Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 30, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1898
Page 4
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·· i J LJL1NDNESS. Thnt. TliinjiH Fair. m;iy write a I . I - i :- 11 V- - ro.-, Mn;illi*il. 1 i; ;t tu the til) Iks rows jii'v i-egular i and ;ir--.-.,-:ir ,if.--oj 2i)p.-:ir.;ii(v , L-vcri^r } yie'.d r smut ! oar in 2." : w.n-hy · f -.rial. ii 'relii)]i'.i;o--AM :;arh- v u k r y ; c-ib medium iu size nd fairly ·vvcl! iili- L altiniupL :iot vorv cicely. ci^'lir '~ rc\v.'1 u i A ubouft tlsc .'ivK'agC! ti/r 01 tho si^rt.lT viu-i- '.it's; hf-iff!) 1 ' o t t i - t , 'iii'il- Koi-lv i.i,!vk; (.-"1; !:a-)j ll f U- irtn ivi our-', U.r. - Iv-.r-v r c I'iirly o-u- '-.L quniirj- !Mt,o;e'h O a :i IL-IV j:ii early it is .^ "\Vlii r c '"o 1 - nr Cory's v.'r «hor- ; .-.vorj^t yii-U , . -- lift-dium ajrl.v ; \vitii n?i t a n - , tcv,- witb dull ·vcbirij color. '' ISuriy.'-- ileiiiuiii, white rather long jointtd. f.TSosiyn .pyBrlti: -- Lato-jwiiite v;i- "VU'siy,, quality inertiiiia'. - , .'^.V.-10. Eiirly Miiiucaota. -- An"darly ·white, eight rowed variety ; not ao early a ruariy. '- « 17 Premium. -- iledinm oarl.v white vai'iery; height, ~ luct; not vt;j-y productive lust seasaii; kcrnol.s 8 to 10 rows; o anlny jjood ; 1 in 20 Mimrtccl. 10. New" Euglaud Kv.-tec. -- Early, eight rowed variety oi-igiiiating in New JEuglaiid ; fairly prwrliu-rivc . sweet ; hoij'ht, 8"fuot. The cars litnil"ii rapidly, qaickly passicg tlife edible it.igo 20. Early Mammoth. -- This." variety is fnlly a week earlier than Mammoth jmd far-sapei'ioi- ; ears 12 rowel, large, regular; quality ^ood ; pnxluwivc It is told in the reporr ihat two viirle- ties of iutoiefat vere Impiovwl Kuby tuid Euxly Oraiigu. s uiul husks paptu 1 111 . " said a Washington lain liH- 30, who has boon to- ·'' i'ir nearly a dccatli- :« fifjo, when I was told bj : -tingnishad oculists tha jiievitably become com :'i:d within a very fov "..u bhock was almost be strength. H;id I not been i : - . v : constitution:!] ]jnrdiness -.h ' ' - . i ·· 1 ii i {? I permitted myself to .u it 'L-i 1 :\ u tirst over the special - 4 'rii*:"neininento would unquos " . ! . ' ; · have iinderiniued mj v.;.:'.!. Thou I forced myself to · IJK';·£!· 1'roin the heavy shadow anc "'*.s-1*.i itjy^jelf to submit philosopli " ' . I - t o :ho final extinction of light 'iu thf DL-ulihts were right, am' "-. v:y morning I found tlmt I per :··!'.·.·;"! oiijucts more and moro dim- v " i;raii«ally nerved myself up to .ti"i j c the heavy day when I shoulc iivalcv in utter darJcnet-s. When tho d.iy o:\uu.', it was not so bitter as ! bad anticipated, for I had grown usjd to tlio contemplation of the iierj'otual shadow that was in store "or mo. ".N r ovv, as to tho compensation in bij-uhiesH. Can you understand thai th- wurld seems very much more I'loaulifnl to me now than it die vvjicii I could read a newspaper by 'Lc-hj4H of the full moon? Woof :ljv sightless eyes fall unconsciously »to tho habit, as time passes, of .deuliiiing everything that presents itselt to our notice. We are thrust upon our imaginations so absolute"y, yon know, and I suppose it is juiui true that the imaginations of (·'nul people are extraordinarily active. "I havo often fancied, since I be- ·jama blind, that Milton's deprivn- :iuii 01 eight was in reality a bless- r.g to tho world's literature, for I ·uj2 iii'Luly of the belief that his i) btimulated. his imagina- 3-jii rjnrl oimbled him to portray his ·i.u/.s.j,:'. {iiotures with infinitely iiyrt "i/c-anty than he would havo to conceive had he been in ;i «jf his sight. ·i.- I started to say, wo of · ayes unconsciously de- U.p ism. iclealizers. For example, :.;u viMteJ by many dear womoa uiult- whoHo faces I have never 'v. I uni told that several of ;?·. t t x r i d s are hopelesely plain us iiutiires, bin Ihaveobeerved that i^f wjiu, a» I hear, are tho least iiv-.';::; to theiroxterior beauty :hu sweetest voices, which in it= a componsa-tion for them. It i.-. ,i o')}:ipeusation for me, in that I . i m t h e beueficiary of that alone wmcii IK the: most attractive thing about them--their voices--and I am fcii.u«. j J tho aouto sympathy I might f ol toi them could I see their lack of ;"i»i'nal beauty. Again, my peo- pk 1 iw.casionally take ine to the tho- ircr, I venture to say that now, u r t i - i h.'iving been blind for nearly tv;: years, I enjoy a good play very n'luii more than those whose eyes S-.: vn them well. When I was quite a yimay woman and possessed of t)if Kvt of sight, I recall that there wvr; maijy actora and actresses i*lut'.' i3nuiiciation and delivery of tiicir hues were admirable, but whose natural or assumed manner- it-!!!-: jarred upon me. Now I hear th.- voices of the players alone aud thc-ir fine'or vicious speeches, so U\ut fill stage heroes are Sir Launoe- lotn aud all villains Sir Modreds to ine. When I am told that a girl who conies to read to me is considered lovely by everybody, 1 am sure, at'tor b'he hue been described to me, liiat I picture her very much more beautiful than anybody with eight does. Again, you know that many lino musicians, vocal and instrumental, men and women, are desperately ill favored, and the performing manners of .some of them are distressing, as I myself remember. But 1 only'hear their music, you puvceivo, and the musicians are all auf-els of light to me. When I am Jod through the parks and inspired by tho appealing fragrance of the lilies, 1 cannot see tho flowers that ore withering."--Washington Star. CURE ALL VOUfi i'.'i.VS Wri] [,., '2ic U u t t r a ' ll.ivu its. If 'IG n-- an a tti'-w'i!te roived, · tovnser vyi-o suir;i }'i;~".«l% sot in vi.-'i "nulls. Ti.r i. a dcop oi-aiiyc color-;*! ikir. H.;BI ·..rith a ppctilinr riioagh nor u able flavor. _ A dibtinot type of ostru t-ajl corn is fonud i u ' tlin t'our i lio-stiauirb Early, r*ir*st 01 A Foidhook ajid While Cob. 1 all very early,' bwocc, oij,-he well filled aud of fair size. The Extra Early Btverly waa tlie oiilj- ' 1'itpni- early 10-U rn\. - viifirty c;l' ijoud -.i.ilify. Oocby'.- Karly, .-'jtll'injrh not if v.irlj- us die uarlj bt ly a Y.v,- ilays, S it! rt-mniii- ^ho B'uufJtid t-.tvlv ViiiU CV- T!' yiu mo ;':! fit -. .cli ..iu t 'i:-.Hi-. itifitlii-. t;il'!', (!v,i\\n iii»! v ( rii'l iVi- ;7Ji')t: A a an of ·)'" y^siv, of A'diujry i-'.'i-.l«-!i, of aotivf- lifft a!'-. v 'i,u!.r v liubit, iviv.iortjblf in .-H rnvui-i^fj'iK-i-h of jTior^jy, Kluiulc- glvr- out of IK, "CO days '? I,r.«a to hK meals, n.-'ilW t; worli, (iVl ·:'j ext-roiso, to yjioris, rh- ipinr, tiMvol 27, OHO poundn of lin-ud. (i.OSO of 4, ffir, of vojj'jfi'i.K N -_f-gn and IVuit. Ul. )'-0 lin-r-of -H-IIH-, ; pn-its and Jotinial . A Tie of Relktloiuliip. It is unkind of Roger to tell tales out of school. One should kiss and keep ouo'fe lips shut. "1 must admit," he eays, "tbat I entered the room rather unceremoniously, without knocking and iu a hurry. I expected to find Gladys alone, and there was also a gen- tlumaH there, who xose somewhat coiifiiKodly as 1 went in." "Bat Gladys, dear girl, never loses i her .jjjvst'nco oj mind. " 'Holln, George!' sheeaid. 'Allow mo fj i'utrodnce to you-my brother. troiii India. : " 'Di-Hyhterl, I am sure, 1 1 cried as ! took the Johnnie's hand. 'We ought to 'nucome great chums, you and !.' "'Oh --ji-,' stammered the Johnnie, 'und why?' " 'Wi'll. you eee," I answered, do- lovmiiK'd to make Gladys blush, 'I j j'.iso, you know, have been her s-.voot I Brother trom India.' "--Pick Me Up. l '' nuH ' | Uls New r*-- Kuriv In a '-.lly not many miles from Troy is «u organization which believes in cures by fuith. The president is a vrom- j an, zealous of good works. For somo i wo^ks ;Ji6 had observed a worthy up- · T»'-s'ri-jg i;lrterly man daily going by her '; iioii-o, mid noticed that ho walked, con,'^Jumo. She thought liim a sub! lU'-r. of v ra yorful consideration and bo- .·i:;j daily prayers iu his behalf. Ouo j im i-.-iuiig tsitya after she noticed him going by, upmH-ently free from any luiuc- ; tu .s Mid yj}ntu*?ed to speak to him ol ctiia f.tct; ' " -«: -.. '' Yen,'' ho respon'ded, "I do get along " deal better tixlay than for mnny My/olil w cork leg had got ut ofr good motion, and yes- I obtoiiial a;Tiew one."--Troy In is estimated tbat nsoro tlwti 75.000 i ^o out of }.'t;v,' York ovory ajlil that thciy sp.-url on sui a\ia.'.tjie of !2 on tlio Postul authorities have dt-cided time mail HiUtter need not bo delivered at houses where vicious dogs are kept tui- ' 4 Preacher. In preaching his extempore trial sor- ·iiou before Bishx5.Tait and Dcau Stanley a ciuididato for priest's orders grew vyiy nervons and 1 stammered, "J will di-ivo my coiigi-pgatiou iuto two--tho (·ouvwtcd and tho micoiivertecl." This pl 1 o^c(l too much i'ortho bishop'ii auiiKO of hivuioi', and ho exclaimed, "I Dbink. sir, us there uro ouly two of us, you harl better eay which is -which." A Modlcino CJi-js* In ittoi!. ;'· S5 Simple, Safe and Quisk l.uro far J.; icRAMPS.OIARRHOEA, 1',00-iHS, ^ ^ COLns, 25 and 5O co'it BoJt'es- - B E W A R E OF I M I T A T I O N S ' | BUY CM Y 1HF u t N L l r . E i^ PERRY DAVfb" U 8, KINflA^UN. !\' '!' I |ij.,;-,·) jA'l.'l' 1 ; I iji 1 ; -,' I .j-lil'i'fl N !iil! l i n 1 r !'i si) i", IN.-I - i d i vi.ys n n mi nil. a t REASON A BLK :ii !CES. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 71 LBEHT C. TOW EMS, Denton. !V!,' T. BOYEf!, CONTRACTOR AND OUIUDER, M. NOitLE, LAND SURVEYOFi, Work do no in any part of t'r .· (...uiily at .short notice. CJh.irjces vci v rc;oiiAbl'. r\SCAR CLARK. Attorney-nt-Law, DKNTON. MAHYI.ANJJ. Collections and nil prufe^Rionul IntsinoFs promptlj- iitlondcd to. EMORY, ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, AVill ]rnctiuG ulsn i'i O.i n n d Jv.ont cuuntv AI.KX, HUTSON, ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, DKNTON, Will practice is the court' 1 of f'aroiinf and adjacent comities. riT PLINY FISHER, ATTORNEY-AT-LA w, DENTON. MD. All business entrusted lo my ear* will receive prompt attention. Collodion of claims a specialty. TTARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, DENTOX. W A I C Y L A M ) . Close attontioi: will b ci.-rn i »!ib.ill- ness entrusted to mv cau. PERCY DUNNiNQ, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, I; \\,.\ NU Kefcreiice Ueiitoi. K.I:-CJ:II TOHN W. CLARK, JR. Box Sfi. Deijtorj, Will sell property .i Gutolini of mi;/ ij tlie adjoining eoiintift. UI:MUV K LKWIS .1 n i \KD i, v\ I:ST LEWIS A WEFT. A TTORNEYS-A T-LA W, DENl'OX, Ml}, Will practice i:i tlic Oourts ol'Cftrr.linc Calboland Queon Auneooujitios. M A VI I* I !'··· l i ' l l i AJLT j M Jiil I N S H A M ) V . Ladle:-'ami c l n l n i , ; i ' ; O i i u i i o d . aim t l i o u i i i n l i b i i \i ooked Ri'lcr. Lowney's Chocolates a Specialty. A l s o !l 1 111] I ' l l ' Ot' CIGARS AND TOBACCO on hiiiid ft,!'The Old. Bakery Pre^b Groceries. ITAVTNG restocked my GROCER'S DEPARTMENT, I am now prepar · id to supply my customers nnd th niblie generally with cvoi-ythiiisj ii hut l i n o , fresh ami or iiio 1 ty. ' W l l i l f t f i i '-'OB! ·',·*.') ··.-. ' ) ' . i Ml 1 MOWS AWO 3[y *toek of t h o hitter is very com [)icto, aud my lady ti-iemis w i l l d well to c;ill aud e x a m i n e my i;ood Before g-oiug c!sewl;« c-. Spool Silks C o t t o n , Gloves ami Jlov.ovy, a n d in f a c t a gpu(?i':il l i n e oi: N o l i o n s . Di'O] in aud see the stock. Oysters and Ice Cream, For ;i good Oyster Ru-'.v tfivc us a .·all. Icr Ci'oaus \vil! aUo i;e servec in seasoii. Any q u a n t i t y suppliec tor f a m i l y use when desirm!. rdtfMsjLls nt slit-rt notice. . JULIA DAY, BUILDERS I H A V i ; KVX h A I . I BRIDGE 250,000 DR. i;xocii GroROi-., is*. ·· k KISIIKR GEORGE FISHER. Pbysicians, Surgeons S Gynecologists, DENTOS, MAKVLAXP. Office at residence ol Dr. Kuocli Seorpc, Main tS JAMES S W A N N . REI'RV.SBNTIXO. The Best Life Fire 1 nsurance, DHNTON, MARYLAND. WM. II. DEWKESK. P U K f It. OVKJfg DBTVEESB OWENS, DENTON, MD. · : " Office in the Court House. Mortgages foreclosed, estates settled and rompt attention given to nil business en .rusted to us. "Will practice in Iho State and federal Court. WM. H. DKWEESE, Stale's Attorney for aroline county. D I F F E R E N T GRADES. c " iis TO SI/IT. ? -» 'S a y/. Order N i s i . In the 111:1 ttci of llio siilo of liie Ucnl Ks late of Svlvc--t'-r,Sii'itl., ilccfsi*cd. In (,] f O: - |ihan!' (Joiirl if C-iivliiu- county ')nloreiU:ii .Ith d:n nf J u l j , 1SUS, that t i n - M i l e of tho real i-siiuc nf S^lvcstci Smith, deceased, mentioned in these pro- ceeilings, made and icporlcd by Thomas A. Smith, Executor, IKS ratified and confirmed, uiilys-- caif-o to llif- oontniry tberc- of lie slio.wii oil Or nefijri'tho nr=t day o; ·September noxt. provided n copy of this order be inserted in some neivt-paper printed in Caroline county, oniiu in each ol three successive weeks, bcfor» the SUtdny of July, 1P08, next The report states the amount of sales to bo $13,720.1)5. JOHN A.'SIGLEK, A J. B. OHltKLL, A. II. WEIGHT. Judges of the Orphan^' Court ot Caro- lijie county. Ttiu: copy--Test. EOBT. .J. JUMP, cr of AVili* for Carolinn county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . DENTON, MD., Has hiid ten years' experience in t!io cities of "Wilmington, Philadelphia and Now York, and is now ready to make con tracts nnd guarantees skillful work, fair prices nnd entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, - -DENTISTS: -MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, "Will prantico *t Preston on Mondays; Denton on Tuesdays; Federulsburg, second and fourth Thursdays; East NOTV Market, first and third Thursdays. [ Best work guaranteed. G:;s administer- I ed. ! Examiners' Notice, "We, the undersigned, having been np- pointcd by the county commissioners o! Caroline county to examine nnd, if the public convenience require! it, lo Iny down n n e w public road in the Third election district of «aid Caroline county, lo begin :il or near .Edward "VV. Weal's, liuuls and to r u n ncrott, hiiid landb lo inlciacet tlie piece of new road lately built by Clinrlcs Alur- phoy, known us the Nutlle nnd Kealroiia, hereby give notice that we will moot al said point of beginning on THURSDAY AUGUST 4th, 1S98, a t ' J o'clock, ji. in., for the pin pose of oxecnling our coinmis- MOII. The county simpyor w i l l please attend without further notice 1 . THOMAS L. CHAFFINCH, "WILLIAM .'J 1 . L I D K N , T. PltED G A K K 1 , juiyi-tdm. J'Jxaiiiincrs. DR. ANNB GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five vcars 1 experience. Specialist in Dl.s*,-]5i'3 ol Women only. Prii-atsS^nLtariiiiliofhinh repute. Ab^ohilc pi ivncy nRbril- ed. Female Ke!Tu1,i»ivc Pill» S'.OO perbo^. Advice in m.iil 1603 EAST BALTIMORE ^T^Et'T, DALT1MQRK, MD. Vegetable Compound foi 1^-n'nie Conipi.nnts, $1 Wives without C!uMrt.':i on -nil uii Frank C. Boltcn. * ****· Lse B. Bolton, PAH1TS, OILS AND CUSS, I:;E:ADV M I X E D i * A f ILLIAM fi. hIJOl', I S A f x i j o r d Oil, \ !-Iachincry Oils, Tar, Mm and Pitch. ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, First-chibs furniture and appliance!-, and j :ompctent workmen iii.iiroi Mttipfactory ' crvicc to all customers. Popular pi ices. .. v^l. BAKES, TRFFR ^ PI A ii-\r-r-oiv i i- PRACTICAL. BLACKSMITH «SE-$HGER,i DENTON, MD. I shall constantly kcop on iiand » full ssortment of Iron and Slue! Inv al! kinds if Farm and Wngon Work. I can fur- ilsh you nil sixo' 1 of now wheels and axles, nd best classes of horse-shoe^ at short 110- icc. I giinnink'C ;iil innlurinl and work t lowest prices- to suit tho hard times Shop on Third Si., opposite Livoiy .Sla- lo. Give me a trial. t JOHN .T. BAKNKS. leading varieties of Apple., Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale by A. G, GELLETLI CO., WILLIbTON, MD. to Loan, $15,000 to hum on rnorlgii!*;a in sums ot 1 1,000 or more. Any l^il bii^infess al- cndcd to. Apj)ly to WILMl'lll EMOTIV, Altonicy nl Irfiw, Nn-tli Kfiyt'Ud Sti. liiiltiiiioro, Md. Professional Notice. 1 beg to [announce t» my frifiiuls and putrons tlmt t htivo pinoud n 'phono _in my ollicc, nnd am in constant rommiinirntion ·\villi nil }»oints on th-i Dorchester nnd QUCPII Anni'.-i lint^. 'Very i-cspuctfiillr, GKO. I''. UA JJjO'VVAY, M. D. Nij;ht will, 1. l):iy L'iill, Ccntml Ollicc, Vuilcinlsbui-!.;. A Pleased Customer is The Best Advertisement. .\ ,itt ' mnii- r diIPS tbi' I'll -IIPSS, niul 'ui uii-urj.' i?*eil iiiii- m' NI:W GOODS \* ready ioi' yoi,!- inspuc'lion Why look elsi 'vhoiv wlipii ynu cr.n I. ty just what V'.i \ n n « i i i t!iu v;u' of Msn's, Boys' and Youth's Clothing, If:; , C;.]b, Shoes, ;ind the most modern p.u oriif- in Sl'irU, ! Joilai-~ and Ncckwcnr. n t ; ite. niiu.-ii ,0V, EK I'll AX Tllii LOWEST. \ ' t * n i . i ' - * 'i ui mi'. ni[)loto l i n e o f i ' r y r o i ' U i i ' I n ' l.ilvt li'-i:;ii? a n d ol'i-s. i u ]'. -L iiven 1 r « r iis-m-l ·tss Sfeirts, wli 'h fii-o ni: ..i . '" t v ' . - : irid We will ';. i '·'· season wi'A Jlargc.t ·"·. : b - e/z'// #wtf //i;^ s 'i 1)1; -,,, ''·/ .'-ri.'i. w:. "Whe ):, n · -1 v J'li -il 'i ' our l i n e (l cilV will com ii' ' /on You hs FIT. I J ^ i . ' : / ' A'.- ip T Di-Tf 'U £ "· T ',r i T..I CT'npr l . ' b JjJjijl :»ilf: J 1 U T, ft OiUllB, Cut tftis out for Future Reference, Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARB, AUCTION SALES fflor-driy. Wotlnosdny and Friday Throughout the yc.u-. We deal in nil kinds, from thu vovy lH"*t to (Jit- very clioap- C^L. 100 EEAjJ of Ho.",cb. Glares find Jinlos, :ilwn\i mi h:uiil. Vii-ii, us, it will pay yo.i. PRIVATE SALKS EVERY DAY. O K i Dr^ytcn;, Bug- ^ Gart;; ?^: JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 £ 16 N. HIGH STREET, nr I'lnHinioro St., otic square from ions Slieci bruise. JJALTIMOUE, M D '. SOLD UNDER GUA.RANTBH. i /iCTBALCOBT TJS8S THAU ei.25 FEBOAL* F, 3 TO THE PUBLIC! ! .ii'-.p' '.I- inform n:y I'ncr.fls c! li*iitoi! !'i;d ilio public rouiKlu- i,,i\i( tlmi 1 will be til the. -.toro of hTHWAUT BKOS., in DENTON EVERY TUESDAY, v nan: I w i l l lu- prepared to take oidci- fu, .ill kinds of JEWEL- 1! Y and to niakc repairs. All ivoi'fc will rtcoivo prompt atton- ti'in, small repairs l-cii:g made liufuru !ea\ing town. Oidcrs left v,-ith sjlcttiiit Bros, w i l l be care- fi.lly iilleinlcd to. I thank you tV'i- past favow, aud hoptj to ro- f-oivc ft continuance of them. THE JEWELKR. JAMES T. MORRIS, (IIIDQKI.Y, MD.) Wlieelirifflit and Blacbiitk, ANIJ EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER. I n all hriinches of my business I gnnr- inloe .-:ilis[:u lion. In iunsi.sliofiiiipllmvo he ciidor.sunient o( bust volvriiinriiiiis. .1AMKS T. MORRIS. AllTllEfflNTllROIIGI WILL UK POUND A GOOD STOCK -OF -- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gaps, Etc., --AT-J. M. HEAVEN'S? HILLSBORO, MD. Stock of GROCERIES AND QUESNSWARE You can also find at the Pull supply of all kinds of Lumber. Sawing and Planing done at short noti"o. Ceiling, Floor ing, Shingles, Laths, Dooi-Sj V.'indovrs, lite., always on baud. AND FORAL D1RRGT GRS, ^ DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty yoars cf oxporienco enables us toinsuro entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied, with needed material, and flrst-claas workmanship is guaranteed. SQFKDAL The undersigned can supply farmers with GOOD S!!iD£ SOFT COAL for wheat threshing, delivered at any station on the Queen Anne's Railroad, at $4.5Q per Ton. HOUSE UHLER, DEKTON, MAKYLAND. FOR SALE! ina -j -:·/ Kff. *ttaai .=v ?, $ N? 'tsrs. -··». tins/ Sa^. « lei. Have t h e best (J.irn^er, Spindle Bugs;!* Daytons, and :i lull"lino at' Ikliicliincry iind L^iini Iiir|louients. Lowest Price* :in livoiytliiiig! Good Secoiid-Hinid Citrvi-icjes nnd Unties from «S1000 up. O S K O R N E C O L i n J H I A 1UNDEKS AND 5IOWKKS are al (h- I'.-ont, mill havo oulbatllufl :i!l «i-inpi'tit"i', having proved to be the lightest diitil. tin; best work, sim- · plest in construct,; )h, lh« .UoJifroat nnd hobt-brnccd bindei- ovtr in a!o. JJencc tho victory! CuHi!nb : .i All-rStcol liny Unices nnd Tedders .",rc construe* tod in fi way that ,·' you have two MOV riik* 1 .- for the pi-ice of one. Osbornc Ooluiubi.i Spring-Tooth :ind Disc Hnrrow sire '.ho 'inly on"* nindu with doiiblo lovers. Don't lo'-'fel ''n-.t f .im }ic:\(linaitors for nil lines 01 Maehineri'. CaiTiA^c'?, etc., .it lowest price.-." TON S O T J J J J J D K K TWIKE. Also h.ivo tlnco soe"nd-hrtii'l Deering Binders foi- -;i)i"'lii',t] Will j-;ii:ifantccthcin i:i every way lo d.) ilrsl-i IMS work or no sale. Give nn- ~\ i.\}. H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. ]. O. TAYLOR WITH F R U I T A M D P R O D U C E COMMISSION MERCHANTS, U K F K U K N C K d - Ti.-i ler--'»N':Uion;il lJ'iii';of U a l l i i i i i i i o : Fir^i I-r.atioual J!:irik of 'it StPM'iirtsLinvn, l?'i. t -\ H A r ^ V A N S L g PKOIUCE treet, Baltimore, O M P A N Y , S l-j mid V- L'oaclies nud Sworl !'·! .'.£·«'«. Whs ser line imTM AMS'3 RMLSCAD CO. Great DAJUY STEAMERS FOR Choptauk, Trappe and Tiickahoe Rivers. : IN i-.i'Ficcj- APRIL 28, i IBALTO.FERRYI "\vostwnrd. On and ailtr May *22d, 1808, steamers will Icnvo l^icr 0 liiicht Slrocl Whnrf daily except fiundiu · tit i. ];. ii.. for Ox- foul, Trajipf, Ciiinbridgf. Ch-cioulljr's ~^~l~ Secretary, Chirk'*, Clioptank, Lloyd's Dover ifridgc', Kiiie^loii, McCtirly's, GHM- cy's, ToJti's, 'Towers', "\Villislon Tucknhoc Hrirme. Rw-eV, Cownrd's, Covey's, Hills'xr.o ,nid Qiu-ei. Anne. Arriving nt, Osiord the following morning in time fov connwli'»u with tlic Dola- wnrc it ChfWipo.'iKu R. 1\., and nt Cain- bridge \\ till tho Cambridge Si'ftford 11. Ii Roturnina v.-il! Icavo" ITillslwro Mondays, Tiu^daj 1 - ^"cilricsdavs, Thursdnys, iin:l Fndnys "til 10 a. in.; Covey's 10.30; Cowimr's.'ll; "'Viili.-ti'ii 1 p. m.: Gnnoy's i.:JO; ·JlcC-'.rty.-. ·: Kingston 2.1-3; Dover -icl-c 2.30,' .il-i''-.rd7 (Clioptiink) J; Cl.irk'f -t.lo; S. ,.1 T-U-V ': Cambridge 1 Trappc 8.30 nsul Oxfoul 10. stopping ;it intci-incdinto liiiidiiigf, arriving in Baltimore early tlio I'uilcAving mornings. SUJJDAY STEAMIIU FOB BALTIMOKK. Steanier will liuve for Baltimore on Sundays sis follow-: "Wiiyinan's, 4.uO a. in.; Covey's, 6.00; CV.v;rd's. 5.15; Willi'ton, 5.30, Gnney's, fiAfy Kin^stnn, 7.15; "Dover liridgc, 7.00; Choptaitk, 8.30; Secretary, 9.30; Cnmbridge. 10."d; 'J'r;i]ipo, 11.45; "Oxx)rd, 1.00 p. in , i i v i i v i i i o in Dallimore nt G.OO p. in., the «unu lny. Freight rccou-cd u n t i l 6 :0 for \\\ Iniulings. J5. E. WIIEELBK, Agont, Pioro Light St., Baltimore. B. U. COUKK, A-rent at Williston. Luuv 1'. 31. 500 » · LoavtM r. ii.j 3 Loil 1 ! 3ALTIMO1 1045 Ar'iv|Arrivc; P.M.! P. ii. ro .IjC.lVC. A. M. IS THE PLACE NOW I5THANEDTIME REED^S TO GBT BARGAIM5 I« HARNESS I If in need of jiiiylliint- in my line it will to yum siilvniiliigo to oxninino what I rive lo show bol'tro puicliisiiii*;ulscwhere. My slock inchulos Dusters, iiliccts, Ply 'Mils, Enr Tijis, "Whips, llnrncss ns low as S'/, Iliiiid-niiulo lliii-iic'ss to order, C»lliirs, Ji-idlos, Axlo and llnrnoss Oil, "Whip ikcti, 1'nils of jtll kinds. Sflliuiiess rc]).-iircd ivn3 cleaned nt hott -iclicc. W. S. REED, Dcnton. Md. J. B, K. EMORY 0 CO (EMORY ,* NXAYITT.) --GENETIAI.-- ·OMMISSiON MERCHANTS, LIGHT STREET, In order to settle a co-partnership, we will sell our stock of general merchandise. This is one of the best stands in the county for business and the stock is in good condition. An elegant store room, sixty feet long and located on corner of Main street. Has a glass front. A first-class opportunity. Call at once. N . F I . O W E K S C O . , llillsboro, Md. The St earner Graensboro Chester River SMeat Comp'y Change of Schedule. WCTS-sa;*;) iSt£S3S53g.?SHS3S^* Beginning J u n e 1st, 1807, the steamer Emma A. 'ord. will loave Ghestcrtown at 7.00 a. i n . , d i i ! . except biindny, stopping at Uolpli'h, Jjonlvei 1 '.-, Quakci- Neck, and Qnopiistowi". Leave J\iociistown at 8.'15 a. in., iirrh iui; in J?;ill"niKie about 11.15. Kptunmig. !'iivc IJriltimorc^al 3.15 p. in., ariivin;; .it ijueejistown ut 5.45, and Cliostertnwn al 7.^0. Stc.i;nor H. S. Kor 1 lull lonvc Conlrfl- v i l l e daily, i*.\- pi Sunday, ;it 7.00 "a. in., stopping ill liinrli:.i- r on Om-sica river, H.i- glo's, Jaukson C'C'^. a:ul Kent Island, rvnd arrivin-*; in li'iliiuiore at 11.00 a. m. liotiiin;ii^, !:.i\ · ! .hirtior 11 al 3.30 p. i n , arriving at Cc'ilic''/.!: at T.rlO p. nt. Hraiv I:-! Mvill leave Kock llall 7 4 5 , G )0|,JU35ESS r rX. 800 A iv A.M, 1045 Lenv A.M. Railroad Division. Lcav P.M G 2 o f 6 3 1 f G 38 f 8 44 AU 51 f f 53 Oo9 f 7 ( W 7 0 7 7 16 7 2 3 f 7 2 7 f 7 3 1 7 37 f 7 4-1 f7-17 f 7 6 5 758 f 8 0 6 811 f 8 1 9 Leave S30 P.M. A. M. 1 i STATIONS. Arrive A. M. 830 f 8 .IS 852 9 01 9 18 9 It 922 9 26 f 9 35 955 1005 1010 10 10 n!026 1041 f l O 48 1051 ell 15 f l ! 2 4 1130 11 38 1141 11 45 1150' Quucnstowit liloomingdftlc "vVvo iti'ils D -i- C Juno. Qtiucii A n n e IlilUboro 7 5 5 f 760 f 7 4 3 f 7 3 7 A 7 20 7 2 7 ' 1'7^25 ! 721 i i ~ i!) Arrv. P.M. t00 - Hobbr. Hicknuin AdatnsTiilo BlnncliiU'd Greenwood ]J:(nning ·" Deputy Ellcndulo · Wolfe Milton Wliitcsboro, DrawLriilgc, Uuvton, Lewos. ~ 7 12 701 1)54 f G 5 0 f (i 46 U 4 0 f o; f C 2 8 f 0 2 4 018 f 60( 000 f05' f f i - W f 6 4 5 A . M . I 542 535 523 5 1C f 13 u 05 i50 4 3 9 f'128 :120 f 3 5 7 I 1 S 49 843 f 3 3 0 S20 f 3 1 2 309 'S 05 300 A.'M. PiM. CONNECTIONS. 'A" connects at D. C. Junction for points on the DoKiwurc 1' Chcsapeako Kiu'lwiiy--j''a=toii mid Oxford. "B" comicc-ls nt Greeiiwood with Delaware Division of the Philadelphia, Wilmington it Baltimore Railroad. "U 1 ' connects at Ellendalo with the Dcl- iwuro, Mrti-yhwl, fc Virginia linilrdad FOK Georgetown. Suudiiy only, boat leaves Baltiiiioro at 9.00 n. in*., nnd Qnconstown nt^ 6!30 a. in. ind 4.30 j. in. (UAl'T. D. S I j K O C K W A . ' . Will ply between C J l K J i N - s l and IJALTl^UHU. WeeMy.lou, atall landings l;CLi,ceii (.iiiiunslior- oagli find Den toil. On and nfUir .Inly 4, -tt'p.;i:r will leave for Uitllini»ra every MonJay FREIGHTS ^ i O D h U A T E , O/. PA 01 TV A MPLE Tlio pntronngo of our nittrchatits and farmois solicited thnl this lino nuiy bo made a success. Pul. inlbrinx-lion by inquiring of ttKOKKE F. DiLL, AOK.VT, D.S Ji HOCK WAY. i Or HA F R Y A. I'.Oj:. A , K N T , nt i-i. Md. ceivo granaries .-ilwaj" rcaJy to ro- daily, · \ f c p i tin iiis^ in H ilim i i leave; I'.\K\in.iiv Uock Hull ,.t '..; J Ii TA-VI..'.-! in , arriv- :il . J 00 a 10.11 '.' p. i:: . in r i v i n g .it LKIM.L:. 1'lO-ldcllt, ·IH'. A ' M n t Doa^lass House REHOBOTH CITY, DEL OPEN JUNE 10th. This Hold is Bitu.atct. 100 toot from ocean front, .iml ono-fouvth of a, milo [VOID Roliobotb. Bay, in UIG roar. Good Br.thJntj, Guan; if, I''in;iii3 fr Boating. Special i . u o h fii Jui.i" and Sop- tcuibor, Fu'd Tfack. Bar alt.iclicd. AVM. i\l. JKPFEliSON, ' PROPRIETOR. I. W. THOXEL, Gon. 0. C. WALLKR, ' Gen. Vr't-fc Pass. Agt. Is your Home", Furniture, Graii/yUie Stock, of other Property -Insnr cd ii^aisst Loss by v FIREORLI6HTNIN6P If not, you will to April's of tLc ono of the OF DOVER. DEL you oan obtain iiisuruncvnt low r;itos. The Oonipiiny is Mitliinl, nn.l you will only pny what tho iiibtinnico eosls, ns any amount in ExcessofCosI Willte Rcinroei in lyidcnte or iU lonniiifttion of policy. WM. DENNY, Secretary. 11. PLILMMKK, Agent, Grscnsboro. J. B. PLKTCHliE. " Proslon. \ 800 NEWSPAPER!

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