The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 16, 1923 · Page 18
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 18

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1923
Page 18
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?AGJI FOUR. T H E HUTCHINSON NEWS. MONDAY, JULY 16, 1923 liili: I Svru; FloU hci-'s Cadoria. is a pleasant, harmless Su'.sli- (:-i,.r Oil, 1 'jii -i-fjiirii.-, Teething Drops and Soothing pi-i'li;in:<.l for Infants in nrins and Children all ages. BOBBY JONES IS OPEN CHAMPION Atlanta Amateur Wins From Pro in 18-Hole Play-off on inwood Course. • it failed Cruikshank on tho seventh and ninth holm, on each of which Jones picked up a otroke to make tho turn all square, -bolli in par 37'a. The Cmlltshank showed further signs of cracking. He had lout two morn strokes bo Jones by the time l.hoy finished Iho twelfth. But ho rallied again on the ltth ami, while Jones was finding tronhlo around the greens and once more thin nip und tuck battle was squared. Jones took the load again on tho 16th, whore his opponont was trapped. Jones Fourth Amateur to Win. It was the eighth time a piny off lias been needed to nottlo the open niy The A^siH-laled Tress) New York, .(ulv J6.—The purple miiiiUo of American open golf restsi S>™ «hamplon»lUp. The liut-W in 1919 when Walter Hagen defeated today upon the youthful- but stocky MANY CHARITY / CASES HANDLED St. Elizabeth's Hospital Will Endeavor to Replenish its Fund by Socials. In fund tt,i', in .lim­ ns nlvvay.. look for the signature of OGa^Af reel ic^. I'liy: iti;n:^ everywhere, recommend it. stubborn inilammations usually respond io LOOKING BACKWARD THkcn From tho riles of Tho N'cwi. AMti-'iu.'!; ! ril.mlv iitlrj .i ikm »ftn\\> •>. inf ?t has si,. ii jp iiit nini'lrfi .ts Muhlmrit tf.ii •', t- in') ' .lisitniMii in pn- Ici fur the lUMlrnent ol .mil ihf mmTid i -.f U« Uh -t sffin^ IjcWin^' rii .tifjiT lilv iin.l widely rccim- . iln'.---'iri^ fur the rnuPt •: iii.rcs. wnunds etc. It is ffiii 'l. «i 'ofh:»tij 'tin! do"* no! umarf ol llinif writ n :i|i |ili"'J. Mmty r ;iliMn><i iist-rc THifj tVlfll it lift* k<-A. i\ ..(itirVlv Ami rn»iW. Ar.iT*-?> hflve rriu«f ii h> yip-iii to <\\\ tr r •fr'.'itniciiis. STOP ITCHING ECZEMA Pi 'iK -ti-atin::. Antiseptic Zciin: Will Help Yrul. Nov trleit : Itcliin •/-eio 3bc In i'. b Phwl. trai lt:i sh l-'oi vigor the When abi kimls. or ii.'.i.ii ise.v often yon have mil isi'.'-.i. yon can :>inp burning, Ke. ,";M tjiii.-l; ly by applying lii'i.i: h..,i !o :i!iv fur ftln l.«r- i...Ul.>, tl.'in. 11 -al-..•Iii - lit- nioeo'iit /onio I:; up- In » short lipic B .'Hally I'V'-ry nf \-l i Tv[ re:-, l'iinijU'ji. 111;.. 1:!.ami i.iniihir skin dls- nil! hi- i-.>!:i(.v.''l. cU'i .iiU',; lit*' :4.1n and ivip.kir.i; it tiivl>- b'-ibiiy, nlway; use /.'."im, pi not i-a! no-.. anti ^i -ptlr liquid. fill'');; taii il i.- the <ui<>. di'JM'ail- tri'.i!!»:. lit 1'nr :*kln tn>uli''rs ot all FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1833. A bit; crop or sucar canr wa;> bein" (irovvii tor the sn^ar fautnry. J'rof. Ward and his music pupil" f-:avr a concert at tlie oi.cra house. It v..-,,- the Keneral belie! Ilml mor< room tor the schools ivuuld liave ti: bo provide.!. Tie- eni-ollmenl f<ir tlie iiumiuer nor mal ku lor,. A. Miner, of SterllliK, was in town on luis I ii ..':•.;>. W. Hardy ami W. T. Alkiu:.<..n left on a iuisincss trip to IUiuoi;.'. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1903. 'ill.' ri.ers In northern Kansas were very bjgb v.ttti flood wsieis. Mniest Myers went to i'artridij;-:'. Ib'n l,e.- made a Irip to l.a t'ru.'.se. Ki 'i 'd Carpenter was road master of' the lluie.iinson & Southern road. ('barley llacon, oT lClllnwooil, was vi.-tthii; in Hutclunsriit. Tin- ibernioineter stood at 10:1 in tho sliade at il p. m. TEN YEARS AGO IN 1913. II was 101 In tin- shade nl the SU1- linr'-v drill; More. H It. itoiier made a business trip to Liberal. Mi-s Tressle Vnughan was visiting friends in Kllinwood. I'eur cattle barns were burned tit tbe State I-'ab- grounds. | .111': and .Mrs. 'J'. Itoy Campbell ! lorlaiiied tlieir hrldso club tit the i Country i bib. J 11. K. Mcl .eiKl, nf Mllis, Kas.. bought ; mi iJii .'i'est in ihe Jteiio State Jjauk. Hhoulders of Hobby Jones, brilliant Atlanta stylist. YeM.onlay he sonled tho belK 'hlR he has been tbreatvnlnx to eltuib for several years, !»' van- rtulsjilnt,* Hobby C'ruikshank, dlmunl- tivo Kcoteh proressional, by two strokes, In tbu play-off ot tlio 27th national ebaniplonship ut the Inwood ilolf. eluh on Lorn; Island. But .lout's did not rapture the moat coveted ot.. all American links prizes without -a struKKle. After aeeiuK CruiltBhank • tie his 72-hole seore of J5I1 on Haturnay, thus necessitating a [dajMiff, the C.eorgia wizard wan Torcod lo call on all Ills shot-making rcroatuosii io down the sturdy Scotchman, lie >s( tired a 70, four over par, for the lS-holu deciding test, against Oruiksha/ik's 7S. ' 18th Hole Crucial One. The ISIb lb.!,, at Inwood, a 4215-yard par four aTtalr that has many dangers, in dost.hie.1 to make an important nle.he In open golf history. It was on this hole that Hobby almost certain victory Saturday with a and where Cruikshank, fighling Mike Brady. order to augment 11,0 charity of St, Elizabeth's 'hospital a series of lawn socials will bo hold out on tho lawn at tho hospital during tho Martin Thanks Tanlac tor Gain of 15 Pounds the title. It was held . by Frank Oulniet In 1913, Jerry Travels In 191U and Chick Evans In 1916. Two college golf stars both Just of voting tute, now hold the two premier titles of American golf. Jones is a Harvard law school student, and Jess Swectser, who defeated Jonoa on his | way t» national amateur victory last : fall, hail just completed his studios at Yalo. Jones Is The fourth amateur to win 1 hot summer nights whero frlomvs of the hospital may drive and enjoy lee cream and enko out lu the cool open air. The first Is to DC'RIVPU Wednesday night. The charity work of tho hospital has grown to a large proportion. Dur-' lug the past fiscal year ending Juno' .inih, tho report of the hospital board i shows that n thousand charity cases wore oared for, thesu do not include the clinical oa-ses which received treatment and wont away without Oc- rnpyiiiK a hospital bod, althongh. services and supplies were j;tvon by the hospital forces. Five bRbies were cared for by the .Sisters until suitable homes could ho found for them. St. Elizabeth's hospital was opened on April 15th, 1920, through tho generosity of the peoplo of Hutchinson, who took a itront Interest in the completion, equipment and furnishing of the buiblinj:. A Keunrul (irritation Is extended to tho people of Hutchluson to eat cream Wednesday night and help this fund. "Tnnlac stralghtoasd mo out In a Jew weeks Unto and built mo up fifteen pounda besldeg," says Joe Martin, 606_Walmit St., Kansas City, Mo:, who works at tho Baltimore Hotel. "Bcforo I got Tanlac, I was carting around all kinds ot troubles' and WBB protty downcast ovor my condition. My appotlto wont wrong, indigestion attacked mo, and 1 •would sittfer for hours afte» eating and bloating and cramps In my stomach, nilllousuess and nervousness Increased 1 my worries, I had pains all through my, body, awful headaches, and lost ranch sleep. In fact, I Just folt about used up. "Woll, It astonishes mo how quickly Tanlac swept away my troubles. Tho treatment has put mo in tho best ot condition and I feel 1flne In every way. I am Just tickled to death over what Tanlac has-dono for mo, and feel llko it deserves a gold niodal In my case." Tanlao Is for sale by nl! good druggists. Accept no substitute Ovor 37- million bottles Bold. . Tanlac Vegetable Pills aro Nature's own remedy for (ionstlpaUon. J'Or sale everywhere. CLERKS TO SORT MAIL IN SPEEDING AIRPLANE Strike Goes On. l-"s Ali :.':e ]..s--T!ie sdri !;o 0 f the marine transport workers' branch of the 1. YV. V.'., oritrinaily planned for only !iv" days, in protest of the conviction of 117 1. \V. W'.'s on charges ol' criminal syndicalism, was announced lo be continued Indefinitely by the loiiKidioreiiHii in the harbor. against heavy odds, recovered, to hole a brilliant birdie three and tie the Atlantan. And then yesterday it was tho settir.a for one of tho most dramatic finishes Cue event litis- ever known. t.'riiikshnnk. singing an uphill battle 'in the second nine holes, had tied tho score on the 17th with a good recovery troni a -trap and a Ion.:; putt. Hut the strain seemed lo bo telling uii the Scot, for lie lopped his tee shot lo the IKth. the bail traveling ISO yards and landing Jn the rough short of the fairway. .Tones was well tip but In the rough to tbe right. Fighting gamely. -Cruikshank put his iron shot out into the fairway, but when Jones drove his second shot almost dead to the pin, a brilliant 2(10 yard Iron shot, Crulkshank'a wa-s a forlorn hope. He t.fudied his next try, hut It was off line and he was trapped to the led of the green. "When his fourth went over the cup and his fifth failed to go' in, he graypod the hand of his opponent. It was but a formality for Jones to hole lu two putts for his par four and victory. Pro Star-ted as Pace Setter. For six boles of the first -nine, the pair played phenomenal golf. Cruikshank setting the pace with three birdies and gaining a lead of two strokes. Jones' par golf was not good enough to match that dizzy pace, lint where his magic putting wand had aided him in bis low scoring streak, Iiondon—A "flying mall train" Is the latest type ot airplane to he developed in England, In tho plane's mail-chamber, says Jones threw away j the Dally Chronicle's aeronautical ex pert, sorters will bo ahlo to carey on their work Just as they might in n railway mail-train. It will have a radius ot 2.000 miles and will be able to stay In the air 21 hours without alighting. The crew in charge will bo provided wll-h regular sleoping quarters on board. They will, in fact, work In shifts, while .In the .air, some of them sleeping while others aro on duty In the control-chamber. If necessary, when flying at night or Immersed Infog or cloud, tho crew will be able to bring into play mechanisms which will endow the craft with the power of automatic self- balance. Tho machine will virtually fly itself, and all the helmsman will have to do will bo to keep It on a compass course by means ot the rudder. -The Safety Razor avmg »3oap nilm-Jf. t>.-.-ri*S«--" No blue Mmidny It you use IIK1) CUOSS BAIL ULUE. ALL GPOCERO. RAILSOAD TIME TABLES. SANTA FE. Wtstboi.nd No. >-The f.coat a-on it. i.iinio-,1 ... [.-.'•,',.,. K*|-...-» .... 7-1'uV^'' l^XCr":',. .. t-.-Thu N „v .,J" ]|-..C,.In. l'.oe Ml.II .. Ili . I.i" ,.l l'i.:'- 1 M «i, «.». B l'*x.«-liK >-l II. A t). i'..^. l.w.„ ElaMbound Trains. An-K'i' ASPIRIN Wants New Rate. Lawrence—The local gas distributing company has applied for a new rate as a wmntor move against the requirement that It Increase the rate It pays to the producing company. The distributing company's proposal is that It pay the Kansas Natural Gas company 40 cents a thousand, as approved by the state public utilities commission and charge the consumer Hf> cents a hundred cubit feet tor the first 100 feet, and 75 cents a thousand for all additional. City officials press the opinion that such a rate would mean an aggregate increaso over the present Sf> centa a thousand rate. FINDS SAVING IN COST OF MAKING ELECTRICITY Washington, July 1C—The United Stales Is becoming un increasingly heavier user of electricity, but ire- spite the mounting power totals, tho consumption of fuel to produce it is decreasing In proportion, (leological survey figures show that the consumption of coal for that purpose lu 1922 was only 2.5 pounds a kilowatt hour, as compared with S.2 pounds in 1919 A total of kilowatt hours was generated last year. Of this amount Sfi.l percent was gener ated by water power. N'ew York leads the list of states in production, manufacturing 15.57 percent of tho total for the country. Other states In order are Pennsylvania, California, Illinois. Ohio. Michigan, Massachusetts and West Virginia. </ V Drink Budweisei Drink A Horse Runaway. Leavenworth — Excitement, well nigh extinct in this day of gasoline motive, power, was created here when a team of horses belonging to Frank Stewart, a farmer, became frightened at a passing cement nilxer, broke away from a hitch rack and raced ten blocks through the business section, scattering pedestrians and motorists In all directions. The only casualties were one small motor car and the buggy drawn by tho horses. Both were wrecked when they collided. IS THIS THE LAST YEAR FOR TEREE BOSSES? Say "Bayer" and Insist! , I 'lll :. j.m ot'J Mil J i :."0 am Dpportn . ..a', pin Z:'Ji> pnl f. Jin. * .-0 Jan 4:.:ii ,un ...o urn : 4: i.o jim y; 11.' am ; ti OJU .un i S: ui. u m i you see the nam., "flayer" on package or oil tablets you are not getting the genuine Haver product pie.'crjliod by physician..,- over tH'cacy- two years and proved safe by millions .\ii. r—Tho N (--.'uiir. C- -fid, Uf' 8 - Ha a I a 10- Tli» S l; -K. <.'. iiyaj,, Train*. Ai i o'na . ^ :lo pin -I., s -l'a »--I ..1 0 —11. 'Ill l'i &. s. rnipurld 1'. v., |,m It I'I , .mi tl:lu air, em 1! i.'ifl inn .in. 11 :f. am am )i.-Ilium IL'..,.. i ... l.oz |.m 111:111 em iu:'-ii pin 'I : lu pm ox. Sua. Z.-M pm Colds Toothache Mara. he Neuralgia Accept "Haynr Lumbago Headache Kheuinatism rain, i'aln Tablets of Aspirin" . 11 ::i .11" . i: only. l-:,i:-h unbroken package, contains proper directions. Handy boxes of twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug, gists also sell bottles of 21 mid 100 Aspirin :s tbu trade mark Manufacture of it\s thbrou^hly dged^jtpt green or unfinished Anht^user^uscVi. St .Louis, USED CARS 1920 Ford One-Ton Truck 19Z0 Dodge Touring 1919 Dodge Touring: 1919 Buick Touring 1920 Ford Coupe 1921 Ford Coupe 1023 Dodge Coupe •1920 Dodge Panel Delivery 1920 Dodge Roadster Arnold Auto Co. 25 First East Phone 2707 1 ROCK ISLAND. No. Al f IVP I.eava <- Goliti- n sinli- 1,1m. 1 1:0'l a m 11 am am 112- ).o.':,1 M:5& am The HC.o ilia n . ll':St pin 10:55 pra to- Local i-T.-luhl ... vveslboi nd. 111:15 l/in No. AlTlVR Lonvo I'­ The "alir .M iil.i.o . . c ; 16 am C:15 am l­ Ic.'.l. n MU '.'j lam . :MO pm ii:lu pin ll l- Li., nl I'as. . C:-0 pm il-.10 pm »1- -1 ...L-I1' ITelKhl ... 1 .m pia of Salli.-jllcacld. of Bayer Muuoacjiicaeidostur Uc FoliL W T lll this big league season mark the departure of three familiar tacen from the managerial ranks in the American league? Listens thut way. Conditions in the Uetruit Tiger camp would make It seem improbable that Ty Cob can be retained as manager frank Chancy another year and the team survive. Frank Chance, veteran manager back but a few months after a long absence from the game, signed for only one season with Urn Red Sox and It Is rumored now that he will not sign a new contract. Jack Barry, world's series veteran, is to succeed him, says Dame Rumor. And Lea Fob.!, who failed, by a nose to lead the Browns to ft pennant last season, will give wuy to Ceorge Blsler, super player, by next season In St.' Louis, it la said. BIG BARN DESTROYED ON FARM NEAR MEDORA Fire believed-to huvo origin'.)ted In a potaloe patch mulched with straw destroyed a largo barn at the (J. T. Kroekor farm, a mile oast of Medora last week. In addition to the largo barn tho flames spread to a nearby gralnery ami ahed, destroying thorn. G.'T. Schlorllng who lives on ttm farm was helping a neighbor thresh. Tboy rushed home but could not save tho barn. They did save a larRn, amount of wheat in shocks by plowing. Mr. Krooker who la here from California happened to bo at the farm and with the aid of Mrs. Selilerllng saved tho Schlorllng car and a Ford- soti tractor, spent Saturday evening and Sunday with Mrs. Oertnule Flnrrock, Mr. and Mrs. J'aul Stltolo wero In I 'ulehinson Wednesday. Mrs. Bffle Olson spent Thursday In Ilutchlnson. Harold Kagerice i.i holiplng Joss Kagerleo this week. Saturday evening dance Stevens ponds 10-t.t Aro you Insured? tho Klnkel agency. not better seo iv <?- 'V '•* * ZION. * ii) * ^. <s> <$> i?> & Everybody la through harvesting, and ready to thresh. Swan Magnuson started to thrash this week. Mrs. Bertha Jiaxroad of Fowler The simplest way to end a corn is Blue-jay. Stops the pain instantly. Then the corn loosens and comes out. Made in clear liquid and in thin plasters. The action is - the same. At your druggist Bluejay l Petey Dink It Helps a Lot By C. A. Voight <f:3 113- <12414 MliiOUM PACIFIC. Weslliound. ran ii'llili-l- - I'.'o ,,---tit.*i'i- Local 1-T-i-urlit -l'iuwi unci- liaiabound. .'MOIKPI- . M -nioT tTep.o 1R . a: i ; a in . .;;I pm . l-i!. pm . 11 :i.U pill 11. I'll! 1 .1 . to 11 ,-iin .ID a am . -t :oii pin . lOa .iJ .oil !M1 Z r.i: RGAN. l.i.i,il 1 .nulled l„,.al ... ) ...lil-'l 1..I..I ... ).'.,c.H..-,l J,...i.i ... i.lmllvrt ... 1... -il .. .. P..]..:l 1 OT. pm :•"! Mi . i.: 1 i pill . s.^.' pm .11.40 pel lilll' .-Ill l.lmlu-il 1 .1 oil . . 1 .'mlteii Local... I .imiu-il Local .. !„i.o,,l .. I.llCltl Arrlv* . 2:00 put - 3:2i pill . . 4:12 pint . i^ :35 ptu : 1^ | IIQ 8:15 put . .10:35 pm .. LtOum li.iil.v Tilling and aro : .'i.'i.i lei n Hal, i >]n»un anij .nl all 'lube. nciKi .!!iei:t con- Vua A.i,Ca ',o tui Nuivton. Xaa,

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