The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 27, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
Page 3
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GUARD CAMP NEXTMONTH Soldiers To Train At Camp Ritchie November 5 To 11. Definite word that there would be a fall camp at Camp Ritchie this year, Nov. 5 to 11, for members o Co. B, Maryland National Guard was received yesterday by loca officers. This will be the first time in the history of the Maryland Nationa Guard that a-camp has been con ducted in addition to the regular summer camp period of 15 days The soldiers will be given mainl} field training at camp next month It is said that one of the purposes of this camp is to iron out some of the mistakes, which officers observed during the maneuvers thi summer at Manassas, Va. Privates will receive one dollar a day while at camp. Local officers are also expectin orders regarding two drill nights each week instead of one, as at THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1939. Insist On Tri-Maid Products Quality Guaranteed. Sold Exclusively By Triangle Food Stores Men's Fine Tailored Made Suits $24.95 MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. Went Waahlng-ton Street 95 Piece Chin* DINNER SET ferric* .for 1* f f/\ 1U HARRY S. MYERS 53 North Potomac Street FENDER BENT BODY DENT HUGHES MOTOR CO. ^0 E. Baltimore St Ph. 2*80 present. The men would b« paid for the extra drill night. National Guardsmen in Pennsylvania, Virginia and District of Columbia are having two drill nights each week. It was announced that Co. B has now reached, its full quota of 78 men and two commissioned officers, according to the recent War Department order increasing the size of the National Guard throughout the United States. Co. B was allowed one additional man to the original allotment of 77 men. The four additional men who have enlisted and whose names have not been published are: Axel H.. Steele, Rohrersville; C. Clifton Mills, deal-spring; Donald J. McSherry and H. H. Carter, both of Hagerstown. Sergeant Charles R. Carter has re-enlisted for the fifth time. THE GAY THIRTIES THREE FREE TRIAL FITTING FOR RUPTURED HERE Expert and fully qualified Truss r itlers from the nationally known apt. W.'A. Ceilings Co. of Water-town. '. T., will- be at the Colonial Hotel, •Tngerslown. Md., Monday, October 30. Every ruptured person—man, -woman >r child in this vicinity should call for n, free trial fitting o£ this remarkable ln- •ention for reducible ruptures, large or mall. Thousands who formerly suffered the ortures of old style trusses that did not iroperly hold, pinched, rouged, chafed ml slid about, now rejoice in new found reedom from the danger and discom- orts of their ruptures. Don't fall to call or this Free Demonstration. TWTCXTT PAYS TRIAL IN TOUR OWN HOME Here Is real proof with You the sole udgre. No matter ivhat you hava tried or ow mnny times you have failed, you Hnnot afford to :niss this opportunity. II fitting's are private, absolutely free nd without obligation. Don't negrlect Call at the Colonial Hotel nnd ask or the Collings Kepresentn tive. Call nylime between 9 a. in. to 9 p. m. rin.c this notice with you. JOHN / yOU'V£ GOT TO GZT UP LAST NI£rrT you SAIP you'P FINISH VOUP THI9 MO£NIM£ IF WE CALLEP YOU MOM -i waz ' I WLJZ - IF VA'P T/ME 'EM FINISHED A 5AP AWAKEN ING -XII Rldils n«acrved by T!u» AP F«»ttire S WARNER BROS. THEATRES MARYLAND TODAY Tht Littlt Tirror rtids Society Row! Any* ftiing con hoppint Everything dots I A scrtom a ftcondl ./ FIFTH AVENUE GIRL WALTER CONNOLLY-VERREE TEASDALE • JAMES ELLISON Tint Htlt • Kotttryn Mom • Franklin Panglwrn ALSO LATEST MARCH OF TIME BATTLEFLEETS OF ENGLAND ACADEMY TODAY & • SATURDAY "MAISIE" IS THE MISSUS AS FRANCHOT JUDGES BATHING BEAUTIES! Where "Fast and Loose" ended .'.. this fast and furious fun sequel begins! It's gay! It's grand.. . as r they rowdily solve the "Bathing Beauty •Murders" between 'cocktails, cuffs and kisse:! TONESOTHERN MISS ROGERS AT MARYLAND "Fifth ATT^Tu e Girl" Opens Engagement At Local Theater. One of the season's most delightful pictures is "Fifth Avenue Girl," Ginger Rogers' new starring vehicle for RKO Radio, which opened its local. showings yesterday at the Maryland Theatre.' ' ' Very different from Miss Rogers' recent "Bachelor Mother," but even funnier at times, the new picture revolves around the, hectic experiences of a working girl guest in a stately Fifth Avenue home. She is hired for the job by the discouraged bead or the-family, who despairs of ever persuading his wife and children to regard him as other than a walking bank-account. The girl's advent, as expected, alters the situation considerably. The wife, thinking her husband intends to marry the girl as soon as she goes to Reno, changes her plans and decides to stick around. The son, who has been neglecting the family pump business for polo, starts to work again, and the daughter gives up her dizzy gold fish-gulping friends for a serious romance with the chauffeur. The latest dramatic March of Time film, "The Brittle Fleets of England." is playing for the last time tomorrow at the Maryland Theatre. The film presents a comprehensive and unccnsored picture of the British Navy, emphasizing its vital role in the defense of the British 32m pi re nnd in the strategy of the Allies in their war against Nazi Germany. Gene An try, pictured' above with his famous mount, Champion, provides Colonial • audiences with splendid action, tingling thrills and pleasurable music in his latest film,' "Colorado Sunset." It is being shown today and tomorrow at the Colonial Theatre. 'GOLDEN BOY," SHOWING LAST TIMES TODAY AT HENRY'S THEATRE "Golden Boy." Columbia's motion picture based upon Clifford Odets' successful stage play of the same name, which opened Monday at Henry's Theatre, is showing last times today. Undor the direction of Reuben Mamoulian, ihe film hit is made a vibrant entertainment. And like Columbia's previous stage adaptation, "You Can'L Take It AVilh You." "Golden Boy" proves again that the affairs of everyday people is a fertile source of excitement on the screen. Its characters, Joe- Bonaparte— the "Golden Boy," Lorna Moon— the dame from Newark, Tom Moody —the fight promoter and all the others, appear as living, breathing people of a real world. Odets' intricate sketch of earh character is perfect, and the film's cast portrays each one smooihly. flawlessly. Ann Sothern and Franchot Tone in "Fast and Furious," showing today and tomorrow at the- Academy. COLONIAL TODAY — TOMORROW Continuous 1 Till 11 P. M. Also A NEW CHAPTER OF DAREDEVILS OF THE RED CIRCLE Fashions Are Now Being Shown at the BON TON William Hold en, a newcomer 1o the screen, plays the title role in such Impressive style thai he is now a star in his own right:. Miss Stanwyck is unusually line as Lorna, a role which calls for a skillful blend of many moods. Adolph JVIenjou's work, too, is very commendable. And worthy of special mention is the characterization of Papa Bonaparte, done by Lee Cobb. NONE INJURED BY RUNAWAY FREIGHT KANE, Pa., Oct. 27.—An eastbound Pennsylvania railroad freight train broke out of control on the 16-mile long, tor.tu- ous Kane hill grade here, roared backwards for almost two miles,, plowed through an open switch and rammed its two "pusher" locomotives that had stopped at a water tank. Warned by the shrieking of two "lead" engines of the runaway, crews on the "pusher" locomotives leaped from their cabs before the crash occurred. Crews on the caboose had stop- p%d at the tank with the "pushers" and escaped Injury. None on the runaway was hurt. Crew members reported the air line valve on the fifth car from the front engines had been turned and air brakes on the remaining 120 cars could not be applied. Apartment Entered ., And Money Stolen The third floor apartment of William Paulsgrove, first block West Franklin street, was entered and ransacked sometime yesterday morning or afternoon, according to a report made to police. Officer Robert Schaub said he found that entrance was gained by tearing the screen of a rear wiu- :low. A small bank was broken open and robbed of its contents of about six dollars in change. Other rooms were ransacked and papers strewn about but nothing besides the money is believed to have been stolen. NOSTRILS RED? To relieve sniffly head cold misery — put just "2 drops" in each nostril. Quick-acting:. Try Save the Middleman's Profit $15.00 (O. P.O.) CRANE'S CLOTHES "Factory to You" 29 South Potomac Street j;Oftt)NUOU$,M,A.M,fcm.M; LAST TIMES TODAY FROM THE GREAT LOVE DRAMA! SATURDAY ONLY A COLUMBIA PICTURE ADDED THRILLS THREE STOOGES in "'FALSE ALARM" CUMBERLAND VALLEY JUBILEE EXCURSION Sunday, October 29 Take advantage of this final Sunday ' excursion train direct to the Fair be- ' fore it closes. At this low fare . . . Fair Admlisicn —50c for Adults, I5c for chil- dr*n—can be purcho\<-d with railroad licV-'. SPECIAL THRU COACH TRAIN ROUND TRIP HAGERSTOWN to NEW YORK I.v. <;rc<Mir;i-(Ii> .\r. Now York (IVmiji. St;i.) Ar. World's V:iir St;i KKT'\<;., I.v, WorhT's Ki,ir I.v. Now York (IVnnn. Stn.) Proporti from o' 4 I." A. 6 »<> P. M. onate lor*, h^r porn*j, Children S to 12 half-far* From Psnmylvama Station, NPW York, to V.'cvld'f Fair Station, lOc additional each way. Ticket* may be purchatcd in ticni T'-t hourt prior to trai advance and at all \ta- timo Sunday morning. GRAND MARD1 GRAS WEEK at the FAIR October 23 to 29, inclusive Children's Circuj Parade, Showt and Fireworki. Special Gershwin Memorial Program at Swing MardI Gras Casino. Consult Agents for further details. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD Man Had Contemplatec Suicide But Decides Not To Jump. HUNTINGTON, W. Va., Oct. 27 Peyton Blankenship, who pro claimed he intended to commit sui cide by leaping from the first Kun tington National Bank building changed his mind last night after perching for an hour and 15 min utes on the 13th floor ledge of the building and crawled to safety. Heeding the soothing words of Police Chief Lon H. Whitten Blankenship, 21, finally retreated from the ledge while a crowd of several thousand persons cheered Shortly after he took up his po sition on the ledge, with legs dangling in space, he had dropped a note to the crowd which quickly gathered, saying: "To whom it may concern: "I'm up on top of the Huntington National Bank building. Reason: I don't want to live any longer. I've been a rotter and am ready to receive my just punishment. Ask my wife why. * * * Yours, Peyton Blankenship." Police and firemen quickly threw Hues about the building to keep back the crowd and Chief Whitten and several others attempted to dissuade Blankenship, but attempts to move toward him only brought screamed threats to leap. "I'll do anything you want me to do, Blanky," Whitten. soothed. "Just come off there. I won't put you in jail. I'm your friend.". Whitten sent for Blankenshlp'i one-year old daughter, Patricia Ann, but sight of the sleeping child failed to move him, and Whitten resumed Ms entreaties. The chief promised, lie said, to try to straighten out marital difficulties, and cautioned, "think of where you'll go if you jump, Blanky." Finally heeding the chief's pleas, Blenkenship crawled slowly toward a fire platform and was led, crying to safety. A cordon of police led him from lie building and to a waiting car. and he was taken to the home of relatives. Chambersburg To Parade Nov. 1st The annual Hallowe'en Parade of ibambersburg will be held on, the evening of November 1. An invitation has been extended to all par- icipants in the Alsatia Mummers Parade to .join with -the Pennsylvania celebration. Cash prizes will be offered for ;he following divisions: Children's division, elaborate and comic; adult, elaborate and comic; music, out of town bands; organization, ilahorate and comic; men's clubs and lodges and non-commercial floats. Two Paintings Are // Hung At Hospital Portrait paintings of the late Edward W. Mealey and S. M. Bloom, whose liberality and vision made possible the present Washington County Hospital, were hung yesterday afternoon in the reception room of the hospital under the direction of Richard Carl Medford, director of the Museum of Fine Arts. The paintings were made from small photographs by Waldemar F. Dieterich, Baltimore, painter and a member of the faculty of the Maryland Institute of Art. The paintings are 25 by 30 and have been widely praised. Mr. Mealey was a founder of the hospital and generously contributed to the development of the institution and the new, modern structure was erected through funds left by Mr. Bloom. YOUTHS INJURED Samuel Davis, 14, a student at St. James School, was admitted to .he Washington County Hospital yesterday evening for the reduc- ion of a fracture in his left arm. He is a son of Howard Davis, Kenneth Square, Pa. Jacob Valentine, seven-year old son of Carl Valentine, 400 block larrollton avenue, was taken to the hospital yesterday evening with a cut upper lip. He had been .cnocked down by a bicycle. 18 YEARS IN BUSINESS Malcolm Palmer will today brate his 33rd birthday. He been in the business of delivering advertising handbills for the past 18 years. Caskey's Three New Loaves NOW AT YOUR GROCERS Women 's Smart FALL COATS $7.95 — $Q.95 « EARLE'S Dept. Store 71 West Washinfirton Street B UY ONNIE READ It's Delicious Ladies' FUR JACKETS are a fashion sensation. ChooM yoorg here at low price» on easy CBEDIT. PEOPLES STORE 67 West Washington Street B c E n DECK employment and enjoyment to the people of Maryland To hundreds of thousands of Maryland«rs, beer is one of the good things of life ... a simple/ wholesome pleasure that drives dull care away and brings contentment in a troubled world! To thousands more . . . men, women and children ... beer is an honest living . . . provider for human needs. To the State of Maryland . . .beer ?s the source ' of hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes each year! Remember what beer means to Maryland! Brewers Institute of Maryland CUMBERLAND BREWING CO. FREE STATE BREWERY CORP. GERMAN BREWING CO. GLOBE BREWING CO. GUNTHER BREWING CO., INC. NATIONAL BREWING CO. AHTI-FREW TODAY BE SAFE All WINTER PER GALLON Th« words "PRESTONE" and "IVEREADT" ar* r*9?st*r*«f trade-marks and Identify products of National Carbon Co., Inc. 195 ANTI FREEZE...AND FORGET WINTER WORRIES

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