Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 9
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DECATUR HERALD Willfe, ;, Veto It, tor example ilm, the Santiago a si ad Or la Warni 1 tho new world i ffr i« be sure, 01 [tj American clvlli which ted revolution toilu(t from Cmi Icy; ujjf, hd fur t. S*. Ire lo-iked at, theaf uttpmpts at them rill is, foi Undo Sammt e. Peiu'i Wtts in HIP but the pio-Vau dwiJIy get bad untry needs monij'. the fankee* ha\r crturnlns broUfflit friendly to Ninlli Hitmor» of troll are attributed to ta. which "ing Kn; Table i Sues, the Medi- New York in « Sh«hrl8taa did no iiaa beoem* *· Bothers this year 1-knot oil-burning j*(J in 26 day* or Kxport najor agricultural Era Iraq. Of the |ms In the country, th* tank* of rls-Euphratas In . ra. where temper- l«a with tidal water tint for tha Arab data palm taw 1 vatrr and Ito bead , other «I|»lfl«ant on Import I* At- Lelusler* about a en produce after ft [70 year*. Avarav* V to n tre«, though \tf production can [ pounds, Immodlty or pro. i which d*Ua *r« harvest season and exporter* coffee shop and fire l agreed on LAmprlcan planta lllls Brothim who td with irrigation Import tn« bulls tlpments. Job cm Ifport'*, pwiteurli"' balance to wl 1 ladennnio. Drcnv- [.' no-wn brand * j fi-iy JackBoti, *' Mp, entertained vie ton roost ona nl«'t ot thereto r«c*h- fhcm off. They left Allowed them. Thev Htnd rood, turned led bacK runnlnft ^ The men fled and Dlckona, irttb, ne*t- and their automo- horth of here. »their bodies with eea atd then w*l- ^lne the num- ' honey Beea oan't through ittob «·- iYO QUESTIONS?**TM* \9eod Hand Snaps Out Candles When $by Prepares Ann's Room For Night CtUirm XIX Abigail Barth urted hw I {IVdC^CkshTre TowerVshe * » £ WI»» M of the (act that I «*. -J-.I-, w ore token she herself the hours ot duak and « alone . Sr ««« than alone, with no one wi the »la«t, »ftvld, ror company. the limousine bad rolled the road «he atood for somi r bWMta on the, gate. tlw stretch of woods cp- It *«» not · cheerful pro*- · pot ion who. for more than , had trod nothing mora U»- than tho pavements of a ty Fortunately MUs Bartb ot highly Mdowed with Una*- litttn. The flat heeled ihooa which KMHitir *tft!kiU back to ths hcuM Mnr filtered, the living room she fo«wl the lUWt boy. H« was »tretch«d i btfow the oiwn (Ire In Mi*. ffiit'i rtvortte *fl"y chair, hla long 1n wh« t«f}t at home and master rftlH iliusllon. H« tlld not ri»* when ,h, tntmd. nckflowliKlglng her c« by n Innguld wave of the «HM it)* he «*ket, still up. « TOU'T* r»I«trln' to Mies West," « 3eotehwoman «»v«re)v, no iloot but the llmouuln* is to Berhshlw Too' by noo." Uhe a Million giant smiled Iwlly Into the tty mnppy. that blu»-and-gold The kid Iwk*d like * million in it I(np*rtln«nt . . , »he thought him, HIM B*rth ewiM not very well tak* n«ptlon to his appraldttl o( her ralstiww She even unbent so tat u Co mppl«m«nt It by I tou thoiild »co Mlwt Ann when renllv fo^ng somewher*." It M«in7 'Oh. the wasn't dieted up to- tijKI*" With another one ot those tww. Irritating smiles, "1 wouM kite mill whe expected to make n | Hilling." Me won smoking a pips; and 111 ito«p«d now to knock the ashed MAIM! the stones ot the flteplac* jbttt did no his eyes wrre Inevitably dnwn to the (orhlddlng m*«»age ncrtwtod MTWW IM ««?«· Instantly mile faded, Hl« nwnnei '·What tlocH It moHii?" ho , following tha lofloia to lh« fertons In every utioke and oiitve "'A»k Nn Question* 1 ! I'm thlnkln' ll'tllkc Jielflhu.WAr's wiling on tho will-"* tvarnlnjt from flotl to Iho pwpto or Hit* community, Mr. Toby itlli me that tongue* in the Crosslns «b«t the tttinnflt family The Gwl Hun dewa't favor gf-iulp, Th( ilnnt Mink back In tho wing ch*lr neowilnR nt the blookened let- iirin* thioiurh hnlt-clowed nyes, IK- J KMlrig Ihn lof|iiai'loiiK Sentch wotnnn I ti« «mllnu«(l to commune with him. j wif "And why on the fireplace?" 'BM«u«e lf« thfl Htst thing you lit* when ytm enter the room," wa« like an Indignant hen, Tn not afraid." "Mlis Weal ntnde me piomlso not to leave till they onme, and I'm not going to," Carrying A Qua The glant'a determination to keep hi* word to her young mlatress was even more di«turblng than his rwt- lesaness had been, He tipped the chair back until It groaned under hla weight, folded hla hands behind hla head; and stared doggedly at the celling. Under the pit of his left arm Mian Barth uaw the holster of a revolver, "What bu«ln«as have you with a gtin.7 she started to say, but changed It to. "You're armed, 1 »ee, Expec ing trouble?" With an embarraaied laugh, he took out tha gun, a Colt .46, and fondled It for a. moment between his palms. "No, but It's Just at well to go prepared." Tha doughty Scotchwoman was not unfamiliar with firearms. Her nursling's taatea had been more of lad'» than a riding hounds--clay-pigeon shooting--an occasional trek after big game. "Been In the army, haven't you?" David in the War did aomethlng with his for head which might have pawed nod, "The war?" 'I'm only 39 now." "Lot* of boys In their 'teens went," The big fellow h««ttuted. "Got over for the last «lx months, At IT I was o» husky us i am now." "What branch of the service were you In?" "Aviation, ct com no, 1 wasn't going to let them coop me up fur ueoko In a stinking dugout. Not with the Hsk of being burled under a ton ot details If anything hit us Flying, you've all God's «lr and sunshine aiound you. And If you ffttl It's a man's donth." Abby suld, "You'd better go out tmd tend to the hones. I can man age better alone" to On Ho s»w she wtn at mid of him and decided to Ulan West's 01- ll« Oft* David lone and tapped tho «nry with we ot the f t i » Iron* solid enough," he stild milt to hlm roll. Dropping the lion bft'k Into flm*, "Wonder when, it was built." The ton** 1* IIW yeum old" vol imlinrwJ Abhy, "I hwird A man who ww hot* this morning tell Mlu« Ann 10' 'But not the fiieplnuo," twine the fliitek rclon, "Thete'n -nothing Cot. nnM about on k «labx and Mntnd moi l»r "No" In (t pi»*1ed voice, "1 «n'l rneondto inynelt Co believing Ihsl »ny o( the PI Iff) 1m Futhorc built tlrt» »rxM wtiflm It luokH niore like th« *tnt n( thing one finds In rh South " "Tou'te dom the South then'" Hkwi Ahbr, noting the giadiml tokening in ih« JMP voice, ' He WfttttM fund he admitted, "Ttic p( the C'hewapeaKe," "Let'K hrtvo n hue to ent," mi(JKfl(*t- td Abby. "There's half a cold cblcken will a chbcolut* layer ritka from lu^t Bl«M, Conltlns; for Miu Ann in ft of time thcuc (lays, Hhe'Ji enten a mouthful ulnco Olio *M Wiled " With A bountKully Indnn Uble wlwun them, Minn Barth found op- (Nitttinltv to iitwiv hn nni]inniun; JW thoiiph she hntod to ntknow- «*(· It, ihe WHi foiled to lid ni 11 lo nml( b«(oi« the niottl was over 'W th* iii R HtianK«r had quite n **? with Him. A» fni Onvlrt. hunger domlnuted "TM Ttno. Ihe fttotchwomnn'tt storl** *wiit h« yun K mltttiMx hioiiRht nn «T*sl(in«i comment to hl« lips, but TM Ihe mmit pnrt, nftor thn one out- TMi'W, h* mm din nd ni1mt. an atlen- "»« ononjih nudlence except (or hlo ^J« whlrh ponttniiftltv dtniyrrt to »* clock over the »lnk Fef Mm -- f tho^e men of Scth don't turn*/' he mid at last, ' ' at If ·--/ iemen»bef(d thnt there vreto *·nlfht""" tW ° m °" nn hlly f ° r ffc*** (rowing iwtlewi con TM."jl y *" "'*· to W «*ay, and J" distrust of him vetuined. "You ^t have to dlay with me"--ruffling LOOSE LEAF S H E E T S 1 BINDERS WILDER ^WILDER '?·) N M A I M S T R t C T tier. ''Just fw yint any." JTiow peg where It waa nlwiiys kept, ho took the luntcrn "It anvthtng both- em you, Juxt liollct I'll leave tho bnrk door open " Tho HGOtehwomsn heard him jr nlompln^ down the pnth "A wild nifin. Unit one" title multetoil lo hci self (iv »ho «Pt lo woik scrnptnjf the Klippel dishes. "It'll only be by tho giric* ot Fiovldcncf) If I (rot my hnlrn back lo civilization unharmed, tiftot nil thK" On the floor nbove, Ahhy _ hoi- yoimjf tnliLteos'* t n n m for the niftht *!ll'' Imncd dnwn the sheoU ittul (trow thn cltlnU cm tains about the tour-potter be I On H 1,1-Mt of dtuwoiH bctldo th t*d Mioi thteo heiivy i t l k t i their cnrultai window In f i o n t o( them lay the metal JPWII! box, UH cover thrown back. Tho wtpphliMi thnt hnd be lorded «» flotet'fii Wont hung hnlf In hnlf out, theit Kolilon fire- burning dully ngnlntt the white vet' vot lining nod tho bionie sldo o the box Abhy iftiv them and Vnew oho hud boon cnielosfl The Scotch vomnn nldlod Into the deep narrow clone! to hnnx uj n sweater She had complfltiid hci t»*k and f nbout to uldle out again when fnlnt flnotwh to he almost In, ttMiitht hev ear Hw»r Womitn't For ft Uniting moment tho *otitn doflcd c'l«iHlflc»tlon But suddenly tthd knwwr II to ho n ivomnn's _ the doop-drawn, ecstatic breath h |i Inken whfn a HRht upon (tomethtng which lu-r hoait tleslrofi To Abby, in th clodot, thiit sigh wan mote appidllni than tho "hand* up" of a binftlm would hiLve been. It Bpnlled the be gltmlnfr of a !!Hfnt«nition thut wn- rhvBlcnl "ml montftl, aa welt a- tiionil It hud been am««hi(! to writ m the feoti of tho trnttoip*"- pie, even poor Otto's And now, dho hi'ltdf, WIIM liftwld Aftald 1 The nound t n m o tisaln nicompan- lod bv thn soft pad pad of teot ThoBe lent trod «H a cat tieado slowly crouchlngly, with a pioda torv utgo thnt wft« blood-chllllnu Abh/^ Hcotch Presbvtfrtnn ro«i nt:c hnl bv this Unio oommcnoetl to levlvo a little. Her heatt boa t h l i h l v atininit her iibi but nhr nmnoBod to tin n and wist n, pnl!l! glance ovot one ghoulder, Nothing to See Inilde the closet theie was ,. to MOO! She brought heraolf to leave the c1o«ct The loom was empty! On tho chwt of dritwois three candles flickeiod, mnklng hobgoblin Hhadowd dance on the walla and low colling Woia thoe** WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 22, UECATUR HERALD moved? No. Inch by 1 inch, the curtains around the four-poster parted, A, hand stole out toward tha necklace. ^ to do Abby Justice, her first thought wai to save the sapphires; hut that bodyleae hand had paralysed her powers of locomotion. She couM only stand and gibber and laps. Tho fingers of the hand were long The flesh that covered them, browD and withered. Th«r« was nothing human about Snap* Out Oaiutltt ·i It was a Dead Hand! "Help! Murder!" With every ounce of strength that wan left m her, tho Scotchwoman added that final cry of horror, "The ghost! The ghost!" Vengefully, the hand shot to the nearest candle Thumb and forefinger caught the wick and snuffed tha life flame from It, The second flame expired as the first hnd done. The thlttt . . . . Out of the blackness into which tha room had been plunged came the scuffling of footsteps, undirect* ed, stumbling. There waa the sound of a heavy body dumping to the floor. A moment later, something lighter than air ruehed through tho door and down the hall. (To B* Continued) (Copyright iwn by The Belt Syndi- cato. Inc.) MODELS TO INDICATE PROGRESS BEING MADE IN CHEST CAMPAIGN Deoatur will dress a family aa symbol of progress In the Community Chest campaign which will open next Tuesday. The family will be located In a downtown window and will consist of a father, mother, older son and daughter and a baby. In spirit of the need of relief work this winter, the Community Chest drive directors have determined to adopt a progress scheme symbolic of that phase of tho wotk. The lam- Hy will be divided up to represent tho four part* of tho city and the school division, and the rapidity with which tho respective members are dressed will Indicate tho progroos of the drive In that district Working Out Scute A icale la being worked out which will provide scales of *ignlfloance for th* various articles of clothing which will be placed on the models after each chest meeting report, A committee also la to b* appointed to direct the dressing of tho models. The models will bo displayed In the window on the opening day of tho dtlvc, clud in twine IB, significant of the burcnMs of the Community Client tieuguiy at present. As the thivc pt OR ice sen and each respective amount Is passed, the article of c l o t h i n g corresponding to that amount will be placfd on the model Must He Clothed Tho fattilly nnwt not go thiough tlio winter losa than completely tlothed," a campaign official pointed out Tuesday morning "Just as tills family appears completely clad or Incompletely (ttuiscd timing tha drive, *o will tho Community Chest «t;enc!lOB appear duilng the coming whiter nnti in fnct, the lomainder of Iho yeai," MURDER VICTIM WES OF SINGLE GUNSHOT WOUND, DOCTOR FINDS Mta. Fieomont Kinth, who died laat Thmiduy, after ahp had been Hhot down by hoi hutbund, now con fined in St. Knry'n hospital and In dieted on a chaige fit muidcilng hoi died as a icitilt of only one bullet wound, officials announced Tuesday Post movtom examination of the woman, by Dr. Ed J. McGowan county physician, dlaciosed the fact that contraiy to picvloiiB accounts, Klnch hnd shot his wife only once, Tho bullet imssiod thiough hoi- abdomen and lodged In Iho light lildney, Evidently, oWlclals said, the flint two shots which Kinch filed, missed hut wife completely. The flist he fliod while she wan sitting In an nu to mobile with fi lends In tho 300 block Bunt CanUol! stiect, the e ond and Child while sha was walking with him uway Jtom the tar, The third ID believed to have been the one that ftUalty Injuicd lier. Attempts on tho pait of J J Mo run Sons to iooute relatives of the woman have fulled so iat. If rcla lives of the dead woman are not located befote Thursday, funcial service t wtll be at 11 o'clock Thursday tnmnlng In the Mown chapel. VWK ARRESTED Thieo men and two women wern aneitod Tuesday a f tot noon tn 612i V.Ml Vfortd attoet. chorsed with be- Ing inmates of a tliaouletly house Bessie E lit hey, living at the shove nddi^ss, IH ullcgiHl to bo the Icccpor of the house, Others aitcst ed were: Margaiet IT rh, 612i East Wood street; Lament Curirtlff. 1116 Cottage Hill; Lawrence Ilmrii, 1175 East Mailctta aticut, and HaiolO Tohneon, 424 H!ast Decatur street. LODGE TO MBKT Pride of '4B lodge No B48 will meet Thursday afternoon tit 1.45 o'clock In tho Moose hall A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL element* wMch. soothe and he*l the Influmed membranes and atop the Irritation, while the ctcoaete goet on to (lie nomacli, is ibtorbcd ioto ibe blood, sttacki tho eest of the trouble ·oil clKttkt lite growth of the gcrnu. Crcomnblon h guBMntced latltfac- tory in the treatment of coughi fioro cotilt, bronchilit and minor form* ot bronchiul irrituieni, and i» excellent fur building uptbo ivtcm after eeldi OT flu. Montr refunded if not is- Jieved after ultJng accerding Wditee- tioni, Ask rout druKgiat. (ld», ULSION fOll TH£ COUGH FXQM COLDS THAT HANG OH Congtw from colds may lest) to M- rlous trouble. You cnn (top th«nj now mill) CreonwUion, nn emuliificd Ctcewte llint it plemnnt to take. Crtcmulftlon Jl * medlcol diteonry with two-fold action; It Motile* *nd h«ili llie Inflaiaod membriin'e *nd in- hlblt» term growlh, Of til known drugi creotote J* no- pgnbed bv lil(h medical ·uthoritles u on* of the greileit heollnt tgenciee for couth* from void* tnd bionchltl lirllstieni. addliten Cxomuliion cuntun*. in other h«llng addliten to creotote, other h«llng CREOM PYM CLUB MEMBERS LEARN GRID TACTICS Millikin Coach Explains the Game To Luncheon Club Leo Jobntwn, Jaae* MllUkln unf- verslty football coach, fought theoretical gildlron battles to a standstill before Progrwaive Young lien's olub Tutaday noon in hi* wo- onft appearance before that body In tha iMt month. Mr. Johnson Illustrated hi* explanations of the tactics and theory of football on a blackboard provided for that purpose, He declared that there era only two known arattrai of football, the Pop Warner ays- tern and tha Notre Dome method. Judge j, H. McCoy extended an Invitation to Progressive Young Men'a club to attend the regional convention ot welfare and relief workers In the PI ret Baptlit church n«t Monday night. *(omb«r* of the club plan to attend. Scout Head Addresses Centennial P. T. A. Fifty members of the Centennial Junior Htgh school Parent-Teacher association heard Ralph C. Varner, scout executive, apeak Tuesday evening on "Characteristic)! of Adolw- c*noe." The meetln* of the asweta- tlon was tn th« music room of the school, Mlsv Mary Bergen and Mlas Dorothy Crlppen wore on the entertainment program. They played an ukelele duet Mla Arvella Flowera offered a ptano solo. In a brief business meeting, the members ot the association decided to change tha meeting date from the third Friday of each month to the third Tuesday. KIWANJANS HEAR AGRICULTURE TALK State Official Explains How Subject Is Taught How vocational agriculture In taught In tho High schools of Illinois and the'requlremwits that an Imposed upon tha Instructor!, WM told to the Deoatur Klwonls olub la Its weekly noon meeting, Tuesday, by J. B. Hin, Springfield, state director of vocational agricultural In- atructlon. Roy Johnson and Robert Woolens, two boy* from Decatttr schools, spoke upon Community Cheat activities. Roy discussed the Chest In » general way, pointing out that money spent uselessly for pleasure la given up without a murmur, while the same amount of money, If contributed to tbt Cheat, Is given with a grow), Robert talkad of the atttylttM of tha V. M. C. A» / · CttM Kutnpla Mr, BUI Inttmttd th* olub mam- bam with bta talk of how High ·ettool boys aw given M education In practical agricultural ·nOteda, H* toM how one boy In carrying out hla alass project near Attamont, took a ( «ai«Jl plot of ground and by « ·yatetn of rotation and soil treat- vent, secured raw* than M bustttja of wheat per acre after tow y*at»' treatment a* against an average yield of 18 bushels secured by bis father on untreated and rotated foil, Instructor* for vocational agricultural work, Mr. Hilt said, must be farm man, college graduates and must have done aome special agricultural work. Ha ate» explained tha practical projects that vocation*! students must carry out; poultry prejoota, swine nMflff *·* fciilif, · tad? kwaf «atf tUSSt, «n HMT ' Ing Md numerww «*Wf , piiiijiil proWems, These mtut ·* MwrM tut . at bom* In Mwneotlon wttk *e ·cbool work. VMlora In TuMdsgr^ MMttRf wire v Allan Jamison, fomorir · snMitef ot tha club Md now of tfc XMifh,\\ Ma. Rav, W. II. BrigM, MflUr *f Orecs Methodkit churchj fwt MM- ' kail, CMctfjo; Wlttr Hwrlfiw, Cart- '· \ ,, dm Ltwto, «nd CoMniMtoas* A, A, HUL _ civtn ol Kniw WM eleotea the Comrade club B, ot tte T, K, A. and w«* iMtaJbd Jn ofttat In Tuesday *liWa BMt«M, J Conrade will be Witt* KM* Comrade of the Beconto wfll tt O*y Piter, ftoul Rladtl la leadw ot tbe now which met** ·vory TiMrtur tti M. day ovealnf it #;M et»Mfc. WHY are Gamete welcomed wMi «h«er« in any company--a or a crowd? Because they're mt4d--net flat or tasteless but mild. They have the marvelous aroma that only choice tobacco., mellowed by golden sunshine, then expertly cured and superbly blend*,., can give a cigarette. There's nothing artificial about this delightful fragrance. No doctoring, no over-processing can produce it Camel's refreshing mildness is there from the start. Swing with the crowd to Camels. Learn the happy difference between true mildness and insipid flatness. Smoke without fear of throat.discomfort or after-taste--just for pleasure I CAMELS -BA8Y TO USTBN TO"-CAMEL PLEASURE HOUR Wednesday «r»Bi»(» «· N- B, C aetwork, WJZ and ·Moeiatwt stttttM.' Ceonh jvm loul ndi* tltu tabl* , \

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