Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 10
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10 · · - ··^·^';*\:-V, ."·····'·:f^ DECATUR HERALD \ *OT^ -swr Invited to test new natural 4-fold Medicine lot STOMACH BOWELS LIVER GALL . . . Decatur Druggists Guarantee Relief in 6 Days... or Pay YOUR MONEY Back BRINGS AMAZING BENEFIT TO STUBBORN CASES BY REACHING ALL 4 VITAL POINTS A MAZING new facts reveal to many for the first time the true importance of the liver and gaU bladder. Millions suffer much from these organs and don't realize it. Much biliousness, constipation, gas, bloating, burning sour stomach, pain after eating, nervousness and weak rundown conditions are due to liver and gall as much as to stomach and bowpls. Failure to get relief fe often simply failure of medicine to reach all 4 vital points. Now 50,000 suffered are invited to test Free a new medicinal discovery that acts like an internal bath--clean out congestion, tones and stimulates the whole internal tract by regulating at its 4 vital points. Millions Suffer from Congestion at More than One Vital Spot In ease after CAM men and women who suffered years--who tried dozens of remedies for chronic constipation, delicate stomach, severe pain and distress After eating and other symptoms of stomach trouble--at last found grateful relief in Triner's Bitter Wine, Why? Why was this 4-fold prescription of a famous physician able to accomplish this result for thousand* of the** stubborn case* that seemed so hopeless? The answer is based on a new fact about the part that the liver and (alt bladder play, revealed now to many for the firat time. Stomach, liver, bowels and gall bladder are in direct connection. Doctors now find in searching examinations that mill ion* suffer front congestion at three or four of these points in the internal chain. New Plan to Condition Bowels Usually they say in chronic constipation we find the liver and 'gall bladder sluggish. This is often the true cause of chronic constipation. Millions take purging laxatives which never reachgthese vital points. On the other hand, Triner's Bitter Wine acts directly on all three pointSjaf once gently stimulate*, tones, works out accumulative poiions and tends to restore these three companion organ Mo smooth regular working. New Way to Treat Stomach Symptoms The dizziness, dull headache, bilious feeling and general lack of vigor and strength that we often find along with weak digestion are often proofs, says science*, that liver and auto-iutorication are to blame. Surprisingly few people suffer from stomach *\lone, Congestion in the upper bowel and liver place a severe tax on the stomach and are often the direct c*ause of distress, bloating, gas, pain, acid and other symptoms of stomach trouble. It is folly then, doctors say, to dose 'the stomach and allow this congestion to go on. How different you find Triner's Bitter Winet Here you get medicines that warm the stomach, condition it, stimulate the flow of gastric juice, and aid complete digestion in a natural way. Then you get medicines that clear the bowels. Congestion is removed so that food does not stand In the stomach, sour and form a burning hard I amp. s ·5 , si? HOW SAFE NATURAL MEDICINE REACHES ALL FOUR VITAL POINTS Know the reason why Triner't Bitter Wine ha* so often ended year* of wretcbtd suffering and why it has restored so many sick, run-down, nervous people to health and brimming vitality. i 2 3 4 Contain* California wine to tone stomach . . . Buckthorn to stimulate fastric juice* . , . Malt to aid digestion. Thus it is a triple-action stomach help. Podophylin which doctors urge, a* one of the greatest helps for sluggish, clogged liver. Podophylin also increases flow of bite from gall bladder which lubricates and purifttt intestines, prevents fermentation, acidity, gas, etc. Contains just enough Cascara sagrada to train bowels to regularity utterly wilt out purging. At Last a Complete Treatment Podophylin, as leading doctors alt agree, acts* directly on the Hver and indirectly on the fall bladder, promoting an activs secretion of bile which bathes, soothes and lubricates the whole intestinal tract; brings regularity, free natural action. When you know these facts, why take medicines that do not aid in restoring intestine* to natural condition? When you know or suspect that half of yaur.stomach trouble is due to poisons accumulated elsewhere, why be satisfied with a mere stumach sedative? Why expect permanent relief from a temporary remedy? Taken regularly, Triner's Bitter Wine acts like an internal bath. Cleans, tones, regulate* ·nd clears congestion--from the stomach down through the whole internal tract. Note elsewhere on this page the scientific combination of medicines used to produce these remits. Buckthorn, Matt, California Wine for the stomach and genera) tonic benefits. Podophylin to regulate Hver and gall bladder. .Cascara sagrada to train bowels to regularity. Iron of six vegetable juices to enrich and redden blood and build that youthful, brimming vitality that gives you all-day energy, Help is Offered--Why Not Accept? Don't be a slave to gas, bloating stomach, agony and stubborn constipation for one more day without giving Triner's Bitter Wine a fair trial. If you are rundown, underweight, nervous--if you suffer from indigestion, liver trouble, biliousness or distress after eating, by all means make this amazing test. See how quickly Triner's Bitter Wine can bring grateful relief and build you up. Please note the speciaf offer which we urge all sufferers to accept, TRINER'S At the same time six vegetable juices enrich and redden blood, give you needed iroa and build brimming vitality. 10 Years a Stomach Sufferer Now Eats Full Meals Mr*. Au* 3, 1 hMW t« HI vritot nil wlu iiiKir/ f. A). Chicago Doctor Relieves His Own Indigestion O. W. Jwata, M, D w F. R. 5. U »t A* WI4a«*» CUfSf* Sck**l, wr'rt.t, hUrdb 27, l«»i I am b*M UllMrad Utolr wtifc h^ifMtba flat ssm llU M^»«l «f which «a* §«·· !··· sad Itch «f s*|Mtit«, ta«»t cMtJItbnt !»*· beta ·· BW*I btUatlr r»IUv«J «M| »S*B KatiKlai s tsfi ·i iwMatawosd by UM ····r«ct«r*r* Mtlrtlr PLEASE ACCEPT FREE PROOF 10-Day Test Costs Nothing if it Fails Goto your druggist. Get a bottle of TrtnerV Bitter Wine. Two siits, SOc and $1.2$. Talte at directed for MR -,l he* if you at * not delighted with the improvement--if your stomach is not sweeter--if your bowels art not train**--» SUsA- feel better m every way^-return what's left to your druggiit--and he w!B refund every penny that you pstt Start thu amaiing test today--absolutely at our risk! Know for yourself how much better you feel when dogging at Ikw four danger pomts.u removed. . * \ Joseph Triner Co., 1333 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, III. £"WSPA.PER S Y S T E M I C T 0 N I C A W A R D E D G 0 L D M E D A L AT tALO itStiEv i it SM to «t tchooi nornlnit- tlifH Mhoot ** It poMlbls for D Tk wltb v*ry ftiirrt* .- -·· ttn 1»t«rvJ«we eat 4sy tb^ icho thU praJtct. »«! n« now w* ce Th* of ia p««slur, "Ti protect WM «t*rt jton by th* Tub twt NUWM IUtM. thl* w»* k go*l 1 clrty. Ai R cant mmt r»th«r t h a n v»l* which »lr school for project t "It !· , . , en Ih* b» n#*it to th* c dottnlt«ly demon , To t** Thr «sUbllihli ·onvH tm«* I" 1 ' tortum, w»i t« tut innu*l rsp( con County T«b by Dr. D. O. N. vtnlorlum formi im*d. but a loc ta tome to |tv« )oy their camp In K »*U*fit*, TM hMltb prof r»m opMi country. "L«tt*r* have ***· of the V. for n*i ·ummcr hctlth lto«h«), dlrcciot WtdnMdsy, "It th* 1MO s«al i« "Chlldrm w)l and coun win btneflt m win b« ilvtn * J«y th* idv*rt m f u*«np," Ulu M Eadi Commanotr Cl Msday ewnplet night from Em ibly «c hip Is to a «IM of di Th* tsmout htrt by hli fit *!V who ru*h«i him · h* eiiml Ptan*, floutherr to hi* tpproAc ford^mlth h»c ««ht«ir flight Which bi

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