Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 5, 1941 · Page 5
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1941
Page 5
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Kovein!>er ly 1941 DAtLt OA2ETT& STERLING, ILUNOfi Paste [1,40? Registrants ire Classified By local Board 89 Questionnaires Remain to Be Sent Out from Local Office 30 Sfudtnts Attend First Class on Retail Selling it Sterling H. of ex- <su'i as of tliere ar» 1-A— men There are 3.407 rrei.'-trnn'c fte<f hy th* Strrline .«•!*•(••:•.•«> .«rurp board out M H total of 3 *H". kavin? only 233 yet to tw rlRS5ifi»-'!. Only flghty-nlnf* qiwstirmnajrr* remain to .ient out. As n Try,:':'.. 1r, all ability the present rrr'..<Ta",r>n th« Sterling honrd will '•:• :>.'a!;\ haustrd By February. ninirl'.s of the draJ* !• _the prwpnt datf show tha' ^ llv seven men In Cl«.^ "Qualified for trrmrnl military service. In Class 1-B—men fit for limit**! military service, there air 10S men. Here 1* an interest Inn bit nf news— 236 men are in Cla.v l-C—men al- idy In ttie milflBry or naval serv- of the United States. This does not Include Company M. In Class 1-H—men who wen 1 28 years of age July 1. 1M1 without bring Inducted—there are 133 men. In 2-A—necessary In civilian actl- JtlM—there are 36. Twenty men are Jlass 2-B—directly connected With national deferw. In Class 3-A, men with dependent.-!, there are 2.- flSS rcRktrants. Eight men have completed their term of service and have been placed In Class 4-A. ere are 25 registrants In Claw l-C. nondeclared aliens. Nine men are in Cla» 4-D, which is composed of mlra>ters or divinity students. On« man in Claw; 4-ELS, which la the symbol for conscientious ob- ctors. There are 127 men in Class kP, registrants who are physically, •dentally or morally unfit for mill tajy service. Qrrin Book and Wife 'ravel 2,000 Miles In Eastern States Mr. »nd Mrs. Orrln Book have returned "from a 2.000 mile trip in the and .ea*t, traveling through _Ht »tates. By way of Canada Uwjr went to Niagara Falls viewing K from »he two sides. They no tttad that the lights in Niagara Falls etty, Canada, were constantly flick- [jrlnff and later learned that it was tuaed by the vibration of the falls, especially enjoyed the falls ta the evening. Trie Books traveled through New York and Pennsylvania visiting frtencU and relatives in Lancaster Ephrata. Pa. In Harrisburg, Pa., took Ihe Pennsylvania turnpike | an to Ohio where they visited relative* in West Liberty. The turnpike took them through tunnels Into tht mountains. The mountains were ! beautiful in their autumn With the exception of one • in in*mountains when It rained, local travelers had excellent kther lor the trip. Gots to Forf Sill, Oklo. , CUrenc« Rentman of this city. left with the local .group of MK 10 days ago, has been as| aifned to Fort Sill. Ofcla. Relative* Mid friends have received word from at that place. Uncle Dies in West Mrs. Oeorg* Gaumer has received toord of the death of a bachelor Utoele ai Ironside, Oregon. No details of his death were received. S. 'r, of (tip Rites Tuesday (or Spurgeon Thorpe At Edgewood Farm f s V <j-i'r.r,e. on prr plvma !«M: r-f six rlft, t -« /> . < : on r f - hrld Tn^.^fisy nft^r Knthryn Ruff. Rpnprnl «hr Y. W. C. A . 5 poke rv and drrw rrhpn sp- job. a.'-kpd thf studrnt^; to Funeral for fiil nnd ? o drcid' 1 what qualities they x«.o',ild pT^'.fr m ftpplirsnt,*;. Clfanli- .".i'.'sbiii'y o! drp.^- 1 . poFturp. m'rr**'. ro»irtr.«:y. honesty d B.«; nrcrff-nry Msnnfr in wftlkinn nnd isifcihe. Oi* 1 qunlity of voirc. knowme «h'n to ll.tton and when to talk ttf-.'f li«.t«1 «.«; importflnt point. 1 ;. TlM" f-'-rtifniF. who RTP piirollMl in thp.^p ri«.v.v.< srr hioping to hnvp rrn- in thf local stores H.K extra.s t.he holiday season. Petty Thief Gets Cosh Before Boy Comes with Paper -Boy* who deliver Sunday papers early Sunday mornings suggest that it niieht be a good plan for people who leave money outside the night before to avoid getting up early enough to meet the carrier, to find new hldlnjc places for th«lr dimes. 'One boy has discovered a number of instances where money hag been put outside the night before and has disappeared. Other boys report similar Instances, which gives ri« to the belief that someone is watching where this money is placed and is getting it before the carrier gets around. Librarian Reports On HI. Convention At Springfield Mrs. Carolyn Brucker, librarian, reported on the Springfield convention at the regular meeting of the library board Tuesday evening. Mrs. Brucker reported that the attendance was unusually large and a program of unusual worth was given. While at the convention, she purchased a large assortment of books for the local library, which are on display this week. During. the past month the circulation of the Sterling library has taken a steady increase; as a result, it now tops last month by nearly 7.000 and has gonej>Vft last year's- figures for the first 10 months by several hundred. F. Bii«- t-ownsh!p. dav afternoon at hi.«; linme. Kripe- wrxxl. V.T. h -. h* 1 nev. Theodore A. T/^piK^tt p^'or of thr Polo M^th- odisl rlv.jrrh. ofT.c ;n!me. Hr- trxt wfts Re\r;atmn 14.13: "And I nenrd a voire ': n m l".ra - .en J-fUine unto mr. Wrftr. B>.w<? arr the rirnd -.vhirh die in the I/vrt from hTiceforth; Yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from ;h r ;r ia!>ors: and their words do Jo;:o-.v Uiern " Mrs. William Maxfirld and Mrv O H. Wolher sane two IiMiir. 1 :, 'Bea:i;;''il Oairien of Prn\er" and 'Abide With Me." i-sket beaiers'wre John Clrarhlir.?. Bert HcKicr-. Elbert Barthr!. Martin Coffey, FYar.k Htitrhiiv.--on njid Robert Ea^tabrooks. Mrs. Earl Hanna. Mrs. G B Teet.s. Mrs. Burget Runnels and Mrs W. I>. Puterbauch were in rharee of the beautiful floral tributes. Burial wns in the West Elkhom cemetery. Friends and relatives attending the funeral from a distance were: Mr. and Mrs C. W. CoUinRham, Sioux City. Iowa; Dr. Clark Buswe.ll. Chicago; Mrs. Wm. R. Johnson. Cleveland. Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Antrim and Mr. and Mrs. Max Antrim. Freeport: Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Bennett, SterliiiE: Mr. and Mrs. Charles MacCauley and Mr. and Mrs. L. MarCauley. Dakota, 111. Skrtch of Life Charles Spurgeon Thorpe riled at his home. Edgewood Farm, Saturday, November 1. 1941. Mr. Thorpe, a &on of Cnas. Lucius Thorpe, who was a pioneer In this locality, was born Dec. 16, 1857. and had always lived in this vicinity. In his younger days he mana«ed and operated the Thorpe grist mill for his father and later became owner. His business was that of farmer, miller, and saw mill operator. Later when wheat became scarce he discontinued the grist mill but continued the saw mill and farming, both of which h> operating »t the time of hi* de»t.h. Hff wfts rnarrifyi to well of Elkhom Grove Nov. 23, 1IWO. He leaves n •S'Kio'w and Mrs Mildred Cottingham of Sioux City. Iowa, Rnd a son Charles Thorpe of Baytown. TexM. Rnd five grsml- fhi^drpR, find s rxftrr. Mrr F?r>ri?rn of Pho*nsx. Ari^.. to mourn hi.', death. this neighborhood he ««-*• many ike place In sll th* 1 .'-'' h«> hi." influence with clear thniJc- which helped u> mould thi? of development. He «a.s always eaeer for honest government, educational art'. ar.'Ages for all and 'an independent, self sustaining. democratic form of life. , n WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Tht U*«r •fcoaU pour I pinto of fcfl» Jalea Into your bowel* every day. If Oil* bit* to not towing trttlf, your food Buy not 4i- •••t. It Buy jwt Arcmy In th« bowil*. Th«a •«• UoaU up your •tonnch. You r«t con- •tipatwL You ttvi wrar. sunk Bad th« wort* look* punk. It UkM tboM tood, old C*rt*r>« Llttl* Liver PiUa ta c«t UMM 2 plnU of bite flow- In* frMly ta m»li« roa fed "up end op." Kl«etl*« la Mkinc »«• flow frwly. Aak for Carter's Littte Llrcr Pilb. 10* uid VU. I tenth Tuttelal H( ome -WBEBK wnnm IEBVICES COST NO MOKE* Your desire need not be expensive to be dignified. You cam safely turn to us for a beautiful, understanding service at moderate cost. AIIIUUUIOE AT ANY DOUR IM W. Fi •t 01'Man wintOT cant bluff Mr. Wise | I HIM Wt SUSM CMS MT 2UO MVS M( SOON AUWM6 v wmHMMM»n«t«Mw]a »v 1% (ll *«jre W* MS.ftl CUM WM M. WW4I to ant auoto YOU NIVEM'F IV nu»M* WttlS COT THE STUFF ! MS n suanw-w cuts wua HUFF. 17 WITH Morto nws MM inmcr KHiUKntMMNfTMMIM IM mau, UNH» »$ m msmsn (OKiMMttf»wrHM* MIHLWUI IS MCU» MM WMf, riwi fmt JUST MAICM tw$ out mlfouCI mym MM CM M» snow u* sunn. Lyle WicoTalks To Rural Hi-Y Club Tlie Rural Hi-T met Wednesday noon in the ag room at the Sterling Township high rshool. Leland Book presided and orders were taken for the official HI-Y pins. Lyle B. Wllcox gave a talk on life insurance. Gall Grange Meeting And Program Held at Hal! Tuesday Night Gait jrrnnRp had nn rxfrnd^ hus- !<•.'.«; .t^wjon at Its nrytini? Tuesday of 27 PntnTis of Husban- dr.'. Master Clar'-nc" Allen preside. Comrniiuicatioiis were read by th^ ffcr'-ts.ry from National Master Tabfr. anfi Clarenf 1 Klerkner. statf , cr -cretar\. and by the lecturer of th^ R'iral New Yorker and the Hich- way Educational board, as well a. 1 ; th* 1 Sunflower Dishcloths. Th" committer for th* 1 month of No\ember was named by Master Allen Mr. and Mrs. Grorce Schneider, rhaume-n. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kraft; and for the month of December Charles Grimes, jr. chairman. Donald Eik'rs and Mrs. Edwin j D^ttman. co-chairmen. I Mrs. Charlotte 1 Fink was appointed chairman of the supper which will be held next week Tlir commlt- tee which will assist her will be Mrs. 'Grace Shont7,. co-chairman; Mrs. Irene Alkn. Mrs. Cuthprin* Faulk- n«*r, Mr?. Msy Kraft and Mr*. M*r- jorlf It M«rfin. OfJicrr,* will bf ck>c!f-d s( the n^xt nT^'insr. Th»> program ^hi'h was isndf'r tb* direction of Mr.«. Richard Martin was: 'Roll -call, -qnws- tions and answers; sn r.v<vy o?i the rnw. re*d by Mr?. John Ks5^r> Mrs. Fflrl pavrr; "V Mrr,. Ram B. Mvlin; Creed." r^fld bv I J n i rr "Th* f+\rn point' of jubiir^ " rr?ri by I.J?^,rrr Refre5hmen'.«: wrre srr M.'hn. Enrl Raver Wesner. In hy Dairy Farmer Talks To Sterling Gyros on Life and Friendship T};f th r FrM from n a '. In. ;k T n dnin,' • CUro club an e^day nieht a! foundation and snd I>nw- No Trace of Stolen Bike Rr>b<>T» Eirhplbnrerr of Rn'itr nnf. Rock FniL<-. rrpori.^ thai IIP 1ms found no (fare of his rrd and white biryrip which was Molrn a wr^ Rt;o from in front of Sullivan s < iothine fctore. . - nr ••;?• six-.ikrr ca^n RP. n ':;'• --jbir-rt of fnr nd.''hip. • '•*;t'f.<t a j,:.m)>!r piiiloso- r >f i.If ai'id friendship. He 'i..v riif shrrr fundamrtital V-i »; r ',;>'.'•• av Fn>t. thr lark of < \ m ; >;r i , v. r-ri-nnd, the lark of un- flers-arifiir.? and thud, the lack of confident If a per-.on can work I'Mit tlir"- three thinRs he can really hr n friend and ha\e friends. Mr. Kftwmlller «*!d hf found sO! kind*; (A peopl? 1 M he formed an !m«izin«t!ve picture «« he followed hi< hinder. He likened various p«rts of !he hinder to rilfffr^nt clas^rt of people and worked out » very fine talK. The club \'0trd to dispense with the Nov. IB mefHnc in orrier that. club mc-rnbfrK rr.itrlir Rt;«-:i{! fii 1 * Rr!together of thr Sterling, Dixon, Clinton and Davenport rSuh*. at Davenport on thf above date Still Conrtipnfad? If fo"i jnu havrn t Iri Rraut^r Nft rr r»v * .Mr*n Kni Ionic m"1:< j . i If I ti:H. .l I>r ;r!v n uifr i* . a i>rr«* . . I iHrrr f. I»r F' . 'v '"•H br. fcur Kahrnry i AI.I'LN KRAt'ltR t Tr«lfTi-»t>'« F<trij H« • nff Othfr A«ltl"rrl»"< fat-mry Afn c for fWIt ONI-TIMIr ONI-MACI, tOW-COST MtVICI fOBAT At fOtJR S?AM»AB» OIL PIALIR'S Winter Defense TUNE-UP PIN! MOTOR OIUI in CMU, West* in bulk, 2Vc <gi* llaff. .ia not. JJc^i. • * * *. iii Ini^k Tftc WL* . iabuik, IJeqt* <4Mtr*MH * Mtif fill! ft >*»**«• AM Adu 1 Ciuwd. Stiadud $up«r Anti-liraeie, or IM IKOof Dcoatuitd AkoboL * Vlataf State lac-VIa: Oraia »umm« oil. KcpUce .with iret-ftowuif, •uy-tuniai winter Ito-Vis. * Sattary: Rcdutccdifocmunr. New AtU* lUttcf w» io wide price aa$t. * TrMNllaaiM lahilCWt: Drtia tod rcpUce with Wiona- •Gotk Sundud Gtu Lubrkuu. w Siffwa«* Drain »ummn oil sod «pUce with Win- Stat4ki UkfknMMe Vitk soadu^ Oil* •ad Givairi. * itlM Tkaa: IcfUcc *om treadi with rettonibly priced Adas Grip-, S*f« Tuet. * CMC* LliBU: N«w bulb, tupplkd if Mtdtd. * Tatt >t*|t: Ocin, ttfup, of icpUce if needed. * I Flat ••Mllaai nptcitUy tc&txd lot cxtn-iuic winter pafotnunce tt tbet I* Crown pump. Red Crown, ttgulu-pmed. Tf Gcowa pump. Soluc, pftmiom quility. I Oowa pump. Sonolinii, buftin-pnccd. Stt YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALER TODAY! 1.3rd ST. of 5tfc AVI, NOOf | f Gr««fin(, A Pre-CoM Weather SALE BRAND NEW 1941 Fall roaIs Oitstiriint Valves 11.76 Cxtt Mm 18.98 2J.7J Colt Jew 2MB 364H Caitt M>w JLiixurious!y._Iur-trimmed coats witha lovely choice selection of fur trims; smart, tailored Sport and "Dressy" Coats, as well as conservative models. Beautiful fabrics. Perfect tailoring. Choose yours today, at substantial savings. Every one of these Coats are this season's selections, representing outstanding values. Cotton Dresses These dreoe* are decidedly of the BE7TTEK Cottons, exquisitely styled; mart details, and are ideal for home, office or school. Spun Rayons, Seersuckers, and other materials. Utt MESSES . . . NOW $249 • • • Hot Specials ONI GROUP OF HATS— TO MOVE QUICKLY $1.00 .ONLY S—BCTTCB »ATS— CHOICE STYLES «)-«• ABHIBATION HOSIERY 3-thread quality, 1115 value ONLY BUY FOB CHRISTMAS! NYLON HOSE Siiett: »',», 10 and 1(H» only. $iJ6 «| 71 value ONLY ^l«fw Md ParttM P»w*er, AttracUvely BUY FOB CHB1STMAS •SMTMV PEMUNS SPECIAL! Regular $2.00 $1.10 value NOW- X KAY8ER rLANNELETTE PAJAMAS Regular value* , ...... NOW ONE ODD GROUP OF WOOL SKIRTS Regular values ......NOW WEB Apparel Shop Rial Savings Despitt Rising Pricts! Because we contracted for these pieces months ago, we're able to present truly wonderful bargains in'high grade furniture— we'll arrange easy terms to suit you, without red tape! 1 NO FEDERAL TAX ON rUHNlTURE AND RUGS McOLAUOHLIN, M«r. GIGANTIC SCOOP. Real Buy! SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE RDERE FELT Good Scltction—N«w Patterns Occisioiil Chair • Spring Fillod Scot 9 Carved and Shoptd Arms . • Rayon Vtlour Cover FLOOR LAMPS SPECIAL $5.98 (25c Down— 25e Week) Pint Come— Firtt Serve*— Limited Quantity! GUARANTEED MAHRESS $12-88 COTTON MATTRESSES $8-88 Curtain Specials! COTTAGE SITS—AH Stylts, oil C4 AA colon, $1.19 to $1.49 volu.i ~ r ,. T I '"^ PANEL CURTAINS—loc« pan«ls f rayon lot* p«i»«lt, wo»hobU rayon C4 SRaN morquiMtf ••. . ....... I to w" pr. PRISCILLA CURTAINS—pin JoU, large Huffy dots, Htorquitottot, dotifni of oil kinds, w|iit« or and Ha*e>a«u—Uiia4 a* $1.49, $14.95 V ~ VH^V^WH^BBV^V rj^lv • VH^B^ *J^ B ^r*^W Choice of Wine, Blue or Green Studio Stylt . $4.95 Dmno Sfrylt. $5.95 PAY AS LITTLE AS $1 A WEEK SOFA-BEDS Makes as CMMfgcwy Ittnmm e«t of »he living raom yet k a k*a«tif«l 4avena«rt except wkco DM4ed aa a k«4. CowateU with uaart araw mmt •oc-atee* nahatoteral hack. Opeu I* a fdl *ia* k«4L Chatec •» cater* 34 WE ARE NOW CARRYING A FULL LINE OF WINDOW SHADES—ALL SIZES COLORS! 59 (SECONDS) Other* AB Lmr As lie tt-faa. Circular Mlrran I1.1S Mrtwea and Plague*.. l«o vp LiawtewB DMT Blata, > for S5c Ct«the. Hawperv. all calara |l.M «p Hawwclu, all coton .. |1.U •» Tahk LaMpt II.4* Catta* FUk4l Caaifwien SSJS Red Law** ll.M Sola MU*w» ft.49 OSOKTALM OSFFEETUUS $4-49 •yy now for Ckrist- mos, As »ric«s Will •t Muck Mi«htr SKCMAN Fumiture Co. Wt GJvt S fr H Croon Stomps

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