The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 12, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1859
Page 3
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, «• ?-i- *t •navriM^yii^i-ap L«».tt«*»w4»B»J ^ , SJ A1/UU9* VAGI *"»»* BOOTS, SHOES MASON S T B'H,I Opposite the TV a lit CT ,. Boot & Shoe Stwe. HO. 48.JEAST WATEB JOHN •fr ^3*.S*? I?:.** s i* -T; brin Jewel jgisu., l,eca&B»£,3 110WAKI>JW^^CE COMPANY, tut |r U A L E at Cos- i a* Milwaukee, connect ai tUctaowith ! arrivtog at Davis at 3:30 r. tt. Stage ~ ? ,« v ttfjre*port,ott arrival of train. "&30 *> j^troin p»Tlf connect! at Baclne with afternoon lontteUke Store Saitroad Hortnand South. •^ freight forwarded with dispatch. I : KQBBgi; HABRJ8, Superintendent. ST mm jssr 4%jCntatelf. Uaali Relil>ack>8 PcncilB, tud* to order in the latest atylc and warranted* •stlacactton. - ,' •» ~ •' " ' *i of black and W .. . JOHN RIOE, t allo NO. ALUBOME'S ; » 3 -f* « fc »* OF aOOEI ,BIGK, BHDP, CABSIAGE AHD OBHAHKNTAL Pi»lnter», Glazier* * Paper^nmffer*, ' IMITATORS OF WOOD ANDMASBLE, 39 ONEJJJA Ctti.edStates W * j?, j Office, nnder Mitchell's Bank, comer of last Water and Michigan streets, BAIL BOAB. to,Steobennlle, New- towns of Ohio, Finn_.. „ . ... f ..Kew'Jersey, Ac.,... ine one-^and Unbroken[ H. Ki Ltnc •Those desiring to go by this Route will be osr- r-acd enquire for Ticket* via fort Wayne, thereby - It ig the anooyabca of recheck ea uu rs DXPOT ojiT . • si. 8:pO P>fflf^HBiis AOCOWioDATION, eic«p't - tf rS?*' *'~-Nlglil-t»prets, dafly, Saturdays excepted. •:00 A, ».— Morning Hall aad iipriai, dally ,-8andayi -_•' excepted. :,: .-.;.-, ,. ; -., -.. i. -.-•..,-•-• ..- ; WWUmt one chante ofeantbPUtibnrgh. - tuiiuuxa uaaira rasooaa F U R NITU RE ; 07FESED IN THI3 CITY, AT ' SACRIFICES, IFOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK: is HEAV*, AND MUST BE SOLD » . D rsJ 18 *** 22 ° Eas * ^ater Street, ;, WISCONSIN. _" • • B J.A.aelfen«eln, MosaKneeUnd, NO l^ V* +* «r ** *« »** « <•" *~ j—• •*• »w "• ^» -* ^ A ftW DOORS JUST OF TUVJtjL&KXl SOUS*. JT8 JONES & — General land a&& Insnranee Agents NOTARIES PKBMC, &C., ' OPFICC, comer of Seed and Oregon streeta,Heyroae's Block, Nth Wart. ~ ~ • f . Will attend to the buying and selling of Beal Est**e, Inrarmp Good j and Building* in responsible Oompa- otes, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Waking aat of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, AM^ -All Collections made on accounts placed in*nr*and •wlU be promptly paid over. A. c. jo««3..........jrSS.. SCUNCECKEL COMMISSION ,. Beat Eitate -and JToney Srokert,. NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN," Ornc»—No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Posi. Office. ' marfff D. OOHSON, • . ATTORNEY AT JU A W . II AS removed to {Office, No. 6, State Bank Bonding, . corner of East Water and Michigan street, Hltwaukee. «o L DOUB.. DOUAN & , - , Attorney and Counsellors t Law,' (tfflee-JSatpiee Bfoci, 221 East MILWABK.EE. CAPITALISTS — fiod M myofficea Begister, open to their In. . spection of Bonds and Jttortgageaknd other securities offered for s»le, Persons wishing to obtain loans or liavtog Bonds,' Mortgages or other secorltles for sale, may find it to their interest to file with me their applications or statements O. 80HLKY, • ylS Opposlta Walker House. '(K3OO OHANOK. '• IIOE7SE ANOlMTf OKiS***-* /i\HE anderajgnri .nr«nr-ES~Hons« and lot, now 1. occnpM : va Taven by aim, situated An Main n, Bactne; Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the E. A K. K. E Depot. The noose Is located on the best business place, and the House u well as tee situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch «f business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that Very locality. .Those who like to make * good bargain, we requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHNBABTH. JanCT-dom r. «. train*eoBBtctitPwli Horoa KaBvar, for Boflabt >k «afli ior*ti0n Tennont, Mew »al*'at lh« jwlnrtpal iallroad an4 at tt«*»n«ralofflciVcanier IS A HOU8EBB)IJ) XMffltFAJT|OJr; * " < Detroit^ Itlii. Railway Bteamer OleTelBod will take u In One «r the Detroit ArMihrsat , the Mth March. Passmfers can be supplied on and after I wishing through Monday nsxt, at SMJ^U Water ttKet,or4tth«oaee " i*^ «*-.« t •. «vv ?*mm» n«*cc BWCCH oc«l loo Q1BC0 ontne dock of tie Detroit * Milwaukee Eailwavjbii- €ash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. "DIBKCTOBB ARRANGEMENT. °lSSSSSSi.> ~-<£.i»££''\" i orttoBwncn* modern author* and their works,*r» toderi* rem.?^ IJ ' »an»io,nugara jraiu yia new, lotk Ceclral and New TMtl*'Kri?BaUrnad» to Hew tork andBosto" »«Hojugotog east will find .this roaie by.far the most desirable, bota from the advantage in point of distance variely and beauty or the country through jthlebUie roads pass, as well as the leu frequent changes of can Wd Ibaajuwjanoe of re-checking- baggage required by otheftfuutea.; - -""•': -,'. --::; v .' • . —• _- •• • laemtles for tie transporUUoii of freight and Lira Stock by this route are unsurpassed. Bates as low aa saw ether route, and with equal dispatch. - ' ftekirts for tale at aJtt be principal ticket offices In the Wert,»ndatCompany 1 *.Office, No.-SODearbornsteet, :pppOfiS#-Jremont;Hou»e, OUcago, «nd attheoaceel the Lake Snore BaUroad, Milwaukee, by A. O. Leland. • JNO. J. HOUSTON, H flienerilKteI«ntAgtat,Ktbibargh,Pa. • O.Vf.SOSS, i . General Western Agent, Chicago. Ohleago.aUrehc.lSto. mars DRi H. W. REDHEAD, VETEIUNART STJUfJEOiV, >OBMKRLt OP CLKV2LAHB 0., respectfully Inform* tt tlw citizens of Kilwiuhfo lli»C having located In this place h* Intends practicing his pro feSsioc. All diseases to th« Horse treated in a most set entllic style, and general sat faction warranted. In con nestlon w uj, j,i 3 practice ht will Prick and Dock Tails In the most approved sty!e-, anil (tfl ,M8iiat3i\\'// /1 Ifta *° S*in;tlie confidence of UK V BRSSP ' '& -' P ubl!c ' he tefera to tt e lonov- ' S^7 ^ l!) 8 gentlemen, who have employed Mr. Redhead many times professionally In the coarse often years. We feel Justified In saying Hint his practice is superior to>"lh9 generil run of Veterinary PrictioneCTs. ttilwaukecA Chicago R. JR 1859. John C. Brodhead. Wm. Jamison, Murray, Pryer ft Co., • . i crzvxuuiD. Judge Wili«n, Doct. H. &.. Ackiey, ; " Bishop, " M. L. Wright, ••• " Kelly, " M.L.Hewlt/ " And-cws, '• Kcsner. " .Vllien, • . ; Jao. Klriiantf, aaon. ; cxtcieo. James Kelly, Wm. Downas. N. A. Brown, C. Bmdford. James Foley. irviav my or CLTTXULXD. W.J.Oaln«,T Oeer A Harrington, White 4 Newel, O.H. Seymour? VBVBK23 Or.TBSH053B BBSSn2B f 3 SOCISTS. J.K. Curtis, Wm. Patts, BllasMerchant, ' .. :V?m. K. AdamsJ iy Office, Kirby's Livery Stable, Main street. aprlt-dAwtf DRY OF. Phwn f. Irenaoi Prime, D. a, Obsorer.} t Oletton- . o readable matter the "Dictionary •M 1 ' fa 5^ ea ^?y t ta P«P»«d.1o take Marine Elsks JL anflKreBlsla on Produce in Wore, In the North Western Insurance Oo^ of Oswego, New Tort, at M low rates ai by other nHanle CompaiJei. Xne retatatlon of this well-known, long established Company entlUa ilblTUlMtA ^Anflff«n(.B " *, ^ HORATIO DILL, Agent. " at office of B. 4 jr. *. Hill. • — ~ ta k*Mail and JSxprat Route. IflHS'anly reliable ind"-iu..Eocri TO TmktsT, Sonrs JL Md Norra-WssT, and the only'Llne making sure conneetlonj. Baggage checked through; to principal points. 1 On and after ~ ', -"; -.. : i. MONDAY, APRIL 25th; 1869, Treln»leav« Depot, eocner of JlorldaMd Barclay sts., itlilwaukee k^s RAIL ROAD. i tlo poblte conBdenCF novS Quaker €i(y loanrauce Co., . -•" OF l PHILADBLPHIA. ADTaOKIZED CAFITAI.,..^ ..»COO,000. , PAID DP CAPITAL AND ABSETT8,. 877,855. Office, ftomkHn Building, JTe. 408 Walnut itrttt, EXPEDITIOUS ROCJTEt TO , La Crosse, 10:3O A. M.—Exraxss fisstaarz— arriving at Chicago at 2:10 p.«. i 3516 F. IH«—Kzruaa tjosxx<m— arriving at Chicago at 6:15 F. iL, and making close • connections with Evening Trains East ., r andflputh West, and with theKadne ," and ilialsslppl Hillron!, at Baclne i Jonction, for fidolt and other stations . on that Line. * : .:.. •.-..freight Trala leaves at 8:80 A. it, arrives 5:00 M *.• Freight forwarded with despatch, and atlow rates. » " l - J — i -7e: Chicago .for Mnwankee and -. AiJi^ and 8:15 p. K., arriving •.«. and 12:15 i. M. »pr24 JHO. T. MOODT, Master Transportalibn. tau been appointed «jentfo*itiils ToT^tprlteJhavelntlie iwtirfany, *' *' Vessels lor ^aile. Scheoner Fashion, 224 tons. ; Schooner D. NeTPlian, 190 tons. . Bcow Schooner Rugby, IfiSlno*. Tbeatwve vessels willl)* sold at very low prices for saUsfactory security. Good title. TATOOB * JEWETT, Buffalo, Hey lurk. Enquire of B. B.76ns, Mil «akee, Wisconsin. feb£5 BtEW SVVKStlS OAKTKKS. Aunt Judy's Tales. •' faraMcBfromKatore. Motes In the Bnn Beam, fanny, the Flo*er Girl. - ^ Dncle Jack the lanlt Killer. ForsMeby ' Mjig ««««*?*«. NEW KOOKS TERRY WOOD AWB MAY YARD, CK Hi LAMBEHTON H AS just opened, tor the benefit of all who may be- tr.v™ 1 ??^ S 0 *?^-,* K 4** t "* "WOOD *»* .. West Water and Clrbonrn Streets, (Office with-Mesjrs,MaBbett A Breed.) His Stock of Wood Is large, Dry ana Bard. (Oot and BpUt or oncnt) _-" _ • His Stock of Hay is of the BEST QOALITYi and BALED IN .QOODOKDEH. - ' Each Bill be delivered to any part 'of the City on the 8BORTB8T NOTIOB and Jhi LOWEST TERMS. K. B.—Wood Pedlars, anS those who Stfp large •q« sntlties of H»v wni 'always find 11 to their advantage to boy of as. We will sell so that dealer* may mate a handsome profit by Belling* on the street. mayW , O. H. LAMBERTON. '* NEXT DOOR TO A. B. yAH COTT^S. to .S J3 .S % e* 63 &a c: e favorable lemur as other responsible Companies. J AMES 8. WHITE, Aj Office, corner of JEast Wj W^^EAUTHOBITY. WISCONSIN QENEKAL INSURANCE AGENCY CHABXEU «A« FIBE IWS. CO., llartforil/Cinn. OABH AB3ET8 ........^.....;...tS«^«i « 3 NORTH AMERICAN FIRE INS. CO., Hartford, Oonn. "\ OASfi ASSETS ' Winoaa, Eead'i landing, Bed Wing. PRESOOTT, BT, fOlL AND ffp. ANTHONY. Clian^eof Timei Monday, Apr;ll 4, i860. TRAIN LEAVES MlfcWAEKEE M, ArriTlng at Janttville fc» P. M. ; Madlsoa 8:35 p. if*; Prairie da Chlen 8.00 P. H. Connecting with the Prairie Uo Chlen aod 1 S:,'*" 1 ?**««»» 1 * 1<:n JeaTePraWedo Chlen oo the arrival rfjnt 1H""* •* r ' LiaCrosse <fc Mil. Railroad. TTTE, thennderilgn'edi having been appoinled"a«ents If for the collection and delivery of Freight for this ! 6:05 P. M n Arriving at JanvervllU 8 JSP. M.; Madison 'OF 167 East Water Mrek B O t» Stock IS the *WKT!* 4 ". IntteWert, "We sell every «ooks«s WESTERN MASS. FIRE IKS. CO*, "Of FittsSeia,Uan. \ OAJH ASSECTS ................... »205^J» 41 0T Fare to all points on the MUsittlppl Kl verjas low aa any other Kopta. *^ i WILLIAM JKRVIS, »P*» I Qem Superintendent. . OHANGfjE OF TIMEO N and after Monday, April 4th, trains fin the Mil. w»ukee,Wstertown * Baraboo Valley EallroaJ. will arrive In afflwantee at 11^5 A, «., an? depilat 43V t" Mr | arpS-dtf - - ... ••<H»**VM wuu wcui EI j w* xretKiifc tor uit9 company, begto Inform merchants and others tb*t an offlee{&ro.8Wl»constn street,) epenetf on the 1st of April, where orders ean be left, and will receive nromp»i auentloa. Onr authorized collectors wai receipt goods at to* warehouses of shippers. Information respecting Freight Uansportatlon on this line can oehad by in- pUcatloa at ttt office of Mr. A. FKK W, Agent. Milwaukee, MarchSO.lSH). DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line! SUMMER PLEASURE .SAILING ! . j . ^ O N and after 2d May next, parties will be curried by the swift and elegant Steamers City pf Cltttlantt and Ctnelanct, to Grand Haven, thence by trains to Grand fiaplds and back at cheap excursion fares, and time afforded to view the beautiful and romantic scenery on the Grand River around the City of Grand Kapids, with its extensive GYPSD3I BED3, and other Interesting features. Pares (Including rooms or Berths) for parties of five—to Grand Haven and-bsck $12,50 for parties of five to Grand Rapids and back.... 10,15 Meals can be had on board'at filty cents each. '•"•"-'; TIME. Parties can kave Milwaukee twice daily, an J have tlcketxmade valid to go and return any Mine within one week. Hours of sailing & Kunnlng of Trains. Leave Milwaukee .......J2:30i.». Leavt Grand Haven SMr. «. Arrive at Grand Eaplds IttSO r. K. Leave Grand Kapids 2:G5 A. «. Leave Grind Haven 6:SO i. B. Arrive »t Milwaukee 12:15 r. K. t7S East Water St. 378 'MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN, iTiDg 1 one of the largest anj beat jelect- adUed, from time to time, Uurlm; ':/)<• The Latest Novelties ! ' a"rkrt™"w' ?" w , e . h " e »"V"/co'na'lsmV^th!' arlcet. We are determined to jflye our customer* 'HE LARGEST AMOUNT OF QOo/JS — ?OR T3S— OUR 3:00 p. ^. 4:CO i. M. IN OUK White Goods & Linen Caanterpanes'Embro]derI 0 eVfcrnlfh™n b s l ao'od J 3)j, r '" netl ,., » HEJIPiu>! NOTICE. ., MOBOAGEBB, > U famsBO* or Mo. * Onoioo R. R., 1859, JHSW AHD £AVORIX£ EOUTE . . ., V- Milwaukee, April 8, ISM. J f\S and after April »th,lS», and mntfl farther no\J tlce, no person Is aothorlied to make panbrwct, or cenlraet far materials for the Milwaukee and Chica. B ? lfc iJ l I?* a , *1°"">* » written ord.r from the undersign*"• ,, Bm « wm ^e paid monthly and accounls wUl not be eonUmwd with any concern that neglects to render monthly bjals. O. B; HALUGeal Agt 3:05 r. it. 9:00 r. «. -. 5:30i. K. •There is s new and comfortable hotel above and in theBaliwayPispotat.GrandHavea, where Excursion Parties<desiring to spend a few hours st Grand Uaven, or on the Beach which is quite close to Depot,) may have every attention. £9" Parlies from Co __ _ 'olleKes* School* »nJ <oh«» Uaand- ln«itiM<i«««i •!" »• ««iii<.a on very loiv terms, which ean tie had on application to the subscriber. BST Tickets can be had at Dock Office, or from Pursers onboard Steamers and W.E.MDIE, W.GKAHAM, General Superintendent, Dock Offlce» apr30-dlm Detroit. Milwaukee. CLOTH ° fF ' ren ' :h ' Clotl,,, IN OUK and I8S9. OABHASBBTB Of Con way, Mass. 4T IM8PRANCE CO., Springfield, Mass. ' XABD flBE IMS. I OfKiHaddphU. -1284,789 T3 Scbool Books. 10 *"' STKIOKLAHDAOO. BIND UP MAGAZINES! nrrc — " • • -— Periodicals, or — •" — ^'» ISLAND A 00. IN IJQUID1TI Bargains in Dry •*« in ._ _,|_^ r _.... .... _ THAI IMMENSE STOCK 0* WORTH-WEST. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now opened to take Michigan.) ^ " ao . , Suytlov-Prtto*rt Tint-Clou Sttamcn, "City of Qflveland," & "Cleveland," (Thorouyjy refitted for this route.) O R ADD AVTKE UOKDAT, Jane tOt, 1868. Passenger Trains wUHnn as follows: ^^ - QOINQ- WfiST: - ' / MaiL Bup. Bridge, depart....... 9r» *petrolt, depart.. ^.,»,... lk»" •Otwego*arrive .s... lo-JO r. M. St. Johns, arrive.,..,..... 12UO Grand Kapids, arr.....,.., S:IO -?drandBaven,arr.,..i i ., KOO -l-AT-1 Stereo»copic Viewa. h»v» 'ftlAnt i nneiofof Sterescoolc Tlewi Wo. 187 fir »t Water Street, / J MUST BE CLOSED 00T / 2 ee.arrlve.. Mixed. r.K. 1M KK A.M. 2:30 . 420 Noon. 12:00 . mgkt bpress. r. u. 8.-00 U«) 4.K. l&SO 8.-05 4^0 Moon. IfcOfl ^O^MG EASTi Milwaukee, depart *QrandHaven,dep....'...-. %oo Mall txpt 1 * Mixed. v». S£. is G irap T » Sev«ad lerrdeslranle styles, aat *~ -' ' '_ STMOSTA: * t <-"j). > |»nflfrflAl1< KUSSELi,, «~,«..,.»«,,, executed-by w. o. niDoara anajonn 8. Harris,and also in toe oonditlou of a certain vessel mortgage of the same date executed t>y said Bibberd and Harris to eecore the paynwut of said note. Wotiee •• is hereby given to all patties Interested that we (ball JUtr; A JJ., 18S», at 10 o'clock in the'forenoon of *hat day, jtithe Sprang »treet*rid|e, SnUactty of MUsaB- kee, tke Schooner William B. Siepbens, her inaS*. bowsprUs, sails, boat, anchor, cables, an4allother necegsaries thereunto appertaining and belonglnaVto satisfy toe amount remaining due on laidnote and <«>rtgage together with the costs and eipenses of «ale. ttosot.}*-*^^ JOSEPH J • aprW-dtf JOSEPH CART, Assignee. IS.TED STATES HIARgHAb'S 8AJLE ~"~~--~ —--—— »-«K«*t^iBy»^ i,'iB jrmai The yarmers Loan* Trust Oom 1 ^ \*.'. - '« TheiSlwankee 4 Superior Bsll road Company, City of Milwaukee, LA CROSSE SPKINQ •JaaggTir^wSat. -,^M p—._ tan, - rr . _.»,. _^ helsnqjrflttjilsned JOT the doe r*ii In the O. fl. Dls- . . trtet Ooort tot the District of Wisconsin. Iniquity. , JohnBtewart, Johann O. A. Allerting, Christian Bahm and Oottfried WooUch. • :e and by virtue of a decree made b* the >nrt of the United States, for the District •-an "otnHiui^onilienlneteenthdayoi Jdareb.lBi>. in ^!£2^^^^^'^*^&<4**' •—*--«.*—,-»K........ tKW Grand Kapids, arr tw, St. Johns, arrive Owosso, arrive.-, •Detroit, arrive. 8m. Bridge, arrive.. Right Expr>(. Soon. l&OO ?•«. 8:30 10:30 A<». 1839. IVORTBCRIV TRANSPORTATION COMPANY WHI, during the preaent Season, run" their well known and popular Line of Fir*l Class Screir Steamers, ' Regularly, between. ! OODENSBURGH & OSWEQO, •AND THi? tTPPEU LAKES J forming a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdensburgh and Ojweto, and Chicago, Milwaukee and latermedlate Ports, connecting at OgdensbnrEh wilh the. OGDENEBUBGH * TEBMONt CKSTRAL RAILROAD EODTB, Between Ogdensbnrgh,'-Burlington^ Concord, Man- cheHer, Hashna, Lawrence, lowell, Worctster and Boston,MdaiOwegorwlUi the H«w OswesaLIneof Thirty Krit Class Osjial Boats on the Enlarged Canal, between ^ .^.. ••-- ~>- • •- •• goJXrcrrv {Albany &: New York, jOomiectlng also at. Dnnkh* with NSW YORK AND ER1$ RAILROAD, Ani formlug »JW-Weekiy BAllroad Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago C'oach and Saddlery BARNES BROTHERS WHOL2.-UL2 i32> RETia DS1LIS3, NO. G ALBANY BLOCK, Would invite tjic attention of the trail* to their largs and superior stock of SADDLERY HARDWARE —AND— TBIMMINQS I'stent and Enameled Leather, Enameled Cloths, all qualities, Whips, Uprsc Covers, Ply nets, Ac. Carriage Springs, Axles, Hslleabla Iron, Ac., . Bows, Felloes, Spokes, Shafts, Hub?, is., Of the best Eastern timber. QOO S£ica.<aj.os r Just received from' one of the largest Eastern manufactories, the quality alld workmanship unsurpassed, to which we would invite special attention. f3f~ Our itock throughout will be found complete and offered at the lowesl prices. - BABNE3 BUOTHEK^, Michigan St., opposite Newhall House. Wa havo also a full isaortment of Hosiery. Gloves, Yaakco ; Irtmmintji, Si-awn and Blc^ :'„••/ P«I.\T», HOOP SKJItTS. *,- , Ar OUR JOBBING"DEPARTMtM l 13 daroiJiU.1 7BU J» iU. SI3D3 0? DBY GOOJ3S AND YAIiZES JJOT10JJS Which we ire offering !o Jferclianu CHEAP FOR CASH. J • L . DAVIS, 100 FAMILIES NOW USING IT COMPOUND. "'" 18 9 ° " '" ^^ w Merchandise marked «W. T. CO. EX. PBESS," will be forwarded from New York by ib Scprut frdgU Train over Ota JTev, Tort A ffrU t . SaOroad, .- 1 And promptly forwarded from Dunkirt| 3 ; Krtas, Agent iff T. Co., 177 Broad way, New Tori. Tort *****"» Ag ^ nt N * T - Co -« s Ocratlea Sip, Sot Ovxs. B. TAFFAV, corner 6th' aad Ghes&si at. PTI;IA Bonra OMW»O«D, Oiwego N/T. «^, mua. 8. D, OAUWZIX, Agent, Dunkirk, H. T. Oatxmia, Cjuwroac A Co,, Cleveland, OJ •OMHocmio, Agent N. JP» Oo^ 98 State St.! Boston. A-CijKajtur.AgentV.O. Jlne, 108 State tC Boston. J.». Ostaas, Agent, BOMB'S Point, N. r. fi^-'fAJJoai Agent,0gdensbnrgh, N. Y. h'^SS**' M "»«*ee, Wj,, offlce throne A U. ,tt.i^epou FALL OF 185®. l>iEIl & CO., 136 EA^T WATEH STREET, , ......... ........... Manufacturers and Wholesale and Retail ffealtn in •Hotel In Depot atflrand Haven. «. train wiliwor leave -on oast Trains leave termini dally, Sundays ereepted. at, tat 3 *. the OUy of liU»aukee;arand"slSujir7^mSrtg«^ oremUes mentioned In the bill ot complklnttosald eause, and described asi "All tb,t/—^?-""•"? andintotnretpt* acquired, real and personal proper^ ty andYeal estete ol the said defendant, the Milwaukee sad Snpertar^BaUroad Oompany, that Is to lay, ^u bf <tafimdr»naonoftheBallroaiof»aldaallroadOom- P*W aefendant^from the City ot Mllirsnkee, to the Oityof Green Bajr in sild State of Wisconsin, a dls. •JK^s,f>'[SX^**^y^ *"• MTBRTBfllPPI, orMiAl^0^feSSSu' I We.1 0) S K£#i£i^™^&^^ » « «.L <«»<» oear M.A-M. E.B. Depot w. &—mpftn are requested to see one of the above Agent* beSwemaHng contracts, as they are prepared ta offer T«r» law «t»,, »na a^ eonnectloni with the aionttf, and especially with %S^JCO. RENT.* and frame J&uet to,renl PHAJLEIV'S BOOTS, THE QENtllNE l MANOTAOTUWED BT JOHN PH A I, E jj . . JIHXontyoneautiorlied to mannfactare tha abvoe JL. naxud Bootfj at . .;;" , .... 7a' |BAsap:;\rATiaB:.- STKEET. • The Phalen Boot U one or the most unique and ele- .UA coverings for. tha feet teat has ever been Invented. They are made of the best of itock and most finished wortmanittlp, and are warranted to cnre Ooms^Bun- ^Swetlea feet. Swelled Uead, BhumatlsmTiEroat, Bemembet tbattbe SofcAgent for these lait Invented Boots 1ft Ihl* City, is to be found at 73 Xast Water St., where, alari, may fat found a genera] assortment of - ^IBOOTS d; SITOES,OAJITERS, &C., forSentteman and Ladles that there Is In this market' all manufactured under, the supervision of the subacri- ter, . [m«ySq. :, JOHN PHALEN. TITOTJLD respectfully announce to their old custom- 1 If ers, that they still continue to keep the largest and best selected Stock of Goods in their line to be found In the State, and win conduct their business, as heretofore, with the Intention of giving satisfaction.— To as many new customers as may feel inclined to give us a call, we wool J say one of our firm resides In New York, and we have facilities for the purchase snd manufacture of goods that can not be excelled. We are at all times ready to take advantage of Eastern Markets, and have been enabled to reduce the price of many kinds of goods, which we «>iall continue to tell at the lowest prices In Western V^rkets. We are constantly receiving additions to our «tock, and will keep it so complete aa to be able at all times to fill orders for any kind of Saddlers*, Carriage Trimmers' or Trunk Makers' Stock, and will do so In a manner t<v f TI- satisfaction In respect to quality and prices. We 413.. K«|. ai» assortment of Bent Stuff, Poles, Shafts, reUoea, spokes, Hubs, Ax:., Ac-, and have constantly en hand, or will make to order, any kind of Coach, Car rtage, Wagon or Team Barnes*. Call and see for yourselves. \tr, n~~i~' --.Jefferson street. gallon; 15o per quart. Carpenter, Joiner and fioniraclor, COBNBa BIDDLE AND M1LWAOKM 3THKET3 DWELLING HOUSES WAREHOUSES, &c rs done with despatch, Pie 'Hie & Pleasure Extarsions, BROCK WAY'S 'LINE • - -of— "-' -,. . • - . •• • OMNIBXJSSKS AND HACKS. LBTfJd wishing to engage Backs or Omnibuses for _, the purpose of visiting the Gardens or for Pic Hie Parties, can be lupplkd with first class vehicles on this . taid moil reasonable terms. Alineof . commence running on the 1st of Jane for - , - .j leaving Van Cott's comer at» JL. u. and S P.It, ^be Omnibus for Wauwatosa leaves Tan Cott'i .Foot of llaspn street. en cite WJPER n«ss»ssiPM wrrEB, On and after Monday, June Stttt, , Two Throngh £zpreu "Eraiiu f P ^w KI y DEPOT roor o* otaaaa taneeof one huBdred.and twenty ... farlong * Bon, Bort& W na» located lt*way,and for which no - been made to ,ttro>,) together wllh and track thereon, aniaU rails and e*«ewi»ribTgte»v.TlA««eat wr- mm»*HtA.>m*»mmm~*<Am • l i.,_*A |^| MILWAUKEE iT'^^o'SSSSWoEK'S *ST for th^ small root of |«0 udtaxef. 5*5**l < S? e Se*«*i- «nd»H otter per- WgBitnt off toreclcmreand tilGH.Tr AN£»,t , lUxttto.Oomplti BolieJton. CAD WELL, pndpjMetecHerejabaHinltttrS-^iiJS ^^a?m««ow«i?^gSc^iE operator oa the EA» cornei ot Dearborn itrect. la ,f* latt8 **y o ' r «<>rS SIQHT AID BBARINQ totodlug F»lii»narTiODn«nantton, ^Ba*»aH»ttV?»r: k^;^%jfe^i^lntem^ftf«^ tiw dtte*Mof .VbBdrenAOviAttibe iierUlandmott »« -«ate l8 ham-tine, *»B>«iI<aifl> r«r »t.*J5aBl,«terj»ajr ' » "- •«-«r T ' :r ??"* JU» tctneyad «y euty tuffererrfrom , f ««H* *r mOd and gentle treav- i JL* M. ajBtjd . Trains «rrire at Mttwankee jit 0:35 A. M. AN1X. 58^56 dose connect Ions are made *t (•Orojtfe* .^.^ Twice daily- cach'^ay wtife^ihc Wit* •ewrta Packet Cobp8ar«Jir^t«afi REMOVAL W U "H A ~W T '•? "V '• K , • MM -A. JL ju JD JL « Has removed to his old Hand, N0.1 ISO EAST WATER ISTJBEET, .4 (Ofpoeito J. 2t. SoneateeCi Ory- Goods Store,) And having made such additions to hlslfaciliUes for executing F I N^E IF O R T K A I T S! As to enable him to say to the public with confidence that he Is now prepared to furnish them with every desirable style of Picture known lo the community, and at such Astounding Low Prices as to defy competition- forexampU, ..,.'.„..... ..'. Daguerrotypes tor 12^ €ls. VViLl* SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS Tor only 11,00 the first one, and EOc for theDuplicates IHEI-AINEOTYPES, AMBUOGllAPIiS Aid Intact every other style of Picture, at correi- . ' ' ponding low prices. . 1MPEKIAL, PHOTOGBAPJIS, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, ami finished In • ,i the highest style of the Art| ':.;,-• TBE .STEEt-OTVPE,'. •• A new and popula* style of Flctore, Colored In Oil, which far excels In Accuracy, BoUnes* »n,f Beauty of flnlab.myplher Picture u»er offered to the yu*llc^— These Pictures have only to be seen to be admired. All who are deslroas of saving money an respectfully solicited to call and examjne Speclatnj at tha OW t-lTSST 3TVLE3 or €aps and Slraw «oods 5 AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, EAS T W A T E K S T K K K T, MILWAUKEE, ...... : . . .nyoo. ........ WISCONSIN. ATLANTIC- CABLE —AND— FALL STYLJES . MATS I e Umci1 ' ' ril li'aae the 7all style . Leary i Co., aad .So. 188 Sat Water ttrut, itZtawiet, Wttconnin. marlS^iein; W. P. BARLEY, *itlst.ft U 1 fori SATUKDAY AUOUST 14TH .—AT^ isr o . i e o East Water Street. __ a. TH300?. PKTfiK- ~ «as* Lamp. Steam to the Principal Towns In . ENGLAND A1TO SCOTLAND POB $30. The powerful It on Steamships Efc, omr OF WASHIKOTON. KAHBAKOO, WIU sail from New fork for Cork dlfact and Ihesce toUv«rpoOl,. •••'• TT\BS public U aow favored with tha 333T, tea*.101- M. anif most KCONOW1CAL LIGHT ever produceil, equal If not superior to the brat Coal GIM. IS l* idaptad-to Churches, Hotelj, 3tore«, SesJIog Kooma, Prtvala Dwelllngj, Kailroaif Car?, Jc., ic. A irtal will pMV« IW superiority over all Portable Lights now in U9«. It Is unlike aU other tamps, being easily maoMcd briUlsnt, economical, free from smoka or smell and what is more, entir^y safe from all ' sion. Apply at o ii a t b a u € r o u c otrr and miles in dista MUwaukee to The COT OFMANOHISTIR ana V1QO will sail from BEWAST and COltS: t» New T3rk once a Montis Kate of Passage from New York " To Cart, Liverpool and tha principal towns to , IBSKAND.ENQI4MDAXD600TI.ANI>: Cabin',....$75 ....:;........ Third ClSss....|BO. ff Eusengen forwarded to Havre, Antwerp. Bre- •nen ana Hambarg for $~SlnOabln r $3&Third Glass."' Tn^S^. 9 * 1 " 10 ™ *"" a ll "? 00ll)C * Un IM! Persons wishing to send for thelt. friends can obtain Certificates of passage from CORK or BELFAST to RBW TOBK for t-TQ, from LIVBHPOOLJ40. - lor passaRe apply to K. J.Oortla ACo., 117 Broa.l- way.N.If., John e.D»le,lB Broadway,N.T.. or to | TIMOTHY flAHKST, • MIlwaBkeo, Wltcoialn. • N.B.—PiMengors by this Une-.atobl tta riak and -*»- of catting at Halifax and 8U Johns, - maylS Cemetery Co * T ' ^ plst3 9f *"• grols. 1 to MW'nBMr patrons "> thetfeaic- M '•» DOOKKTS. <«I»emj for mat purpow, out of tort quality paper. S. TEaaf * 00., ••- r iff Sast Water it. • au«18 BOAKi>INQ. A _S133tJS Floor Parlor and Bsdroam adiolnlnf •aitabla for '» gentleman and: wife, and serar*} rooms tor tingle gentlemen, can be hail, together with. board, by-applying at 330 Jefferson kTAfSrd« boarlers cas also be Accommodated. ^ ;e!9

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