The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 21, 1916 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 2
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THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, TUESDAY, NOV. 21, 1316. THE CONSTITUTION Jneludmp; the Chlllloothe Constitution The Mail and Star and Chillieotlie oemocrar Owned and p u b l i s h e d bv J A t! c S E . W A T K I X S. j^ntorea at the Postofflce at C h l l l l c o t h e ALissoun, as second-class matc-r. J H Cusick and Cecil Moore at. tended the football game at Clulli- cotae Saturday atternoon Mr. and Mrs. J A. Mc.VIillen and daughter, Miss Lucy, \\eie guests ol Mrs. Robert Bradey at b'tica Thursday. Mr. and Mrs Walter Hightower were Breckenndge visitors Saturday evenmg. Mrs. C. P. Ireland of Cameron visited relatives here Saturday. Mesdames, E. G. Bryan, W L Moore and Miss Edith Gibeaut and C Wortendyke were shopping in Chilli- cotne Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H Cusick, Mr. and Mrs. George Rockholdt were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Flemken at Chillicothe Sunday , Chas. Gibeaut, J. N, Roberts, Cecil Frazier were business visitors at Chillicothe Saturday. Mesdames Susie Frith and George McXew of Breckenridge visited relatives here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Wajfer Hightower and sons spent Sunday at Meadville with relatives. Miss Lucy McMillen was shopping in Chillicothe Saturday. wsPtPEn OK Mr ' and Mrs Tl J- Ireland ot THE CITY OF CHII.LICOTHE Kansas City, Mr and Mrs C. "E. Wat- 'kins and Mr and Mrs J E \\%tkms CARRAXTZA HOLDING OUT. Grandpa Carranza is still holding on in Mexico like "grim death to a sick kitten." May be he will be able to correl Villa and his herd of bandit followers, but it must be confessed that the old man has the job of his life. Uncle Sam is doing- all he can to help the old fellow along and i£ Felix Diaz or some other Mexican revolutionary don't get the best of him he will 'be able to pull Mexico's chestnuts out of the fire. TEU.MS OF* St'BSCRII'TION. DAILY by Carrier in the City or Chillicothe, per year *5.oo Per week lOc DAILY by Mail. Postage paid in Livingston County, per year 93.00 DAILY by Mall. Postage paid outside of Livingston County, pop year *5.OO WEEKLY, postagre paid, per year »1.OO CIRCULATION. Adetailed sworn statement of circulation vill be f u r n i s h e d at any time when requested by an advertiser TITE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF LIVINGSTON COVNTV NONE SUCH MINCEMEAT and son, Irvm of Chillicotae, Mr. and TMrs. "W. H. Lydick, Mr and Mrs. H J. Ireland and daughter, Ruth and Jack Boucher were guests of Mr and Mrs A. S. Ireland Sunday. TOO THE HURT OUT OF HER BACK ARBITRATION. The principle of arbitration with an occasional exception perhaps is the sensible way to settle railroad strikes or any other trouble of a similar nature. We must not give up the pria-1 cipal of arbitration. It is the only sensible method to settle disputed j questions. The world's greatest achievements and advancement in civilization has come about by compromises and arbitration. "We can see n 0 other way to accomplish great things--to solve the problems of the country, including great labor disputes. The work of our jury systei i is very largely the result of arbitra. tion and compromises. It is an in_ herent principle that, not only the United States, but the whole world recognizes, and when not recognized may work disastrously for all concerned. A concreate example of this is, the present brutal war going on in Europe wherein millions of lives have been sacrificed and millions more have their lives mortgaged by continuous mental and physical suffering- throughout their remaining days. This blackest spot on the world's history could have been settled by arbitration and compromise had it not been for a few egotistical high-brows who had been waiting for this chance to plunge the European nations into war to gratify their lust for power Mrs. Anna Byrd, Tuscumbia, Ala , ·writes: "I was down with my bacit so I could not stand' up more thas half the time Foley Kidney Pills took all o£ the hurt out. "Rheu matic pains, swollen ankles, backache, stiff joints and sleep disturbing bladder ailments indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble Sold everywhere WHEELING, How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars upward for any case of Ctarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine. Hall's Catarrh Medicine has been taken by ^catarrh sufferers for the past thirty-five years, and has become known as the most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts through the Blood on the Mucous surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Blood and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken Hall s Catarrh Medicine for a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid frea of catarrh. Send for testimonials, F J. CHENEY CO , Toledo, O For Direct Vote on President, Portland, Ore , Nov. 20.--Senator night for Washington, announced the next presidential election that a coming- session of congress he will introduce a proposed constitutional amendment providing for election of the President by direct vote of the people. His intention, he said is to get the amendment under way promptly so that it may be acted on by Congress and if adopted there, by the legislatures of various states in time to become effective for the nexe presidential election. CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use ForOver3OYear» Always bears the Signature of i have contracted with the Interaa tional Harvester Co. for the full line of McCormick line of farm machinery. Any one wanting repairs for any part of this line, including gas engines and cream separators will hf furnished by me. E. H. LAKE. Phone SIS. 506 B. Webster street Chillicothe, Mo. Farmers, mechanics, raiiroader= laborers, rely on Dr. Thomas 1 Eelec tic Oil. Fine for cuts, burns, bruis- «. Should be kept In every horn*-. "'o and 50c. .BRYAN ESSPIKES 'DRY' WORKERS IJf Indianapolis, Nov. 21. the heels of William J. Bryan's visit to Indianapolis and his conference with 'dry' leaders, came the announcement today that the Anti-Saloon league this week will begin circulating petitions for statewide prohibition by immediate legislative enactment, instead of waiting for a constitutional amendment. Mr and Mrs. G- C. Babb has returned to their home in Brookfleld after a visit with Chillicothe friends THIS AKD VIVE CENTS! DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out th's slip, enclose five cents to Foley * Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111 , writing your name and address clearly. You will receive in return a trial package containing Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, for coughs, colds and croup; Foley Kidney Pills, and Foley Cathartic Tab. lets. Sold everywhere Glasses For Christmas. "What present could be more highly appreciated by mother, father, or other dear one, than a pair of nice glasses, made to the special measure of their eyes, and guaranteed to be a perfect fit? My plan permits them to be given as a surprise. Let me explain and show samples. Special X-Mas prices ?1.00 to ?10.00. C. W. PALM. Barney Bldg. * Chillicothe. Hl8d20w4 Auction Sale Dates. I have made arrangements with the Scruby Bros. G. I. Co to handle my sale dates. Anyone wishing my services call at that office and make 'date, or telephone me thru SpringhiH Central, or address Chillicothe, R. F. D. No. 6. Ten years experience Terms reasonable. Col. Win. Mast. 16-m 7" Recipes on the Package-Fruit Cake Pud din pa and Cookies Package Far Wc.t J2c t« 15c Makes Mince Pie twice as good as bulk mince meat, and costs half the price. Try it. '' Like Mother Used to Make " MERRELL-SOULE CO., Syracuse, N. T. QUICK REPAIRS " ' nilC llflllD ^\'h "ft fiit tin ce da.\s, ^ben VHC nitUn i can make it in one iffiur? i C i U C * * "Why pay t-u o piofits, when you | oAf L * $ can xuy l i o m the f a c t o i y ? CYAPT nilDI 1PATE Send the broken glass, CXAUI U U r L I U A l t j guarantee an exact duplicate without your pi ascription. Frames lepaircd also. ONE MILLION KINDS I "*"? p re P area ,'° unt niiL.uiun t v i n u o gund over one million kinds of lenses from the rough glass. Come and see. U A H flQRPR^ Pack all the broken parts fflHIL UnULIw in a btron^ box. 1 return glasses same day by paicel post C. O. D- Lowest possible charges C. W. PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMETRY B18 Webster St., Chillicothe, Mo. Phones: o«i"-». 903. Residence, 1450M Closed Every Tuesday The Flower Show given by the la- I dies of the Baptist church Saturday was a decided success. Over 9 0 0 1 tickets of admission were sold. Mrs Pearl Wilson and childien are visiting relatives in Ijudlow. Mrs. John Collins of Brookfleld attended the Flower show here Saturday. Mort Seeley of BrookBeld spent Sunday with his father here Mr. Kuhn of Cleveland, O., is t h e j guest of Miss Irene Bright. [ Mrs. Wilmet Herron and baby of iHale are visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Bassett. Miss Vena Smith of St. Joe is the guest of friends here 'Miss C. E. Wortendylce of Moores- viile is the guest of Miss Dora flaw- Mrs. John Cover of Chillicothe spent Saturday and Sunday with Mis T. B. Hendrix. Mrs. Lomax of Laclede attended the flower show Saturday. Mrs. Ishmael of Oklahoma is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Williams. BABY TTAD TTHOOPITTG COUGH Mrs. Sam C. Small, Clayton, N M , writes: "My' grandson had whooping cough when he was tnree months old. We used Foley's Honey and Tar and I believe it saved his life He is now big and fat." Foley's Honey and Tar is a fine thing to havo in the house for whooping cough, croup, coughs, colds. Sold every where. Read the For Rent. For Sale and Want ads in today's Constitution. STATE LEGISLATURE DEMOCRATIC BY 32 SECRETARY OF STATE ROACH OOMJP1LOES LIST. More Farmers Than Lawyers in the House, Rough's Official Roster Shows. Jefferson City, Mo., Uov. 21 --Secretary of State Roach has compiled from unofficial sources a list of the members of the new general assembly. Democrats will predominate m both branches of the assembly In the house there will be 78 democrats and 64 republicans, while in the senate there will be 26 demoeratb and eight republicans. Official returns will not make any change in the senate figures and cannot make material change from the figures for the house. Lawyers, as usual, will predominate in the upper house Occupa. tions represented in that body on the new roll call are: Lawyers, 16; farmers, 7; real es. tate agents and dealers 3; bankers 3; druggists, jewelry merchants, insurance agents, clerks and contractors, 1 each. Farmers outnumber the lawyers in the house this time On the unofficial census of the new house there are shown to be 37 farmers, 34 lawyers, 6 physicians, 2 bankers, 7 real estate dealers and agents, r scliool teachers, 7 merchants, 3 insurance agents, 3 traveling salesmen, 3 editors 1 preacher, 1 undertaker, 1 college president, 1 miller and 1 baker. Some members of the new house have not yet been classified as to occupation. There are a few more farmers than usual in the senate and about the average number in the house The Wesleyan Bible Class met Monday afternoon with Mrs. John Kester. It being the last lesson of the year the secretary and treasurer gave annual reports. The secretary leported a somewhat inoeased membership and good attendance, two members having attended every meeting. Mrs. J B Tanner conducted an exceedingly interesting lesson on the betrayal of Christ, Peter'? denial and the character of Judas calling forth much discussion. The next meeting will be with Mrs. ChrU Boehner, January 2, Mrs. John Burch leader. Children Cry for Fletcher's Classified Want Aas Tlie Kind Ton Have Always JBong-ht, and which has been in use for over SO yeaira, has ;borne the signature of , and had toflen made under his per. eon. ll*n$ervisicn since its infancy. . All« -w no»me to deceive ·youin this. All Counterfeits, Imitation iSj.antM'.Just-as-good " are but Experiments that .trifle ~wl KB ana endanger the -health of Infants and Children--texfcerlepce against Experiment* What Is CASTORIA Castoria Is a harmless enb goric, Drops and Si contains neither Op^pm. substance. Its age ls\|ts and allays FeverlshnesB. ' ha? been in constant use fa* th. Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Diarrhoea. It. regulates 'the assimilates the Food, giving- bea The Children's Panacea--Th* Mi for Castor Oil, Para* s. It is pleasant. It iO nor other Narcotic ee. It Destroys "Worms ore than thirtj^iscars it relief of Constipation. Teething- Troubles and Stomach and Bowels, thy and natural sleep, ther's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS pBears the Signature of In Dse For Over 30 Years The Kind You Have Always Bought I' WKltfT %'-** I'd LOST. LOST--A garnet bar pin. Finder please leave at Constitution office. 20-t( LOST--Diamond lavalier and chain. Finder please return t o this olflce. 20-3 LOST--City license auto tag. Fmder please return to Constitution office 20-6 LOST--Brown traveling bag somewhere between, the Utica Brick Tile plant and Chillicothe. Fmder kindly phone 322. Reward. 20-3 LOST--Ladies black chopping ba^, containing red silk cord and 3 dys. blue riKbon. Leave at Constitution office. 20.3t LOST--Gold neck chain and pendan,. v.ii.h small diamond setting- in jou envelope with Macdonald's name. Liberal reward for return of same to the Macdonald jewelry store. 17-tf FOUND. FOUND -- Auto State license tag. 1 Owner may have sameby identifying property and paying for this no- DR. J. M. McKIM DENTIST CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI PVOllRHEA A SPECIALTY »0-1 1-2 WiiHhinKtnn St. Offllce S0 --PHOSTBS-- Kexldcnce TSI CHIROPRACTIC is the philosophy, science and art tliat accounts for, locates and adjusts the cause of dis. ease^ Any information will be gladly given at my office free. H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Lady Attendant SEISER BLDG. --Opposite New Post Office-Phone 315 Seiser BId£. CHHjMCOTHE, MO. Office Phone 383 Residence Phone . . 1539-J DR. J. E. CALLAWAY SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF Nervous System, Digestive Or g-ans -- AH Chronic Ailments and Diseases of Eye, Ear, Noss and Throat. Office Hours -- 8 to 11:30 a m 1 00 to 5 : 3 0 p. m. Office. Second Floor Peoples Trus Company Building LOCUST ST. PHONES--Office 040; Res. 15O7-W DR. J. L. JOHANSEN Dentist Chiropodiist (Foot Specialist) Corns 50o Club Nail . . . ,75c Callouses . o O c Hammer Toe .50c to 7 oc Ingrown Toe- Bunions . . 50o nail 75c Xails trimmed properly 50c Massage of Foot 50o Special attention and care given in all cases Calls answered promptly in all parts of the city. HOURS 9 a m_ to 5 p. m DR. W. R. SIMPSON Practice Devoted to General Medicine 25 Years Experience In Disease ot the EYE, BAR and GLASS FITTING C*Hj Answered Day and Night TELEPHONE SB Offlee ft Residence--415 B. Webster CHILLICOTHE. MO. DR. T. G. PHELPS THE OSTEOPATH OFFICE IX GTJXIVl- BljDG. 2nd Stairway north of Leeper House OmLLICOTHE, MO. PHOTOS: Residence, 208; Office. 141 I Calls answered promptly day or nlgat DOT7BM PROVEN. ChUlicothe Readers Can No Longer Doubt the Evidence. This Chillicothe citizen testified long ago, f Told of quick relief--of undoubted benefit. The facts are now confirmed. Such testimony is complete--the evidence conclusive. It forms convincing proof of mer^ it. J. H. Dyer, prop- lunch room, Clay and Locust streets, Chillicbthe, says' "I had been a sufferer from severe kidney complaint and bladder disease for over six years I couldn't flnd 3. medicine that would relievo the trouble until I used Doan's Kidney Pills I had an irritating kidney weakness and my back was lame, sore and weak. I had pains across the small of my back and kidneys, too. I got Doan's Kidney Pills at Clark's Drug Store and they correct, ed the trouble " (Statement given Doc 15, 1911 1 KEEPS DOAN'S ON HAND' On July 3, 1916, Mr. Dyer said "I always keep Doan's Kidney Pills on hand and use them when necessary I never fail to get the desired benefit." Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy--get Doan's Kidney Pills--the same thai. Mr. Dyer has twice publicly recommended. Foster-Miltiurn Co., Props Buffalo, N. Y. MEM FERI/ TTFIED, TOO While much is said about tired women it must be remembered that men also pay the penalty of over, work When the kidneys are weak, inactive or sluggish, when one foels tired out and miserable, has the "blues," lacks energy and ambition, Foley Kidney Pills are tonic and strengthening Tb«y act quickly Sold everywhere Notice, Bridge Contractors. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals -will bo received at my office, until 12:00 o'clock noon, Saturday, December 9th, 1016, for the construction of seven re-itiforced concrete bridges. Also for the grading of what is known as the Haynes hill. I reserve the right to reject any and all bids. JO BROADDUS, nlSwtddl Bridge Commissioner. Thanksgiving Dinner. The ladies of Centenary church, one ajid one half miles south of Sturges, will serve dinner and supper at the church on Thanksgiving day. They will also have many beautiful pieces of fancy work for sale_ A good place to do your Christmas shopping d2wtd Public Sale Having sold my farm I will sell at public auction, 5 1-2 miles south and 1 1-4 miles west ol Chillicothe, and 6 miles northeast of Dawn, the fol- lo-wing property, on Thursday, November 23d ]«, Head ol Horses and Mules--1 roan mare, 7 years old, wt. 1300 pounds; Iblack mare, 7 years old, wt. 1200 pounds, in roal by horse; 1 black mare, 3 years old, wt. 1SOO pounds; 1 iblack horse, 2 years old, wt 1100 pounds; 1 biack mare colt, 6 months old; 1 black fillcy, 1 year old; 1 2-Toar-old black horse mule; two 3-year-old black mules, 1 horse and 1 mare; one 4-year_old black horse mule. O Head of Cattle--1 roan cow, 8 years oid; 2 red cows, 3 years old, all givipg milk and all to be fresh in April; 3 early spring calves, 2 bulls and 1 heifer These are extra goo'.! calves. 4 Head ol Hogs--4 Poland China brood so%vs, weighing 300 pounds each. Implements, and Harness--1 farm wagon; 1 Velie spring wagon, goo.l as ne\\; 1 McCormick mower; McCormick sweep rake; dlbc harrow; 2 14-iuoh walking plows; 1 walking cultivator; bob-sled; double shovel; rolling coulter; 1 set good heavy work harness; 1 set plow harness; 7 collars; 1 saddle; 1 flat boat. 'Jrain, Feed and Chickens--Some corn in crib; about SO shocks of fodder with corn on; 10 tons of hay in stack; 1 straw stack; S dozen Plymouth RocU hens. Household Good--2 heating stovos; 1 water cream separator; 1 bent wood churn, and other articles too numerous to mention. LadiM Mt. Carmel Church will serve lunch. Sale to commence at 10 a. m. Terms made known on day of sale. J. J. FARNER, Owner ticc. 20,3 WANTED WANTED TO FEED FOR WINTER --Plenty of grass, good wind-mill water and good stalk pasture. Phone ?OF12 or see Jas. Barnes or Mrs. Blue JCUK FOR KENT--Storage space. Henderson Son. lO.ti FOR RENTl--Modern rooms, close in. Phone 153. 20-6 FOR RENT--Furnished room, strict. ly modern, 615 Vine. Phone C90. FOR RENT -- My shop on S. Locust St Mrs. Henry T. Miller. Phone 96. FOR RENT -- 5 room house, cellar, lights, living water. Phone 778-M. 20-6 FOK RENT. -- Store room with fu'l sized basement at corner of Elm and Webster, fine location for grocer. ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. A. W. CIES, Auctioneer A. T. WEATHERBY, Clerk Public Sale Having decided to go south for the tienefit of my health, and debirmg to rent my Carm I will sell at Public auction at the old Moss Farm in Spimghill, the following property, on Thursday, Nov. 23, 1916 HORSES--1 black mare, 12 years old; 1 black mare 11 years old; 1 black marc 8 years old; 1 black mare 4 years old; 1 black iilley 2 years old; 1 roan yearling, and 2 roan suckling colts, good matches OATXU3--Three black and 1 ret! cows, all giving milk; 2 black yearling heifers, 1 late spring calf. FARMING IMPLEMENTS, ETC.--Two wagons; 2 spring wagons; 1 buggy, 1 McCormick Mower; 1 sulkey rake; 1 bull rake; 1 disc harrow; one 14-in. breaking plow; 1 lister; 2 riding cultivators; 1 corn planter with new wire; 1 smoothing- harrow; 2 sets double work harness; 1 set double Buggy Harness; 1 set Single Harness; 1 saddle; 1 McCormick ibinder. Aibout 2,000 feet native lumbet. GRAIN AND HAY--300 shocks fodder with corn on; about 200 bu. Corn in crib; 4 tons Baled Hay. TERMS MADE KNOWN ON DAY OF SALE. SALE BEGINS 10 A. M LUNCH SERVED BY LADIES OF SPRING HILL CHURCH M. A. MOSS, Owner COL. WM. MAST, Auctioneer CHARLEY RAULIE, Clen; FOR RENT -- 7 room residence, 3 lot/ and barn on north side of Jackso£, street and west of Dickenson St. \ 30-tf J. E Watkms. ~ FOE RENT -- S room modern housa. Bath; full basement, furnace, paved street, 8 lots, garage. Rent by year. Address Marlow Bros., Chula, Mo. 25_tf FOR RENT -- Six room house, thoroughly modern, every convenience. close in. Desirable. Will rent either furnished or unfurnished. William H. Hamby, 419 E. Clay. Phone 73. r5tt FOR SALI FOR SALE--O-verland Touring car; good as new, only 4 months old. Phone 21. 2_tf FOR SALE--One Double Standard Poll-Durham bull, 14 months old. W. T. Hudgins, Utica, Mo. 17t£ FOR SALE--team and wagon, horses in good condition. Apply at Coulter's Grocery. n!7dtf C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S .A. g5 T O F? 1 ^ Gold Fish Free 3 DAYS ONLY NOVEMBER 23, 24, 25 With purchases of BEXALL CHERRY SYRUP and MENTHOLLNE BALM as follows:-- 25c bottle Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Syrup-- Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 50c bottle Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Syrup-- Large Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 25c jar Rexall Mentholine Balm -- Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 50c jar Rexall Mentholinc Balm -- Large Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. If you want Fish FREE don't delay- the supply wont last long. Clark's Pharmacy -- THE REXALL STORE P. S. -We sell Gold Fish and Aquariums during the winter and spring but no fish, free only during this 3 day sale. FOR SALE--Horse, buggy and harness. Extra good horse. Inquire Cleveland Livery barn. 1 S-3 FOR SALE--Kitchen cabinet, 6 dining chairs, one rocker. Phone 157S-M. 1530 Webster St. 15-6 FOR SALE--2 'houses and lots, five blocks from souare. Call at this office for further information. 3-tf FOR SALE OR RENT--5 room bungalow, new. cheap if taken at once. Inquire 43"3 E, Jackson, or telephone 732. 28-tf " SALE OH RENT--Modern suburban property, 10, room house with 5 acres of ground. For particulars phono 1454-J. 10-tf FOR SALE--Encyclopedia Brittanica, 25 volumes, fine binding, good aa new, |20; 1 set McCauley's Histor." of England, 5 volumes, $3; 1 vacuum sweeper, Argyle, almost new, $5; 1 green velvet Davenport-bed, S20; 1 leather covered office or library chair. Telephone 246. LOST--Advertisements in the Constitution Want column helps find your missing property. EWSPAPERl

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