The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1975 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1975
Page 12
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RESORT REPORT TH0 CACTI . TBXAI, WBO , DtC«M»Sft I, mi Joes Sk! Valley no longer just for experts By ASSWK lATKf) f'HKKH Taw Ski Vslley, neslW in (he Sn d* (Yisto Mountain* of North Centra! New M*xica, was run for yeans primarily ** a haven for (he expert ami super expert da&s »kier "We «?t up the resort strictly for «• pert*, but things are thanning." Taws operator byiUkr Krnie Htske Miti us an interview ret.'ffttly TtM? expert* brought families «lon«, and ({ettlle slopw '*««• nt-wic*! to k«-ep t#g)nnm awl intermediate* off some of the precipice* Tao» cults run* "Nttw w«-'r# catering more and tiw* to !r*» daru^ skiw a." Jjiake- &aid "And Wf'rr sHUfijf up mute tot*** to nr cuttktiiufUtt «>Uf* (amttie* " Make saitl s,|(jj>r> RiatntrniUKi' rrrwjj (hi* ftummff twu'«"ti!rat»-<j 0*1 p*j>ar,<fihg ami Kruttittrig (hi- le*» s;«p fu;s» T»Ot OJjM»e».J ?'}{ !lrf- fcc»!wffj (he fi*V t.wjofr "n,.snlr,8#ivi,''4{ ^f v> h»(\ ! I { *fi tr* ail T*«.« New Mexico near Huidoco, Sjerra Hlanca Is (he «tfltc'» rwnfent *kl resort, drawing twavlly In day »klm from the El I'ftso, area I^Ht y«rar the rrwirt he<l IZfi.OOO skier «lay» Man«gpr Hoy I'nrlsw *aid aINlay, adult. w«»kprHl lift tickrt* are Ho lhi» ywir, up from HI last year Hi* urea ha* a vertical drop of 1, 700 f«M, And the longeM (rail is «ix>ut 2'» rniJw, I'arkw said MMMA I»KAK; 11»i» »ki area Is ac- c«siWe by rwad or by a 2 7-tnilc Iramway that run* from the <»ut-*kirtJi <A to !hi» summit year, compared wllh 17 l*»t year, when 37,000 skier day* were recorded. "We'll have thre« double chairlifu In operation this winter," she «aid. Angel Fire's longenl run in about 3.5 miles, Mrs Neat »ald. up lift tickHs will l>f $a thi> year, V» Mi )*** year AB n vertical drop of about fwt, awl OH- longest trail IK Abrw//« said (Iw it da j* las! M-nv We %,'XJO of this resort, run in con junction with the Cloud country l/xlge, bill II at the imuthmuTtotl ski area in the nation Ira Hupp, Cloudcountry general manager, Mid adult lift ticket* will be t6 thin year He Mid the area has H trails, one of which in about 1.650 feel long, and a vertical drop r>f about f/Xi fe*t HKD RIVKK: Thin ski area has a Mcond double chairlifl in operation thia year, akmg with two pony lifts H/«J Itivcr »ki xchool director Drew Judycki said machinery in produce manmade six/w from the ski area summit !><*»! to H I'd )i[it«s *r.- !! {j»'>tiaWy <*{>«i in >«ffr.l.'*r '.his. year " H\VTA »K ?»K1 HAhlN. <>(*•( mm Kih£*, l'iUh*r Mid !h*r area's r»«rw 'V.*uM«-ch»irlifi ttii/iil'd I* in <4x-r*ti«^i by Uft tkkrt* are Vt a^ain thus year, Judyckt said Hi? Mid th<; »r'-a had ils (.**( iwason «rver Ust year when more than *J//jfJ s-ktw day* were recorded The area has a vertical dr<*p of J,V/J fe«*t, »w! IU lonjsws! run i* alxrut two up IS !t '.to!- , ^, ; , i IwnK, »!V-J ha? a \«-,"»i< trri he jaid Ufkrt {.ficf-s »iJ! I* uj> fr on. ts iin! )<rar. I ((<•?<- n a '.t'f ',/lw'f Mr I xv.'. SIKHHA Jll \M .-.»> 3 •••A;-*!: '.f, •>.< iar.< >.t< »fr '• r:.::»: Uiv. ;,<•.)» :.'«• iifra hxid M cr.rj skier ANr.M. MliK .S[>.>lErs*omar, Jt*fif;.-!ic NcaJ Wi'l a*ul! il(! !jf>.f-U a! *«•'.••. *';!)«.f?'r. j.'i-i 'Jaws utr !* !h;s : 'Iliis area, w New Mexico 3 Taws and l-a» Vet{a». ha.* addixl a wr* p'/fjta lift (Jperator Uoyd IV*U rider «,atd the rnr» h/t. which l/nngs the numUf of pom&» to tliree. is 2,8f.<i (t-rt lf.»nt{ Itolamirf »jid adull lift tickets this year will t*- l/> y». comjjared with W M of aboul <jftt Government employees hurl accusations at municipal executives ••*«,'f MI\M( liKA>. AP T>f ?•«•>-'. • ifti-.,-, ..,S x-' " ri*'..£*':•"* c*r'i *r.v^w ('•i* -i i" le*c >^-, f*^ 4 ;Y-fr^.;.r.,^ V'-v-'"*.<.".^) *;}> J*i- f •.; ^ ;,*v;:'i.Ar rj-i^ti-iiTK-.: ».!.-,'» <•: ;.5 .» »A> i,( w: :-i AC'! Si. ? ^ f : ',: ! r.". r <~J*. *"' i .'; !rr", ,r-» ; ^!r'f t.'^^ s'ji* -rr:! JS-"«! Ihr :f"' •,' Ssr. -,'r.r ?>v.f;v»; 6 n»{«rf. i-vc» ifc s 'J.V.1-crJ i-i TV j.-ot?<•<•> a! .' r ^ *', •'> ?: ?,M~ •' A u! •• :'. • .^''. r*s A i-'rt 5 -L' '.*,ir •SM:*-.r.r r.*;. 1 -.! :•-.. in Hit- nrra ha* a verltcal WA f«*t and !hr Uwgest nm n;i\t IWaraSer Mid lUhUrxler n^mated ihc area had shfjhUv <>\vi jo.Wj skier dj>s !a.»! vear It -tiil tJepcrsfj «i !ti«- wMiher. txj! •*•«•'!! (*• upw by i!ii(! •Ix.-c-cinlxrr for 5.U7I-. ' (if iJlid PUT: In !f»r !»wn of Ik-rj i'owtlcr I'uf,' »pwtahu« in j ).«.-giniirn>. ^»{>rc tally chsltlriTi. to ik4 T>i«r jir-fa, which is w»r.«J by two (•!:«tff»lp», can prtxiiKf ita ovtti* Mr* John Miller. «w <rf !hc ow-nrrs. wid !*'«; *rr* features i!>.>ft wide, and well Mr-Ktmnj d'jpes I: ^» a ^rriica! nw <A atrM i^CUnr!. afxi ;'.s iorsgcs.! tun "Ac (4k <• children is >c«-on.g a.» 3 year* in sk: DECEMBER DAZE SALE STEP OUT IN THESE SMART STYLES ao 10 MICK to «f Of JA6S PftjtfO ?! \ AST! SHOES ARE PMCflCAl GlfTS fO» SMAS HOUSE SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY 90 SPORT SHOIS & DISIRT BOOTS •o» /f" ,95 / I ATA WAT MOW MO XtVKt «*>; i»" '•f( ri i HOT TO GO HEELS & PLATFORMS 95 I . ; - 1 ^ »15 " 5 /( ', i ' ! WESTERM"BOOTS & WORK BOOTS «!*'.' JAM UOWM i'Or TO CM&Oil I»O* lit (III i HIM inn tin .AYAWAY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS! THERE'S NO SERVICE CHARGE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK S H O E--WORLD ANGLETON 725 E. MULBERRY Y L i ; ' .^ l ,r \ t . t .': -'! r ' ' !'. J '. *•• A t": • i.: ', \ *\r > i ; a ^ ' TTT^Vlrv*, ( 1 3 y*---; t! ' 1 t'.i''-,'!. <"!"•'. f..r. ,^~ . Ul J ?-" ,?/-•• !"'i|ir '?'«• •;.':'.•: ..•«.' ••*-'* | e<^'.* | A'. * :•*••»: ^:r-..'f<r*.,:r I .-»;.?(•<; Ajt-r^ :::*• \s.:..-*•<>, i t.* Jg'jf '.,! I il !«•-« .• 9 ! « ! irfi'.kT, ?•«-;<• JrTT'i Viu?i. <A-i"fir>j( f jcc 1 ^.^!i<"T-.' .-x '..*-»^ .\"^fv".-i'ar, ^, w /?'.*ii.-'t''. E f' f si f ,' J '. , •', r. •'• .' tt ;.:£ <!jf«"!rr! r-Jrt-i r'vff l^'*'* 1 <'••",":''> * f: ! •..•-•;" *>.>-«:tr(! Mi;. >: Vt--jr.;i- ; .p»; K:r pi';i><*.». < H.Uirn V^>*vicT '%' K*;•-«.*} M..'! *';.* ^^''-r .. L •f r.i",:;^ ; •' '. *?'-,«'h -a c? ! ih.rv*^f; ^ wf.'.r»i U.rjf't.'. -.i.".'.^ ..? f,:rr".j.'- t •;''.!.<- ntiiri t.-triT.'-L*--'. r; --.;.:•;• riM •.;-..; .,;? \' -i-,r ;,.--,; «ilH .%.'. .''.'. ;•:',*• *r. Vij.r: i.i,,'! f.r 5* !rt» ^ «•»•.„•• ; ,.*.!• *r,:S *• ,..; » J.-'-^i- pu. TV.? > >.•; 'r A! Ji'J! r» r?) 'fitJ i <> i <• 4 ! * i t f « THr '..r,;.:* ?us If.r **('<"• ,'1 -.*.•.!, !"'. r i j ' i'. i; r f ! !hr 5 (•!'. I i .11 pi!t>i(C Kr*n<i»<o. hr IJMV! think !h*- j,">:nT ,ir»1 (hr-rt 11 ^»,i^ FREEPORT 90^ GULf BLVD. JTWT, H«i» i AduJt wprkcfxi lift l*ckrt» •* sll be r? this jftar, cwrnpartfid to Sft W last THURS., FRL, SAT. TURNTABLE Out 4988 9SR' STEREO HEADPHONES Our Reg 6 38. 6-FI Cable, 1.9$ Our 997, 10 Cotl C*6I«,7.77 STEREO SPEAKERS Our 39.88 Deluit ...33.76 Our 59.88 2-Wiy 44.iW Our 47.88 Ouilily . 39 88 STEREO TABLES Our Reg 34.88 Yout C/io»c« «»£„. Componen] FM/AM RADIO & 8 TRACK STEREO $ fofryi/i/Kwt' 3-WAY WITH RECORDER Our R*g $167 AW ! M 'i !<?!<•.; lirt HSU' 'p.'!v-.! ct-atv^ $ 157 !OI H AFC pl«ytr ty,o way 8 • Dtocon* 3-WAY STEREO MUSIC Our flag. JJSfl AM.FM/FM • »leroo radio, loll w;i' m changui. d track lop« play*i with cidlui* 2-way spoalinr Sav<* 3-WAY WITH RECORDER or QUAD • •*•»-• -^-^w -qtr m ^ w ^nn **r *t ^w» $ f68 $299 — 4 0«ys On/y I. AM,-FM sl«r«o radio. autom#i,c record . tx«ll-m 8 Back up« p)ay«</(«co<iier «a<*o. YOUR CHOICE 267 HWY.332 dt DIXIE DR,

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