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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tuesday, July 12, 1859
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'torn the <nnnprthlaen«iid tVi^naa oltbaHtuigvriai) «n»,.»^^'l6no*« B riiryT^inmJric*, tfaftta flO^oriKi legkxn, nn^er the wwpioca of «^ctdelei«»«i*i4tof»«tonH OenTenUoo, to ' d»leeate«*o»>ldj9ta»e Osvnra PAIROHILD, SICHABD P.EIQHME, -13.W.KTCH, Dtteft at B»fifWi,Jone«, 1859. ; ., Camel* for tbe Plain*. Mri. Otto Esohe, of San Frmnoisoo, who stwtedoneof thefiwtexpediUorutotheAmooi rirer 'from California; and litely urirecl in Europe by w«y of Siberia, has informed bis friend* «ad correspondents, Messre. Ktmnth, H»ik<)r & Knhn, of New Yotk city, that betas contracted for a number of superior camels, to arrive in San PranoUoo by about September or beginning of Oetober, thU y«ar. Tb«w oainabj, «(nning-from tbe f alleys of Dpper Mongolia, couth of Sikatzk, the oapital of Eastern Slberij, and b«Tingbeea trained In the traffic and transport acroM the rough «nd •tony Gobi desert, froimPektaglo KUohift, on the Chinase^iberian frontiar—the great *f>nte for the Chinaae-Eossiaa «ommeroe, and lying on an iavaragejnuMJg than 6,000 feel above the ; level of the polar' sea—are In ever; way what i can he desired; stronger than any other kind, aaft-aciotutomed to every hardship, to short diet, and to the most trying and coldest climate It -will, therefore, be easily understood that" ^ these camelB are far preferable and superior to those imported from Asia Minor, • Arabia, or, in fact, from warm climates. It fires na great pleasure to see that private enterprise iaa already followed up the good exampleset by onr government^whiohj it wIB be . remanibsredj imported some year* back, about fifty camels into Texas, and that now camels of well known superior strength and quality »re brought into the market for public sale. , Air.)Otto Esche intends to dispose of his anitQA&^t public auction, as floon as tKeT «tC rive in'San Franoiaob, and to pursue the-bast- ness if-)racoessfaL W« hope that it may pi ore so to him, in spile of the 5,000 inik-s of t-ostly land travel, and 6,000 miles &«ft passage the ^imalp have to go through, $n<£ many other great difficulties and Ti«ks oonrsected with stub an extensive enterprise. 4 ' » I • IT ^ Dr. Boebtclunann 'and Uui State Centrsa Comvlttfc. In the loo&l column of this paper, Sunday morning, it was elated that Dr. Haebschmann resigned Ids position, on .the State Central Commit tee.'nearly a rear ago. It 'should have been "nearly two years 950," as tbe Dr. declined soon after he was^appoihtea, *aa& sent the committee » written communication to that effect. In fact, it may -more properly be said that he never accepted, than that he resigned, because ha declined to act with tha Committee at its first meeting'after the adjournment of the State Convention. • TUis he had a perfect right to do, as it is entirely optional with any democrat whether he win serve in such a capacity or not. Ihe Madkon Journal attempts to create an impression that his withdrawal was not voluntary, and,a la BottE, affects a deep solid tnde for the^safety -of naturalized citizens in the democratic party. . ' • ' Prompt P*T. " It MI instructive to remark," as an evening cotemporary would say, that the Albany Even' ing Journal, the organ jxar excellence of Sew- srd, advises the republicans of Pennsylvania to nominate for Governor, Gen. Packer, the present incumbent, who was" elected in IS57 ; by the democrate,or Hiram S. Fuller, a slaonoh and leading Ffllmore American,'who was the Know Nothing candidate for Speaker, against Banks.' This, taken jn connection with tbe nomination of Forney Tor Clerk, by Seward republican papers, loots as if that party-was •tUl intent on pursuing the policy of rewarding the eleventh hour men,, .even to the total exclusion of those who have bo'rne the burden of the'battle in the heat of |ho day ....Billinghurst, Doolittle and Bandall, in this State, have esperieuoed the troth of Judge Jackson's remirk, " that the republican party Ss prompt Tax NIAOAUA fAW,s Bon WAIKIB.— On the afternoon of the fourth, eaygthe Baffalo Courier, JL Bioudin again crossed and re- ctosaed the Niagara on his rope, In the pres- «noe of mere than ten thousand people. B* started from White's pleasure ^grounds, and first walked down the rope nearly-one hundred feet backward. Se then returned, took his jyfrtnrfng pole and walked to the Canada side. He proposed to put on a sack J before leaving the American aide, but his friends there refused to permit him to do so. ;The sack was sent round to the Canada end of ihe rope,. And M.Blondin 'pat it over his head and retnrned with it to the place Of starting", J This Sack was made of Indian htanatets .with places cut forhis'aimsr^ He badnodifilcnlty Jn crossing thai bundfolded, eicept, that iis balaneing pole eanght 'two ot three times -in the gay rppn. Be Wd down on the rope in the sack, and performed some other feats. Be now proposes to cany a man across on his shonldars, and the «nce^nsfnl applicant <W the pleasure of the trip 14 'a person Henry t. -Toung. V Jtl' Socbester named TH« PojStTroJr' -OF P*OSSIA.— The . official Prtruticte Zfiltay, ,of ,Jnne 22,'in a leading artfalswysjamong-otherthings, as follows:. "The Franco Sardinian aroy is moving mar the fiwrtiers of Germany.". Ihe Prnssian gov- enrment has repeatedly deoTared thalit regards the seourtty «f Germany ;as entrusted to Us «anx The. JtaBan uonfikJl is assuming ever increasing dtmentlojis. ingbxnd and Russia aiBMraingjwi the greatest Me- The Prnssian goveremeni would be fidthless to*n fluty *nd itehonld neglect to ant eoffltoensarately with that spirit by .' Prosrials thole «ag»gaai«nt; she obey* only om the Janet* be wrpiwrted with ib* -^««**?J«*$W - ,-,-^ SBB, and »Sflw«r iaya-obstaoles^rf j mayeonsiaarlhditjbn tii* ensnies of ibe F*theri*nd.'! garian command,^ofncered^by Hnngadans, lam direotcdto advise my tallow countryman, J da&lroB» of lolnlng their eompatriots at Oenoa, that they may 1bft¥ with confidence for irtll be indicated when final arrsng^ments shall hare be«n completed; They "are tttrtber^re^ qfiested tojonrarfljnetheir naines, avooatlpns, and other partioniiws, for trangmisslon-to the National Committee $ also, their respecti VB ad- dresses'forniyowngnldanpe. r * •• ;':" "/ To'the friendsluid sympathisers of.the Hon- garlan oanse^ Ib^j leaWto appeal—as directed —and request them to renew their generona exertions, now that, after a-period,of seven years'since Eossath'j departure from the United Stales, that oanse is not merely on the eve, bnt in, the actnaieonrse'of practical solution. ' The sums at that time contributed have been long since expended entirely In preliminary objects, essential to the furtherance of the cause: and now the moment of action Tiaving arriTOd,-and the limited Tna&ns' of the Hungarian National Committee being currently absorbed by the local necessities in Europe, additional means are required for the Hungarians in the United States to facilitate their passage across the Atlantic tothe field of action. It Is hardly necessary to allude to the anxiety And mental torture of th? Hungarians now ia America on daily reflecting that ^they,are prevented from joining their, more fortunate fellow exiles in Europe, who, near to the field of action, ire co-operating in' the solution of that national question for whioh we all made every-Saorifice tea years ago. Bitter Indeed must be the regret of, these patriots, if unable to realize that hope •which has tor ten years of exile been their daily, thoughts—to strike one more blow for the liberty of their fatherland. Americans, whose struggles .for independence is bat of reoentdate, can folly appreciate snob sentimenta. ' *• „ ' • " 8hepberdTCnapp,"r5sq;, Prewdentof thegUe- ohftnics' Banfe, S3 Wall street, New York, will kindly acton behalf of tbe Hungarian cause in this matter, snd will receive contributions, which from time to time will be published, to. getber with the names of the respective donors. A committee of American citizens ia now forming in Hew York city, which will apply these contributions to the -object to view. All gifts of arms willT>e gladly received by the committee, 'and shipped hence to Genoa for tha Hungarian service.' Any of the many Improvements by which "the genius of the people of the United States, has asserted its supremacy to the arts of war, as well as in those of peace, will be highly valued as appropriate contributions, and trill afford to'tbeirinventors a noble opportunity of being practically employed and tested in the field. Wherever the friends of tbe Hungarian cause in any part of the Union see fit to form com- tnHtees to co-opemte with -the Central Committee in NVn- York, I sfmll-ftvl indebted to h*>m for nu < arly inn mat ion-of the fact, with In; view of affording tUcm all tha information nidi nW'tance in tuy power. - : A. ASBOTB, 55 East Thirteenth street, New York. July 6,1859, ,' AloveraenU -of Kossnth. Marseilles Corteippndence (J nut 21—3:30 r. »•) oT tne Iiondon Times.. "B. Kossnth l»R bens tutft^mon^ing in (he Sinia, at Seven o'clock, for Genoa, accompanied iy M. Figyelmesy, who is designated on the Sardinian passport they have between them 'us " Aide de camp to 31, Kossnth,'' which would seem to imply' that the ex-dictator of Hungary is to hold B military command. Last evening M. Figyelmesy went to tbe encampment of tbe Austrian prisoners at Menpempti. He addressed himself exclusively to the Hungarians, among whom he distributed a considerable sum in gold and silver, giving nothing to the Germans. He informed bis follow countrymen that M. Ko^mtli wns in Marseilles, on his road to Genoa and tbe headquarters of the allies, where Ire was to have an interview with Napoleon III and Victor Emannel, for the purpose of organizing means to secure the national independence .of Hungary, which he affirmed the allied sovereigns had agreed to recognize. He also stated that the allies would lend their, aid to liberate Hungary from Austrian rale. I bc- lieve that M. Jlossuth's aid-de-csmp had no reason to be dissatisfied with the results of Uis mission. - On being told that M. Kossnth would spare so efforts to promote their well being and obtain their freedom as early as possible, tbe Hungarians expressed their pleasure at no longer being compelled to fight for Austria; but, for all that,' 1 doubt if they are inclined to desert, And risk the dangers ol another fight, with the prospects of a court mar- •tial if re-taken. When H. Kossnth and his aid-de-camp Arrived at the railway station yesterday afternoon they were met by police •gents, who Inquired at, what hotel they pro. posed to stop. On being informed of the address, a couple Of police agents, in private clothes, mounted-guard before the doors to watch Uie movements of the Hungarians, and note who-called upon them. \They were there the last thing at night and the first thing this morning, to escort M. Kossnth ind hfeaid-dai camp on board, and "tee them safe out of •France. Before leaving, a young .Italian volunteered to fight for Italian and Hungarian liberty, and was-tak*n to Genoa to nerve in tbe Hungarian legion.' M-JCogaiilh, 1 am informed, has many admirers in Marseilles, who wereonly deterred frcm calling to pay their respect* and express their sympathies by tbe presence of the police agents, ,. , .-, . from Ihe Paris Oonatltutlonel, June 28. We are told of M."Kossnth Arid GcnoralKla- pka, the former .of whom, say -the Austrian partisans, is gone to Italy with a French passport, While the latter Ijas-published a. proclamation to tbe Hungarians, datedirom the imperial headquarters. Not one- word Of aH this is true. The imperial governrflentbas'nothlng whatever to do with the proceedings or attempts of those m> refugees; bnt France dan scarcely be- expected to deprive them of their liberty for thegreater security of Austria. Be- lidffl, neither Kossnth nor General Klapka b in the habit of accepting * miiiion from any one; and^ when one of the ^English jonmalSj friendly to Anslriaj,speaks of them as agents of the French -government, -it misrepresents; their position,'and at tbe; satoe: time throws doubt on "the straightforward coBdnot' of France.-..We cannot afiact to be snrprised if toe Hungarians do not feel quite happy under Ihe Austrian'yoke, but we must not confound causes altogether {distinct. We are in Italy for' a determined object, which has nothing threatening for Bnropeah international righta. The cause has the sympathy of all tha greet States, U Jprell as of all civilised nations, and it is Solely With a vieW, to compromise it that at- jUmpts are now bang made to associat* with it jsaslons which France"cannot encourage. Unt s»e can affirm :tbese;«flbrtjr:io'alann cabinets and mislead public opinion will prove nagno- oeesfnl. There is one more accusafion which requires *n Immediate answer., •:Certain^oreiga journals assert; that Freneh intrigue Is active on the banks of tbe Danube In creating etabar- rsssments forTurkey and exciting the Bon main Principalities against bar*gov«rnment.— To these tasinttaGons we give themcst posilire demal.1 OB the very day of the Emperor's 6V pirtnre for the^army of jtaly Count Walewski informal i^ord Cowley of the intentionB and. views of his #***- ty on" that delicate qaeetion,. ^ojoghTio snffloe, In Ihe im- it bas given * no one the right to qnestion the slnoaritj of its language, -."-«-i '"'"•" ft '" r = J _ The followmgoaraftom Amosr ^eDdallap- go jiqaaire Mown as ' ' JT«Wy of the 20th instant,^! Ijsewa headed " Mrs. Baton J«d .General most that ewuW I* io the adjoinin was fortanatejy mere breath of air fronvthasonthJesst, was to»ve ttw The wind. l^JHf -fiw * ctolM TWletlei Loblns^ aoapj and J.M.ALURHt. "of which thefbllowittglsanextract, i ' j >"-''-'%, ;\r— ; mail -iM*<!«&u&M /Aha'tuM- rn»t«Tii1'« c / •ORM* J*» y^lj£,^™?^ f g*S*:!Pf$?£ m r'^t^ai*mtmf»Hft jm|n»» M& anddU^ot wmfo'nntotha^ssge.'aijd from 'e«tarp«eclnmjnstince8 which finall; broke op the fleneral's . the White Honser ~I4w lady of the house was Mrs. Donaldson,-wifr*f 3Jajo> Donaldson, itw "'' "~ - .-_ . .. -_^-.^.^.,, to promote*w.i jnpbb,,tbe suoeesilon. But tbe breach betwwiirhim and Mr. Calhoun was wholly independent of-these petty feuds, and would dpubUaBlhftveOocnrred had Mrs. Eaton never existed.'"It grew but .of a course of events datlngbaei as f^tr as 1818 r but not folly developed nntfl 1831..^ -^ "~ >;/••--.' , 'The brick story with 1 which.'your article oonolndeffls believed to" hat* no, relation to Mrs. Eaton, though' If has this 'foundation^ thaVwhenaiot brick was urgently, requirea for one of his family, he promptly loosened One; with the* "tongs Irom the -throat of the chimney, and sent it to the physicians? Such is my recollection of an iuordcnt mentfoned at the time as Illustrating the promptitude? of -General Jackson's mind in -meeting -emergen* ciesr The inaooaraeies of your article are doubtless attributable- to impressions made by newspaper misrepresentations during General Jackson's administration, and I doubt not yon will be as desirous as I am that jnstice shall be done to bis memory by (heir correction, • " r With high reipects, > - " v - Auos EKKDALI. ' Avoiding tbeRe«pon«lbtUtr' "~ ^ Brother Cramp and Noel were' members of the church, and both clever, honest men wh» paid their taxes and-dobts, as the same annu Dually occurred, wittf ft='regularity at once Christian and commendable. If, when the' settling day came round, Brother Noel was ''short," Brother" Cramp was 1 sure to be in funds, and on the other almost seemed providential how, if Broth, r Cramp felt-"behind," Brother Noel always had a surprise ,' Thus borrowing from and lending to each other, worshipping at the same church and living a mile apart, an intimacy gradually ripened between them ; so at least they did ,not hestitate tOL-speakinTlm frankest and most familiar •manner to each older, - eveti'in regard to their respective-foibles. - '-. Now, it came to pass that Brother Crump daring the liveliest period of the cotton season droyeinto Wetumpkaand disposed of his crop, of ten bales, at a very fair Vrice of twelve and A half cents per pound. It was more than he expected, and, -as the world was easy with him he determined to invest, and did actually invest a portion of the procwds 'of the sale of (cotton, ih a barrel of "Western whiskey, paying therefore at the rate of precisely two pounds bf middling cotton /or cue, gallon of "do." whisky. Of course It was known In tbe settlement that old Crump had bought a whole barrel, and-after a few weeks people began to Observe that bis nose grew redder and his eyes more moist. The idea tint Brother Cramp was drinking too much, diffused itself In the neighborhood, until, as one might say, it be Came epidemical. People talked and talked—more especially What few of other denominations of Christians there wire thereabout. [ Brother Noel was sorely troubled at the scan. dal, and espeeiallr regretted the Jnjury It brought to society at Sharon. So one morning he stepped ovi r to brother Crump's and found the old m-ui in a doze in tbe little porch. 1 " Won't yoa taki- a dram?" asked brother Cramp, as soon as he -was made aware of the presence of his "He!?libor. i "Why, yea j Fmnat agin a dram when a body wants it." , j Brother Cramp got his 1-ottleand the friends took a dram apiece,, ' H * '«1>on'tjron think,^brother Noel," said Crump, "that spirit sis a blesain'j" i "Tea," replied, "spirits Is a blessin' that some of us abuBp*" "Well now. brother Woet ,who do yon think abases the bluefo' W \ "Well, it is hard to say—but people talk . don't yon think that yon drink a little too much, brother Cramp?" ' j " It Is hard to say," remarked Cramp.— "pometimfs Tin thought I was a drinkin 1 iiU uiuflh. ATnJ jtitm -igin I'd think nay be not. \ What !* man ? A trrak teaman of the dust 1 So \ loft it to the Ixrd to say whether I was ajgoiu' too far inspirits. I put the whole ,'spon- sibility on him ; I pruyed ef I -was drinkin' too rnpcli, for him to take away my appetite for spirits. Here Brother Noel groaned piously, and asked, " What then, Brother Cramp'" "jAnd,"replied Cramp, "I've prayed that prayer three times, and h* hain't dona it. So I'm clear of Ihe'sponuibility, any way." |" The Lord's will be done 1" ejaculated Noel, and, after taking another drain, he went home, thinking all the way how cleverly Bro. Crump had cleared the • responsibility.—XZo- paper. I Prasxla on the Bhlne. ! The few words in tbe last telegram about Prussia may be interpreted to mean nothing remirkable or to mean a great 4eaL This power is 'about to mediate with arms bt its hands, and just as it pots In motion a great army in the direction of the Bhine, What it wfll propose, it is of course not definitely known; but every revelation of the sentiment that controls the Court, thus Car, is to the effect that it will make common cause with the Court of Austria, so far at least as to plant itself on the Vienna settlement as tbe basis of European order, and that its propositions will Iw modifications of existing bases rather than radical changes. This has been certainly, the tone of everything that has come from this quarter, or that has borne an official stamp;— There Is nothing, therefore, Jmprobable in the report which came in the Adelaide's news, that Austiia had consented in full .to aUPrui- sili'} propositions, and that tbe basts of those ptopositious was. the concession of a milder rqleby Austria. ! Bnt it-is dim nit to see how terms of this sort OAR be a<v pled by Loots Napoleon. He has pledged himself so thoroughly, in line upon line, to the Italians; he has .so strongly promised that .they shall control their own daptlny, that U would seem to- be. well nigh impossible far him to accept of any basis IMS radical than that of the total expulsion of the Anstrians from Italy/ If Prussia does , not ooi isent to that, then there is a fair prospect of a jenerml European war. Two facto among the "Adelaide's advices may .indicate ^merely precaution, or they may indicate a foregone conclusion of a wider war, namely; 1, That Prussia is moving an army towards the Bhine aridi 2, that Napoleon also, as a preface to any. mediation, w»a preparing to march an army la the Rhine Weeks ftgtfU was said that.the reflecting mind of Europe was paying far more Attention to tbe Bblne than to theTicino, »nd events seerflto justify this solicitude. All that can now be said Is that Hie political world seems to be on the eve"of raomentons eveqtSr-;, - Up to tha last arrival, the expression, of the Pans press— we think' with hardly an excep. tton— has been that Prussia's policy; was -for peace and neutrality, ' The' angry debate in the s^rossian chambers j the enigmatical words of the Prince Regents; the mobilization of six 6orps tFarmie, were all f ntsrpreted into a peace 'aspect. When it U.remsmbered that the |i>ress Alters noth»i«~Jwt ^hat x the Imperial ' ol Napoleon's 4es&Htor iieutraUtjl ,"5fhat *iUbe_the inlerpreifatioriY%'Al«l8: prew, « the Prussian march to the Bhine-? li'thffl, too, to be termed an'inilloaUou Of peace} Does Napoleon'awrtntler Movement Indicate 'foil* «ujs COHBCMKTJ.— Since our last lasoe our village has beefl visited. by. the most .destructive ' - On Tuesday moratog ak-,,abaafc-bal^aner->t»iro -"— *~ ~ du l*o,;«. «onptar tb«t is *We& fe Itav* /did to a»ka pcwl fts r ri»k»-Jn the Oibkosh " * ~ "-* * K: ™" J*««M» and otonpfea on th« first toor by VanP«ttea - —- J — " 8ta^f»l'tttrtefito«|®tby t! *?• ley,thefi«fleorjot»Bl«lvwasnsedb, _„ a store, and, the seoond story by Ur-^HHes, "" * " -|rhom»T<i4Miitoltoi riitoiroperty:" ,Tba losa ,«nd; gSOO son Oornar little T«ht«rjaf their ramoyal ted daring ihe,next year^ Only one -ww own- pled; and tfiit one by Dr. 8tye,4rho nvjed thai contents oiThis office wlthont inndh Injury.— HT. Stunner eiUnwtes to loss *t about! ^ i By tearing down tho^rna bnildlnfr, sto rs known as the B«» Hire was garedj • The cause of the fire" 1s coknown. Conjee- tares of er«ry navtnre am onrrent; Lot thia most probable eefenu that which atlribntes it to, tn» fire-works of the Fonrtb^ which were continued until abont three hours prevlong to the breaking ont of the oonflagratlon. -Neither the stale of tha atmosphere at the time, nor the locality of the fire, makes it «eem like thfr work of an incendiary.-^ BarabSo Republic. ~ >>„ Wauted to POrchaae. THU ajTertiaer wishes to porthaa* » House and Lot ple«s»nUy located In the BrfenlS Ward. Abudiom size i Bonn on »tot StTby ISO feel to. *fl-»ney wonld tnnrer the ptrrpose. JLddren Drtrwer«» wllh tocatton ana price. " " .. ^'* »" Jy8-lw B Y A U T H O B I T V . r. , .1 STATEMENT - >' Of the Condition bf the Mutual Jnniraaet Company, of Buffalo, on tha 8d of Ptbrn»ry, 18S8. Made to the Secretary of State, Wisconsin, pursuant to the Statutes of that State. • - ' > ' > BUKtAIDUXlATIOX. , , 1. The name -ol &a Company lc T&tifutaaTTntur- anct Company of BnJTalo, iocated in State ofHew torlc. * ^ - Loimw- -v . S. Tne suUioriied " - . capital..:: ........ ."..A 3. Tho amount paid up. . . . . . • 4. < II. aasm. 1st. Cash oo band.- 137.M1 81 Sd. In. the hmdsof and - dne ' f rain • asents 4 othets - 3d. No teal estate, ith. Bonds bdd by , -the Oo.Iav * 1. 1C. a K.B, bonds, 12^)00 2,Toledo,- Sonralk ACIere, bands.. 4,000 8.H. I. B-B-tonds, 8^00 t j- *. Stocks: . 4.S19 8T 0. 8. «a- -' tjX» -worth .....^ ..... »,1B6W . '. ..^ 8. K. York 6*6,000 do C41S.WO worth...... ...... 26,901 16 ^ . -- i_— 46J6.7 SI 5. Debts due la the Co. secured by mortgage on un- encntnbttVJireal estate, . . worth donWe the amount of mortgage H per ache- dole" bearing 7 per cent. . Interest ..... , ........... lU.CSI 19 C. Debts otherwise secured by stocks, mortgages and Inaorance ccrlp of ttda and other companies, and Interest on same.. ."...... 64^1.1 U 7. Debts for premiums, consisting of bai* receivable, • 55.OT4 12 8. All other : secnriUes and claims doe the Co., salra- • ges.Tesaelst.Ac..'........ ' 80,664 8J, 9. 'Verional prppertr owned by tlic Oo , Steam Tug, Pumps, *c-, 20,«30J1 Total Asseti S. The amount of liabilities due to bmksand other creditors.' Hone, except- 6. LOSM* adiiited anddae. I, da do and not dne. S. Leasts unadjosted. Sap- posedtobiat the extent Non*. ». Leasts In imspeMf. Same , as No. 8. 10. All other claims against the company. Individual balancta, oa claimed dividends, ani redempUoa 6f Scrip oncaUed for Total Uabi!i.l« IV. srootujuraoca. The greatest amount insured In one risk. , of fire rtska Isthe anal limit; bat In some casts of short risks $10,000. On Ttssels and cargoes If 15,000 Is toe utua) limit, Including both. .! 12. Gross tmottat of premiums Teeeired In .State of Wisconsin for the current year, ending February 11 8, lsS9, tJKjO. ' . i 13 Tbe market value of 'ts stock. The Company bar no' stockholders, lie scrip Issued on the Jlalual j.lanby IMtbaner constitutes IU capital and the value of Krtp rarje* according to Its priority of Issue, - 1 -' 14- Dividend, f per cent on lls onutandlng scrip. 1& The charter «r act of lacorporUon of ssJJCi .nv. Sent berewltn. . f , JAMC3 0. EVAHS, Pmia* A. A. KoBi*nacv», Secri-tary. t STATE OF WISCONSIN, i . . ; . 5KCSETARTO OPflUfc, 1 [ r t sUwso»,May81,lSM. ( Batlsfaetory cndence harlng been famished Is:me that the mutual Insurance Company of Bnffald, being an Insnrsnee incorporated try the State of tie* tork, baring compiled with the requirement of aectied one of An Act eouiled "An act U regulate Insurance Cofcpa- nlea not incorported by ins ctateof Wisconsin,", ap- prorea Uarch 17, ISM, aoJ harmg also pali Into the titate Treasury the ram et three per cent, on the gross amoontorpreafloms recelred in the Stale of WUa6n. sin tor Ihe yesr 185S, ss per report of said Compiw^- Now, theretow, In pursuance of the act aforesaid, 1, UaTld W. Jonet, Secretary of Bute of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby ctttlfy that W. r, Hnrd, of Milwau • leeitf. he be duly authorized by said Company) oay take ricks, recetre premiums and transact the business of an Insurance Agent for said Company In this State, from tbU date, nntll th* first day of January, 13GO.' ^ In witness whereof, I have hereunto aet my Band ,. . . and affilxed the great seal of the State, at '• 1 L - B -J ' (heOapllotlD Maauon, this 31st flsy of slay, ISM. -• je!4-dlm Asslitant Secretary of State. - : BOARBINQ. , T WO gentleoien with their ladlet can be accowmo- dated with first dan board at ' 329 MAIM STKEET, Second door corth of Onleda; also ore or six jsntle- men can baTS room*, and from sir to ten day txjtrders can be" accommodated on reasonable terms. ' .jeS«-QTm .. MBfl. WILUAMsOH. X.QT;FOK BALE. TE&t desirable tot Sf land, comer of tyonand A. Marshan avect, InttafKrrt Ward of tne? Ctyof Mllraukee, wUJ be sold at a greai saoriflci. for terms apply to No. Z3T Main street. , LAGEBr BEER ANJ> ,»ItJLIAB,», BOOBI, '„ ISO EfMf •OTMer Street. 1 VABIETT- of 'Dishes-prepared at all >ittrf,for of -•*'*' Lunches or . « OTBTHt8,te. '' Musical InUrtalnmtnt erery Saturday eTenlag.' -i oltttaoee free, » > ~ < O recelred by Ei> VJENlSONrJEiAMS- rf i SMOKED SALMONJ wh«at mar31 JMtAPJLE SYKUP. . [apleByrnp, chdc* article". .alT * HDNHVkOJnJSBt'8. HEW P. MOfcASSES F or mart! LY T BDNS » HAiK TI ,* f OOTH -BBUSilES. and Degant assortment of Ixnfioa |aifl J08 East Water . Pure French Jfrandy. Ett JOWfj'ina: Maderla Wlnei, J»»tlTe! Oripe I WtoetjtondonOordJal Qln. London Portsrj Scotch BUSINESS CARDS. Stevens OOIJNHEL.L,ORS ATII^AW, iTTORNBTff&CdOiraBLLOBS AT' LAW. f Wo. 10, Albonr BiUldtaisr, ;..'. »pl .W1SCOH81M. {' PECKHAM ft BlOOpCOOD, LAW, 3. W. P«cmii, formerly 1 »aMOB bux>DOOOT _ ' ,sV BIOODQOOD Is TJ.A Court Commissioner aoJ Com- teUaloner lor several states. novu-dwn PA1MKK 6s KTAUK, & Couiuellore at Law. 1 jar omee, Ho. S, HltcbeU't Hew Bank BnllihnB.eor. psr of Michigao and last Water strwts, Milwsultee. janW - ' '!* 'JNO. A. SAVAGK, Attorney and Counwllor at Law i : K03. < A 10, PHOENIX BD1LDIN t, tmWADEEB,, , WISCOS8IH Ii'OommlsilocerforM. If., i'eaa., Ohio, lodiana, 111 I • anil Io*a. t United &<t\e* atMtOifcvU CourtCwmitt'icmtr. t ^J. V. V. PLATTO, Attorney & Counsellor at Law. |V Office InlliteheU's Bant Baitdlng, No. 9, Mfl- waukee, Wisconsin. janll S BPANOKNBKKO, AUoruejs & I'oanseHors at Law. Office, Not. 3 {• 4, 4ftaajf Building corner iyon <£ itaia Stre't'. potiteUieHewhall Uoiut... liuwaukeeWl«: B. o. HfloTO-... ...K sr\gsnai»na. . Brain w.o»ia*» IJPlTAtH A UKAItAni, Atto'.-ntjrt at Lay and gclicltors In Ohsnci-ry, No_ A l Wtscvusin street, UUwankee. jnnl-~ -O.TOX D«rr#ca ...,....-• 1 - -..». D *. v rs <• H. ;& . »v i rr KL E R r ATTORNMfrASB OODNSELLOBS AT LAW, OnnOE— Empire Bloc*, MIX EsstWitcrst. JflLWAUXES... ...|Je«j....... W1SCOSSI1T, CHANDLER & H1CKCOX, Attorneys ACungellora at Law ' NO. * ItWfiCfcAWD KfcOCK, . . . . . .{sprlS j . .. . . lAxxa BIOXCOZ. COTTOS, COON, HOLL1STEB,&COTTON. C'oiiuselfovs, NOS.4,9,AND6, PHCEN1X BCILDINO, (19? E"' Vfater Street,) .. ..Je».. Vli. | JUST KKC'KIVEL> AT HU r\' IV & CROSBY »S ANOTHER EH V010K Ot OH010K 1BUIT, OUPSlSIHa 100 barrels Apples, k (gr»ftetl frail); S3 boxes of Oranges; 10 boxes Lemons; 1,000 Its KaspWrrles; Tease Fresh i'lfs «OJ 6 barrels of Dried PeMhes, all of which sre are selliBg >t prices astonlsh- InglJ lo». feblfi J, U. CORDES& QO,, (live ooUc« to their business friend* that they turn removed their, Wholesale Grocer HU INJESS rro ruEia OLD STAND-, Ne»rcornsiof EAST WA'rtUt AMD DETROIT . „ utmae tb- twne u hentoforc. H NOTICE. • 1 8 iereby glvco that kll Ihe countersigned circulating notes issued bj the "People's Bank" at Milwaukee, dust be prnenled attfceorCce of the Kaok Comptroller Vllbin tbree jtsrs fn m llie dale or Iliii notice or IhsU. the fands depositeil lor tlie rtdero^tion ..f said circulating nctes will be glr«n up to ttie said Banking Association. Milwaukee, March 12,1&9. B. UAEB.TEL, aprIC Vttil'ltnl at the People's Bank. O ONJ^EH JUEl>GEK HAT 1 WAT- HAT. HAT. HAT. HAT. HAT. W.D. BACOS-a l£o East Waler street. BONNEK BONNEK BONNEK BONNEK BONNEK BONNEK Just received at aprCu I.KDQER J.fciDOKK 1..KOQKK ALL</'OTT, - AND CHEMIST, UO8 HAST W,. I EB STUEET, ' ; --LJ01] WISCONSIN. HOU SE H T O KENT. Vt/ii bare several Brick and Frame Houses to rent f T exceedingly cheap. We h«Te for saJe s> vast qnantUy of Beal Kitate, consistlo; of nouses and LoU, ImproTtil and Dalmptored Firms of erenr slie lo suli purchasers, School Lands carefully selected at aa earl; day. Time will lie Riren for part ol the purchase money, clear titles anil warrantee deeds. QBEGOErACO., S2i East Water st. i : FltODI BOUNDS 4: 1.ANO11ON, (General Advertising Agents, JS5 BAKDOLPB STJtX£l, 'Who are authorised to receive Adrertlsements for this as tttll as all of the most Inflaentlal and largest clrcn- allns papers throughout lh» entlra Nbrth-West. Tbe Fraoklin Chemical Works, ] NO. 231 NORTH FRANKIJN STKEET, CHICAGO, • • faeg leave to announce to oar eustomen, and to lie trade In general, that during thtl season DO trareltug agent trill be dlspatebed from our wortcs^- WeiaTiia oar old customers and others W faTorns by .ktler with Ihelr orders Tor Essences of Liquors, vhlcb, as always, will be executed to their entire satisfaction. Thousands appreciate the plan upon which our Ktsences are made which presents the roJloTrlflf ad. vantages and facilities ncTer offered by others: ir-The Eisenc«j .from these works_are actasJly gali«dt>y distillation; therefore Healthy and Pure— somothlng that others cannot of dare not claim for theirs.: . 2.* 'TheCosts are much less than others; because these Ituenen are put up La packages, csch conlalnlag esongh for forty gallons, "and comprising not only all the ramlred.lofredlents, but atta t&i coloring. Address letters to OAHL EBLEB, MaonjCT, iranklln Chemical Works, Chicago, HI., P. O. Box, 3343. KMPL.OYMKNT. a Month and alt Expenses Paid, A N A6ENT U wanted to ever; >«n> and connty In XV the United Stales to engage In a respectable and e»«y bnsizrm, by which .the-abore profits may be certainly realised. For further part'cnlars, addrera PS. J. 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Vnoeh, English anil American JET^TELRYl 1 -' ' Of Latest fitjlei, at ' Cor.Xatt Water and Wiiconafn Strttti. lately disposed ef most of toy former stock, 1 myself in searching rt the, Ksol tern Market* Styles and Patterns, Which hsrre been Imported and manufactured since the last jwnic. I htte also porchated a targe stock ol I&fjiea' and Gentlemen's Watche W116 'moTtmeots acknowledged W tbe men suptrlor by ib« American pohlic. OOT80 STRICKLAND & CO., 188 EA&T WATEJEt ST. W ALL STREET to- Caahmere. A journal of live. year* to Aila, Attica and Europe I wJttlW m«- tratloo* from •ketehesmade oath* spot by Jo&n H.Ire- land—1*,06. LlfeandTlmeaof Carey, Maxshman and Wat J. Embracing to* B^tory of the Serampore Mission ; by. John 0. Marshman. Price S 00. _ . • Lecture on Metaphysics and Logic, by Sir WJlI&m Hamilton, 8 00. ' : Tne Kmplre of Anrtrtaf; Its nte and present'power, by John B.O. Abbott,! 59. "Wyoming; 1U history, slicing incident* and romsa- llo adventures, by Seorge Beck, D. D. T 1 60. . theHarpofaThouaautl&rkiga; or the quintessence f human wit, waggery and wtatloei, 1 '& Army Life on tbe Pacific. A Journal of the Eipedr- tionagarnsl tbe Northern Indians, the tribes of tha Oag-D'Alates, gpoayaanil Pslouzea, Inthe summer OU868, bf Lawrence Hip, of the U. d. Army. Price we* . Art of Sxtea,pore Speaking. Dints for tlw Pnlpit.the Senate and tlw riar, by H. Bautaln. Price I 00. Diary of Lady Morgan, 1 25c. • Tne »miance of a Poor Youag Mao, 1 W. New sUBitrated Boral Manuals; comprising the House, Ihe Garden, the farm Hut Dimeatto Animals — Pries 1 M. Hint* toward* Physical Perfection, or the Philosophy of the Haman Beauty - r ihowtag how to acquire and retain bodily symmetry, health »nd vigor, secure- long life, and avokl the Infirmities cad Utfarmltk* ol age hv D.H.Jse<iae»,»00. " • a ' Spnrgeon'i pennons, volume are, I oo. Love lie Little, Love Me Long, by Chas. Eeade, T5e. History of the Dominion 01 the Arabs In Spain, 3 75. 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The Testimony of Modern Science to the Unit; of Mankind; being a summary at tueconcliulans announced b; the highest authorities In tha several departments of Physiology, Zoology, and comparative Philology, In favor of the specific un.ty and common origin of all tne varieties of If an; by J.L.CftbOl, U. D. Pries il. Memoirs of the Etnpre s Satberlne 11, written by herself; »1. 1'tie Convalescent; by SV Parker Willis; 11,25. To Cub* and Ba«k; b> BlcbarJ Henry i ana; 73e. The Bertrams; a Kovtl; by Anthony Trollope; $1. j Milch Cows and Dairy farming, comprising the j Breeds, Breeding and Management, la health anil disease, of Dairy aoit othir Etock; itie selection of Siikh ' Cows, with a full expla mtion of Quenor's method; the culture of Forage Plants, and th» production of Milk, Butter, and Che«se; by Charles J. VUbt, 1^5. 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J ' History of Frederick tho Great; by Thomas Carlyle; M. Pporgion'iSermons; TofS, tl. Tbe Uame of Draughts or Checkers, simplified and ex- >lalned, with practical diagrams and Illustrations; by D. Icattergood; 87c. The W*r In Europe; Its remote snd recent causes, '1th two mags and several engravings; S5c. Appleton'j New American Cyclopedia; vol. 6; $3. Webster's New I luatraled, Cnabridged Dictionary, C. Theodore Parker's Works Complete. STKICRLAND A CO., JylQ . 131 East.Water street. NEW BOO MAP OF THE SEAT OP WAH PKUJK- TWENTY-1-IVE <JTS. Ai Strickland & Co.'s. This. Jfap e ntprefietiJs Ihe whole region o/ cmtntfy en' toliich. the present icar mil be tca/jed. T UB at«tes which Bgora on thu Map are Piedmont and Lpmbardj In the Mortli and South of these, i M > Modena, Csrraro, Lneca, and paru of Toscan; it ii.e Pspal States. On the north we hare glimpses of a> .IMrland and the Tyrol; on thewest the Alps shot oat U e >«ne from France; on the east we see Adriatic The »ur »M evidently i e confined within these limits. The t-rr,iory comprised in Lombard;, Venlor, Piedmont .itid Savoy, i'arma, M6dena «nd Taicanr, though not <t itti as large as the State of New York, containing a poj'u:nta,:i or neirIy'13,OiK) ) OCO souls. Of these, onlj VXB.OOu- 3artl.nians—are free Tom the direct or indu rant sway of Austria,. Lombardy, which la part of the AnstrUn empire, and which Is, in some respects, tht- fiiust coon try—In point of natural adranuges—In tb.: world, contains a population of 5,000,000. It once hatl twice or thrice as many. The AnstrUni, crossed tbe Tlclno, we are told, u three potats—threatening Noyars, Casale and Vercelll and farther rttrth, Brllla and Jorca, and the northern extremity of the railway from Arom*, on Lake alagglore to Oenoa. Of these point*, the only one ol an; strength U Casale, which Is an Important military position, and has been strengthened at considerable expense. It IS tha neareit strong place to tha Lombard frontier, and was IB olden time* tha scene of many a consist. The population at tha last census was 21,000. Sovara 1s unfortified, though a place of note, with about 20,000 Inhabitants. A rallvay connects NoTsra with TUrln. The fresco have entered Piedmont on two skies—by the Mont Cenls and Genoa, Railroads from Susa toil from Genoa will enable them, If they choose, to concentrate their forces on Turin In a few hoars.— The QeOora road passes through Alessandria, which, next To Genoa, Is-the strongest place In Piedmont; so that, lilt bo thonghtadvliatle, ona eorp d'armet may move directly northward from thence. There are also roads firom Alessandria and from Turin to Vercall! which would enable the French to collect their troop's there also. The Brat battle of tha present campaign, was fought at Monttbell*. May 2l3t. The great battle which decided the fat: of Nspoleon'a first Italian cam palgn, was fought June H, 1SOO, on tbe plain of SJoren. .go within sight of the fortress of Alessandria. je30 BOUT PROPRISTOB '* MAHOTACTDKS2 OF PUSS OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, HIS Brandy has been manafactured for several yean Qsom the pare juice of the CUawba Grape, thna affording additional evidence of the progress ol American enterprise and Industry, and of oar ability to produce articles at home eosa! to those made by any other nation. The- Ohio Oatawia Brand; not only equals bat excels tite best Imparted' Brandies, In parity and flavor. It is ta fact tie best Brandy knotra. This statement Is full j corroborated by tie certlacates of oar most distinguished analytical chemists. ' -tbe want of Pan Brandy ha*" long been felt In this eonntrjr, and the introduction of an article of such quality at m superscede the sale and use; of those vile compounds Ulherto sold under the name of Brandy ,can only be regarded a great public good. The Catawba Brandy posaewci all the good .qualities claimed for the best Imported liquors, and Is of perfect parity and superior flavor, and a lovertgn tad sure remedy for- Dyspepsia, flatulency, Cramp, Colic, languor, Loir Spirit*, Geoer NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Retail Price* »i,35 For Bottle. £f~ Kecommended by the physicians and drngjlsts of the United SUUs. G.Sbnmondihai appointed J. P. A P. 8. IL3LET, Do. Ul£axt Water ftreet, sole agent* for the State of Wts* coostn, where dealers and: customers will please for ward their orders. By calling on Ihe mgehU, the pnblio will receive a ram. plegratuluusly. * : ' myl» .....j. W.VAS MTXES PARK & TAN MYERS, Attorneya and Comuellon at Latr. arfnssa ponr7,*. .. mscoysnr, WUl practice In the various CourU of the Seventh Judicial Circuit of- Wisconsin, and will faithfully attend lo all business ialnated to us, remittances promptly maUe. Land Warrant* located in ideated laad* for those at a dlltance. ' Bnraan * ScBoraa, Baniers, gtiras* Botnt. Jt B. auarancr, Esq., Milwaukee. LrmuiBina, UUwantee. , , Biuatksl A BOOTH, " ' HUrrocia * B«ao»,; Chicago. Hpn.J.o. Oiio»,OUawa,UI. IH. MEA r CI/E & SOW! , SIGN OF THE BIG RED KETTLE! DaULEBS IN Stoves, Sheet AGU,(JlLTtIUAL Iron, Tin, —Ain>- Hardwaia, 18PLEMPTS, W OULD respectfully Inform their Meads) and the public generally, that they have opined » gtore at 80fl..........wasrwATM srasBT ....aos Jor. tha tale of the above named articles, togetha with . * SPADia, 8HOVXLS, EAS13, HOS9, And Agrteoltaral Imptanenta generally, u well aa all sorUof - " 8IICET 1KOM AHB TINNERS' WORK, , etc. elo. etc. B»ve* put up lo order, jy Koofiag. B£PAIRKJQof an kinds, and every tort of »ork lo enr line punctually att»nded to. 0T Order* left will bo attended to wllhout delay. aagI9 ' IfKAflLSAftOS. I S hereby given that O. (T Harr«7bu wlthOrawuTrom the firm of Murray, Frier * Co., ha-rlnir W .»"-'! • Interest tas»a fttstt «o IheUaainess will hsreafltr becondactyd under the rtyteoIWor?H»H<** Co., who wflftettle all acconaJs WM.M.33MBA1L. HATHAWAY:.:& BEIDEN, i;: BANKING, WISCONSIN :/as H tJKON, near Kist Water u'.rset. The Loub wis established In 1340,anil has been continued by tne sama proprietor, who takes this occasion to n.'tur.i bll acknowledgment to bis friend i and tho public for their pstronsgB for so many years psat, ,ind iiollrlts rv contlnoancc of their kind ravers. Thr Louis liomtr eontstM maJjy rootn», well auitcd for famiHe.t, Jiewly farnlshcil With stoves .ind every convenience to cwn- fort. There are soniB four or llva such rooin»,in th. lioiue now VMan*, CUB be obtained, :f applied for ALBANY -.--RESTAUBAMT i£LLJLJAR£> ROOM. Many Slock, corner of Sain and, Michigan M Opposite tfac&all. Cfnme, Xiticnnkte. HP Laaies Entrance second door on Malirstrpcf. ,dec4-dly HYATT HOUSK. JASESVlfflE ^. . . . . . . . . "- - » • ..... W ISCONHI N SPLENDID HOTBt has recently ch:mt;eil pro- A prietors— Genera! McMaoman retiring, and thu Uessrs. yLOfD sncceedini; him In Ito managoment.— Tho Mesan. P. are both well known throughout the w-estem country as 'gentlemen of expcrlt-'ncu in Hou-l Keeping, and no other nasnraiica is necessary thnt U>? Hyatt Home will herearter be conilucled 1" a style d.- errlogtha patronage of th* pnbire. oetSU-.ltf LOOK HERE, YE WEARY TRAVELERS DINING S A I., o O N I L OCATED near tho Jlllwmkoi- 4 Mississippi Depot Is just the place to procure warm ana luhstuuiixl meals, for the. small sum of 25 cents ; ^mi ihe taiiifs will be supplied with the choicest 7ii»ml3 of tiir i...|^,,i OVST3EKS Served up in every style, oa short notice".. T!n> «;ir ,j always supplied wllli Hie choicest W'inei, l.ltiuori -mil Cljrars. Travelers upon tlie Milwaukee .S His3is.ilppi :io».i will find It a neat and convenient place to procur»thi-ir meals. Warm Lunch from 10 to 2 o'clock ovcry <!*?. sept 23 C. C0.NNINGUAJJ, ?r..pri,-tnr f! r O 12 . p. c; A D } , JOUBRK IN V a 11 k e c o 1 i «> n ** STOCK ALWAYS FITL,! COdNTR V n K IS C.'3I,S .-j TX Are reflueated to call and ux:iuiim? (KXJDS AN 1> HlilCKS. i:. i', tMi>v. -illj Quencin's llln.'i, n I. 1 . ,1V* u.-r : THIS WAY WITH YOUR MONEY JOHN W. LEDYARD, Cash Grocer ami Wine Deahr. NO« ici EASS- WATER ST. T iHE BEST PLACE TO I!CY k'INi: i.UK.KN »M.. ULACKTBA3. The beat place 10 i.ny OI.I) JAVA m The best place to bu? ni.-e SYUUl'S . The best place to buy »ll <iiM<i or Mtll,A.-<.<i •'.- Ttie<""™-i-'~«.ta tinv all tiails <tl SUii \s.-< The b*-at place to Uuy srr m«.i« vf s^i.f KI.sll The '•eat place to buy C;vm i UIark^c-if» PicKl . ' The best place to buy -ill (mils SOKEI'rN ••.Al fv-M The best place tn buy all km. Is etS FI1U1TS The bust place lo bay SCUAit CURED IlA.M* Tho bestplaci) to buy SMOKKD BEKP The best place to buy CUOIOK ItCTTBK . The beat place to buy PALE ALK . The best place to buy S'OREIG.N AI.E m.i I'DKT^U The beat place to buy TOILKT SOAPS . The best place to buy il) kinils WArflllNO .^OAI'S The best place to buy best STARCH , The be^t place to buy Fll.JS, RAISINS, PSl'N.-s The best place to buy allikintls NUTH , The best place to bay puru L1QCOR3 t'nr family i>-' Ths best place to buy Natiy,: mil Forsi'-ii WIN m The best place to buy a ^ood box tilQAHS , The best place to buy Ueershanm S.MOKIND follAi CO: The best place to buy high, -mil Ion- cru; CHK^IN* TOBACCO ; Th» best place to buy Weiilhniu Pine Appl,. iMIKKSl- The best place to buy En^ AD*| Ameru--in • The best place to buy: ire oil (iOOUri , The best place to buy GOODS CUKAP , The best place to buy all kinds C ilL CKUIK." . We S9K the citizens uf Mihviukee to try via— n.-'i ut jeM JOHN W. LED? AKD CBARiLES K. D s A L a a L * Domestic Exchange and S T US highest r^tea paid for all Itimb ->( Uol.1 \ml Si ver Coin »nil Ballinn. Kxrhinge cinslnaUy f»r salt* it-til^ 1 hov^i pr-'i 1 - 1 -* Aa'I malse Jealio^ ladpccit? ami Kx^i'.iui*^ mv --nvr anil PI*''!"'" ' ^naint"*,*, 1 \m Jililo l»> jive my '-usu meii -i. -»-4> ..*'•-..,•- uvor current t\^ur- i t. l.m if I-<-M will be furnished at mj oilico, NO. 52 WISCONSIN sriti:i.a, Under tile Baptist Church* nearly opposite tli«* <-.'u-to'il— tJ "FEED THE HUNGRY,» fflHlS injunclion, divine in itj origla and jobllnatorT M as a duty upon us <ill, is noiv beint; Ltbst'rv-..,! in 'ti.- fullest extent by MUflfiV & CROSBY,. 343 EAST WATEK 4STKKK'1 . MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Who are just in receipt of the, beat n^^uit..ii and most complete atock of Family Crroceries Ever eshlbiled,lnthis city, Uie same Savin? %eea -'u recently In tha New Ton snd Dostou markets FOB.CASH, Atsa"h prices as enable us to undersell .ill compn-t.tan uvtbe trade, and still alTord us a handsome living proiit. Onr programme embraces every article la- the trn.lf boti FANCY AND STAPS.E, Such at Sugars, (a'i lilnda ami al the very luwest prices,) Teas, (a T. for 50c warranted better thin can be bought elsewhere for 5 ahllllns'i, or will i»i?a you > pound tot nothing,) Coffees, (Mucha, Old flaveranient, Java, Lagnlra ana Klo,) Walnut anJ Muabroon Catsups, all kinds of Sauces, such as3oho. Worcestershire, Reading and Sultana, (the latter beiag a refre-Uiiui,' aiui pleasing stimulant to the appetite, cnmposeil princl pally of Turkish condiments combined will', vririou.s cul'nary productions .of the EII.TI. It Is au oxquisiiu relish with Fish, Meats, Poultry and Q;im..-, and forms a valuable, addition to Soups, Minces. Hashes, Stem and Meat Ples,s3wt>il 119 Salads. It also imports i highly delicious Savor to Stcatm ai;>l Chops,) Barton and Qeustars Olive Oil, Can Vrulla of all kimb, Oroa.^r Jt Blaokirelr's Pickles of every Juscriptiond, Pickleil lobsters. Fresh Salmon, SsrdineJ, Littlu Meek Cbina, Cove-Oysters, Corn Starch, Tapioca, Sns?o, Ilk-e ilour, Coopers Shred Islns Olasv Micc'-ronl, Verm:icolll, Pigs, Kaislns, Citron, ic , io. We'^ire also Sole A,-ent-i In Wisconsin for Macombcrs Salad Cream A very popular article which should be in evi--.v epicures fatally. We have also 20OO SUGAIl . CZTKED JLUJS. The best evef cffared in this city. Also £5 BHI.S. r^KS.S POJUK ?ut up expressly for our trade. FRESH OKOUND FL.OUU Always on hand from the Smpire and New Vorlc Mills, and s TO ffUT A L02iO STORY S1JO.KT, The beststock of Groceries from which to select from In tawa and at tho lowest rales AS WE 8EI.X. FOR CASH, And make no bad debts; wu can arfor>l to umlLTHell our neighbors who do a tluia tratle, ami of course lose mor;* or lesa of their protlla in that way. - ; Call and Our itock, whether you want to buy or nol, ami w, will freely show you our goods and pricca which we know aannat foil to please yon. je'A UUNN ± caosnv. P A U JL, M O li P U. " V aBRCHANTS FROM TUB COCS- rT try are luvlted to examine lg& , STOCK OP , Hate, Caps «fc Straw «ood» v Of Eoery Description, A T W H O L, K S A I* fci . Also, the VSBV BSST STOCK, of KETAIL GOODS, Sver brought to this Market, for sale CUKAl" .it B. T H R O O P, l'8O Easl" Water Slrccl. aprjlS ^ AMERICAN CORNET BAND 13 NOW READY TO /UHNI3H AJ17. L number of Instruments, from one U "twenty-two, for Balls, Parlies, Parades, Excursions, Ac., do., at reasonable rate*. •• .' -• -, Apply or address American Cornet Band, or .1 flemptted'J Mnslo Store, 173, East Wiler at. jrt

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