The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1894
Page 5
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fflM Afcb Sf . *RAtf HAS*. No. - »S,' M WgM entries passengers. . . l : So, i pAMeagef . ................... • 11 tm No! 09 Sh!carri6s pasaeneei-s-.-.V ' B M a « Ntt 71 frtisht can-let passengers. . . . 9 -.16 fi m m. 03 fretght carries prssetigers . . . . . 11 :56 ft m QOISO ^Ofttt AiSO acdoramddfttiOft .............. a !M « te Mall and Eipress ........... 3.33 p m ABU SAs*, „. slight accommodation : - ».(»»» Chicago Mall and Egress .-«...» ; "' P » Iftlhe Jnlted Btates and Canada Trains leave Emmetsburg as follows i GOING NORTH, Wo, 01 passenger., . . »o. 63 passenger ............. Ko. 65 freight GOING SOUTH. No. 60 passenger ........ . .............. aio4i>ni No. 62 passenger ............ • ........ q.noam Wo. W freight ...................... •••; ^°°. an , trains numbers 02, and 63 rur i dally ; bat* aace of trains dally except Sunday. SW13A CITY TIME TABLE. Trains leave Swea City as follows t OOINO GOING SOUTH. Passenger No. 82 B ................... 1240am ronunnT B-Datly except Sunday. ALGOM RE PUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, JUNE 27, 1894. LOCAL MATTERS. The finance cotomitteej W. tt« ~<~i- iff! John G. Smith, Panted their re |ott, showifig ft favof able eonditibn of the county finances. Mrs. Hunt, oft McGregor street, is another of the lucky ones to strike water She bad a well sunk 76 feet, and at last accounts she had 28 feet of good water in it. , ,, t . Mart Weaver went to Des Momes last week to look up his chances tor the Clerkship of the committee appointed to revise the Code of Iowa. Matt would be the right rnan for the posi ttev. W. E. Davidson will take his cu«totnary summer vacation during the SoS oFJuly. He goes this weel to Chicago, and it is expected that he will attend the Christian Endeavor Convention at Cleveland, It is not announced whether his pulpit will be supplied, List of advertised letters for week ending June 52,1894, Joseph Adkins, Hulda Anderson, Mrs. Marry Barrack, F, J, Babcock, Lawn Clark, G, W,La Grange, Stewart Green, Jas, Hregant, A.S.Mann, Mrs, Ola Ahillips, Miss Lizzie Reaumann, A. Stinman, Miss Orpha E, Shirk, Miss May White The following is the program of the Outlook for Thursday afternoon at three o'clock: Paper, Some Pictures in the art gallery at the World's Fan, Mrs. Starr; Historic Ornament, Miss Coan-, Historic Art, Miss Smith', An Art Reading, Miss Pettibone; Maga zine Review, Mrs. H. Wadsworth* The REPUBLICAN is in receipt of the annual catalogue of Cornell College, one of the first class educational institutions of the state, located atMt, Vei- non, in Linn county. Gardner Cowlos is one of the trustees of Cornell, and Bert Barr is a member ot next yeai s graduating class, and Adjutant of the Cornell Cadet Corps. Shalleen, who bought out the Alderman billiard hall while on a spree, has been arrested by the United btates Marshal and held to the U. S. grand jury to answer the charge of selling intoxicating liquors without license, lie only had three day's experience as proprietor of the Alderman property, but they were days when experience came Mias Anna Ingham is spending he* summer vacation at home. Herman Shulta, the Bart taerehant, Was a visitor in Algona yesterday. Will Purvis is home after a year s w6rk at the Chicage Aft Institute. Prof, Frank Stagle came upfroM Mason Gity Monday, liis school havitsg closed. ., Df .Sheetz attended the State Q. A. B Encampment at Council Bluffs last week. Dr. Garfield Visited Whittemore last Week and put in a telephone for J, M. Farley. Mrs. Electa Henderson is. visiting her children and grand children in Minneapolis. Miss Daisy Hack, of £«» b ^> ha ? been the guest of Mrs. B. W. Haggard for some time. . Miss Nettie Dutant went to Sgrit Lake, Saturday, for an outing with school friends. , Arthur Tellier and others attended tbtstate Y. M. 0. A, Convention at Mason City last Week, Miss Jennie Walters] friends are glad to learn she is improving slowly trom her long spell of illness, Miss Maggie Winkle left last evening for Galva, where she will spend the Fourth with her brother, ififti paKsage until July 31st. Fot de tilled information apply to agents Chi <«af0 & Korth-Western B'y. * There were children's day exercises at the Baptist church Sunday last. A Chistian Endeavor Social is to cote off at Bey. Davidson's Friday ni f,aundrvman Johnson and family now occupy the old Geo. Adams place Sorth of the Episcopal church. The Northwestern passenger, yesterday morning, did the very unusual &Yng?Sh it, of running an hour late. No large celebrations are announced in Kossuth so far for the Fourth. There will be a number of neighborhood gatherings. . ,. •tfrank Winkle was much complimen- r o ChainLakes Minnesota, Monday. A heavy rain Saturday night empha alswdSe return of growing weather. The condition of the ground now is all that could be asked. T? T* Tintler and W. C. Danson are band will furnish the music. T-hPrft will be a meeting of the A. Li, that every member be present. . j rruvlnr is " 17 The REPUBLICAN is under great ob- ii^«tu>n to Carpenter J. D. Shadle and Mason J.M. Cowan for services ren- £JS during the installation of our new engine. a^orintflndent Reed has secured M fTpM C El?oy's Memorial lecture Jn Kossuth as one of the features of tbe^nSl teachers' institute, which comes early in August, Theo Cbrischilles is having a very . It seems that the Boone man who makes the "Jackson's Health Restorer that was seized and destroyed last week, was hardly satisfied to have his "Health" rated as beer, so last week he sent up a few more cases with a view to having it seized and tested. The officers djd their part on Saturday, and the trial of the stuff comes on Mon- laynext. In view of the Masonie'gathering in Ylgona yesterday, the following statist- cs of the order in Iowa will be interests ng- There are in Iowa 25000 master masons, 7000 of whom are Boyal Arch Masons and 4200 are Knight Templars. The Grand Lodge of Master Masons is fifty years old, the Grand Lodge of RovalArch Masons is thirty years old and the Grand Lodge of Knight Tem- plars is thirty years old. A son of Dr. C. D. Boardman, one of the proprietors of the Boardman Bros, creamery of this place, was drowned at Des Moines.a few days ago. He was bathing in the river with two other boys, and got in a deep hole.- Both he and a companion were at the point of drowning when a boy from the bank swam out to -rescue him. The Boardman boy called the rescuer to go to the relief of the other boy, who was saved, while he himself went down for the last time before help reached him. He was fifteen years old. The Algona Commercial Exchange, at its meeting Saturday night, re-elected ita old officers and executive committee for the year to come, as follows: Gardner Cowles President, Harvey Ingham Vice President, J. W. Wadsworth Treasurer, L. J. Bice Secretary; Ambrose A. Call, C. L. Lund, W. B. Quarton, H. C, McCoy, J. W-Hinchon, ?. A. Hamilton, W. K. Ferguson, T.F," Cooke, J. B. Jones, Jas, Taylor, J. W. Hinchon was appointed a committee to circulate a petition asking the Milwaukee and Northwestern railroad §to connect their tracks with a Y, Such as "set store by" the forecasts of Hicks will get out their fans and seek the shade about these days, for that al- tuv ««"»»»v *• -„„„. umiia loaf. .Tnni Mrs. Bertha Reaver and two _ pretty children, of Knoxville 3 are visiting Mr, and Mrs. Horace Hoxie. Editor Mayne of the Emmetsburg Reporter, was one of the visiting Masonic delegation yesterday. D, D. Townsend, of Chicago, is in town this week, visiting old friends, Mrs. Townsend has been here for some weeks. . , R. M. Richmond, of Bancroft and Swea City, was a most welcome callei at the REPUBLICAN office while mtown Monday. , . Lieut. Daughterty left Algona last Saturday for his home. He intends taking a course in pharmacy in the near future. The Reporter says that Miss Mattie McComb, of Algona, is one of, the teachers-elect of the Emmetsburg schools. Prof. ChafEee and his brother Will left for Iowa Falls last Wednesday evening. They say they like their location very much. ft. W. Skinner, of Bancroft was visiting his brother, N. J., last. week. It s announced that Mr. Skinner has sold his Bancroft business and will locate inDesMoines. Mrs. Jas. Orr and' children are visiting relatives and friends in Minnesota. They will make an extended visit, and in the meantime Jim is a guest at the Hotel Tennant. The Iowa Agricultural College, at Ames, is now having its summer vacation of four or five weeks. Miss Cora Hibbard spends,the time at her home in Emmetsburgh. Miss Lela Benham is visiting friends in AlKona this week. Her mother is a resident^ Minneapolis, and Charley, Ski for the Mercantile Insurance Company, of St. Paul. Says the Spirit Lake Beacon: Geo. E. Clarke and W. B. Quarton, bright legal lights "of Algona, were here- fishing a portion of this week.' Both solemn^ affirm they were not working politics. V / Gillie Rutherford teturned Monday fiom a visit to Chicago, where he attended the wedding of a cousin. He was present at the great Derby race last Saturday and says it was very ex- nAi^r RATES TO TIMS SEASHORE. dfi account of the annual meeting of the National Educational Association, which will be held at Asbury Park, N. 3,, July 10th to 13th, the North-Western Line will, on July 7th and 8th, sell ex^ cufsiott tickets at practically one fare fot the found trip, thus offering an exceptionally favorable opportunity to tethers and the public in general for a Visit to one of the most delightful re- solts on the Atlantic coast. For tickets and detailed information apply to agents Chicago & North-Western R'y, FOR A BIGGER SOARO. the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors be Increased from 5 to 7 Members? JLU the course of a letter from Chair- 1 man C. C. Chubb, appearing in the Lu Vetne News of last week, he says: in regard to the present method of electing supervisors, I have this to say t that I hear much more complaint from counties that have adopted the district plan than from counties where they are elected at large by all the people of the county. Polk county is being run on the district plan, and the Register is charging all manner of corruption m office, I can conceive how four men,, a majority of seven, could absorb alHhe money of the county in their districts, and use it as a means of perpetuating themselves in office forever. Let a supervisor attempt such a thing now,ancl the people of the county would dispense with his services the first opportunity. But the republican party in convention assembled (very foolishly, I think) put themselves on record in favor of it, and I shall use what influence I have on the Board to have the question submitted to the pe9ple at the next election, and if a majority of the people so order, it will be done. GLIDDEN BARB WIRE, Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints, AND THE Bissell Carpet Sweeper, The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., A rivate letter from H. B. Lindsay, written from Spokane Washington state, that he has bought a 160 acre ranch ten miles from that city. Mr. Lindsay has secured a well unproyea with 950 fruit trees. He writes THE PORTLAND CELBARATION. BDrron EBI-UBLICAN : Will you give space to announce Portland's celebration of the Fourth at J. H. Groyer'Bf rroeram much the same as all others. Parade headed by the Burt Band, ladies on horseback, citizens, ragamuffins, etc. The speakers areL. B. Butler, Bev. C. H. Hawn andW. C. Dan-, son'. Basket dinner. Afternoon sports, foot-races, egg-race, tug of: war, ^orse races. Bowery dance in the evening. The EBPUBWCAN and all her relatives invited. Officers for the day, W. A. Cbipman, President; Eev...McCretcnae, Marshal, Bev. 0. H. Hawn, Chaplain. BURL1WGTON EXCURSIONS / NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION 'MEETING, ASBURY PABK, N. J., JULY 10-13, 1894. . •One fare plus 82.00 for the round top. Tickets on sale from all stations Julv 7th and 8th. Good to return until July 29th. , ANNUAL MEETING, YOUHG PEOPLES SOCIETY OF CHBISTIAN ENDEAVOB. CLEVELAND, OHIO, JULY 11-15,1894. " - fare for the round trip. Tickets > from all-stations July 9th and Good to return until Aug. 1st. ANNUAL MEETING, BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLES' UNION, TORONTO, ONT., JULY 19-22, 1894. One fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale from all stations July 17th and 18th'. Good to return until Ang. 8th. For further particulars inquire ot station agent or address the undersign- ed$ i J.Morton, Gen'l Tick, and Pass. Agt., Cedar Bapids, Iowa. Corner State and Thorington. us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or even furnish us stationery. FARMS AND WILD LAND FOR SALE. MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOB FARM LOANS, And furnished immediately upon application. HAY & RICE. Opera House Block. on sa 10th. Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFACTURERS AND •DEALERS IN i,later Tate, Cistern, ; (SnfiOT !• I • «*"^^ ^ J ' at our prices on anything pertaining to tUe manufacture ot butter and cheese and we vfin mnnftV. ' > m/' egVd prophet lays: "The last June period is from the 26th to the 29th, during which time , ft wave of intense warmth will pass over this country, as wellas other parts of the globe, and many atmospheric and electrical disturbances way be expected adout 86th to 29th." There is one blessed thing about Hicks: he distributes his terrors over the i'ace of the globe , with such a wide sweep that you dont M»°« anything has happened. . But it tafifhtens •us 3W as badly as it does to he told bow many human beings pass into e- teroity every minute, There was a lively chance for a fire on Call street Monday afternoon. A Sraple of small boys bent on , funsrau,g- 2led themselves under the stairway on fhe west of Qalbvaith's long ftp? ten- that the crops look well «d that likes the country and the climate very much, ' State Register: Mr. Ben W. Haggard, of Kossuth county, who came Sown to be the next man, to Col. Sessions at the wedding on Thursday, will accompany the Iowa p. arty to Denvei. Mr, Haggard was chairman of _the republican county ^mmittee in Kossuth last year and is this year. He is one of the rising young republicans ot the northwest AVbo is going to be heard from in the future. Jahu DeWitt; Miller, whose lecture at the Opera House on the 19th was list' ned m The best riders in the world are said to be the cowboys of the United States, the Cossacks of Russia, the Mexican Vaqueros, and the South American GShosf 'Each of these four classes of expert horsemen will be described in Harper's Young People for June 26th; and the article will be illustrated with' instantaneous photographs taken "' West" show, The same Something,, In the line of Fine Stationery, Papeter- iea, Visiting Cards, Envelopes, and Card Cases. These goods are of the latest styles and have been purchased la always causing STUDLEY to buy those things that are New , in and inspect them and : ~ Sept sad case of the poisoning boys. ' ff'?4l,' w fSiwrtmw«ra*4»w» to. A P a|. ^ K -' Ci rffiBte 1 ttfiU? l SSBf *: S w«S>^«» &sag JjTWT =-=-*( t i county, A '• 5;tf?<v "*»t « unty. ' - <' county Olnk .QW , just northwest ot the building, »nd having fe'ii possess v«p*"«ww rf matches, made a fire of the old papers and refpp col- * - J & &«*. Tbe RBWk9 issuing out K^ff^SS^^ but a few miBUtes ot waging woflld |KwJntTe%M Of gome pvoperty, -»» man does if he tried, Anybody who SfgM suppose that Mr, Milep had en- Syed the advantages of a long course of training as a fac al oontortaonwtwiU Save We IwWlon dispelled by close contac?, -When he talks he talks all ovS?and, he couldn't help rt rf be Sed to, He is m interesting a»4 a very HI *m , '''^» • ijfe • '.' *V" -,•..!» ?'i$fi A- >:,(,v^K,^ '. ; M ,,!.'_* f,fff -- ;^ L ;':rvi? '^^^^ 'i§|||f *A|g»§| vt,W£yf* BOY OF T ___ .^ * : - ft thetewlte«mte pateiwonml a^l &> *-?sSI 13oS« m Ye ^ fl » § ^ m 'W fefffe^^Hffii^nd Miss Matii^ 'crQwd than that' Sunday,- , ^j'-j.ui^ ^a«c4-a^/i*n^f«&Warit^lni&£ WEB, : ( W^f^Tyf Vtmittjs>ifgZSLefiEjiSK ri-a? * 1_ « Q*» *M*«*IAtt? APCluKU A

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