York Daily Record from York, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1973 · 27
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York Daily Record from York, Pennsylvania · 27

York, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1973
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4' Daily Record, Thursday, Feb. 22, 1973 27 Spy spoof delights Soviet readers n attributing tough-sounding slang to a Russian Doctor in Haiphong and using the Vietnam was as a setting. The one point at which he said their whimsy was successful was when they described and gave the accurate addresses and phone numbers, of white Russian restaurants in New York, though he suggested that the information was "useless for the majority of our readers." don't you recognize me?" Not only did Yevtushenko accuse the authors of having written a book 'too dull to be an adventure novel," but he charged them with exceeding the bounds of professional ethics, especially by such inappropriate techniques as WATCH GGffCJCJ GO OFF! poet in the group of new-wave writers during the literary liberalism of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Aksyonov bacame known abroad for a youth novel, "Ticket to The Stars." The other authors of "Gene Green" are Grigory Pozhenyan, a poet, and Ovidi Gorchakov, a writer who during Word War II served as a partisan fighter and as a Soviet intelligence agent dropped into Warsaw in the guise of a British corporal. Gorchakov wrote about his intellignece experiences in a book, "Otherwise Known as Corporal Woodstock." The three combined their names to produce the mythical author, Givady Gorpozhaks. Among passages that Yevetushenkko objected to were these: "A sardonic smile wandered across his lips. A .38-caliber Colt' glistened bluishly in his left hand. "Who are you?" the old Russian emigre asked in Russian emotionally. "Who are you?" he repeated in English. "The man with the Colt who had just appeared in the window gave a twisted grin. "Marilyn Monroe Guard Publishing House. The introduction to the 700-page novel describes it as a political-satirical science-fiction adventure, a documentary parody with its cutting edge aimed "at the Pentagon and other aggressive military circles." It is presented as a translation of a work by a mythical writer. Yevtushenko, in the Writhers Union weekly, Literaturnaya Gazeta, maintained that the spoof was a flop because the three authors had become too fascinated with the very characters they had sought to deride. "Evidently your desire was to expose supermanism and Fleming-charming Bondism," he said, adding that the "melodramatic description of stilettos, Colts, brass knuckles, birthmarks in which there is poison, fights, tortures, murders, stripteases, pot-smoking, brought the translators without their noticing it to savoring supermanism and not its exposure in rough parody." Tlhe force of Yevtushenko's criticism was a surprise since one of the authors, the novelist Vasily Aksyonov, was a close friend of the COIUMB'A P'Cl IMS Piesens '"iprjcnzs A JOHN HEY MAN Product-on C' a ROBtQT HARTfQRD DAVIS Fi'm ENDS TONIGHT "THE EMIGRANTS" at 6:50 & 9:25 COLUMBIA PICTURES ftEsentsa ROBERT M. VVEITMAN Rotation tr. : BURT GW By IIKDRICK SMITH N.Y. Times News Service MOSCOW James Bond now has a tough-talking, smooth-operating Soviet spoof counterpart who has been amusing the young literati, titillating subway readers and ofending the literary establishment for seeming to make the real McCoy too much of a hero. Typically for any offbeat Soviet work of fiction, all 100,000 copies of "Gene Green Untouchable: The Career of CIA Agent 014" sold out in a couple of days late in December. Except for a more modest Bulgarian competitor or a contraband Ian Fleming novel about James Bond passed on furtively to an eager audience by foreign travelers, this sort of thing had been beyond the reach of Soviet readers. Also typically, because there is so little book promotion in the Soviet Union, most people did not even know what they had missed until Uevgeny Yevtushenko, the establishment poet and Writers Union official, denounced the parody in print. . The book is impossible to buy now and almost as hard to borrow, and one of the authors said he feared that Yevtushenko's attack, awakening official disapproval, might have blocked a second edition planned by the Young Miss Universe sues Puerto Rico SAN JUAN, P.R. (AP) - A corporation that produces the Miss Universe and Miss U.S.A. pageants filed a $20 million damage suit Tuesday against the Puerto Rican government for canceling a five-year contract to sponsor the two contests. The suit was filed .by Miss Universe Inc. whose offices are in New York City. The government, which had agreed last year to pay the firm $1 million over a five-year period, canceled the agreement last week, four years before it was to expire. The corporation claimed the decision "puts in jeopardy this year's pageants." The company also asked the court to force Puerto Rico to honor the contract. Formerly held in Iong Beach, Calif., and Miami Beach, Fla., the contests were held last year near San Juan. The contract was signed by the administration of former Gov. Luis A. Ferre, who failed to win reelection last November. The administration of the new governor, Rafael Hernandez Colon, canceled the contract, claiming it was illegal for Puerto Rico to spend public funds on the beauty pageants. HELD OVER Last 6 Fun-Filled Days Feature! at 2:00-4:20-6:45-9:10 ;HLMlR!SlHCuKFURAI!; present k COLOH by fjeLue' tlnilrd Arlists JACK LEMON and JULIET MILLS jimntTttrrrSyttinmiiy FEATURES 3:05 - 5:10 - 7:20 YMV.W& W- 5 E7 Starts TOMORROW Features 7:25 & 9:30 4 HIGHEST RATING! -N V OA1LV NEWS DVfiTI MNIt CUIDAIKI SUCCtSTtS SUi'Aiif 'OH TtCGtS SCM( MTMiAL M' NOT - 4 - E. JACKSON Off S. GEORGE ONLY NITE - 7:20 - 9:30 i 930 par k-w - CHARUS MuB0HAlD'S 5 ELECTRIC IN CAR HEATERS 6MIUSWiST0M0HK T. 30 7921160 OPEN 6:45 STARTS 7:15 NOW THRU SUNDAY DIANA ROSS NOMINATED FOR BEST ACTRESS OF YEAR dy SINGS THE BLUES LIZA MINEIU NOMINATED FOR BEST ACTRESS OE YEAR "STERILE CUCKOO" WEEKNITES: 7:15-9:15 SAT. -SUN.: 1:30-3:30 5:30-7:30-9:30 FROM THE JUNGLE TO THE WOT NEW I FREE GAS COUPON j.Mi'jgi.'n;m7Tr i MltlHAiT OMCHm T. 30 7SSH1I OPEN 6:45 STARTS 7:15 NOW THRU SUN. CHARLES BRONSON TheValachi Papars'l CLINT EASTWOOD JOEKIDD ROCKING CHAIR LUXURY GYM... HE'S THE GREATEST!! WEEKNITES: 7:15-9:15 FRI.-SAT. 6, 8, JO SUN.: 5:15-7:15-9:15 w una 2 MIUS (Alt OEKOtlK . RT 30 7SS 628I f , 5 J. r i a- 'I '"1 i STARTS TOMORROW! BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! ' W RNN'MHRGRET a RQD THULQR M mwk THE TRHIN m 'Tnmn- robbers f "THROW" me you TlfiGLG... THIS WILL mv.e YOU TWITCH! ADULTS LAST MARY JANE 1 I t w

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