The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 17, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1914
Page 9
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Friday Evening, Jnly 17, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W PagS Cantaloupes are CHeaper-- Vegetable Market Potatoes are gotngr up In price, right here In the middle of summer, when the price should be coming down. There ·K»s a bljr »hlpment ot Virginia potatoes two weeks ago that knocked the price down prematurely, so the Jflealrs eay. Now that shipment has een exhausted, and the market is fretting sttffer. It was 50 cents a peck find now most dealers are asking 60 tents. Some havo stuck at 55 cents. Cantaloupes are better and some cheaper. Illinois melons from about SVnna are selling at 75 cents to 51 a tasket. Western melons are 10 and 32% cents each. Watermelons are 40 cents each. APPLES AXD PEACHES. Apples are more plentiful. The price runs from 50 to 75 cents a peck. Peaches are plentiful at 20 to SO Cents for tv.-o quart baskets. The best Bre coming from Georgia. Tomatoes are getting much better. SMost of those on sale now are from earder.s about Decatur. The best are Irom a Clinton .garden. Those are big Ponderosas. The price is 10 and 15 cents a pound. PRICES. Other fruit prices follow: Blueberries, 20 cents a quart; cherries, currants, blackberries, gooseberries. 15 cents a q u a r t ; California grapes, 20 cents a pound. California red plums. BO cents a five-pound basket; blue, 60 cents; sugar pears, 15 -cents a quart Viox; wild goose plums, three boxes for 15 cents.. Vegetable prices are: Green and yax beans, 15 cents a pound; nevr peas. 20 cents a quart; corn, 25 and 30 cents a. .dozen; cauliflower, 20 to 30 cents a head; cabbage, 4 cents a pound; hot- Louse cucumbers, 10 cents each. where they went icroii Ohio to Pennsylvania and New York. They reached Niagara Falls en Thursday. From the Falls, they went to Buffalo and Detroit. On their trip home they passed through Ann Arbor, Mich. They averaged about 125 miles per day by their speedometers, which Is good time. Says He Will Take Stump for Stringer. MOTORBIKE RIDERS BACK FROM TRIP Earl Kelllnfftoa and Wendell Cross Have Interesting Jaunt. Earl Kellington and Wendell Cross, the, two Decatur youths who left Decatur a. week ago Sunday on their motorcycles for Buffalo and Kiagara, Falls arrived in Decatur Thursday evening, rwith their machines dusty and mud splattered. Both ivere very enthusiastic over the trip and stated that it had :been one of the greatest experiences of their lives. They found the roads In good condition almost without exceptions and had clear weather all the way with the exception of Tuesday of this week, when they rode through rain all day. Two of or three blow-outs and spills were the only mishaps of the journey. Toa young men wer.t from Decatur to Danville, then to Marion, Ind.. from Springfield, July 17--State Senator Kent E. Keller of Ava, In withdrawing f r o m the race for the Democratic nomination for United States senator, jsent the following letter to Governor D u n n e : Ava, 111., July 14, 1914--Hon. Edward F. Dunne, Governor, Springfield, 111.: My Dear Governor--I see by today's paper t h a t Mr. vrooman has withdrawn from the senatorial race. I am well awara from a number of my f r i e n d s you favor the candidacy of Mr. Stringer. I want to repeat, therefore, what I said to you the other day and what I gave out to the public press on last Saturday, that I will be glad to abide by the decision of yourself, Mr. Bryan, Senator Lewis, Mayor Harrison or the majority oC you. If it would lighten your embarrassment for me to withdraw in favor of Mr. Stringer previous to your announcement. I am entirely willing to do so. In short, I do not want to handicap you at all. I know the d i f f i c u l t y j oi: your position and want to lighten I your burdens as much as possible. Will you not write me Immediately and command me to do whatever you believe for the party's interest? I have seen Jlr. Stringer and talked the matter over with him fully and shall take the stump for him when he Is named. With kind regards, as always, I remain yours very sincerely, (Signed) KENT E. KELLER. BLAIR FILES PETITION. The petition of Francis G. Blair as candidate for the Republican nomination for superintendent of public instruction was filed today. It being the first p e t i t i o n f o r t h i s o f f i c e filed. JEWELRY STORES ROBBED AT CAPITAL Springfield. July 17.--Window smashers operates successfully In Springfield at 12:45 this morning, and secured jewelry valued at- 51,500, from the jewelry stores ot Tobin Canham, on ths south side of the- square and J. C. Pierik, 218 South Sixth street. The s h a t t e r e d w i n d o w s were discovered by night watchmen and policemen, who wore m a k i n g t h e i r regular rounds. It is believed that the window smashers began their operations at the Pierik establishment, where they secured half a dozen gold watches, and other smaller a r t i c l e s of jewelry. But Lose to Union Giants of Springfield. The Decatur Brownies went up against the. strong Union Giants o£ Springfield at the local Three-I park Thursday afternoon and lost, 5 to Q. However the score IB not BO bad for the local team as it is their first year in the field while the Union Giants have been organized for a number of years and ara considered one of the best teams in Springfield. The locals play a return game there on July 26. About 800 saw the game here Thursday. Stevenaon and Collins did the ba,ttery work for the Brownies while Castler and Mitchell were the pringfield battery. The Brownies will play the Dalton City team at Dalton City next Sunday. RIVETERS ROUTED THEJEACHERS Dlade So Much Nolle Ttttm Were Held at High School. The riveters on the Powers building routed the- teachers who were taking the examination In the supervisors' room at the court house, and Friday's session Is being held In the high school building. History and arithmetic, are the subjects today. They decided that the noise of tha riveting machines was too disconcerting and they moved to a quieter spot. PASTOR INVITED TO HEAD COLLEGE Wichita, Kan.,. July 17.--Falrmount college in this city today Invited Rev. W. H. Rollins, of Waterloo. la., to accept the presidency of the school to succeed Henry E. Thayer, resigned. Mr. Rollins has been pastor of the First Congregatlonalist at Waterloo, eight years. On Time. Detroit Free Press.--"Does he o anything on time?" "Oh, yes; he quits work." There is a whole lot of old- fashioned honesty built into Little Rose Cigars. They are the same honest quality that they were 45 years ago kl /^l il · C 1 ! Mew Uothmg More T HERE'S a new Clothing and Gents' rurnishing Store at 600 East Eldorado St. Victor Steiner is the proprietor. He has complete new fixtures and as handsome a line of new clothing and furnishings as you ever saw. See his stock at once. You will be surprised at the very low prices he has placed on high-grade goods. The stock was selected especially for men, who want good, serviceable wearing apparel but do not think it fair to pay the prices demanded elsewhere. OPENING SALE Saturday, July 18th, 1914 This opening sale offers you an excellent money-saving opportunity. Look over these prices carefully. You'll find many things you or your boys need; select the things you want, and come early to make sure you can get them. The hundreds of careful buyers, who will take advantage of these opening sale prices, makes !t absolutely necessary that you come at once to make sure you will get a chance to select what yon need from a full stock. Negligee Shirts By watching the markets closely we found 100 dozen of the famous F. and W. negligee shirts in stripes, checks and dots, in neat colors, cuffs attached. All sizes. They will not last long. Come ear!}'. Opening sale price Suits Men's suits in stylish grays and blues' that are well made and as good quality as you ever saw for the price. Regular S16 suits. BJQ QC Opening sale price *5.3»J Boys' suits, sizes 4 to 9. blue and brown. Your little man would be proud of on- of these. Value 82.50. Opening sale C1 CO price ai.OS Special in hoys' snits. Exceptional value. Good range of sizes. You will like their style. Worth everv penny of 85.00. Opening jq mo, sale price J»O.*HJ Union made overalls, just the thing for any working man. Worth 75c Opening sale JlOm. price H3JC Khaki trousers, worth 81.25. Opening sale price Caps and Hats Dress caps, light weight and in neat colors. Regular 35c value. 4 Qp Opening sale price I w B Caps in all sizes and colors that are worth 75c. Opening sale price Soft bats in latest Fall shapes and shades. They are worth $3.00. Opening sale CI CO pr ce ..................... W a B*»W Soft hats worth _$1.50, S2.00 and S2.50. Opening sale price Men's balbriggan underwear, worth 3oc a garment. Per garment, 1 Qfi opening sale price ........... . · *'** Work Shirts Neat, well made blue work shirts. These are the kind that launder so well that any man would be proud to wear them evenings. Strictlv SOc value. Opening sale price Union Suits Men's union suits in balbrigijan and mesh, knit in all sizes. Just the thing for comfort these hot days. You can save money by buying a few extra suits for next Summer. You cannot duplicate these for less than 75c. Opening sale price Dress Shirts Fine dress shirts in white and light and dark stripes. You cannot buy ecjual quality anywhere for less than 81.25. Opening sale price Hose and Shoes \Ve bought the entire surplus stock of an eastern hose manufacturer and you can get some extra values at this sale. All sizes and different colors, double hee! and toe. Because of the quality of these hose we are obliged to limit each customer to six pairs. Hare value at 25c. Opening sale price Elegant dress shoes in button and blucher. also in the famous English lasts. Regular S3.50 shoes. Cg QIC Opening sale price f f c a w w A line of E. C. Skuffer SS,50 shoes. This is one of the best work shoes made. Opening §9 QE sale price W.33 Men's shoes in button and blucher. also in Elk outing that are worth 82.50. Opening S1 98 sale price ·»-·»**# Every article In the store Is 5uat as advertised. If at any time yon are the least displease! bring back your purchase and if net exactly as represented! yonr money will .be refunded. 600 East Eldorado STEINE Decatur, Illinois A Great Special Sale f\£ Men ' S) O 1 I ¥ · Ur rrr bample Hosiery 25c To 50c Values At lOc a Pair We were fortunate in securing this enormous hosiery purchase from the Ely Walker Dry Goods Co. of St. Louis--their entire sajjaple lines of more than 200 dozen pairs of men's, women's and children's hose at a mere fraction of real values, and we propose to share our good fortune with our customers. Geneva silk hose, silk lisle hose and the finest cotton hose --blacks, tans, grays and colors-men's, women's and children's hose made to retail for 25c, 35c and up to 50c a pair--all sizes--bargains of a lifetime at Stewart's, at the extraor- ordinary price, Saturday, a pair..... 0 UJ. iiieu s, women s ana 1 values, and we propose lOc 25 dozen pairs of women's silk boot hose, in black, white and tan, all sizes, worth SOc a pair, at Stewart's. Saturday, a pair 20 dozen pairs of women's pure silk hose, in black, white and tan. all colors, worth 75c a pair, at CfW« Stewart's, Saturday, a pair....''"'' Big Bargains in Underwear Site 50c and 65c Women's Union Suits Upwards of 25 dozen women's Summer union suits--dainty lace knee styles, with pretty lace trimming around top. 50c and 65c values,, all sizes, Saturday 39c women's union suits, very fine and soft; in the popular loose knee styles; lace trimmed, all sizes; finest S9c values, big bargains. Sat- urdav, suit ... 22c Women's fine gauze vests, the very latest style vests, with taped necks and arms, in white only. Vests regularly sold for lOc each. All sizes, Saturday, each ...-.. Upwards of 15 dozen women's cool gauze vests, all nicely taped and offered in all women's sizes. Vests considered splendid values at 15c. Saturday, -t f\_ each 1UC SOc Misses' and Children's Union Suits, 25c 25c Upwards of 15 dozen misses' and children's pretty new style loose knee union suits; all white; in 4 to 14 years. Worth 50c the suit. Saturday, suit Men's poros knit shirt? and drawers --fine, light and cool, knee and ankle lengths- all sizes. Regular 39c garments. Saturday, garment Men's u n i o n suits, ppros knit and balbrjggan union suits, short sleeves and length; all sizes; regular $1.00 and S1.25 union suits Kmi ana 89c Boys' poros knit union suits. ideal Summer garment for boys. Short sleeves and knee lengths; all sizes; regular 39c values for the 22c Extra Specials 15c Men's Handkerchiefs 5c 25 dozen men's fine white initial handkerchief; large size, wide hem. Regular 15c values, Saturday 25c men's wash ties, pretty striped effects, wonderful bargains Saturday, choice 5c 5c 3 Cakes of lOc Toilet Soap lOc Upwards of 1,000 cakes of high-grade pure toilet soaps that sell regularly for IQc a cake, big Stewart bargains, Satur- "1 f|/» day, 3 cakes for , JLUC 5e 5o Air-Float talcum powder, the regular 15c boxes; ( l i m i t e d 2 bo.Tes to a customer'), Saturday, a box. lOc bottle of Peroxide, large size bottles, f u l l strength, Saturday A Big Saturday Sale of Men's Shirts 50 dozen men's new style coat shirts, i with soft or starched cuffs, attached or detached collars. Newest striped and plain patterns. All sires. Won. -fill bargains. All $1.50 men's shirts 98c All S1.25 men's shirts. . . .89c Air SI. 00 men's shirts ____ 69c AH 89c men's shirts _____ 49c Another Sale of 26 Piece Dinner Sets $3.00 Values Another fortunate purchase brings 100 of these elegant 26-piece dinncrware sets for Saturday selling. Each set consists- of 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 sauce dishes, 1 meat platter and 1 salad dish. Think of i t ! This entire beautiful set--26 pieces actually worth S3--positively the greatest dinnerware bargain ever known in Decatur. Saturday, the set 98e (1 SET TO A CUSTOMER) 75c fine white eombinets, made of best American porcelain, with covers and Saturday 50e Plaques lOc 10 dozen of these beautiful hand decorated plaques, 14-inch sire, like cut, extraordinary bargains, 1 AM Saturday, each 1WI* WATER SETS 5 dozen water sets, cut glass, hand painted and hand engraved water sets; 6 glasses and jug or pitcher; values to $3; 1 to a customer, QRl* set Galvanized wash boiler*, large size, worth 81.25, Saturday... 59c 1-size galvanized wash tubs, 39fi Saturday 69c 2-size wash tubs, Saturday .... 35c 4-sewed Saturday galvanized brooms, 19c EWSFAPERI WSPAPEM

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