The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 12, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1859
Page 4
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™ « County Bank, i KtwYorton *•? *.' leaoblotl _^_ [ to,«bat* ffi«-laid te*dfiBirajty. trt&fr-'-.MwSBfflito iejowij, rf,t&WL»i»»'«k 5*?^***» .^^i^ia^«awto&tWo* the steamer jfaternaJjon^wirwaJMaerpH^erly be-. theiare: Ha»n Railroad Oo. t Toand 'apoa" *««l*8,ot |*«ri»«| SBel^natte^afiai btenUM ' ma mr«».«hiArt5*,tjl 4J,& hfe^n^M «V«f.« u ^i«..j-'-l^i^. „" Oenewls wew woundofl «nd > corps —..»«.»„*« -UVCH.UU* macs tin or wounded on either*ide. , of the bit. difler- In Admiralty. ~* 5* 1 ' ' ' if " Street Cbmmmlstloners. •*"*• Bl °*- WnefluT 1st Block. Benefit*. . S 70 O9ft CM J» - »n nn «M. • i vtt vVjlfvp A-if 3* S§ii?S a *KsfiB «.,??;?. i ^> victor Emannel. — ~ extra to 1,18-, extra Ho.l*tl,DOat^Sj Ho.l .t 87e90;-Ko. tai; no OQBN—qalet and' steady 1 . 'Receipts OOC bo shelled, and 68®70f«r ear. BARLEr-lignireqaeatatWQSo. Receipts tOTATOW-Hitmaeonnlng. «ale* »l SOftta BUTTER—in good supply. ^Prices drooplnr. Q/A14. J^__l. __„ • n^*.... 'HLE OF GOODS Pile of Honey, 'EXAMINE the dry dock a bbli. fen «lea, three nnmarried *"'^ «>d an infant ffl ' Arrtval ; KPOi T. Mail. ST. Louis, Jui^ 11, •* «n»B-«rm;' SeeeW ^OSO lbs..ereen..Tffl;8 T «^SaltedB®9; fty ugw-n,, «,», Wea ' 1 ® 8 ' BAlT-lB good supply at l&. down to reveal the locality •monnt of Injury to her hull. — - - uasnr Hopes [Borrms,*—The tehaaner Itampilght* tailt^jp^v"!^*^ . .ra o» TSS V?p*a Um. —The Baftalo £<puo;<olearni that Ihe iteamer Ploa0»- boy, which loft Oolllngwood ontheSd wlftalargeJoaA offrelihUand P J M«ea l Eer» 1 ~f 0 rajiit8t. Marl., when new lOTtly Island, brokeler TBaehlnery, obHglng bcr ' ' blood atlM.a few cr». «•] Mkwiorr« a MnKBEim fiituoiri— nBEim i « bbi, fioar; S.TTO bat wiwt; K» ao- «arn; oau; Siaotarier, Ibbta egg»; 30 toot •toa WSes; 1,099 do iatter; A>,301 fli «aodrlej"; ~ Mob IAW irt stanftrd, Ky., wool. """UTS • — -nn, ••HI.WAVJIKn ttAILaOAO.— 30 has wheat, 650 do ottejltd > potatoes; 43'bblsfionr; ""'-"' " 'o wool; 16 io-g yorap Iron; 95 •, 8,-0) dorandrles, 6th at Washington, two tltttitiiu i*t -ffjatuntln tor DCTTON'S! ClotMng Establishment T, IVE WRALL HOUSE. Jataes BachMin, TS. The Frtpelltr or Steamboat Eeneca, her engines, machine fy> boafcMaekl*, apparel and fornltnf e. B T f?* S 1 * writ-of-vMSdl .. o«* of an4 under the seal 6f u the OnJled States for the Dtet. let of —-"-*- - i sell at Pabltc Ant „ „,„„=„ on board of the said propelrer or —•— Jald tmx^ on . NOTICE. . , • ^atr^DepaSCSS^^X 0 ^'} T ^h.SJ2T?5f',? e " !l ? led '« to ln ""oSaa" Ward, ot i WJ8 vaf or AiUwankee, by resolntlonof tkefJom. men Council, adopted. Jane 27, IS4»,w«e d«lar£ nab- Uo nalsaaces by re-»3n or mu> «...i .L™-."! J-..11 OB. BE. HOOFIANB'S BITTERS, IBJJLSAM1C ' w re, tan *t*rtto^ ! f y aj£^ nmgk ytart of trial. Unbounded 'satufac- tioa-ii rmderet by them in all cases; and the people have pronounced that wortKy. '• • "• lifer Complaint, Dyspepsia* Jaundice, Debility of the Ifcnroas System, Diseases of tbe Kidneys, and" ail diteasc* arising from a etUordereil liner or.weakness of the. stomach and digestive ergons, are tpeedily and pemanenlly cured by r 'fer<JEBMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial has ofjairttl a tepvtaiii>n surpassing that of any similar preparation extant. It wiU cure, WITHOUT VAIL; -, In- I O H N-.T?JEl"6 .i. j.-( flee at 35 Market si'fuircs "» <"• f"-v », n«ar OneWa »t., >lili;;iuk«a i- *f.-'*\ tho-treatoMat noil cure uf ,)'.--,', j4,i ,\ »P«ies of Private D:..,-.I« ^H).' &«VJ, out theoa^of Bit-roury. Tli,»' »n fortanatd flhoulii b« piirtlciiinr • • -'—•— hisphysleliui, 13 it ,j • Je, yet incontrover- tracl, thnt many jypliuitje piti..^ .._jare; mmlo miserable with niii".i aiai-Uestmtn* from 'butpcr-i-r. - i i ™y a to$ r ££ c °.^ tnr '« '* : >' P"">'r. biostady and management oi theiiS ,-ompu1mT'<l c~n ngtasa the whole time of Iho»5 nrlio 17011;,i bi i-nn'' eut and successful la their 'treatment !> a ,i ovir" T'V nearperienced gciwrai practitioner **-••:- - ' • •" tr" »y reruaynortnioinajeesucifiiiyicnu.i^ii- (1 with their pathology, commonly pur.nifi one ijni-n f treatment, Jn most .caies ma : Ain^,!n iuilirerlminai" *e of tbe antirj^Ated an-J (lau^erouj weapon, .Mercnrv Mora cautloi}, howcyer, sho'ild bsuseU by t!ie .i^pfiii conooltlng nominal phyalciiinii of Lhiii.) s, aa nine-tcnlhii of them •\rsirapi3t-ri reoch and other flamys and ,\T'J mUioiu '- class, ho assumd Treo ny claims to medical knowledge Tht3i' Owners and agents «f the above are hereby noticed to abate said a amenamed aeore «r the Street Commlsiii<ner» i7tiT«"55 I ward, will caasethes>me to bedone tndehariwd to tberupesUTelcUaecordinrtolaw Macnargw to ^Jyl dft: i : E. fp *• • ---— WOTlt t. To . _ ., Q™» Ooirmotio's Orrici,) Contract D t epartmeat,Jone?0,lSH» \ %$S'3 ai £ for $"* work .«"»«t» directed <o Uj. .OL and* signed, and partlcalar care taken to state prothe«nTelopelheWardlawhlc« rich work Is lo- <f ^i* 1 " natnr « of *»« »<"* to be let. - E VH OARDINB8. Comptroller. Consamption, and has ftrformed tne 'most aHonuhing cum 'ever knoicn of Confirmed Consumption. St. touls Sugar tlurcd I AM cpuUnUjr rccelVQtg a tupjily of these ctle t*dH«!ia.Uieb t «tatbetJoltSiut«j. T!iS,e JOHS w. tnnrABD, Grocer and Wine Dealer, lot East Water street. rri no. in, •• •• on flrt «*; » ^ «" j? 0 - 1 ^' " • «S nil a «? V N °. ?I » " WOO **t, "82, a ' T N O A « . --**•'"' «ir K tni ), S 0 " ?• D j.lgiron; , . Bant Statement.- KBW TOEK, Jnlr 11 ' nit, of the Arago. '•ifZW YO£K, n , . ' from Him iBd^ontk. * Her dto «« to the been anticipated. »ct _KTB FMDB—JaD ai 434.T5. WHEAT—doll and dtcJtalnr; 15 » ''~* " <P"*«« «y» l£5,0001,iat)Toom,orS^OOtOM, *«.Uktt» from Port OettorneonUk* Erl« to PortD»Biou»leonl«keda* tario, o»er thefi«Uro»a one<l«y Hit week. It **» wwn i* , paalltl with the Welland Droved a rcry profltable nrrratoenL Wt«h«r tt wfll ornotrenialiatojieieen. ~ • from Sonfb America. their D8Tal force fa a* Pour steamenf bad been Additional foreign We^f*. JAIIWEI.-TWO railroads of HUjonri hate ftllea to provide the Jaaaary aad Jary Hrlerejt on thi State toad, is™* to u,el, btnrft.ia,,. totforelor- ftRed and liable totaaoia ,« by-theState anderthe firatmortgage. There Is mach. apprehension feit la Missoari thatttesereads-thelronlloaauin.Bd Korth ffisscarl-throagh foreelosara, may pan into the hanoi of non-reaiaents, thas wiping oat tbe .prirate stocl held by their own citizens. T B «au£BoiDljust._Ttisjaia tiTerelsconiideral bleprobtbllitythatihe partial proposing to lease the Erie road will be successfnl to their propo slHon. Tfcey contemplate dlrtding amony .iiolr eight competent parties the different department* of serrlee.iadbyJn- lerestlng their sabordlnates in iho resalt, .eearethe most efficient co-operatlon of aD enployed. It Is by this means that they expect f „ operate ihe road at a lees rate than It can ne by the Company. Trade'ana 2"** Ooantylorty year,, wa neyer known better vheat crop iha*< the one now NO1*IC3E ' I /ftp ao»M wUl also at once tart tii« matt severe Dtanhcea proualiny. ffvnt COLD is THB BOWELS, 2*i«a ntdieuus are prepared by Dr. C. M. dtlpJda, fa., and, are sold by druggists and Jeaters in medicines everywhere, at 75 crni.t pa- bottle. Tat signature ofC. M. JACKSOS ttiS <«.0fl tt« outoufe wrapper of each bottle. ' A <As Almanac published annually by the proprietor*, catted EVIBTBODT'S AI.JIASAO, you will find testimony anil commendatory' notices from all parti of the country. TU.e Almanacs are given away by alt our agent3. C. HARRINGTON, and *JT majIEUt IO IQUU1C.U HIlUl¥ll?! iliUS" -In i/I.ilt L'l'J ils infest ail large cities, and ijy raeamof their lyini; tdvertjsetnents aad posters, they in*luc^ Ui* unvrruy enter their Peter Tunk shops, and naDsurci.'Villy :|.<..i-. ndpolaonthem with mcrcary. Persons living at .* distance in Lhy cuumry ir-j mnr-.. >i to be duped by tfta lyiQj? aollcsi of qu.-ici.i thnri : citl»en». Dr. J. THOMSON ha* received medical instruction from his Dither, Dr. Wm. Thomson, of Uhicau'O, Illinois, *!,•> has practiced over 30 years, and mails cures after-h- [»iln«3of the best Thyslciana to Europe. Or. T. ivoaM ; i * ! j»PectfaHy advise She poHic not to b^ ilupt.l by \.h». Periodical Pill" hambn(?,l us ipply at nncu to i nhyii- S'j? w oj can treat such cases sclentUtaally and 9u'ci!?3*- •c 3 5 e rmatorrhccaor3emlnatEnii33ion», iho':oti!.j. ! of tQurtfprnu* instrument.!. THE 8BIATEST OF" THE A0E. BUTTER. CHOICE BUTTEK. j n — ''common pasture weeds » •-•. KVKKY KINi> OF iiUMo! J305I . iown ti» a comma;: P;mp. ovs.- eleven fiunilred ca^ca, inU urv- thander imraor. ti-. .' hta possessioa-oyer oae huajr«l cr of itoTllae, all- within: twenty rail«, if u,,.,t oa , bnt they 598J SHKBirW SALE. 6TAT«07WIK!OJ!BIH, » - Clrcait Court, MUraukee County f Joseph R. Treat, Ifl |? ll JJ B p^*'' 1 * 1 '' T '' e *• tyn*! John B. maybenecessarr to raise ihe amc """"• ' ' and costs, together cf ?" -oert ^iSJSS^S^^?"^ 8 ? _.?*5 a ?. 0 ?L*« rat ».< r iP"P«ty aitaatedln.tht abor* "The. half of lots namter tenaoi •of twelra (S2), in Week number forty-sii Aj? In tbeHghth Ward of il e siWtfty of MUwaa' *•»"•* f»'° . • ««»»t»9te-.tte abort notified to coa .two^y7 rX otn.eSh WarS mptroner. ^ ! NOTICE. I • _ Crrr Cowraoma'a Ornca. i Contract Depjrtmtnt, Jul, 7,1359. J T HE Cofi»mia~CoanciI by reiolation. of Jan's 20. iSKa having adopted the relommendiuoa o™ ttTStreft Oomauuloners of tha 6ti Ward^it bordered - «t^: i?«7*« n i?£ r8rt &om2-1 street east to Habbard ?S|iiSC-SESSS W&rd will cimo Uia iTC|6U, »C- JPogptroUcr. U o W Of "" Clty °' Mairaaiee, will on Coaaell Koom, at ^o'clock i « Compound Entirely frooi GUMS. *" *** ^« Hedlc AUCH crwn« recjoT oil morblb or bad: matte from the lyatem.npply tag in their rOa« ( healthy flow of oil*, la TlgoraUnf theitocoacb eaailng food to: ' purifyina One dote often repeated i> a «ur« enro for ChOtro. Mortmt, and health to the whoje i__ jhlner7i fcuiovliig tbe Jmsfr of tbc- dljig^KfiBv feetlag a radical care. Xittiow ottoc$§ are cured, and, what Is better, prerenled by «h e oc- easiontl nsifof the! Uver Invigorator. T One dose after 4i»tiaz . -Is salBcient to reliete the ^ stomach aadprerekit tht! > b«d from risiai and!-. Only one dm* takenl \f- the eya "° OnlyonsooUieu ut , edtotflrow oat ot u> system the effects, ov medicine after a lonr slckaea. One ooni0 takcu «». aaitdici removes ah sailownos or annatnal color from the skin, One dose taken a short .jae before eating gives vigor to the appetite are) cakes tba food di- gMiwen, One dos«, often One botUe wli] curs wa!y erapiir, D5 of ,).,. , K ,._ T»o or three hottits ar» wirranwd t.i .-.a- .-^ uiiu or riDirjorci. Twci-or thrsu bcttir-i iri; iyarraaf-ti ;o .-nr • • desperate case of rhtnm'iiij^ ' " ' -'-.'•Three to four botttM ars T3rrii:=.| to -i-.. t boulea *ili cure \h« *am ••!.»? ./ , i one "? l » eo '" night, loowns tbeboreU and cure. O«. •ttsafflaSTsiagtf^ •^|£|««K'- f aerlffMiirCT,. aesame ;issa. ._• bdng gathered, Ou. WBEAT -Tbe Alton (ffi.) Owier says strange as U may «eem, there Is y*t a considerable quantity of wheat In this and the adjoining counties of the crop « 18ST,to*»y nothing of wiat remains of the crop of 4CKD ( * 1858. H. , . i .n fanner for the past year sold f *.Co,*ooId«aUrs in - " 3 °J SHERIFF* SLIXE. tW*W« STATE OP WISOOOTUT. i OonntyOonTtjMUwanfcee Oonnty. f John 'Carlisle/ 1 ««nt rendered iS •>**• entitledaeiKnTdaS the 8 « J S" 11 «*PO»« S on « The State Department "hw t^enOy had on da- -tondderation the .abject -of the B.' Sound Agrioaltaral ......uugnw iormory sat& It is tn«t its action thereon is to th * — 1 l rm or e remander, TheTetegrapa iba ifrom Hairtbal to St. Joseph, Mtaourl, is in operation. It wffl be connected Wtt flie Zastern lines at Qatocy InjBre oraUc'weeta. wh * re fro^-iltten-corn has f «"wd as vigoroariy in good health. x We can command the remedr.-haTlng testedttfonr- -- or P*™"" <iecininstlita«elTea of the /! W ' '*"' 18S9> Md •«« »e h« will make inch alteration as lattice aid e^ally reqalrc; and sapply omisslpnj aad equalize the inesi- ** tbiMeri "I'** o* froB 'One Jose Uiea after each meal will care Z)ys- pewi.:. One J.j»e of two tea spoonful will always re- IreTe W c4r JTiHKtooM. Only one doBetame-^ -diattly relieves fWlr, wane , .- .~^ .u its worst fora, i [while Summer a ad \Bovti Cofiytoiiaia yield Wpott to the first dose, j A .few bottlia"WJB <nm \Dn$ry by exciting the absorbent*. We take pleasure in re conunendljig this me t cine u a preventive fo fnirandAgv*, LM /teetvaod all Pevert a AiUlotui tjfpt. - It operates with ceruinty, aad thousands are will T ng to tesUfyto Its won Daia MjBjm,—The of f.-"f J ,? «ry, in ccring all kin.l r.f Imnmri, u to^,.~ a by tbe-ananlmoaj yait^'...' uiiwuo h\7i. ^v'. ^ I need not jay anyshm;! on ih,- juoj-ct,' J i.', flu physicians anJ the» no:: o i<-,-fui ir u • Country are unanimous in itj j.ra' ic In presenting the .MnJical Discovery :o ,„ <Ioit with a fmi'knoTlert^e of ita cuj-auvc- -jr -Jfing all.and larmgmost of these di.reajes t ara nafartnnatelj so liabi'e. Th:i! m,.-. ^ disease to an affectionate mother, fflEBMAN L.TPAGE, Mayor. MAP OP THK SKAT OF WAK PBICE TWE.tTr-FIVE CENTS. ^f ^ IJ? °r Northarn and Central Italy, showlar i* «ie Best »f the War, Position of the Armies etc Wwhlcn Is tttached a small Map of Earope-^l for 2 i Invigorator, ana BANF08J), Proprietor, Ho. SCO Broadway,j New Stalled by aUDraggista. (old also, by JOHN aici, Wholesaletale and Satafl, Mliwaaiee, Wis. Con tract I . "conrmendatlon o n)f the «Ui Ward.itUcr- »' 8tre ** will canw the same to PAPER W lanford, Blackmarr i Co., HASBMoisl, HAHI02D & 00.) Oonnbfcted vlitv HARBISON, HJANFOKD & CO., Great \Vood & Hay Emporium ! ; THE aiOEST MAEKET IN mSCOSSIH S^^SS^SASS'SfSSSf^sS w.saic; cnesp^. at ecmer -West Wat^r aurf f*i»>u^r streets. Gr5c* ».ih M*hK.*» & » T •«« vijooara NEW TKEATM'ENT. secuyed aa if by a miracle, year OTTD tMnpimj .--51., to its natural rweetneK, »idl your buhe froa'jhor- ffetfal napj to calm and sweet slumbers ; ami :,-,_ i: oal CiaooTery becomes a fouz>taip r ibl»iiic-- •- '. huband »nd hoasehoici. " ' .In the cs6r= advanced itagta of CAI . » ettoadj to theatomach, which b a'oiii lnt«itSae» aad KIEVS. ereatlny a jinking, gnne f«n nif , ,, n j' „, . to the cares cf your family. »—n Yoor itomach ii KAW A."VJ> bby, an<1 S he flto Then fo " ow a tr\ ia very is peculiarly *^ Palpitstion of the heart, pain 'i n * th e ti the spine .onrl sroaJl of the b*clt, pain wh...,^ rrtire, irre s uiarity 'of the h that most eicraciating of diseaaw, the , , / l; ;'i . ASD Confidential Medical Auction and Commission Merchants, If AND AQHlTa AND MONIT BSOKEBfl, 19 WISCONSIN STKEET, ° f P - oor T - u ' Jea "= eand pining away * E^V),^ ,. thsir ns« door neighbor Joes not ino-v t-.rcaae " toitapreason.yoar mind that MOU olj prnv-'r' aof pr9Tcall ° tt ta better »»-> » !>->a=j .?.,; streets, eonier rs,. A MOST BOIBNIIPIO INVSSTIO!! ..^^^.^.i,^ DIS€OYEli"V yanhaTe both the preventatlve aad she "re, ».tl ,>„ great and good qaallty, that it will nrror, aa.l»r rla't- -'- camatance, do you an injury. " ' ' " Toars truly, «. DONALD ICSNN v :-'t Price |lj» per bottle. »-or siua by '.Vhok-salo'i•'• -r, an?ft'rlSn e f, G ? ea ^ ButtOD ' «d Bor.oSV^' ana at retail by itraKirista every-wher". ..-ii , JON TAKE PAaiiotJiAB NOTICE. er «art.r °"- !p! ' TOlts ' « n(l P otes and Mortgajej negotlatea. 'S'lSS 1 "J^ 1 tostraaient ever Invented for iS Jnre of Semiaal Weakness, or any disease FtTRNJTUKE WARE-fiOOMS L™*^ 1 " 1 * 11 *-"^ 116 J 16 '* of-*trawberrl*i J n ihta torn this««son amounts, from an the data we can mt. ^Wba.heU-ra l 60o5. W ta. JuSSfSSS^SSi teWc^soOh^Swr*"" 91 ? 11 " 1 * nosed, the stiw to»ew*«^^rS* ffl s»«,l«2^^ i* >**i ***#• ' Ti. James Goggin, Hlza Oofgin, - ' , " ' Icbabod Smith, , *• •> ^ •- 1 '*; Hiram Farmin.' . Epbralm WarUer and ! '.- " John J. Orton, ei cntors -oj the last will and testament of The fliobe Bank. . . ~\ T J te!S! l 5 c ?S?J^T5? l « of In.BmlV.',! j , * -- ^™*» •»<«• UVKIU a*u block unmbetcd thirty •4>D« tin CftynrMUwau. •"wTBj'aniea ai U»feliowtn{: _ <• '""iair?w2^? ltl *J!f? l^ftwt or the»aid Or i^ MM wanOj in and to tie followlBirdesertjrf : real estate, on theith'day of October 1(S ".,or ha* since acijulred thereto, to wit f* tiro , acres in the west half of fcontt 1 -"* ---- - - for tale and sell »it^*ir™ i !J"B^SLS2 fogfvaue,Ju the fflty or "»!»«*•«» «ns«W»aay,tlie e7tb daT of -**««u% MS>7« On oonriof 8 r. u., of tbatfar to «atte^»atd«eeatlon, together with ""—--- — t, CABINETS CHAIR MANUPAOTOKY. w£,tf°* nnd * IZ w «rt Water St., ** nttee WUconsln, t TNVltM the attention of purchasers to on* of o>. 4w^i^SF«4-^"^ , <IeTot < <5 fc* 1 * "tentlon ei- cl »«» of,nial«dles, and the erabledto ' -freay « on »»le>cent. patleats. and others . erJ"* 11 fr" 10 •"!»«« of the coaatry for tne express porpose only of consalUUons, whfla their -^ e fS? T??? 1 WIUlU " > Dott .yet from what they have 11 OKI: TO' BE ADMIRED fnAM THK K1UME8T DIADEM fircr worn by Miags or fimperori. A BEAUTIFUL HEAD Oy HAIU A BSADTUTUL HEAD OF HAI3 A EEAUTIFUI. HEAB OP HAIU A BEACTIFUL HEAD OP'HAla.' • , NATCSE'3 OWN OilNAUWT CAN BS PHESEHV^ Jpnf into am ,,„„, of Uwie Mfep,,.,. (from their most simple ejoidition to -that of thenTost H "S 1 ??* * n<J >»'•««»»») they have always eater" ha G iNUt . ft^™'K.,'"™ a Hl * 1 ^ e m05t horrible be^ra7 w TIo-o^Uf?otfoV,nfc;^ """ nr tte ill effects ofanskfllral aad Improper ^therefore, Ba.. Anoa * gox ha r *sacceeded "•i""- ta the selection of their remedies,™ md eaotloas coarse: omlttlnir all com- ST«°SS .«° edle » »"eh »ear an e-jalvocil charw- SSJSoI^L^^!" 11 ?* P'eM'owwiAladlclDBsap. pUcaUon mlghUie prodnctlTB of bad conseaaences la the hands of prlyate ladlrtdaali. In -«-"™^ - . - >a hie *nd of Ot«tv:ram«^i.» «- .1.. , u . CAN BE PKESSHVSD i BOTH THE QaOWTIl 4\D cm nw BOTH THE GKOWTU AND COLOR * ; BOTH THIS GhOWTH ASD CC - BOH 1 IS THE GfiOWTW *v TO "SUB GrSEA'fKST AGK V *'** V ' V A«' A>I TO THE GREATE31' 4Q3^ TO THE GKEATEST AGE. TO THS GRfiATEdT AGfi w. X *-aJA-*fc Ai^OiUiiA H V " IT ALSO EiSTOKES GBAY 1IAJB IT ALSO RESTOBJ3 GBAT HAIR. IT A1SO RESTOEES QUA? HAIK TO ITS SATL-EAL COLOR. TO 113 NATURAL CCLOS TO ITS MATURE L Ttf l ••— — --- PREVSNTFEITS PR&VBKTS ITS : PRSTIHT3 ITS »aiuu.iw. ?RS7EKT3 ITS PAUJJib. THE BALD K«sfe 1 i l> TO Jan-i zsjiee*. i on MatariUaV Wtt^SSjti^ y^vl,-* 1 *- «* t -'.£«•„<» ANGUS SMItH & CO., ^.^-^aeterauneatoaellcheap. AllgoodI I -' ^SSSS^* CeitsOliSSiGU warranted«9 of cham. P;go °" MEKOHANTS.: «pr20 flroeef'andWlnePeaUnUl'aSFwtto'afa UAJftGE JEi^^roK^-W^swawwusK "^o/SS^ •f^- ? --«^]i3RS.r^ a ^^ OteWr^wSSant,:} ' 1;'!, r "| ^pn^gSern^Iark^ ?*«> *&&.« -' ley Bhepard, against BY ALL BRUOGISTS, "' B7 ALI, DRUGGISTS, SOLD B7 ALL DRUGGISTS SOLB BY ALL DRUGGISTS ASD BY 0. J. 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AND 3Ui BROADWAY v v AND 312 BROADWAY', 'N I AND Jl'J BROADWAY, N' 7 , ve.patapta 3 ^ 0 ^^' *:*'• large, medium, and small; u» , man hold, w m : ntatlaforon* dollar per bottle ; the nt, WALL IflcCSJKATia .&• €0., """-' - STUEKT, *a : ^^ 1 i*roJty: ^4^5; %-^« •^4*.\s-s' -iui>*. 3& s^a".?*. Es.- s (,«andBay. •*** fe^SKfe j^g^^w.: itttatn —-^^"-.—-^ -K.^«* rs -A.v(, •« W9- same piaca anc '-'JSUrtihartrsl^nlce,* wsnkea, Jalr», 186». ' Md r •*-" l**»B«raWOBIHy, yy....>- '.-« ' ' '" '- s »« fl *W-Co.,wk wi£ln t*eaty-two dajs from HUs data or* i^'fuISf gsaatetoneMofthe&thT^rTJlH ciaw »U}^rork t»te^on« and charged to the respicUTiTlott-I5<orto« ,«• ^'H^eAEDIKBa, CampWaller. *i^ii ^jpwfei«« J*W! .,»S* ; of Jo»a)th i^^^^^^fc^^^^^^^ ^ta^^> "*'^&««^* fc ^'*' j!l ^ I - i J*a.i jtl ' ^ •" A^^ 1 tea,- 3 ^ s^^^£"^t? *v^* I**-* *" ** " s J^4^^^^i'^-1; : '?*' ? 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