tafce your banking neoO* PBB80NJLLLY, Allied Savings Bank H«adquart*rs 325 iett Ptrkins Ukioh Co 95412 A FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK FSUC 468-0225 •i ••v

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